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Christopher Renstrom Reveals the Patron Planet of Celebrities & Historical Figures

Ever wondered what cosmic forces might be at play behind the success of your favorite stars? Or how the celestial blueprint of a historical figure shaped their impact on our world? In this episode Christopher will reveal their ruling planets and decode the celestial mysteries that have influenced their lives.

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0:00 Intro

1:33 What is a Ruling Planet?

4:12 Ruling Planets for Unruly Times

7:45 What Planet Are They On?

8:10 Lady Gaga

11:02 Marilyn Monroe

14:42 Kim Kardashian

20:05 Princess Diana

23:49 Camila Parker Bowles

28:42 Greta Thunberg

33:56 Pablo Picasso

39:33 Volodymyr Zelensky

43:42 Amanda Gorman

49:52 Beyonce

55:44 Ruling Planets for Unruly Times: Who is it for?

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[00:01:13] Amanda: All right. We are here live with Mr. Christopher Renstrom, author, historian, astrologer, and the guest every single week on our horoscope highlights, the one who writes your horoscope weekly. So I am so happy to be here with you, Christopher,

What Does it Mean to be the “Child of a Planet”?

[00:01:33] Amanda: and today we’re gonna be exploring this topic of. Us being children of a planet, right?

[00:01:42] So instead of saying I’m a Capricorn, I would say I’m a child of Saturn. And so Christopher, can you tell us a little bit more about this idea? Because you’re one of the only astrologers that I know that talks about this and talks about this through history

[00:01:58] Christopher: as well. Basically I think the idea comes pretty much from Abu, and it was the idea that you were born under a planet.

[00:02:08] for instance, you just said, you know, if someone says, what’s your sign? I say, Capricorn or Gemini. This idea of identifying with your Zodiac sign is maybe about a hundred, a hundred. And. 25 ish years old. Okay. Before then, you know, and we know that astrology goes back centuries before then you would actually refer to your ruling planet.

[00:02:29] Okay. You would say things like, um, I’m a child of Saturn. I was born under Mars, or Venus is my guiding star. Hmm. And, and so it was the planet that was important rather than the sign. It’s kind of like an actor and a backdrop. Uh, the planet was the actor and then the backdrop was the zodiac sign. And so, uh, this tradition of being a child of the planet meant that you inherited the planet’s.

[00:02:55] Traits and characteristics. Nowadays, they’ve kind of melded with the sign. But if you really think about how children of Mercury, uh, mercury rules, the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo are known for their mental quickness and their dexterity, their ability to analyze things on the spot, you immediately see the mercury come on through.

[00:03:17] Or if you see, for instance, a Capricorn born under Saturn with the, with the colder, sometimes more remote temperament, you’re really seeing the planet Saturn that’s coming through the sign. And so that was really the origin of this idea of being, uh, a child of a planet. So

[00:03:34] Amanda: fun.

[00:03:34] So today what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna play a little game.

[00:03:38] Yeah. We asked, we asked our inner circle members to nominate some celebrities for us to play the, what planet are they a child of game. We, we probably need a better name for this game. Better

[00:03:52] Christopher: known as what planet are you on? What planet

[00:03:55] Amanda: are you on? I like that. So the, what planet are you on? Game. So we’re gonna go through like nine or 10 celebrities and Christopher is going to talk about the person and give us some clues and then you all can guess which planet they’re a child of.

[00:04:10] Okay. Yeah.

Info on Christopher’s Planets Course

[00:04:12] Amanda: And then, um, this is all in leading up to Christopher’s course that he’s gonna be teaching with us very soon, in which you’ll get to understand what planet you’re a child of, right? And then what that means, what that means beyond just personality, what it means in terms of transits and different things like timing elements, and looking at your chart.

[00:04:32] Do you wanna say anything about that,

[00:04:32] Christopher: Christopher? Yeah. Really quick. Uh, what it means is like, this was the idea of the ruling planet. There’s a lot of different theories as to what your ruling planet is. The, you know, is it the planet that rules the ascendant, is the, the final dispo of the chart. I work with the ruling planet as the planet that simply rules your sunshine.

[00:04:49] It’s very simple as that. And, and that comes from a lot of writings that was being done in the late medieval, early renaissance period about that particularly. So essentially what, how I want you to think of your ruling planet is first of all, identify your sun sign. Let’s say I’m a Gemini, okay? Uh, so then my ruling planet is, ah, mercury.

[00:05:08] Okay? Uh, so you wanna think of Mercury as being your patron saint? Your corporate sponsor, your life coach, and your den mother all wrapped up into one. Okay. You know how sometimes we sit down with the horoscope and we look at all these planets, we’re like, where do I begin? Okay. Right. So, so the thing is, when you go right to the ruling planet, you’re gonna find the planet that means the most to you after pretty much your son.

[00:05:36] So it’s going to be your willing planet. And if you’re born under Mercury, no matter where Mercury is in the chart or in the sky by transit, mercury is always working to your benefit because you’re basically on Team Mercury. So we’ve got Team Mercury, team Saturn, we even have Team Mars and Pluto. Okay? So, so we have combinations of two ruling planets working together in conjunction.

[00:06:02] Mm,

[00:06:04] Amanda: amazing. Okay. And in the class we’re gonna find, we’re gonna dive into what each of the, what that means. So if I’m a child of Saturn, like I said in the beginning, what does that mean? How does that show up? How do I use that as I’m looking at my chart, as I’m looking ahead at future events and backwards at past events, right.

[00:06:22] Christopher: Well, for instance, in the workshop you’ll get to know Saturn. If, if it’s your ruling planet, it’s not everyone’s ruling planet, you’re also gonna get to know Saturn as how to read it in a chart. Right. Okay. There’s a whole rich history of Saturn that comes down to us through art and culture and literature, which is really outside the, uh, typical venues of astrology.

[00:06:44] A lot of times we look for the planets in an astrological book, but the planets have been appearing on the sides of synagogues and churches and government buildings, and in art and culture, uh, even as names of production companies for centuries. Hmm. And that’s some of the, that’s how, that’s some of the journey that we’re gonna be taking, in ruling planets for unruly times.

[00:07:05] Amanda: Hmm. Okay. So if you love Christopher as a historian, as a storyteller, as someone to explore, mythology and all of the amazing. Things that he does. So uniquely, wonderfully, this is gonna be an incredible class. It’s a three week journey that we’ll be taking together. You go to astrology hub.com/ruling planet to check it out and see if you’d like to join us.

[00:07:27] And that’s happening in May. So we’re, we’re, we’re coming up on the class.

[00:07:33] Christopher: Yeah. I’m so excited because it’s just there, there’s just so much to talk about with the planets. I super duper excited about it.

[00:07:39] Amanda: Yes. And you just, you bring it to life in such a way that it’s, it’s so unique and we love it. We love it.

Christopher & Amand Play Planets Game Based on Celebrities

[00:07:45] Amanda: Okay, so let’s play the game. Okay. Ready? Okay. So bringing up our first celebrity, and I’m seeing all of you in the chat, it’s awesome to see you here. Thank you for joining us. If you have a guest for the Celebrity, put it in the chat and um, you get a gold star if you get it right. Extra special kiss.

