Astrology and the Moon Cycle: How to Use Moon Phases to Manifest Your Dreams w/ Astrologer Celeste Brooks

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Unlock the moon’s secrets with renowned astrologer Celeste Brooks on the latest episode of the Astrology Hub podcast. 🌙.

Feeling lost and overwhelmed? Look up into the sky… there’s the key to finding your way. 🌌


Celeste dives deep into the mystical power of the moon cycle, revealing how harnessing its energy can transform your life. 🌟


In this episode, you’ll learn how to;


🌕 Ditch the overwhelm: Learn to align yourself with the moon’s rhythm and discover your inner compass. 


🎯 Crush your goals: Master the art of setting “smart intentions” and break down big dreams into bite-sized, moon-powered steps. 


🔓 Unlock hidden wisdom: Explore the unique opportunities for growth in each lunar phase, from setting powerful intentions to releasing what holds you back. 


Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek:


🔍 Beyond the basics: Celeste, the Astrology Hub Inner Circle Guide, introduces you to “secondary progressions” and how they can unlock your potential for personal growth and satisfaction. 


🛠️ Celeste’s secret weapons: Discover her favorite tips and tools for tracking the moon and integrating its magic into your daily life. 


Ready to embark on your cosmic journey? Listen now and learn how to:


🚀 Set goals like a boss: Use the moon phases to set powerful intentions and crush your aspirations! 

🧘‍♀️ Become a master of reflection: Learn how to track your experiences and harness the moon’s energy for deep reflection. 


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Guest Bio 

Celeste Brooks: Understanding her celestial design unlocked the mysteries of her personality, deepened her relationships with others, and provided a beacon for her life’s purpose. Since living in sync with the celestial cycles, she manifested early retirement from her corporate career.  Celeste feels a calling to guide others on their paths. She shares how the news stories reflect the planetary cycles on her popular Instagram page. Her services include astrology consultations, New Moon workshops, classes, group events, cosmic success coaching, and astrology mentoring.


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Celeste Brooks Moon Cycles


[00:00:40] Amanda Walsh: Do you ever find it challenging, especially during times of uncertainty and unexpected obstacles to embrace the [00:00:50] concept of divine timing is maintaining consistent daily spiritual practices challenging for you, especially when life [00:01:00] gets really busy. Do you ever have a hard time staying grounded when things are really chaotic around you?

[00:01:07] Amanda Walsh: If you answered yes to any of the above, [00:01:10] this episode is for you. Today, we are going to be talking about practical, easy ways you can use astrology to help you [00:01:20] strike a better balance between your spiritual pursuits and your practical responsibilities. Hello, astrology, have family it’s Amanda here, [00:01:30] and I’m thrilled to welcome you back to another episode of the astrology hub podcast.

[00:01:35] Amanda Walsh: I’m here with Celeste Brooks, our upcoming inner circle, expand [00:01:40] guidance, who is not only a renowned astrologer, but a true moon devotee who helps you bring the heavens down to earth in the most practical and enchanting ways. [00:01:50] Inner Circle Expand members, you get to look forward to having Celeste be our teacher and guide for Taurus season starting on May 2nd.

[00:01:58] Amanda Walsh: She’ll be leading the new and full [00:02:00] moon forecast and teaching a mastery class about secondary progressions. What are they and how to use them for predictions. She’ll be in the community answering your questions and [00:02:10] interacting with all of you. And if you’re not yet an Inner Circle member and you’re considering joining, We are about to announce a promotional period that we have just two times a year.

[00:02:19] Amanda Walsh: [00:02:20] So stay tuned more to come on this soon.

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[00:03:48] Amanda Walsh: Participate in any of the [00:03:50] activities that call to you and leave the rest, but make sure you register so you can pick and choose and have access to it all if you want it. Just go to astrology hub. com slash eclipse. [00:04:00] 2024. We’ll drop that link in the show notes as well. Now join me in welcoming Celeste to the show

Celeste’s background story in Astrology

[00:04:06] Amanda Walsh: .

[00:04:06] Amanda Walsh: Celeste is an honor to have you here. [00:04:10] And I’m just so grateful that you’re here and you said yes, that you’re going to be part of our inner circle. So thank you.

