A Magical Experience Not to Be Missed

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Conscious Life Expo: A Magical Experience Not to Be Missed w/Shima MooreConscious Life Expo: A Magical Experience Not to Be Missed w/Shima Moore

Shima Moore, co-founder of Conscious Life Expo, shares her synchronicity-packed story, and how the expo came into existence.

Want to be immersed in a powerful and passionate celebration of life, love and expansion? You’ll want to add Conscious Life Expo to your plans in February! If you’re looking to dive deep into consciousness, February 9 to 12 is sure to be your playground! 

For 4 magical days, thousands will gather at LAX Hilton in Los Angeles to share, experience, live and breathe the magic of the cosmos, including the Astrology Hub team! 

I’ll be speaking at the event and participating in some of the incredible experiences at Conscious Life Expo. Prepare to meet some of the most activated visionaries on earth, participate in open-hearted dialogue, and have some of the most powerful embodied consciousness experiences. 

In this episode, I’m joined by one such visionary, Shima Moore who happens to be co-founder of Conscious Life Expo. Shima has been contributing her unique talents to our global human family for years. Today she shares her synchronicity-packed story, and how the expo came into existence. 

In this episode you’ll learn;

  • 🌟 What inspired Shima to create Conscious Life Expo and how it’s grown to 15,000 attendees
  • 🩰 Paneurhythmy dancing, astrological perspectives, Stargate Meditations and all the other incredible experiences you’ll have at the expo 
  • 🌌 Humanity’s collective dark night of the soul and the critical mass of awakening 
  • 🌠 How astrology gives us a peek into the inner workings of the cosmos 
  • ❣️ Why the post conference event is not be missed 

Beginning with its first Expo 22 years ago, the Conscious Life Expo has presented cutting edge, life-changing information to thousands of attendees at its yearly event at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Join us and hundreds of speakers and exhibitors as we happily participate in the transformation of the world.

We at Astrology Hub will be participating in the Conscious Life Expo, and we’re excited to meet members of our beloved community. If you want to meet us, see Amanda speak and share in this experience with us, find out more at https://astrologyhub.com/consciouslife/


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📆Learn what 2024 has in store for you with our FREE 2024 Astrology Blueprint. Our exceptional Astrologer Connect team offers deep insights, detailed transit reports, and tailored journaling prompts to help you harness the best of 2024. Unlock your cosmic roadmap – visit https://astrologyhub.com/blueprint and get yours today!


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Shima Moore: [00:00:00] If you’re fortunate enough for astrology to choose you, it kind of like as a lifelong study, it gives us that peek. I always, I often use in my presentation looking that that old, um, woodcut of a looking Outside of the 3D world to the workings of the cosmos and what a wonderful for our lives.

Amanda Walsh: Welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast.

I’m Amanda Poole Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub and your host for our flagship show. We explore the many ways astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health. and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in. Well, hello there and welcome to the astrology hub podcast, where we feature the wisdom and guidance of some of the world’s top astrologers.

So you can use their insights to help you learn astrology [00:01:00] and help you live your best life yet. I’m your host, Amanda Poole Walsh. And today I’m thrilled to welcome a truly inspiring guest, Shima Moore, a visionary at the forefront of the consciousness movement. As the co founder of Conscious Life Expo and Perceptions Magazine, Shima blends her expertise in astrology, art, and transformative meditations to guide others on their spiritual journeys.

She’s a visionary who’s been contributing her unique gifts and talents to our global human family for decades. I always love learning from individuals like Shima, getting their backstory, understanding what has inspired them, what challenges that they’ve encountered on their way. To manifesting their dreams and what we can all learn from their journeys.

We at Astrology Hub will be participating in SHEMA’s upcoming Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, February 9th through 12th. It’s an exposition designed to bring [00:02:00] people together to co create a new holistic model for a rapidly changing world. And in so doing, it will be a powerful and passionate celebration of life and love.

And you are invited. Rick Levine, Gemini Brett, Kaelin Castell, the Leo King will also be attending and speaking. I’ll be giving a talk, Astrology Hub will have a booth, and we’ll definitely set up a space and time to meet members of our community. We’d love to meet you there. You can click the link in the description of this podcast to learn more and join us.

