What is the Eclipse Cycle of 2023?

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In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Andrea and Amanda dive into the world of astrology, examining the nodal shift and the upcoming Chiron in Aries transit.

They underscore the significance of acknowledging every aspect of one’s identity, including the darker parts, and stress the value of genuine self-expression without casting judgment on others. The discussion also explores the importance of comprehending and managing our anger, demonstrating how it can be a catalyst for personal development.

Andrea and Amanda delve into the implications of polarization in modern society and reveal how recognizing and accepting our own shadows can foster unity instead of division. They emphasize the benefits of seeking out a mentor or guide to help illuminate our blind spots and enhance self-awareness. As the podcast wraps up, listeners are informed about the launch of Astrologer Connect and the opportunity to book readings with Andrea. This captivating episode, brimming with valuable insights, offers listeners the chance to delve into astrology’s role in self-discovery and personal growth. Tune in now to embark on an illuminating journey into understanding your true self and how astrology can help navigate your path to self-improvement.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 What are the Nodes of the Moon and the significance of the nodal shift into Aries and Libra in July of 2023.
🌒 The meaning of the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio over the last two-and-a-half years.
🌓 How the nodal shift into Aries and Libra will interact with Eris and Chiron in Aries, and what that means for you.

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

3:22 Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra: What Does It Mean?

6:01 Having Aries/Libra Nodes in Your Chart

6:59 Taurus/Scorpio vs. Aries/Libra Nodal Axis

10:17 How Eris and Chiron Affect the Nodal Axis Shift

28:35 Highest Expression of Eris & Chiron in Context

39:44 Additional Thoughts From Andrea Michelle

45:37 Closing

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[00:00:00] Andrea: So what are the things that seem most elusive to us these days? Personal freedom, choice, , initiative acting on our own behalf. That’s why there’s so much polarization because no one can own where I became split off from my own ability to make a.

[00:00:16] And this, we have to go very, we have to go into the unconscious to really get to that place in us.


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[00:01:12] Amanda: Well, hello everybody, and welcome. We are so happy that you’re here, that you’ve decided to tune into today’s broadcast. For those of you who are new to our channel, you have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that’s happening here every single week. We’re so happy that you’ve joined us, that you’ve found us.

[00:01:30] Today we’re gonna be talking about. Aris and Chiron and how they are going to be activated by the nodal shift into. Aries and Libra, that is happening in July, and we have an astrologer here with us today that is amazing at decoding and really unpacking the role of Aris specifically and Chiron in our lives.

[00:01:56] So what are the themes that are activated when they are activated? How do these things show up in our lives? So I couldn’t be happier to be here today with, and Andrea, Michelle, thank you for joining us.

[00:02:09] Andrea: Oh, thank you very much for having me. I’m looking

[00:02:12] Amanda: same. All right, and if you are new to the channel and you haven’t yet hit that subscribe button and the notification bell, this would be a good time to do that.

[00:02:21] And welcome back to all of you who tune into the show every single week. So happy that you’re here. All right. A little bit about Andre and Michelle before we dive in. She is, has been practicing astrology since 2012. She focuses on the poetry of myth and helping her clients find their true soul. Purpose.

[00:02:39] She’s been a presenter for celebrated astrology conferences such as the Sky Astrology Conference and the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. She has taught for our Inner Circle and she was amazing. She’s also a current astrologer on our Astrologer Connect platform. We’re in the final few days of our reading Bonanza month, so if you’re interested in booking a, a reading.

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[00:03:16] Amanda: astrology hub.com/connect, and then you enter the discount code April 20.

Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra: What Does It Mean?

[00:03:22] Amanda: All right, so Andre and Michelle, what, let’s start big picture. What’s the significance of the lunar nodes shifting into Aries in Libra in July of, of this year? Yes,

[00:03:35] Andrea: great question. So the lunar nodes shift signs approximately every two and a half So, and there’s always the, the polarity positions. So we have the north node in one sign and the south node directly opposite in the other We’ve had the north node in Taurus for the last, well, almost two and a half years, and the south node in Scorpio. Before that, we had Gemini North node, Sagittarius South So this is gonna be a, in a sense, a culminating. Of the whole astrological wheel because the nodes move backwards, as you can tell from what I just shared, which makes them, it’s unusual.

[00:04:17] They’re, they, they move in primary motion essentially, and they, for me, when the nodes shift and the nodes are moving backwards and everything else seems to be moving the other direction, unless the planet is retro. For me, it’s a real, um, illumination of how involution and evolution are always playing together.

[00:04:44] So there’s always this need to go inward as we go outward. And that’s one of the really, it seems important things to, to consider when we’re talking notes.

