What’s Life’s Purpose? Can the Sun Sign in Astrology Answer That? w/Psychic Dallisa Hocking, Astrologer Jamie Magee

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What is your Sun Sign?

In this Astrology Hub Podcast, Psychic Dallisa Hocking, Astrologer Jamie Magee and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the meaning of the Sun Sign in Astrology and what's life's purpose.

You'll learn…

  • About Dallisa's story as a psychic and how she came into it
  • Dallisa's psychic predictions for the rest of 2022
  • How to navigate dark times and difficult predictions
  • Jamie's predictions for the rest of 2022 based on your sign's element

Chapters 🍿

0:00 Intro

2:35 Psychic Dallisa Hocking's Journey as a Psychic

6:28 How Jamie & Dallisa Met

7:36 Astrologer Jamie Magee's Journey with Astrology

10:20 How Dallisa Hocking Got into Astrology

12:08 How to Navigate Astrology Transits

15:53 Psychic Predictions 2022

23:33 Astrology Predictions 2022

29:34 Sun Sign Astrology Workshop

35:48 Outro

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:02
Welcome to the astrology hub Podcast. I'm Amanda Pua Walsh, founder of astrology hub, and your host for our flagship show. We explore the many ways Astrology can support you, and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in. Well, hello, everybody and welcome. We are so, so happy that you're here. I'm your host, Amanda Poole Walsh, and I'm the founder of astrology hub. I'm here with Deleasa hocking and Jamie Jamie Magee and today we're going to be talking about life purpose, and what the Sun Sign in astrology actually can tell you about your your life purpose. And I am just so happy to be here with these two amazing women. Deleasa is a psychic and entrepreneur. And Jamie Magee, many of you know her. She's an astrologer, and author, and a member of the astrology hub production team, as well as the host of star signs weekly, here on the astrology hub Podcast Network. So we're very, very excited to share with you today, as a part of what you're going to receive, you're also going to get some predictions, both psychic and astrological for the rest of 2022. So you're gonna get to learn how to work with the energy based on your Sun Sign. And then also some predictions from Deleasa, which is always so interesting to hear psychics who are pulling in the astrological energies, like they're, they're sensing the astrological energy, so you're gonna get to experience all that here very soon. Before we dive in, I just wanted to mention that if you're not yet a cosmic insider recipient, I highly encourage you to go to astrology hub.com/insider. And sign up now. You'll get a weekly overview of the cosmic weather, plus a roundup of all of the podcast episodes. For the previous week that were featured here on the astrology hub Podcast Network, the cosmic insider is completely free. Just go to astrology. hub.com/insider and start getting your weekly cosmic weather scoop delivered to your inbox every week. All right, thanks. And let's now go to Jamie and Deleasa. Okay, so let's talk Deleasa. Since this is your first time on the astrology hub podcast, I'd love to start with your story. How did you realize that you had psychic abilities? Like what? What happened?

Dallisa Hocking 2:35
Well, first of all, thank you so much for having me on the podcast. I'm a huge fan. And I live by the shows and the emails that you send out. They're highly valuable, and I love them. So yeah, if you would have told me 10 years ago that I'd be sitting here having this conversation, I'd say there's no way that seven years ago, my life completely changed overnight. I owned a very different company. I was working at a private university in Texas, and I'd taken a trip up to New York, and I'll keep it as the short version for our conversation today. But overnight, I was at a friend's house and he had gotten a call that his beloved aunt had just died unexpectedly. And I went to sleep didn't really think anything of it. I knew him from a work project. So I didn't know his family never met any of his family members. Yet, when I was sleeping that night, his aunt who had just passed away hours before it comes through and asked if I could deliver a message to her nephew, I could see what she looked like she wanted me to tell him that she made it to the other side and that she was okay. And I woke up the next morning having flashbacks of just a few hours, you know, prior where she had come through and started remembering my grandmother, and how my grandmother would see full body, full body spirit operations, walked through her living room, and how she would tell me stories about how her grandmother would see things on the farm that she lived on. And so all of my worlds kind of came together one morning when I walked into that kitchen and told my friend about that message. And then I'm curious by nature, so I flew home to Texas that day and started pulling the thread. I thought, you know if that woman could come through as gracefully as she did that night, what else has been knocking on the door trying to come in? So I quit my full time job. I dissolve the company that I owned, I was a matchmaker and I planned dating events in several states. And I decided I guess I'll move back to Las Vegas. I have family there and I thought if I'm going to try being a psychic medium, I better be in a location where I can have a hot shower and a meal and taste. This just goes completely sideways. And it didn't it it took off and became really busy and I knew that now looking at my astrology I saw Wow, this was actually all divinely orchestrated. Had I known the astrology and looked at it. You know, earlier in my life, I could have easily seen in my chart how I was meant to be a psychic medium, and how my life purpose really was to serve people in that way. So that's how it all started.