If you do decide to join this event, please make sure and reach out to us either in our inner circle membership or via email, just to let us know that you’re going to be there so we can. communicate with you about the times that will be available to get together. Enjoy this episode, enjoy meeting Shima, and I’ll look forward to seeing you at the Conscious Life Expo in February.

Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast, where [00:03:00] we feature the wisdom and guidance of some of the world’s best astrologers so you can use their insights to help you learn the language of astrology and live your best life. I’m your host Amanda Poole Walsh and today I am thrilled to welcome a truly inspiring guest, Shima Moore, a visionary at the forefront of the consciousness movement.

As the co founder of Conscious Life Expo and Perceptions Magazine, Shima blends her expertise in astrology, art, And transformative meditations to guide others on their spiritual journey. She’s a visionary who has been contributing her unique gifts and talents to our global human family for years. I always love learning from individuals like Sheena, getting their backstory and understanding what has inspired them, what challenges they’ve encountered on their way to manifesting their dreams and what we can all [00:04:00] learn from their journeys.

We at Astrology Hub will be participating in Shima’s upcoming, upcoming Conscious Life Expo, which has been happening for over 20 years. This is our first year, but Shima’s been hosting this event for decades. It is going to be in Los Angeles February 9th through 11th. It’s an exposition designed to bring people together to co create a new Holistic model for a rapidly changing world.

And in so doing it will be a powerful and passionate celebration of life and love. The event again is happening February 9th through 11th in Los Angeles. And you are all invited. Rick Levine, Kaelin Castell. the Leo King, they’re all going to be attending as well. I’ll be giving a talk. We will have a booth there and we’ll definitely set up a space and time to meet our beloved community there.

So if you can make the trip, please check it out. We’re going to put the link in the description of this event. [00:05:00] So please check it out. And again, we’d love to know if you’re going to be there. Let us know. You can always email us at support at astrology hub. com. So we know you’re coming and we can be in contact with you before the event.

Okay. So, Shima, welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. I’m so, so happy that you are here. Well,

Shima Moore: Amanda, I am so excited to be here. I’ve enjoyed Astrology Hub for years. I’ve met so many wonderful astrologers through Astrology Hub and just your energy I so resonate with. So, thank you so much for inviting me and we’re so glad to have you at Conscious Life this year.

Yeah. For me, it’s like a dream come true. I’m so

Amanda Walsh: happy. Amazing. Okay. So tell us about this event. What inspired you to create it? What inspires you to do it every year? I mean, I can only imagine what is involved in creating an event of this scope and size. I mean, how many people normally show up, Shima?

Shima Moore: You know, it grew, it seems to be growing every year [00:06:00] now that people are coming back together.

It’s just so wonderful to come together face to face, heart to heart, hug to hug. People at Expo and, um, you know, 15, 000 is a good starting point and where we go with it. You know, I think we’re going to be really Los Angeles Expo. The LAX Expo is going to be just bulging at the seams this year because last year we started a, um, a sort of a whole, you know, there’s so many different perspectives on things this The last few years.

Yes. And we wanted to be able to present it all. And we wanted to present it all so that if you’re interested in hearing more about that, you can hear more about that. And not, you know, um, just allowing people to really follow their events. So we created We have like three floors [00:07:00] and there’s more because sometimes there’s things happening.

Like we have a seance happening in one of the suites, you know, over the weekend, isn’t slaughter. That should be amazing. And, uh, but now we also, last year we began down the rabbit hole and that is really. You know, it’s a whole, and that’s where David does his music. David Palmer, the Leo King does his late night music.

And I’d be doing that on Friday and Saturday this year. Last year was only scheduled for Friday, but it was so fun on Saturday night. He was back with his stuff and went to the wee hours of the morning. So it’s still, and this year we start. Earlier than ever. Actually, I do an opening ceremony and Rick Levine will be playing Native American flute to begin the whole expo.

And so just as people are coming in and, and I was surprised, I just got the program [00:08:00] guide yesterday. It’s 104 pages. It’s biggest ever. So thick. I’m like, Oh my gosh, I only had a chance to really. peruse it, but now, you know, really go into it. But Rick will start with Native American Flu 1030 on Friday.

It’s a free event with a ticket, with a expo for the day. And, um, to introduce people to like orient them a little bit, like, wow, there’ll be a lot of new people who have never been there. And there are three wars of. amazing presentations and experiences. I mean, that’s what I love. And I, and for the opening ceremony, I want to really have people have little experiences.

