Capricorn Revisited and the Voice of the Grandmothers

What The Current Planetary Lineup Reveals

with Astrologer Tami Brunk


Founder and CEO of Astrology Hub, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh in conversation with Tami Brunk who is a Shamanic Astrologer and the founder of Astrology for Earth Renewal.


Amanda: Today we’re discussing the feminine element of Capricorn, and how it can nurture us, and give us perspective on what’s currently happening.


Tami: What a potent moment to be here!


Right now Mars is activating Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter in Capricorn.


In shamanic astrology, we look at Capricorn as carrying feminine medicine. I’m not referring to gender, but to the Earth elemental.


Traditional astrology considers Capricorn as a patriarch, but when Mars activates these planets, we are honoring a new expression of Mars. It’s a reset of how we see pretty much anything and everything in the culture around us.


The masculine principle of Mars is supporting us in opening into what the feminine expression of Capricorn actually is.


Over the last 5,000 years, Capricorn’s expression has been patriarchal, an expression of forgetting our connection to the earth.


But that is not it’s original essence. We’re moving into the energy of Capricorn that benefits us, and the planet as a whole. This gets expressed through the grandmother wisdom that lives inside us all. So that’s the overview.


Amanda: What do you mean when you say wisdom elements?


Tami: A couple of things. Capricorn has to do with the institutions, rules, and culture. When we’ve been creating culture from a patriarchal lens, part of that has to do with having a profound separation from the earth.


Capricorn originally expressed a healthy culture, with a feminine and masculine principle. For example, the Iroquois Confederacy had a circle of clan mothers at the top of their decision-making hierarchy.


What if the really wise women elders, or the wise male elders who have a concern for the planet, and the next seven generations…


What if they were in charge?


What if that part of each of us was in charge?


And again, it’s not about gender. Think about grandmother energy as that part of each one of us that has a concern for doing everything we can in our daily lives, to benefit the earth and all of life. It’s responsible. It’s practical, it’s capable. But it brings back into the picture a concern for the life systems of this earth.


You can think of your inner grandmothers. I like to embody them and personalize them. I feel like they’re real. They’re just as real to me as some other forces in the world. They’re like our DNA. They’re the seed and they’re also the seed potential of the future.


Amanda: You talk a lot about Venus and Inanna. How can they converge with Capricorn, and what’s the message here?


Tami: Venus goes through a really profound cycle that the ancient Sumerians told stories about. It’s a ceremonial death and rebirth that takes 19 months. She goes through a descent into the underworld and then comes out and restores herself.


In the story, Inanna is the goddess of heaven and earth. She knows who she is. She’s the goddess of love, of war, of fertility, of agriculture.


At some point in the story, she sets her ear to the great below. She hears the call of the underworld, the call of something deeper.


You could say the voice of her soul calling her to something deeper than what her current life and her current reality is calling for with her. And so over the course of the story, and in this beginning point, she has to make the choice.


First of all, when she goes to the underworld, she puts on all of her adornments. She puts on her beautiful gown. She puts on her lapis lazuli earrings, all these other adornments. They represent her identity, her ego and who she sees herself as in the world.


But over the course of her journey into the underworld, she goes in through seven Gates and she is required to remove something at each gate. This is a story about a deeper descent, and what’s required when we’re going through a descent process, which is simply to say a transformational process where we’re stripped down to our basic essence.


And so Inanna and Venus actually have a lot to say about where we are right now. I think in some way we’re choosing a descent collectively. The deeper part of our soul is choosing something collectively because it’s needed. Because what we have now and what we’re experiencing is not nearly as deep as what our souls want to experience.


We have to strip ourselves down to what’s essential, have a deeper transformation, and come into the truth of who we really are.


Amanda: So many people have been longing for this, but the process is humbling, scary, and uncertain.


Tami: The lungs are the place where we process grief or don’t process grief. And this virus weakens the lungs. And last year the lungs of the planet, the Amazon was on fire. There’s just this big collective grief that most people feel.


But there’s also a potential for this to be healing for the earth. We’ve gotten to see and experience the mobilization of humanity across the globe. So many young people are rising up for change.


From my perspective, these energies point to a powerful force for change. That’s what I’m seeing.


Amanda: That’s what I am seeing and feeling too! Thank you, Tami.


Now, for those of you reading this, there is a video and an audio version of this interview where Tami takes us through a guided meditation where we can reconnect to the grandmother energies within us.


I strongly encourage you to check that out, especially if you’ve been feeling grief or fear.


It will help you move into your deeper wisdom.



To watch the full interview + guided meditation with Tami, click here.


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