2024 Predictions for All Zodiac Signs w/ Christopher Renstrom

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Christopher Renstrom shares his predictions for all zodiac signs in 2024.

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌑 About the significant astrological shift as Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024, marking a major change in the energy spectrum and its implications for all zodiac signs.
🌒 About the transit of Saturn in Pisces throughout 2024, its potential to evoke feelings of isolation, and its profound impact on personal growth and global trends.
🌓 The importance of the lunar and solar eclipses in 2024 as symbols of transformation, and the long-term effects of these planetary transits in preparing for the revolutionary changes of 2025.

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[00:00:00] Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom and I'm your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. As we come to an end of 2023 and look forward to 2024, we will be taking a pause in our regularly scheduled content. Astrology Hub has been offering more and more content over the past few years, and the time has come to step back.

And to reevaluate, we have received so much great feedback from this community in our recent survey, and we're taking it all into consideration as we work to find a new balance and a new level of quality to the content that we will be presenting to you in 2024. In our break from our regularly scheduled content, we will be broadcasting holiday features throughout the month of December.

Meanwhile, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you [00:01:00] for watching Horoscope Highlights and for being supporters of Astrology Hub. It's your curiosity and your passion for astrology that has brought us this far. Now, sit back, Enjoy today's episode, and I look forward to seeing you in 2024.



Hello, my name is Christopher Wenstrom, and I'm your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week, I wanted to talk to you about my upcoming predictions for the year 2024.

Like last year, I would like to sort of generally outline it and show you how the year progresses by touching on each of the signs as we deal with each of the particular and significant planetary combinations.

Pluto enters Aquarius

The first feature of 2024 will be the entrance, or really I guess I should say the [00:02:00] re entrance, of Pluto into the zodiac sign of Aquarius on January 20th. Now this is something that I've been getting a lot of questions about, uh, worried questions about even, um, mostly from Leos. And from Scorpios and the occasional Taurus, which is what is Pluto and Aquarius going to do to me, you know, um, there's, there's, there's always this kind of fear factor whenever we're dealing with the planet Pluto.

It also kind of shows up whenever we're dealing with the planet Saturn and that's because these planets are basically. planets that were associated with the end of things or the passing of things, um, until the discovery of Pluto in 1930. Saturn was basically, uh, associated with the termination or the ending of things.

And then of course, with Pluto's discovery in 1930, being named after the Roman god of the underworld, everything dealing with the underworld, with the [00:03:00] termination, with death, with decay, was associated to Pluto. So, what does this mean with Pluto entering Aquarius on January 20th? Does this mean the end of civilization as we know it?

No, it doesn't. Um, it means a lot of things, but one of them is not the end of civilization as we know it. First of all, the thing that I like to tell my clients when they ask about Pluto entering into Aquarius, I like to remind them that we've essentially had a dress rehearsal for Pluto entering the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

And that dress rehearsal was when Saturn was traveling through the zodiac sign of Aquarius. And this is the thing that I find very comforting about astrology. Sometimes we think of time in terms of a book, you know, that we turn the page, we've come to the end of a chapter, and now we're turning the page, and we're moving on to something else, as if everything that's come before has suddenly been rendered obsolete.[00:04:00]

Well, I like to sort of think of time as one of those redwood tree… trunks that I was shown when I, when I was a wee lad, when I was, uh, in my salad days, when I was green with youth. Um, we would go on these sort of field trips when I was a kid, and one of them we went to the Redwood forest, which was a wonderful thing.

Got to experience that in California, but they would show a trunk. And, uh, they would show in this trunk that with each year there was another ring on the trunk. So this is, as the tree grew larger, the trunk grew wider. And you could actually see the entire story of the tree, the entire history of the tree, by viewing the rings on this trunk.

Not only that, I mean, it was like at another ring, okay, that sort of makes sense. But not only that, but by looking at the different rings, they were able to say, well, this is when there was a fire, or, um, this is when there was a drought. They were able to sort of point out [00:05:00] the different passages of time, or what was going on at that time, uh, by examining the rings of the trunk of this tree.

And in a way, That's what I, that's what the planets do with us in astrology. They don't say flip a page and we're starting a new year and forget everything that came before. What the planets do is that they kind of take a bird's eye view of our world. Um, and they get to, they're higher in the sky than we are.

Um, and they sort of look at the rings that we've accumulated and are accumulating here on planet earth. And that's the way to sort of see the passage of the planets. Oftentimes, it doesn't happen all the time, but oftentimes with a transiting planet, and a transiting planet basically refers to where the planet is right now in the sky, versus where it was in the, sky when you were born.

That's your horoscope. So transiting planets are how the planets have moved since, that horoscope was initially constructed or seen [00:06:00] since, since your birth sky. All right. Um, so, so, We can see that actually planets will combine with one another. And in some cases they will build on themes. When we had Saturn enter Aquarius at the end of 2020, I think it was like mid December of 2020 and it was there for 2021 and 2022.

Aquarius, we know, is a zodiac sign that's very much concerned with society as a whole. Okay, so, um, it's an air sign, it's the last of the three air signs, and Aquarius will stand in for society. And Aquarius's adage is that a society is only as good as the people who live in it. Uh, sometimes, uh, we might think, oh, society, that makes me feel so anonymous.

I'm not my own person. I'm like one of many. And as far as the Aquarian point of view is, yes, you, you are one of many, but you are [00:07:00] still special. Uh, but not only special, you kind of have a duty. Remember Aquarius is Saturn, uh, Saturn ruled. You kind of have a duty. You kind of have an obligation to make society a better place.

And so each one of us is charged with bringing something to the table that's going to benefit society. or make society a better place. Now, some of us might have access to huge swaths of, of, of populations, and some of us, it might just be in our simple, day to day lives with neighborly exchanges. But this idea that society is only as good as the people in it, this is really sort of an Aquarian Maxim.

And what we learned when Saturn was moving through Aquarius during the COVID, uh, during the COVID outbreak, uh, when, when there were, when we were all basically under some sort of, uh, degree of lockdown on the planet, I mean, it was the first time in the history of our [00:08:00] world that the entire planet was locked down.

Um, and a lot of people, you know, reacted to that. But what was really going on is how were we taking this on as a global world? society. And one of the things we began to see is that we're not homogenized, that there were certain societies that were better equipped to deal with the pandemic and certain societies that were not, you know, and so what, what showed up was a discrepancy between the haves and the have nots.

And then it was the people who had, jobs that, uh, they could probably do remote or from home versus the ones who had to be, uh, uh, right, right on the front lines giving service. And so that was another discrepancy. And so the question became, how were we going to handle this crisis together as a society?

And Saturn being the planet of tests, gave us a grade. And I think we passed, but maybe like Barely. All right, um, in other words, we could do a lot better. [00:09:00] All right, but, but the thing that we understood is that society is made up of societies, and each one of us contributes to society as a whole. So with Pluto, which is a very powerful planet, moving into the zodiac sign of Aquarius, it's picking up where Saturn left off.

Saturn kind of showed up and gave us a test to see how well we did. It could be, it could have been better. Okay. So, and then Pluto is now coming in and saying, all right, now you have to work with this. You have to build on this. Aquarius is about society as a whole, but Aquarius is also a utopian sign. And what I mean by utopian sign is that it asks the question, what would make a perfect society for you?

Okay, and each one of us has a different idea of what would be a utopian society. And as you can imagine, no three people are going to agree on what that is. So, Pluto, being an [00:10:00] Aquarius, is going to take on the big picture. This is what needs to be done to make society better. All right. And, and so it's going to bring out these utopian impulses in all of our countries and in all of our cultures, you know, some of our cultures might respond with what's going to make society better as a green planet.

Others might respond with what's going to make society better. Everything being, um, technological, everything being uploaded. Uh, some people might be like, well, I think folksy furniture might make society a better place. And other people might be like, I'm completely Scandinavian in my tastes, streamline everything and make it sheer and modern.

