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February Astrology Forecast 2024: Embrace the Unexpected with Clarissa Dolphin & Andrea MichelleFebruary Astrology Forecast 2024: Embrace the Unexpected with Clarissa Dolphin & Andrea Michelle

Clarissa, who is a harmonic astrologer and Andrea, who is a sky astrologer with a little more of an evolutionary bent bring in very different aspects about the month ahead but a cohesive story emerges…

If you ever thought a shorter month means less astrological activity – prepare to be surprised and blown away for what February has in store! 

You know what they say, dynamite comes in small packages. In astrology, the month with the least days is punching well above its weight. As you’ll see, it’s positively stacked with transits and layered energy that will make it a very action-packed 29 days. 

Venus squares the nodes, Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto, Chiron conjunct North Node, and more. 

And then there February 28, one day stacked with a ton of important astrology. In this week’s episode, you’re going to find out why February is the month of absolute, unabated truth, and seizing opportunities, especially the ones that speak directly to our hearts. 

The guiding energy of the month? Working with the call of the evolutionary intention of awkward. Like awkward teenagers, this month invites us to dive into the things that feel  scary, weird and uncomfortable – knowing that it’s all working for our own good. 

On today’s panel, two incredible women, Clarissa Dolphin and Andrea Michelle take you on an adventure through the energies of February…


In this episode you’ll learn;

😐 How February will tap us into our awkward teenager energy and why it’s essential for our growth

💫 Why the theme of individuality and how it fits into the collective will be heavy this month

❗ Compulsive attract and why the time for a lot of our dreams is now, whether we’re ready or not 

🔗 Some of the biggest transits we’ll be navigating and why they are more connected than you think 

🔱  What Chiron conjunct the North Nodes promises to deliver on February 19


Guest Bios:

Clarissa is a Certified Astrologer, Shamanic Healer, Tarot Diviner, Reiki Master, Writer based in LA. https://siderealsoul.com/

Andrea is a sky astrologer who has been practicing since 2012. She focuses on the poetry of myth, and helping her clients find their true soul purpose. https://andreamichellehaeckel.com/

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Clarissa Dolphin: [00:00:00] What Andrea was talking about earlier, it’s a mixed month and part of the awkwardness of it is because we’ve got like, we’ve got a lot of Aquarian aspects that are brand new because we have Pluto and Aquarius, that’s brand new.

Amanda Walsh: Welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. I’m Amanda Poole Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub and your host for our flagship show.

We explore the many ways astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health. and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in. Well, hello there and welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast where we feature the wisdom and guidance of some of the world’s best astrologers so that you can use the cosmic information to help you live your best life.

I’m your host, Amanda Pua Walsh. I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. And today we are going to be focusing on the month ahead, the month of February [00:01:00] 2024. And I absolutely love this episode and I really think you are going to love it too. These two incredible women, Clarissa Dolphin and Andrea Michelle are going to take you on an adventure through the energies of February.

So we’re going to walk chronologically through February and just give you insights on the different transits that are going to be happening. Make sure you have your journal or your calendar or something handy to write down the dates. And what you’re going to do is you’re going to find out why we’re calling this month awkward, why it’s actually important for you to embrace the somewhat awkward energies.

Just like a teenager moving through their awkward phase, we’re all collectively moving through a very awkward phase, but There’s an importance in seizing the opportunities that really present themselves through this. So especially the ones that speak directly to your heart. [00:02:00] So you’re going to find out why we’re saying that here in this episode very shortly.

We’re also going to walk through transits like Mercury conjunct Pluto, Venus square the nodes, Mars conjunct Pluto, Venus conjunct Pluto, Chiron conjunct the North node, Venus Mars conjunction, and February 28th, which apparently is a huge day astrologically. So you’re going to want to make sure and stay till the end so you can find out why February 28th is such an important astrological day.

I love how Clarissa, who is a harmonic astrologer, and Andrea Michelle, who’s a Sky astrologer with a little bit more of an evolutionary bent. I love how their, their two energies and perspectives really blend in this episode to give you a holistic picture of the month and lots of amazing, tangible, uh, practical tools for working with the different energies in a very productive way.

Both of these women are going to be [00:03:00] inner circle astrologer guides for our expand group. Clarissa is going to be February, so she’s coming up really soon. And Andrea Michelle will be a teacher guide for the expand level of inner circle later this year. So if you want to jump into the membership and learn from incredible astrologers like Clarissa and Andrea Michelle, the links are in the show notes.

So you can go check that out. Finally, we, Astrology Hub, are going to be at the Conscious Life Expo in February, February 9th through 12th. We’re going to have a booth there, there’s going to be a lot of other astrologers there as well, like Rick Levine, Gemini Brett, Caelan Castell, the Leo King is going to be doing his DJing and hosting dance parties on Friday and Saturday nights.

There’s going to be a lot of amazing workshops. I’m actually going to be doing a talk on Saturday at 11. We are going to do some sort of meet and greet, meet and greet with the people from our community who are coming to the event. So if you’re in the area or if you’re interested in taking a little trip, please come and see us [00:04:00] at the Conscious Life Expo.

We would love to meet you in person. I Absolutely adore meeting people from our community. So if you can make the trip, we’d love to meet you. And if you do decide to come, make sure that you send us an email or if you’re in our inner circle, make sure that you reach out to us in our private groups so that we know you’re coming and we can let you know what, uh, what time and place for meeting up is going to happen.

