[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “Press Play” Feb 7th -13th with Astrologer Jenn Zahrt

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No Retrogrades, Waxing Moon & USA Pluto Return

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jenn Zhart and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

    • Why Jenn chose this week’s theme: Press Play
    • How to maximize progress by working with Mercury and Venus direct
    • The reason Jenn is looking forward to the Mars Uranus trine later in the week
    • What are holographic transits

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

3:30 Moon conjunct Uranus

5:23 Mars trine Uranus

8:27 Jenn Zhart on Holographic Transits

13:09 Mercury conjunct Pluto

20:02 Moon in Cancer

21:43 USA Pluto Return

25:54 Summary

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This transcript is automatically generated. Some miswording might be present.

00:00:05 [Amanda Pua Walsh] Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic times. Well, hello everybody. And welcome to your weekly astrological weather. My name’s Amanda Pua Walsh and the founder of Astrology Hub. And I am so happy to be back here with Jen Zhart. This is Jen’s second Astrology Hub podcast,

00:00:36 debut, and we’re so grateful to have you back. Jen, thank you for joining us. Thank you So much for having me Back. All right. So Jen is an astrologer. She’s been at astrologer for 25 years. She’s also the director and the founder of CAELi, which is the celestial arts education library. She’s actually sitting right in front of one of the panels of astrology books.

00:01:00 There are actually two more rooms filled with only astrology books. You guys like this is heaven on earth for us. So tell us just a little bit before we dive into the weekly weather about the inspiration for it and what it is.

00:01:13 [Jenn Zhart] So when I was doing research in my PhD for Astrology, it took me so long to get the books I needed to read about the history of our field.

00:01:21 I’d have to wait for interlibrary loan to come through, and then I’d only have a short time and I’d have to give it back. So I started collecting collections of astrology books about six years ago, and I wanted to found a forever home research library so that people in the future didn’t don’t have those struggles because libraries don’t always collect in one place, all the books that we value in love.

00:01:41 So this is that dream come true.

00:01:43 [Amanda] Oh goodness. It’s so amazing. And I know that you’re in the process that you’re in Olympia, Washington, she’s encouraging astrology pilgrimages to Olympia Washington. If you want to go and then just hang out in this library for days and days, you can do that and they’re looking for members. So if you’re interested in becoming a member of the library,

00:02:03 then you can go to her website, which is caeli.institute and support this amazing project, which is just a gift to this entire astrological field. So thank you for the work that you’re doing. It’s so amazing. All right. So let’s, let’s dive into the weather for the week ahead. So we have February 3rd,

00:02:25 February 7th to the 13th. So let’s, let’s start with the theme.

00:02:30 [Jenn] Yeah. So the theme that comes to me, when I look at the weather is press play, right? Mercury is now gaining speed after having stationed direct in last week. And so we’re getting the sense of like press play. And some of the major transits that we’re going to talk about today are going to emphasize that idea of it’s time to go forward and onward.

00:02:56 [Amanda] I’ve been feeling a huge influx of energy supporting that, you know, for awhile there was feeling kind of like, I don’t know, foggy, or like, you know, kind of like you’re, you’re trying to move forward, but your feet are stuck in tar or,

00:03:09 [Jenn Zhart] Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s retrograde plus mercury retrograde really got things slowed down.

00:03:14 So thick molasses and just kind of, you know, thinking about thinking about things, but not being able to do anything about it, you know? Right,

00:03:21 [Amanda] Right. And it Def I definitely feel that like shift in energy. So let’s start to talk about the trends of the week, which, which transits should we keep our eye on this week?

00:03:30 [Jenn] Okay. Well, the first one I’m going to kind of go in order because I love Monday, February 7th, when the moon conjoins Uranus, that is like sparks flying. I love a moon Uranus conjunction because it’s electrifying, it gets us out of bed. Even if it’s a Taurus moon. I think of Taurus Moon is a yummy moon. It’s a time to maybe try new food or do something very gourmet and out of the box.

00:03:52 Right. And it’s a momentary transit, so it’s not going to last very long, but if you know, what’s coming up, you can add that extra sparker jolt and you know, or that feeling that you get when you do press play on, I mean, I know who uses it, who uses cassette tapes anymore, but that little, that inertia that you feel when you push the button and you have that click happen and it starts to pick up the tape,

00:04:11 you know, that’s that feeling of just like, let’s go, you know,

00:04:15 [Amanda] S We have a, we have a yummy Taurus moon and we have moon conjoins Uranus, which is bringing in kind of like an electric spark to that.