[00:04:16] Celeste Brooks: Thank you so much, Amanda, for having me. I’m so excited [00:04:20] to be part of the inner circle.

[00:04:22] Amanda Walsh: Amazing. All right. So it’s your astrology hub podcast debut.

[00:04:26] Amanda Walsh: We want to start with your story. How did [00:04:30] you get into astrology and what brought you here to this moment as a teacher, as a guide, as an astrologer?

[00:04:38] Celeste Brooks: Thank you. Yeah, my story is [00:04:40] a little different than many. I spent over 25 years in corporate sales marketing and business development for Fortune 500 [00:04:50] companies.

[00:04:50] Celeste Brooks: So I was very, very focused on manifesting in the material world. And to the day when my progressed [00:05:00] son went into cancer, ready to grow something new and end things, it was in the 12th house of endings, I started studying [00:05:10] astrology and it felt like it was on a whim. I was invited to take a course at one of my favorite spas.

[00:05:18] Celeste Brooks: Yeah, a week long [00:05:20] course and astrology Blew the lid off my mind. It was like, as soon as I started studying, I could not [00:05:30] get enough. It changed my life so much in so many beautiful ways. And it’s so interesting. I’m a Taurus. And so as soon as Uranus went [00:05:40] into Taurus, I was like, in my mind, I knew I needed something different from my life, that I wanted something more meaningful, that, [00:05:50] that corporate.

[00:05:51] Celeste Brooks: That corporate material grind was not serving me anymore. so as Uranus came to my son, when I, [00:06:00] when I quit my corporate job, jumped off a cliff in order to start this new journey. Uh, I was like the [00:06:10] fool from the Tarot and yeah, that’s what Uranus does. Uranus awakens us. To possibilities we would never even thought [00:06:20] could be possible and gives us like some kind of confidence as well.

[00:06:24] Celeste Brooks: Jupiter was also squaring by my son Saturn at the same time. So, yeah, so I started [00:06:30] study. I couldn’t get enough. And then I was doing my dual corporate and and my astrology career, but I decided to just go for [00:06:40] it. Yeah. Back in 2021.

[00:06:42] Amanda Walsh: Celeste, how did your family and friends respond to this?

[00:06:47] Celeste Brooks: You know, I was, I was really concerned [00:06:50] about that and people for the most part have been really supportive.

[00:06:54] Celeste Brooks: I mean, some people look at me like I’m crazy and I’m sure lots of people think I’m completely [00:07:00] insane. I’ve even questioned my sanity at times. But I was shocked. Like no one outwardly that I cared about rejected me, [00:07:10] even family members. Like my father looks very confused about the whole thing. My mother’s passed on, but he’s, but he’s got early stage dementia and he’s [00:07:20] like, you’re what, huh?

[00:07:21] Celeste Brooks: Yeah. So, but the rest of my family has still been loving it. Like I found out some family members were undercover astrologers and [00:07:30] I’ve given readings. One of the things I did is what, when there was this, a Taurus eclipse, a group of girlfriends from high school [00:07:40] who had, a lot of us hadn’t seen each other in 30 years, we went and had a big event together.

[00:07:46] Celeste Brooks: Um, and I was concerned. I was really concerned that some people would [00:07:50] reject me. Not one. They all wanted readings.

[00:07:53] Amanda Walsh: They all wanted readings. I love that so much, Celeste. And I just want to say this to everyone [00:08:00] listening. What you did was you jumped and you went towards a passion. You went towards something that was really calling to you.

[00:08:09] Amanda Walsh: [00:08:10] And, and despite our biggest fears about all the consequences of that, like, Oh no, everything’s going to fall apart. Everybody’s going to reject [00:08:20] me. It doesn’t turn out that way, you know, you might have your token people, but the people that you normally care, that you care about, what you’re [00:08:30] doing is you’re inspiring them to do the same thing in their own life

[00:08:34] Celeste Brooks: thank you so much. Yeah. And a bunch of my coworkers, you know, said to me. [00:08:40] They were just in awe and they were like, so if you said I’m jealous, I wish I could, you know, just have that courage to take the leap to go for what I [00:08:50] want.

