[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “Responsibility” January 31st – Feb 6th with Astrologer Scott Tejerian

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A Saturn Ruled Moon

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Scott Tejerian and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by the astrology.

You'll learn…

  • How this lunation will push you towards taking responsibility for your actions
  • The Aquarius Myth and how it will help you navigate the incoming Moon cycle
  • About the connection between Jupiter, Neptune and compassion
  • How to prepare for Mercury stationing direct

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

1:51 Week Overview

11:02 Moon in Aquarius

13:05 The New Moon and the Saturn-Uranus square

16:41 Jupiter, Neptune and Compassion

25:42 Mercury Direct

29:13 Mars in Capricorn

36:35 Summary

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This transcript is automatically generated. Some miswording might be present.

00:00:29 [Amanda Pua Walsh] Well, hello everybody. And welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving cosmic tides, but thriving with the cosmic tides. My name is Amanda Pua Walsh. I am the host of the show and the founder of Astrology Hub. And I am so excited to be here for Scott to Jerry and Astrology Hub debut.

00:00:52 Scott is a, an, an astrologer and also the host of the weekly transit, which is a podcast that you can tune into if you're interested. And he's here today to give us the read on the week ahead. So Scott, welcome to the weekly astrological weather, and let's start with that big picture theme. And then we can go into the details of the week ahead.

00:01:15 [Scott Tejerian] Absolutely. Thank you, Amanda, for having me, the big picture theme for the week is responsibility with the new moon in Aquarius, which is occurring on Monday. If you're on the west coast Pacific time, 9 45, Hawaii, 6:45 PM. If you're on the east coast, it's 12:45 AM on Tuesday, early, early morning. But the moon joining with the sun in Aquarius is going to bring six planets into signs that are ruled by Saturn.

00:01:52 So we have mercury, which is ending its retrograde transit this week, Venus and Mars, all transiting through Capricorn, which are ruled by set, which is ruled by Saturn and then the sun, the moon and Saturn in the other sign that Saturn rules, Aquarius and Saturn is all about responsibility. Or like you like to say Amanda, the ability to respond.

00:02:20 So that's what the authority Saturn is putting upon us is like, there's something to respond to here. You have the ability to respond.

00:02:30 [Amanda] Yes, we have the power to do it right?

00:02:33 [Scott] And you have the power to do it. Absolutely. You're not given any challenges that you cannot face and work through it's but it's about stepping into the challenge. Saturn is about work.

00:02:46 So when you think of these six planets in the themes of these six planets mercury taking responsibility for your thoughts and how you are communicating those thoughts, others, Venus relationships, taking responsibility for your senses, what you value and taking responsibility for what you've agreed upon in your close personal relationships. When you've taken responsibility for what you've agreed upon in your close personal relationships,

00:03:20 then you become an authority. Then you can hold your partners accountable for holding up their end of the bargain because you're holding up your end. Mars, the planet of action, the God of war. This is about taking responsibility to put your words into action. You say, you're going to accomplish this. What are you actually doing to accomplish what you say you're going to accomplish?

00:03:48 What are the steps that you're taking? That's the Capricorn side, moving into the, did you want to say something?

00:03:55 [Amanda] This is so, I mean, it's, it's so tangible. I can feel every single thing that you're saying. And we'll talk about it later, but yeah.

00:04:03 [Scott] Oh yeah. Okay. Well, moving on to the Aquarius side,

00:04:06 which is a different energy than, than Capricorn, because Capricorn is, you know, it's earth. So it's, it's like, what is the foundation that we're actually standing upon here? Whereas Aquarius is air. So it's more thought driven. It's more communicative, but there is still a stability to Aquarius because Aquarius is a fixed sign. So it's about setting that vocal tone.

00:04:33 What is the tone that you are setting energetically? When you think of the, the sun, the sun is the planet of vitality and, and light. So what is the light that you're bringing when you think of Aquarius? Think of the, the symbol for Aquarius. Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer. And I love to tell this story about the water bearer.

00:04:57 Many people have heard me say it before, but maybe your listeners haven't, but the water bear was this individual that, that imagine lived a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago in a village where in this village, this was before anybody had invented a jug. And everybody in this village went down to the stream to drink water and bathe each and every day.

