Will I Ever Find Love? w/ Joe G. & Elodie St-Onge Aubut

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Astrologers Elodie St-Onge Aubut & Joe G answer your questions Live!

Are you curious about how astrology can impact your life? In this episode of Astrology Hub’s Reading Bonanza Live, astrologers Joe G and Elodie St-Onge offer their expert insights on a wide range of topics. From love and relationships to career and financial prosperity, Joe and Elodie unravel the ways in which astrological transits and planetary movements can affect your life.

In this episode, you’ll hear them answer questions from the audience in real time such as “Will I find love in 2023?” and “Can astrology show if you will get married a second time?” Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear from two experienced astrologers and gain a deeper understanding of how the stars can influence your life.

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

3:00 Will My Book be Published?

6:27 When is my Ideal Launch Date?

7:44 When is a Good Time to Move?

9:51 When is the Best Date to Get Married?

12:20 When Should I Buy a New Home?

15:19 Is this the Right House for My Family?

17:26 Will I Find Work Soon?

20:32 What is My Focus for the Year?

22:04 When will I Find Romance?

24:13 Should I Apply for a Post-Doctoral Position?

26:50 When will I Get a New Job?

29:24 Will My Love Interest Make a Decision?

33:55 Will I Find Love in 2023?

35:43 Would a Craft Business be Profitable for Me?

41:30 What is the Theme for Cancer Rising This Year?

43:38 Will I Get Married a Second Time?

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[00:00:00] Amanda: Hi everybody. It’s great to be here with you. We are doing something very, very special today for those of you who are here live, you are so lucky. Because we have two amazing astrologers here who are astrologers that are featured on our Astrologer Connect platform, and they are going to be answering your questions live.

[00:00:22] So if you have any questions about timing, like when should I launch this project? When should I move? When should I initiate this conversation with my boss or my partner or my child, whatever. Any sort of timing questions or if you have questions about, like questions that are yes or no. So things like, will I get this job?

[00:00:48] Does he love me? is this the right job for me? You know, any, any sort of questions that might have a yes or no answer and or questions about timing, you can ask them in the chat. We are going to be answering questions here live today because we want to give you an experience of the type of things that astrology can help you navigate in your.

[00:01:13] So we wanted to do this live. Give you a real life example of what it’s like to ask an astrologer a question and see the type of responses or answers that they can give to you. This is the beginning of our Reading Bonanza Month, so at Astrologer Connect, our new reading platform. All through this month.

[00:01:35] If you book a reading, you can book for 20% off or you can get 10 minutes free on an instant reading, which we’re gonna talk about a little bit more here in a second. But for now, send in your questions and Joe g and l d are here to answer your questions. And I wanna tell you a little bit about them because they are.

[00:01:54] Amazing. So Joe is certified in Hellistic and Electional astrology. He’s been trained by Gemini Brett, Chris Brennan, and Patrick Watson. He blends ceremonial magic, traditional astrology, sonic and visual arts. In his practice, he offers creative methods for understanding personal timing. He is the podcast producer and Al astrologer at Astrology Hub.

[00:02:18] I do not do anything at astrology. Without consulting Joe, in terms of timing. Hey, like even the timing of our reading bonanza for Astrologer Connect. Of course, Joe weighed in on that. Um, he’s, he weighs in on all the things that we do in terms of what the astrology is saying is the right time to launch different things that we do.

[00:02:39] EL LED is a French Canadian astrologer residing in New Finland. She writes horoscopes for astro and the mountain astrologer. Her practice focuses research divination, teaching AO astronomy and healing modalities. All right, so thanks for being here with us today. Of course. Thank you for having.

Will My Book Be Published? (Aquarius Rising)

[00:03:00] Amanda: All right. And I love to see the questions coming in already. Okay. Susan Smalley is asking, will my book be published? And Joe or l d who wants to take this.

[00:03:15] Joe: I can

[00:03:15] Amanda: take it. Alright. will Susan’s book be published?

[00:03:21] Joe: Did we get a rising sign? Oh, Aquarius rising. Me too. Cool. Oh, nice. So usually when we cast a horror, the first thing that we look to is the ascendant and the moon and what they’re doing. And I like to always add, especially in a time like this, when we’re answering a lot of questions, I always li like to add the layer.

[00:03:44] Of the ascendant and in what house is that ascendant appearing in this chart? In this instance, the ascendant is actually in the sixth house, and the sixth house, as we all know, it’s about hard work and it’s about putting in the work. It’s the place where Mar Mars, rejoices and Mars is that planet of the drive to like really push to get things done.

[00:04:05] So I, I’ll even wonder if like, this question is coming from that place, so of like, I’ve been pushing so hard to get this book published. Like, is it really going to happen? Is it not going to happen? Like, what is the deal? And, the next layer that I add to that is, of course, looking at the moon and what it’s doing.

