New Moon in Cancer July 15, 2015

Each month at New Moon it’s time to push the systems reset button on your emotions.  Where have you been in the past month? What are your plans and where are you going? In astrology the Moon represents our connection to the past as well as the ebb and tide of emotion. In the water sign of Cancer, there is an added emphasis on surfing emotional highs and lows, then creating a safe space to feel your feelings.

The Moon in Cancer is a reflection and reminder of all the ways we connect to our lineage. Who is your family? This can be your family of origin or your soul family, your friends or community with similar values and interests. Are you at peace in your relationship to Mother and Father? If not, other planet patterns this month support a time to turn a corner.

The New Moon in Cancer this month is supported by serious Saturn in Scorpio. Take the time to connect with those who are most important to you in your life. Pay your respects. There is an element here about getting raw, real and vulnerable. You may have the opportunity to take your emotional connections to another level. However, it is important to create clear and healthy boundaries with the people you care for the most.

This New Moon is near motivated Mars and Mercury the messenger. Use the fuel to direct your communication with love rather than emotional reaction. This is no time to beat around the bush. Take your time to think before you speak so you don't put your foot in your mouth. With four planets in Cancer at this New Moon, it’s important to slow down. Emotions take their own time to process.  Notice if you wish things were moving more quickly. If you are experiencing impatience or irritation, grow up and trust the timing.

Supportive Suggestions for Cancer New Moon

  • Take some private time for yourself and family
  • Nurture family connections
  • Honor traditions
  • Slow down and be patient
  • Be responsible and know when to ask for help

“The Cancer New Moon is a time of nurturing and family. Quiet your emotions, and be compassionate toward yourself and loved ones. Take care of yourself with some personal private time so you have energy to nurture others. Cancer is a water sign that desires emotional connection. Be loving, gentle and kind. Remember your Mother. Create a safe space of peace and protection.” – Excerpt from “Manifesting by the Light of the Moon,” 2015 second edition by Kathryn Andren

Remember the expression: Where attention goes, energy flows? The Cancer New Moon is all about who you nurture. Just like a gorgeous garden, when you give time, energy or love to specific people in your life, watch these relationships grow.  When you give your loving attention to people, projects or plans this month, notice what develops for you.

A Journey Through The Zodiac

What does this New Moon mean for you? Check out your Sun sign and rising sign below to dive deeper into the Cancer New Moon themes.


Take the day off! Today’s New Moon in Cancer activates your area of home and family. Enjoy extra time with children or slow down to take care of yourself. Maintain your center so you can move toward new opportunities as they are presented to you.


Let’s talk about it. The Cancer New Moon falls in your house of communications and connections today.  It’s time to get out of your shell, the planet patterns today support you in asserting yourself. Now is the moment of power.


Pass the menu, please. It’s time to totally indulge. The New Moon today activates your sensuality zone.  Go out for an evening of fine food and dining or simply stay home with your sweetheart and nurture your private desires. Planet patterns this week support slowing down and taking extra care of yourself and your dear ones.


This is your time to shine. The Cancer New Moon today energizes your area of individuality. This week is an awesome opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Remember everybody wins when you balance quiet time for yourself,  family, work and relationships.


Laugh it off Leo. It’s time to start over since today’s New Moon falls in your region of completions. Don’t get sucked in to old stories or drama.  Thinking about the past will only keep you caught up in a loop. Once you take action to let your true feelings show, then it’s easier to let it all go.


Reach out and touch someone. The Cancer New Moon today falls in your area of friendships. Remember, true friends carry you through tough times.  You connect in sorrow and celebrate your joys with the ones you love the most.  When was the last time you let your best buddies know how much you really feel about them? Show someone how much you truly care.


You stand out in the crowd this month since the New Moon activates your career area and public life. Relationships are potentially on the back burner if you are super focused at work. Take time off for some self care and nurturing.  Make healthy choices to balance your needs for your public life and private life.


Come out of hiding Scorpio. The Cancer New Moon today lights up your area of travel and the higher mind. Perhaps you have renewed curiosity to explore a summer vacation, or you have an impulse to learn something new. Hit the road for an adventure sometime this week.


Snuggle up Sag. The New Moon in caring Cancer energizes your intimacy zone. Optimize today’s energy to make a move under the covers. Sing, dance, or jump into a yoga routine; anything that activates and nurtures your life force. Align your intentions, then take action to do something different.


It’s time to take a risk and reveal your true feelings. The Cancer New Moon activates your region of marriage and relationships today. Here is an awesome opportunity to assert yourself and let your loved ones know how much you truly care. You better get raw and real, because vulnerability is required.


Create a new rhythm. The New Moon today energizes your region of routines and healthy habits. If you feel like your life has been stuck in a rut, take action to mix things up. Take a detour on your run or sign up for a new yoga class to put yourself in new situations.


Actions speak louder than words. The New Moon today in caring Cancer spices up your region of romance. Be sure you speak up for what you truly desire in life and love. If you have a special someone, take the time to express yourself and let your feelings show.

Look up & Look In: A Visual Connection to the Current Planet Patterns

Look up to the West about a half hour after sunset. Wherever you are in the world, you can still enjoy the love goddess Venus near Jupiter. They both close to the star Regulus, the heart of the Lion in the constellation of Leo.

Just days after the New Moon, a crescent Moon meets with Venus and joyful Jupiter on July 18. These three planets together symbolize an expansion of love and luck. Optimize the energy this weekend! Go star gazing this weekend and enjoy this gorgeous sight.