00:05:25 Just like an animal. But one night sitting around the campfire, the water bearer said, I have an idea. I'm going to figure out how to bring water from the stream to the village. And everybody else sitting around the campfire kind of looked at each other and they burst out laughing, ha, this person's crazy. They're insane. You're going to bring water from the stream of the village.

00:05:51 How's that even possible? No one's ever done that before. You're crazy. That's the Uranus energy of Aquarius. So there's two planetary rulers of Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn Uranus. The planet of rebellion. Saturn is a planet of restriction. How can the planet of rebellion and the planet of restriction rule the same sign? The answer is with the water bearer because the water bearer had that outside the box idea that I'm going to figure out how to bring water from the stream to the village.

00:06:21 But then they had to do the work, the Saturn energy. They had to do the work to bring their crazy idea into reality. So many, many, many, many moons. Later after that campfire, the water bear showed up in the village with a jug full of water. And everybody in the village, they called the water bearer crazy said,

00:06:41 they're a genius because they figured out how to bring water from the stream, the village, but the water bearer didn't just bring the water from the stream to the village for themselves. They did it for the village because we can all benefit here. So Aquarius is the sign of, of independence. And if we're all going down to the, to the river,

00:07:07 the stream every day to bathe and drink water, and now we don't have to do that anymore. We have more independence. And with more independence, we can start really embracing our individuality and thinking of new ideas that is going to progress society into the future. So Aquarius is about individuality. It's about embracing, taking responsibility for your uniqueness. It's important to remember that the way that the planets and stars were aligned when you were born,

00:07:41 that's not going to occur again for another 25,000 years from the date, time and place of your birth. So you are unique. You are a miracle, you are divine. It's important to understand that what you're bringing to the table is unique. So how can you embrace your individuality? If we're all going to a dinner, a potluck dinner, and everybody's bringing green beans,

00:08:06 that's going to be a pretty boring dinner. So we have to be our individual selves. The group, the village is only strong as strong as the individuality of the group. So we need to take responsibility for our individuality, with Saturn in Aquarius, that's doing the work taking responsibility for, I have a role to play here in society. I have a role here to play in whatever group club,

00:08:36 organization, social network, social cause I'm a part of the village. What is my role? What am I bringing to this group that is uniquely me?

00:08:48 [Amanda] Oh gosh, this is all good. Okay. Questions. I love to pose those kinds of questions too, because it leaves it open-ended and then you can find those answers within yourself. When you,

00:09:02 when you ask those big kind of questions like that. What I also love about the story that you shared about the water bearer is that it was this innovative, creative idea that people thought was crazy. Right? Normally that unique thing that we're bringing, we're the only ones who know what that is. So to everyone else, it might seem crazy. Like it might seem just like,

00:09:27 oh, you could never do that. Or that will never happen. But that's because we're the only ones that have the, the blueprint for it. Like we're the one who has the master plan. So I love thinking about that and how, you know, they're all laughing at him. Thank you for that story. It's so good. And, and then he,

00:09:44 what, what this Water bearer did was bring a structure to something that was, was sort of wild and free, right? Like the water in the river. It was, but, but brought this structure that contains it and makes it even more useful. So it's, I think sometimes when we're catching ideas or we're catching visions or we're, we're, we're getting in alignment with the thing that we're meant to bring it is this sort of wild untamed idea.

00:10:16 Right. But then we can come in and bring the structure that's required for it to actually come into form

00:10:24 [Scott] Exactly.

00:10:26 [Amanda] Right. So I, I, this is so good. So you're saying basically Venus, Mars, mercury, Saturn,

00:10:32 [Scott]And The moon and the sun

00:10:34 [Amanda] Oh, of course.

00:10:40 All in Saturn ruled signs. And he talked about the sun being in a Saturn rule in Aquarius. Yes. Is this, this idea of bringing our independence, bringing the thing that's unique to us, to the whole and the moon. So how does, how does the Saturn moon get colored?

00:11:00 [Scott] Yes. Yes. So the moon brings that emotional sensitivity.

00:11:05 So when the moon is moving through Aquarius, it's bringing an emotional sensitivity to the group, to the collective, the greater good to tapping into that emotional sense of like what's going to fill our emotions here is being innovative, is being an individual is, is seeing the, how can we be progressive? How can we move forward into the future? And so when I think of the new moon,

00:11:37 I think of the planting of the seeds of the coming harvest. So this is setting your intentions for what it is you want to bring to the community. That's what the moon brings here. It's setting your intentions to be unique, to be the individual that you were meant to be like you said, like we're, we're individuals here. We all have our own unique astrological code.