Lady Gaga

[00:08:10] Amanda: Okay,

[00:08:10] Christopher: so Lady Gaga is a child of, does anyone wanna guess or shall we jump? Okay, so we have some guests.

[00:08:16] Amanda: Let’s see, Neptune, uh, Uranus, Jupiter. Alyssa. Alyssa says Scorpio. So Scorpios is Zodiac sign. Alyssa, we’re looking for a planet. So do you wanna say Mars or Pluto? Shari or Sherry, or Shari says Pluto.

[00:08:35] Christopher: Uhhuh. Uhhuh.

[00:08:36] Amanda: Um, so we have a lot of planets already represented here.

[00:08:41] Epicly Epic says the sun. Uh, Lolita love. Lolita says Mercury. Alyssa says Mars. Pluto. Maureen says Jupiter.

[00:08:51] Christopher: Okay. We’re all over the place. Christopher. Well, you know when you have a solar system, why not?

[00:08:56] Okay.

[00:09:00] Lady Gaga is a child of Mars. Okay? Everyone who, uh, so everyone who got the Scorpio part, you, you got that right? But she is an Aries and she is a child of Mars. And I think that that shows off right off the bat, her being a child of Mars. She’s, uh, she’s completely self-created, self-generated, she follows.

[00:09:26] She, she can be very assertive, uh, in the way that she, uh, goes about her art form. She is a very well-known advocate, particularly in the L G B T Q community for standing up for people, who can’t always stand up for themselves. And so that warrior spirit comes out. What’s also intriguing that we would see is a Lady Gaga is a child of Mars with Mars in.

[00:09:52] The Zodiac sign of Capricorn. What’s fascinating about that, uh, is very much, this is a woman who’s prepared to take on a man’s world. Men in a man’s world, Aries in Capricorn, both have very patriarchal, pater, paternalistic sides to them, and they’re in conflict. Uh, they are the two signs of the Father Aries and, Capricorn.

[00:10:14] And indeed she has a bit of a combative relationship with her own father, who also happens to be the head of her publishing company. And, also, uh, the head of her charity. But, she’s famously a liberal and her father is famously a conservative and never shall the two meet. But nevertheless, she has a tattoo that says Dad on, I think it’s her, uh, left shoulder.

[00:10:37] And, uh, with having Mars exalted in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, this is someone who’s very much driven for success and very much driven to be on top of the heap and for a very long time.

[00:10:49] Amanda: Wow, that’s so cool that her Mars in Capricorn and she has a tattoo that says, dad, I just, that is so amazing. I love it.

[00:10:58] Okay, well, so some of us, um, got that right. Gold stars for all of the Mars guesses.

Marilyn Monroe

[00:11:02] Amanda: Let’s go to our next celebrity, Marilyn Monroe. Okay, so let’s get some guesses going. Marilyn Monroe is a child of, oh, I think I know this cuz I’ve looked this up. Okay. Um, so we have Mercury as a guest. Let’s see everybody’s guesses.

[00:11:22] Bring ’em on. Um, hi Rochelle. Yes. You caught us live. How great is that? Whitney says Venus. Shari. Shari says Mercury. Msb. Aromatherapy says Mercury. The Swed love says Mars. Epicly Epic is on Venus. Um, okay, let’s see. Moon says Shean. Gans. That’s a fun way to say a name. Um, h hps Venus. We have, we have several Muries.

[00:11:49] We have several Venus. Uh, we do have a Pluto vote. All right. What do you think? Are you ready to reveal the great reveal,

[00:11:59] Christopher: Christopher? Yes. Marilyn Monroe is indeed a child of Mercury. She’s born under, she’s born Gemini. The, uh, Zodiac sign of Gemini. And, uh, mercury, as you know, is the planet of the mind. It’s also an itinerant planet, so it goes from place to place to place to place to place.

[00:12:19] Uh, people born under Mercury. If you’re Gemini or, or Virgo, you have a restless quality you may take on. Jobs where you’re continually traveling, uh, to different parts of the city or different parts even of perhaps the world. Uh, you kind of go from gig to gig if you’re born under a mercury.

[00:12:36] Uh, Marilyn Monroe, I can understand why someone said, well, Venus, because she’s known as a sex goddess. Marilyn Monroe was an intellectual. She, was married to, , the playwright, Arthur Miller and um, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but she had an extraordinarily enormous library and, um, it was full of a wide range of books and very few of them were romantic novelas or anything along those lines.

[00:13:01] I mean, she really tackled big. Topics. I mean, how many people do you know have read James Joyce’s Ulysses from front to back? Okay. Marilyn Monroe. She did, and she even photographed herself finishing it. She was so proud of the accomplishment, but she was very, very intellectual. Mercury is also associated with buying and selling and transacting.

[00:13:24] She walks out of Hollywood, she goes to New York. She refuses to, have anything to do with Hollywood Begins her own production company at a time when it wasn’t begun. Uh, she’s sued by the studio. It looks like it’s gonna be a clash, but through her wheeling and dealing and through her, knowing who was smart and who to hire, she, basically wins, back a contract with, with much more say than she had ever had before.

[00:13:48] There’s even a story that’s told by Susan Strausberg, the daughter of her acting coach, in which she would walk around New York disguised in a black wig and a jacket, and one time they’re walking, down 42nd street or something like that. And she says, Des Strausberg, do you wanna see her? And Strausberg says, who do you wanna see her?

[00:14:05] And, and this is the Gemini the twin. And Strausberg says, okay. And no one had been paying attention to the. To women at all. Marilyn Monroe, no makeup or anything, takes off the wig, takes off the coat and puts on Marilyn Monroe. And at that moment, crowds start to form. People are like, where did she come from?

[00:14:24] So this idea of peekaboo, you know, now you see her, now you don’t. Or even the twin very much is, caught up in, mercury, which is the ruling planet of Gemini.

[00:14:34] Amanda: Oh my gosh. So much fun. Christopher, you are just like this encyclopedia. Where do you get all these stories and everything? It’s incredible.

Kim Kardashian

[00:14:42] Amanda: So we now have Kim Kardashian. So she is a child of

[00:14:48] Christopher: who? Of who, of who, who, what planet do you think best, uh, expresses Kim Kardashian? Gosh, I

[00:14:56] Amanda: wanna say, I do wanna say Venus for this one, but I have no idea and I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna sway anybody cause I could really be wrong.

[00:15:06] Okay. So who is Kim Kardashian a child of? I’m not saying the guesses come through yet.

[00:15:12] Christopher: What planet is Kim Kardashian on?

[00:15:17] Amanda: Venus, Venus, Neptune,

[00:15:19] Alyssa says, uh, I hate that I know. This.

[00:15:22] Venus, Neptune, Steph says, tendency to shock. So Steph, are you thinking Uranus? Um, okay. We got more Venus, Neptune. So Leo would be a vote for the sun, right?

[00:15:37] Christopher: Uhhuh Uhhuh. Absolutely.

[00:15:39] Amanda: All right. So I’d say that, and I hope I didn’t sway the answers, but it seems like Venus is the overarching guess or the, the

[00:15:46] Christopher: overwhelming zone.