00:04:24 [Jenn] Exactly. Exactly. So I think about like clearing the air, but also in a sort of grounded Taurian gourmet way,

00:04:30 right? Like how can we create like a level up in this situation, you know, and that sort of, because Taurus is all about textiles, textures, you know, what can we do in a way that’s going to feel good? What feels the best in this moment? Right. So that’s Monday, we kick off the week with this sort of Sparky feel-good situation,

00:04:48 you know? And so, you know, Uranus going through Taurus has shaken up some structures, right. With, with Uranus and Aries up until 2018, we saw a sort of different motion, but with Taurus, it’s the ground we stand on and Uranus is, they’re creating a bit of a, a buzz there. Right. So the moon is going to highlight that.

00:05:08 Okay. All right. So that’s Monday and let’s move on to see, are you going to take us day by day? No, I’m not. I’m going to skip to from Tuesday to Friday, because Tuesday, this is my favorite aspect of the week coming up is on February 8th, Tuesday, the Capricorn Mars trines Uranus in Taurus. So again, we have this theme of action and moving forward.

00:05:28 And the thing that I love about a Uranus Mars trine, whether you have it natally or it’s happening in the air at transit is this idea of risk taking a fresh perspective. And the trine aspect is one of flow. So here we have a very sturdy, capable Mars and Capricorn making a flowing fresh aspect to that Uranus and Taurus. And it’s giving us the sense of perhaps being able to kind of have the confidence to take that leap,

00:05:55 you know, coming up with the energy, say, yes, I can. And having that sort of almost frictionless action when you’re in that flow state, you’re throwing the ball, you’ve got something going down the court. You know, that, that is the feel-good way that you have Uranus interacting with Mars.

00:06:11 [Amanda] What would you recommend? I mean, that that’s making me feel like we should take advantage of this opportunity on Tuesday.

00:06:18 You know, like if there’s things that you want to like do or accomplish, or like conversations you want to have, is this a good time to initiate things is a good time to get things done. I mean, what would you say about

00:06:30 [Jenn] Yes, I do think it is good time to take an initiative. Partly also, because this is a bit of a cowboy Astrology,

00:06:36 I want to say. So cowboy electional Astrology, the last aspect to the moon is trying to Pluto. So things done on Tuesday actually, you know, just from the sort of, how is the outcome going to be? It will be a probably very good outcome, I think, right? So Tuesday is a good day to take action. It’s also Mars is day,

00:06:54 but I want to contextualize this trine in a larger perspective of Mars, his relationship to Uranus, because this is perhaps the continuation of something that began last year on January 21st or January 20th, 2021, the Mars made a conjunction with Uranus. And then on November, around Thanksgiving in November 17th, 2021, it opposed Uranus, right? So this is now kind of a word, the closing,

00:07:22 trying of the situation. And so it just think it’s good to contextualize this and the situation will reset again on August 1st, 2022. So it’s kind of good to take it into a longer view of like, okay, if I am taking action on something, it might relate to something that started January of last year and had a culminating moment in November of last year.

00:07:41 Right. So if you’re thinking, what do I act on? Think about those times and consider what your next step could be.

00:07:48 [Amanda] Okay. So you said January of 2021 and November. Yeah. Was the opposition between Mars and Uranus? Yeah. Okay. So some, some theme or storyline that you were working on your life, this is going to be there.

00:08:01 There was an initiation in January, a culmination in November. And this Tuesday is sort of like the closing chapter of it.

00:08:07 [Jenn] It’s beginning the closing chapter. The chapter will finally close in August, but this is the fun part. I love the trine aspect because it’s the flowing one. It’s the one where we can say, okay, let’s get something moving forward again.

00:08:20 Press play.

00:08:21 [Amanda] Okay. Yeah. All right. So then what do you want to say? Anything else about Tuesday?

00:08:27 [Jenn] Not specifically, but I think anytime we’re looking at any transit, it’s important to consider, you know, for thinking about who is going to be effected by this most people who have a natal relationship between Mars and Uranus, or even like Monday,

00:08:43 a relationship between the moon and Uranus are going to feel resonance with these transits more. Right. So we can think of transits always as having a resonance with our natal chart. And so when the two planets have a relationship, our natal map, and they’re making commotion in the sky, then we have a chance to actually be more ourselves in that moment.

00:09:02 And, you know, interface with the world. According to our rhythm,

00:09:07 [Amanda] I may be opening up Pandora’s box here. But what do you mean by natal relationship? That means if you have an aspect between Mars and Uranus in your natal chart…

00:09:21 [Amanda] So if you have anything that is opposing or square or trying, for example,

00:09:26 with Mars or Uranus or conjunct Uranus, yeah. You’re going to be feeling this especially.

