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[2020 Prep Series]  Saturn, the Lord of Time & Mastery

An Interview with Jungian Analyst and Astrologer ShereneVismaya

This Week’s Luminary Sherene Vismaya

Astrologer Sherene Vismaya started weaving Astrology into her Psychoanalytic Practice way before it was popular. Doing so allows her to glimpse at a snapshot of her client’s soul and psyche which in turn gives her clients the gift of healing much faster.


In this episode, Shereen is revealing some of the deeper mysteries of working with Saturn and how you can transform your relationship with Saturn from one of fear to one of reverence. She gets into the nitty-gritty of the two biggest Saturn transits in our lifespan. During these transits, Saturn offers us an unmistakable reality check on how aligned or off-path you may be with your given purpose. The actions you take with this view will depict the role Saturn plays in your life at that time—as an ally or opponent.


In her words, if you’re committed, dedicated, and humble, Saturn will lift you up like a child instead of dragging you down like a stone.
Shereen gives the inside scoop on how to take back your inner Saturn, become the author of your life and live from your inner authority. She gives strategic tips or working with the Saturn energy for a much more aligned life, the one you were born to live.


If you fear or love Saturn, you’re in for a treat with this episode!


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