[COSMIC CONNECTION] “The US Pluto Return …or not?” w/ Rick Levine

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How to Prepare for the USA Pluto Return

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Rick Levine and Joe Santos discuss “The US Pluto Return …or not?”

You'll learn…

    • Alternative methods of calculating the USA Pluto Return
    • The difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiac
    • About the Pluto archetype and its function
    • How to manage your life through these heavily Plutonic times
    • Why this Venus and Pluto conjunction is noteworthy

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  1. Catherine Wilding on February 13, 2022 at 8:54 pm

    This is one of the best podcasts from Astrology Hub. As always Rick Levine is such an inspiration – so knowledgeable and insightful. He is so erudite and articulate about complex concepts.

    However….. the real star of this show is Joe. What a truly amazing host. I absolutely loved his relaxed style, his humour, his ability to ask great questions and hold it all together. He is so engaging and a natural host. I would love to see more of him. What an astonishing debut for Joe. Well done! To not only hold the space – but to steal the show from the master Rick Levine deserves the highest praise. Fabulous!!!!

  2. Hildy on February 21, 2022 at 2:04 am

    Amanda, Rick….LOVE this new intro! Let’s Do It! YES, lol. Joe, not to leave you out, my first thought on opening-what, did they put the newbie to punt with the master?! Well done!

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