We even have a, uh, an Arcturian hybrid. Uh, Vivian Chavez, who I have worked with on several occasions who doesn’t channel. She is an auteur. [00:09:00] Whoa. And it was like, exactly. And that’s what I was like when I, when I, you know, that’s kind of a whole. What is that? And so that’ll be amazing thing. And we are starting that weekend is the Chinese New Year.

So that’s right, you know, for everyone. It’s a whole starting of a whole new thing. But so Rick will start. I will do a mini Stargate experience, which we’ll talk a little bit about. Um, it’s a 12th dimensional experience, an interdimensional doorway for Um, our higher self, angelic beings, star families, um, ascended masters that I’ve been doing for about 10 years now.

And uh, I just, you know, I like sharing what I like and I’ve been, um, I came into this arena a long, long, long time ago. And I remember in the [00:10:00] eighties going to, to consciousness expos, um, back then. And then in the 90s, I was invited to start a magazine, Perceptions, and I began as the, uh, editor, as the editor of the astrology section, because I had to rewrite, I had an astrology teacher, and I had to rewrite everything that she wrote, because This didn’t work for me otherwise.

And so she decided to start this magazine and invited me to be one of the founders. I’m at Aries, Venus, Mars, Mercury. So pioneering and start very similar to Rick in a lot of ways. I

Amanda Walsh: was going to say, I know someone else with all those Aries,

Shima Moore: please. Exactly. And he’s a Cancer Moon and I’m a Cancer Rising.

Wow. Oh, my today is actually Libra. My Libra moon returned today. I just saw that last night. I went. Oh my gosh, you can’t, you know, it’s just amazing how it works. Perfect. Yes. Yes. And, um, [00:11:00] anyway, so, uh, so I, then I became the editor in chief and, and perception was a strange bedfellows was government health and metaphysics, which is really kind of like what conscious life expo is.

Wow. Government health and metaphysics. Whoa.

Amanda Walsh: That, I mean, that. That is really interesting to put those three things together then and then you think about how relevant that is now.

Shima Moore: Wow. Okay. Interesting. Yes. And so back then, I mean, Uh, for me, I mean, I started hyperventilating, some of the information was way too intense for me, but I, uh, you know, I was the one who finally decided what went in the magazine and what was ready for people to hear about.

I mean, I remember going out to lunch with somebody talking about things that that night for the first time I watched on X Files. I’d never seen X Files before. [00:12:00] And what he was talking about at lunch, they were talking about on X Files. So. The synchronicity is really an amazing thing. I think when we look back over our, when I look back over my life and I’m sure when we look back over our lives, we tend to see those synchronicities.

And if we can stay in that place of positivity and expect the best. Even though there’s like dark spots for sure and hardships or uh rapids as we were talking about this weekend in the Stargate experience we all experience them but it’s how you how you negotiate how you seal seal you can kind of like go under like oh my gosh I’m drowning.

Or you can just kind of like take a breath and know that that hand, as we were talking about it a little bit earlier, that there’s like, there are unseen forces that are there for us, I believe, you know? And so that’s, [00:13:00] that’s how I like to live my life. And, um, that’s kind of like, so anyway, when perceptions went down, I started working for the whole life expo in San Francisco.

I moved up to San Francisco and I’d been, and Then I met Robert Quitsilver around that time through my, who became, a man who became my husband. Moore. That’s where Moore came from. How? And, um, and, uh, and then some incidences happening, happened and I introduced him to the possibility of the ex, working with the Expo back then.

And lo and behold, not too long after he had started working a bit with them, we were walking along the beach in San Francisco and he like. You know, Shima, I’m really thinking of, uh, Just Life Expo, and suddenly I was the initial program director, which I’d always wanted to be, because that was always my favorite part of [00:14:00] that.

Information. Where do you get information like this? You know, it was so exciting, really. So, um, yeah, and that’s how it began. And it’s been a bumpy road, you know, I mean, there were times when, you know, I, he, I really honor Robert Quicksilver, how he persevered to the darkest of times, because there were some times when, you know, expos are like, it’s a big event, and there’s a lot of people, and a hotel, just so many things, it’s, it’s, it’s very expensive.