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:18
Amazing. I have like full body chills several times as you're telling that story. And I don't know, Jamie, if you have something to add here in terms of like what transit was Deleasa in when this happened, or what you know, when you're saying you look at your chart, and you can tell that you were meant to be doing this. What are you seeing specifically? Yeah, I

Dallisa Hocking 5:37
mean, I have I've established Sun Gemini ascendant and I have my Pisces moon in the 10th house. So that Pisces moon, as I've come to understand, it is a really big placement in my chart specifically, because of where it's at, and how it plays in relation to the other parts of my astrology chart. Any astrologer that ever looks at my chart before they even know who I am and what I do for a living, they're like, Oh, you go between worlds, you see things that people don't see, you hear things that people don't hear. And so imagine, you know, if somebody would have come to me in my 20s, and said, Hey, Deleasa, guess what, I think it would have just opened up so many windows and doors much earlier than I did. But I also believe in divine timing. But I think that there were a lot of life experiences that I needed to go through in order to prepare me for what was to come.

Amanda Pua Walsh 6:28
Amazing. And then how did you to hook up so I know that you're you've come together, you're going to be teaching a work workshop on this right? The Sun Sign and astrology and how that can help you with your life purpose. So how did you two get hooked up together?

Dallisa Hocking 6:42
Well, I love astrology hub. And I love Jamie's podcast that she does, where she goes over the sun signs and what you can look forward to for the week ahead. And so I thought Jamie could be a really interesting collaborator, along with astrology hub, and you Amanda and your team, because I thought, How amazing would it be? If we could look at the zodiac sign your Sun Sign? And see? What does it mean? How can you incorporate the energy of your Sun Sign with your purpose, but how can as Jamie has put it, you know, dance in the shadows as well. So really discovering why you're here and then releasing some of the things you tell yourself. The self sabotage you might be taking yourself through. The energy is harsh, it's intense. But I think that we can work with it to create meaningful and lasting impacts in each person's life.

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:36
You know, astrology and psychic abilities, while they're separate from each other. Like it's not the same thing. They often go together. But most astrologers are, if they don't call themselves psychic, they would say they're highly intuitive, especially the best ones. So, Jamie, my question for you is, do you also feel like you have quote unquote, psychic abilities? Or would you just describe yourself as highly intuitive, I

Jamie Magee 8:05
think it would be difficult to define for me to define either one of those because I think growing up, I was the one that kind of got that feeling that before something happened or not even get it now like before, like even a big world event. And it's almost like I feel grounded to the earth, like someone's kind of pinning me they're like, Hold on for a second. And then a couple of days later, like something will kind of come through. But the as the stronger I get as an astrologer, the more deeply I get into the to the rhythm of astrology, it's almost like you, you, you intuitively know it, but you also know it intellectually, like you're seeing the weather coming in and, and when you know that it's coming in, and you also have the intuitive intuition to lean on, that you get the privilege of kind of standing back and say, Okay, well, how can this energy be utilized differently. And, you know, we just we had a difficult transit last week, or it could have been challenging for some with Mars and Pluto. And I watched some use it brilliantly to be completely inspired and motivated to go through transformation. They had all this drive and courage. And I saw the complete opposite with other people, whether they were in my life or just, you know, people that I work with. So I think it's a little bit of both. And it's interesting. The more you educate yourself, the more that you open the door, how empowered that intuition comes and how you get like this message, like I need to call this person are you think about someone and you see them like that manifestation that energy, like you're connected to something that's bigger than you. It's just a it's a good, full circle.