Okay. So we're all going to have these different ideas of what makes a society a better place. And, and the, during this time that Pluto is an Aquarius, it's going to bring that about. Can we coexist? Can we cohabit? You know, that goes from [00:11:00] being, um, you know, little child book, uh, little childhood books that we got in the first grade of like how to get along with Cindy, you know, into some very real economic and global and moral questions.

How do we get along on a planet in which, uh, it's basically shrinking? We've gone as far as we can go on the planet. So now we have to sort of turn around and ask how we are going to all get along. Are we going to play by the old rules by those who are privileged with money and power and those who are underneath?

Or is that going to get flipped? Or is it going to be the oldest rule of all, which is you go through periods of time where you have revolution and change only to find that you're back at the same predicament again, but with different players. These are the questions of Pluto and Aquarius. So, as Pluto, uh, enters into Aquarius, it will immediately square or challenge the three other fixed signs.

Okay, it's going to challenge Taurus, [00:12:00] it's going to challenge Leos, and it's going to challenge Scorpios. Okay, so Aquarius is going to come forward with, this is the way that the world should be. That's literally… What Aquarius is coming forward with and it's going to arm it with ideas of what's futuristic and what's technologically superior and there's going to be a lot of like future, future, future, you know, a lot of modernize, modernize, modernize, and a lot of sort of, uh, let's lift our gaze from the human plight and put it in numbers or algorithms or something along those lines.

All right. And so this is going to sort of be the aquarium bent that can take on a life or death quality to it because that's what, that's what Pluto does. It raises the stakes. It makes things life or death.

Pluto in Aquarius for Leo

Well, the first problem is obviously going to be with Leo's. Leo is the planet, uh, is the zodiac sign of, I've got to be me.

And so it's being opposed by Pluto, which is, well, you are one of [00:13:00] many. And so Leo's are not going to take kindly to that whatsoever. They're going to be like, one of many, excuse me. And one would think, okay, Leo's are going to lose their Leo. Leo nine. Yes. Okay. They're going to lose their uniqueness, their specialness, their, their authenticity, for lack of a better word, as Pluto sits opposite them.

But actually what I've seen happen with oppositions is that the opposing sign kind of flares up and becomes more. powerful in its resistance. All right. So many Leo's may find with Pluto moving opposite like, um, no, I don't feel like giving that up about myself. No, I don't feel like genuflecting. No, I don't feel like just sort of going and standing in a group over here.

You know, I need to be heard. I have something to say. I have life experiences that need to be recognized and they need to be recognized now. Okay. So, so there may be this. A pushback [00:14:00] coming from individuality, you know, from, from people who are like, we're not selling ourselves into a crowd think, okay, we, we are individuals and each person is separate and different.

And so this might become something that becomes a very powerful struggle. Um, and if you're Leo, particularly in the first early months of 2024, uh, you may feel like your authority is somehow being superseded. or that is being eroded in some way. Now you could react by, by insisting on your authority and saying I'm in charge or something like that, but we're dealing with Pluto.

So we're dealing with the underworld. So there is going to be an erosion that takes place underneath that. And what you as a Leo are going to have to find in yourself is what about yourself is an authority. Okay. Uh, you have to rethink it. Uh, you might find yourself all of a sudden, strangely out of, out of step or out of [00:15:00] touch or out of sync.

You know, that someone is eroding your authority and you're going to fight them back. Well, you have to ask yourself. What is an authority? For some people, it might be like, authority is short for authoritarian, okay? And so it might be more like that, you know, type of thing. For others, it should be, well, it's my authenticity.

It's my genuineness. And for others, it might be a question. I'm not sure what an authority is. And Let's find out. Okay, so, so, so this is going to be a theme particularly for Leo's.

Pluto in Aquarius for Taurus

If we move over to Taurus, which is going to be squared by the Pluto entering Aquarius, on that January 20th. Taurus is about what I have, okay?

It's like, this belongs to me. And so there may be a struggle because it's a square with some, with a feeling that someone's trying to take away what you have. Maybe they're trying to take away your money. Maybe they're trying to take away your property. Maybe they're trying to take away your clout. [00:16:00] Okay.

So, so there's this feeling that, well, this was given to me, or this was bequeathed to me or bestowed to me or, or. Or I, I, I fulfilled an application and got this, you know, and then in the early months of 2024, there may be this feeling that that is being taken away or it's being redistributed. And as a Taurus, you're going to be like, no, no, it's not going to be redistributed.

Okay. So again, you could resist and say, it's not going to be redistributed and I'm holding onto this no matter what, you know, or you can ask yourself. What is owning? What is owning about? You know, why is my ownership being challenged in this way? And then it can be about you trying to figure out like, well, is it worth it to own this?

Or if I'm owning this, how does ownership look? now, you know, like, am I taking away from someone else? Am I, is my ownership encroaching on someone else's territory [00:17:00] in some kind of way? So these will be the big questions for a Taurus. You as a Taurus, when you're facing Pluto like this, you have to do better than it's mine.

Okay. Um, it, it, it, it, it's yours because You're doing something wonderful with it. You're benefiting other people. And this will be the thing with Aquarius. Aquarius will be looking for those people. Pluto and Aquarius will be looking for those people who have included others in their corner of the universe.

Okay. If you're just doing it by yourself from solo. You may find yourself walking around with a bullseye on your back, okay, so, so this idea of how do you work with other people, what is your place in the karmic ecosystem? This is going to be a big question, okay, as Pluto is forming the square to Taurus.

Pluto in Aquarius for Scorpio

Finally, Pluto will form a square to Scorpio. And so what does Scorpio feel like it's going to get taken away with Aquarius? Scorpio and Aquarius [00:18:00] have a very particular relationship. Both signs are very much about truth, okay? Uh, for Aquarius, truth… is in the heavens. Uh, it's, it's eternal truths as, as articulated by Plato.

You know, these shining truths, what is justice? What is truth? What is beauty? What is good? These shining truths that live as ideals. They live as stars up in the heavens and they're meant to guide our lives. You know, we, as we ask, what is truth? What is beauty? We look to the stars or we look to the ideal.

And the first thing we see is that we. Don't live up to that ideal, but then what can we do to lift, what can we do to lift earth up to heaven? What can we do to lift our lives up to that ideal and to embrace it? Okay, because these are eternal truths. They're not going to change for you. You're going to have to change for them.

That's the Aquarian [00:19:00] idea of truth. Okay, uh, the phrase truth sets you free ultimately. So this is why Aquarians believe in transparency. Scorpio's version of truth isn't so, um, idealized. Scorpio's truth is Truth is based on secrets. Okay, so if we're going to talk about truth, let's talk about what's being covered up, what's being withheld, what's tucked away in the socks drawer of your, of your chest of drawers?

What's tucked away in the corner of your closet? Is it something you don't want anyone to see? Is it something that, you know, your You know, every Dorian Gray has a portrait that's tucked away in an attic or, or a cellar somewhere that tells the real truth. And so this is Scorpio's relationship to truth.

Truth isn't some shiny ideal. It's the thing that's, that everyone's not talking about. It's the [00:20:00] thing that people are trying to foist upon someone else. I'm like this because you made me do it. That sort of thing. So Scorpio's after the ugly, gritty truth. And since, Aquarius is associated to the heavens and Scorpio is associated to the underworld, you can see how that works out.

So what's Scorpio going to be saying? Scorpio is going to say, well, I, I, I like this ideal of utopia or society that you're talking about Aquarius. You know, and, and how you want to make that happen, but how exactly is that going to happen? And are you standing this society on feet of clay? Is it really as resplendent and as shining as you make it out to be?

Because after all, and Scorpio will always invoke Human nature. Human nature in terms of history, with its many battles and wars and dominations and invasions, tells a very different story about shining truths. And shining truths are often [00:21:00] used to, restrain or to defeat somebody else. And then of course, again, there's always that little fact that history is written by the winners and not by the losers.

