How To Navigate The Current Coronavirus Crisis With Neptune As Our Guide

A conversation with Founder and CEO of Astrology Hub, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh and Astrologer Natasha Alter


“There’s going to be a shock in the beginning of the year. A shock to the system. It's gonna hit us hard. It’s necessary, and eventually we’re going to know why.” – Adam Elenbaas, Astrologer and Author

At the end of 2019, I sat down with some of the world’s top astrologers and asked them what they thought would happen in 2020.

Most of them reported a big, dramatic event or shift, like Adam did above. 

As the Coronavirus quickly became a global crisis, I wondered how astrology can support us individually and collectively through this time. I interviewed Evolutionary Astrologer Natasha Alter, who invites us to view this crisis through the watery lens of Neptune. 

After talking to Natasha, here is what I discovered, and I want to pass it on far and wide to help as many people as possible right now.


Most Astrologers Are Looking At Saturn, But What About Neptune?

Most of the astrological community is focused on the Saturnian energy right now, and it makes sense why they would be!

For one, we’re in the middle of a rare Saturn-Pluto Conjunction which is impacting and disrupting life on so many levels. Also, Saturn rules everything that is finite including time and space. Sudden restriction on travel across borders, or even out of your own home, is considered Saturnian.

Natasha decided to take a look at what’s happening AROUND Saturn currently, in the energetic backdrop of global events, which led her straight to Neptune. In her assessment, Neptune is a very big player in the unfolding of COVID-19, and is setting the stage for humanity’s response to the pandemic.

Let’s take a deeper look at what this means for the world at large, and for us personally, while considering what Neptune is inviting us to do. 

We’ve already established that Saturn rules limitation and restriction, which is what most of us are feeling right now. Neptune on the other hand, rules Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. Neptune’s energy is the OPPOSITE of boundaries, limitations and restriction.

In Natasha’s words “Neptune is the last station of the Zodiacal Journey, where all that Saturn is holding so tight is being dissolved.”


Neptunes Water Is Washing Away Everything That Separates Us

One way to look at the position of Neptune right now, is that his waters are dissolving the constricted forms Saturn is holding onto. When form starts to dissolve, so do false boundaries of separation and limitation.

As Natasha states: “It is a highly spiritual energy, and what it’s doing right now is bringing us back to the primal original oneness. 

It is the archetype of oneness, the unity out of which everything has been formed and created, the place we came from and the place we are going to in many many cycles, that is playing out right now.

While science and physics are just now starting to prove that oneness and connection is the nature and fabric of reality, astrology knew it all along.

With Neptune in his home sign of Pisces, everything he symbolizes is being amplified. And every single thought, emotion or experience we have is impacting the whole in a far more profound way now than what is typical, as the current events unfold.

Natasha says: “The Coronavirus is here to teach us there are no borders, there are no countries, there are no shields. It is here to show us our vulnerability, our susceptibility to everything we share in this ether, as well as our connectivity. There is a huge opportunity to return and remember all that unites us both on a personal and a planetary level.”


How Astrology Answers, “What’s My Part?”

None of these astrological musings are here to try and avoid or bypass the real human suffering that is happening on a massive scale.

We are all invited at this time to step up and be of service to our higher calling, and to others in whatever way is congruent based on our personal makeup and chart.

Andit is empowering to look at the potential of a major global unification arising from this crisis, and ask ourselves, “How can I help? What’s my part?”

Typically speaking, when a crisis happens, people feel distanced because it’s happening “over there.” Or, they feel that it’s happening to them, and they feel alone or isolated with it. The Coronavirus is one of the first instances where the entire world is in crisis together. 

Neptune represents the collective thoughts and responses, so we can use this understanding to take a deeper responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, actions and words in this time. 

If it’s true that we are all one organism, as Neptune tells us… and we know that every single cell in that organism has an impact on the rest of it, then this is a time where we can feel our personal power on a deeper level and act accordingly.

At this time, Neptune is inviting us to move past any lingering sense of “Oh, it’s just my small voice.” It’s a reminder to step back into our power and be even more conscious of our intentions, thoughts, prayers and visions.

Why? Because as always we are in a co-creative experience here on this planet. The energies are happening, there are things out of our control, but what we CAN control is our response, our contribution and the vision we are seeding for the future. 


Saturn Wants to Help!

Saturn and Capricorn are coming to aid us with the Neptunian energy by asking us to take responsibility for what we are spreading. Whether that’s in our words, our actions, or our feelings.

It’s also giving us an opportunity to see what doesn’t work, and how quickly things can crumble.

I recently interviewed Astrologer Christopher Renstrom who said:

“2020 is not going to be without its obstacles. It's quite an obstacle course, but I think that what we all get at the end of it is an extraordinary sense of accountability, emerging out of whatever our journey is.”

How are you making sense of your current role in the larger picture? 

We’re all in this together. 



To listen to the full interview with Natasha, click here. To watch the full interview with Natasha, click here.

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