COSMIC INSIDER: Your January Forecast

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

– Joseph Campbell



Happy New Year! It’s time to bring on the new… but not too quickly. 


At least that’s what Rick Merlin Levine says in our Cosmic Connection January Forecast.


We ended 2021 with a bang, passing through the long-awaited, final Saturn/Uranus square on December 23, “Christmas Eve Eve”.


I’m sure you noticed the crescendo of intensity around the holidays this year.


The good news is that Rick says you’re through the eye of the needle, but it may feel like you’re still carrying baggage with you as the fallout from the end of year events continues to unfold.


With the energy lingering, you’re getting some extra time to learn the lessons you need to learn and integrate the pieces of the story.


Rick also says Pluto is a major player for us this month. Creating situations where the unseen will be seen and the unknown known. He said it will feel like “there is a nuclear-powered candle being shone into the darkest of caves so we can see what’s going on”.


So, how do we work with Pluto to find the buried treasure beneath the ruins? How do we make friends with this sometimes “scary” planet?


Rick equates Pluto energy to the caterpillar’s journey of becoming the butterfly, saying, “The natural process brings about evolution. The more we fight it, the more difficult it is.”


We can befriend Pluto by facing our shadow and our fears, rather than resisting them.


In that light, I love thinking about the heart on Pluto. And I mean the actual ice shape of the heart on the face of the planet. 


It seems to show us that while it can be challenging and there can be pain, there is also love.




You may have to work a little harder these days to find the love in different situations or see the best in those around you…


But if you can see the love behind the challenges and find the beauty in the transformation…


It might make these days of journeying to the underworld feel a little lighter.


With love, 


CEO & Founder


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