So Scorpio also has that. It's

tHat, that people don't want to talk about. It's going to hold on to those inconvenient truths, those sullied truths, those things that nobody wants to look at. We're, we're, we're coming to an agreement here. That's a detail. We're going to partition that off and get rid of it. And Scorpio's like, no, you are not.

This is a very important thing. So this is something that the, each of the fixed signs may be experiencing in the first four to five months of 2024.

Pluto in Aquarius for Aquarius

Finally, we're looking at Aquarius. Aquarius is used to sort of seeing itself as a blank space. Uh, it has a tendency to really, put the consensus or feelings or thoughts of other people first.

So the idea of becoming a powerful figure is not [00:22:00] something that sits well with Aquarians. They can do it if they're doing it in service to a truth or an ideal, or a game plan or, or in ser service to science and math. Okay, but once you put the human element in it, and Pluto will always put the human element in it.

Uranus, which is a modern ruler of Aquarius, never wants to put the human element in it. It, it, it must be the universal element, okay? Pluto will always be like we have all, we are all born into bodies that ultimately die, and they puke, and they poop, and they need to be fed, and they have to have sex. Okay, so Pluto will…

always bring that element to it. And so when Pluto moves into Aquarius, there's going to be more of a feeling of having to fill in the space with a self, a very strong self, and perhaps at times a very domineering and perhaps bossy self. So this is something that Aquarians are either going to be working within a creative and potentially torturous way, you know, [00:23:00] a conscience that they have to answer to, or this may be something in which Aquarians have decided, you know, the means justify the ends.

These are the goals that we need to get to, and if we have to bring everyone in line or get rid of some people, then that's what's done. So, so again, there's always a sort of, underworld, or even a diabolical edge to Pluto when it enters a sign, it shows that it shows the things that that sign doesn't want to show or even know about itself.

So, um, a very powerful date is going to be the, first conjunction of Pluto and Mars on February 13th, but I want to loop back and get that later.

Pluto in Aquarius: Who Will Benefit?

So we've talked about the struggles and, and, and, and the squares, but who is Pluto going to benefit? All right, we talked about the other points on the compass of the fixed signs circle, but who is Pluto going to benefit?

Pluto, in Aquarius is [00:24:00] going to benefit air signs. Okay, so where may be struggling with this sudden sense of like I need to be in charge, okay, either by, um, by taking over a leadership position or resisting, okay, the two Aquarian, uh, uh, reactions there. Pluto in Aquarius is going to benefit Geminis and Libras.

And it's going to benefit Ares and Sagittarius, okay? These are, uh, two, these are the other two air signs, Gemini and Libra. And then the fire signs, Ares and Sagittarius. We talked about the struggle with Leo, which is the third fire sign. That's because Pluto will be opposite it. So, what I mean by benefit is that it will be trining the air signs, Gemini and Libra, and it will be sextiling Aries and Sagittarius.

And what's wonderful about this is that, um, there will be suddenly this, this sudden surge forward. Uh, for Gemini's and Libra's, uh, that they're going to feel really like the [00:25:00] wind is at their back, that it's filling their sail, that, that they're really kind of like advancing and, and, and, and moving with something.

Maybe it's an idea, it's a project, it's an endeavor, it's a relationship, but they're really moving forward with something and, and they're making headway. Okay. And so this is going to be very, very strong for those two signs for, uh, Aries and Sagittarius. what Pluto and Aquarius is going to introduce are some very profound and inspiring questions.

That the Aries and Sagittarius can't just sort of say, well, that's the way it is. Pluto and Aquarius will say, you have to do better than that. And so Aries and Sagittarius are going to sort of be thrown back on their way of thinking, on their way of being. On their way of approaching something. They can't just say, well, that's me in the moment, or I just happen to be passionate or my intuition took over.

They can't just do that. They're going to have to come up with, a reason why they're doing what they're doing. And the other thing that's going to be a big, uh, learning curve for the [00:26:00] fire signs is Pluto is now an Aquarius. So you have to work with other people. Okay. Fire signs are more like, you know, I'm the star.

I'm in charge. I'm in the lead. I have to do what's true to me. Okay. Well, when you've got Pluto in Aquarius, you're going to be dealing with personalities that are just as strong as you, that are just as dynamic as you and, and, and people who could make introductions or to help you get to the next level.

So learning to work with that. is going to be a very strong lesson again for the first four to five months for the fire signs, particularly for Aries and Sagittarius.

First Set of Eclipses

Then we come up on our first set of eclipses. Uh, there is the lunar eclipses at five degrees on March 25th and the solar eclipse at 19 degrees Aries on April 8th. If you remember our last set of eclipses, which took place in October and November, that was really rough [00:27:00] going. And particularly the planets that were traveling through Libra, which began in early October and continued into, uh, November when they kind of switched, um, into Scorpio, that was a very, uh, violent and a very troubling and a very turbulent time.

Um, the Libra energy was still very strong, but in that regard, the Libran energy had become eclipsed. And so what had been a balance or at least a head off was thrown out of balance, off balance. And. A lot of Mars energy came, came on through. That Mars energy is coursing very powerfully. It didn't start then.

It's been around. I mean, you can notice that there's a lot more hostility and a lot more, um, uh, really hostility. It's more than indifference. It's people getting very angry with one another. Uh, that's really gone up, quite a bit. And so when we come around [00:28:00] to this, these eclipses again, There is going to be an attempt to rebalance that, that energy.

And so that's primarily what these, eclipses will be about. This could be a more conflagration or, or more difficulty or more conflict. Um, we are dealing with Aries, uh, being an eclipse. But what I find interesting is that. The Venus which rules the, Libra eclipse is in Pisces, and the Mars which rules the Aries eclipse is in Pisces.

And so I think what we may actually be dealing with here is, uh, some, uh, some imaginative solutions to conflict. Um, in other words, You know, really trying to rein in or rein in those energies and to try to move them in a more perhaps constructive way. Uh, and so that's kind of what I see around there, [00:29:00] but where everything was thrown out of balance.

In the past eclipses, which were in October, November, we're going to have a rebalance. We're going to have a response to that, that takes place in the spring.

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Head to astrologyhub. com slash solstice. Let's start 2024 with more confidence, clarity, and intention than ever before. Now, Jupiter [00:30:00] is winding up its stay in Taurus and, uh, Jupiter is in Taurus for the first, four months. really, of, of 2024.

And so what that means is that if you're an Earth sign, uh, like if you're a Taurus or a Virgo or a Capricorn, this is when you really want to be completing endeavors, completing, Proposals, bringing them to a close. That doesn't mean like, you know, I'm done with my business, but like, if there was improvements that you had to do with your business or rethinking that you had to do with your business, you want to be doing all of that review and reform, during the time that Jupiter is in Taurus, because that gives you a protective energy and also a fostering energy.

, so by the time it, uh, switches into Gemini, which is May 25th, you really want to, you know, have, uh, uh, uh, houses sold, houses purchased, uh, money changing hand, [00:31:00] funding locked into place, enterprises secured. Okay, so you really have the first, five months of 2024, , that if you're going to move or relocate or change careers or.

take your business up another notch. Uh, you want to be doing it. This is not a period of time where you want to be beginning something. Okay. This is, this is a culminating energy, uh, for the first, uh, uh, four months, five months of 2024. So you want to make sure that you're bringing things to a close. And if that means selling off.

You're selling off, or if you took it to the next level, you've got it on the next level and, and, and you're assured of its sustainability. That's what you want to be focusing on. Uh, if you're, if you're born under those elements, the same thing would be true for the water signs as well. Um, so because water sextiles earth.

And so that would also be something there for you as well.