So money comes in, and money goes out. And sometimes, and, You know, that money just kept going out, but perseverance furthers. And so here we are. And, um, yes. And so that’s kind of the sort of like conscious life expose initial percolating experiences. And he wanted to start actually back, back in the, um, early [00:15:00] 2000s, a metaphysical school, which is why I thought, you know, gee, maybe, you know, maybe the expo would be a really good fit.

And. It caught and that’s we’ve been going ever since. Wow. So it’s been amazing to see. I can’t believe it’s 2024. Wow.

Amanda Walsh: Unbelievable. I have so many questions, Shima, because I know, first of all, I have, I have questions about astrology and then I have questions about consciousness and all these things that you’ve seen.

So. First, I’ll start with astrology because I was speaking with Rick Levine and he mentioned, actually, I think this was last year when he was going to be speaking at the Conscious Life Expo, that astrology wasn’t always super present at the event and that it’s It’s starting to grow. Like there’s, there’s more astrologers that are a part of it now and there’s more interest in astrology.

So tell us about that because you’re an astrologer. So why wasn’t it really a feature before? And why do you think that that’s growing now?

Shima Moore: Astrology has really been a part of [00:16:00] my life really since the seventies. And, um, and I just read, I mean, I have libraries of books, but it looks kind of like a lot of them are in storage, unfortunately, because I have a teeny apartment, but I just love it.

You know, I can’t get enough of it. It’s so, I don’t live my life like, Oh, what does it stay in the stars? I just live my life by what feels right. But when I look back, you know, it falls into place. And there’s just so many wonderful writers that I love. So in 2019, I was at an event and a friend of mine who has a very large mailing list, she asked me, Shima, would you, would you want to write a overview of 2020 from an astrological perspective for people who are not astrologers?

I thought, oh, I would love to do that, right? So it was very interesting to do. And I had already spoken to [00:17:00] the, the expo about we have to, we have to start doing astrology because I would get resistance. Oh, astrology. Oh, we tried that. It didn’t work, you know? And, and actually, quite frankly, at the time I was always so busy.

running things with the program that I didn’t even know we had astrology at the Conscious Life Expo. There was, you know, we had a few panels. I didn’t know that David Palmer did talks at Conscious Life Expo. Right. It just was like, wasn’t the time. Timing is everything. So anyway, I, I decided that it was time 2020.

I looked and I saw what was coming as I’m something big is coming. We need to have a cosmological perspective for people. Our audience needs this. And I, I’m like, I’m agreeing. Son of the 11th house. I like bringing people together, right? I like different perspectives, you know, and I have perspectives, but, you know, it’s kind of like the elephant.[00:18:00]

Everybody can describe it as they describe it. And so I like to bring in different points of view. And, um, Anyway, I finally got the O. K. and I had like eight astrologers. Henry Seltzer was there with Time Passages. Susan Miller was there. She had been, she had been there for years. But she, anyway, so there were a lot of people.

And that was the year I brought in Kaelin Costell, who I had met years before. And I brought in David Palmer and lo and behold, this conversation with, with David, we both had the same North node in Gemini. And although we’re different generations, we were just like best friends. We can totally tune into each other.

It’s just an amazing thing. And that’s one of the wonderful, one of the zillions of wonderful things about astrology. So before I knew it, I had this whole panel. I even had [00:19:00] Um, a woman from, uh, Singapore who’s a feng shui Chinese astrologer on the, uh, on the panel and we’ve become wonderful friends. I’ve become friends with all of them since, right?

So, so it just kind of. It kind of grew and it was, and David still uses clips from that 2020 talk on the panel about his predictions about what was happening. And, you know, there’s nothing like an astrological perspective. We don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like, but we can tell you what the weather’s going to be like.

Take your umbrella. You know, it’s a good thing. Maybe don’t plan a picnic that day, you know, or that, that decade, you know, it’s really just quite wonderful. And it’s continued to grow so much so that this year there are, there’s more astrology than there has ever been. And [00:20:00] some of the people I didn’t even bring in other people have brought in other astrologists and.

And there’s one astrologer that David Palmer had told me about. And, and I thought, oh, you know, I really needed to reach out to him. But everything was already full. Somebody else brought him in. Uh, Evan Nathaniel Grimm, who’s a young, uh, exciting astrologer. And I look forward to meeting him. We haven’t, we haven’t quite connected yet.