00:12:04 It's unique to you and what might seem crazy to other people. That's fine. You know, it's like, when you, I think I've heard Jeff Bezos say that, you know, people thought he was crazy because they didn't understand what Amazon was about. Well, now people get what it is. So what are you using to activate your mind and also setting your intentions to communicate with the community,

00:12:27 with the group, the club, the organization, the social network, or caused that you're a part of, because Aquarius is an air sign. When I think of air signs, I think of communication because here we are talking, I'm talking into the air and it's landing where you are and you're hearing what I'm saying. So how can I start a conversation with the group?

00:12:48 How can I encourage other people in the group, setting my intentions to encourage other people in the group to be uniquely themselves? Tell me your crazy idea. I might think it's crazy, but you know what, let's, we have to talk about it in order to develop it, we're working together because the water bearer didn't do it on their own. They had help with maybe a couple other people in the village.

00:13:13 They were like, you know, it sounds crazy, but you know, I want to figure out how to bring water from the stream to the village. Maybe I can help in some way. So how can we share these ideas with one another? And there's so much divisiveness in society right now, this is about the community coming together. That we're gonna come together,

00:13:34 setting your intentions to come together in the community and say, you know what? I don't agree with what you're saying or how you think, but I respect it. I respect it. You know, Uranus the other planetary ruler. This is such an interesting alignment with the new moon in Aquarius, because not only is the new moon in Aquarius, just three degrees away from Saturn in Aquarius,

00:14:03 but it's two degrees away from Uranus in Taurus. So Uranus, as I said earlier, is the other planetary ruler of Aquarius. So if we didn't get the theme of Aquarius, you know, just with having the new moon in Aquarius, we're getting it, we're getting hit over the head with it, with Saturn connecting to the new moon and Uranus in Taurus,

00:14:25 also connecting to the new moon in Aquarius. So both the planetary rulers of Aquarius are also connecting to the new moon in Aquarius. But Uranus in Taurus brings that value element because Taurus is earth. What can I touch? What can I taste? What can I see? What can I hear? What can I smell? Is it real? That's what Taurus is about.

00:14:48 What do you value in the material? So we're coming into the community and we're sharing what it is we value. This is what I value. And so setting your intentions to surround yourself with people that either they value what you value or at the very least they respect what you value. So it's like, I don't agree with what you value you like that.

00:15:14 I don't like that. You like red. I like blue, you know, but we can respect each other still, despite the fact that we value different things.

00:15:25 [Amanda] That's huge. And also I find that maybe you like red and I like blue or whatever it is, but there's probably a lot of places where we could meet and actually share values. So there's when you talk about the divisiveness,

00:15:43 I mean, we've been so focused, like myopically on where we differ and there, and there's not a whole lot of conversation around where we actually, we come together in our shared humanity and our, and our aliveness at the same one. We're all alive on this planet at the same time. And I love focusing on that here at Astrology Hub. Like we come from all over the world,

00:16:12 lots of different backgrounds, lots of different perspectives, but we all share this love of the sky. We share this love of the universe. We share this love of understanding our connection to the universe. So let's meet there first and let everything else. It's like, it becomes way less important when we can find those places where we meet that are just bigger than these little issues that come and go and change all the time.

00:16:41 [Scott] Exactly. I love that you bring the word humanity into the conversation because when I think of humanity, that's Aquarius, we're talking about the community about being human together about respecting one another. Now I mentioned that the next time the planets and stars will be aligned in the way that they were when you were born as over 25,000 years from that date, time and place.

00:17:04 So you are unique. You are an individual, you are a miracle, but you are also born under the same planets and stars as everyone else. So it's important to remember that every person you come into contact with is reflecting you and you are reflecting them. So if there's something about that person that you come into contact with you, don't like, they're showing you something about yourself that you don't like.

