COSMIC INSIDER: Time to step into your power

This week, Astrologer Scott Tejerian joined for the Weekly Astrological Weather, giving us clear, grounded advice for navigating the energy.


With the New Moon in Aquarius joining with the Sun, that brings 7 planets into signs ruled by Saturn, making the theme for this week “responsibility.”


And “responsibility” doesn’t have to be a scary word! Think about it as “response-ability”, a chance for you to respond in a way that is in integrity for you.


Thereby, “working with the transits” instead of letting the transits “work you!” 


Check out the full episode with Scott to get even more practical insights on how you can use this, “opportunity to step up and to step into your power.”


And enjoy the February Forecast with Rick Levine for your monthly guidance and our weekly offerings from Jamie and Christopher below!


With love, 


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P.S. The long-awaited Cosmic Calendar 3-Week Course with Christopher Renstrom opens for registration next week, so make sure to get on the Waitlist now so you’ll be the first to know!


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