So there’s experiential happenings. everywhere in the expo. And, um, so I recommend that people look online and get a sense of it because it’s like, it’s huge. And if you go there, there’ll be a lot of people and it could get the overwhelming. So if you go and you’re in your space and, and you’d like, know what you want to see and be open to that changing, because let’s face it, you know, the best laid [00:21:00] plans we learn.

Oh, oh, I really feel like I need to go here type of thing. And there’s lots of free things. Um, there’s an astrology panel. On Sunday, um, uh, I think it’s, it’s around three o’clock, and that’s two and a half hours. And then, and that day, Gemini Bread will be there for the very first time, which I’m very excited.

Because I love how he explains and brings in the astronomy and the astrology. I think he does such a wonderful job with that. You know, and that’s the thing, nobody has it all. Everybody has a wonderful piece of it. And, um, you know, and as I say, I’ve been studying this for decades and decades and I still get excited about learning new things.

So it’s, it’s not a, you know, one in your done type of experience for sure. It’s a lifelong. And, and somebody might’ve been on one of your shows probably was, they talked about if [00:22:00] you’re fortunate enough for astrology to choose you, you know, it kind of like, As a lifelong study, it gives us that peak. I always, I, I often use in my presentation looking that, that old, um, woodcut of looking outside of the 3D world out into the, at the workings of the cosmos and what, how wonderful for our lives to not walk around in this.

blackness of like, Oh, it’s, it’s also nihilistic gloom and doom and, Oh, I’m wrong and I’m bad. And it’s they’re wrong and they’re bad. No, we are who we are for a reason. And astrology can help us to really untangle some of those things. Oh, yes.

Amanda Walsh: Yes. Speaking my language, Sheema. Absolutely.

Shima Moore: I know. Listen, I’ve heard you and been like, yes, yes, yes for years.

Wow. [00:23:00]

Amanda Walsh: Picture this. You step into the new year, not just with the list of resolutions, but with a pocket full of insights from the stars that help you make choices about timing, direction, and focus. Put together by an all star cast of our best astrologers, our free 2024 Astrology Blueprint is more than predictions.

It’s your personal cosmic playbook for the whole year. Think of it as a chat with the universe, a way to catch those sparks of clarity that light up your journey. It’s about syncing up with the stars. And making the most of every moment. Consider it our holiday gift to you, and here’s to a year of tapping into cosmic wisdom and personal power.

Let’s make 20, 24 a year to remember together. Get your free copy@astrologyhub.com slash 2024 guide. Okay, so lots of different astrology. Lots of different astrologers. The time is right. We’re now at this, [00:24:00] you know, a time where there’s enough interest. And also it’s so helpful to people as we’re navigating very uncertain times, right?

What about consciousness in general? So like, I look at the, the people who will be there speaking and the topics, like just go peruse the topics. It’s like, if you want to go to a place where you will be. Exposed to expansive thoughts and ideas, and you are open minded and open hearted for that level of expansion.

This is going to be your playground. I mean, there’s just, it’s endless. It’s, it’s amazing. What have you seen in terms of consciousness evolution in the last 20 years you’ve been doing this, 20 plus years? Do you agree that we’re reaching a critical mass of, of awakening or, or consciousness expansion right now?

Shima Moore: Well, you know, we certainly did go through the dark night of the soul and, and we did that as [00:25:00] a collective. I mean, that’s pretty amazing. I mean, that’s never been done before.

Amanda Walsh: That’s never been done. I mean, we, the global dark night slash month slash years of the soul, right? I mean,

Shima Moore: how that even happened.

No matter, no matter what your ideas are about, because who knows? None of us really know. It’s such a Neptunian thing, right? Right. But something about that, it’s like, you know, we don’t really choose to hit ourselves over the head with a hammer, but it feels so good when we stop. But in this situation, we, I think, are learning a lot, right?

We, we learned, we learned what we don’t want. We learned what we stand for, perhaps. We learned Um, and hopefully, and this is one of the things about conscious life that I love, as I say, it’s all points of view. It’s all sides of the political spectrum. I mean, more so, I think, than [00:26:00] we even anticipated at one point.

But it’s about people need to be heard. And really, it’s about loving, you know, you have that choice, love or fear. And this is about what do you choose? I choose love. If I don’t understand what you’re talking about, can you explain it to me? Boy, I’m really curious because that is like so outside of my understanding and it might be uncomfortable and I might be kind of like thrown aback for a while or whatever.