00:17:30 So you need to deal with it within yourself about, well, okay. I don't like this person, but what is it about them that is reflecting within me? And when you start to look, well, maybe I am kind of like that. Then the humanity comes in and it's like, okay, I'm not just pointing a finger. Somebody I'm recognizing that,
00:17:51 okay, I get that. They do this thing. Or they have the way that they express themselves bothers me, but I'm kind of like that too. And

so maybe I need to show myself and this other person a little more compassion and compassion is another overarching theme that we're dealing with right now with Jupiter and Neptune. The planetary rulers of Pisces transiting through Pisces Pisces is the sign of compassion,

00:18:20 compassion, because Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac. It carries the weight of the 11 previous signs. So we right now on planet earth, we are feeling more of what is going on around us than we felt for the last hundred and 50 years. The last time these two planets were both in Pisces. So, you know, this, the last time that occurred was,

00:18:49 you know, when people started to wake up to like, oh, slavery is bad. This is not a good thing. So, you know, this can be very uncomfortable for people because we don't want to, it's enough to carry our own burdens, let alone the burdens of everyone else around us. But what in remembering that everyone is reflecting you and you are reflecting everyone else that there's something about someone else that's bothering you, it's within you.

00:19:18 [Amanda] Yes. And when we can do that for ourselves, we are then capable of doing that for others. So I love that you're pointing out that you see it out there, and then you bring it in. Even that example of the person that annoys you, the way that they communicate, maybe what's annoying you in that case is that they feel free to communicate who they are.

00:19:40 They feel free to do that. So maybe what's in you is like, you're censoring yourself, or you're holding yourself back, but you're not allowing yourself to just freely speak or be. And so it's sometimes I've found in this own, my own exploration of this, that sometimes it's like very obvious. It's like, oh, that person's loud and obnoxious.

00:19:59 And it's like, well, where am I loud and obnoxious, sometimes it's a little more subtle where it's like, well, they're loud and obnoxious. Where do I hold myself back from like, just being exuberant in my expression, or, and then also sometimes what, what I can get from other people's reflection is that's really triggering me instead of like,

00:20:21 oh, I'm angry that you're making me upset. It's like, oh, wow, I'm really upset. So there's something here for me. There's some gift or treasure, or like something I need to uncover within myself that that person is, is soliciting out of me. And so thank you for bringing that up. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. And,

00:20:44 and, you know, having these sensations that I don't like, however, I know that there's gifts in there. I know there's something for me to get, like, why is that bothering me so much? Why am I so annoyed? You know, any of those kinds of questions I think can really, instead of it's like, you need to stop doing that.

00:21:01 It's like, oh, wow. Like, why am I so upset? Right.

00:21:04 [Scott] And that's, that's the whole reason why that person's in your life in that moment, you know, it's, it's like, I always try to tell people like the signs are there. The only question is, are you paying attention? You know? And so when somebody triggers you and you react,

00:21:24 you're not really paying attention to the sign, you are just going back to that habitual pattern that was formed long ago, that created that trigger in the first place. But when you step into your awareness, by taking responsibility for who you are and being an adult, you're no longer a child, you understand your value, your self worth. So if somebody is triggering you,

00:21:47 it gives you a moment to pause and say, what is, what is the universe sending me here? I'm getting some sort of message. This person is poking at me in a certain way that in a certain area that I need to pay attention to why, what is this?

00:22:03 [Amanda] And Scott, this brings us back to responsibility. Here's inkling because what you just described is the ultimate like masterful responsibility.

00:22:13 I, I sometimes, you know, I have a 13 year old daughter and a 10 year old daughter. And so these things are coming up all the time and their lives like, oh, that person just annoyed me today. Or I didn't want to sit next to this person at lunch or, you know, whatever it is. And, and,

00:22:26 you know, so then I got really angry, you know? And it's like, well, I know that this is hard because it's hard for adults. However, if you want to really master your emotions, you'll take a pause and you will look inside and go. Wow, like, why am I so upset? And, and especially like, when they're having an argument with each other,

00:22:48 it's like someone has to exit the loop that you guys are in where it's like, well, she said this and she, you know, it was like, well, yes. And I know this is hard. I'm not trying to say this is, this is not hard. This is actually really challenging and very difficult for most humans to do. However,

00:23:09 if one of you has the presence of mind to exit this pattern, you're in, everything will shift.