[00:15:47] I think it’s pretty clear because even people were going for Neptune and Venus rises from the ocean of Neptune. So, but uh, yes, uh, Kim Kardashian is absolutely a child of Venus. Named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. As you know, she, um, did a photo shoot for paper, uh, a number of years ago, uh, where she showed off her Venus Booty, and Venus is known for that.

[00:16:11] Okay. And, uh, she broke the internet. Uh, that’s, that’s, that’s what she did. And, uh, she’s very much a child of Venus. She’s, uh, born into the Zodiac sign of Libra, which I think is intriguing because her father was a lawyer. Um, but she’s born under the, uh, Zodiac sign of Libra. And in her chart, actually Venus is at an elevated point in, in the chart.

[00:16:33] It’s, it’s very, very high in the sky. Uh, she’s born under what I call a Vegas Venus. You know, it’s just sort of like, it’s the neon sign saying Venus, Venus, Venus. But what’s interesting, however, is that, um, Venus is in Virgo. In her chart and, uh, by planetary dignity, Venus is in fall in the Zodiac sign of Virgo.

[00:16:54] That used to be because Virgos were always associated to, uh, virgins and Prudes and maidens, and Venus is a goddess of love and beauty. And so, you know, obviously her style is going to be cramped under the sign of Virgo, and that’s how it traditionally would be, um, translated. But Virgo is the Zodiac sign of women.

[00:17:10] And Virgo is also the Zodiac sign of women standing alone. So when you think of Virgo also being Mercury, uh, in its orientation, you’re already seeing siblings and then you combine Virgo with company of women. And of course we all know the Kardashians and the Kardashians are pretty much known as the Kardashian sisters.

[00:17:30] So that sisterhood, uh, notion is, is absolutely there with the Venus and Virgo. I think currently she’s, not married and she’s had a few spouses, which is already Venesian, but also that Venus and Virgo was very, um, reluctant, uh, to join into a partnership. It doesn’t wanna feel beholden, it doesn’t wanna feel owned by anyone.

[00:17:53] And so those are things that are gonna be very important to her, uh, that she not, uh, feel like she’s beholden to someone. Nevertheless. Venus and Virgos do have, um, a sympathy for people who are downtrodden or going through difficult times. And I think we’re all pretty much familiar with the, uh, mental history of her ex-husband, and that’s probably why she did stay around, because that, that wanting to help is very much, uh, ingrained in the Virgo sign.

[00:18:22] But yes, Kim Kardashian is most definitely a child of Venus. All

[00:18:27] Amanda: right, fantastic. Okay, so for those of you who are loving this and wanting to know how to unpack this for yourself, for your own chart, what does it mean? How deep does it go, how to use it even as a. A timing mechanism like to, use your ruling planet as the one that’s helping you pay attention to specific dates and transits and things.

[00:18:51] That’s true. Um, and also the history, mythology, and all those beautiful things that Christopher brings. We are going to be doing a class with him in May. It is called Ruling Planets for Unruly Times. Right. And you, you can register for it now@astrologyhub.com slash ruling. Planets.

[00:19:09] Christopher: And a quick, uh, note, if I may, um, that ruling planet does help you through the unruly times.

[00:19:14] Hmm. When you’re going through a difficult time, look to your ruling planet. A lot of times people have a tendency to look at transits and Oh, you know, and, and things like that. But if you look at your ruling planet and where it is, that’s also going to tell you when, uh, that’s also gonna tell you a, how to get through the unruly time.

[00:19:31] And b, it may be coming to a position that is going to counteract some of the transits that are being fired down, um, apart upon your horoscope. So your ruling planet is really about a cosmic collaboration with your gen Monte, your patron saint, your life coach, and, uh, sponsor upstairs. So it’s a very, very imp, uh, important planet for you to get to know.

[00:19:55] Amanda: Oh, I love it. Okay. We’re getting intimate with our. Uh, cosmic parents, children of them, right? Right. Yes. Okay.

Princess Diana

[00:20:05] Amanda: So let’s go to the next celebrity. The next celebrity is Princess Diana. And let’s get some guesses. So Princess Diana is a child of, is it, who or whom should I be saying? Whom

[00:20:20] Christopher: she’s a child of? What planet?

[00:20:22] Um, okay. First of all, the name is, is the giveaway.

[00:20:29] Amanda: Aha. Okay. Yeah.

[00:20:31] Christopher: Alright, so we

[00:20:33] Amanda: have moon. Lots of people guessing. Moon, right, right. All right. Let’s see, who else? Any other guesses here? Epically Epic, Steph Cuervo, queen and Sue Mar. Pretty much everyone is saying the moon. You all know the answer to this one?

[00:20:51] Yep. Okay. Whitney says, Neptune perhaps.

[00:20:56] Christopher: There’s always a Neptune holdout. Okay, so, um, yes, Diana is indeed the Roman goddess of the moon is Diana, and she was named for Diana. And she’s, and she’s born under, uh, that planet. So this is the planet of motherhood. This is the planet of family. It’s a planet.

[00:21:15] You’re expecting to be a good thing if you’re marrying a younger princess and you need to sire some children. Someone born under the planet of the moon is, is, is very important. That’s a very, uh, that’s a very, uh, good thing. However, princess Diana’s moon was in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, and Aquarius has two, uh, ruling planets.

[00:21:36] Uh, it’s, it’s ruled by, Saturn and Uranus, the two most antagonistic of the ruling planet. So Aquarian energy is already sort of a bit of a rebel. Or a standalone type of energy by itself. It’s, it doesn’t easily conform to what the expectations are. And so when she had her, planet, her ruling planet, the moon in Aquarius, that whole thing of not conforming to what was traditional, structure that was going to stand out, that’s where her ruling planet is.

[00:22:07] So where does she go with that ruling planet? I mean, if she’s got a ruling planet and, uh, moon, which is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, which is having difficulty with tradition. Um, and with very set, society, where does she go? She goes to the people. The moon is a planet that’s famously connected to the good of the populace.

[00:22:27] Uh, the sun ruled over people who, um, are in prominent positions of fame and power. And the moon was the common folk. And Princess Diana’s appeal to the common folk was immediate, uh, not only in Britain, but everywhere outside of Britain. And so this is where we get into Aquarius. When they would take tours and she would go to other cities or cultures or countries, no one wanted to see Charles.

[00:22:49] They all wanted to see Diana. And so that moon in Aquarius, although she didn’t, although she wasn’t appreciated at home, you know, she wasn’t appreciated in the castle. She was appreciated everywhere, but. The castle. And this is something, uh, that we see with the moon being in the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

[00:23:09] So hopefully you can hear what I’m doing is that I’m specifying a ruling planet and what sign it’s, and what domain it’s traveling through. And that begins to open up specifically where the person and where the chart can find their expression. Um, and, and her feeling, her, her feeling of children picking up children who had aids or, or who were, uh, handicapped or fighting disease.

[00:23:31] She fought for children, who had difficulties with landmines. This also feeds into the moon and taking on these causes, causes no one wanted to go anywhere near, but Princess Diana went near without even thinking twice. Hmm.

[00:23:47] Amanda: Wow. Okay. Fantastic.

Camila Parker Bowles

[00:23:49] Amanda: Let’s go to our next one. We have Camilla Parker Bowls.

[00:23:54] Any guesses?