[00:04:56] Amanda: Hmm. I love that. So we have this, this culminating moment. You’re calling it, because we’re essentially going back to the beginning of the cycle with Aries and Libra.

[00:05:07] Yes. So what does that mean? Does that mean are people gonna be experiencing culminating moments on storylines in their life, or do you really see this as a distinct move into its own storyline? This areas in Libra.

[00:05:23] Andrea: Beautiful both simultaneously. It depends on where we’re meeting. It depends on where we’re meeting our moment.

[00:05:30] It depends on where, what’s being activated, like a, a historical storyline, especially as the South note goes through Libra, because the South note is always more of our karmic habits, and the North note is more where we’re venturing into, which is more unknown, and that is actually the territory of Aries.

[00:05:51] Is to go into the unknown, to leave what we’ve known behind the comfort of what we’ve known and individuate and come into something

[00:05:59] Amanda: completely new.

Having Aries/Libra Nodes in Your Chart

[00:06:01] Amanda: If you have Aries Libra node, if you, if you in your natal chart, if that’s yourself and north node, is this more activating

[00:06:09] Andrea: for you? Totally. Totally. Then you’re gonna have a nodal return, which is a. A big time. They happen every 18 years or so. And you can also, if you have the nodes and the opposite sign, so if you have Libra North node, an area south node, you’ll be having a nodal, opposition that also has a quality of, instigating or really kind of coming into alignment with where we are, what we’ve been doing that’s still habits from the past and where we.

[00:06:39] Willing to, or available to risk more of becoming who we are on either end of for the north node, always kind of has an Aries quality to it to begin with. And the south node, a Libra quality to begin with if you were to archetypal lies, the nodal qualities. I like

[00:06:58] Amanda: that. That makes sense.

Taurus/Scorpio vs. Aries/Librs Nodal Axis

[00:06:59] Amanda: And what would you say is the biggest difference between the Taurus Scorpio Nodal access that we’ve been exploring and this area’s Libra shift that we’re going into?

[00:07:10] Andrea: It’s gonna be really interesting because the rulers of the two nodes for one thing are gonna switch places. So with Taurus North Node, we are venturing into. Finding more of our sensual nature, our earthly bodies, into our really looking deeply into where we are ready to upgrade our value system, our sense of how we feel stable and secure in the world, in ourselves.

[00:07:40] Pleasure, exploration of, pleasure of all kinds. South mode. And Scorpio also pleasure, but it tends to be sexual pleasure. And in the south mode connotation, it can be the pleasure of staying hidden, the pleasure of where we are not transparent and the hidden pleasure of the secrets and the manipulation, cuz there’s pleasure in everything, whether we wanna know it or not.

[00:08:05] So Scorpio can be very much where we wanna stay in what’s known intensity. Again, these are more self node qualities of Scorpio, what’s hidden, included shadow, that type of aries is again initiating, it’s, it’s the masculine, um, coming out, coming into something brand new.

[00:08:27] It’s like the fool, you know, the, the brand new. I wanna feel myself alive. Alive. Like the desire to come into life itself is Aries, and know myself and feel and punch someone, whatever it might be, just to, to know myself as alive. Right? And the north node representation of a sign is always more of its elevated condition in a sense because it’s new.

[00:08:53] I mean, if we have planets in that sign, and the north and the node is going through, Then we’re gonna be tested, and where we have wanted to remain in a certain way in that sign, and we’re gonna having to get clued in conscious of where we are, not wanting to do that. Sign energy, newly fresh, you know?

[00:09:15] So there’s always that. But in an essence, the north node itself is the higher expression, the unknown expression, the more elevated, coherent expression of that sign. The South note again in, in Libra is more, the vision. It can be polarization, it can be fairness, really, really staying onto what’s fair based on an o, like a, a vision of what’s fair from my safety habits.

[00:09:42] Not necessarily some like universal idea of what’s fair. It’s just, it’s really more of what’s fair to me. It can be. Being polite or nice at all costs, even when I’m resenting you underneath. So there’s still like a scorpion aspect sometimes to Libra, but it’s, and again, I’m speaking of the more south note Libra.

[00:10:06] But again, polarization a big one. If it’s the, the Aries Libra axis is the first axis, the polarity in the chart, Hmm.

How Eris and Chiron Affect the Nodal Axis Shift

[00:10:17] Amanda: Hmm. Okay. Fascinating. So we know that, that Aris and Kyron are both in Aries. Mm-hmm. So they’re gonna be involved in this storyline somehow. So tell us what you’re seeing, what are you seeing in terms of, uh, Kyron and Iris’s roles in this Nolo axis shift and how we’re gonna feel that in our lives.