00:23:15 [Scott] This is how it works. And you just, you, you, you sparked a light bulb in my brain. Cause I just realized that I made a mistake. There's actually seven planets in signs ruled by Saturn. Cause I,

00:23:29 how could I forget Pluto? so there's four in Capricorn and then with the moon in Aquarius three in Aquarius, but Pluto transformation. So this is changing the pattern. You know, when, when you are, you're reflecting everyone, you come into contact with, they're reflecting you when you change the pattern. When you get out of that loop, like you're saying,

00:23:52 I'm going to act in a way that's different than how I've reacted in the past. And that challenge is the person that you are reflecting and there, now they have to change their reflection. So Pluto is death and rebirth. It's. This has been going on since oh eight. So we've been going through this transformation of responsibility and taking responsibility for how we relate to authority authority in general and authority within ourselves being an adult we're meant to grow up here.

00:24:29 And we're meant to step into our power. This is a period which lasts occurred between 1761 in 1778. That was leading up to the American revolution. When people were like, I don't need to ask the king, I can take care of myself. So this is an opportunity for you to step into your adulthood, to take responsibility for yourself, or to continue to subjugate yourself to something that you believe is a higher power.

00:25:02 It can go either way. It's how you're working with the energy. So in order to take responsibility for yourself, recognizing why am I in this loop with this person I'm going to change my behavior. And either that person is going to be inspired to change their behavior, or the relationship is going to end. And they're going to clear space for me because how many people can you actually fit into your house?

00:25:28 You know, how many people can you actually fit into your life? Sometimes people need to leave in order to create space for new people to arrive that are a more appropriate reflection for the present point of your incarnation.

00:25:41 [Amanda] Ooh, I like the way you said that. Okay. Scott let's, is there anything else about the week ahead that we need to be mindful of?

00:25:49 Because even though this is the New Moon is happening on Monday, it's coloring this for sure. Actually this whole lunar cycle. Right. But do we need to pay attention to this week?

00:26:01 [Scott] Okay. We got, we got to talk about mercury retrograde, ending mercury going direct, which happens on Thursday. You know, so th this, it, it creates it's a crunchy week.

00:26:13 You know, it's going to be a crunchy week. You know, when mercury goes direct, it's not like it, it starts stepping on the gas and all of a sudden, we're, we're going a hundred miles an hour in, in the right direction. It takes many, many days. Mercury is going to be moving through it's out of its it's still in its shadow until February 23rd.

00:26:36 So during this period, I think of like the end of the beginning of the retrograde and the end of the retrograde, it's a, like a, like a train wreck. It's like a 10 car pile pile up on the freeway. You know, everything just comes to a crashing halt. Mercury typically moves one to two degrees a day. But at the beginning of the retrograde and the end of the retrograde,

00:26:58 it stopped in the sky for like a week. And so what that does, this is the planet that rules your mind, how you think, how you communicate, how you coordinate. So even though there's all this work in this responsibility it's and, and Mars, you know, pushing us up the mountain, it's like, okay, I gotta go.

00:27:21 I gotta, I gotta complish all my goals and do it all today. No, no, no, no. You need to be patient. You need to slow down. You need to take your time. Trust that every little bit of work that you're getting done right now is going to pay dividends, big dividends down the line. Now, mercury retrograding,

00:27:43 Capricorn, you know this, even though the retro grade's ending, just focus on what's your what's on your plate right now. You know, if we go to the buffet and we load up our plates, you don't take two bites and then go back to the buffet line. And that's what people tend to do during the retrograde is all of a sudden like they,

00:28:01 they, they burn all their plans and they're taking on new responsibilities and new projects. That's not what we want to do right now. What we wanna do is just focus on what we're already working on. What were your new year's resolutions? How are you setting your intentions in 2022, focus on that? If you're feeling stuck in some way, good that's,

00:28:23 what's supposed to happen. You know, I think of myself is like a dog in a sense, you know, and I've got like these spirit guides that sometimes are pulling on my leash, holding me back from running in the middle of the road. So recognize the divine timeline is different than your timeline. And so don't rush through the week. Don't push in areas where you're feeling resistance,

00:28:48 you know, just get done what you can get done. Don't overdo it. Don't, you know, give yourself plenty of time, Saturn, you know, the God of time, give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go to finish what you need to finish. Just keep focusing on the work little by little, little by little,

00:29:07 and, and you're going to get to where you need to go within the divine timeline.