[00:08:50] Celeste Brooks: Yeah. So I really feel I’m here to inspire people. I have an Aries moon. It’s in my 10th public 10th house to take [00:09:00] potential risks. I’m a sun, Saturn and Taurus. Like, so it’s a big deal having Uranus come to that. Cause Taurus likes [00:09:10] steady, um, security. Yeah, but yeah, that’s the moon like bringing the subconscious up to just [00:09:20] go for your soul’s desires.

[00:09:22] Amanda Walsh: Hmm. Okay

Astrological Timing- what pusged Celeste into Astrology

[00:09:24] Amanda Walsh: . So do you think that the timing that your astrological timing [00:09:30] is what kind of pushed you over the edge and, or was it a simultaneous, like, here’s the timing and here’s you meeting the timing [00:09:40] with awareness? Like how did that process happen?

[00:09:43] Celeste Brooks: Yes, so I had a goal that I was going to wait till the end of 2021 to make the [00:09:50] leap, but there was a new moon on my natal moon and just internally, it told [00:10:00] me it unlocks something saying that the only reason you are staying in this job is because of fear.

[00:10:06] Celeste Brooks: Do you want to live a life Full of fear, which I’ve done [00:10:10] because I have Saturn on my son. Saturn rules fear. Um, or are you going to rise up into your cancer rising [00:10:20] and, and, and, and make something fertile and grow? Yeah, that’s what came up and looking at my chart, seeing that they, this is the beauty [00:10:30] of astrology.

[00:10:30] Celeste Brooks: It gives you a confirmation. That what’s going on inside is the right timing of the material world. And Ann Ortley is one of my [00:10:40] mentors and she recommended for me to wait until 2022, but I just, my soul just said, no, it’s time to go. And [00:10:50] so I just broke free and made the change.

[00:10:54] Amanda Walsh: I love that because yeah, because basically the astrology gave you the confidence that you [00:11:00] needed to make the move at that moment.

[00:11:02] Amanda Walsh: It’s like, It came in and it was like, all right, everything’s feeling aligned. The astrology’s. Also confirming this, [00:11:10] what I’m feeling inside and you just went for it. That’s so cool. And that’s what we talk about. Like the awareness, it’s not dictating what you do. It’s more [00:11:20] confirming and giving you that confidence and giving you that little push, right?

[00:11:24] Celeste Brooks: Exactly. Yes. Astrology is there. You can use it or not use it, but [00:11:30] it’s this incredible tool to, yeah, to confirm that what’s going on inside is It’s what is, is what is available for [00:11:40] you.

[00:11:40] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So let’s talk about this. There’s a lot of people that are feeling that call inside of them, you know, wanting a life of more purpose, [00:11:50] of more meaning, of more passion.

[00:11:52] Amanda Walsh: They just, they want to feel more alive in their day to day reality. You have day to day reality, and you’re not a stranger [00:12:00] to this, right? You were in a corporate job, you were, you had responsibilities, you had a certain income that you were dependent on, you know, whatever, you had this perception of yourself, right?


How do we use Astrology as something that can create clarity for us?

[00:12:10] Amanda Walsh: So how do we How do you utilize astrology as something that can actually [00:12:20] create clarity for us and focus and, and intentional action or movement in the direction of what we’re wanting to create in our [00:12:30] lives? How do you use it? And how do you encourage other people to use it in that way?

[00:12:35] Celeste Brooks: Well, I think the moon cycles are one of the most powerful ways in [00:12:40] order to manifest.

[00:12:42] Celeste Brooks: , what you want in your life because the moon changes signs every two and a half days, it goes through the [00:12:50] zodiac, whole zodiac every month, giving us an opportunity to emotionally connect with each part of life. But when there’s a new [00:13:00] moon, we have a new moon, typically in a different sign each month and in a different house in our chart, that encompasses all of life.

[00:13:08] Celeste Brooks: So we can use [00:13:10] it to set intentions in bite sized pieces. This is what I did with, because it can be overwhelming to make this big change, but I use the moon cycle. [00:13:20] So, okay, this new moon is in this sign in this house, and these are the things associated with it. I’m going to set these three intentions to a short range [00:13:30] that I can do in this.