Amanda Pua Walsh 9:31
It really is. And one of the things that I would have never thought of myself either as definitely I would have never said psychic, even intuitive. I'd be like, I don't know. But astrology actually confirms it so much, because there'll be a time where I'm like, I kind of feel like this is probably the direction or this needs to happen or this could happen and then the astrology will confirm that it's like oh, wow, maybe I do know more than I realize I know maybe that that honing device or whatever you want to call it inside Have me is actually quite refining quite accurate. And maybe I could just trust that a little bit more Deleasa I'm wondering to from you was so the psychic part of you woke up? Like, that's amazing that it happened overnight to and then you just like, left everything you're like I'm gonna go after this. When did astrology come into the picture for you?

Dallisa Hocking 10:20
Oh, great question. I had a dark night of the soul probably about eight years ago. And I felt very alone and completely isolated that the business I was running, I was just having a lot of difficulties with and trying to understand why I didn't really like matchmaking people. And now I understand why. But I felt like wow, I put all this time and effort into it. And I'm not seeing the results that I wanted. And I was connected with an astrologer who actually recently passed away. And it was the first I have chills as I say that. She came into my life. And she did phone readings for me. And she said, Listen, this is going to be really tough for you for the next couple of years. But you're gonna get through it. And you're going to come out the other end in a more spectacular way than you can ever imagine. And one might think, oh, gosh, and astrologer tells you it's going to be hard for a couple of years. But what she did for me was let me know that it was temporary. And that even though the next couple of years, were still going to be tough, I was going to take the lessons and the gifts that came along with that energy with a lot of Saturn energy that was on top of me, and I was going to use that for good. And then everything changed. So of course she was right on. But it's why I feel such an affinity towards astrology because there is so much going on with the intensity and people numbing or having, you know, distress with their mental health that if they can team up with a reputable astrologer who can say listen, I see where you're at, you're not going to stay there, I think that can give hope on a deeper level than maybe people are accessing right now.

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:08
Completely. It is that information that hey, this is this is temporary, and you're gonna get through it. And here's actually why this is happening. Like the configuration is it's trying to elicit something from you like Jamie was saying, these transits happen. And you can use them in a brilliant way. Or you can let them take you down, you know, you can you can stumble down and really experience the worst of those, those astrological energies, but it's a choice. And the awareness is the first piece right? Once you're aware of what those energies are, and what a opportunity is in that energy and what the pitfalls are, then it's like, okay, I can, I can dance, I can either, you know, be in the more shadow element of this or I can be aware of the shadow. And, and really choose to express something different.

Jamie Magee 13:00
I also think it's important with these transits because you don't want to be like Pollyanna, or like overly optimistic with them. Because your job is to learn something with them no matter what they are. But it's to have a mindset or be open to changing your perspective and be humble enough to change it like you can sit okay, this is the lesson this is how I'm going to use this energy. And the universe has kind of grants and says well, and it teaches you a different way. And that'll help re guide your path. So I think being humble and open to kind of go with like, you know, if you think about Amanda, you talk about the ocean a lot, like you know, kind of go with the different waves, like you may know what's coming at you. But do you really you know, there could be a really big one behind it or something a riptide or something that's gonna pull you a different way. But it does have to stay bouncy, stay in flow with it. And I love that what what she said about timing, because that has been always been a guiding light for me with astrology, just you know, when is the storm going to be over? And what am I supposed to learn now. And I think when you know that, even if you're standing at the beginning of what looks like a really long transit, you know that there's an end and you know, like you almost get comfortable within the storm. And then you're able to maneuver within it. But it just it really is about perspective and how you want to grow through it are, you know, let it take control of you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:15
You know, as you're speaking Jaime, I was thinking about a marathon. And if you started a marathon, that's 26 miles and you didn't know you were on a marathon, you'd probably start sprinting, you would have like the you'd have the worst expectations and those expectations would make you tire out and the whole experience will be miserable. But if you know that you need to pace yourself, you're going to be in it for a while. This is going to be something that is like challenging, but you can do it and there is an end, then it's an entirely different experience. So that's exactly yeah. And would you agree, Jamie, I know you're a practicing astrologer. Would you agree that one of the biggest questions that you get is how long is this going to last?