00:09:32 [Jenn] Yes. And the feeling, depending on which aspect it is, we don’t want to get too technical, but any connection is already an, a resonance where it’s going to be more active for you than someone sitting next to you. But if it’s the matching aspect,

00:09:48 then it’s like a key in a lock and then you have the capacity to really truly be in. It’s almost like you’re welcoming the world into your flow.

00:09:58 [Amanda] Okay. So if you have, because this is a trine, right. So if you also have a trine to the planet in your chart to Mars, is that right? Am I saying,

00:10:08 I almost, if someone has Mars trine, Uranus in their natal chart, Tuesday’s going to be a wonderful day.

00:10:14 [Amanda] Okay. So exactly. If they have Mars, trine, Uranus…

00:10:17 [Jenn] In their chart, then it’s going to be like, everybody’s experiencing what they normally experience all the time. And so it’s going to feel like they can just be themselves in the flow,

00:10:27 but that’s true for any transit actually. So it’s another thing you can add to your reading of transits is that if it’s happening in the sky and it’s also in my chart, that’s like a special moment for your chart.

00:10:37 [Amanda] Cool. Nice people ask that all the time. I mean, they ask in the comments all the time and if we can just make that a rule of thumb,

00:10:43 that’s really helpful. Any transit that’s happening in the sky that you have exactly in your chart, that is like a golden moment for you?

00:10:51 [Jenn] Yes. There is a historical reference in the library, the historical astrologer who came up with this technique and gave it a name, was Robert Blashgay. And he called it a holographic transit. And the simple way to understand that is transits are sort of a sign wave of time.

00:11:06 But when that match happens between an aspect between two planets in your chart, like for example, this coming Tuesday with Mars, trining Uranus, and it’s happening in the sky, that’s almost a spatial connection where you can jump out of the flow of time and enact what he called freewill. Right. And not be subjected to the fate of the wave of time.

00:11:27 Amazing. Oh my gosh. I love looking at it this way. Cause it’s super neat to see like, oh, it matches.

00:11:33 [Amanda] Yes. And then have you experienced that in your life? Like you see that and with your clients and stuff, you see that happening it’s 100%.

00:11:41 [Jenn] Yep. Yep.

00:11:42 [Amanda] Very cool. Okay. So you said we’re going to skip the Friday.

00:11:45 So what’s, I mean, is, is Wednesday, Thursday? Just kinda…

00:11:48 [Jenn] So the thing about Wednesday is really, I call it squirrel. When I looked at the Astrology, the moon’s not making any significant aspects. There’s no significant aspects in the sky, but the moon is in Gemini. So the other keyword I have for Gemini is glitter, glitter,

00:12:02 glitter, squirrels. So it’s like sort of, you know, it’ll be an interesting day, but it’s not necessarily like, you know, the moon isn’t void during the day. It’s just not making aspects until the evening when it touches Jupiter. So, you know, the day of Wednesday is simply kind of just like a mercury day, you know,

00:12:18 like I’m interested in this, I’m gonna do this. There’s lots of little interesting things going on and then there’s a distraction. And then there’s another thing, you know, so it’s not necessarily a day of note, but Friday we have the service.

00:12:30 [Amanda] I have a question based on that, Jen, just based on what you taught us, if you have your moon in Gemini,

00:12:35 which I have times when the moon is in Gemini, be those golden moments too. Or we just talking about things that have aspects.

00:12:43 [Jenn] Well, that’s a lunar return. Okay. And you’ll reset of your personal month. Yeah. But then you have to think about the phase of the moon. Right. So then it gets more complicated, but you know,

00:12:55 having the moon in your own sign, which I have right now by the way is kind of awesome because you sort of back when you’re like horse, you know? Yes. Okay.

00:13:05 [Amanda] All right. Then Thursday is also not as notable

00:13:09 [Jenn] Thursday. Doesn’t have what Friday has, which is the third conjunction of mercury to Pluto. Oh, all right. So that’s the thing where I want to make sure we talk about that because that is the third pass of a process that began December 30th and mercury conjunct.

00:13:26 Pluto is intense because Pluto is an intensifier. If we have one keyword for Pluto, it intensifies anything that it touches. And mercury has been retrograde from Aquarius into Capricorn. And now it’s finally going direct again. And so we have this idea of deep truths being unearthed, needing to get to the bottom of something, needing to discover what’s at the foundation of something,

00:13:50 perhaps not things we want to know about, right. Maybe it’s something that’s actually not really comfortable knowledge, you know, but this is the third pass of it. So I’m not going to talk about Friday in terms of it by itself, we have to think about the longterm. So in December 30th was the first direct pass when mercury was going one direction and joined Pluto and it backed up and on January 28th made a second conjunction,

00:14:14 but this time it was retrograde. And I think of that is the research moment where it really is truly getting to the painter on the deep end of things. And now it’s moving forward again and it’s conjoining Pluto. And the last time, and this is kind of this idea of an initiation of it problematic current pivot point in the discussion of it. That’s why I meant like the research phase,

00:14:37 getting to the true painter in the situation. And finally on Friday, being able to do something about it and actually making some forward progress with it again, press play that idea of, okay, now we know now we have all the things that we need to know and it’s going to be intense putting it to practice.