[00:13:31] Celeste Brooks: This moon lunation cycle, and one is a long range goal I’m just building towards, and breaking things up into bite sized pieces [00:13:40] I think is really powerful in order to make things come to life.

[00:13:45] Celeste Brooks: And I talk a lot about the moon phase families, which are [00:13:50] 27 month cycles. So there’ll be a new moon that seeds something.

[00:13:54] Celeste Brooks: Nine months later, there’ll be a first quarter moon where the moon is in the same part of your chart. [00:14:00] Debating that same house that same energy. It’s called lunar gestational cycles. Dietrich Peston is this amazing astrologer who noticed these and oftentimes [00:14:10] there’ll be a pivot or something about the same story that was seeded back then.

[00:14:15] Celeste Brooks: Nine months later, 18 months after that, there’ll be a full moon with the [00:14:20] moon. Being activated and 9 months after that at the 27 month 7 month point, there’ll be a last quarter moon. So this 27 [00:14:30] month cycles can really help you with long range goals and the planning and breaking things up to bring what you want into your life.[00:14:40]

[00:14:40] Amanda Walsh: Hmm. And what role does journaling or actually writing these things down play for you?

[00:14:49] Celeste Brooks: [00:14:50] I recommend, so I, I use my iPad because I can’t read my own handwriting. My mother was so disappointed. She was a school teacher with this beautiful penmanship. I am [00:15:00] left handed and scribble scrabble. So I use my iPad and every new moon I, I have a, I use the notes.

[00:15:09] Celeste Brooks: I have, I say [00:15:10] new moon, what degree and what sign it’s in and every day I pull a card. I love Oracle and tarot cards and I journal a little bit about [00:15:20] what happened towards during the day, who I spoke to, um, what rose up in me emotionally. What happened? And then [00:15:30] the card stimulates me to think about, well, how is this going to show up in my life?

[00:15:34] Celeste Brooks: And then the next week I start a new tab with first quarter moon at what degree did it and then full [00:15:40] moon and last quarter moon. So this makes it easy for me to go back to the cycles that correlate with the degrees and [00:15:50] yeah, and see what happened back then. What was seated and where is it now? So yeah, journaling is hugely important for me.

[00:15:56] Celeste Brooks: Huge,

[00:15:57] Amanda Walsh: huge. I mean, even just to, to be able to, [00:16:00] to, to recognize the blind spots, right? The storylines that we find ourselves circling around and it’s like, Oh, this was [00:16:10] happening then it had a different costume, different characters. Like the story looks a little different, but it’s the same underlying theme.

[00:16:17] Amanda Walsh: And I know because of the astrology that [00:16:20] I need to, I need to deal with this. I need to look at it. I need to respond differently than I did before. Right?

[00:16:28] Celeste Brooks: Yeah. When circle, when [00:16:30] things come round and round, when things come back up again to our conscious attention, we have the opportunity to take a different path or do the same cycle again and feel the same [00:16:40] way later.

[00:16:41] Amanda Walsh: Yeah. I mean, we can, we have the choice, right? We can just stay stuck in the loop, but if we’re ready to exit, it can be so helpful. That visibility of like, Oh, I can see [00:16:50] this blind spot. I can see this pattern. And to me, one of that’s one of the biggest gifts of astrology is like, we are living in patterns.

[00:16:57] Amanda Walsh: We may as well be aware of them [00:17:00] so we can actually start to make different choices.

[00:17:03] Celeste Brooks: Yes.

Trusting in Divine Timing

[00:17:04] Amanda Walsh: So many people want to be able to trust divine timing. But then we like also have [00:17:10] our will, right? It’s like, well, that’s not happening fast enough. And I will that I should be here. Why aren’t I at this point in my life? How do you see working with the lunar [00:17:20] cycle as something that helps you sort of like fall into relax into divine timing on another level?[00:17:30]

[00:17:30] Celeste Brooks: Yes, so yeah, if you are wanting like some big thing to be happening, but you’re having a lunation in your 12th house of slowing down and [00:17:40] solitude and endings, it’s just not the right time. That’s what astrology helps you with. It’s all about timing. So, as much as [00:17:50] you can, it’s Honor and that things happen for a reason when they happen for a reason using these cycles.