[00:04:25] This one is actually super exciting because we have the moon, applying to a sextile to Saturn, which is the ruler of, Susan’s, a descendant. So in this chart, the moon is representing the, 11th house, which is the house of hopes, dreams, and all those things. So to see a sex style applying to the ruler of her ascendant, is really exciting.

[00:04:47] It’s like, yes, the possibility is there and we can make things happen. I also like to see that the moon. Is really right there with the lot of victory and the lot of victory is also ruled by Saturn, which is the ruler of her ascendant. So to me, this sounds like a yes.

[00:05:03] Like yes, we can get this done if we push through through a little bit. The one thing that I, I would pay attention to is that, Because the rising right now is Virgo. We’re really looking into Mercury and the story that Mercury’s trying to tell. And Mercury right now is just about to get ready for a retrograde.

[00:05:21] And this is a, a rather long retrograde too, cuz Mercury is in Taurus and it’s not gonna leave all the way till June. So. Will the book get published? I think so, but with the retrograde it might be, there might be some delays and some back and forth. Um, and especially as this retrograde will also have Mercury and Uranus hanging on together.

[00:05:44] It can be that, the setback or the thing that. Causes this retrograde sort of moment to come is something unexpected. It’s something that comes out of nowhere and now we kind of have to deal with it. So that’s how I’d answer that one. I dunno, nobody has any thoughts. Yeah,

[00:06:01] Elodie: I like the part of Fortune in the ninth house, which is the publishing house.

[00:06:05] It bodes well and we see Venus just entered the night house also. Venus is applying to square with Saturn, which represents the quent, the person asking the question. So I think, like you said, your intuition is right. It looks like it’s possible, but it’s gonna require a lot of hard work.

[00:06:22] Amanda: Okay.

[00:06:23] Fantastic. I hope that helps Susan. Very cool. ,

When is the Ideal Launch Date for my Business?

[00:06:27] Elodie: I see a good question here that just, that’s easy to answer because it doesn’t require a chart. It’s, uh, when is the ideal introduction or launch date for business website? So this is a broad, you know, Electional question.

[00:06:41] We don’t need to cast a chart. We just have to think, okay, this year what’s happening? So obviously we’re moving into a Mercury retrograde right now. It’s gonna begin, on the 21st So between the 21st, I would say, even, you know, before, before the 20th or after May, after May 15.

[00:07:05] This, we’re moving into like a crunchy time. June would be a really ideal time because, Venus will be in cancer. After that Venus prepares to move retrograde. So the thing with timing and intellectual astrology is there’s never an ideal time. You really have to find these little windows. And this year, June is probably.

[00:07:29] The go-to, I would say, because by mid-July we have Venus Stationing retrograde until the beginning of September. So June would be a good time. Otherwise it would be later this year for launching a a business. Okay.

When is a Good Time to Move?

[00:07:44] Amanda: Would you say that same answer Julie Wooly is asking, when is a good time to move house?

[00:07:50] Would you have the same answer for that or would it be different? Well,

[00:07:54] Elodie: moving houses is not as, um, Moving houses can even be a retrograde thing. It could even happen during a retrograde thing because you’re like, we’re moving into mercury retrograde now in tourists, which has a lot to do with planning and organizing and structuring.

[00:08:12] Tourists likes to root down ground prepare plan. So I see this upcoming Mercury retrograde as an excellent time to be planning, maybe not necessarily moving, but planning to move. It’s not like a business question because when you’re moving, you’re actually packing and organizing and it’s a lot of logistical stuff, which Mercury in TAs is really good at.

[00:08:38] And Mercury’s, although it’s gonna be retrograde, still really good time for organizational matter. Also, if you are born with Mercury retrograde in your birth chart, mercury retrograde does not apply for you in the same ways I’ve seen a lot of people. Born with Mercury retrograde, actually thriving during Mercury retrograde periods.

[00:09:01] Hmm,

[00:09:02] Amanda: okay.

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What is the Best Day to Get Married (Leo Rising)

[00:09:51] Amanda: Okay. TRSA is asking, when is the best day to get married? This, or next year rising, Leo?

[00:09:59] Joe: Ooh. Hmm. Do you wanna take that one Elli? Or

[00:10:03] Elodie: can? Well, yeah. I, uh, I wouldn’t cast a chart for getting, so when you’re getting married, do you wanna look at Venus?

[00:10:09] Really? Venus as, as an election astro, the first thing we do is look at Venus. We want a good Venus. This year would be, you know, like I said, the Venus will be retrograde this year. Venus is not retrograde every year, so maybe it would be better next year for getting married. although there’s a Venus in Cancer, late May, beginning of June is really good, for.

[00:10:36] Wedding election. Otherwise, you know, we’re gonna get Venus and Libra later this year, but there’s gonna be eclipses in Libra, so it’s not super ideal. So I would say between this year or next year, choosing what maybe next year would be better. Other. If you can prepare wedding in, in a month from now, then, um, now or next year?

