The Full Moon is a time to stand out of the crowd and let your light shine. This is a time of ripeness, an opportunity to harvest the reward of whatever you have been working on the past few weeks.  Notice what was once unconscious is now being revealed into the light.

Full Moon in Aquarius

A Full Moon in Aquarius supports creating cosmic connections with others with heart.  Get out of your box and be sure to let go of the ego.

As the Sun in Leo is opposite the Aquarius Moon, it is reflection of the radical, radiant heart. Be courageous, proud and strong. Leo the Lion stands out as the shining star, full of natural and charismatic leadership. This energy is integrated with the Aquarius Water Bearer who values group connection and dedicated service to all.

This timing is a potent reminder of creating clear intentions with dedicated action to contribute to humanity.

Supportive Suggestions for Aquarius Full Moon:

  • Free your mind
  • Integrate vision with heart
  • Embody passionate leadership with a global vision
  • Take action on your instincts for a greater good
  • Contribute to the collective
  • Think locally act globally, leave a legacy
  • Treasure friendships

Other planet patterns during this Full Moon timing suggest turning a corner in life and love. As serious Saturn squares off to the love planet Venus, this week it is important to create clear and healthy boundaries with the people you care for the most.

Take a step back and do not take the situation so personally. Emotional distance is valuable in certain situations for clarity. However, it is damaging in others. Know the difference when to reach out and when it is most valuable to keep your distance.

Motivated Mars supports Saturn to take care of things and be responsible.  Get the job done and do it right.  There is extra fuel and motivation to finish what you start.

Tune into your gut instinct first. Does it feel right? Feelings must be in alignment with actions before moving forward.

A Journey Through the Zodiac

What does this Aquarius Full Moon mean for you? Check out your Sun sign and rising sign below to dive deeper into the Full Moon in Aquarius themes.


Light up your life with friends and fun. Tonight the Full Moon energizes your area of associates. Remember, you get by with a little help from your friends. Create a cosmic connection with others to open your mind to new ideas and happy surprises.


Stand out in the crowd tantalizing Taurus. The Aquarius Full Moon tonight highlights  your area of status and career. Are you getting the respect you deserve in your personal or professional life?  Let go of self doubts.  You are a class act. Stand up and stand out.


You are ready for take off Gemini. The Full Moon tonight shines in your area of travel, higher mind and learning. If somehow you feel stuck, get out of your box and learn something new.  Sign up for a one day class, or an online course. New information stimulates mind, body and soul.


The heat is on as the Sun in your sector of sensuality lights up the Full Moon tonight in your area of intimacy. Can you say juicy? Dive deep in your intimate connections with friends or lovers. Engage in all your senses, enjoy a mouthwatering meal or massage.


Lucky you Leo. Love is in the air. The Full Moon tonight lights up your region of relationships and marriage. Get together with your best buddies or snuggle with your sweetheart. Be sure to balance your personal needs with the needs of others. You are at peace when you view life and love from the big picture.


Close doors and create new rhythms. The Full Moon today highlights your area of healthy habits and routines. If you are feeling stuck in a rut, it is time to get out of the box. Find a work out buddy for a walk and talk, or start a new route on your run to mix things up.


Live it up Libra. Today's Full Moon energizes your region of romance. Spend time with your best buddies, partner or playmates. Indulge in the sweetness of connection and be sure to let the people you love in your life know how much you really care about them.


Take some extra time off. The Full Moon tonight fuels your area of home and foundation. You'll feel most nurtured and relaxed once you let down with the kids or family. Relax in the comfort of your own home or invite others over for a cozy community evening.


You are the talk of the town. The Full Moon this evening activates your area of communications. It is a great opportunity to mix things up with your network of connections. Express yourself truthfully and share exactly what is on your mind and in your heart.


Put your money where your mouth is honey. Tonights Full Moon lights up your sector of finances and values. This is a time to cash in on your connections and get your priorities straight. Be sure to invest your time and energy with the people you care for the most.


This is your time to shine. Today's Full Moon in Aquarius lights up your individuality area. Break free of old habits or belief systems. This is a potent time to start something new.  Align your intentions with action to make your dreams a reality.


Say goodbye to the past. The Full Moon tonight energizes your region of completion. You may have to see a situation from a different perspective to move on and let go. Get  out of your box. Let yourself lean on your friends now and then, you are not alone.