[00:17:58] Celeste Brooks: That’s what it helps you [00:18:00] with. Fighting against the tides is just a way to exhaust yourself. Astrology, the moon cycles, all of this helps you understand the [00:18:10] ebb and flow. There’s times of reaping and sowing and there’s times of releasing and letting go.

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Setting Intentions with the New Moon — SMART goals and pitfalls

[00:19:46] Amanda Walsh: Okay, question for you. We’ve been talking a lot in the inner circle about [00:19:50] setting intentions at the new moon, right? And then working with the different phases of the moon to, to illuminate [00:20:00] aspects of that intention, to release the things that are holding us back from that intention, etc.

[00:20:06] Amanda Walsh: Do you have any guidelines that you use when you’re [00:20:10] setting your intentions? Like, is there any specific way that you actually craft them or write them?

[00:20:16] Celeste Brooks: Well, so I still use my [00:20:20] corporate, all the learnings, smart goals.

[00:20:23] Celeste Brooks: Specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time bound. [00:20:30] That’s, that’s the most, one of the most effective ways to use when setting your goals.

[00:20:38] Amanda Walsh: I love it, Celeste. It’s also [00:20:40] showing the like breadcrumb of how you don’t always know why you’re learning certain things along your path. And then you get to a point where it’s like, Oh, that little corporate, uh, thing that [00:20:50] we used to do.

[00:20:50] Amanda Walsh: That’s going to come in handy here with my astrology. You know, you never would have thought that when you were learning it, but now here you are using it. And that’s amazing. Can you say it again? Smart. [00:21:00]

[00:21:00] Celeste Brooks: Specific, measurable, actionable. Realistic and time bound.

[00:21:07] Amanda Walsh: Can you give us an example? Like just, just use [00:21:10] an example of an intention that is a smartly worded intention.

[00:21:16] Celeste Brooks: I am going to walk 10, 000 steps every [00:21:20] day for the next month. In order to improve my cardiovascular health, very [00:21:30] specific, measurable, the 10, 000 steps actionable. You got, you, you can do it realistic. It’s realistic. I [00:21:40] mean, it’s recommended and it’s time bound the month. Yeah, that this is this lunation cycle.

[00:21:46] Celeste Brooks: I’m going to use this to do that now, as [00:21:50] you get going, as the light of the moon grows. You may find that, oh my goodness, all the things I have to do during my day. [00:22:00] You’re realizing some days it’s 6, 000, some days it’s 8, 000, some days it’s whatever. So at the first quarter moon, which is a crisis of action, where we [00:22:10] realize what we’ve been doing.

[00:22:11] Celeste Brooks: And you may find, oh my God, I love this. I’m going to do 12, 000 steps. Or it’s just not possible. So we just [00:22:20] make adjustments. And then maybe we’ll do, we say, okay, we’re going to do 8, 000 steps because my hip hurts when I get more than that or something [00:22:30] like that. So that’s how you, one of the ways you, I love the first quarter moon where you can see half the story.

[00:22:36] Celeste Brooks: It’s like a half moon and we think like [00:22:40] when you’re keep getting something telling you a voice in your head at the first quarter moon, it’s important because this is a time of action. And decision making

[00:22:49] Amanda Walsh: [00:22:50] one of the, what are the pitfalls that you see when, when people are setting intentions, like what are the things that they do that aren’t as helpful for them that you’ve seen

[00:22:59] Celeste Brooks: when they do too [00:23:00] many or they’re too big, like this is why they need to be realistic.

[00:23:04] Celeste Brooks: I’m going to lose 15, 000 two weeks. That’s not realistic. Okay. [00:23:10] So, or I’m going to, I mean, there’s a lot of things that just aren’t possible for you based on your circumstances. And then people get frustrated [00:23:20] and give up. And this is one of the beautiful things about the mood cycles, rather than just setting it a yearly, you know, January, I’m going to do this, this and that.

[00:23:28] Celeste Brooks: Because [00:23:30] if you don’t get it all done in this month, you can start again or adjust it for the next month.