And, uh, oh, to check that out. Click the link in the show notes or just go. I think it’s at astrologyhub. com slash conscious life. So you can go there and check it out. And now is the time to sit back, relax, have your little journal, your pen and paper handy, take some notes and learn all about the month ahead.

Can’t wait to dive in. All right, you two, I am so excited to dive into this astrology for February. I have heard rumors that it’s really big astrology. So I’m so happy that both of you are here to [00:05:00] explore that together. And let’s start here, Andrea. What would you say is the overarching theme for the month?

What can we kind of anchor into

Clarissa Dolphin: the

Andrea Michelle: call? Working with the call. For the evolutionary intention of awkward.

Clarissa Dolphin: Awkward?

Amanda Walsh: Why awkward? That, that’s a very interesting word and I know you used it very

Andrea Michelle: intentionally. I did. Yes. Well, I have to say, um, we’re in Aquarius season, right? So Aquarius is just kind of like the free funk, you know, the, the weird, the doesn’t really fit in, but it’s all in the service of breaking out of.

Things that constrain us, and there’s an awkwardness to it. There’s also something about the quincunx, and I’m going to share more when we get to Chiron, but there’s something that I loved about Clarissa that she did in a [00:06:00] prior weekly weather in the summer where she talked about the quincunx as being kind of like the awkward teenager, which I thought was perfection.

Because, evolutionarily speaking, there are a number of, um, people who claim that we are as a species at the awkward teenage stage of our evolution. And again, this is going to come into play when we talk about Chiron a little bit later.

Amanda Walsh: So the evolutionary invitation of awkward, which, which basically what you’re, I mean, what is that teenage stage for?

It’s because we’re sort of shedding some of the, as children, we kind of just take on our environment, like whatever our parents think, whatever the culture is saying, whatever our teachers are saying. I mean, not everybody, but a lot of people. And so then in the teenage phase, we’re kind of, Ooh, like who am I?

What do I think apart from my parents or apart from my friends and you know, who am I? And that phase absolutely is awkward,

Andrea Michelle: right? Absolutely. And there’s a lot [00:07:00] of bravado as a teenager too. We think we have all the answers. We think we know what’s coming and it’s, it’s a place where we need to foster humility.

So, right after the trine of Leo, we have the sesquasquare aspect, which is meant to curtail any excesses. And then we have the quincunx. Which is the adjustment period to what is it like if we were to just root in humility as the foundation and it’s awkward for the ego to be humble. I love

Amanda Walsh: it. Okay, let’s start to, to walk through the astrology of the month and I’d love to start with you, Clarissa.

I know that there’s a transit on February 5th that you want to highlight. Mercury conjunct Pluto. So let’s,

Clarissa Dolphin: let’s go into that one. Absolutely. So Mercury conjunct Pluto from a harmonic astrology perspective, whenever you have Mercury Pluto together, [00:08:00] that is absolute, unabated truth. So it’s the type of, it’s complete candor.

It’s very direct. There is absolutely no room for lies, because whenever Pluto gets, activated it brings up everything so Pluto actually I think feels kind of Frenetic, I think it could feel a little bit Sometimes like Uranus because it brings up absolutely everything from the depths Into the main fray, so Mercury, Pluto conjunction, February 5th in terms of like harmonic stuff going on.

It’s a 21 dominant harmonic and a general theme for like the whole month across every aspect, the new moons, you know, all these ingressive is the 13th harmonic. And so in transit, 13th harmonic brings up a whole bunch of [00:09:00] interesting issues. Lifestyle. So when we’re talking about this teenage awkward phase, Mercury conjunct Pluto February 5th is going to bring out a lot of candid conversations, a lot of kind of raw truths, especially about how you’re living and how you’re unwilling to compromise about your life, your lifestyle, your purpose.

13th harmonic is really a complex harmonic. Because it, it, it deals with issues of faith. It deals with issues of, um, conformity. It does not conform. So I think that’s part of the, the awkwardness that Andrea was referring to as well. We’re all entering this epoch in February where conformity, even the things that we thought we were [00:10:00] Like even to our own routines The truth comes out.

It’s it’s not there anymore I also want to just piggyback on andrea when she was talking about the the quincuts Because i’m like obsessed with that. I’ve been doing research on it for years And part of that teenage ism is The pain of growth, and the pain of growth, the type of growth where you are actively growing.

Because the quincunx is an action aspect, it’s very much like the square, it is moving, it’s not stationary. But the thing about the quincunx is it doesn’t know where it’s going to land. It’s in the process. And so that’s what’s awkward about it. You know?

Andrea Michelle: Exactly.

Amanda Walsh: Exactly. Yeah. I was also thinking about the comment about the bravado about teenagers who as they’re, they’re kind of asserting their individuality, right?

They might get kind of big headed about that. And it seems [00:11:00] like two things could be happening there. One, it’s a little bit of a protection mechanism because they don’t want to be talked out of it. You know, it’s like, no, no, no, no, this is really important. I need to be this person. Right. And then also forgetting where that individual impulse comes from and thinking that it’s me, it’s mine.