But I mean, some people will put a spin on things that is very negative. But I’m seeing even there, anyone who has a consciousness that I want to listen to talks about the possibilities. I think we’ve, you know, we’ve got this big eclipse coming up in April. And we’ve got Jupiter and Uranus conjuncting, which is [00:27:00] that big, big, big, and that unexpected breakthrough.

What, what, what is it going to be? You know, we are poised, we are at that place of, uh, revolution, evolution, you know, what is it going to be? I’m, I’m, my hope is that humanity comes together in the most positive aspects of Aquarius. Because there’s all kinds of possibilities there, and that humanity really comes together and supports one another, um, in community.

And it may get rough, it may get really, we may have to go through those rapids, right? This is, you know, a lot of people are talking, and a lot of conscious people are talking about this being a challenging year. But if we can like, it’s really about, it’s always like, I feel is about connecting with who we are, you know, really connecting [00:28:00] with what’s the purpose of my life.

Who am I? Why am I? What is this being? I mean, I sit here all day and look at this mountain change right now. There’s a little cloud coming over it. Sometimes I can’t see it, but oh my gosh, it brings me such joy to see like this amazing place. If we can be like that with each other, sometimes we can’t really see each other.

It’s a little shady. I mean, I had dear friends who I didn’t, who didn’t talk to me for a year because we had different political perspectives. And I was like, so sad. And, and one of them transitioned during that time. And that’s like really saddest thing, but. I know we still love one another and I know he’s like, you know, and I still feel his presence here.

So it’s all, that’s really good. And everything else is healed in my relationship with the, you know, but the family. So, but it is. A lot for us. And we [00:29:00] have all, I think we all came in, we all checked off a lot of boxes when we were coming in. Oh yeah, I’ll do that. Oh yes, oh sign me up for that. Right? Oh great, no problem.

We didn’t know we were going to forget when we got here. I mean, maybe, maybe we knew that, but we didn’t really believe it. Right. You know, and how many lifetimes have we been here? How many, how many times? I think this one, this one’s like the gold ring, you know, Ressa. It

Amanda Walsh: feels like that. I wonder if every lifetime feels like that, but this one actually feels like some sort of culminating experiential moment that we all, we all said yes to.

I love that you are promoting the respectful dialogue. The curiosity, the listening to each other, that was the hardest part for me about the time we were in is that we couldn’t just. talk to each other. Like it was certain words, certain [00:30:00] ideas, certain possibilities were just like too much for people to even, even consider for a moment.

And, and when you, when you were talking about all the things we learned through that period of time, I think one of the biggest things for me was learning about fear itself and how fear paralyzes, divides. Creates this shell of anger and resentment and just how fear operates when it has an opening. And there was an opening because, because people were afraid for their lives.

People were afraid for each other’s lives. We were afraid for, you know, there was a million things to be afraid of. Right. And so it, it to me was not so that we stay in a fear state. But just so that we are aware of what fear can and will do when we allow it [00:31:00] to. So I love that you say, you know, we have a choice.

We choose fear, we choose love. And it sounds like this entire event that you’re holding, which because it’s holding your frequency, that it’s a space where this type of dialogue can happen. And it does take courage. It takes courage to, first of all, set the space and allow for the conversation to happen.

And so. Hats off to you, Shima, for even being willing to go there. And then it also takes courage for all of us, each one of us, to be able to hold space for each other and to be able to hold space for different points of view. And even if we don’t agree with each other, it’s okay. We don’t need to agree, but we can still hear each other.

And that to me, it’s like, if you look at every single thing that’s happening on this planet. If we could do that as a human species, things would be entirely different. So why not start with the microcosm of [00:32:00] the Conscious Life Expo and each one of our roles as we go to the Conscious Life Expo and hold space for each other and explore new possibilities and, and allow that, allow that possibility to be there without feeling threatened by it necessarily.

Like, for some reason, it threatens me that you think

Shima Moore: that, right, which is, you know, yeah. Which

Amanda Walsh: I think is what happens. It’s why the, why the response is so angst filled is that for some reason, your perspective threatens me, which I think we all had very visceral, like in the body experiences of over the last however many years, you know, so yes.