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

Now, [00:32:00] Jupiter will conjoin Uranus. Jupiter, which is a planet associated to prosperity and anything that's big. Okay, Jupiter will conjoin Uranus, the planet of revolution and change in Taurus on April 20th. And what's interesting about that April 20th date, this is this is like a sort of like once in a lifetime conjunction here, you know, in Taurus.

What's fascinating about that conjunction is a lot of times. You know, one would think, okay, Jupiter conjoining Uranus, it's something that's revolution and change, and it's going to be on a big thing, and maybe it's, it's a collapse.

What you could also see with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction there, and it could be a collapse, right? Um, because, because, uh, Uranus will shake something down to its foundation. Uranus's deal is to go and kick over the game board and send all the pieces flying. And so if you have Jupiter coming up on that, that, that could be associated to a collapse.

Um, but what you can also have [00:33:00] with a Jupiter Uranus conjunction like that. is uh, reform and rehabilitation. Um, that's done on a very large level. Uh, Jupiter has a very strong rehabilitative, um, a strong reforming energy. And so when you combine Jupiter with a Uranus, Jupiter can kind of take those revolutionary energies and move it more in the of let's not destroy what we've built.

Let's Reform it. Let's make it better and let's rehabilitate it. And so that might be a very, uh, powerful time. For instance, we might see the economy improve during that period of time. Maybe sort of, It has been slowly improving, but that might be a period of time in which it's more showy. Um, you know, in which it's more like, okay, we've got these things come, coming through and things to celebrate.[00:34:00]

Um, the reason why I'm sort of optimistic about this, and I should commit to that, I shouldn't be like, the reason I'm sort of optimistic, it should be like, the reason I'm optimistic about this. Okay. So, so Christopher's put on his Jupiter cap. The reason I'm optimistic about this. is because, you've got the Jupiter, Uranus conjunction on April 20th.

It's followed by, a Jupiter Sun conjunction on May 18th. And then it concludes with a Jupiter Neptune sextile on May 23rd. So really that whole April 20th to May 23rd window, um, You know, it's kind of like these planets are passing Jupiter before Jupiter leaves. I could see it as being actually very positive and culminating in a positive way.

A note that I made earlier, this conjunction on April 20th got my eye, caught my eye, because April 20th of last year was a solar eclipse in, um, in Aries at the 29th [00:35:00] degree of Aries. And so, uh, eclipses Typically, a solar eclipse will rule a year in some Uh, texts it rules to, but you will see a major or dramatic, uh, life change or direction.

So basically, uh, that life change or direction lives for a year. And so when we come back to this April 20th, it's kind of like, okay, how dramatic was that life change? How much did it affect things? It should have been very dramatic at 29 degrees areas, but here we've got this conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus.

It's not in Aries, it's, it's, it's, it's at 21 degrees Taurus, but they're both kind of like spring signs, so it's kind of like, what departure or beginning began on April 20th of last year, and where has it ended up, and what kind of radical shift has it brought? How has it changed the rules? Did it kick over the game board or did it move the [00:36:00] goalposts?

You know, and these will be the questions that are going to be uppermost in mind when we have this, conjunction on April 20th. And then because it's followed by a Sun Jupiter conjunction, and then a really beautiful Jupiter Neptune sextile, um, really at the last degree of Taurus and at the last degree of Pisces on May 23rd.

I actually see that as a window of stability, um, but more stability. It might even be validation, uh, for people who You know, put forth radically different ideas or who took a risk or who were flying blind, you know, and then they sort of like ended up on the other side and it's like, I'm glad that worked out, you know, um, but, but I could see that as being that sort of window period.

So it would have been, it would have been based on the eclipse of April 20th. Lasts a year. And what has a reshuffling of priorities, a [00:37:00] reworking of rules, a changing of the game of the playing field? What has that resulted in? And that question will be answered between April 20th and May 23rd. Again, this is going to be really, really terrific for people born under Taurus and Cancer.

Virgo. gets to benefit from this, uh, because of its, trine to, uh, the Jupiter. Scorpio gets to benefit from it, because of its, uh, trine to Neptune, which is very close, uh, at that point. And then Capricorn and Pisces.

Jupiter enters Gemini

So, Jupiter enters Gemini. All the Geminis are excited about this. Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25th, and all the Geminis are like, it's my turn, it's my turn, you know, it's wheel of fortune, it's click, click, click, click, click, and it's coming up on the big prize.

So all, all the Geminis are going to be super duper happy about Jupiter entering their zodiac sign on May 25th. Jupiter, as you know, is the planet of, of good [00:38:00] fortune and higher purpose. Uh, it, comes around your corner of the Zodiac once every 12 years. Uh, so if you're a Gemini, think back to what was going on in your life 12 years ago, and you'll have some idea of what's going to be going on with Jupiter.

Um, and so Jupiter is bringing new people, new things. new opportunities. And again, it's that feeling. And we already started with Gemini. Gemini was already starting to feel this Pluto and Aquarius filling the sails. Well, Jupiter will really fill those sails when it enters your zodiac sign. So it does bring good things.

Um, all, uh, all there's two of them, both benefics, Venus and Jupiter bring good things. But again, Venus and Jupiter bring good things usually through other people. or through outside forces. So with Jupiter coming into Gemini, as a Gemini, not only will you see fortunes improve for your partner or anyone that you're in a relationship with, [00:39:00] but the whole idea of partnering or collaborating is going to be important for you.

But this is Gemini partnering and Gemini collaborating. So, Geminis don't partner with just one person or collaborate with one person. Each person that a Gemini talks to is a creative collaborator. Okay, and so there's going to be a feeling of like, oh, you know, this person gets me here, this person can make introdu This person like really feeds my brain.

This person really takes care of my body with massage, you know, so, so it's going to be different creative collaborators that are entering into your life. Um, Jupiter. is really, simply put, the planet of God in astrology. It's how we experience God is where Jupiter, uh, shows up in our horoscope. Do we experience a judgmental God?

Do we experience a pantheon of gods and goddesses? Uh, is God math or is God, um, is God militant?[00:40:00] Is God compassionate and giving? So how we, there's going to be 12 signs that Jupiter can be in. And so there are going to be 12 different expressions of God in an astrology. So when you've got Jupiter going through Gemini, God shows up in the people in your life.

Okay. And it goes back to this, beautiful Quaker idea that each, each one of us was made in the image of God. And so we carry an inner light. Okay. So it's almost like each one of us, you know, we're not made in the image of the God. Like, you know, God looks like me, you know, it's like, no, we're made in the image of the God because each one of us carries a light inside of ourselves.

You can almost think of it as. a candle. And, and so we carry this inside of ourselves. And so we may encounter someone who looks different than us and we might think is foreign or different or, or hostile or whatever. And it's in the, those moments that we need to see that this person is God too. They're just [00:41:00] coming at.

Uh, this person is God too, and we have to find the godliness in that person as well. Now that's starting to sound a little Piscean, like, sort of like, you know, that's done through street ministries and administering to, no, no, no. The way that Jupiter works in Gemini is I can meet God in any conversation that I have.

Okay, any conversation that I have is a mouthpiece of the universe. Okay, is the universe talking to me? Okay, and with Gemini, it can be very playful. And it can be typical. And it can be like someone says something that day that puts you in a great mood or solves a question or, or. You know, and so this is the beauty of Jupiter moving through the zodiac sign of Gemini.

It's very conversational, and it's very, uh, com camaraderie, and um, it's it's getting along with people. But Gemini likes to mix it up, and that this is kind of like what I love about Gemini, is like, uh, one of the many things I love about Gemini. Gemini likes to [00:42:00] introduce you to people that you wouldn't normally talk to.

So it's the person that you're stranded on the bus with. Uh, or no, it's the person that you're stranded at a bus stop with waiting for a bus. Or it's, uh, the person who walks out of the garage, you know, because you're having car failure and you need some help with it. Okay. So, so Gemini's, Gemini Energy will introduce people that you wouldn't typically come into contact with.