[00:10:42] Andrea: Awesome. Okay. They’re each on some level, in my estimation, in my experience, having to do with where we wanna continue to remain separate in different ways, but where we unconsciously in our human collective unconscious wiring, are still fighting to remain separate. The coherence of being completely unnaturally who we are. All of us is too coherent for our personality structures, our self-identity structures, which are based in nervous system, karmics ha, karmic habits, how we know ourselves energetically. So we have to, it’s almost like we titrate as human beings.

[00:11:38] Our e. And it’s interesting because even the, the very Aries and Taurus, um, archetypes of Aries, like within the, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, the sympathetic fight or flight, right, knowing when to leave, knowing when there’s a threat in the environment. And this the parasympathetic, which is rest and digest, which is the feminine, which is Venus, which is. And we are so enculturated to always go, go, go, and we don’t rest and digest. And I see that partly as a Chiron thing because we are wounded in our masculine. Now, not all of us have Chiron Nale, but all of us, when Chiron, when any Planet Transits assign, there’s always still some collective attune. Because we are human and we are part of the collective of humanity in our unconscious, we too have a particular Chiron wound or wiring Tyron So again, if we look at Aries as the instinct to leave the comfort of the known and going into what we don’t know, then Chiron wounding can be being cut off primary. From our desire to come more, most fully into life is one way of It’s also, our wounding to personal freedom. Our ability to choose our, even our very survival we feel is at risk to take initiative and to act on our own behalf.

[00:13:21] But again, of all these, the instinct to leave the comfort of the known has been undermined, has been. That’s where victimization can come in and breed and become who we believe ourselves to be. Metrics based on a victimization rather than a self-assertion, self substantiation. So Chiron in his most elevated aspect is the sacred wound. So for me, the sacred wound is our connection with both our temporal and our timeless cells, The wound is a holographic mandala of the vital intelligence of love. Again, like I mentioned, it’s too coherent for our nervous system to know our cells fully. The, the whole process of, of an incarnation.

[00:14:19] For me is to return back to, that’s what I work on with the soul and self identity, to bridge the gap between who we believe ourselves to be and our true soul essence. So the ego has to maintain separation until or unless we have outside experiences that break us open, or we volunteer to courageously practice opening ourselves into more and more of our heart, love and coherence.

[00:14:48] To hold our nervous systems, our sensations, our habits, or karma. And when we begin to situate ourselves at the center of our human experience, our heart intelligence draws back everything we need to heal ourselves to become more whole in our own endogenous timing. with Chiron in Aries can also be, I don’t need anything.

[00:15:10] I don’t need anybody. I’m good like an overcompensation of this sense of not needing anybody or. There’s no problem..

[00:15:20] Amanda: So I, I wanna make sure I’m understanding cuz you, you’ve said some things that are just super, super profound. I’m like, I think I get it, but I’m not totally sure. talking about the coherence. So it’s, there’s two. We’re basically what I’m hearing is that we’re used to a certain level of incoherence between who we really are and who we believe ourselves to be.

[00:15:52] Andrea: Great. Yes. Okay. It’s, it’s what we call, it’s how we ne regulate our nervous systems. We basically, it’s is it too,

[00:16:00] Amanda: it’s too much information to like, I don’t understand where the nervous system

[00:16:05] Andrea: comes in. Gotcha. Okay. And this is way, this is a really strong scope here, but it’s essentially we are as humans at this place where we somehow believe in our unconscious, all of.

[00:16:23] We are not, somehow, that’s what the sacred wound is, that we are somehow separate from what we most love and cherish and value and what is most sacred to us, God goddess, however we wanna call it, in wherever Kyron is in our charts by house and sign and and aspects is that sort of where we f feel ourselves to be separate.

[00:16:42] So that creates the schism, which creates the ego, which believes itself to be separate. But because most of. Kind of defer or default to the egos and our egos sense of safety to know who we are. The ego just wants to remain in what it knows. So Chiron in Aries itself, specifically for me the wounding that it’s not enough for us to be.

[00:17:12] Is one of the pieces of Chiron to begin with, but somehow we are deficient as human beings to do our dharma, to be fully known to ourselves, to be in connection with spirit, to our deepest love. No matter what sign or house Chiron finds itself in. That is one of the cruxes I cannot get to. I’m unable to get to what I most love and value most.

[00:17:37] That’s a fallacy. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a wound structure. It’s a belief system.. Hmm. And it, it’s very, it takes a lot of courage and a lot of devotion and dedication to, to voluntarily access those places in us because it’s going to undermine a lot of our ways that we orient to, to life, to ourselves, to, to everything in general.

