The wonderful thing about parting ways with something (or someone) that you should have said good-bye to long ago is the tremendous relief that comes rushing in. You thought you were going to be heartbroken – or at least depressed – but evidently your psyche has been champing at the bit for longer than you're aware of because you haven't felt this energized in weeks!

Look for loved ones and friends to applaud your decision and don't be surprised if the other party thanks you for doing what they didn't have the courage to do. It's not every day when there's an upside to a Venus/Uranus opposition (December 21st) so enjoy it.

Now the danger to newfound freedom is in diving back into something similar. Don't be like the sheep on that online video that – when freed from a ditch by a helpful shepherd – goes joyfully bounding towards the same ditch only to get stuck again.

Savor your freedom and the fact that you don't know what comes next. That's what taking in the view is all about.

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