So I’m just grateful. I’m grateful that we get to be a part of it. I’m I’m so grateful that we get to experience it. I’m, I’m so hopeful that people from the Astrology Hub community will be there because as I was saying to Sheema before we even went live, [00:33:00] I crave human connection like in person and I was telling her that.

Right before 2020 happened, I was already at, like, my wits end about being virtual and not having more human connection. And so I had all these plans of all these in person events and things we were going to do, and then 2020 happened. I was like, No! Oh my

Shima Moore: gosh! I guess it’s

Amanda Walsh: not the right time. But it does feel like we’re getting closer to those possibilities.

In February, we’ll be in L. A. and hopefully meeting, I know we’ll be meeting you, Shima, and hopefully meeting more of our beloved Astrology Hub community. So come, please! And like I said in the beginning, the link’s in the description, so check it out. Shima, is there anything else you want to tell us about the event or why you think people should go or anything else that you’d want to share before we close out?

Shima Moore: Well, you know, the event is four days, actually, the expo itself is Friday and it starts earlier this year. [00:34:00] So if anyone has been there before, you know, we used to start three o’clock, Friday was a slow day. Well, that’s not true anymore, Friday is a jam packed day and we had to keep pushing it back earlier and earlier so that the, so that the little opening ceremony starts at 10 30.

Now, there’s going to be a lot of people there. So, come early, you have to park, get yourself situated, make your way through what’s going on. The opening ceremony is on the second floor, up the mezzanine, up the big staircase as you come in the front, okay? But you need to register first, register online, that’s really.

The best thing to do, right? And you have a tip right there. Yeah. Register online because otherwise you’ll be standing on this long line going, but wait, I want to, I want to see such and such. I want to be at the opening ceremony. Oh, you know, so they’ll and we try to accommodate those. rushes, but [00:35:00] it’s very challenging to accommodate everything all the time.

Sometimes it takes a, be prepared for that. And on Monday, there is a post conference and this year on Monday, we have, um, We have Rick, we have Gemini Brett, we have David Palmer, I mean, uh, uh, Master Clarece Chan, Chinese Astrology, will be there, so every, every two and a half hours, Monday is a two and a half hour event, so it’s And they’re smaller, so you get to be up close and personal, but it’s kind of all like that, you know, there you are with, with Rick, or, uh, Gemini Bread, or with you, you know, it’s kind of really a wonderful, wonderful, um, thing, and, uh, Yeah.

So come check out online first so that you have an idea of what you want to do because it’s going to be overwhelming. Otherwise, you can get your hand on a program guide. And I think if [00:36:00] you reach out to conscious life expo, they’ll send you one. Um, and, uh, because I like really having it in my,

Amanda Walsh: so my. My talk is Saturday at 11, so come for that for sure.

And then I, I’m going to be super sad. I do leave on Sunday at like 11 or something, so I will miss Monday and most, but we’ll be, I’m, we’re coming in on, I think, Wednesday, I believe setting up on Thursday. And then we’ll be at the expo with our booth and everything. So we, again, we’d love to meet you.

Definitely register early. Go see Rick playing the flute. That’s going to be epic. Plan to be there for the dance party. If you like dance parties, I mean, this is going

Shima Moore: to be amazing. Pastel and I will be having, we’re, we are doing. A workshop, a free workshop at four o’clock on Friday.

Amanda Walsh: Ooh! Gail and Castel and you together, that’s going to be amazing.

I love that. But she is also in Aries,

Shima Moore: [00:37:00] Aries, um,

Amanda Walsh: Venus. Do you know Linda Bird? Because she does the Stargate stuff.

Shima Moore: Linda Bird is a dear friend.

Amanda Walsh: Yes. Yes. Okay. And,

Shima Moore: uh, we were just wishing each other a Happy New Year. And I hope she comes, actually. It would be great to have her there. Mm hmm. But, um. Yes, uh, we’ve known each other for years and we, you know, I love the work that she does with Stargate and Stargate, um, teaches her a lot on different solstices and different things.

So yeah, it’s been really great. And maybe it’s my 11th house son, which is some people would say this, the querious overtones of it. Right. I like bringing people together. I’ve done that. That’s. Yeah. Yeah. Always what I’ve done and the five, the Stargate by the star portal has to do with Stargate, which I’m a facilitator of, and come to the opening ceremony so that you get to experience that.

