What’s Chiron’s role in all this?

“The solar eclipse with Chiron in Aries presents a powerful opportunity for healing and transformation.” – Christopher Renstrom ✨🌒

Checking in… how’s it going?

I don’t know about you, but it feels like transformation on turbo speed!

And through the intensity, I’ve had some extraordinarily powerful insights coming in…

These eclipses are hitting my lunar nodes in reverse (I’m an Aries South Node and Libra North Node in the 2nd and 8th houses.)

And literally almost every “text book” theme that could possibly be activated through this axis is on FIRE for me right now!

  • How have my people pleasing tendencies affected my financial life? 
  • How has choosing the “easy path” or the one with less conflict, made me overlook certain things that should be addressed head on? 
  • Where have I allowed behavior that doesn’t work for me in order to avoid conflict? And on, and on…

But as challenges continue to show up for me, I keep reminding myself that they are coming up because they are LEAVING. 

That I don’t need to get dragged down by them, or attach a big storyline to them, or berate myself for past choices…

These old patterns, thoughts and beliefs are STANDING IN THE WAY of the next version of who I’m becoming, and they are ready to be released.

So the best thing to do is be grateful for the new level of awareness, feel the emotions, and intentionally let them go. And then, forgive myself and others for the past, choose new thoughts, and choose new actions.

And this is not just true for ME! 

Through the Aries New Moon Eclipse on April 8, we ALL have an accelerated opportunity to become aware of the things that have been holding us back – not to get stuck on – but to release.

There is a massive clearing out happening.

This is why we’re recommending to ritualize this process with a “Compost Board” for our Inner Circle Members and Eclipse Pathway to Purpose attendees.

A Compost Board is the opposite of a vision board (or Treasure Map as we like to call them here at Astrology Hub!) and it’s all about RELEASING what you’re done with! 

Members have said the process is liberating, freeing, cathartic, and healing… so potent!  

A lot of the opportunity for accelerated healing is being activated by Chiron’s role in next week’s Full Solar Eclipse in Aries. 

Chiron will be conjunct this eclipse EXACTLY, and after listening to Christopher Renstrom’s latest Astrology Hub podcast, I was reminded that, ohhh, right — maybe this “transformation on turbo speed” has something to do with Chiron’s role in this eclipse story! 🌟♈

In astrology, Chiron is a centaur asteroid. But most importantly, Chiron is like that wise friend who’s been through it all – they can point out your wounds, but they do so lovingly to help you heal and become stronger.

In this episode, Christopher goes much deeper into how the eclipses and Chiron’s energy can catalyze immense personal growth…

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BONUS: Christopher decodes the Aries Eclipse for your sun sign, revealing how the fiery Aries eclipse will personally impact you. Get ready for a personalized roadmap through this cosmic shift! 🌟🔍

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Let’s navigate this together! 🌟💖

With love,
Amanda 💫❤️

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P.P.S. Christopher’s episode on the podcast this week is golden (and imagine having access to these every Sunday in our Premium Podcast BONUS of the Inner Circle!)

In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s important to:

🔥 Harness the Solar Eclipse’s Cosmic Kickstart: Let this celestial phenomenon ignite a transformative fire within you, shedding the old and embracing a dazzling new beginning.
💖 Embrace Your Inner Softie: Vulnerability is Strength! Challenge negativity with self-compassion and nurture yourself with love during these wild times.
🌱 Remember Your Roots: Rekindle the flames of what inspires you. Reconnect with your core values and rediscover the source of your purpose and fulfillment.
🗣️ Let Your Voice Roar! This eclipse demands authenticity. Speak your truth with courage and unleash the power of your unique voice.
👥 Find Your Pack: Facing vulnerabilities can be daunting. Seek out a supportive community to guide you on this path.
👣 Take Baby Steps for Giant Leaps: Start with achievable goals, maintain consistent action, and witness your life blossom in unexpected ways.

P.P.P.S. Do you ever yearn for a true community? A place overflowing with love and support, where raising children, co-creating dreams, and simply enjoying life become shared experiences? With Pluto’s recent move into Aquarius, the concept of community becomes a central theme for the next two decades! Tune into my conversation with Andrea Michelle to learn more: The Astrology of Building Community in the Aquarian Age.

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