Like I’m doing this versus like, I’m, you know, part of the divine plan. And yes, my individual expression is important, but it’s not really coming from me. Right. Yes, totally. Interesting. Okay. All right. So let’s go to the next one, which Andrea, I’d love for you to cover, which is Venus squaring the nodal axis.

What’s that going to bring up

Andrea Michelle: for us? Yes. So Venus is going to be at 17 degrees of Capricorn scoring the, the Aries Libra axis at 17 and change, uh, Aries and Libra, of course, she’s the Disor or the Envoy of Libra, which is the south node. Now, the south node energies, no matter what sign they’re in, are always [00:12:00] kind of the lowest common denominator of that sign energy because it’s what we know, it’s what we’re looking to release.

It’s kind of where our safeties are, but it’s not necessarily the most elevated aspects. Of that sign energy, so all of her movements through the zodiac and our meetups with the planets and the stars are tinged with that south node energy, right? So she’s looking to grab on to safety. At every cost, like over going into doing something new, which is where the North Node and Mars wants to lead us in, right?

So, during this whole transit of the nodes, which is July 17th, um, of last year through January 11th of 2025, this is kind of where she’s How Venus will tend to act unless we make it more conscious. So, she’s at, she’s one degree from the inception degree where she was at the Capricorn cycle [00:13:00] back in 2020.

And as the planet of the relationship, can we draw on the purity of that seed moment from the past? Because Capricorn has a lot to do with history and the past. Where can we use this Venus and Capricorn energy to self substantiate and come back to the purity of recognizing how far I’ve come, what’s still to go because Capricorn realizes it’s for the long haul, right?

And Where can I remain in my sovereignty, but also very like caring because Capricorn is very much about being in charge, but being in charge can lean into to stern and making sure everything is right and not wrong, and we have to make sure we bring the caring aspect of cancer. It’s [00:14:00] polarity in so that we’re making sure that it’s not dry.

It’s With our innate heart’s care. So go ahead.

Amanda Walsh: Well, when, when the, when Venus is squaring the notes, does that, does our own Venus play a part in the story of how we’re interpreting this, or is this really just a global, global perspective of what Venus squaring the nodes does?

Andrea Michelle: That’s a great question, because these nodes are affecting us all.

It will affect us more if we have our nodal axis natally in Aries and Libra. Um, it’ll affect planets that we have in Capricorn. Um, it really depends on the sensitivity of the individual. Each person is going to be different. Each person is going to have a different relationship with these transits. So, it’s hard to say, but it’s [00:15:00] There’s a real accentuation here of that critical point of the square asking what still needs to be released.

And we can do that no matter what, where our Venus is or, or uh, what planets we have in, in Capricorn. The balsamic moon is also going to hit Ceres on the way out. And Ceres is very much about where we’re still attached to suffering or to holding on to what we want to be rather than what simply is.

Amanda Walsh: Okay, and so you’re saying that this is activated In our relationship arena.

Yes that we’re being asked to consider What, what, what, what do we want to carry with us from the past and what is ready to be released? And then we’re being asked to do this in a way that is caring, not, you know, not like, Oh, this is the way it is. the way it’s going to be, but like actually [00:16:00] having a caring approach to the way that we’re handling that question in our life.

Andrea Michelle: And we might have to cut out some relationships and foster new ones that are more in line with who we are actually becoming. But maintain that caring, not just kind of gaslighting or ghosting our friends anymore. It’s just kind of like a, how do we maintain this level, this sense of sometimes we have to let go of what we most have, what we’ve relied on in order to really accentuate where we need to go and know that from our heart’s truth.

Amanda Walsh: Okay, that sounds like a big one and what’s the time frame that we’re actually dealing with this? I mean, you mentioned July 17th of 2023, January 11 to 2025, but that’s

Andrea Michelle: not where, but that’s just the nose. That’s the node, the trans. So this is going to happen, um, on February 6th, but anytime like building up [00:17:00] around there within a couple of degrees on either side.

And again, it really depends on the level of sensitivity. If someone has a strong Venus in terms of like they’re a nodal dispositor or conjunct their moon or as their ascended ruler, you know, it’s going to be probably more amplified than people who don’t have as accentuated. Okay.

Amanda Walsh: All right, great. Let’s go to Mars conjunct, conjunct Pluto.

Clarissa is going to cover this on February 13th. What do we need

Clarissa Dolphin: to know about this? Well, this is a, this is a load of radness, but this is also hard work, right? Because whenever Mars Pluto is involved in an aspect, From the harmonic lens, Mars, Pluto is the type of where it literally means compulsive action in terms of you’re watching energy.

And so what that looks like on the ground is, um, often like backbreaking labor. It’s a type of labor where it’s like, [00:18:00] okay, I’m working 10 hours a day for three months, the project’s done. Then you crash. So, that, so this is like when, I mean, we got like our feet on the ground, hustling, and it’s particularly a hustle situation because it’s the 5th Harmonic.

So 5th Harmonic, uh, actually 5th Harmonic can feel a little light, because it is basically the creative principle of the universe, and or the play principle of the universe, like 5th Harmonic is light. When kids play with blocks and it’s just like we’re just gonna like mess around here and then some huge fortuitous event or some type of knowledge comes from just messing around in transit.