[00:23:56] Christopher: Pluto? Okay. Not bad. Ok, here

[00:23:59] Amanda: we go. Here we go. Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn.

[00:24:04] It’s interesting. I wonder why everyone’s guessing that. Maybe we can talk about that too.

[00:24:09] Saturn and Pluto, right?

[00:24:12] Christopher: Yes. Okay. So she’s the villain of the piece.

[00:24:16] Amanda: Ah, okay. So let’s, let’s do the

[00:24:18] Christopher: great reveal. Okay Camilla Parker Bowles is a child of the moon, just like Princess Diana, which I thought was, uh, an extraordinary coincidence. Wow. Okay. Um, like Princess Diana, she is a child of the moon, so the mother and family and those things play a very strong role.

[00:24:39] Uh, she, was a lover of Charles, uh, before he met Diana. And she stayed, uh, his mistress, throughout their entire marriage and throughout, uh, Charles’s career until she was made queen, which is not something that she planned on doing. But remember the whole idea of the moon being connected to queen and wife and, and, and concert, that all comes there.

[00:25:02] What’s also fascinating about, Camilla Parker Bowls is that she’s born under a dark moon. Okay, so the moon is heading towards a new moon. It’s in its last final stages, and that has that kind of balsamic phase, has a sort of saturnine slash Pluto flavor to it. It’s, it’s, it’s heading into the dark.

[00:25:24] It’s gone the full cycle of the moon. And what we’ve seen is someone who has actually stayed by Charles through all the ups and downs, through all the ins and outs. She began, uh, they began their affair in youth. And now, in their older years, she is the one who is his queen at the time that he takes the throne.

[00:25:44] So that’s saying a lot for, for, uh, the longevity of the moon, but particularly a dark moon, a balsamic moon, which speaks to a much older, so not only does she have the longevity, but she comes to be his wife and his queen later on in their years. Mm.

[00:26:03] Amanda: Was Diana’s moon at an earlier phase. Do we, do you know,

[00:26:09] Christopher: Diana’s moon, um, is just after a full moon.

[00:26:13] Oh, interesting. So that’s very, uh, uh, so, so what you’re having there is someone who’s still basking from the full light of the moon. So she’s seen someone, if you’re a child of the moon born under full moon, you’re seen, you’re seen at night. Mm-hmm. Okay. So, so you’re lumis. Okay. Whereas if you’re a dark moon, you’re, you’re heading towards the shadows.

[00:26:34] You don’t wanna be seen. It’s more secretive. It’s more so you see the, the difference in lunar temperament, uh, according to their signs.

[00:26:43] Amanda: And is there the equivalent of that for all the planets like i, is the phase that they’re at in their orbit or in their cycle, does that also color the, the. The way that that pla planet comes through, is that not only the moon, but other planets too.

[00:27:01] Yeah, it’s,

[00:27:02] Christopher: it’s tempting to think of that. Um, but I think the reason I work with that, mostly with the moon is because the moon is luminary. That changes its light in the night. Hmm. So, and so we really have an, we really have a way of, um, generating or following growth with the moon because it goes from a new moon to a waxing, to a full, to a waning, to, um, balsamic to a new moon again.

[00:27:28] And so the phases of the moon are much more dramatic and they’re much more apparent. And so I work with it in that, in, in that vein, although it might be, you know, worth a, a try with the others, but you’d have to get into, you know, all, you don’t want it to get too complicated because then it becomes baroque and, and,

[00:27:47] Amanda: and, yes.

[00:27:48] Well, I’m wondering though about the sun. Does it, does it influence if you’re born under the sun at, in the day or at night? Does that influence.

[00:27:55] Christopher: Absolutely. Absolutely. Because, the sun is very powerful on a day chart. Um, not so powerful on a night chart. And, um, I have noticed that actually the moon steps forward in a nighttime chart.

[00:28:09] Interesting. And can be, and can be as powerful, if not more so then the sun. I started playing around with it a few years ago where people would be like, I don’t really feel like my sun sign. And I would say, well, what about the moon? And be, oh, that’s it. I feel much more like that. And more often not. Like it was always a nighttime chart.

[00:28:27] Amanda: Wow. Yeah. I have a brother who’s a Leo. Mm-hmm. And I, I, he isn’t your typical Leo, so that’s interesting. I, I need to go check and see if he was born at night, and then if he was born at night, then I’d look at his moon.

[00:28:38] Christopher: Right. Let see what that says about him.

[00:28:39] Amanda: Oh, interesting. Okay. Very cool.

Greta Thunberg

[00:28:42] Amanda: All right, let’s go to the next one, Greta Thunberg.

[00:28:48] Alright. Any guesses? Any guesses? Let’s do it.

[00:28:54] Christopher: Greta Thunberg rockstar.

[00:28:57] Amanda: Yes, exactly. Remember what stake here? Gold stars kisses. So if you get the right answer, you get a gold star and a, and a kiss Blown at you. All right, so’s So what is

[00:29:09] Christopher: her world, planet, what, what planet do you feel really speaks through?

[00:29:14] Greta Thunberg, when you think of, of who? She is an environmentalist activist and Uranus. Okay.

[00:29:23] Amanda: Okay, so this is, they’re, they’re sensing Aquarius, Jupiter, Mars, uh, Saturn or Pluto.

[00:29:32] Christopher: Okay. Okay.

[00:29:34] Amanda: Um, let’s see. Keep the guesses coming. Yeah.

[00:29:39] Christopher: Uranus revolution change. Someone mentioned revolution and change with Uranus.

[00:29:43] Yeah. Revolution change has to be Uranus. Yeah. Yeah. Are they

[00:29:48] Amanda: stumped or is there a

[00:29:49] Christopher: delay? Oh, I, oh, I’m reading them on my end. I’ve seen lots of urine and Saturns, I’m, I’m seeing a sun. Okay. But I’ve seen lots of Uranus, Saturns on Pluto, one or two. Mars’s, Pluto. Mercury, Uranus. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Pluto. Mm-hmm.

[00:30:07] Earth. Something about the Earth. Mm-hmm. Mars, I

[00:30:11] Amanda: mean, the Earth can’t be our ruling planet.

[00:30:14] Christopher: Right. Aquarius or Aquarius. Pluto generation. Yeah. I can see how someone’s hinting from the sidelines in the charades game.

[00:30:28] Oh, I love, I love I I love all of these guesses. They’re all real. Okay.

[00:30:32] Amanda: We have another Saturn vote. Okay. Let’s see.

[00:30:35] Christopher: We had a Saturn vote before. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Um, her, her, uh, ruling planet is Saturn. And, um, it’s, it’s, I love that because it’s, it’s, it’s traditionally Saturn, but it’s not typically what we think of, with Saturn.

[00:30:53] And what that comes from is that in the Greek pantheon, the first revolt in heaven. Okay. The first overthrow is executed by Saturn. Saturn, overthrows, Uranus, his father. Okay. So actually, I. Rebellion and rebels are connected to the planet Saturn, and were traditionally associated to Saturn. What we have here is, someone who’s standing up against people in charge and in authority.

[00:31:20] She started doing this, I think at the age of, uh, 15 or 16, uh, uh, in, in, in August. She, she began holding signs outside of Parliament, and then she re she basically led, children, uh, the, the movement began with school children, following her. And she would lead them in this revolt against, uh, gas guzzling, uh, corporations and companies, you know, to save the earth, to save the climate.