[00:23:36] Amanda Walsh: How do you see working with the lunar cycle in this [00:23:40] way? You know, setting intentions, setting your goals, doing it rhythmically, doing it consistently. How do you see this?

[00:23:47] Amanda Walsh: Reducing the experience of [00:23:50] chaos, the experience of overwhelm that people have. I mean, it’s like the number one thing. People feel overwhelmed. Life feels chaotic. How do you see this [00:24:00] actually benefiting them?

[00:24:01] Celeste Brooks: I see. Well, as you

How does working with the lunar cycles benefit you?

[00:24:03] Celeste Brooks: . Okay. So the sun illuminates things and as it goes through a sign, it’s illuminated [00:24:10] parts of your chart.

[00:24:11] Celeste Brooks: So you see things coming up to your conscious awareness. The moon is our subconscious. And so when you [00:24:20] work with the moon cycles, you make the subconscious conscious. So you may find one of the things I found when I first started working with the moon cycles, like Pisces [00:24:30] moons are hard for me. There are a time where I really need to slow down.

[00:24:34] Celeste Brooks: I’m not as focused and. And corporate life there would be certain days where I was just [00:24:40] like, ah, and I realized I do not overschedule myself.


[00:24:45] Celeste Brooks: So, yeah, just following the daily moons can help, you know, [00:24:50] when I’m more irritated with my kids when the moon’s in. Whatever, Scorpio, Leo, whatever, I’m, I just can’t focus when it’s [00:25:00] here, balsamic moons are this, like, it really helps you understand your internal nature that can help reduce, that reduces [00:25:10] overwhelm.

[00:25:10] Celeste Brooks: Like, if you know, it’s a Pisces moon, don’t overschedule myself, and you don’t, you’re less overwhelmed.

[00:25:17] Amanda Walsh: You’re not like swimming against the [00:25:20] tide all the time.

[00:25:21] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So in terms of spiritual practices, using the lunar cycle as something that helps [00:25:30] us have those spiritual practices. On a more consistent basis, more integrated into our life because everyone’s busy.

[00:25:38] Amanda Walsh: They’re doing [00:25:40] many, many things. How do you see working with the lunar cycle actually help you with that? Your spiritual practices, your spiritual, spiritual growth, becoming more of who you [00:25:50] are on a daily basis.

[00:25:52] Celeste Brooks: Yes. So when you work with the moon cycles, you make this subconscious conscious. So you learn more about yourself.

[00:25:58] Celeste Brooks: I highly recommend [00:26:00] just even if it’s 10 minutes. Stopping, contemplating, journaling. I love to bring in all the elements, fire, air, [00:26:10] earth, and water at the new moon. Even if it’s just like a light, a candle, I keep it really simple.

[00:26:17] Celeste Brooks: It’s it’s just helped me be more loving towards [00:26:20] myself

[00:26:20] Amanda Walsh: Hmm. Do you find that there’s a ripple effect like the more loving you are with yourself? Are you more capable of doing that with other people?

[00:26:28] Celeste Brooks: Oh, yeah. Oh my god. Yes [00:26:30] Yes, self compassion as well as compassion for other people is something that you know Understanding people’s moods can help you with

Secondary progressions in the chart

[00:26:39] Amanda Walsh: you’re going to be [00:26:40] teaching about secondary progressions in the inner circle.

[00:26:43] Amanda Walsh: Why are you choosing that? And first of all, what is that? Why are you choosing it? How do you see that it’s a helpful tool for people in their [00:26:50] astrological pursuits?

[00:26:51] Celeste Brooks: Yes.


[00:26:52] Celeste Brooks: So we have our natal chart, the snapshot of the planets where we’re born, when we’re born. And this is our, our [00:27:00] owner’s manual and it’s fixed.

[00:27:01] Celeste Brooks: It never changes, but secondary progressions, they are a. A Theory [00:27:10] about how time progresses based on when we were born. And it’s literally like a day for a year, but it speaks about what’s going on [00:27:20] emotionally inside of us and emotions lead to actions. The progress moon is one of the most important.