I find fifth harmonic interesting. Because I’ve seen it come up a lot with, um, like conjecture, things like conspiracy theories, particularly on the mercurial [00:19:00] vans, but when we’re talking about Mars, Pluto, fifth harmonic in transit, that’s when the speculative ventures, the more fun things. You start to, uh, create blood, sweat, and tears around that.

Like, so focus on that. And this I think this is What Andrea was talking about earlier, it’s a mixed month. And part of the awkwardness of it is because we’ve got, like, We’ve got a lot of Aquarian aspects that are brand new, because we have Pluto and Aquarius, that’s brand new, that entered in January 20th, which is an apocryphal shift, yes it’s societal, it happens every few hundred years, right, like it last started like the end of the 1700s, right, so we’ve got this apocryphal shift that nobody’s used to.

But we’ve also got these, like, personal shifts where it’s like suddenly, like, dreams, concepts, things that maybe you’ve wanted to do that [00:20:00] weren’t part of reality, now they’re reality! And now the forces Of our solar system, like with this Mars Pluto situation on the 13th of February. It’s like, get your feet on the ground, get moving on this crazy stuff.

That’s awkward, right? And crazy beautiful! I’m sure it’s like, wonderful, but it doesn’t, like, what I’m trying to say Is that we’ve got this, like, all these forces where it’s like these things simultaneously feel unnatural and scary and weird and there is no time to not do them anymore. The time is now.


Andrea Michelle: Oof.

Amanda Walsh: You know, I love when I start to hear echoes from astrologers. In different contexts, but saying the same thing and really driving a point home. And this, [00:21:00] the way you just said that was enthusiasm. The time is now, it’s not time to be sitting on the sidelines and, and kind of contemplating what is next.

It’s actually, it’s time to start doing. And so it sounds like a lot of the things like what you just said, a lot of the things we’ve been dreaming about, uh, wanting to bring into reality are going to start coming into reality. And we actually. Need to actually start taking action, which because it’s new and none of us have done this before, it might feel awkward

Clarissa Dolphin: and weird.

Five trillion percent. And I also want to kind of piggyback on what you just said, Amanda, and what Andrea said earlier from, uh, you know, the harmonic lens, what Aquarius is like as like a zodiac sign as like an energy function. Yeah. It is like. It’s hard to explain because it’s more like the Capricorn function in harmonic astrology is about playing a role, wearing a costume, like this is the role you must [00:22:00] play to blah, blah, blah.

Then we get into Aquarian energy and it becomes about the group system, like Aquarian energy from the harmonic perspective. It’s the type of thing where it’s like, It understands the function of every being in a system. So ecosystems, social ecosystems, um, bacterial ecosystems as well, right? Because a lot of like the aquarium, particularly the Pluto in Aquarius energy, Like, discovered scientific things like photosynthesis, the first actual, uh, what’s that, it’s like, I totally forgot, but this, this came up with COVID, what is that term where you get inoculated?

Um, from, from diseases? Sorry? Herd immunity? If not, it’s, it’s an actual thing, like, [00:23:00] Oh god, this is such a simple term, I feel so ridiculous not remembering it. Like the co Vaccines! So the first vaccine was Pluto and Aquarius, right? Like all these like weird things where you’re starting to relate to the ecosystem differently.

Um, whatever that looks like, social, all the ecosystem. So, yeah.

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Let’s make 20, 24 a year to remember together. Get your free copy@astrologyhub.com slash 2024 guide. Okay? So it’s, it’s,

Clarissa Dolphin: it’s weird and individual.

Amanda Walsh: And yet it understands how the weird individuality fits into the whole ecosystem. Yes. Yes. How it all works together. Yes. Wonderful. Okay. So we have this, uh, what would you say, I mean, it sounds to me if we’re, we’re talking about.

Why this, what, what this Mars Pluto is inviting, what would you say? Like, yeah, it’s going to be, it’s going to be, it sounds like it’s going to be busy and like maybe even overwhelming, but

Clarissa Dolphin: why busy and overwhelming, but why? Um, for [00:25:00] invention number one, right? Cause it’s a fifth harmonic dominant energy.

Also, we got the 13 again. We also have a 29 times five, which is creative ambassadorial energy. Um, so it’s like, basically, I think that’s, ooh, I love this. I love this why, because this why is the type of thing where it’s like, hey, throw your hat in the fence, start working with people. Like, you start to get, like, the, the, the pressure of collaboration and just throwing it all in.

Um, that’s the why. Basically, don’t think about just do it now and find the right people and find different perspectives and start doing, um, you know, things that are only imaginary before. I

Amanda Walsh: love it. Okay.

Clarissa Dolphin: Very helpful. All right, let’s go to, uh, and actually that’s going

Amanda Walsh: to be right after the conscious life expo in Los Angeles that we’ll be at with a [00:26:00] booth with 15, 000 people exploring like mind expanding consciousness, expanding ideas.

So that’s really interesting to think about. Okay. And I hope some of you are going to be at that because it’d be really, really fun for us to be mind expanding together. All right. So let’s go to February 17th, where we have Venus conjunct Pluto. So now we have Venus in the mix of this new Pluto and Aquarius energy.

Clarissa, what’s that going to feel like or what’s that going to be eliciting from us? That’s

Clarissa Dolphin: going to be a little bit loco. All right. Um, because like, so Venus Pluto from a harmonic context. Literally, the energy is compulsive attraction, so you can’t control, like, Venus Pluto is really funny in, in natal harmonic analysis to me, because it’s the type of thing where it’s like, if you have a mild ice cream addiction, and you’re Venus Pluto, you’re going to eat like six pints at once.