[00:31:48] And so what’s so fascinating about that, uh, are, are two things. First of all, she’s often been compared to Joan of Ark. Um, and, uh, Jon of Ark, who, who had a holy vision, uh, to take sword and banner up against, England and warring powers and to come to the, defense of France and she was a warrior.

[00:32:07] Okay. Jon of Ark was 17 when Jon of Ark became Jon of Ark and Greta Thunberg was 17. When Greta Thunberg became Greta Thunberg. That’s when she got the two peace prize, nominations and, and all of these sponsorship in this patronage. And this is really where she, uh, becomes a world famous figure.

[00:32:26] So, uh, Greta Thunberg is in many ways a Joan of Ark. Figure, which is a saturnine figure. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s leading this battle against, um, this unfeeling authority, uh, which is not the way that people typically think of Saturn. People typically think of Saturn as ruling authority, but no. Saturn was never associated to authority, but rather those who went up against authority.

[00:32:52] What’s also fascinating is that her ruling planet Saturn is in Gemini. Saturn often will represent a fault or a difficulty or an obstacle, something you struggle with in your horoscope. And she is on the spectrum for Asperger’s. And, uh, she actually, uh, claims that by having, being on the, um, spectrum of Asperger’s, she says that that, uh, is her.

[00:33:17] Yes, she says, uh, quote, I have Asperger’s syndrome, and that means I’m sometimes a bit different from the norm and given the right circumstances, being different is a superpower, which I think is well said by a Saturn in Gemini. Again, her appeal, Gemini is a sign that’s associated to early education to kids, and her immediate appeal was with.

[00:33:38] Kids. I mean, she built that revolution up from children to children who were lecturing their parents and, and adults and going up against, uh, those, those in power. So I think she’s a wonderful demonstration of a ruling planet Saturn in the Zodiac Sign of Gemini. Fascinating.

Pablo Picasso

[00:33:56] Amanda: Okay, let’s go to the next one, which

[00:34:01] Christopher: is, all right.

[00:34:04] Pablo

[00:34:04] Amanda: Picasso looking for votes. Pablo was born under

[00:34:11] Christopher: which planet? What planet?

[00:34:13] Amanda: Yes.

[00:34:16] Christopher: We’re planets. We should actually open it up to Oh,

[00:34:20] Amanda: right. Okay. Mm-hmm. We always have a Neptune vote. It seems like a quick Neptune vote. Yes,

[00:34:26] Christopher: I know. We’ve got a, we’ve got a steady Neptune vote. Mars. Mars,

[00:34:33] Amanda: okay. Uh, lots of Mars.

[00:34:35] Mars or Neptune Venus. All right. Pluto Sun.

[00:34:43] Christopher: Mm-hmm.

[00:34:44] Amanda: Okay. Mm-hmm. All right. Do you wanna take a couple more

[00:34:49] Christopher: votes? Christopher? We’ve got Neptune. I, I like that people were going with Neptune and, and, and Sun and Venus because they’re getting art. You know, he’s an artists, but I saw a lot of Mars on in there.

[00:35:02] Are you

[00:35:02] Amanda: leading us?

[00:35:05] Christopher: Uh, shall we go ahead and answer? Yeah, let’s do it. Okay. Pablo Picasso has two sets of parents, okay. Or he has two parents. He is a child of Mars and Pluto, he’s a Scorpio. So, um, with Pablo Picasso, you see, uh, I don’t think any artist in the 20th century has the transformative, career and, and body of work that Pablo Picasso has.

[00:35:30] Okay? And Scorpio, uh, has two planetary rulers. It’s ruled by Mars and it’s ruled by Pluto. And so what you get is the drive of Mars and you get the obsessiveness, uh, Mars is what I want, and Pluto is what I am obsessed with. So you, you get the obsessiveness of, of the Pluto, and then you get the transformation.

[00:35:51] I mean, he. Pretty much single-handedly changes the landscape of art. He begins, uh, within his blue period with almost literal figures, clown, uh, figures per row, ES figures. And then he goes through cubism and then he goes into, um, his complete reconfiguration of faces, uh, which owe a lot to African art, uh, which was a heavy inspiration for him.

[00:36:16] Um, and, and then he goes into, into abstraction, uh, his ruling plan, one of his ruling planets. Mars is in the Zodiac sign of cancer. Okay? And we know that cancer is the sign of the mother. And indeed Pablo, uh, Pablo’s mother’s maiden name was Picasso. So, p Pablo did not choose his father’s name, which is typically what a son would do.

[00:36:40] He chooses his mother’s name, uh, which is Picasso. And so, uh, so that’s. The, the, the Mars in, in cancer. Okay? That’s the ode to the, uh, to to mother. And then he has a Pluto in the Zodiac sign of Taurus. There’s actually a telium of planets in Taurus, uh, at, at the top of the chart. Uh, or, and, and so it’s, it goes Saturn, uh, Neptune, Jupiter, and then Pluto.

[00:37:08] But Pluto and Taurus is his ability to, produce so heavily. He’s a very, very prolific artist. He produces a lot of work, and that is the, uh, Pluto in Taurus. Uh, Taurus is also, uh, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and he was famous for his many affairs for, uh, his lovers whom he painted, uh, uh, lovers whom he was very possessive of.

[00:37:35] That’s what you get when you get. Pluto obsessive in Taurus, your mine property oriented sign. So he was very ob, obsessive, and possessive of, of his women. And uh, and what’s kind of also interesting is now that we’ve got Uranus going through Taurus where that whole telium is, he’s, uh, celebrating, I think it’s the anti, uh, 50th anniversary of his passing.

[00:37:58] Um, but there’s also a lot of controversy about how you show Pablo Picasso, um, is he misogynist? Was he, you know, horrible to women. And so this is actually getting a lot of conversation in the art circles as well. So I wanted to bring this in merely to sort of show how transits over a ruling planet can also tie into the chart.

[00:38:19] You know, the fact that, um, you know, that would be the retrospective and those questions about his relationship to women, uh, coming up and, and playing such a key role. Wasn’t

[00:38:29] Amanda: there something with Greta’s timing too? Oh no, it’s someone else that’s coming up. Nevermind. I was getting them mixed up. Okay. Um.

[00:38:36] All right. Fascinating. Love it. Are you enjoying this game? I would love to just ask all of you, are you learning something? Is it interesting? Um, I saw someone before said I haven’t gotten any. Right. I guess I have a lot to learn. We all do and it’s, I mean, we’re basically taking snapshots of people and you may or may not know that much about them, uh, in order to even be making the guests, so, right.

[00:39:00] Um, alright. Okay. You’re having fun. Good. This is, yay. Formative. Alright.

[00:39:07] Christopher: Yay

[00:39:08] Amanda: Christopher. Let’s just have some fun today. I mean, as usual, like, it’s always funny, Christopher. Okay, so let’s go to our next. Can you

[00:39:17] Christopher: tell I love charades?

[00:39:19] Amanda: Yeah. Oh God. That’d be the most fun. Can we do that sometime?

[00:39:22] Christopher: Astrology. Charades. That could be hysterical. Okay. Hysterical. This aspect.