Jamie Magee 14:51
Absolutely. Absolutely. It's the timing of it. And I think that a lot of times when I see a chart for the first time I kind of already know before I see the end Take form of what they want to talk about what they're coming in with. And it is the timing. And a lot of a lot of people that I work with are really in tune, they're more in tune than they think they know. And sometimes it's like, and I think I've mentioned this recently, when I have loved astrology, it's because it was accurate. And when I have been angry at astrology, it's because it was accurate. And so we kind of have to work with that energy as in like, okay, yeah, this is the lesson that you have to move through. But knowing when or knowing, or knowing I think someone on our platform into this recently that it's not so much a marathon, but as a relay, and in this dark night of the soul that you're walking through, there's a time that you're going to be able to pass this to someone to help you, you're gonna be able to lean on people, you're gonna be able to find a light or something that's going to like, you know, really feed your soul through it. So kind of being open to that too. But definitely, when, when is the big answer?

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:53
Okay, this is so good. All right. So let's, let's start Deleasa, with your psychic insights and predictions for between now and the end of 2022. And I don't know if you want to go a little bit into 2023. But let's like where are we at in terms of what you're seeing collectively? Absolutely.

Dallisa Hocking 16:13
I sat down and asked my spirit team, you know, what do we need to know for this pathway ahead. So some of these things I think, are already starting to play out, or some of these I would anticipate in the next two to three years. But this gives you an idea of what's coming through as I channel. I do think that there is going to be some food and water shortages and issues and some things that feel perhaps like Saturn or squishing down the land or farmers. So really be more aware of how much food and water you have on hand non perishables, I think a good rule of thumb with this energy would be about three months that you have on hand that can get you through any period of time where it might become harder to get access to food and water, I do feel that there's going to be some sliding in regards to recession. And then they also said to me, depression, depression financially and mentally and we've talked a little bit about the numbing and how people are checking out. But I hope that through this discussion and other discussions that people feel they want to be more present with the energy that's coming in and working with it, I do get the sense that we need to take mental health more seriously. And that will become more prevalent in the next year or so. Because Earth school, I believe is one of the hardest places that you can incarnate. And there are people and animals that I feel are going to feel that intensity and decide that they want to opt out or exit or school and just honoring the journey that each soul has as they come onto Earth. The rise in the humanitarian energy and micro communities. This is where I'm really seeing more of people coming together in smaller groups within your town, your city, your state, do you get the sense that there will be more and more going back to the stage was we're seeing and headlines now? But what are you doing on your own streets? You know, are you starting a community garden? Do you have a food bank? How are you helping the people that are around you. So that's going to come more and more into play? I do feel that there will be more divisiveness in the short term. But that ultimately this energy will get us into a more incredible space as a planet UFOs and Galactics I feel are going to be making more of an appearance, one that feels undeniable. You know, there's still questions when we see footage or person telling the story about what they encountered. But I think there's gonna be something that emerges where you go, wow, we can't say that that doesn't exist anymore. So I'm excited to see how that plays out. Which could shake some longtime beliefs that people have maybe around organized religions. And it's not to say it has to go away by any stretch of the imagination. But bigger questions around spirituality, I feel they're going to come into play. I'm sure other astrologers and psychics have talked about the midterm elections this year and how it's going to change things dramatically. And I feel it's going to be a huge turning point. If you have the opportunity to buy a home or buy land, I would say that's absolutely a good idea. Feels like there's going to be changes to the system around real estate or it will become harder to buy land or homes. I would recommend that I want to give just everybody a couple things, because I don't like leaving people with doom and gloom. And as far as my predictions, I do think that connection with nature is going to become increasingly important. And if you feel a nudge to work with a therapist or a counselor at all We'd recommend that if you can find one that aligns with you having your hands over your heart and breathing from the center of your heart and grounding you, I tell my clients and students, Meditation really is a non negotiable. Now, you really got to make sure you're having time for self care, journaling, gratitude. And as we move through these next few years, it's going to be incredibly important to your self care and your journey forward. And then a quote that I found that resonated with what I'm feeling right now is courage is one step ahead of fear of Holman young courage is one step ahead of fear. And I think that aligns with what we're really building and trying to help people with right now, with a combination of the energy and astrology.