There [00:27:00] is no kind of like, I can control my Impulse for attraction, you know, like you’re right. And other things I noticed in natal analysis with Venus, Pluto people, if they like you, they just bring you in immediately. Like they consume you. So that’s why I was saying like the loco thing. It’s like this consumption thing.

Got to have it now, need it now. Give it to me now. Right? Like, so that’s kind of like, just what Venus Pluto is, but then it’s another fifth harmonic. Energy and we also have the 29 times 5 again, um, which is really interesting because they’re the same energy is as the Mars conjunct Pluto, right? So this is the type of thing where I think on a personal level, when we get to kind of like this mid month, February.

It’s going to hurt to not follow your compulsions, to not follow, like, so if you’re trying to be like too [00:28:00] restrictive, like, I can’t do this for, you know, whatever reason, or trying to be too logical, that’s not, logic isn’t going to help you mid month. February. Um, obviously there are things like, you know, addition.

I don’t, I don’t want people to like harm themselves or anything like that. Um, but at the end of the day, when we’ve got like the fifth harmonic and the 29 times five, like lit up and all these energies, it looks actually constructive to go on impulse. And to, to the, it’s a very desired passion desire.

That’s. Yeah, it’s really, that’s really fortuitous right now. Hmm. Okay. Wow. That’s also helpful.

Amanda Walsh: Okay. So let’s talk now about Chiron conjunct the North node on February 19th. Andrea, Michelle, what do we need to be, what are we considering with this?

Andrea Michelle: Oh, this is a, this is a big one. I could do a whole thing just on this, but, okay.[00:29:00]

So it’s going to be felt by people who are sensitive way before, I mean, when the nodes enter Aries Libra axis with the North node in Aries. It started to activate Eris and Chiron that have been in there for a while, and will continue to be. So, but the heat will be turned up even more once early February starts, when Chiron is within orb.

And it lasts through the entire month, I would say. Okay? So,

the archetype of the wounded healer, the shaman, one could say, is probably the most important or active archetype in the human species right now. With the discovery of Chiron in 1977. With the state of our world, you know, we it’s like calling all healers, but the thing is with Chiron The essence of our healing [00:30:00] lies in the recognition that no one is going to heal us.

We need to do it ourselves. And with Chiron and Aries, there’s a very strong helplessness vibe that can be there. We can see how much we have outsourced our power by, you know, Pluto and Capricorn, by outside systems, outside authority, because of this very, very deep sense of, I can’t do it, I’m just one person, I don’t have the availability or the choice to do this, but these are just belief systems, literally.

So, and I wanted to make a note of anybody who is, has planets mid cardinal signs. It’s going to feel this again, depending on the level of sensitivity. So, again, as something that Clarissa had mentioned about the archetype of [00:31:00] the quincomes as being this adolescent, and that’s kind of where we are at as a species.

What she also said about we’re growing, but we don’t know how or why it’s like our bodies come online a deeper intelligence That’s always here. Like we don’t have to think about breathing. We don’t have to think about digesting our food These are autonomic things that the intelligence of our body which is tapped into the intelligence of the universe are doing So it’s humbling to remember That we are not as in control as we like to think we are.

The ego wants to be in control. Chiron is, in essence, represents the split from our essence that brings forward the ego.

So, the sooner we allow ourselves to recognize that we are at this awkward stage in our evolution, maybe we [00:32:00] can really choose more self kindness, more self love, more humility, more self honesty. Because these are what build our capacity to keep our hearts open to suffering and forge a deep empathy. And it starts within.

That’s what Chiron asks of us, regardless of whatever sign or house Chiron is in for us natally. It’s always an invitation to self, to self mastery and to self initiate. Ourselves, which takes a lot of courage, which takes a lot of willingness to be awkward. It’s like that quincunx, because I want to show you something.

I don’t know if you can see, this is, this is Chiron, right? This is the glyph for Chiron. This is the glyph for the quincunx, [00:33:00] okay? So Chiron is that awkward stage in humanity’s growth that we’re supposed to be here. We’re not supposed to have all the answers. We’re not supposed to know what we’re doing. We are all in this.

Uniquely, together. That’s Aquarius. So one of the things that I’m hopeful for with Pluto and Aquarius is that more and more communities will come together to do their deep work, right? And this Chiron on the North Node is really calling forth people who are ready and available to heed their call of their own soul to address the deepest levels of our, of our wounding to alchemize its medicine.

And we have to do it for ourselves, but we don’t have to do it alone.

I love that you showed the

Amanda Walsh: glyph of Chiron. Because when you first put it up on the screen, [00:34:00] it looked to me like a person bent over with their head down and their legs like this. And I was like, Oh, that’s so awkward. I’m trying to imagine doing that position. I was like, that is so awkward. So now I have this whole new orientation with Chiron and this awkwardness and the quink And it’s all kind of coming together.

Uh, I love what you I’ve chilled all over my body andre and michelle just This, this Chiron calling forth all of us to, to embrace the, the opportunity we have to turn our woundedness into the gifts that does bring humanity together in our shared compassion for each other and understanding that we all have these wounds.