[00:18:01] So when I, when I’m talking about the heart, I’m talking about the level of coherence. It’s like to be able to trust our heart is not just to put faith in. It’s like, it’s, it’s, it’s deeply putting faith in ourselves to have us in any circumstance and to know that we are perfect at any moment. To me, that’s one of the most troublesome things about when we talk about the wound, is the idea that we are somehow broken.

[00:18:34] But to me, the wound is a sacred, like I said, a hologram of love, wisdom, intelligence that holds us in just the right, it threads us between the worlds. Perfect. So that we are not too much for ourselves at any one time, and that our human experience and the life, the experiences that we have as a human being and all iterations of the spectrum are perfectly aligned to our unique wiring, our habits, our karma, our destiny, our availability at any one moment. And Kyron is the. Okay,

[00:19:09] Amanda: so Kyron in Aries then you’re saying that, that because of the basic ego desire to keep us safe, That’s part of the, the wound is that even the perception that we need to be safe, that there’s something unsafe in some way. Exactly. Right. Yes. That Chiron and Aries, because Aries is about going in bold new directions that could be unsafe because they’re unknown, right.

[00:19:43] They’re just, they’re not, they’re not known. Yeah. So there’s a unique flavor of Chiron and Aries. I’m still like the, like I’m real close to bridging this. It might be me. Lemme try this again. The, the audience is probably like, come on, Amanda g give us the picture. But

[00:20:02] Andrea: No, no. They’re probably like, what is she talking about Andrea? So, okay. and maybe why this is so challenging is for. To, to talk about is for me, Chiron and Aries is the most difficult to access of all placements because, let me give this context.

[00:20:16] Chiron was discovered in TAUs, so we’re coming along 56 years now or something. Uh, Chiron was discovered in 1977 and at TAUs, so we are essentially in the first anniversary. Like the limbic period, the the womb period of Chiron. Chiron, in a sense is still hidden to us if we look at a certain rung of the spiral.

[00:20:41] So there’s this wealth house quality to Chiron and Aries anyway, no matter where Chiron is in our charts. So it’s hard to like access it in that, in that way too. So what is the 12th house? The house of hidden things. Hidden enemies, self undo. And yet also of ultimate fulfillment in Union with the Divine.

[00:21:03] So what are the things that seem most elusive to us these days? Personal freedom, choice, uh, things that I mentioned before, initiative acting on our own behalf. That’s why there’s so much polarization because no one can own where the original, where I, where I became split off from my own ability to make a.

[00:21:25] And this, we have to go very, we have to go into the unconscious to really get to that place in us. It’s not something that we can know. That’s why it’s so scary. That’s why it’s a lose. And maybe that could be why I’m having a difficult time articulating and why You’re like Andrea, I kind of have this, but not really.

[00:21:41] Cuz he’s almost like back at his first birthday, but not quite there

[00:21:45] Amanda: yet. Right. Okay. Fascinating. Alright, so, so because we’re going into. The lunar nodes of Aries and Libra being highlighted over the next two and a half years-ish. Mm-hmm. These themes of Chiron are that we’re, we’ve just been talking about, are going to be activated even more.

[00:22:06] Yes. Okay. Yes. And then also Aris is there, Aris? Aris is as well. So what’s, what’s this gonna add to the pot? Like, how is this gonna add

[00:22:15] Andrea: to the storyline? Right. Okay. So Aris. Oh, she is conjunct as most recent eclipse at 29 degrees. Aries Aris herself is 24 degrees, but she is, this is the beginning of the period of Aris.

[00:22:30] I mean, she’s been online for a little while. People have been conscious of her, but she’s really, this is the uninvited guest. Making herself known. Okay. And especially as the, the nodal axis moves into Aries and Libra because she’s having a nodal return as well. Her nodes are at 28 degrees Aries and 28 degrees Libra South Node.

[00:22:52] So Aris in her lower nature, she’s where we continue to perpetuate separation because we’ve come to believe the story that we are somehow permanently exile. So she perpetuates, sees the goddess of discord because she wasn’t invited to the party and she invited herself. Basically. She was not polite company because she said what she wanted. She was unabashed in her love of, you know, the battle and all the things that a, maybe a woman or a female shouldn’t be.

[00:23:28] She was the one that no one wanted to invite to the party. She was the inconvenient. Okay. So she again, will perpetuate the sense to know ourselves. We keep perpetuating what we know, even if we know it’s gonna create suffering, as long as it’s something we know, cuz there’s comfort in what we know. So, getting back to Chiron for a second here, about the wounding of the desire to come most fully into life.

