Your Astrology Questions Answered by Nura Rachelle & Taylor Shuler

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Astrologers Nura Rachelle & Taylor Shuler Answer Questions About Career and Soul Purpose

Did you know that astrology can help you not only uncover your soul purpose, but even identify how you can improve your finances?!

Taylor Shuler and Nura Rachelle are both professional astrologers who specialize in translating the wisdom of the stars to support your soul’s journey.

Join them LIVE and get answers to your questions about your birth chart, upcoming transits, astrology of travel, soul evolution and more!

Chapters 🎥

0:00 Intro

3:58 What is in Store for My Finances & Career?

9:13 Am I Supposed to Be in the Spotlight?

13:58 Should I Teach Again?

18:49 What is My True Purpose?

24:05 Can I Have an Accurate Reading Without My Birth Time?

28:35 Why Do I Suddenly Feel the Urge to Go Overseas?

37:14 Should I Finish Writing My Book?

42:40 Is This a Good Time for an International Move or Change in Career?

50:02 Will I Have to Break Up My Family to Pursue My Calling?

1:00:50 Will This Business Opportunity Happen for Me?

1:09:04 Closing


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