[00:39:28] Amanda: Yes.

[00:39:30] Christopher: Saturn.

[00:39:31] Amanda: Oh, no, no. That would be the best. Okay.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

[00:39:33] Amanda: Alright, here we go. So our next, uh, Zelensky. So who is he a child of? Who was he born under? Let’s hear the guesses. We have Neptune again out the gate. Quick out the gate. Thank you. Woke ones revolution. All right. Um, I wanna say, son. Yeah, I’m with you. Sherry,

[00:39:55] Christopher: why out of curiosity?

[00:39:57] I don’t know. He just

[00:39:58] Amanda: looks, he looks like a Leo to me. Okay. I, I, it could, you know, he just looks like one. Good. Okay. Uh, we have Saturn. We have Uranus, Mars. Okay. We got a big variety here. Mars, sun, Sherry says courage. So that would probably be a vote for the son. Yeah. Son. Mm-hmm. He’s always in the limelight, even if he doesn’t wanna be.

[00:40:23] Hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Alyssa says he looks Aquarius. Yeah, I could definitely see that. Alyssa. Pretty And pink says, I thought of Leo and that’s why, I guess, son. Good. Okay. Um, okay. Well let’s see what we

[00:40:37] Christopher: got. Vladimir Zelensky is an Aquarius. Ooh. And so he has two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus. And that’s because when Uranus was discovered, astrologers had to do something with its rulership.

[00:40:53] They had to give it some real estate. And so they gave it to Aquarius because Aquarius was opposite. Leo. Uh, Saturn had two signs that were opposite Leo. And so, and so that’s where you got the, fusion, the, the partnership, uh, the , relationship between Saturn and Uranus. As I said, people born in aquariums pretty much know this.

[00:41:13] They’re born under two very antagonistic planets. Two planets that are going into very, very different directions. Okay. So we have that sort of notion of the, uh, of the overthrow. Okay. Uh, Saturn overthrows, Uranus, and so we have that there. What’s fascinating, what I loved about people mentioning, um, the sun is that Vladimir, uh, Zelensky Saturn, that’s one of his ruling planets, right, is in the Zodiac sign of Leo.

[00:41:40] Okay, so that’s where you’re seeing the sun come through. He’s an Aquarius, but one of his ruling planets, Saturn, is in the Zodiac sign of Leo. And what’s kind of like, fascinating and ironic about that is that, Zelensky, went from being an actor. I don’t know how many people know this, but his profession was an actor.

[00:42:03] Uh, he was an actor before he became president of Ukraine. He went from an actor who played a fictional Ukrainian president on tv. Okay. To actually becoming the real president of Ukraine, who now leads the, fight against a Russian invasion of his country on tv. Okay? So he went from playing a fictional president.

[00:42:25] That was his big acting role on TV to actually being, the president itself, the war thing that, that someone mentioned. The other ruling planet, of course, is Uranus, as I mentioned before. And Uranus is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, okay? And Scorpio’s ruled by the God of war. Mars.

[00:42:45] All right. And Pluto, a God of the underworld, a God that receives souls down into his underworld on a regular basis, because his great capital are the souls of the dead. So you really see this clash of, of the Saturn in, , Leo, uh, which is solar ruled. Everyone felt the solar, the leadership, the the acting, uh, squaring.

[00:43:09] Uh, and it’s a very intense square because it’s a fixed square, Uranus and Scorpio, which talks about the war and the dead. And so these are the two planets that are really coming forward, when you think of Zelensky now. And they play a very, very prominent role in his horoscope because they are his ruling planets.

[00:43:30] Mm. This is so

[00:43:32] Amanda: fascinating. Oh my God, it’s so fun to just see how this comes to life. And I’ve, and yeah, these great examples, great votes Inner circle members. Thank you, for that.

Amanda Gorman

[00:43:42] Amanda: Let’s go to the next celebrity, Amanda Gorman. All right. Let’s hear your guesses for this. She was born

[00:43:53] Christopher: under, What planet,

[00:43:56] Amanda: what planet, which planet?

[00:43:59] Yes. I sometimes I think of your mom, Christopher.

[00:44:03] Cause I like, I, I actually imagine her correcting my grammar.

[00:44:07] Christopher: She didn’t hold back with correcting mine.

[00:44:12] Amanda: She reminds me so much of my mom who was the same way

[00:44:16] Christopher: all the time. Yeah. And it’s usually from another room. Yes.

[00:44:22] Amanda: Actually, sometimes my mom will tune into the podcast and she’ll be like, you said it this way and you should have said it this way. I’m like, oh gosh. Mom. Funny. Because I have three boys, three brothers in my family. And you were five boys. Right. And we both have these tiny, petite little moms.

[00:44:36] Christopher: Uh, mine was five two.

[00:44:38] Yes. Same with mine.

[00:44:39] Amanda: Okay. Okay. So we have, um, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars. Um, Jupiter. Okay. Venus, mercury, Jupiter, Jupiter, Neptune, Uhhuh, Uranus, mercury, or Jupiter. Rosie. You covered your faces there. That’s good . Um, okay, we got Venus Aquarium, Virgo, mercury,

[00:45:12] Christopher: uh,

[00:45:14] Amanda: says. Ruthanne says, I don’t know who she is either.

[00:45:17] So Jupiter, so far there hasn’t been a Jupiter. See, this is good. Ruth Ann, you’re using the, your, your other, uh, powers of deduction here, right? Yes. That’s a good strategy. Ruth Ann.

[00:45:29] Christopher: Okay. Well, it’s a, it’s the way that astrology used to be practiced a lot, you know? What do you mean? Uh, you know, the face or the, or the presence of the character.

[00:45:38] They’d be like, you’re, uh, but, uh, what she just demonstrated is that you wouldn’t say before you’re a Sagittarius, she would say, There’s a Jupiter. Right. Is, is Jupiter your ruling planet? Is Jupiter your guiding star? Are you a child of

[00:45:52] Amanda: Jupiter? Yes, I love it. Okay. Uh, okay, let’s, let’s

[00:45:56] Christopher: go. Okay. And indeed, Amanda Gorman is a child of Jupiter and Neptune.

[00:46:03] Okay. All right. So born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces, the Zodiac sign of Poetry and of Vision. Okay. And we have these two things coming together with Jupiter and Neptune. Amanda Gorman, for those of you who may not be familiar with her, she delivered the, um poem at, Joe Biden’s inauguration as President.

[00:46:25] And she was the youngest, poet to ever deliver that, that poem. And the title of the poem is called The Hill. We Climb, and if you have an opportunity to maybe watch her delivery of it on YouTube, you are seeing Pisces in Action. Okay? And if you can’t watch it on YouTube, then please read it. It’s, it’s beautiful.

[00:46:46] It’s beautiful. But, um, you see. The Jupiter and the Neptune in action as she delivers this poem, because it’s almost as if there’s a supernatural presence that comes through her body, the way that she holds her hands. It’s almost like she’s tran, uh, that, that she’s channeling from, from this, uh, from this podium as she delivers this extraordinary poem, which I think is really, um, On the level of city, on the hill, you know, in, in terms of great works of literature in American history.