We all have these core places within us and, oh wow, that just sounds amazing. Like, and, and tell us again. How long this is active, like where is the sweet spot for this transit?

Andrea Michelle: The sweet spot [00:35:00] is the 19th, but it starts the beginning of the month and leads to the whole month. I think the whole month of February is really just this clarion call for, you know, those of us who, who’ve known, gosh, you know, I really want to do something different.

My, my job is falling apart. My marriage is falling apart and I really am scared, but I want to kind of keep that together. But deeper within us is this. Wow, it means I’m going to have to start fresh, but my soul, my heart is telling me now is the time to make that move, like Clarissa was saying. There’s no time like the present to make this stuff happen.

There’s no waiting anymore. The time is now. And you have other people doing that. So how beautiful that we all get to be awkward and not know what the heck we’re doing together. Yes.

Amanda Walsh: And part of it is just sort of sharing our awkwardness. Yeah. Like I thought it was really cute, Andre and Michelle, that your little drawing was like on a torn up envelope.

Like, like this is perfect. Like you were like, Oh no, it [00:36:00] needs to be on the perfect piece of paper with the perfect, you know, it was like, no, actually here, I just drew this and I want you to see it. So it’s kind of like embracing our own awkwardness, sharing in awkward moments that frees everyone else to be awkward.

This is, this is amazing to see so many transits layered on top of each other that are all singing a very similar tune for us to catch, you know. Okay, I, I see why you say we could spend the whole time on that. Let’s go to Venus Mars conjunction, February 21st to the 22nd. I know both of you want to talk about this.

So let’s talk about this one. Larissa, you want to start? Sure.

Clarissa Dolphin: Um, so Venus Mars energy harmonically. Is tangible beauty. So anything beautiful that you can touch, period, or use with your hands, that’s what Venus Mars is. [00:37:00] So that could be makeup, clothes, textiles, jewelry, also food. So chefs, people who are in the agrarian world who work like with the land, florists, you know, all that kind of stuff, interior design.

But like, when we’re talking about a collective thing, Venus, Mars, um, and just like a, so, personal collectives, right? Like, people, everybody who’s watching this forecast. Venus Mars is going to bring tangibility to what you’re doing, right? So now it’s not just like conceptual or whatever, it’s like let’s actually make this a physical thing that I can touch and use.

This is interesting though, because what I’m noticing with these transits that we’ve been talking about, particularly the one, so Mars conjunct Pluto starting February 13th, Venus conjunct Pluto [00:38:00] on the 17th, and I think that was the same day as the Chiron Aries situation, and now we’re in the 21st, so within this 8 day period, we’ve got a lot of 29 energy, and 29 harmonic is improvement.

through adoption of perspectives outside of what you were raised with, outside of your nuclear core, your comfort zone, et cetera, that, and once again, the fifth harmonic is active on these trends. So all these like trends in the eighth day or in the past eight days here. Are all 29 and five like so what that means is, um, I think this is a very big time for exploration.

I think this is like a huge time for healing risks. I think that this is going to be a time where, you know, um. Co creation [00:39:00] actually produces real legitimate things. Another thing that I want to say here is that, uh, the Venus conjunct Mars on the 21st of February is also a 17th harmonic emphasis, which is the empath.

It is empathy in the empath context. So it’s more sensitive. It picks up on everybody else. Um, but there is like a, kind of like just kind of generally in this week, with the Chiron thing, I wanted to add to what Andrea was saying about Chiron, um, piggybacking on it from my research on Chiron. Chiron is, is, uh, also just like this, It’s nine lives energy where you’re totally indestructible, according to, uh, you know, the top research subjects from my, my Chiron research, it was the thing where it’s like this person should have died like 10 times, like we had like this rock star who.[00:40:00]

Had like 10, like four heart attacks by the time he was 40 and still playing till he was 60. On stage, like hairband, metal rock. So it’s, Chiron is also, and particularly in the eight days starting February 20, uh, 13th to now, is badassery, you guys. Like the type of thing where it’s like, You know, going into, you know, these fifth harmonic creative realms, and, you know, all these, these new embarkations.

Whether or not you’re ready, probably, well, it depends, right? But there, there is that, like, you’re not going to lose energy. You know what I mean? Like, just go crazy a little bit. Um, you’ll land on your feet. That’s a better way to say it. Chiron, you’ll land on your feet. Like, um, yeah, so that’s, that’s Venus conjunct

Amanda Walsh: [00:41:00] Mars.

Well, and it might be a little messy and not totally pretty, but, but you’ll lay it on your feet, essentially, yeah?

Clarissa Dolphin: Yeah, and I think, like, Chiron, like, whenever I hear the wounded healer, there’s kind of like a, like, eh, kind of thing about it, where it’s like, I’m wounded, and I’m so, it, like, uh, I think Chiron is, It’s, you know, it’s,

it, it can’t, it’s like, no matter what hits it, it still gets up and walks again. Like, they, so there’s like the, that element, like in the Wounded Healer, that I don’t think really kind of necessarily represents the totality of Chiron in terms of how it performs. It’s like, yeah, you’ll land on your feet for sure, you’ll be okay.

But the, the weirdness about you, the [00:42:00] hurtness thing about you, the thing that, that you keep getting kind of screwed with around is like your superpower, and you keep, you know, it only makes you stronger. Hmm. I

Amanda Walsh: love that. The resilience of that wounded healer and the ability to take the wounds and alchemize them into a superpower.

