At Your Fingertips

Astrology can help you understand your unique gifts, talents and challenges when it comes to finances. What do you value? What are your spending habits? What tools and methods will be most helpful for you in making and saving money? An astrologer with a financial lens can help you answer these questions and more using your birth chart.

Book a financial astrology reading with one of these financial astrologers and get the inside scoop on your personal financial blueprint.

Astrologer Connect Astrologer Square

Michelle Dench


Relationships, Family Dynamics,


Price Per Reading

Starting at $109/ booked 

or $2/ minute instant

We are all on a Soul journey of remembering the Love that we are, and the birth chart is the map of that journey. I’m a map reader with you on the Path.

Astrologer Taylor Shuler

Taylor Shuler


Career, Soul Purpose,

Sustainable Living

Price Per Reading

Starting at $333/ booked 

or $3.33/ minute instant

Astrology is the love note your soul wrote to you as you were born, and I am a mere translator hoping to leave you feeling greater love for yourself,