[00:27:27] Celeste Brooks: Things about progress, secondary [00:27:30] progressions, because it moves a degree a month and it changes signs around every 20, 28 months or [00:27:40] so. And so the moon carries the light, the progressed moon carries the light of what’s important for us through the chart. And as it aspects our [00:27:50] natal planets. As well as secondary progress, planets, transits, things come into our life because you got to feel it before you do it.

[00:27:58] Celeste Brooks: And it’s a [00:28:00] wonderful timing technique that helps you know what’s coming up for you. And it’s amazing as the moon changes signs and houses, but there’s [00:28:10] also the other planets. So people will learn all about, about how to use secondary progressions to know what’s coming up for them and setting goals. You can use it [00:28:20] too.

[00:28:20] Amanda Walsh: I love it. Celeste, how has Astrology Hub, how did we come into your life? How, how did the inner circle come into your life? How did, how has that inspired your path?

[00:28:29] Celeste Brooks: Yeah. [00:28:30] So you came into my life, Amanda, when I was Googling around and then I found Astrology Hub and I was so impressed with it and learned so much [00:28:40] of it as part of the inner circle. Um, and when I decided to quit my corporate job, the first thing I put on my vision board was I want [00:28:50] to be an astrology hub guide and then we met at ISAR and you were so wonderful and warm.

[00:28:57] Celeste Brooks: It was such a joy to meet you [00:29:00] and yeah, I told you that I love how much I love astrology hub and I’d love to be involved. And now when Venus, um, was trying my [00:29:10] Uranus, I got a invite to apply and I was like, so da lighted. Yes, I was.

[00:29:17] Amanda Walsh: Wow. Okay. Well, it’s [00:29:20] a pleasure to be here with you. Cannot wait for your, your inner circle month.

[00:29:24] Amanda Walsh: I’m so looking forward to getting to know you better, working with you, [00:29:30] experiencing your teachings in the inner circle. Thank you for being here on this podcast episode today. Is there anything you want to leave us with any sort of like, where do I start tips? I mean, [00:29:40] aside of course, from joining the inner circle and doing this with us in community every single month, month after month, but if someone’s out there and they’re wanting to just like get [00:29:50] started, where would you point them?

[00:29:51] Amanda Walsh: Um, what direction would you point them in?

Tips from Celeste

[00:29:53] Celeste Brooks: Well, I would say one of the best things to do is to start working with the moon, [00:30:00] even like noticing what sign it’s in and, um, what house in your chart it’s in and like doing a little journaling. [00:30:10] I do moon memos every time the moon’s, uh, changes signs and yeah, I recommend, um, I love, love, love, love, love if you, [00:30:20] if you want to go deeper.

[00:30:21] Celeste Brooks: I’ve always, I like, I give simple, so simple, follow, know where the moon is and their apps for that. Like moon deluxe and all this.

[00:30:29] Celeste Brooks: [00:30:30] I love this honeycomb guy. That is a personal almanac.

[00:30:33] Celeste Brooks: So it has your chart and your transits. I recommend this, the wise skies [00:30:40] calendar where on your phone, you’ll have all of the transits and it tells you everything about the moon and the moon cycles and you can go to my website. If you [00:30:50] want to find it. Um, those are tools. These are my tools. I use every day.

[00:30:55] Celeste Brooks: I use my, my honeycomb and I use my, my, my [00:31:00] wise guys collective, um, calendar with all of the transits.

[00:31:05] Amanda Walsh: Yeah, I have something I call my golden hour. It’s the, [00:31:10] it’s, I do it as it’s normally doesn’t end up being an hour nor normally ends up being about 20 to 25 minutes, which is about all I can do, but it’s right before I go to bed.[00:31:20]

[00:31:20] Amanda Walsh: And it’s a process where I say what I’m grateful for. I list everything I’m grateful for for that day. I look ahead at my calendar and I schedule out the next day and [00:31:30] just kind of sort of like pre live the next day. So I could think through some of the potential complicating factors. Then I do three results.

[00:31:39] Amanda Walsh: [00:31:40] That I want to experience that next day, so that I’m not trying to accomplish 500 things, just three things, three things that will make it a successful day. Right. And then I do [00:31:50] future , gratitude things. I am that aren’t literally in my, my physical reality yet, but that I’m already giving thanks for as if they are.