[00:11:00] Yeah. Then the beginning of June is, is good this year.

[00:11:04] Amanda: Okay. That’ll be really interesting to see what she decides to do on that. Joji, do you wanna add anything to that or are you in agreement?

[00:11:11] Joe: Yeah. Um, I’m in agreement for the, the most part, but there is a little bit of a window in that Venus stretcher grade that does interest me a little bit, uh, depending on where this person’s Venus is, just because, just as Venus is stationing direct, Venus will square Jupiter and that’s like a, a really good aspect to have in a natal chart or in the chart for anything, just because.

[00:11:34] Usually people think of squares are a as tension, but I’d rather think of them as just like this, this powerful force that’s interacting that’s happening between two planets. So for Jupiter to be overpowering Venus in that sense, like the planet of good fortune and expansion, and just as Venus is finishing that retrograde, that might, depending on where your Venus is, that might be one of.

[00:11:57] A, a window that you want to explore. And that would be, I believe the first week of September. Yeah, first week of September. Yeah.

[00:12:03] Amanda: Mm-hmm. Okay. So we have next month, first week of September, or next year. Right. Perfect. Okay. That’s, that’s a lot of options. That’s great.

[00:12:12] Joe: Okay, so, oh, and she has Venus Andes. I, I see that.

[00:12:15] That’s perfect. It’s a Venus trying her natal Venus, so that, that’s a good.

[00:12:20] Amanda: Perfect.

When Should I Buy a New Home? (Scorpio Rising)

[00:12:20] Amanda: Okay, so Brenda, uh, is answering the question. She’s a Scorpio rising. The question wa is, when is the right time to buy a

[00:12:28] Joe: new home for Scorpio rising? Yes.

[00:12:34] Elodie: I’m a Scorpio rising myself, and so what’s happening for Scorpio rising in general is Pluto has just entered our fort house.

[00:12:43] And the fort house relates to home. So a lot of changes. But Pluto will be there for 20 years. So, and there has been Saturn there in the last two years. So home roots has been a big theme and will continue to be, uh, a lot of changes. I would say, So this year I’m on the east coast of the US in Rising Science, Scorpio. I, it’s such an important point of focus for Scorpio rising this year. I would say like anytime, anytime this year or in the following years, it will be a, a major point of focus. Let me think. I mean, same thing, not purchasing during Mercury retrograde.

[00:13:26] Otherwise, this year is pretty good.

[00:13:29] Amanda: Mm. Yeah. And, and the not purchasing during, sorry Joe, I’ll let you go next, but the not purchasing during Mercury retrograde is only if you don’t have Mercury retrograde in your chart, but if

[00:13:40] Elodie: well in, is that Yeah, I, I mean, in general, mercury retrograde tends to go better for people who have Mercury retrograde in their charts.

[00:13:48] But for something like buying a house, I would put all my chains on my side and I would just make sure all the planets are direct. Because when you buy a. You have a chart for that moment, it becomes sort of, The bird chart of your house. Mm-hmm. And you want the bird chart of your house to be in good condition.

[00:14:07] Mm-hmm. So that’s the idea behind al astrology is basically you’re creating a bird chart for the moment you’re doing that thing and you want that bird chart to be nice. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. So in terms of buying a new home, um, like I said, because it’s a, it’s such an important point of focus for Scorpio and it has been, um, I would.

[00:14:30] Anytime really, you. Mm-hmm.

[00:14:33] Amanda: Joe, do you wanna add anything about that? The buying

[00:14:36] Joe: a house? Yeah. Um, and we said she was, uh, Scorpio rising, right? Yes. Uhhuh. Yeah. Uh, the cool thing about that is that now that Saturn has entered Pisces, uh, which is the ruler of the fourth half of a Scorpio chart, um, we will actually get Jupyter, which represents your money, like the money of a person who, with Scorpio rising.

[00:14:58] Soon sextile that Saturn. So it’s like your money is in a good aspect to the house and that’s happening. Um, I think mid-June, like the first, I think the 13th of June is gonna, we officially get that first sextile. So maybe that, that might be a window worth exploring if you’re trying to give, get a little bit more specific.

[00:15:18] Perfect.

Is this the Right House for My Family? (Leo Rising)

[00:15:19] Amanda: Okay. Lots of house questions today. Yeah. Um, Stephanie has a Yes no question. Leo Rising. Is this the right house for my family? Ooh, yes. No, Leo Rising.

[00:15:34] Elodie: So we re require a horror for that. Yeah,

[00:15:36] Joe: yeah, yeah the fun thing is that just as we got this question, the rising sign did change over here on my end.

[00:15:45] For Leo Rising, this is interesting because now we have, your third house rising. And of course with a Leo rising, we also have that the sun, the ruler of your ascendant, having that emia with Jupiter right now.

