Summer is a lullaby season. Days are long, nights are short, and you can sleep out under the stars if you like. Everything you could possibly wish for is in reach. You can pluck fruit from the trees, pull vegetables out of the soil, or hook a fish while lazily dozing on the riverbank.

Summertime is when the living is easy because Mother Nature is here to provide, and like an infant suckling at the breast, you can nestle peacefully knowing that you are well cared for. Now you might laugh and say “I wish!” but this dream of abundance is encoded into the very essence of the season.

In fact, you're so enthralled by this idyll that even if you know it's not true, that won't stop you from striving to make it true for those you love and care for. This is the way life should be and with Pluto no longer opposing the Sun in the zodiac sign of the Crab, you will endeavor to make it happen.

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