[00:47:20] And instead of city on the Hill, the beacon, uh, which, uh, Winthrop talked about, which was quoted by Reagan in the Reagan era. Uh, she changes her poem to the hill. We climb. So it’s not the city on the hill as a beacon, but it’s the hill we climb. And of course it’s the capitol, Capitol Hill. So, so, so this is what she’s bringing up.

[00:47:40] Um, the podium, the speaking, um, the public speaking is Jupiter. Jupiter is the god of the Polish, the city of state. So here she is as a figure speaking at this podium, at the presidential inauguration. So there’s all sorts of, there’s a very powerful Jupiter theme there. But at the same time, there’s a very strong Neptune theme in the way that she has almost a mystical delivery of this beautiful piece of literature.

[00:48:05] Now, the poem, um, the Hill We Climb was delivered on the inauguration. That’s January 21st. 2021, uh, the Sun had just entered the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. Well, um, it just so happens that Amanda Gorman has her Neptune at one Degrees Aquarius. So the sun was at one degrees Aquarius. Amanda Gorman’s, Neptune, uh, was at, uh, one Degrees Aquarius.

[00:48:31] And so you have a conjunction that took place. It’s the greatest moment of her life so far was the deliverance of this poem. Uh, so her ruling planet Jupiter was in, um, Aquarius, which was the same sign as, uh, the Neptune and her own, uh, Jupiter is in, uh, Pisces. And that is the same sign that Neptune was in at the time that she delivers this great speech.

[00:49:00] So the two, the two planets kind of like switched signs but happened to align in such a way that she gives pretty much the speech. Of her lifetime under those stars. And everyone gets to know, uh, about the incredible talent, vision and profundity of this young and marvelous child of Jupiter and Neptune.

[00:49:25] Amanda: Completely. I mean, I had never heard of her and just completely politics aside, just as a. Individual. She was just, wow. I mean, very breathtaking, captivating, inspire, like just an amazing presence. I can see what you’re saying.

[00:49:43] Christopher: It’s poetry. It’s like when Robert Frost delivered the poem for Kennedy’s inauguration, it’s Yes.

[00:49:47] Poetry. It transcends all of that poetry.

[00:49:50] Amanda: Yes. Okay.


[00:49:52] Amanda: Let’s go to our final, final. We have Miss Beyonce. Right? Man, I wanna say sun again, but I don’t

[00:50:00] Christopher: know. Well, she looks pretty solar right there.

[00:50:05] Amanda: Really? I know. She loves wearing like bright yellow. Mm-hmm.

[00:50:10] Christopher: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

[00:50:11] Amanda: Mm-hmm. All right. Um, let’s see. Who are our guesses for Beyonce?

[00:50:16] Mercury. Okay. It’s, I kind of feel like people might be speaking from, Knowing that immediately, like

[00:50:32] Christopher: fishing expedition going on with Beyonce that went on before.

[00:50:37] Amanda: Alright. We have more Mercury. Um, okay. Sun, but maybe Mars. Mm-hmm. Okay. We have sun. Okay. Let’s see. Sun and Mercury seem to be in a little Mars sprinkled in there so far. Mm-hmm. All right. Because we don’t always look like our ruling planet, right?

[00:50:59] Christopher: No. It’s not the same thing as a rising sign. No. Right. Okay. What, what You’ll, if you’re familiar with people’s stories or like their vibe or energy, that’s pretty much where you’re gonna pick up on the ruling planet.

[00:51:10] Amanda: Got it. Okay. All right. So we have some more vir. Uh, okay. Leo, Virgo, let’s see. Aquarius. Um, but so that would be, Uh, a vote

[00:51:23] Christopher: for Aquarius.

[00:51:25] Okay. Aquarius,

[00:51:26] Amanda: uh, SA Saturn and Uranus. Right. Okay. Um, okay. Well, let’s

[00:51:33] Christopher: do it. Well, uh, many of the earlier voters got it right. She is a child of Mercury. She’s a Virgo. Okay? Okay. She’s a child of Mercury. Mercury’s actually the playing of the instrument and, uh, mercury, particularly because she’s a Virgo, is very, very hardworking.

[00:51:51] Again, Virgo is a woman sign. Um, of all the Zodiac signs that we have, the only one that really is identified with being a woman is Virgo. Uh, we don’t really know the gender of the crab, the scorpion and the fish, but everyone else has mains or horns or you know, things that are identifying them as male.

[00:52:09] So here we have a Virgo. Okay? So it’s very much a woman, and again, when we’re talking about Virgo, we’re talking about the company of women. And Destiny’s Child, I believe, if I’m remembering correctly, was the first group that she formed. It was all women, and it was women talking about men, deriding men making fun of men, you know, all these sorts of things, which are very.

[00:52:29] Virgo, uh, Virgo is kind of the feminist sign of the Zodiac, okay? It’s women band together, uh, and stand on their own feet, and they’re very, very, uh, self-sufficient. Uh, but what’s fascinating is that the, uh, ruling planet Mercury appears in the Zodiac sign of Libra. And that’s a contradiction right off the bat.

[00:52:50] Um, Virgo wants to do things by themselves and for themselves, and Libra is always partnering and pairing or, or bringing in other people’s, input and listening to what they have to say. So not only does she have a Mercury, her ruling planet Mercury in, uh, Libra, which is a Venus World sign, but there is a telium of planets in, in, in, in Libro.

[00:53:11] Venus is associated to music. And music playing. Venus is associated to the, to art and culture in general. But painting and, uh, art is all in the domain of Venus, but particularly music is in the domain of Venus. Uh, you see that with Venus ruled Taurus like a Barbara Streisand or an Adele, or an Ella Fitzgerald, and you see it with Libra.

[00:53:35] I mean, the list is, is inexhaustible. Uh, so for her to have the ruling planet Mercury in Libra, a Venus root sign is very important. So it talks about collaboration, working with other people, and she makes a point of working with other people. She surrounds herself with artists. Uh, she has ultimate credit, of course, but she surrounds herself with artists or she’ll work with different artists.

[00:53:59] In these collaborative ways. Uh, what I find kind of fascinating, um, about Beyonce also just, you know, sort of pivoting on this, uh, mercury ruling planet Mercury in Venus idea is how much she has incorporated high art, uh, into her work. Uh, I think it was 2018 when she shot a mu music video at the Louv. Who has ever shot a music video at the Louv?

[00:54:26] Beyonce, Roland Planet Mercury in Libra. Okay. And she, and one of the images that she and her husband pose in front of is the Mona Lisa. And the Mona Lisa was painted by child of Venus, Leonardo da Vinci. He was a Taurus. So here she appears, you know, in front of the Mona Lisa there, uh, they do a dance. She appears on the steps in front of Nike.

[00:54:46] The, uh, uh, famous Statue of Victory, uh, that’s, that’s at the top of the stairs. And then there’s also a dance number that they do in front of the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte. So, so here she kind of takes over, the Louv, which was until, which has always been kind of seen as a white elitist. Space and she introduces, uh, black woman power here into it.

[00:55:10] And then of course there’s the, uh, commercial she does for Tiffany’s, where her husband dresses up as the great artist Basquiat. And uh, she dresses as, uh, Audrey Hepburn, child of Minas, Audrey Hepburn, uh, from Breakfast of Tiffany’s. So you see these, uh, venusian overtones, not only in terms of music, but also in the way that she uses art.

