We’ve now officially entered the “letting go” period…

Where there was usually sunshine and radiance, I could see a dark cloud hanging over her…

“Are you ok?” I asked her softly…

She said weakly with a forced smile on her face, “Yeah, I’m good.”

That’s when I gave her the look. The… “sure you say that, but I know it’s not true” look! 😏

With this, her shoulders dropped and she let out a big sigh, saying what I was already thinking, “Wow, it’s REALLY intense right now.” 

Yes, it really is…

I was then able to give her a big hug, and share some insights about the big cosmic waves that we’re all navigating. 

We had just finished our epic 90 minute Eclipse Forecast Panel where we discussed why relationships are once again on the hot seat, the letting go process we’ve officially begun with the Libra Full Moon Eclipse (that just happened) and the gearing up that’s happening over the next few weeks as we move toward the Full Solar Eclipse in Aries.

She was so grateful to know that a) She’s not going crazy, b) She’s in alignment with the invitation right now to truly honor what’s authentic for her and c) this too shall pass.  

This exchange reminded me once again why I love astrology, why I love sharing astrology with you, and why I’m so grateful for its wisdom every day.

It also reminded me that you and I are amongst a small percentage of people on this planet who are AWARE of the energetic tides…

And because of this, we can truly offer a helping hand to those who aren’t as “clued in.”

If you need a hand right now, or if you know others who do, I highly encourage you to tune into the full 90-minute Eclipse Forecast Panel. Click here to access the full event for free, as part of our “Your Eclipse Pathway to Purpose” guided 2-Week journey.

It’s filled to the brim with insights and practical tips for how to not only survive, but thrive through this time.

I also recorded this condensed 23 minute “Snapshot” version of the full event for those of you who are short on time, but still want to be clued into the energies. I did my best to distill the wisdom of our 5 outrageously amazing astrologers into some “top takeaways!”

Click here to access my “Snapshot” of the Eclipse Forecast Panel.

We kept the focus of the Eclipse Forecast Panel Event on the personal application of the eclipse energies, because that’s what’s within your power to influence.

But there’s no doubt that a global conversation about these eclipses is happening as well. 

If you’re interested in exploring the mysterious path the eclipse is making through towns named after the biblical city, Ninevah, and if you want to know what the eclipses might mean for the United States given that the U.S. has seen 2 full solar eclipses traverse her lands in such short period of time…

Then you won’t want to miss the podcast episode we just released featuring Lada “AstroLada” Duncheva.

In it we go deep into both eclipses and what their invitations are for you personally…

But we also cover some of the astronomical, biblical and historical facets as well.

Tune into the podcast with AstroLada: 
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And finally, we’ve now officially entered the aspect of the “Eclipse Portal” that’s all about letting go. 

We recommend doing your “Compost Board” over the next two weeks. It’s the opposite of a Vision Board or “Treasure Map” as we love to call it in the Inner Circle.

And it’s going to help you make space for the big “calling in” energy that will immediately follow the Aries Full Solar Eclipse.

Compost Board instructions are detailed in the free workbook you get as part of Your Eclipse Pathway to Purpose.

There’s a reason we decided to really ramp up the support during this time…

The energy is mounting and people are going to be a little more “on edge” than usual.

We’re here to help you feel fortified and strong through it all…

So you can be there for yourself… and for the ones you love. 💖

Sending you a big “astrology hug”,


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