[00:23:55] Kyron and Marys perpetuates this constant needing to be separate. Keep myself. In her fullness or most evolved nature, Aris is devoted to wholeness or inseparability, fully liberated. She’s the enjoyment of the play of polarity. She laughs at the notions of right and wrong, good and bad, and she’s all about reveling in the spectrum of becoming and dissolving. It’s a very, very high aspect of. She last. So both Kyron and Aris are both starting a whole new cycle with the sun, both of them back in, sometime in, in April. So there’s this fresh, this invitation to make a fresh, new relationship with these aspects, all aspects of them. And we can’t get to the nice ones until we meet the place in us where the, the separation keeps showing. But the rewards then are a brand new level of the spiral, brand new a, a, a more of an intimacy with our own desire, with our availability to make choices for ourself and come back more fully into life. That’s not just an IME mind without consideration for others, but when we are really attuned to life, we can’t help but be doing what is ours to do, which is by its very nature. In inclusion and in collaboration with life itself and everything, everyone else in life. Is this making Yes.

[00:25:35] Amanda: Okay. So we have Kyron bringing in these themes of like, where is our wounding around personal freedom, autonomy to make decisions, wounding of our desire to come fully into life.

[00:25:49] Because we’re afraid of doing that. We’re afraid. Too muchness, we’re afraid of unknown, all those things. Mm-hmm. And then Aris in Aries being activated these ideas around where we believe we’re permanently exiled. Yes. Where we feel like we’re not invited to the party, where we’re not right for the party, for whatever reason, we’re not included.

[00:26:20] And. Then, I mean, I would guess since Aris kind of in the story at least of Aris, Iris’s response to that was to kind of show that everybody’s broken in a way. Like it’s really interesting, like I, it’s almost like from a place of feeling broken and not enough, Aris kind of wanted everyone to feel that way in a way.

[00:26:47] And or was it kind of like, Like that idea of of, of them being sort of self-righteous. Like, we’re these beautiful gods and goddesses and we don’t, we do no wrong. Mm-hmm. And Aris being like, well, you know, maybe we’re all flawed in a way. Yes,

[00:27:08] Andrea: yes. There’s a, there’s a truth in everything. This is the thing.

[00:27:11] Everything that we do in life is somehow based on wanting to come back. Mm, it’s the distortions in misremembered history, in our own karmic knots, in our own, uh, needing to stay separate. Again, this is just part of the human condition that. Is the invitation to either continue to perpetuate the separation, even if it’s showing others that they’re doing the same, that’s great, but where are we taking accountability for our place in it?

[00:27:45] Because that’s our default thing to do, especially with Chiron and Aries is. I’ll show you where you’re wrong or, or I should say Kyron and Aries. And Aris I’ll show you where you’re doing the same thing, but where is the accounta? That’s not helping me get to the deep wound in me and helping me heal.

[00:28:05] So it’s like taking the splinter out of your own eye before you point it out to the other. That’s equally important.

[00:28:12] Amanda: That’s the thing, it reminds me of my children. Like, you know, when they argue, it’s like, well, she did it or she didn’t do what she was supposed to do, so I didn’t do what I was supposed, you know, it’s, it, it doesn’t seem like the most mature response, like there, there could be a, there could be a more quote unquote, experienced way to respond to feeling exiled or to feeling left out.

Highest Expression of Aris & Chiron in Context

[00:28:35] Amanda: I guess my question to you is, what do you see as. As, as a higher expression or invitation of this energy, since you’re saying that we, we essentially have this next spiral to go around with, with Aris and Kyron. So we, we are all being given an opportunity to choose something different in this dance, in this next dance, in this next spiral.

[00:29:00] So what would be a more quote unquote elevated expression of

[00:29:05] Andrea: these? So for me it’s, well, to get to this, Aris is the freedom to be who I am without conditions. Again, the wholeness of me, which includes wholeness, includes all of me, including my shadow. In order to own the freedom to be who I am, I have to acknowledge all the places that I haven’t wanted to know me, where I’ve pushed me aside, where I polarize me, Libra South.

[00:29:36] And made it about other, where I’m all, I’m good at pointing out the flaws in other people, but where am I not attending to where I am really hurt, where my inner child, my inner exile, is hurt and addressing her or him, or they, them. It’s, it’s, it’s the coming back to the accountability that it all really begins with me.