That’s pretty strong. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I know Andre and Michelle, you wanted to talk about this transit as well.

Andrea Michelle: Yeah. So I love what, uh, Clarissa had brought in around this and I’m as a sky astrologer. You know, I look at when I’m preparing for anything, whether it’s a personal chart or a forecast, I like to look at where the planets are in the sky.

And so this Venus Mars conjunction is also an occultation, which means they are not only close by long, they’re, they’re not just together by longitude, [00:43:00] they are also close in the sky by latitude. So their influence on one another is that much stronger. Okay. So both are morning stars. But whereas Venus is in her descent, Mars is ascending.

Whereas Venus is moving farther from Earth, Mars is moving closer. Venus is dimming, Mars is brightening. Venus is slowly increasing in speed, Mars is slowly decreasing. So they are not at all on the same page. archetypally. So I want to dispel any notions that Venus and Mars, whenever they come together, is love and roses and, you know, romance.

It’s not. It depends on where they are, where our collective feminine Venus and our collective masculine Mars are in their greater cycle. So the fact that they’re in Aquarius, we’re coming up against fixed ideas of what equality, equity are, and what creative collaboration looks [00:44:00] like that might not have any bearing on truth.

Or what’s actually possible. True Aquarian communities will be populated with individuated individuals who aren’t triggered by disagreements, but rather are fed by differences to find and nurture creativity through differentiation. This is a very important thing. The difference between different and differentiated.

Where can you be you and I be me and we’re not a threat to each other that only happens in my experience and my belief is in the human heart, which is the only place where we can maintain paradox, right? So this is a mature iteration of the quincunx, right? Because cancer, the sign of the self identity, the ego structure is in a quincunx to Aquarius.

So my safety is not dependent upon you. It’s within me. It’s fostered within me when I’m unhealthy. [00:45:00] Individuating person. So you can be you and I can be me. I also believe that this Pluto and Aquarius transit will undermine our conventional idea that your reality has to be my reality. Because this Venus Mars conjunction with the moon opposing it, the nearly full moon, is shining a spotlight on this and asking us Are we ready for that to become a reality?

You know, quantum physics has shown that it’s the observer that dictates how the particle reacts in the field of potentiality. So that there is some idea that there’s one objective reality that we all have to get in line with. That’s also going to crumble even further with Pluto and Aquarius, right? Can I live by my truth?

You live by yours. And there’s awkwardness in that. It’s like standing next to somebody. It’s like being paired like a speed dating thing and the person that you come up with is completely not your type, [00:46:00] but you’re there for five minutes or 10 minutes or whatever and you have to talk to this person.

Well, where can you, you might end up being really good friends with this person. You’re not really like compatible for dating or romance, but wow, they offer something that I know in my heart is good for me to know about me. It’s sharing. They’re bringing something into the equation and fulfilling something in my life that is useful, that I can learn from, and vice versa.

That’s kind of the energy for me, too, of this Venus Mars conjunction.

Amanda Walsh: Oh my goodness, ladies, this is amazing how you two are layering different aspects of these aspects, and helping us get a really well rounded understanding of how these could be showing up in our lives, and the invitation that we have to accept the call.

Which I think, I think Andre and Michelle in the early, earlier part of the show, you talked about the call too. So there’s a lot of calls here, but they’re very similar in, in their resonance. So it’s great. Okay. I know [00:47:00] we have our final culminating day of February 28th, which apparently According to our pre conversation, there’s a lot of things happening on February 28th.

So Clarissa, why don’t we start with what you’re seeing

Clarissa Dolphin: on that day? Sure. Well, we’ve got like a lot of critical, first of all, we’re shifting into Piscean energy on this day, like in a major way with all the, the, the, uh, mundane transit. So we’ve got mercury conjunct the sun. in Pisces. We’ve also got Mercury conjunct Saturn in Pisces and Sun conjunct Saturn on this day.

And so like Mercury Saturn is very analytical. Like it, it is analysis period. So it’s like crunching numbers, all that research investigations. Then we’ve got some mercury sun and mercury sun is really about like, uh, Talking directly and simply right [00:48:00] like my friends make fun of me for using words like effluvium Like who what is that?

Right? Like sun mercury does not do that sun mercury just like, you know Really kind of connects like here’s here’s Here’s the, the essence of what we’re saying here. Then we’ve also got that, that Sun Saturn. Sun Saturn’s like the principal. They’re, like, the principal at school. Like, you just show up. So it’s like a different kind of energy.

I feel like, you know, once we get to this, the, the, the end of, of February, even though it’s Piscean, it’s It gets a little more heady, and, and more about, uh, communication, um, what am I gonna say? I think the Piscean element would probably add this, this sensation of [00:49:00] dissolution, you know what I mean? Like this, this, uh, what else is going on on this day too?

February 28th. Um, it is, oh my god, like, we’ve also got a lot of, uh, lunar node with Pluto midpoint. So the sun conjunct Pluto, lunar north node midpoint. Mercury conjunct Pluto, lunar north node midpoint. So I feel like the second and third week of February, just get out on the court, hustle, you know, talk to people, start, you know, doing what the individual did.