And I found that even five minutes in this [00:38:00] transmission, people come back year after year, even before I did like the main opening ceremony, always did that to open it. Cause I’d like to set the tone and. You know, it’s pretty powerful to shift into a 12 dimensional frequency. Shima,

Amanda Walsh: we’ve done it in the inner circle because we’ve had Linda Bird facilitate each of the inner circle and she’s done Stargate meditations and, and, and experiences for us.

And it’s super potent and the members are always raving about their experiences. So yes, I can vouch for that. And so, I mean, again, there’s going to be so many opportunities to really just expand and you’ll see so many, you’ll meet so many individuals who are so activated and Shima. That’s what I love about you.

You’re so activated and alive and creative and. Participating in life. And I think we just we need as many examples of that as possible so that every person is feeling [00:39:00] this. Okay, what is in me? You know, it’s exciting to see Shima creating these things and being committed to these things over, over her lifetime.

What do I want to commit to? What do I, what am I here to contribute to this global human story at this point in time. So thank you for sharing some of your story. I know there’s probably a lot more

Shima Moore: to it. Oh my God. Yes. I just wanted to invite people on Saturday, I think two o’clock. I’m going to be leading a pan Eurythmy sacred dance, which is also part of that 5D star portal.

We now have a room that we’re doing, and we haven’t had this really before. And Uh, we have a room where we’re doing yoga, uh, and different things. And so if you’re at the expo, you’re, you’re welcome to come to any of these things are all free. And, um, so on Saturday I decided, I said, I, you know, let’s use this.

I want to do a panoramic. It’s such a unique, uh, form of movement that was brought in [00:40:00] and. Like 1930s or something in Bulgaria and people around the thousands of people join every August in Bulgaria to dance in circles, bringing, using nature, bringing in heaven and earth and Mount Shasta is heaven and earth.

What I do is about bringing heaven down to earth. And that’s why I like to do astrology also. I feel one of the

Amanda Walsh: biggest invitations we all have right now is to bring all these ideas and concepts and, and beliefs into our body so that it becomes a knowing and also it becomes something that in that embodiment, we are more capable of sharing it.

You know, it’s, it’s, we can transmit it different when we’re, when it’s in our bodies. And some of these sacred dance. Practices really enable that they really open us up to experience and transmit higher levels of frequency. So I love that you’re doing that. I will absolutely be that. Do we have to wear something [00:41:00] special?

Do you just wear like yoga clothes or like,

Shima Moore: what do you wear? Yes, just whatever, you know, some people wear white or purple. or whatever, but really just whatever you feel comfortable. You’re not on the floor. It’s moving in a circle. It’s moving. And this is very interesting. When I, when I realized this, it moves in a cosmic directions, anti clockwise, except for one of the movement.

So that’s just another thing involving the circle, right? Involving heaven and earth. And there’s only one movement in 28 movements, 28. mansions of the moon. Right. There’s one movement which is the movement of sacred earth that moves in a clockwise direction. Everything else is in the cosmic direction.

Yeah. So I just found that really just so interesting. Amanda, I’m so looking forward to connecting and giving you a big hug live,

Amanda Walsh: right? I can’t wait. I can’t wait. And we can’t wait to hug you, too. [00:42:00] So if you can swing it, if you’re in the area, if you feel like taking a road trip, if you are up for an adventure, it’s going to be amazing.

Again, February 9th through 11th. Am I saying the dates right?

Shima Moore: February 9th through 11th is the Expo, and on the 12th, Monday, Are the

Amanda Walsh: other events. We have a

Shima Moore: day of workshops. Conference workshops with Rick and Gemini Brett.

Amanda Walsh: Yes, you need to say that more clearly on the website because if anyone that glances at the website is going to think 9 through 11 and not even think of, of booking for the 12th.

You’re welcome. That’s very

Shima Moore: good to know. That’s a good, that’s a good

Amanda Walsh: heads up. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. So all of you, thank you so much for tuning in. If this is interesting to you, if you are interested in a, uh, expansive experience coming up here in February, we would love to meet you there. Uh, again, we’re putting the links in the description of this talk, so you can just click on that and.

Come for a day, [00:43:00] come for the whole weekend, whatever works for you and your schedule and your budget and all those great things. So Chima, thank you so much for being here. I loved it. I can’t wait to meet you in person. And, um, everybody, thank you so much for being a part of our community, for making astrology a part of your life.

We can’t wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care, everyone.


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