Ep 053 – The Link Between Archetypal Astrology, Healing our Ecological Crisis and Embodying Your Chart

An Interview with Astrologer, Becca Tarnas

This week’s episode explores Archetypal Astrology, a growing and evolving branch of astrology that focuses on the different and sometimes seemingly unrelated meanings of the planets, signs, and aspects…

And how metaphor shows us that these meanings are actually quite cohesive.

Most importantly how understanding things through an archetypal lens helps you interpret your chart and work WITH the energies as they are asking to, and want to be, uniquely expressed through YOU.

Astrologer Becca Tarnas brilliantly highlights this branch of Astrology and so much more in this episode.

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This Week’s Luminary is Becca Tarnas!

She’s also our upcoming guide in the Inner Circle and she will be taking us through quite the journey with Archetypal Astrology. Shout out to all of our inner circle members and get ready! We’re going to have an incredible moon cycle with Becca!

In this episode with Becca, her and I discuss…

  • How astrology and ecology are interrelated
  • The upcoming opportunities for us to support our planet more deeply
  • How to understand planets, signs, and aspects from the point of view of archetypes or POTENTIALS dating all the way back to Plato and Aristotle
  • AND her perspective on why astrology works and can be trusted as a guide…

We also explore Becca’s point of view on why 2020 is such an important year in the sky. And in our lives and the # 1 most important thing to focus on in 2020 to navigate the many, many challenges that lie ahead. 

If you have a love for this beautiful planet, we call home, or a love for the expression of the soul through art and creativity, this episode is definitely for you!


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