Ep 016 – How Your Moon Sign Reveals Your Soul's Lineage: An Interview with Shamanic Astrologer, Tami Brunk

“To have something [ a birth chart ] that can help point you in the direction of how you're unique and different is so powerful. Otherwise, you can get lost in comparison. And that's deadly.” – Tami Brunk


“It's a vibration – you've got all your energy at your disposal, and you say YES To Life. That's what it feels like to be in the unfolding of your soul purpose…”

At some point in your life, you’ve fallen in love with something or someone…

You’ve felt a hum tingle inside and all of a sudden everything was brand new with endless possibilities. No matter how short or long your enchantment lasted—that sensation gave you a taste of how embodying soul purpose feels. But…if the rush fades, does that mean you were wrong—only crushing on an idea? Astrologer Tami Brunk has a practical insight on this topic!

Tune in to hear how knowing the ‘bones’ of your purpose & staying in dance with spirit leads you through the unfolding of your purpose.

Most memorable quote(s) from the show:

“One of the biggest gifts of astrology really is bringing people back into, wow, I am a part of something. I do have a purpose. I do have meaning here, it's written in this language that is, is incredible and can tell me actually so much more about my life and my direction.”

Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh

I understood my chart in a certain way when I first learned about it, but now many years later the bones are the same. But the way I experienced my soul purpose is unfolding. It's changing radically. And there's a deep truth to it that I can tap back into all the time. And I think for my clients, that's what I want to be able to do, tap back down into the bones of what their soul purpose is and be in a dance with spirit – to be an about what is unfolding that's new in this moment.

Tami Brunk


GUEST: Tami Brunk
HOST: Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh

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