Ep 023: Gene Keys & Astrology: Activating Your Highest Potential, an interview with Astrologer & Gene Key Practitioner, Amma Li Grace

“Astrology was one of those symbolic languages that just spoke to me. It was a poetry and a language of archetype that I felt like I had always known” – Amma Li Grace

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Gene Key’s calls you into contemplation, asking you to understand and track the way that parts of yourself play out. When we connect, it propels an evolutionary journey that might not have been there before. – Amma Li Grace

The gift in studying the Cosmic Curriculum is finding ‘permission’ to be the unique version of oneself regardless of the limits found in society. What if there was an even more personal portal you could step through… and in this place, you could discover what is deeply ingrained in the DNA of your being? There is! Amma Li Grace, this months Inner Circle Guide, is one of the few in the emergent field of weaving Astrology & Gene Keys together for an insightful look into self and self-growth.

Tune in to discover new portals and concepts, rooted in ancient practices.

Most memorable quote(s) from the show:

“When you add the lens of the Gene Keys to your astrological awareness you gain a portal that reaches deeper access into your design… Gene Keys is an invitation. It’s not something that will add more concepts…it’s actually here to dismantle and strip away as much as it can to put you into contact with your nature. It’s so specific in the ways that it guides us to contemplate our patterning and our potential.. 

Amma Li Grace

“If you’re having a hard time learning astrology, or anything, the process of actually visualizing what you’re hearing in words can help you to retain the information in a totally different way. Visuals help you to see things and experience astrology in a different way. 

Amanda Pua Walsh

GUEST: Amma Li Grace
HOST: Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

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  1. Roberta on April 25, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    Very interesting and informative! Loved it…I have been working with astrology since 1991, so this adds a wonderful addition!
    Thank You! Blessings!

  2. Jacqueline R Saari on April 29, 2019 at 12:17 am

    I love Astrology. However over the many years, it still seems to be a map I have a hard time deciphering. I see it, but I don’t FEEL it, if that make sense. The Gene Keys profile and book, FEEL like they make sense. They resonate to me inwardly and outwardly through my behavior. I look at this as the new Heroines Journey; My journey. After purchasing the book, I read through the map in order, the first day reading only the first 5 Gene Keys. I then dreamt that I was buried in the dirt of the first 4 keys, and each time, like a seed, I pushed my way to the surface. This podcast has been tremendous in it’s ability to bring about such feel and experience. Thank you.

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