Okay, and they're going to change your point of view in some, in some way. It's not going to be an epiphany. It's not going to be like a burning bush. It's not going to be like the heavens parted, you know, it's going to be like Joe the grease monkey, you know, or, or, or it might even be a question that a student asks or something, but it's that little sort of divine spark and divine recognition, but it's done on a one on one basis.

It's done in a typical real life day to day basis. And, um, and, and so this is what, this is what Jupiter in Gemini does.

So [00:43:00] Jupiter in Gemini is also going to Like I've been saying before, it's going to benefit, uh, people born under Ares and Leo. They will also have similar experiences like this. And it's going to benefit, uh, people born under Libra and Aquarius as well.

Jupiter in Gemini for Virgo

Um, the Jupiter in Gemini is going to put a strain on people born under Virgo and people born under Sagittarius and people born under Pisces. These are the signs that the Jupiter in Gemini is going to square. Um, with Virgo, it's going to be, it's going to feel like it's being pushed out of the formulaic.

Okay, that, that, that, wait, no, this isn't the way, uh, this isn't the way that it's supposed to be done. It's supposed to be done like this. So, whoa, whoa, stop, stop. You know, Jupiter in Gemini is going to be like, there's no stopping. You know, it's going to like push the Virgos out of the formulaic. Um, you know, and, and, and so that's going to, you know, clearly put Virgos into a tizzy.

Um, but the thing that Virgos need to [00:44:00] remember is Jupiter in Gemini and Jupiter's in Gemini for a year. Uh, as Jupiter in Gemini does this, is that Jupiter in Gemini is working those mercurial muscles that Virgos have because they're born under Mercury to improvise on the spot. You know, and to be spontaneous.

So Jupiter Gemini is going to come in and say like, let's go with this, and Virgo is going to be like coming up with all these reasons why they can't do it, but you're on and you have to go with it. Okay, so this is going to be a nice push, but Virgos aren't going to be too comfortable with that.

Jupiter in Gemini for Sagittarius

The Jupiter in, Gemini, the reason Sagittarians are going to have a problem with it is because it's not enough.

Okay. It's like, okay, I got the push, but I need a bigger push. You know, um, I got, you know, I got the, the, the memo, but it needs to be a bigger memo. I want more bang for my buck with this and Jupiter and Gemini is going to be like, well, that's all you get, you know? And so Sagittarius is going to have to fill in the rest of it.

Okay. Because Jupiter and [00:45:00] Gemini comes to a certain point, you know, it's kind of like someone saying, I will give you funding to get. Think of matching funding. Okay. Well, there's, um, you know, X amount of money that's available. If this could be from this charity, if it could be matched by donors. Okay.

Sagittarians just want the whole amount to be available. Okay. Let's, you know, that's what they want. Okay. The idea that they have to go out there and beat the rushes and find a partner funder. Okay. And that's how, that's how I want you Sagittarians to think about it. You're going to get part. of what you have to move forward with something that you want, but you're going to have to fill in the rest of that, which means you're going to have to go and find the partner funding, or you're going to have to find a way to fill in the rest.

It's not making a little work a lot, it's to fill in the rest because that, and that's going to rely on the Sagittarian. So it's going to force Sagittarians to actually, you know, sort of pulling, pulling, uh, uh, [00:46:00] an oar here, you know, and make up the difference. It's going to force the Sagittarians to make up the difference if they want to get the fortune.

So you're not going to get it on a silver platter. You're going to get it part of it. You're going to be like what's missing and you have to turn. what's missing into what you're bringing to the situation.

Jupiter in Gemini for Sagittarius

And then finally, why is Jupiter in Gemini not going to sit well with Pisces? Pisces doesn't trust, it's funny, Pisces can have a great love of humanity, but it doesn't always like humans.

I mean, I probably could say that better, but, but, but Pisces is really into humanity and people. But then when it gets into people themselves, they can find that disillusioning, or they can find that people aren't really very nice, or that people aren't [00:47:00] living up to their romantic ideals or their feelings of what people should be.

So, so Jupiter Gemini kind of brings Pisces back into the here and now. Um, sometimes Pisces, for instance, can feel for people who are suffering halfway across the world, but they won't ask loved ones or friends how they're doing that day. You know, it's, it's, it's, it's, Pisces can have a problem with intimacy and with what's going on closer at hand.

So Jupiter in Gemini is going to bring in People closer at hand and it's going to say, you know, you need to show your compassion or your feeling for these people, or let's say you're a creative Pisces, you may find yourself meeting someone who's just as creative as you but they're creative in a totally different way they're creative in a different hemisphere of the brain.

And so Jupiter and Gemini is going to be like, well, you're going to have to be more left hemisphere brain thinking, or you're going to have to be more right hemisphere brain [00:48:00] thinking. Thank you. If you're going to work in a creative collaboration or business partnership with this person and Pisces might be like, I'm not, I'm not, you know, buying, buying this, I'm not signing on for this and Jupiter and Gemini is going to say, like, the only way you're going to get to where you want to go is by working with this.

So, so there might be unlikely partnerships. Uh, peculiar collaborations or this is the person I have to work with, you know, question marks over Pisces head as Jupiter moves through it. Um, but what Jupiter is doing is bringing what can sometimes become a little bit too sacralized down to earth and down into your day to day life, uh, with Jupiter and Gemini, God shouldn't be on.

uh, far away mountain peak in Tibet that you have to take a pilgrimage to, God should be someone that you're talking to in line at the local grocery store. Okay. So this is the way that Jupiter and Gemini is bringing this kind of like immediacy to Pisces and making them look for [00:49:00] the things that they're looking for, making them, recognize inspiration in what's around them rather than in far away vistas.

Saturn in Pisces

All right. So, Now, Jupiter is going to form a square to Saturn on August 20th and on December 24th. Saturn, as you may remember, is in the zodiac sign of Pisces. And so, uh, Saturn is basically creating tests, trials, and tribulations in the context of Pisces. So, um, Something that we can all recognize right now is that the world isn't a particularly kind place nowadays.

We see a lot of suffering that's going on around us. We see it in our family lives, we see it in our neighborhood lives, we see it in our national lives, we see it in our international lives. Okay, but what is our reaction to it? Are we, are we like, Oh, I'm [00:50:00] so numb to this or I've got, you know, uh, pain burnout, you know, or, or something like that.

No, Saturn and Pisces is, is, is saying there is suffering in. the world, that we are all a part of. It's not going on somewhere else. And what are you doing about it? You know, I mean, how are you commiserating? How are you honoring? How are you recognizing? How are you trying to make the world a better place?

Saturn and Pisces also can bring out very much, um, isolationist tendencies and also retreat tendencies, you know, um, like, like, I'm so overwhelmed by what's going on in my life. I need to retreat and I need to, um, disassociate. And that can be there very strongly as well. So, so Saturn in Pisces is always going to be the nagging.

Okay. It's always going to be the nagging. question of conscience [00:51:00] of like, okay, you benefited with this. This is a good thing. You gained something, but who lost because of your benefit? Who lost because of your gain? Saturn and Pisces has a real sensitivity to that. There can also be. Shaming people in pain that takes place with Saturn and Pisces, you know, if someone's like, I'm in pain and it might be like, well, you know, what's going on in your life?

I mean, if you want to talk about real pain, look at what's going on with all these other people, you know, or it can be like, you brought it upon yourself, you're a victim or whatever, you know, so there can be a lot of, um, pain shaming that takes place. And Saturn and Pisces is standing up to that it's saying pain is.

a universal human experience and don't shame someone for doing that. And so people who are in distressed circumstances or who are dealing with difficult situations may be feeling with this Saturn in Pisces, um, I, I'm, I'm, I'm not going to just be a doormat. I'm not just going to be [00:52:00] silent anymore. I'm going to speak up and I'm going to resist saying, Oh, the world's a great place when it's suffering and all these different places and we need to bring everyone together with this.