[00:30:02] Remember the, we started off the involution and the e. So as, as we’re going out, we also have to attend to the coming in. This is the going out of Aries and the reset rest of the feminine forests. So Mars, So it’s, it’s looking at the places we haven’t wanted to look because RIS is coming in and she’s lifting up the covers or she’s pulling out the rug from underneath. And the more we are allowing ourselves to, to be gentle and, you know, find a mentor, whatever it might be to help us engage in our, in the depth of like finding these places within ourselves gently where this lives, the more emboldened and embodied and powerful we will be and owning and our ability to love ourselves in these very, very places where we are still holding onto these belief systems that we are ex. It’s so

[00:31:05] Amanda: good. Okay. The other thing I’m thinking too, and would you agree with this, is if Aris is the freedom to be who I am without conditions, it would also be without making others wrong. Yes. Right? Yes. Right. Like I can be who I am, but that doesn’t mean that I have to make you wrong for who you are.

[00:31:27] Like you can be who you

[00:31:28] Andrea: are also. Exactly. That is that. Full. Hes in her full expression, meaning shadow and light. Exactly. Because when we, when we are intimate with our shadow, it doesn’t have to come out anymore. We’re intimate with it. We are, we’re loving it. We are integrating it. It’s, it’s natural. Life force that it is, that’s being stuck in the shadow is now part of who we are.

[00:31:55] So we get to be freely who we are. So very good. Yes. If we are being us unapologetically, then we don’t have to make other people wrong. If other people are making us wrong, bless you, I’m gonna do my thing. It doesn’t, we don’t take it So personally, and I love

[00:32:12] Amanda: saying about this, this piece of, um, you know, owning all aspects of our, of ourselves, it reminds me of this.

[00:32:18] This spiritual teacher? Well, this teacher, I don’t, she would never call herself a spiritual teacher, but she’s a, she’s a mentor, a guide us in my life and she’s in her late sixties and I was listening to her speak recently and she, she said that in the last few years she has acknowledged finally, That she has a temper and that she has spent the last 30 years, 40 years, whatever of her life, trying to not have a temper.

[00:32:46] You know? And like all the different practices and all the different healing and all the different modalities and all the different pro. And finally she’s just like, you know what? I have a temper. And actually in acknowledging that I have it, I actually finally have. I finally can, can, can very honestly just address it.

[00:33:10] And,

[00:33:10] Andrea: and really,

[00:33:11] Amanda: you know, and it was really cute the way she said it, you know, and, and she’s someone you would never even think has a temper. Like, it’s like, wow, that’s, it’s like actually it’s amazing and, and very liberating that she would even say it. And, and the way that she said, it was so much ownership and actually a lot of lightness.

[00:33:28] It wasn’t like, you know, I have a horrible temper and it was this heavy, horrible thing. It was just kinda like, yeah, I lose my cool sometimes because I care so much, but, but probably it’s not the best way to respond, but this is what I do, you know? Anyways, it was just, it was this, it reminds me of that Aris like just being fully in completely herself and owning all the aspects of herself, including the parts that are not attractive, including the parts that maybe even hurt people, so, You know, and, and so she’s not proud or happy about that, but, but instead of, you know, all the different things she’s tried to do to get rid of it is essentially what she’s saying.

[00:34:05] She’s trying to get rid of it her whole life.

[00:34:08] Andrea: Exactly. This is perfect. You’re bringing up the another beautiful facet of Chiron Aries anger. Hmm. I’m not angry. I can’t be angry. It’s wrong to be angry. So what do I do? I sublimate it and it comes out through manipulation or blame. Hmm. This is what happens when we pretend, or we try to, to make ourselves believe, convince ourselves that we don’t have anger.

[00:34:34] We are human beings. We have everything, the full spectrum. Whether we know ourselves that way or not, we do. And so you’re bringing up an ama, an excellent point because this is exactly what was suppressing our life. How we cantor ourselves, why we’re uncomfortable all the time because there are self images around us that are very, very unconscious.

[00:34:57] But we live by them as truth, and we want nothing to do with anything that’s gonna challenge who we believe ourselves to be. So this is the era of getting honest and just getting down in it with other people who are willing to get down. I’m in this workshop this week and it’s messy and it’s sticky with a bunch of people who are courageously going into the places that they do not wanna know about themselves.

[00:35:22] it’s not great, but it’s held in safety and love and love for me here means just showing up to what is true. Mm. And so that’s exactly what you’re saying. The, the relief in being transparent that I haven’t, I have a temper that I get. That I, I have hurt that I hope be grudges. This is, this is what’s gonna free, this is part of the opening to the, to the freedom to just be more me and to take more ownership and to, and mature in these aspects for sure.

