Once again, the Sun will be forming a square to Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, on February 8th. These are bi-annual occurrences when most of us watch in disbelief as our best-laid plans get turned upside down or inside out.

You can think of Sun/Uranus squares as Mercury retrogrades on steroids. This one will be particularly potent because of its close proximity to the New Moon in Aquarius. This signals something under the radar that's bound to have a surprise impact.

Admittedly, this sounds a bit distressing, but Sun/Uranus squares are just as likely to bring a breakdown as a breakthrough. It really is anyone's guess.

If it's a breakdown, then think of this square as the only way out of a situation that's dominated your life for months.

And if it's a breakthrough? Then consider it payback for all those upset apple carts you've had to pick up after.

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