So, so with Pisces, there's a very strong compassion and, and then the Saturn introduces Um, a cynicism versus a reality, you know, and, and pain is something that's very hard for all of us to deal with. And suffering is something that's very hard, but suffering is hard for those who are suffering.

Okay. Let's start with that. You know, and then for those who aren't suffering, there's like guilt or whatever. And, and so Saturn and Pisces stands up for that. And it says, you know, there there's a cost. to this and we have to find a way to alleviate suffering. We have to find a way to open the heart. We have to say that a cynicism is, is, is, uh, you know, that most people's cynicism is just because it's inconvenient and we have to get past that and we have to get into very real ways of, [00:53:00] of, of addressing this, you know, and so this is part of what Saturn and Pisces will stand for when it's,

Saturn in Pisces Square Jupiter

when it squares Jupiter, uh, like it will on August 20th and December 24th.

That's going to challenge your relationship to pain and guilt in your life. I mean, those are two really heavy words right off the bat, but let's just come out and say it. You will be challenged in your relationship to pain and guilt in your life. If you are in pain or if you are suffering, have you closed up into yourself?

You know, are you not allowing others to help you, or have you brought the door down so that, you know, you reject others before they reject you? So what's your relationship to your own pain and to your own suffering? Because pain, we can become very absorbed in our own survival when we're in pain.

When you're in pain, you can't really think much. outside [00:54:00] of that. But then what's your relationship to it? Does pain make you feel vulnerable? Weak? Is that going to make you, you know, in the dichotomy of predator and prey, is that going to make you pray, you know? And, and so, so what's your relationship to pain?

And then what's your relationship to guilt? Do you feel guilty? about being in pain? Do you feel guilty about having caused someone pain? Uh, do you feel guilty about not caring about pain, or that's why you deliberately look away? So Jupiter in Gemini is always trying to bring things back to the conversational, the day to day, and then you're dealing with an isolating or retreating Saturn, and so they have to They don't have to find a way to coexist.

It's a square. They can continue bashing each other over the head with bats, but at a certain point, you may seek out like, like, like, what, what is the conversation here? How can I, how can I be.[00:55:00] How can I acknowledge that there's pain and suffering and also acknowledge that there is a world that where there isn't pain or suffering that's taking place and how do we bring them together?

So really questions of like, what is my relationship to pain? How do I treat people who are in pain? How do I treat people because I am in pain during that period of time? And then also. What's guilt to me? You know, does guilt close me off? Um, or does guilt open me up? You know, guilt can do a lot of closing people off.

Um, you know, Oh, I feel guilty about this, so, you know, I feel bad enough I'm not going to listen to you. And it's like, No, you, you need to come out of that guilt hole that you've, you've crawled into and, and come out and, and, and, and, and get rid of that guilt so you can be part of society. Again. Again, this, this theme of being part of society is really, really strong.

Pluto, being an Aquarius, Jupiter being in Gemini, this looking to one another. you know, for [00:56:00] companionship, for support, to, to show up, to alleviate, to assuage, to, to appeal, to heal, you know, this is really what this airside energy is doing. It's like, take it away from, you know, the great, Uh, parental agencies in your life and look to the other people in your life and, and how do you show kindness?

You know, how do you show pain? Um, what's your reaction to those? These are the things that are going to be stimulated, uh, very, very strongly here. Uh, Saturn and Pisces is going to bring a, is, is Saturn is in Pisces throughout 2024. So that brings a gravitas, uh, to cancer and to Scorpio, as well as to Pisces.

And so this, this brings a sort of emotional steads stead. Festiveness, sorry, I had to break that down in syllables. That was like an impo. I don't even know if that's a word, but it's an impossible word to pronounce. Okay. A steadiness. Okay. That Saturn brings to that. [00:57:00] The water signs are comfortable with being melancholic.

They're fine with it. Uh, the, the, the other signs, not so much. Okay. Um, uh, Taurus doesn't like being melancholic because it's a downer and, and, and it makes you unproductive and, and Virgo would prefer anxiety instead of melancholy, cancer for all of its, uh, mothering energy can get melancholic, okay, um, whether it's like the child going off to school or to college or time is passing or little ones are growing too fast, the cancer's not immune to melancholia.

Uh, Scorpio wrote the book on melancholia, okay, and Pisces can do melancholia like, you know, musical scales. Another sign that benefits from melancholia, actually, is Capricorn. Okay, so, so Saturn in Pisces, you know, brings that sort of melancholia, and with melancholia comes deep feeling and profundity, and so it will operate in those ways, but there are other [00:58:00] elements that aren't so.

comfortable with that, with that melancholia. It's seen as a downer or, or it asks uncomfortable questions. And so, um, that, that might be something where the Saturn runs afoul.

Virgos in 2024

Now I want to make a special note here about Virgo in 2024. Virgo may feel like it's lost its momentum when Jupiter leaves Taurus, uh, on May 25th.

Uh, Virgo has been dealing with Neptune being opposite it since about 2012. Okay. So Neptune is right at the end of Pisces right now, and Saturn is right at the beginning of Pisces as as 2020. It's retrograded back down to zero as retro, uh, uh, as 20 20, 24. Uh, uh, opens for Virgos. So Virgos are kind of feeling at sea, uh, sometimes they feel kind of enamored about being at sea and sometimes they feel like adrift feeling at sea.

As Neptune finishes up or winds up its opposition in, in Pisces, it gets to [00:59:00] 29 degrees Pisces, uh, Virgos are feeling like there's all these doors that are opening or these options, you know, that, that are opening and, and all of these possibilities. But they're not sure if they should pursue them. And then we get to Jupiter and Gemini, which is pushing.

And so that, but then what Saturn is, it moves behind you is that Virgo for every door that you open a window that you open or option that you explore. Saturn is closing the doors. behind you. In other words, you move forward, you have to move forward. But what Virgo is going to experience is that options they thought that they could go back to are no longer there.

So that's what I mean by Neptune is leading you forward, exploring different, you know, ideas and Saturn quietly behind you is closing the door or closing the window. This is no longer an option. You can't go back to this, you know, and so there's going to be a lot of, emphasis on the decisions and the choices that Virgo makes.

The 29th Degree in 2024

Let's talk about [01:00:00] 29 degrees. We have two modern planets that are hanging out at 29 degrees, uh, uh, this year in, in 2024. And it's very important. Neptune will be at 29 degrees. Pisces from May 3rd, 2024 to September 3rd, 2024. Uh, 29 degrees is an, is a radical degree. It's, it's a, it's a very extreme degree.

It's where things really sort of come to a head and it's supposed to be in order to, you know, step over the threshold into a beginning. But that's not what's going to be happening because Neptune gets to 29 Pisces and then it tarries. It lingers there. It retrogrades back. And so for many Pisceans, there's going to be this feeling like, like things are coming forward to an ending, but like, then it kind of hangs out a bit, you know, so, so it could be this pressure to move forward.

[01:01:00] But it's still not lined up right. And that can be very frustrating, particularly for Pisceans. But it can also be very profound, and I'll get to the profundity in a moment.

Pluto is hanging out at 29 degrees Capricorn from January 1st to the 20th, and then from September 4th to November 19th. Neptune is at 29 degrees Pisces, um, and stops being at 29 on September 3rd. Pluto is again at 29 degrees Capricorn on September 4th. What you have there is this sextile.

Capricorn and Pisces get one another. Capricorn is an earth sign, Pisces is a water sign. So you've got this sextile. And, and this says a lot to me. Um, because what's going on here, we're going to go into such a big radical shift. In 2025 when, uh, when, when, uh, Neptune enters Aries and Uranus enters Gemini, that's going to be a [01:02:00] whole shift.

