While the Venus retrograde begins July 25 at zero Virgo, most of this retrograde occurs in the Zodiac sign of Leo, the Lion heart.  The Venus Retrograde on July 25 begins squaring off to sober Saturn in Scorpio. This is an added emphasis to consider creating healthy boundaries in your most intimate relationships. It's time to turn a corner.

The months of July, August and September 2015 are prime time to redefine and realign relationships.  Just before and after the retrograde cycle is a  shadow period where the effects of Venus Retrograde linger longer.  For this current cycle, Venus entered the shadow at 14 Leo just after Solstice on June 21, 2015 then leaves the shadow on October 9th when it passes zero Virgo.

Reflect on the Heart and Redefine Relationship

Darling, love goddess Venus. She is attractive and alluring. Don’t be fooled by this bright, brilliant, beauty. She reveals herself both as an evening star and a morning star. Look up in the early evening and sometimes you will find her, a gorgeous sight in the West just after sunset. Then she disappears, retreats and reemerges in the early morning sky rising softly in the East.

Here we review the cycle of Venus and share supportive suggestions for a Venus Retrograde.

The love planet Venus is the brightest object shining in the sky after the Sun and the Moon. Look up and listen to her. She may be speaking to you softy or radically raging for you to pay attention to what is important.

During a Venus Retrograde cycle it is time to reconsider and reevaluate all the matters of the heart. Notice your emotional space just before, during and after a Venus retrograde cycle. This time is symbolic on the cosmic clock to retract, retreat and reflect.

What Does Retrograde Mean?

What does it mean when a planet goes retrograde? A retrograde cycle is simply an illusion. Yes, an illusion of stopping, slowing down, and reversing before moving forward again.  When a planet stations retrograde, astrologers say there is more power with this planet. Why? From our view on Earth the planet appears to stay still in the sky, then apparently moves backwards against the backdrop of stars.

Like an acupuncture session that aligns the meridians of a body, the planet then energizes that particular region of the sky. In aligning with the ancient principle, “As Above, So Below” the planet patterns of the cosmic clock serve as a symbolic mirror to:

  • Review
  • Reflect
  • Revise
  • Reconsider
  • Reevaluate
  • Redo
  • Retract
  • Retreat
  • Resurrect

Many are familiar with Mercury retrograde, or at least joking give Mercury a bad rap for glitches and miscommunications. The gift of Mercury Retrograde is a shift from left to right brain focus. There is less attention on order and logic, with a greater invitation to rest and relax. Since Mercury is the planet of speed, commerce and communication, it is a time to slow down for reconnection. Mercury Retrogrades occurs approximately three times a year for about three weeks.

What A Venus Retrograde Represents

Of all the planets, the Venus retrograde is the most rare. The Venus retrograde cycle is approximately 40 to 44 days every 18 – 19 months or so. Forty is a magical number in various traditions. Interesting there are 40 days of Venus retrograde cycle and it takes 40 weeks for a child to grow in the womb. There are biblical stories of rain for 40 days and 40 nights, or wandering for 40 years in the desert. In the mystical Kabbalah, 40 is the number of fruition and abundance.

In astrology, Venus represents the inner feminine, money matters and what you innately value. Venus is the goddess of love, art and beauty. In a personal birth chart, the Venus position illuminates what we are attracted to in relationship. She  gives clues to our innate priorities and desires. A transit of Venus retrograde in the current sky story is symbolic of going deeper within.

Love Is In the Spotlight

Love is in your face during a Venus Retrograde cycle. Basically, the bottom line is all the qualities of this love planet are amplified:

  • the highs and lows of loving
  • love and anger
  • harmony and dissonance
  • relationship harmony or lack of it
  • what is beautiful
  • finding beauty within

Are you a fool for love? Taurus and Libra Clues…

Venus is the planet ruler for the Zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. Exploring these qualities and connections with the corresponding Zodiac signs supports a deeper understanding the Venus mystery.

Taurus is about all things sexy and down to earth. It is an earth sign, so get real, cozy and comfortable. Taurus relates to money matters, the practical plans of life and true values. Dive deeply into your desires and enjoy life’s little pleasures. Notice what happens in the feeling experience of your body when all the senses are stimulated. Turn it on through extraordinary experiences of tantalizing touch, a mouth watering meal, or simply stop and smell the roses.

Libra is an air sign related to intellect, reason, arts and culture. There is desire for  relationship harmony and equal conscious partnership. Look to your own personal astrology chart and see what houses or areas of life are activated by both Taurus and Libra. This gives further clues how a Venus retrograde stimulates you and your birth chart.

Going Inside

Venus retrograde is an inward time. Reflection rather than reaction is required.

Here are supportive suggestions for Venus retrograde:

  • Reassess priorities and be honest about your values
  • Reconsider finances, money matters and access to resources
  • Reflect on your self esteem
  • Honor and value your sense of self worth
  • Reconsider what you learned from former loves
  • Take a step back before beginning a new relationship
  • Reinvent yourself

Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself

During Venus retrograde, we have an opportunity to explore inner worlds. Take some time out just for you. For 40 days and 40 nights, here are potential questions for contemplation during a Venus retrograde cycle:

  • Who am I attracted to and why?
  • What is most important to me
  • Do I use my power of attraction productively
  • Does following my desire bring me pleasure or pain
  • What do I find alluring?
  • Who do I truly value and cherish?
  • How can I deepen my love for self and others?
  • How can I be more open and receptive?
  • How can I create inner harmony and peace within?

Personalizing Venus Retrograde

Throughout the cycle of Venus, look to your personal astrology chart and explore what area of life the love planet activates by Zodiac sign and planetary house placement. There are many more layers of discovery and depth of connection. In general, Venus retrograde times offer an opportunity to simply stop, take a step back and have some breathing room. Relax, reflect and enjoy yourself!

Venus Retrograde Cycle: July 25 – Sept. 5, 2015, from 0 Virgo to 14 Leo.