Triple conjunctions are rare birds as is, but the fact that two of the planets will be cazimi makes them rarer still! On February 28th, the Sun will conjoin both Mercury and Saturn in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Typically, a Mercury/Saturn conjunction acts like a wet blanket in the horoscope.Thoughts are leaden, apathy prevails, and you might even feel hopeless because everything you do seems like an exercise in futility.

However, the cazimi changes all that. “Cazimi” comes from the Arabic “kasmimi” and is meant to describe the planet as being in the heart of the Sun. Here the planet becomes resplendent and full of light – but only when it is exactly conjunct the Sun to the degree.

What this does is bring out the best in Mercury and Saturn so that the thoughts of Mercury combine with the profundity of Saturn leading to answers, solutions, and discoveries that are incontestable and empowering.

It’s like knocking on a door on a cold dark night and being welcomed into a home bathed in light and heat. Not only will this uplift your spirits, it may very well bring to an end a search or a journey that you set off on months ago.

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