[00:15:58] So to me that seems. A little bit confusing. I’m not a hundred percent sure how to answer this one just because the ascendant is also so early, and one thing in horrors whenever we see an ascendant, especially at zero degrees, is that it’s too soon for us to really have like a. A good answer or it’s too soon for, uh, for, for us to even ask that question.

[00:16:25] Cuz sometimes there, there, there’s things that need to happen before we can really understand the full picture of the story that’s unfolding. So maybe it could be that, um, Since the third house is the one that’s rising. Maybe it could be that that move just happened recently and we haven’t had that, that time to settle into that new routine.

[00:16:44] Cuz for me, the third house is all about routines and your, your immediate environment. So, Um, and especially with the early rising that maybe we just need to get acclimated a little bit before we, we really, we we’re really able to make that decision. Cuz some, I, I think especially with a question like this, it’s, it’s more about you and how you feel in the space that you are and less about the astrology because sometimes you, if you can just tap into how you feel in that environment, the answer will come to you.

[00:17:16] Um, With that said, the Jupiter Kami for a LEO rising seems like an exciting time.

[00:17:23] Amanda: Just in general. Just in general, yeah. Awesome.

Will I Find Work Soon?

[00:17:26] Amanda: Okay, so we have one from Pamela. Please will I find work soon?

[00:17:33] Joe: Virgo Rising. Virgo Rising.

[00:17:36] Elodie: Do you wanna take, do you want me to? Yeah, I can take that one, but I won’t be able to share my screen, I don’t think.

[00:17:41] I don’t know. Uh, TRS says

[00:17:42] Amanda: first week of September is perfect. Trsa asking when, when to get married. That’s great. Oh, no

[00:17:47] Joe: way. That’s awesome.

[00:17:49] She let us know how the wedding goes.

[00:17:51] Amanda: Yes, exactly.

[00:17:53] Elodie: Pictures. So will I find work soon or go rising break soon. Let me see. Will I find work soon?

[00:18:02] So the person asking the question is Venus,

[00:18:05] It looks like there’s financial situation where, you may be relying on somebody. Right now, or you have to rely on somebody or something like that. Um, I do like that Venus has just switched signs, so that’s promising, but it looks almost like having to learn a new skill to get a job.

[00:18:27] That’s what it looks like to me. It looks like po possibly, but you may, you may have to learn a new skill. Mm. That’s what I would say. Pamela, does

[00:18:37] Amanda: that resonate? Like is there, is there something that you’ve been thinking you might want

[00:18:41] Elodie: to learn, like going back to school or learning something mm-hmm. In order to, to move forward?

[00:18:48] Joji,

[00:18:49] Amanda: is there anything you wanna add to that?

[00:18:51] Joe: Yeah. And sometimes too with like, um, cuz I’ve, I have Venus and Gemini too. That’s, that’s my natal placement. And I think that whenever I see Venus and Gemini or any planet in Gemini, it’s, it’s really about like multiple things. So maybe it’s, it’s either learning new things like many things or it’s taking what you know, and then learning this new thing and implementing whatever new thing that you learned.

[00:19:15] With the whole body of knowledge that you have, and then things can start to move forward, especially with Mars being so high too. Yeah. I feel like there is a little bit of a push that needs to happen and like that

[00:19:27] Elodie: courage, the line house, which is, you know, um, It’s the House of Education and the third house is also skills.

[00:19:35] And this angle here, the nine and the third, where the moon is, it has a lot to do with what we know and how we apply the knowledge that we know. So it looks like there’s something about education, whether like teaching or communicating your skills already or learning something new, something like that that needs to.

[00:19:54] That, that would help. So

[00:19:56] Amanda: this is great. So Pamela says, I just started studying animal communication. Ah, oh, no way. Find work as a marketing content writer to keep the boat afloat. Mm-hmm. Okay. Oh, that’s

[00:20:10] Elodie: awesome. Yeah. That makes, that makes a lot of sense. And animal communication, I would put that, um, in the sixth house.

[00:20:17] Mm-hmm. And I would say Jupiter rules it. , Yeah, it’s almost like there’s like a silver lining in this process, but it’s almost like a, you know, it’s not ne necessarily lucrative right away with this, but there’s this whole process of learning a new skill right now.

What Should My Focus Be This Year? (Taurus Rising)

[00:20:32] Amanda: Okay. All right. I wanna ask a more general question.

[00:20:36] This is from Tanisa. I am Taurus ascendant. What should my focus be this year?

[00:20:44] Elodie: Hmm. So sand then is all about you right now. It has been, that’s what I said, it’s tourists because the eclipses have been, taking place in tourists and Scorpio. So when you’re tourists rising your first house, it has a lot to do with, well, the relational and maybe where you’ve been compromising too much versus where you need to focus more on yourself.