[00:35:57] Amanda: I, I used, I, I admittedly used to think that if things got messy or, you know, if it wasn’t always harmonious that there was something wrong. You know that, that, that means there’s something wrong. But it’s so interesting how some, when we allow ourselves to go into these places that yes, can be messy and not pretty, and not, you know, perfectly harmonious and all these things that there’s, there’s so much energy, like you said, there’s so much life force energy.

[00:36:30] There’s so much to be freed up and then available to us to actually use in new, new ways. Yes. Um, so yes, I love this so much. So basically what you’re saying is that these kinds of things are gonna be up for us. Yes.

[00:36:45] Andrea: Yes. And, and it’s going to, it’s gonna increase polarization the more that we don’t wanna own or take consideration of where it lives in us.

[00:36:54] Amanda: Okay, so when you’re saying it’s gonna increase polarization, you’re saying we have a choice to allow this kind of energy to like further divide us from people and make you know, sort of like, you’re right, I’m wrong and yeah, it’s your fault, not mine and it’s because you that I feel this way and all those. Or if we own it in ourselves, if we own these, these, all these different aspects of ourselves, it has the opportunity to bring us closer to and less polarized and less divided. Correct? Yes,

[00:37:32] Andrea: exactly. Because when we’re blaming and polarizing other people, it’s still, it’s where we are. Safe to acknowledge where that exists in us.

[00:37:42] Yeah. So we have to keep making it separate and it hurts, you know, coming into maturity. We, it’s, it’s not, Not that it’s not supposed to be we’ve somehow been sold a bill of goods and we bought it hook, line, and sinker. That life should always be pleasant and happy, and if life isn’t pleasant and happy that we must be doing something wrong and we have to do whatever it takes to get back to some sort of homeostasis and pleasure and happiness. But there’s a real, the real opportunity when things are not going well or happy or good is where does that originate, get to the root. Which I have to say I need help doing. I need someone who can help me with my blind spots. I cannot, I’m too good at convincing myself of a story and that, oh, I have got this piece less so as I get more honest, but it’s, it’s, I, I always feel like I, I need someone who’s just willing to do this work themselves to help and can hold the space cuz they’ve been there themselves.

[00:38:51] Of this very deep, these deep places that are really, we have to feel our vulnerability in the places

[00:39:00] Amanda: It’s definitely helpful. It’s definitely, I mean, they’re blind spots for a reason cuz we’re blind to them. So, and, and for other people it can be so easy for them to see it. And so it, yeah, it absolutely seems like it streamlines the process of becoming aware and then to have someone that’s skilled to facilit.

[00:39:19] That awareness and then, embracing of is really, really helpful. For sure. Andre Elle, you said something earlier that I just wanna ask you a question about. Yeah. You said not all of us have Chiron.

[00:39:33] Andrea: Oh, no, not all of us. Chiron and Aries and Aries.

[00:39:36] Amanda: Ah, okay. Cause I was like, wait, but everybody has Kyron somewhere in their chart, right?

[00:39:41] Yes. Yes, they do. Yes. Okay. All right. Okay.

Additional Thoughts From Andrea Michelle

[00:39:44] Amanda: Anything else that you feel we really need to know about this nodal access shift, Chiron and Aries, and how this is all gonna, like the themes that it’s gonna bring up for us?

[00:39:56] Andrea: For me, it feels like, and what I’m doing for me personally, so I’m just speaking from experience, is to get to awaken us to our innate aliveness.

[00:40:06] And I’m gonna use my octopus teacher This movie, the Octopus Teacher, forget that. It’s just forget how amazing it is that this man forms a, a relationship with this gorgeous creature, this intelligent, beautiful creature, this octopus. But there was something that he said at the beginning of the movie that has stayed with me and it keeps coming back to He talked about how he had lost himself and distanced himself from his family, and he knew he had to come back to this place that was from his childhood, which is interesting in and of. And he just to heal himself, he had to go back into the water that meant so much to him as a child. And every day he went for a year religiously devotedly into this cold water. And he didn’t even wear a wetsuit because he knew that even the slightest bit, keeping him from being as intimate as possible with the environment of this, of the water he didn’t want. So he said after a year his body began to crave the. And he said that he found that as he was in the water, like different aspects of his body, of his brain turned on and he literally felt, I mean, not only did he have the relationship with the octopus, which for me, I would say if I were to guess had something to do with the fact that he wanted to have as little between him and the natural world as possible.

[00:41:32] He wanted to come back to his which is our The instinct to be in life, to come fully into life, to know ourselves as part of life, not separate from it, not above it. Looking down in it, which is part of the Chiron wound. Somehow. We’re either or we’re not. We can’t be fully both. But with this, this movie, what was so beautiful to me is he, he recognized he was a part of this underworld.