[00:31:58] Amanda Walsh: Right. But one of the things I do when I’m looking [00:32:00] at that next day is look at what is what sign the moon’s going to be in. What signs of moon going to be in and just integrate that into a process that I have so that I can start to make those [00:32:10] connections and make those correlations of like, Oh, when did the moods and cancer, I probably shouldn’t overschedule myself.

[00:32:15] Amanda Walsh: Cause I don’t have as much energy when that’s happening. Right. So yeah, you can [00:32:20] integrate these things. If you already do something, like if you are, you know, you can, what is it called habit stacking? Oh, I love that. You know, you can do something that you already do. [00:32:30] Like you brush your teeth already, or you make yourself a cup of coffee already.

[00:32:33] Amanda Walsh: You do those things and you just add one more element to it so that there’s that cue for yourself to [00:32:40] integrate it into your daily life.

[00:32:42] Celeste Brooks: Yes. And then I love a gratitude journal and grateful for future stuff. Yes. I absolutely love [00:32:50] that.

[00:32:50] Amanda Walsh: Simple, powerful, rhythmic, consistent. That’s the thing. Astrology helps us be consistent because there’s a million [00:33:00] different things we can be doing that are great, but if you do them haphazardly and you, you don’t do them all the time, they’re, they just don’t have the same amount of potency.

[00:33:08] Amanda Walsh: So, yeah. And I [00:33:10] love Celeste. You’re here. You’re about the lunar cycle. Lunar cycle is one of the easiest ones to work with for all the reasons you said, but also because you can see it. You can track it in the [00:33:20] sky. Like you said, when it’s that half, half of a moon, it’s half of the story. That’s brilliant.

[00:33:25] Amanda Walsh: You know? So I love it. I forgot

[00:33:28] Celeste Brooks: to say, go out and look at the [00:33:30] moon. Connect with her by feeling her energy. Yes.

[00:33:36] Amanda Walsh: That when people when astrologers used to say that when I was earlier on in my [00:33:40] journey, I was like, huh, really like, like, what could that actually do, but it is actually profound there, there is information coded in [00:33:50] light, and we are receivers for that light.

[00:33:53] Amanda Walsh: So when you just go out and you make that visual connection you allow that light to reach your eyes, [00:34:00] especially if you’re holding a question. It’s amazing the amount of information that you’ll receive. So yes, Celeste, I’m, I’m really glad that we didn’t close out before that was shared. [00:34:10]

[00:34:10] Celeste Brooks: Yes.

[00:34:12] Amanda Walsh: All right, my dear.

[00:34:12] Amanda Walsh: Well, thank you so much for being here. Can’t wait for your Taurus lunar cycle. Perfect. You’re a Taurus doing our Taurus thing. Thank you for that. [00:34:20] And thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you for being a part of our, our community. If you’re interested in joining us in the two week transformational experience during this eclipse portal, [00:34:30] highly recommend go check it out.

[00:34:32] Amanda Walsh: It’s free


[00:34:32] Amanda Walsh: astrology hub. com slash eclipse 2024. You’re going to get to have a mini experience of what we’re talking about here. [00:34:40] Eclipses are like this super potent distilled amount of time in which the, the phases, the experience of transformation [00:34:50] can happen in a short amount of time, especially when you’re working with it intentionally.

[00:34:55] Amanda Walsh: When you’re taking focused action, when you are bringing your awareness to it, it is a [00:35:00] powerful portal of transformation. So join us. It’s going to be amazing. We have panels with astrologers. We have different events planned for you. You don’t have to do all of it. Whatever you can do will be [00:35:10] great. And we would just love to have the experience with you.

[00:35:13] Amanda Walsh: So we’ll see you soon. Celeste, thank you for being here and we’ll catch you all on the next episode. [00:35:20]

[00:35:21] Celeste Brooks: Thank you, Amanda. This has been so wonderful and I encourage everyone to come and join the inner circle.

[00:35:28] Amanda Walsh: Awesome, Celeste. Thank [00:35:30] you. All right. Take care, everybody. We will see you soon.

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