How To Embody Your Personal Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars!

We live in a world of information overload. Oftentimes this turns into information overwhelm. And for students of astrology, it can be easy to get caught up in the concepts and ideas of what personal planets “mean” when there are so many schools of thought and systems of analysis.


When we get stuck on keywords and heady interpretation, astrology becomes something we think about instead of something we KNOW through experience.


So what happens if we change our perspective? What if we shift from intellectualizing the planets and their meanings to working with them in a more holistic and embodied way? 


Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron Allen believes that by bringing the stars down to earth and into your body, you can understand how to truly nourish yourself.


His work connects the dots between the planets, plants, our organ systems, and emotional complexes, emphasizing the way that everything is connected.


When you bring celestial forces into your body, into an experience, and into a feeling nature, you create an entirely new mode of perception for yourself and come back into relationship with your true nature. 


Cameron emphasizes the holistic wisdom found in astrology and its interconnectedness to nature, saying that by understanding your unique astrological makeup and tuning into the patterns that occur in your body and the natural world, you can create true vitality for your body, mind and spirit.


So let’s take a look at how you can begin to engage this embodiment practice by looking at how each of the personal planets (i.e. the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars) connects to your body and nature so you can begin to truly nourish yourself!


The Sun



“I look at the Sun as purpose because it's the integrative force – The central thing. If you don't have a purpose, then what are you really doing here? What are you trying to illuminate? What are you shining a light on? We gotta have a purpose.”


In the Body: The Sun corresponds to the cardiovascular system, the heart. It's about getting things moving, making sure everything is functioning properly. It gives us that vital force.


Herb: The plant that Cameron associates with the Sun is St. John’s Wort. It grows on the sunny side of the mountains and it’s flower even looks like it has little rays of the sun coming out of it. When we drink it, it gives a sense of feeling uplifted and boosts our capacity to close puncture wounds in our energy field. 


Embodiment Tip: Speak from your heart and express yourself in a joyful way.


“Things that we want to create and are excited about, we have to do that from within ourselves and embody that energy… The Sun just naturally does what it’s made to. It creates how it creates. It stays in its purpose. And we have to be mindful to do that too.”


The Moon

Emotional Security, Rest and Sleep


“Whenever we don't feel safe, we're not allowing pure flow. And whenever we're not allowing pure flow, we're inhibited and when we're inhibited, the lymph doesn't flow properly.”


In the Body: The Moon corresponds to lymph flow, which is more localized than the entire lymphatic system, and to the stomach and breasts as well. It also co-rules the uterine area. 


Herb: The plant that Cameron associates with the Moon is Mugwort. It has a white, silvery, lunar color and is a tried and true plant for dream work. It increases circulation to the pelvis and helps with the menstrual cycle. 


Embodiment Tip: Rest and sleep. When you feel unsettled, it impacts your ability to rest.


“If you have something going on with your Moon in your chart, focus more on rest and sleep.”



Mental Organization


“Mind does not exist in the head, mind is all-pervasive around the human or within the human. So when it comes to mental organization, it has to do with information and how it's moving within our body and how it's organizing. Mind also impacts communication, and how we communicate with the rest of our body.” 


In the Body:  Mercury corresponds to the lungs. We communicate with the rest of our bodies by breathing.


Herb: The plant that Cameron associates with Mercury is Calamus Root. It helps with the respiratory system, mental clarity, and digestion.


Embodiment Tip: Breathe. Once you control your breath, you are communicating with your whole reality. Communication is more than just words.


“You want to control something? Control your breath. Because once you control that, you're communicating with your whole reality. You're communicating with yourself. You're mentally organizing yourself in a way that you know you're calm, you're safe, you're secure, and then you can actually process information.”





“What do you value? Venus correlates with art, beauty, love and represents how we relate to life and what we value. Know what you value so you can go out there and get it.”


In the Body:  Venus corresponds to the kidneys which regulate things and keeps harmony within the human body.


Herb: The plant that Cameron associates with Venus is Damiana. It is an aphrodisiac popular for bringing people closer together. It is also used for social anxiety and is relaxing in quality. Damiana helps us connect and reconcile with each other in a more harmonious way.


Embodiment Tip: Cultivate nourishing relationships. This will help you find harmony, resonance and balance and goes beyond just social relationships.


“What value do your relationships bring you in your life? What is your relationship to the food that you're eating, your diet? What is your relationship to your significant other? What is your relationship to the ideas that are online, that you're reading all the time? What's your relationship with technology, your relationship to your exercise practice? If these relationships aren't nourishing, we have to find a way to modulate that and find harmony, balance and resonance.”



Conscious Desire & Instinctual Drive


“If our instinctual drive feels repressed, that could make us feel like we're in a fight or flight mode and our adrenal glands can be very activated.”


In the Body:  Mars corresponds to the adrenal glands which sits right on top of the kidneys (which Venus rules).


Herb: The plant that Cameron associates with Mars is Tribulus, a plant with sharp thorns. It is used for the prostate, libido, and increasing metabolism.


Embodiment Tip: Move your body. And be mindful of what movement your body needs. If you have a lot of Mars energy, you may want to practice stillness.


“Mars is all about movement. It's this raw, visceral, primal and impulsive. It's about moving… What are we doing as humans and what are we doing as movers?”



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