[2020 Prep Series] Venus and Reigniting the Feminine Spirit

An Interview with Astrologer, Sasha Benedetti

This Week’s Luminary Sasha Benedetti

Today Astrologer Sasha Benedetti and I are talking about Venus Cycles and the deep transformation they provide. Sasha is going to share what she calls her intimacy with the cosmos with us through the lens of the upcoming Venus Cycle, which lasts 19 and a half months. Venus is returning to Gemini, the last time it crossed Gemini was in 2012 – this was a very significant aspect of the Mayan Prophecy around 2012!
This episode is for you if you’re excited about things like…
  • A re-emergence of the sacred feminine
  • The Hero’s Journey and the heroine’s journey
  • An exciting threshold we’re currently at with technology
  • The polarities of power
  • Ensuring every being’s needs are met.
As Sasha says, the old paradigm is kicking its legs up for just about the last time and we get to be part of this age-old but very exciting living legend right now.
Tune in and give Sasha your attention. I think you’re going to love this one.


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