[00:21:07] So that’s been a big theme. And I think with, planets right now in Aries with Jupiter and Aries, understanding how you perhaps keep things like the ne Aries 12 house for Taurus is a lot like having like a bowl in the closet. And so when you’re angry, when you’re pissed off, Instead of trying to like, forget about it.

[00:21:33] So it’s more about like processing them being, being clear about your boundaries and assuming your needs and desire in a way instead of just like pushing them down. Mm-hmm. So it doesn’t affect the health and stress. Mm-hmm. There’s, there’s something about the body with Taurus this year and the more you, you follow what you need, the better your body will.

[00:21:56] Amanda: Uh, wow. My, my love is a Taurus rising and that it’s just like resonating so, so deeply. Um, okay.

Will I Have a Romantic Relationship? (Virgo Rising)

[00:22:04] Amanda: Renee Roberts, will I ever have a romantic relationship? Virgo Rising.

[00:22:10] Joe: Well, the chart’s still pretty similar. And you said it was Virgo Rising, right? Yes. Uhhuh. Yeah, so we still have like the second half of a Virgo rising chart rising. So I wonder if like money and, and even not even money actually, cuz one of the, the significations sometimes that, I tend to overlook with the second half is that, sense of self-worth and like what you can actually, how you feel worthy of relationships.

[00:22:36] Mm-hmm. Um, To have that rising, I feel, and especially still, um, early degrees of Libra, cuz right here I have only two degrees of Libra rising. Um, it’s a, again, that same sort of situation, especially with Venus, which is the ruler of the Ascendants, just entering Gemini. It’s, it’s, it’s a lot of newness.

[00:22:55] There’s a lot of new things and everything’s still fresh. So I wonder even if the question is coming from a place of, like I just now have made that decision that I will look for a partner or that I’m ready. But with the second house, in that sense of self-worth, maybe there’s certain things that we need to, to unpack there.

[00:23:16] , To, to get to that place where things do feel v very nice and supportive. And you, you feel ready to invite those people in because it’s one thing to feel ready for them to come, but it’s another thing for, to feel ready to invite them in, cuz. When you’re inviting somebody in, it’s, it’s a much more, like, I know that I’m worthy and I know that like, no matter what, they’ll, they’ll show up, they’ll be here, and it’s a different thing to be like, yes, I’m ready for this, but, Be only like halfway there.

[00:23:47] Like you, you still don’t know if like, this is really a thing. So for me, this, the answer to this would be really to check in with yourself and how, worthy do you feel to get this relationship? And once you really step into that place where you do feel worthy, you won’t even need to ask the question cuz you’re, you’re already inviting those people in, so.

[00:24:08] Hmm. That’s what I would say, Renee,

[00:24:10] Amanda: is that. Awesome.

Should I Apply for a Post-Doctorial Position?

[00:24:13] Amanda: Okay. . Lolly is asking, should I apply for a post-doctoral position, Capricorn Rising. Oh,

[00:24:23] Elodie: so we have that moon still in the third house, in the H chart. So should I apply? I would say yes. I would say yes just because of, if we still have the same ry and we were seeing that angle, the, the skill, and I was pointing earlier on, we, we have the same hori basically because a hori chart is cast for the moment we ask the question because all these questions are coming at the same time.

[00:24:48] We have the same, basically the same charge for any questions are being asked right now. And we saw, uh, in the question about. I can’t remember her name, sorry. But, uh, while I find a job, we saw that there was something about skills and learning. Mm-hmm. So now applying for a post-doctoral position also has to do with, with learning.

[00:25:11] So I would say yes. Hmm. Okay. Yeah.

[00:25:14] Amanda: Joji, anything to add on that?

[00:25:17] Joe: Yeah. I don’t think there’s much to add. I, I, I just find, find it interesting now, now that we’re asking about like an occupation. It’s a Capricorn rising and Libra would be your 10th house rising mm-hmm. As we’re answering this question.

[00:25:30] Mm-hmm. So like topics of career and like that sense of newness and like fresh things just kind of starting to develop are really in your career world. So it. Things are moving toward that direction. And all there is to do is just allow it to kind of unfold because again, it’s still that early rising.

[00:25:47] I don’t know, uh, for l e d if it’s the early rising, but um,

[00:25:51] Elodie: it’s late. It’s later here.

[00:25:53] Joe: Oh, it’s later. But j Venus is just enter Gemini. So we’ll go

[00:25:58] Elodie: with that. Totally.

[00:26:00] Amanda: Yes. Okay. Renee said right on. So Renee, who asked about finding romantic relationship, said right on. So it sounds like that was resonating and also said that she’s dealing with more financial issues and no time for romanticizing, which is

[00:26:14] Joe: kind of, oh, there we go.

[00:26:17] Elodie: The other thing I was gonna say for Virgo Rising, which is huge, is that Saturn, Pisces has just entered their house of relationship for two years, so it’s going to bring a lot more clarity in terms of what you want for a relationship. And Saturn in the seven House of Partnership, Saturn, Pisces, for two years.