Okay. But if you do a critical or dramatic shift like that, it can be too much, you know, it can overwhelm it can be, oh, I can't, you know, deal or I can't deal with this, you know, and so what's happening with the planets. And this is the beauty of the modern planets is that they introduce the idea of the shift, the transition.

Gradually, you know, it's kind of like a little toddler who's going into a pool for the first time You don't take the toddler and throw them into the deep end Okay they they start like with a step and they maybe laugh or cry or they They laugh and clap their hands or they cry and want to want to leave the pool But you know, they start with a step they start in the shallow end you know, they they get used to the idea and this is what these beautiful sextiles between uh, Neptune and and pluto are doing They're getting you used to the idea of something new, but they're also asking you to pause and reflect on the things that you that you [01:03:00] are leaving behind and on some of the things that you may not want to leave behind and that you may want to take with you.

As you cross over that threshold into into the 2025 planetary complexion of all those aspects. So there's going to be a lot of asking what worked. And how do I, uh, repackage it? How do I reformulate it moving forward? There's that idea of reform again, uh, that's taking place. But, um, these degrees are going to be sort of like punctuated degrees.

So, so, so the. good punctuated degrees. Okay. When, when this Neptune at 29, Pluto at 29, you know, where, where it's really powerful and very profound, um, a good day, for instance, is May 23rd. Actually, May 23rd may very well be the best day of 2024. [01:04:00] Okay. Um, especially for Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces, but May 23rd, you have a Venus Jupiter conjunction at 29 degrees Taurus.

Venus will be sextiling Neptune at 29, um, uh, uh, 29 Pisces and Jupiter, because it conjoined Venus, will be also sextiling Neptune at 29 Pisces. That's on May 23rd. So that is an extremely powerful day. You have the benefics in conjunction, which is always a wonderful thing. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and then Jupiter is the co ruler of Pisces, and it will sextile Neptune.

All of that happens on that day. So this May 23rd of 2024 is like a superior day. It's like a really, really great day. And because the planets don't always do things exactly on the day, you want to sort of take it in the week running up or the two weeks running up to that conjunction, but best day of year is May 23rd, 2024.

Um, it's followed by July [01:05:00] 11th, where Venus trines. Neptune again at the 29th degree, uh, Venus will be in Cancer at 29 Cancer, Neptune at 29 Pisces, and then you've got, um, on July 20th, Mars sextiling Neptune with Mars at 29 Taurus and Neptune at 29 Pisces. So May 23rd, July 11th, and July 20th are really like superior days, um, for in, in 2024.

Your watch out days, your, your, what I call the duck and cover days, uh, you know, Rise and shine are the good days and duck and cover are the bad ones. Your watch out or watch it, you know, days are going to be June 16th, where Venus squares Neptune again at the 29th degree. This time Venus will be at 29 Gemini and, uh, Neptune will be at 29 Pisces.

So this could be a very, uh, treacherous. period of time. Uh, August 28th, you have Venus opposite Neptune. Venus is at 29. Uh, Virgo [01:06:00] opposite Neptune at 29 Pisces. So again, that can be a very sort of like, um, do I, uh, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm being led to head left, but, but actually I should have gone right, or if I go right, then, then maybe I want to go left.

So that can be a crossroads period right there, that August 28th. Uh, September Second is one that is also potentially misleading or treacherous. Uh, that is when Mars squares Neptune in retrograde. Mars is at 29 degrees Gemini, and the Neptune is 29 Pisces. On November 3rd, this… This is a hard day.

Um, and, and, and it's, and it's, it's kind of playing into the energies that were going on, uh, in the October, November of 2023. On November 3rd, you've got Mars at 29, Cancer opposite Pluto at 29 degrees. Capricorn. And that could be kind of like the, the, the final and perhaps very adversarial conclusion [01:07:00] to some sort of dispute.

Um, and it can happen at that period of time. Now, You know, Venus conjoins and trines and sextiles, and Mars does this all the time with these signs that I've just told you about. They've been doing it for years. What makes these dates so critical is that they're doing it at the 29th degree, okay? You're not gonna see Neptune…

is the modern ruler of Pisces, remember, you're not going to see Neptune in its own sign doing this again at the 29th degree at these particular places.

0 Degrees in 2024

Subsequently, we're going to be having very powerful periods of time, very potent periods of time. Um, and these periods of time are going to be so potent because just as the 29th degree is representing the end of a sign, the, uh, following dates I'm going to be sharing with you are taking place at zero degrees Aquarius, or, or at one degrees Aquarius.

It's taking place at a very potent, uh, pocket, [01:08:00] uh, Plutonian energy. So very powerful times, um, particularly if you're an air sign and more specifically, if you're an Aquarius, the power, we've got powerful times with February 5th, when we have Pluto conjoining Mercury at zero degrees Aquarius. The first planetary conjunction following Pluto's entrance into Aquarius.

On February 13th, we have a Pluto Mars conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius. And February 17th, we have a Pluto Venus conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius. So these are going to bring beginnings, you know, sudden like in the game. Okay. This is, this is what's going on at that, at that period of time.

Important Dates & Transits

The following powerful dates, again this applies to the air signs and the fire signs, I didn't make that distinction before, but if I'm talking air, I'm also talking fire. The following dates are also extremely potent. In a good way, March [01:09:00] 10th is a Pluto Mercury sextile, March 21st is a Pluto Sun sextile.

That's a wonderful… What that's talking about is receiving information and being able to put it to good use. Okay, and that's, and that's really, really quite exquisite. Uh, then we have, um, April 6th, which is a Pluto Venus sextile, and that's probably going to be…

ending what I just talked about with the March 10th and March 21st. So Pluto Venus sextile could almost be like tying a ribbon on the package. Another potentially powerful time is May 3rd when Pluto sextiles Mars that follows Pluto turning retrograde. So for people born under Aries particularly and Scorpio this might be a reversal of something that was going in your direction and now you have to You have to, like, work with the new developments that have been thrown in there, or you have to scramble to get what you can get [01:10:00] and then cut your losses and move on.

And so that's going to be, uh, May 2nd, May 3rd, and that's going to be impacting, uh, uh, particularly Aquarius and Scorpio. Um, there are lovely drawings. On May 22nd and May 25th, there's a Pluto Sun trine, followed by a Pluto Venus trine, in Aquarius. And this is wonderful for relationships for all the air signs.

This will continue on June 2nd and June 4th, where you have trines to Jupiter and Mercury. Why am I singling these out? Because these are like the first trines or preliminary trines. that Pluto is making to these planets. So it's almost kind of like virgin soil in a way. It's very powerful. It's very, very good.

July 21st, is, it's also good for, uh, Aries and Scorpio, August 29th for the Venus ruled signs.

Okay. As we get Into, um, August,

[01:11:00] august is going to be a month that one wants to be very careful because there's a lot of conflicting planetary energies at that point. They, uh, can be combative. Um, and you've got Pluto in, in, in, In opposition to the sun, and that's going to be something that's kind of felt keenly, almost kind of seismically, uh, through, through everyone's lives.

Second Set of Eclipses

September brings the eclipses on September 18th. We have a lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Pisces. That's the first eclipse of the Pisces Virgo Cycle. Okay. Uh, we're, we're ending, uh, we're winding up the Aries Libra cycle, and that's the first one of the Pisces Virgo cycle.

So certainly a lot of Piscean and Virgo ones will be reacting very powerfully to that, especially if you're born towards the end of Virgo and of Pisces. And then on October 2nd. Uh, we have, uh, a solar eclipse in Libra that's getting back to a rebalancing energy, which probably [01:12:00] is going to be, uh, responding to the kind of, um, disruption that August will be, uh, bringing.

And so this is going to try to amend, uh, amend that idea.