00:29:13 [Amanda] So good. All right, what else? So we have mercury stationed and coming out of retrograde. And what else, You know, there's also Mars and Capricorn is going to be aligning with Jupiter in Pisces and Chiron in Aries. So this is, this is kind of a mixed energy here because Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

00:29:38 So Mars is really like giving us the strength to climb up the mountain, even though it feels like we're wearing twenty-five pound weights on our ankles, but it's connecting with Jupiter, which is also the planetary ruler of Pisces. So both of these planets and positions of power, it's helping you expand the dream. And, and through the work that you're doing,

00:30:00 maybe it's like, you've reached a new ledge and you're like, wow, I see things from a new perspective. Now I can actually get to this level or that level, or, you know, maybe I want to move in this direction, which is a little off center from where I thought I was going to go, because Jupiter is expanding the dream world.

00:30:21 So the God of war Mars and the God of thunder, Jupiter connecting in a really positive way, I feel like there can be some sort of enlightenment here in terms of the dream, the fantasy, and seeing the reality of what it is you need to do in order to bring that fantasy into reality. But the connection with Chiron, which is in Aries,

00:30:47 which is Cardinal fire, Capricorn, Cardinal earth, the Cardinal connection, very strong, very powerful, but earth extinguishes, fire, fire scorches earth, there's there's stress here. And Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries. Chiron is the wounded healer. It's the wound that occurred to you and the ancient wisdom that is unlocked through healing that wound.

00:31:15 And so Chiron and Aries is, is making us face the wound to our self-confidence. What are your insecurities? So when you think about taking responsibility and these goals and ambitions and these dreams, and then you go back to, well, I can't really do that. That's not possible because all these other times that I tried, I failed, you know,

00:31:37 this is where the fear comes up. And so how do we, how do we deal with this energy? Well, instead of running from your fear, it's about turning around and running towards your fear, having the courage and the confidence to say, you know what, I'm scared here, but I don't care. I'm still going to jump out of the plane.

00:31:57 You know, it's like, I'm going to face my fear. I'm going to do it. And it doesn't matter.

00:32:03 [Amanda] Would you also say that a discussion that we just had on compassion would be another approach too. So it's like recognizing that fear, seeing it, holding yourself in that fear and still going the extent going towards it. Yeah.

00:32:17 [Scott] Thank you. I absolutely love that. Absolutely. Because, and that's that Jupiter energy connecting with Mars at the same time that it's connecting to a Chiron because Jupiter's at eight degrees, Chiron's at nine degrees. So the Mars, when it moves to eight, nine degrees at the end of the week, it's going to be connecting to both of those planets. So Jupiter is that of compassion of like,

00:32:41 recognizing like, okay, I was afraid and I'm afraid because I had these bad experiences, but those bad experiences are in the past. And I'm going to push forward into the future, knowing that I've learned from those hard experiences that I was meant to fail back then, so that I could learn how to succeed now.

00:33:07 [Amanda] And also so that I can have compassion for other people who are,

00:33:14 you know, they're in that struggle. And so instead of judging where people are at, it's like, oh, I've been there too. I can, I understand, you know, okay, this is, so what else do we have this week?

00:33:30 [Scott] Well, I mean, you know,

00:33:36 so the moon is going to be continuing on from Aquarius into Pisces and then into Aries. And so, you know, right around Saturday is when the moon connects to Chiron. So Saturday could be a day. We're really we're feeling that, that intensity of, of the fear of, of the insecurities, maybe that's on Saturday or even on Sunday, as it continues through moving through Aries.

00:34:08 But it's the moon in Aries is also going to give us the strength to say, you know what? I don't care. I'm charging ahead. You know, that's what the Moon prior to that, when the moon is in Pisces, which the moon is in Pisces, that's occurring Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon strand that is going to give those are days to be really compassionate.

00:34:34 So Wednesday, Thursday focus on the compassion within yourself so that you can be compassionate to other people. And then by the time we get to Friday, Saturday into Sunday, that's when it's like, okay, we've cleared that psychological baggage. Now we're ready to charge ahead.

00:34:53 [Amanda] I love it. And would that be a good time to, I mean, I know we have the new moon today on Monday,

00:34:59 which is a great time to plant seeds and make commitments, but it sounds like even this weekend could be another great time to actually make commitments a Saturn word, right. And commitment to bringing forth these dreams, despite our fear, despite past failure, despite self, whatever negative self-talk talk is happening, just making that commitment and then using the energy of this week to really start taking steps and making plans toward it.