[00:26:39] This is, this is a, a important transit for Virgo Rising. Wow.

[00:26:45] Amanda: You all have great questions. Thank you for sending in all these questions. This is super fun.

When Will I Get a New Job?

[00:26:50] Amanda: Okay. Thelma. Is another Scorpio Rising? Welcome, all you Scorpio Risings seem to be attracted to this today. Um, I need a new job. When will it happen?

[00:27:02] Will it happen? This is from

[00:27:04] Joe: Thelma. Cool. Huh? The first thing that I think about whenever I think about career for Scorpio Risings, especially this year, is that Venus retrograde that will be happening in your 10th house. Um, so I would really look toward that summer window for new things to, to come into the, the workplace.

[00:27:23] But for you especially Venus would represent like. Others and companions and partners and things like that. So for them to come to that place and to spend an extended amount of time in, in the place of your career, in your chart might be that time that Venus retrograde is really about working one-on-one with somebody through like an extended amount of time to really start figuring out the pieces of what you really need and how, you can make it.

[00:27:50] Especially as Jupyter will also be transiting through that, your seventh house as Venus is there. There’s, it’s, it’s likely somebody who is in a, a bit in that teacher role that can provide some of those insights that you need. And even going back to something that we talked about earlier and that question about, The wedding with Jupiter, overcoming Venus, uh, later in the year, in the first weeks of September.

[00:28:13] It’s really that sort of like big push. It’s like that, that teacher, that gentle jovial teacher bringing in the, the, the, the insights and the news and the things that you need to learn, just at the right time, just as you’re about, especially with the, the Venus retrograde, just as you’re about to start to move forward, that, that like last bit of.

[00:28:35] Appears, and that’s all in, September, first week of September. The other

[00:28:39] Elodie: thing too with Scorpio rising is, ask for help, like turn to other people. Don’t try to do it all alone and keep your cards too close because branching out, reaching out to other because somebody might actually have an opportunity for you.

[00:28:55] And just there’s a, there’s a tendency with Scorpio rising to really wanna. The card’s very close, but there’s something this year about really branching out to others, accepting the support that others are presenting to you, accepting the opportunities, being more receptive, very challenging for Scorpio rising at times.

[00:29:16] Amanda: Mm. Okay. This is amazing. You, you two are so cool. I just love hearing your responses. I hope this is helpful.

Will My Love Interest Make a Decision About Us?

[00:29:24] Amanda: Okay. Let’s see. Uh, Arlene wants to know, will my love interest make a decision about us? This is Aries rising. Arlene has an Aries Rising. Mm-hmm. Joe, you do you wanna be the one taking that?

[00:29:42] Joe: Hmm, I think I’ll give it to Elli

[00:29:47] Elodie: cause he knows the answer. Well, just generally this year, because we are gonna start having eclipses in Aries and Libra, but it’s gonna bring a big focus on Aries.

[00:30:00] If your Aries rising. Which it means the south node is gonna be in Libra, so it’s a lot more about bringing attention to you. And the south node transiting in Libra for Aries rising is, Not necessarily problematic, but it does change the condition of your relationships. It, it can bring changes and these eclipses and areas in Libra will take place for a year and a half.

[00:30:27] So it’s all about the give and take in relationship and the relational aspects and how much you’re willing to compromise and all of that. So there’s a lot of that coming down the pipeline for Aries rising. So

[00:30:40] Amanda: what, what can Arlene keep in mind as she. Kinda entering into this period of time?

[00:30:46] Elodie: Well, if I’m judging the Hory chart, you know, I have Libra Rising in Mars in, in Aries in the seven house right now.

[00:30:55] So for the ho Mars is in cancer, not in a really good condition, but he has a lot of power. I don’t wanna say it, but I would say, um, you. I don’t know if he will make a decision. Honestly, it doesn’t look super positive. I, I wanna say yes, but, you know, knowing that you’re in Aries rising with a Libra, seven house and looking at the horror right now, I would say what’s the expression in English?

[00:31:29] Like, don’t hold on too tight on, on that. Yeah, don’t hold

[00:31:33] Amanda: on too tight for a decision being made or don’t hold on too tight to the love and.

[00:31:39] Elodie: To the love, interest, to a decision being made might not be an ideal, uh, situation. Mm-hmm. That’s what, that’s what my intuition would say. Even though I would love to say yes, he’s coming on the horse for him.

[00:31:53] Joe: I, I do have a bit of insight, cuz I remember the last time. I had eclipses in my first and seventh house and how it was for me, and I’ve been with my partner for, um, seven, almost eight years now. And of course the eclipse didn’t break us up, but the thing that did happen throughout that year is that.

[00:32:13] Well for me it, it was the pandemic like cancer and, Capricorn, eclipse access was, uh, very difficult for us because we’re long distance and then now we can’t travel that much. So it was really about me having to spend a lot more time with myself. So, in the case that, it’s not the worst case scenario.