Pluto Retrograde

And as we go into the fall, we have, uh, Pluto coming out of retrograde at 29 degrees Capricorn. It's reentered Capricorn on September 1st, and it comes out of retrograde on October 11th. So again, we might want to sort of make a window around the September 1st to the October 11th. This may be something in which there has been, a walking backwards, walking something backwards, or a sense of sliding backwards. And maybe almost sort of like yielding to it, in a way. Maybe almost kind of like, Oh, you know, I can't put up this fight, I can't put up this resistance, I can't keep at this anymore.

You know, it's kind of like the boxer in the last round of a boxing match who's gotten completely, you know, slammed. Alright, so there can be almost a feeling [01:13:00] of defeat. On this October 11th, can almost be a sort of resurgence. Think, uh, Popeye, uh, opening up a can of spinach and, and gulping it down after he's been beaten to a whatever pulp by Pluto.

Okay, so, so Popeye gets the spinach and all of a sudden it's like, you know, and like the little horn pipe sounds off and he's got biceps with little anchors or something like that on them. Okay, so, so this Pluto, Pluto. Coming out of Retrograde at 29 degrees Capricorn on October 11th is really, really powerful.

So whatever sides have been feeling defeated, whatever sides have felt like they're giving up the game or that they've lost all the progress, if you feel like you've lost all this progress, You know, around the August period of 2024. This is almost like, you know, you got your second wind. You got your can of spinach.

You're you're ready to push on forward. And so it's a very, very important note that I want to make there. Um, what it [01:14:00] also means is There may be this feeling that people have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. In other words, with all of the appeal Pluto and Aquarius, you know, tomorrow's a better day than today, you know, future oriented, make everything, you know, towards the future and revolution and, and, and, and wonderful, you know, it's, it's sins of the past that hold us back.

This Pluto. retrograde back to 29 Capricorn reminds everyone that there was, that there were a number of things about the past that were good and that you can't build the future from a blank slate. It can't be done from, you know, uh, a zero. Okay. That you have to build it on. everything that has come before.

So what you could see here is, um, things that have been introduced prematurely going up in smoke, whereas things that, you know, you know, that were kind of like holding on to the end suddenly get a second burst of life. Okay. And so [01:15:00] this is kind of like, it's almost kind of like the last. Gasp of Capricorn here, but it's not getting rid of Capricorn because there's all this like get rid of Capricorn It's more sort of like Capricorn is passing the things that you need You know the things from your past that you need to move Forward this isn't getting rid of the past.

It's coming to an acceptance of the past seeing the past Not as a day of reckoning, but as something to, uh, that something that deepens you, something that nurtures you. The past is associated with how mature the roots of your tree are, you know, and unless a tree has strong roots. that rooted down in the ground.

If you have huge winds, a tree can be easily uprooted. And so there may be a feeling of things being uprooted in that August and September period. Um, but then, and, and, and, and a feeling of sliding backwards. But then all of a sudden there's this surge of energy that, uh, that, [01:16:00] that, that, that grows from the past that stands for things that people would say are traditional, you know, um, that stand for things that are rock solid and good, not traditional and like, you know, traditional value is a judgmental way, but things that have stood the test of time.

That's really what I'm talking about. So that, um, there's this extraordinary, change around of, of, of disposition that comes to a head on November 3rd, when there is a Pluto Mars opposition at that 29 degrees Capricorn at that 29 degrees cancer. And because that's an opposition, I have to say that that's going to be a time of great reckoning, you know, a time in which it's kind of like, you know, a realization of like, what are we doing?

What have we done? You know, and let's take some steps back and we have to like, we have to face some things about ourselves, our behavior, about our actions that aren't easy to face. But if we don't face [01:17:00] them, then everything's going to go to hell in a handbasket. So, so it's really kind of, it's, it's very powerful that way.

I mean, to have Mars at 29, uh, uh, uh, Cancer and Pluto at 29 Capricorn for the last time on November 3rd, it's a very, very powerful day. So what's being set up here, uh, with this Mars at this critical 29 degrees of cancer, this critical degree, and Pluto, Pluto at this 29 Capricorn, a critical degree, it's, it's an extraordinary opposition, this on November 3rd, well, that's all going to be tied up with Mars entering the zodiac sign of Leo with, where it will turn retrograde.

Mars Enters Leo/Mars Retrograde

So Mars enters the zodiac sign of Leo on November 4th. So it enters Leo right after this, this, this critical opposition. And one would say, okay, it's entered Leo after this critical opposition, you know, but it enters Leo after this critical opposition only to turn retrograde in [01:18:00] Leo after this critical opposition.

So this is, this is a very important event. I'm, I'm, uh, speculating that there's something that's very critical. That takes place on November 3rd. And then you have the Mars entering Leo and it looks like it's going to parade, you know, forward into Leo and, and, and be very Leo nine, you know, maybe there's a feeling of triumph or victory or something along those lines.

But then, uh, Mars turns retrograde on December 6th and retrogrades, as we all know, are the not so fast. planetary reversals. Okay, they're about faces. And so Mars turns retrograde at six degrees Leo on December 6. So it may feel very triumphant, but all of a sudden it's turned retrograde and it's moving back down.

And it's moving back down to the early degrees of Leo, but it actually leaves Leo and it re enters Cancer. Okay, cancer, as you might recall, is where, uh, it had reached that 29th [01:19:00] degree before opposing Pluto. And so that's going to be a whole brouhaha that will be taking place between December 6th and February 24th.

Again, this is where you may see leonine things. Challenged. Okay. Leaders challenged. Authenticity challenged. Birthright challenged. Um, you know, uh, authority challenged. Leo is the zodiac sign of the good fathers. Leo is the zodiac sign of the king. So all of this is going to be challenged. So either, uh, uh, you know, authorities, people in position of power in your life are going to be challenged.

Um, if you occupy that. You may be challenged. Um, and what it may also, uh, indicate is maybe people feeling that they should be taking on this position and then deciding against it in some way, maybe retreating or moving away from such a thing. It's, it's [01:20:00] literally, I mean, you've got Mars and a fire sign, right?

So you literally have a hot potato. And so these challenges, uh, with this retrograde are probably going to go through February 24th. Um, uh, and everything will finally get on solid ground by about May of next year. So, I'm afraid that 2024 is going to end rather dramatically, and that drama is going to continue into 2025.

A Peek at 2025

So… 2025 I, 2025 is a game changing year, you know, uh, in 2025, March 31st, 2025, Neptune enters Aries. And on July 7th, 2025, Uranus enters, uh, Gemini. And then, um, we've also got Pluto in, in Aquarius. So all of a sudden these modern planets are going to be sextiling one another, okay? They're going to be in air and fire signs, okay?

This is, [01:21:00] this is huge if you're born under an air or fire sign. That sense of forward momentum and self realization is going to be enormous. But the thing about air and fire is that it can be very quick, it can be very aggressive, um, and it can be very sudden and it can move faster than maybe people born under other elements are, are comfortable moving.

Well, you know, the air and fire science could certainly say, well, with all the time that we've spent with Neptune and Pluto and, and Pisces and Capricorn, you know, that really slowed things down. Well, all of a sudden you've gone from going up a hill with the brakes on to in 2025, going down a hill with the brakes off.

And so that's going to be an enormous shift.


That is why it is so important, particularly with those 29 degrees days that I referred to, that as we move, as we go through 2024, we really take a look [01:22:00] at what we're leaving behind. Is it a good thing to leave behind? And that we choose what we want to take with us.

It doesn't have to be leaving everything behind. What, what, about Pluto's stay in since 2009 has, has bestowed something valuable, you know, whether it's knowledge, experience. property, an object, possession, reputation, status, um, a love, you know, what, what, what do you want to move forward with you? But what are the things that we can take with us moving forward into very innovative times?

What are the things that we can take forward from 2024 into 2025 that will be sustainable? So what we want to marry, what we want to identify in 2024 is what is sustainable. And what is good about the past as we move to a very future oriented 2025 and we want to find a way to marry sustainability with innovation in [01:23:00] our dream, in our vision of what a perfect world would be for us to all live in.



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