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:47
You know, this community has a heads up. So you say doom and gloom, but the astrology is saying, Oh, it's confirming all those things that you are seeing. And one of the things as you were speaking, I was thinking about Pluto, and how the United States is in the Pluto return, we had all that Pluto energy in 2020, that we're still, you know, we're still experienced Pluto and Saturn, we're still experiencing all of it. And the thing when you were talking about mental health, I was thinking, Yes, and the kind of mental health efforts that are truly from the ground up, not BandAids, you know, people just taking things to bandaid, these situations, it's not going to work, because this is like guttural roots change that we're being asked to make. And so any of the band aid solutions on any of the issues that we're facing, they're just not going to work. And so we're getting to the root, what, why are these things happening at a very deep root level, I think is so important and will create lasting change, the kind of change that these types of energies are, they're giving us the opportunity to make, but only if we dig really, really deep, and and access the change from from that deep well, within each one of us. And that's where, again, purpose life purpose, I think comes in people that are connected to their purpose and know why they're here, and know that they're here for a reason. It's a whole different ballgame. You know, when you're floating around and everything feels random, and you don't even know why you're here and everything's meaningless. And you're, you're disillusioned it, I can see why you would want to check out especially when things get really hard. But when you're connected to that deep, deep meaning in life, which can so many times come from that deep sense of purpose. You're just viewing the world very differently. Jamie, I don't know if you want to add anything there from the astrological point of view.

Jamie Magee 22:39
Yeah, like as you're speaking, it's so funny, because you can hear astrology in almost every conversation that you listen to. But it really reminds me of something I was going to talk about with the sun signs too. But it's that Scorpio Taurus fixated, where we're having the eclipses, and what Scorpio is all about with this transit is releasing deep, fixated emotional energy and reaching for something that really supports our values. But therein lies the challenge. Because if you're going to release something that's deep and fix, and it's emotional inside of you, you have to face it. And that's where that where you need that courage, that one step in front of courage. But that's something that's a story we're all working on in different areas of our life right now. But it's definitely something that we're going to feel like we feel now. But the volume is turned down a little bit, but it's going to turn right back up. And as it comes back up, we want to make sure that we're dancing with those shadows and acknowledging them and working with them.

Amanda Pua Walsh 23:33
You know, part of it too, is having tools, having tools and actually having people that help you, you know, none of us can be doing this alone. It's It's why, you know, having a community around you having even if you're tuning into this podcast, hopefully we've become friends for you. But, you know, it's it's trying to do these things alone in isolation. It's really, really hard. So Jamie, I know that you have a read for the sun signs. Is this through the end of 2022? Or do you want to Yeah,