[00:32:32] Sometimes it might just be that you have, you, you need a little bit of that distance adjustment.

[00:32:37] Elodie: Yeah. Or adjustment. Yeah. No, it’s very true. It doesn’t mean, it’s not necessarily like, oh, this person is not interested or, But you know, if there’s a law of interest, the chances are that the situation will continue.

[00:32:51] The novel, the novel that you’re writing with this person will, will continue and evolve over the course of the next year because of the eclipse happening in your relational house. Hmm. So there’s a scenario there.

[00:33:05] Amanda: Hmm. Okay. Lots of love questions as usual. We, we, we know that love is pretty. Would you two say as astrologers that the number one question that you get is about relationships or is there a anything else that like ranks as high?

[00:33:25] Joe: I don’t, because I say I don’t like answering those questions.

[00:33:32] Amanda: If you have a relationship question, Joji isn’t the one to select on our new video. Definitely

[00:33:38] Elodie: not his forte. I love relationship questions and love.

[00:33:45] Amanda: Also, only astrologer on our platform right now who speaks French. So if you, for by chance want your reading in French, L e d would be the one to choose for that as well.


Will I Find Love in 2023?

[00:33:55] Amanda: Okay. Sarah is a Libra rising and Sarah wants to know, will I find love in 2023?

[00:34:03] Elodie: Well, like I was saying, the eclipses Libra Aries happening on the relational axis for both Aries Rising and Libra Rising. For Libra Rising. It’s really augmenting the seven house of partnership, which is in Aries. Jupyter is there right now. The sun is there right now. So my guess is that you’re thinking about relationship.

[00:34:27] Um, and yeah, there’s, I would say with the north no trends thing there. For the next year, there’s high chances you have to put yourself out there, obviously, but I would say.

[00:34:41] Joe: Yeah, because it would be the reversal of the person that we just answered the question for, cuz the other person was rising. So now we have Libra izing, which is the opposite.

[00:34:51] So if the, the story of the previous person was all, all about, uh, distance and really spending a lot of time with yourself and by yourself with, in this case, it’s really about closeness and spending time with others and doing things for others. So, yeah. Okay.

[00:35:07] Amanda: So Libra Rising, it’s looking. Yeah, because there was a couple questions of Libra Rising.

[00:35:13] People wondering if they’re gonna find

[00:35:14] Elodie: love. Yeah, it’s looking good, but it has a lot to do with letting go of some of the ways in which you keep people at a distance or you know, there’s, because the eclipse are also happening in Libra, there might be adjustment needed on your part to make space for the relat.

[00:35:32] Come through because they’re happening on that angle. But it’s all relational. It’s all give and take. And there’s a lot of adjustment that’s gonna happen in Libra and Aries in the next year. Hmm.

Would a Craft Business Be Profitable for Me?

[00:35:43] Amanda: Okay Cassie is asking, would a craft business be profitable for me, Aries is.

[00:35:54] Joe: Ooh. A craft business. I love that.

[00:35:58] Amanda: Woo. Awesome. For those of you who are just joining, we’re only gonna take a few more questions, but we are gonna be doing these live readings throughout the rest of the month. In general on Wednesdays, but if you do see something pop up from us on YouTube or Facebook, make sure you’re following us on YouTube.

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[00:36:39] So, uh, astrologers cover all areas of life. There are certain astrologers that like to focus on specific areas of life. One of the things that L led D and Joji are really good at are these timing questions. And so, and also these very specific questions. Joji loves to answer these yes no questions and give you a really definitive answer.

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[00:37:41] But just secure your reading this month and you’ll get to take advantage of the 20% discount. Use discount code April 20 when you book your reading. Okay, so let’s go to that question. Is it a good time for a craft business? Will it be profit?

[00:37:57] Elodie: So, first thing I wanna say about that is that if your area is rising, you’re about to have Jupiter, the plan of luck and abundance in your second house in tourists for a whole year.

[00:38:10] The second house has a lot to do with, your resources, your financial autonomy, so it’s boating well for, you know, starting a business. I would say. Craft would fall in the fifth house. So that’s Leo for Aries Rising. We have a Venus retrograde in Leo coming up July 22nd to the first week of September.

[00:38:34] So that period of time could be assessing your business or whatever you wanna do, or starting it before that. It looks like it’s a really good time to be a. Person in general with Jupyter coming for your second house. I would just pay attention to mid-July to beginning of September in terms of just, not launching yourself officially or, you know, maybe preparing your, your, your things.

[00:39:01] But it does bode well. Okay.

[00:39:05] Amanda: So, so you’re saying prepare the business in that July to September time period and maybe launch after

[00:39:13] Elodie: September. Um, yeah, we launch af uh, after or before maybe in June, like summer, summer solstice, you know, be before the Venus, retrograde. Okay. Um, But Jupyter is gonna be in tourists all of 2024, and that’s second house for Aries rising.

