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[2020 Prep Series] What Atlantis, 2020 and YOU have in Common

An Interview with Kaypacha

This Week’s Luminary Kaypacha

Astrologer Kaypacha says that 2020 has a very important invitation, one filled with an incredible opportunity to shift consciousness into a more spiritual loving paradigm for humanity. However, this will only happen if we – you and I – step up into that call. Everything is up for renewal. Kaypacha will share why he’s both looking forward to it and also has some trepidation.
  • He’s also going to share…
  • What to do with your Crown Chakra to move beyond ego, but not in sacrifice.
  • How to become a channel to a higher consciousness
  • How to be the highest expression of what this Aquarian Age is seeking to express through you.
If you’ve been waiting for the old to fall while the new emerges, you’re going to love this episode.


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