Jamie Magee 24:01
like when I was trying to think about what I could share to give like a brief overview to kind of pair with the predictions I wanted to look at like the two big stories. So one of them would be like the Eclipse story. And another big transit that we had this year was Jupiter, he was in Pisces, and he connected with Neptune, and then he moved into Aries, but he's going to retrograde back. So as we get into the fall, there's a big chunk of the year like a couple of months, especially September where like we're just doing a lot of review, we're going back and we're thinking about things. So in this overview is just gonna highlight you know what you're going to be reviewing and then dialing in on like that Eclipse story and things that we're going to be coming up for you. So what I'll do is I'm going to say fire signs will tell you what the fire signs are in the fire sign tribe, like what you're going to be working on and each of the signs. So are you ready? Yeah, let's go. Let's go. Alright, so for fire signs, that's Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. This little fire tribe you're going to work on being royally reflective on personal convictions and philosophy are like probably Bit stories that you have things that you have behind the scenes, you're going to consider maybe what transition that you did not complete so you can complete a new one and how this transition can benefit your vision and your passion going forward. Now, for areas to dial in to your story, this means that you're going to realize that going back is a win, not a loss. You've seen the opportunities now it's planned. Now it's time to kind of plan how can I use this and how can I trust the transformation that I'm going through and my values and my skill set. Now Sagittarius, you're going to be working on releasing old fears and anxieties and inviting in revolutionary ideas and really leaning in to a daily rhythm that you want to have. And Leo, you are going to be working on using deep rooted strengths to grow into your purpose releasing shadows that are holding you back. And you know, honestly, Leo, don't be afraid to reach for more than one dream or a really big dream. Now our signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn collectively you guys are working on taking an in breath going deep and remembering what your dream is and communicating and building foundations and all of your relationships. Now Taurus for you, you're going to dial in to stepping into your individuality and not being afraid to release emotional or physical or contracts to do that. So you're going to like release so you can connect Virgo for you. This means growing out of the past or using the past to reach for a new horizon, our broader learning or sharing a really deep message. Now Capricorn for you. This means dialing in and fortifying your creation something that exists because you exist, even if that means that you have to find new allies to fortify it. Now Air signs this is Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Collectively, what you're looking at is finding hidden opportunities around your health and your wealth. So Gemini, you're going to look at letting go of a daily rhythm that drains you. And seeking inner peace even if that means spending time alone or working on private interest. And Libra, you're going to be working on using shifting resources or a resource that you have to help benefit a really deep and private transformation that you're going through which could ultimately help you build a really lasting legacy. Now Aquarius, you're going to be working on growing out of an old reputation or a career how people know you and exploring what really makes you feel at home and rooted in concrete like pulling up that deep energy. Now water signs this Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Collectively, what you're looking at is reviewing the rapid growth that you've had over the last year and ensuring that your goals and your priorities around your passions are really clear and ready to step into a new story. So there's probably an opportunity you want to go back and tie up really tight. So cancer for this mean that for you. This means using our releasing your creativity or love to build toward a dream and a community that can really support what's in your heart and Scorpio for you. This means this is a big thing Scorpio because eclipses are kind of focused on you is releasing self limiting views. But I can't do this for this reason, kind of us and really trusting partnerships and showing up in the most authentic, soulful way that you can to everything that you do. And Pisces. And last but not least for you. This is using soul deep wisdom to communicate and impact your local environment. In other words, overcoming anxieties and stepping boldly into your talents. You so

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:28
good, Jamie. All right. I know that I'm loving this combination of the astrology with the psychic readings of the energy. And I know Deleasa you do a lot of energy work and a lot of different things too. And that you two have come together to teach actually a workshop that's coming up called the power of the sun, your purpose and pathway forward. What inspired this specific topic for you.

Dallisa Hocking 28:56
I think because of what I've experienced both as a psychic and an astrology enthusiast, I wanted to bring information together in a way that anyone could come and join the conversation and learn and grow, making it very approachable and giving them tips and tools that they can take forward. I mean, like we've talked about in our discussion today, once you know your purpose, and even when you know what your shadow pieces are, you can move through that with word grace and joy. And I know that Jamie and I will be bringing that to everyone that attends the workshop.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:34
Okay, so tell us a little bit more about the workshop what what are the students going to receive? And also Who is it ideal for?

Dallisa Hocking 29:41
I really think it's geared towards astrology enthusiast, and anyone interested in releasing anything that may be holding them back, so but somebody that feels like, gosh, I'd really like to manifest blank then this would be a workshop that they'll get a lot out of. It's 90 minutes long. along, and it's a couple of different components, Jamie's going to be going through each zodiac Sun Sign, and how to work with your purpose and your shadow and using that to manifest your highest energy and purpose. And then I'm going to take folks through different questions to think about the self sabotaging energy that they may be participating in. And then I'll work with them through the energetics to help them release it. And then we'll also have q&a so folks can sign up and attend live and interact with Jamie and I, and ask questions about what we're seeing, and how the energy is going to play out. But anyone regardless if they can attend live or not, they will get the recording. And they will also get the PDF of the coaching questions and things that we're going to be working through. So anyone is welcome to attend live or receive the replay after

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:55
you can go to astrology hub.com/sun. If this all sounds good to you, and I just love it as a great starting point for people because a lot of times when people are interested in astrology, they, they're pulled by something right because they know astrology has something for them. But then they get overwhelmed so quickly because it could get so complex, you know, it's like, but but Jamie, tell the audience what you think is the benefit of really just starting with that core foundational Sun Sign information when it when it comes to purpose. You know, like,