[00:55:33] And the criticism she came under was merchandising art, you know, and whenever you’re dealing with merchandising, you’re dealing with mercury, the planet of buying and selling.

[00:55:43] Amanda: Oh gosh, amazing.

Potential Students for Christopher’s Course

[00:55:44] Amanda: All right, so Christopher’s class starts May 11th. Any of you who are interested in going deeper with this concept around ruling planets and really understanding what it means for you in your chart, but also when you’re looking at other people’s charts, your children, your spouse, your coworkers, you know, anyone in your life, um, this class is gonna be for you.

[00:56:05] Christopher, who would you say is the perfect student for ruling planets for unruly

[00:56:10] Christopher: times? I would say all astrologers. I mean, what I’m gonna tell you right off the bat is that it’s not. Um, into techniques. So, so if that’s a very important thing for you, then, then this workshop won’t be for you, but for the beginner, um, you’re gonna come to understand the planets on a very, uh, profound level.

[00:56:29] An historical level, a legendary level. Um, for people who are attracted to symbolism in, in an astrological chart, this is the class for you, you’re gonna see so much symbolism and why it’s symbolic of that and what it’s representing. So I would say for beginners, I would say for people who are really drawn to the language of astrology, the symbolism of astrology, and even, uh, practicing astrologers, you might be surprised, you know, about the real background of Uranus or how Neptune is.

[00:57:00] Tied up in American history or, um, even, uh, Saturns un unlikely, uh, character that it’s cast in that’s often, uh, ignored or overlooked altogether. So there’s a lot of things in the class for everyone, uh, about the planets. It’s more than keywords and you’re really, really doing a deep dive into them. And, and again, it’s not really gonna be a lot about a Pluto aspecting, whatever.

[00:57:25] It’s really the planets themselves. And, uh, boy, have they been ready to talk. Do you feel like this

[00:57:33] Amanda: is something that people who are, what is gonna be different about this than any other covering of planets and

[00:57:40] Christopher: what they mean? Um, I, from my understanding of planets, they’re often represented either in keywords or in aspect to another planet.

[00:57:50] You know, and, and a lot of times in astrology books, you’ll just see this like list that goes under the planet. And, and, and we don’t know why we say the things that we say about the planet. And we can also sometimes, I mean, keywords are great for remembering things quickly, but sometimes you can really, you know, a planet is a world, okay?

[00:58:11] A planet is a world. Venus is a world. Mars is a world. So you’re going to be getting to know the worlds of Venus, the world of Mars, and there’s so much that’s there that once you sort of like kind of bask in it, bathe in it, indulge yourself in it, you know, you’ll be like, you won’t really think of Venus and Mars the same way.

[00:58:35] Again, and I, I think it’s going to really enrich a lot of people’s interpretation of the planet’s and appreciation for their presence in an astrological chart. Because too many times it’s like, you know, this planet’s wrestling with that and we don’t hear about who they are on their own. Mm-hmm. And, and, and this class is all about, it’s all about who they are on their own.

[00:58:58] Plus we go through all the signs that the planet could possibly be in. So although we will be talking about what it’s like to be a child of the planet, we’ll also be going through Mercury and all the different zodiac signs, Venus and all the different zodiac signs. And, and I wanted to do that because you get different sides of the planet as it travels through the zodiac sign, the chan planet doesn’t change its nature as it goes from sign to sign to sign.

[00:59:24] It’s still the same planet, but you get a different. A view of its feature of its character as it travels through the science. And I think that that’s something that I’m really, really, I’m, I’m so glad that I could do with this workshop. And Amanda, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to teach a workshop that I’ve really wanted to teach for such a long time.

[00:59:46] You have,

[00:59:47] Amanda: I mean, first of all, it’s our pleasure. Thank you for teaching it with us and for our community. It’s the best. But also I know that from the very beginning we, when we started talking about courses and different things that you could teach for our community, this one was top of the list for you.

[01:00:03] And so we, we started with Cosmic calendar, which was also awesome, and the students love that. But I know you’ve been chomping at the bit to do this

[01:00:10] Christopher: one. And also for everyone who’s taken cosmic calendar, this is the sequel. Okay. This is the compliment. So we’re, we’re going from cosmic calendar into the planets themselves.

[01:00:21] Mm-hmm. So one, um, is built on, on, on another. And so you’ll be able to use all of your cosmic calendar neiss and you can bring it to ruling planets for unruly times. Perfect.

[01:00:33] Amanda: And I saw Ruth Ann, I saw your comment. We are offering a payment plan option where you can pay over a couple months, if that makes it easier for you to join us.

[01:00:43] So, um, we do try to make our classes as accessible as possible while also offering a lot of, um, Free of charge, things like we do here on the podcast. So hopefully between all of it, you can continue to quench your thirst for astrological, um, amazingness.


[01:01:00] Amanda: Thank you so much. You’re, you’re, you’re just incredible.

[01:01:03] Like, you’re so much fun. You’re so dynamic. There’s so much to learn from you. Thank you again for being here today. Thank you for teaching the upcoming course. Again, it starts on May 11th. It is a three week experience with Christopher. There are both pre-recorded elements and live elements to this course, so you can do it at your own pace.

[01:01:23] Then, you know, join us for the, the live aspects as well. But it really is designed for you to do it in a timing that works for you. And, um, so can’t wait. Christopher. If you’re interested in that, it’s astrology hub.com/ruling planets. Again, it’s astrology hub.com/ruling. Planet.

[01:01:42] Christopher: Because Astrology Hub is all about being astrology friendly.

[01:01:46] Yes.

[01:01:49] Amanda: Astrology friendly. Yes. Because this is the kinda thing, it’s just, I remember when I first came into astrology and I was like, there was this conversation happening that I felt so left out because I couldn’t understand a word anybody was saying. I was like, what? I mean here I am all excited about this thing that I literally cannot understand a word.

[01:02:08] So we’ve always wanted it to be, um, presented in a way that is accessible and offers something for everyone what, whatever level you’re at. So I love that this class is good for both beginners and more seasoned astrologers. I know that more seasoned astrologers love to learn from each other. Because you know that like there’s never an end to what you can know about anything in astrology.

[01:02:33] Mm-hmm. And it’s al always about getting more perspectives and more, um, history and more understanding of, of the why behind all these things that we just come to take for granted. Yeah.

[01:02:46] Christopher: Well, and, and, and even think of our world, you know, we’re all looking up at the sky, but we can be in America or Australia or Japan or Africa, and we have stories about these stars that we look up, uh, at.

[01:02:59] And, and those stories are as, can be as individual as the people looking up at those stars. So it’s a really, really beautiful, art form astrology. Oh my gosh. Yes

[01:03:10] Amanda: it is. All right. Thank you everybody for being here. It’s been so much fun to play this game with you and just to engage with you and interact with you and feel your energy in the chat.

[01:03:20] So thank you for being here. If you were able to catch this live, if you were watching the recording, thank you also for tuning in. Thanks everybody for being a part of our community, and as always, thank you for making astrology a part of your life. We will look forward to catching you on the next episode.

[01:03:35] Take care everyone.

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[01:03:59] Thank you for taking the time to do this now. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part of your life.