00:35:28 [Scott] Yeah, Absolutely. This, this is how the planets work. I view it like a symphony. You know, we go from one step to the next step. So the first step is making that commitment to be the individual that, that I truly am into express my innovative ideas, but in order to be able to do that, I have to be compassionate with myself that comes after Aquarius that's Pisces.

00:35:51 I have to be compassionate. I have to face my psychological baggage and integrate these thought patterns and memories with understanding, forgiveness and love. So once I've done that, now I have the courage to be authentic, to be who I say I am and not hide behind the mask to really put my face out there and say, this is who I am,

00:36:15 and that's it. And I'm charging ahead and I'm working towards these goals.

00:36:20 [Amanda] Amazing. So you just went from Aquarius to Pisces, to Aries qualities. That's. So I love thinking about that too. Like, yes, we have our signs and we have our, our unique blueprint and it's all of it is in us. And so, you know,

00:36:35 working with all of the archetypes and all the energies is really the key, you know, what w Okay. So what I'm going to do a little summary. Okay. Well actually, in terms of like an intensity scale of one being really not intense at all, and 10 being just the peak of intensity, where would you put this week ahead?

00:36:57 [Scott] I'd probably give it an eight,

00:37:01 just because of the end of mercury. Retrograde can be very intense. There are some, you know, supportive alignments though with the planets in Capricorn, aligning with the planets in Pisces, but you know, all that Saturny and energy, it's going to be crunchy. We're going through a restructuring and it's not necessarily going to feel comfortable, but with the planetary compassion,

00:37:29 Jupiter and Neptune, I think that's gonna help, you know, alleviate some of the issues here, but I give it an eight. What do you think, how does it sound to you?

00:37:39 [Amanda] Well, I mean, from what you've described, I think probably because you, you gave us so many tangible approaches and tools. I was going to put it around a six or seven.

00:37:52 [Scott] I love that. So, you know, I mean, I think you can qualify the numbers. Like if you don't know what's going on, it's an eight, but if you do know what's going on and you're conscious about how to work with the energy, it is like a six or seven. So I would agree with you.

00:38:07 [Amanda] Great. And that's why we tune into the weather.

00:38:10 That's why we tune into the astrology, right? Because it is theoretically, when we do have the information, we have the foresight, we have the awareness, then we have, we actually have a way we can meet the energy, work with it as constructively and productively and, and beautifully as possible.

00:38:26 [Scott] That's what I always say. It's like, you need to learn to ride the planetary waves instead of the planets riding you.

00:38:33 If you're aware of what's going on, then you're working with the energy. If you're not, then the energy is working you over.

00:38:42 [Amanda] Oh yeah. The audience can relate to exactly what you just said. All right. So I'm going to do a quick summary here. We have our theme for the week is responsibility. We have seven planets that are in Saturn ruled signs.

00:38:57 So Saturnian things, doing our work, showing up, growing up, taking responsibility, you know, meeting life with that sense of authority, that those are all things that we're going to be working with this week take responsibility. So you went through all the planets and what that means to have a Saturn sort of veil over over it. So for mercury,

00:39:22 it's taking responsible responsibility for our thoughts and our communication Venus, it's taking responsibility for what we agreed upon, what you agreed upon in your close relationships and upholding your end of whatever that commitment is and holding others accountable to uphold their end of that commitment. Later on, you talked about potentially also letting go of certain commitments that you've made in personal relationships, that this may be a time where you're,

00:39:52 you're, you're looking at those kinds of decisions as well. For Mars in Capricorn, putting our words into action, putting our will into action. What are you doing to accomplish what you want then? Oh, I love this setting, the vocal tone, energetically, and really thinking about the words that you're speaking. And this is kind of going back to mercury,

00:40:17 but the words that you're speaking and how they're actually setting an energetic tone and or what seeds they're planting. So paying attention to the thoughts that you're having and the words that you're saying and the actions that you're taking and what seeds those are planting in the ground for future harvest. Yes. Yes. And then with the sun, what is the light that you're bringing?