Jamie Magee 31:27
if you were to walk up to someone in the street and say, You know what, I can tell you all of this, I can tell you like how you approach the world, how you love how you fight how you do this, they would like overwhelm them, because they wouldn't understand how do you know that about me? But I think what is attractive about the sun is that it almost subscribes you to a tribe, there's a tribe of people that are kind of going through this and the moon sign and the ascendant. It all dials into that. So the Sun Sign is the doorway, you're like, okay, yeah, I do have those traits. I do have that shadow that I dance with, I go back and forth with that. And then it's a gateway, because once you know that, then you're interested in your moon, how am I emotionally reacting before I know I am in my Rising Sign? How do I approach the world? And how do I love and fight. But I think it's a great, it's always great I listen to a lot of teachers recently talk about how you almost go through this cycle. Like where you get in, you learn everything you can about yourself, and then you kind of bow back and you dial really deep in to the most core basic things you're connecting into. Yeah, I am a Scorpio and I am this kind of Scorpio and I have these strengths, but not the strengths and why. So I think that dialing deep into that and connecting with that purpose will really help you, you know, feel vitalized by who you are as an individual. And it will really which I'm excited about really encourage you to dig deeper to go into the next layer, and then the next layer. And above all, it gives you permission to be walking through the story that you're walking in now like your it's your story, it's no one else's story, and how you how you handle the story how the universe course corrects or keeps you online, is completely personal. But there's a validation, and knowing this is who I am. And it's on purpose, and it's on time. And this is how I'm going to work with this moment. As I move forward.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:13
You know, I trust you to ladies to give people and a beautiful orientation to these aspects of themselves. I have a new friend, and he was interested in astrology. And so I was like, Okay, well, I'll look at your chart, I saw that he had tons of Aries in his chart. And then he went on Google to look at what Aries was. And then he sent me this thing and when I feel really sad, because he pulled up this thing that talked about narcissism and all this. And I was like, Oh, please don't listen to any of that. None of that, like, that's awful astrology. That is not true. So I am so grateful that they're in such good hands with you to they're gonna get the real picture. And it's not that we shy away from the aspects of ourselves that like might not be the most attractive, but it's all opportunity it's in there's no bad Sun Sign. There's no like, Oh, this one's good. And this one's bad. So I know their stereotypes about every Sun Sign. And I'm really grateful that you too will be the ones facilitating this conversation, and helping people tap into the real opportunity of their design. So thank you for doing this. I'm so you know, we don't offer a lot of really great entry level workshops and courses for people. So that's why Deleasa when you came with this idea, I was like, yes, that's great, because people need they need that starting point. So if you're an enthusiast or if you're someone who is just interested in soul purpose, and interested in how astrology might be able to help you bridge that and really find a connection with what it is you're here to do. Then this is going to be a great workshop for you and it's at astrology. hub.com/sun tell everybody what the dates are.

Dallisa Hocking 34:56
Yes, it's Thursday, July 21 at 4pm am Pacific 7pm. Eastern, that's the live offering. But again, I would encourage anyone to sign up even if they know that that date and time may not work for them, because I will make sure that you get the video recording and the PDF afterwards.

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:15
Awesome. Okay, anything else you want to say before we sign off today,

Dallisa Hocking 35:19
I hope that people take this opportunity to come together and with Jamie and I have a real honest conversation about the energy and how to work with it, We by no means want to leave you feeling like doom and gloom. This is really intended to help you step into your power to feel that embodiment of your highest calling. And I'd be honored to be able to help people walk through that journey. We

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:48
I believe we all chose to be here at this specific time on this planet that our soul knew we'd be a part of this huge wave of transformation. And so why not join these amazing women that are going to help you connect in with that. And that sense of that sense of purpose. Like here's why, here's why I'm here, here's what I have to contribute through these times. And it's just a whole new wave of energy that people will get to experience. So thank you for doing this Deleasa and Jamie I'm so grateful. Thanks to all of you for tuning into this show. For being a part of our community for making astrology a part of your life and for caring like for caring about your purpose in what you're here to do. I really appreciate that there's people like you out there that are interested and willing to you know, play play we came here it's sometimes I think of it as a game like we came here and we're in the game we may as well show up and do our best and just give what we have to give. So thanks for being here. And I can't wait to catch you all on the next episode. Make sure you go to astrology hub.com/sun If you want to see where the link is, you can actually see it in the show notes and the description next to this video. So take care everybody and we will see you on the next episode.