[00:42:05] Kelp forest, which included this amazing octopus, which included even the predators, the sharks, the whatever, everything. He was not separate from it. So for me, whatever we do to bring ourselves back into our bodies and feeling our aliveness, for me, I, I like to go trail running. Sometimes I like to take cold showers.

[00:42:27] You notice whim Hoff is getting super, super popular. Have anybody heard of him? I’m not, I’m not advocating that people start, you know, taking cold showers. You have to talk to your doctor and all that. I’m not, this is not medical advice, but I think, I feel that there’s something with the nodal axis, having gone through Gemini Taurus and now going into Aries in, in the summer, we’re literally being called back into the, the intelligence of our instinctual nature.

[00:42:50] And we are cut off from the instincts in the mammalian brain, and we are so in our neocortex, only our higher brain. But there’s a fullness and a richness to all of us that we’ve become hijacked in our limbic systems from fear, a fear programming has taken its place. So the more that we come back into acknowledging our aliveness, our vitality, however that looks, that to me is, is part of this what’s gonna help bring us into relationship and bump us against the places where we haven’t wanted to be.

[00:43:25] We haven’t really wanted to come in to get more honest so that come into the next iteration of where the threading of the eye of the needle is. Cuz for me, Kyron and Aris are threading us through the eye of the needle, which is not comfortable, but to get us through to the other side because Aries is also freedom. This the sign of The search for Wow.

[00:43:55] Amanda: That was beautiful. That was amazing. Okay, so we’re coming back to the intelligence of our instinctual nature, doing things that bring us into a aliveness. I, I love that. And the idea of vitality and what it is to be fully alive. So finding those things. So for each one of us finding those things, for me, dancing is just like, mm-hmm.

[00:44:20] That’s, that is so, or being in the ocean or, you know, certain things. But, so finding those things that bring us into our bodies, into a place where we have more access to our instinctual nature so that we can, we can trust it more, we can move with it more. We can actually allow it to be more of a guide for us.

[00:44:41] Yes, yes. Yes.

[00:44:43] Andrea: Oh, wow. Our bodies are meant to be pushed. Mm. Beyond our comfort zone. Like when I take a cold shower, I actually get giddy. It’s the weirdest thing. Like my heart opens and I get joyful. Wow. I don’t like it in some part of me, but other parts of me, I’m like, oh my God, this is what it feels like to be alive and tingly in these parts of my body that have been asleep.

[00:45:04] Yes. Really amazing. Yeah. Okay,

[00:45:07] Amanda: so pushing out of the comfort zone. And doing that like on purpose, not having to like be pushed out. Exactly, yes. But actually doing it on purpose and allowing that to signal to us consciously and subconsciously that we are alive, that we are here, that we do have this opportunity of life right now, Uhhuh.

[00:45:28] And the more we can lean into those, uh, uncomfortable places, the more alive we’re gonna. Yes. Yes. Ooh, I love it.


[00:45:37] Amanda: Okay, well this has been awesome. Thank you. For those of you who are like, oh my gosh, Andrea and Michelle is amazing. I would love to meet with her one-on-one. She is available right now, and that would be a great time to book a reading with her because.

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[00:46:30] You get to all ask all your personal questions and really have her as a person that’s holding your hand through all these different tides that we’re navigating. So again, that’s

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[00:46:52] Andrea: Their, their enthusiasm to, um, it’s like there’s an innocence sometimes in people and so many people about wanting to meet a part of the. And it’s just so right there and I can see it and I can feel it in them, but they still think somehow it’s so far away. So for me to be in that space with them where we can just kind of like relax into, wow, what you’re looking for in you is closer than you imagine and be in those places.

[00:47:20] It’s just, it’s priceless.

[00:47:25] Amanda: Okay. Well thank you. Thank you so much for being here with us. Thank you for helping you get a glimpse into this Kyron Airs nodal Axis energy, and, um, how to make the most of it.

[00:47:40] Andrea: Well, I hope it’s been helpful. Thank you for your brilliant questions as always. And uh, it’s just a, a joy.

[00:47:48] Amanda: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Really appreciate you and thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. I look forward to hearing from you. Are you leaning into. New discomfort zones. Are you expanding your comfort zone?

[00:48:06] Are you, are these different things that we brought up resonating with? You? Would love to hear from you in the chat if you are watching this on YouTube or Facebook. And if you’re listening on the podcast, we always love to hear from you too. So you can always send us emails. At support@astrologyhub.com.

[00:48:22] Let us know how you’re liking the show. Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions. We make these shows for you, so we want you to love them and, um, we’d love to hear from you. All right, thanks everybody, and take care. We’ll catch you on the next episode.