[00:39:31] So, you know, financial autonomy, um, and also knowing what you’re worth. Again, like Joe was saying, the second house is also your sense of self-worth. So if you’re in business for yourself, you have to know how your own worth. And so that’s like a whole process probably for you with Jupiter, transiting your second house for the next.

[00:39:53] So

[00:39:54] Amanda: Cassie, don’t give it all away. Know that you have value, price yourself appropriately. And um, yeah, that

[00:40:01] Elodie: sounds amazing. Okay. And follow your bliss. Yeah, follow your bliss because that Venus and Leo is gonna spend a long, a long time in your fifth house. And fifth house is, is what you love to do. So,

[00:40:12] Amanda: Ooh.

[00:40:12] Love it. Joe, do you wanna add anything to this?

[00:40:15] Joe: Yeah, um, just, um, another thing that I noticed in the horror chart also is that, um, the moon would be applying still to that sextile to Saturn. And in the chart that we have, Saturn rules the fifth House, which is about. All that we’ve been talking about. But one thing about Saturn in the fifth house that I always like to think is really taking the time to like refine that craft.

[00:40:39] And even with the the Venus retrograde, if I were to make that decision, I would probably like release or launch whatever thing at the end of the Venus Retrograde and use that period for refinement and. Figuring out like how to really make this this thing perfect. And Venus and Leo is really about performance, performance and, uh, really shining your, your artistry.

[00:41:02] So it, it would be nice to take those four months, it’s like an extended stay of Venus and that place to really figure out what that means for you and what it’s, what is the most refined your work can be now, cuz Venus will be the closest to us that she can ever be. So you might as well tap into.

[00:41:21] Elodie: Yeah.

[00:41:21] And there’s a, there’s a lot of fuel if for air is rising for that stuff, for creativity and finances. So

[00:41:27] Amanda: Amazing. Yeah. Okay.

What is the Overaching Theme for Cancer Rising This Season?

[00:41:30] Amanda: Michelle is asking, what is the overarching theme for cancer rising this season? Ooh, I

[00:41:36] Joe: can’t talk about that one. Cancer rising. Cancer, sun. I’m thinking about that all day. I think, I think a, a, a major theme especially, and it’s, it’s always hard for me talking about cancer risings and, and my cancer clients, which I have tons of, cuz I always step into my own life and I try to, to remove myself.

[00:41:59] But I know that one of the major things with cancer is that Jupiter int ingress into Taurus and I think about. Especially because of the pandemic and how all of those years of Saturn opposing cancer. And I’m one of those people who also uses Leo as a, a lunar sign. And then opposing Leo.

[00:42:21] It can really cause that, like distance from people and really not being, not being able to find the connections that cancer really needs. Some, some of the times, but now with Jupiter going into tourists, which is the sign where the moon is exalted it and it’s. And if you don’t know, cancer is ruled by the moon.

[00:42:42] Like the moon is really the planet and that represents you. So what that means is that whenever the moon will also go back to your sign, the moon will be exchanging favors with Jupiter in this place of community friendships, your hopes and your dreams. So I think. The, the biggest theme for cancer rising this year really is getting out there and like meeting that, uh, chosen family or like building a community and, and even being okay with being in that space after, um, so many years of being like distant and detached.

[00:43:17] I think that that Ju and Taurus, especially Taurus, which is a very embodied sign, is really about making those really close friendships. Um, and that, and really bringing that, uh, close community together and having the, the dinner parties that cancers love doing

[00:43:36] Amanda: so. Great. Okay.

Can Astrology Show If You Will Get Married a Second Time?

[00:43:38] Amanda: Holly is asking, is there a way to tell when you will get married a second?

[00:43:45] In astrology, like can you actually use astrology to see when someone might get married for a second time,

[00:43:51] Elodie: or the first to see that through birth, the birth chart and transit? I would. Okay. Yeah, I would use that first. Look at transits to the fifth and seventh house. Okay.

[00:44:04] Amanda: Thank you everybody for being here.

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[00:45:52] And put you on a totally new trajectory. So this is available to you now. We’re super excited to be able to offer it to you. Thanks to all of you who are here today who asked your questions, who put yourself out on the line. I know it’s a vulnerable thing to do. Thank you for being here. And thank you as always for being a part of our community.

[00:46:10] Hope to, um, hope to see you again at some of the. The live broadcast we’ll be doing this month, and um, thank you to Jo G and Elli. You guys rocked it. That was so good. Thank you. Thank you so much. Close your mind every time, just like astrology’s amazing. I would get over it, but I don’t. It’s incredible.

[00:46:31] Thank you for being here and for offering your insights and your wisdom, and just for helping the people that were here live today. Pleasure. Of course. All right everybody. We will see you very soon. Take care. And have a great rest of your day. Bye. Part of our community.