00:40:41 What is that light and how is your unique light being cultivated and shining in order for the greater good to benefit from the qualities that you bring, taking responsibility for your role in society? What am I bringing to the group? And then the moon bringing this emotional sensitivity to it all. So this being innovative, how can we move, move forward? And then again,

00:41:11 embracing individuality to contribute to all. And then I love this, this, this emphasis on how are you utilizing your time? So with the patients, you know, so many times we, we don't actually take advantage of the innovations and the time that they're theoretically supposed to free up, you just fill it with more distractions, right? For like busy work,

00:41:35 a time for you to look at like, how am I actually utilizing my time? Am I taking responsibility for my ability to manage my time? Or do I feel sort of worked by time? Like I don't have enough of it. And where does it go? And I, I, you know, so having that real honest conversation with yourself this week,

00:41:57 this is also a time to, if, if you're feeling called to commit to communicating too, which is really fun because we are, we recently started posting on telegram. So I have this commitment awhile ago to start diversifying the platforms where we show up. So one of them that I'm on that I actually enjoy is telegram. And so we're now live on telegram.

00:42:20 If any of you are telegram, people follow us there. And I had this thought this morning, it would because it's easy to send audios to your community on telegram. I was like, maybe I'll just, I'll jump on. And like do audios here. And they're like, Hey, Scott. And I talked about this, like check it out on Monday.

00:42:36 And so when you were speaking, I was like, oh cool. I was definitely catching the vibe of what this week is about because communicating with the community is something that is supported right now. Do that. Okay. Share your ideas. I challenge you, anybody listening, if you are listening in a place where you can put your idea, your crazy innovative idea,

00:43:01 and share it, share here, like put it in the chat and let us support you in like, validate that you do have something unique to contribute. And sometimes just the act of verbalizing. It can give, it can give you some confidence. So maybe try that and fail or whatever. That's good. I mean, I also believe that there's times where it's good to do that.

00:43:26 And there's times where it's still, so it's a baby seedling that sometimes sharing it is not a good idea. So use your, your intuition and your own to know if it's the right time for you to do that. But if it does feel like mature enough and the plant isn't going to get like totally blown over by, you know, any sort of gust of wind,

00:43:43 then go ahead and share in the chat. Okay. Compassion is another huge theme for this week. I'm passionate for self compassion for others stepping into your power. You said that really well. Scott said it, mercury going direct. What like paying attention to the truth that what you're doing now will pay dividends later. So trusting in the divine timing, focus on what you're working on.

00:44:11 Just one step in front of the next, the divine timeline may be different than yours, but trusting that it is perfect and exactly the way it needs to be. And look at any of your wounds around, self-confidence have compassion for those wounds and those places in you that are still tender from past experiences and that having that compassion for yourself, but then actually going forward anyways.

00:44:39 And that's the summary of the week.

00:44:42 [Scott] I think you summed it up brilliantly. Amanda, thank you.

00:44:46 [Amanda] And it's been such a pleasure to be here with you. I, Jamie, again, Jamie finds us these amazing gems and Jamie was like, you need to listen to this, this guy, Scott here. And so I listened to his podcast several times.

00:45:00 It was like, oh yeah, like I'm liking this vibe. I think this is great for us. Let's try them on the weekly weather for our new format. So for all of you who have listened this far, please provide your feedback in the chat. But also we're going to be sending out a survey later. I don't know when yet, probably at the end of winter where you can vote for the astrologers that you would love to see regularly on the weekly weather.

00:45:26 So just keep Scott in mind and let us know how you enjoyed this episode. And Scott does have his weekly podcast to the weekly transit so you can check them out there. Also another announcement we have the Christopher Renstrom's cosmic calendar course based on his book. The cosmic calendar is coming up very soon. You can get on the wait list now. So you're the first to know when registration is open,

00:45:53 that is at AstrologyHub.com/cosmicwaitlist. And you'll be learning how to plan your calendar, your personal calendar based on your personal astrology chart, based on the transits that are happening. So taking the transits, your chart and planning your year out with that, and he'll teach you how to do that. Very practically and tangibly with all the history and mythology and the storytelling that Christopher brings to all of his teaching,

00:46:23 which is just so brilliant and entertaining. So go check that out. AstrologyHub.com/CosmicWaitlist and Scott. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This has been so much fun. I enjoyed every single second and

00:46:36 [Scott] I would really look forward to having you back some things, Amanda, thank you so much for having me. It's it's been an honor and a privilege to share the knowledge with you and have this conversation with you.

00:46:49 [Amanda] Thank you for shining your unique light and contributing to our community here at Astrology Hub. Thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community and thank you as always for making Astrology a part of your life. We'll catch you on the next episode.