Weekly Astrology Forecast: August 21st through August 27th – Mercury Retrograde isn’t as bad a you think!

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday and inevitably, social media will start teeming with images like this:   While these memes may be amusing, they definitely contribute to Mercury Retrograde’s undeserved bad rap! And the common conceptions about what Mercury Retrogrades are, create a resistance for many people that may not be the most useful. Because here’s…

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: August 7-13 – Fated Connections

Astrology for the week ahead August 7th 2023 through August 13th, 2023 with Astrology Hub

The destined meeting that changes your trajectory… … a flash of creative insight that inspires your next big project… That feeling of aliveness you haven’t experienced in a very long time… That’s what’s in store this week! Harmonic astrologer, Clarissa Dolphin, says it’s a “13th harmonic and Venus dominated week”… What does this mean? It…

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Hold the Vision. Do the Work.

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  “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes time. Vision with action can change the world”. – Joel Barker   It’s almost Independence Day here in the U.S. and this week’s astrological weather is very conducive to one particular aspect of Independence…   The freedom to decide that there is…

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Exiting the Pattern…

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Hey there Astrology Lover,   The astrology this week has us focused on the “patterns” in our relationships…   You know, the storylines that seem to play out over and over again – whether with friends, romantic partners, or even at work!   Have you noticed these patterns in your own life? I always think…

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What is Astrology?

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What is Astrology?       I. Introduction   In accordance with the Hermetic Principle, “as above, so below,” human beings throughout recorded history have looked to the sky for a reflection of life on Earth. They’ve observed the correlations between the ever-changing starry landscape and the tides of their own personal and collective lives.…

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Rapid Fire Insights ⚡

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Astrology Lover, it felt so good to return to the Weekly Weather this week!   I’m incredibly grateful to Jamie Magee for taking over in my absence, but WOW– what a joy it was to sit down with Clarissa Dolphin to discuss a thrilling week of astrology.   After two weeks away, this energizing conversation…

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