Andrea said, I think it’s the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever heard. Um, and you know, it, it also encapsulates the 29th energy too, where you’re like ambassadorial, et cetera. But then when we get to February 28, it’s gonna be more. Um, [00:50:00] it’s going to be more about communicating, period.

Okay, so we

Amanda Walsh: have a little bit of shift in the in the tenor towards the end of the week, or towards the end of the month. Andre, Michelle, what would you contribute or what would you like to add to that?

Andrea Michelle: Oh, that was, that was good. I don’t know what I have, but um, I noticed that I was looking at the sky. I have a software that shows where Mercury and Saturn were in the sky around that time.

So Mercury is going to be directly on the celestial equator. So one of the things that I consider with the celestial equator is it’s the Earth’s equator projected in space. It’s the Earth’s midriff. You can see it as the solar plexus of the Earth, which is where in our solar plexus, In our route, we connect with the Earth, so when we consider planets in relationship by where they are in terms of the celestial equator, it’s a whole different [00:51:00] ballgame than the ecliptic, but I’ll just focus on the celestial equator right now.

So planets in relationship via the celestial equator tend to be felt more viscerally. There’s more sensate, there’s more, there’s more of an emotional, um, personalized component to them. With Saturn and Mercury there with the Sun, Mercury being right on the celestial equator, it’s an opportunity for us to find balance because Mercury is the hermaphrodite too.

Mercury can go anywhere. Mercury is the most powerful planet, in my estimation. All the transpersonal planets are sexy, but nothing’s sexier to me than Mercury, because Mercury can go anywhere, Mercury can be anyone, Mercury is also the trickster, so we have to really get to know Mercury very well, because he can deceive us, as well as Tell us the truth.

Now, Pisces is the sign of ultimate truth. He’s there with the sun, with Saturn. So how do we bring, bridge [00:52:00] ultimate truth through our bodies into reality and birth a structure of reality that is balanced mercury on the celestial equator between my own needs and the needs of others to build a solid foundation that might not come to fruition for a while.

It’s Pisces. It’s still nebulous. Questions, please. Um, mutable, but still the foundation is there. And with the sun, with the energy of the sun, this is a potential, this is also Mercury at a superior conjunction furthest from earth. So this is a potential in waiting. That all the work that we’re doing, allowing ourselves to be awkward, allowing ourselves, let off, ourselves off the hook this whole month, just practice, just like, I don’t know.

I don’t know what I’m doing. Do you know what you’re doing? Good. Let’s not know together. We are actually building the potential to live more deeply from our truth embodied than we [00:53:00] know. And we, and like Clarissa was saying, we’re growing. We don’t even have to be able to track how we’re growing to learn, to trust the natural process.

of my soul wanting to come more deeply through and as me, I just have to make the room. Just keep surrendering and get out of the way and allow myself to be awkward. And

Clarissa Dolphin: I just want to say really quickly to Andrea’s Amazing points again. This, this, uh, February 28th, this is when we’re, like, developing a lexicon for all that we’ve been through, like, in February, where we’re actually figuring out how to talk about it.

What’s the language? Like, what words are we using? Like, what even is this? So it’s kind of like a That communication piece, as we’re all awkward most of February, now we’re talking about it. What, what’s this? What’s happening now?

Amanda Walsh: Right, well, and that part that you brought in about following our passions and, and maybe it not [00:54:00] making logical sense, but, but going anyways.

So being able to actually verbalize. Some of the the impulse and the things that have happened will be important amazing You two are so awesome. I love this. I would want this to continue forever It’s so great for those of you who are interested in having Uh, a community and a container in a space to explore these kinds of concepts.

Number one, Clarissa is going to be our next inner circle astrologer guide for the expand group of membership. So Clarissa will be in and teaching, we’ll be doing a new and full moon forecast. Plus she’ll be holding us in the expand community, do teaching a mastery class. What’s your mastery class on Clarissa?

Clarissa Dolphin: Using harmonics for new and full moons. Ooh.

Amanda Walsh: Amazing. Okay, great. So if this harmonic thing has intrigued you, this will be really cool too. Um, and then in our grow group, we will be [00:55:00] working with these themes around individuality. Andrea Michelle brought in so many concepts to consider, especially when we’re thinking about Aquarius as it’s like, well, it’s individual, but it’s community.

How does that go together? And there’s a lot, a lot of keys there. So amazing. Both of the links to those two levels of membership are in the description of this episode. And Andrea Michelle is also one of our recommended astrologers for readings. So is Clarissa. So you can go to our reading page if you’re like, Ooh, I want to know what this astrologer has to say about me and my chart and how.

These things are showing up in my own life. There’s nothing like getting a reading. It’s an amazing way to get those deep insights. So you can check out the link to our astrologer page and, uh, learn more there too. Okay, everybody. Well, have a wonderful February. It’s been amazing to be here with you, Andrea, Michelle, and Clarissa.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your perspectives and your [00:56:00] unique ways of practicing astrology with this community. We’re so grateful for you. And have an incredible month, everyone. Leave, uh, comments in the chat if you’re, if there’s things that you are reflecting on and insights that you’re having or questions.

Both Clarissa and Andre and Michelle are great at answering the questions in the comments. So we’d love to hear from you. Take care, everybody, and have a wonderful month. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part of your life. Catch you on the next episode.


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