00:14:55 [Amanda] Oh wow. I know a lot of people had a lot of intensity around the holidays and then there was,

00:15:00 there was like a lot going on for a lot of people, right around that December 30th date, will it be the same thing? Like the same kind of things that were up,

00:15:11 [Jenn] It’ll be an ability to put a period on whatever those things were until mercury finds Pluto again. Right. So it’s kind of a resolving of this stage of the process,

00:15:22 obviously, depending on the complexity of the situation, it might not be the final word, but it will at least be the end of a smaller chapter. And it’ll be a way for us to sort of set that and then continue on. And then once mercury enters Aquarius on the 14th, which is a little bit outside of this week, then we’re truly going to see forward motion and sort of an away from this entire holiday period,

00:15:45 if the heavy Capricorn material.

00:15:47 [Amanda] Okay. So on four on the February 14th, that’s when we’re just like out of that phase that we’ve been in,

00:15:53 [Jenn] We’re feeling now around getting forward and getting started and onward is going to truly get some traction, I guess I could say.

00:16:01 [Amanda] And what’s the conjunction on the 14th.

00:16:03 [Jenn] Oh, it’s not. It’s when mercury enters Aquarius Mercury enters Aquarius.

00:16:07 [Amanda] Okay. And then can you give us the date for, for Friday? What does the actual date?

00:16:12 [Jenn] February 11th.

00:16:14 [Amanda] February 11th. Okay. Cause people on different parts of the world. So it may, it may not be there Friday, right?


00:16:21 [Jenn] Right.

00:16:22 [Amanda] Yes. Okay. So February 11th. All right. So this is the, is this the most intense day of the week?

00:16:28 [Jenn] I would say it’s more intense than Tuesday. Sure. Yeah, because of that idea of the triple pass, you know, anytime a planet makes a conjunction with an outer planet three times it’s like emphasizing it a lot. So Mars is only training a train is also a very flowy aspect. They’re fun. I try. And it’s, it’s a slippery transit.

00:16:47 Sometimes you can take advantage of them, but other times they flight, they float by, without you noticing what’s going to happen. Right. But it conjunction of mercury with Pluto is truly going to be something that you can’t really avoid. So it’s going to be an intense day

00:17:03 [Amanda] I’m curious to hear from our community, like, is it clear to you what the storyline that you’re closing up is like,

00:17:10 can you track that? So December 30th, then we have January 28th. So December 30th was the opening and like setting the stage kind of January 28th is the research like we’re learning about it. Right. And then now we’re at that closing part of it.

00:17:26 [Jenn] Yeah. Being able to have a resolution or make some kind of, you know, sort of like wrapping it up for now.

00:17:32 Right, right. For some, it might be a permanent wrapping up for others. It might be a for now, you know, you can’t, you can’t make a final declaration.

00:17:40 [Amanda] Well, and could it be a wrapping up of the, of the sort of explosion that people felt or like the intensity that they’ve felt, but now there’s actually action that needs to be taken because of what Happened.

00:17:50 [Jenn] Well, and that’s the other thing that’s interesting mercury when it stationed direct on the 3rd of February, now all of the planets are in direct motion until April 20th. So that emphasizes that idea of moving forward. And so we truly will get out of whatever sort of, I guess you could say quick sand that had been present in the holidays and this feeling of not being able to move and wanting to get out.

00:18:16 And where do I have traction it’s coming now. Right. It’s happening now, but we still have to pass through the portal Friday. Okay.

00:18:23 [Amanda] Okay. And this is until you said until April 30th, we have all the planets direct April 20th. Yeah. All the planets are direct until mercury goes retrograde again at 15 degrees of Taurus, ironically conjunct the moon and Uranus in Taurus,

00:18:38 April 20th. So it is actually April 20th will be a little bit of a reverb of this week. Oh, interesting. Yeah.

00:18:44 [Amanda] Okay. Yeah. It’s so fascinating. I, I, I mean, it seems like it would be a great practice for most astrologers astrology students, astrology lovers to journal because how else do you track through time? Like, what was that for you then what’s up for you now and are you seeing the correlations, but it just,

00:19:03 [Jenn] Wanna know what I do? I search my Gmail. It’s usually going to be evidence of what’s there.

00:19:09 [Amanda] And then I’ve also said on this podcast, many times your pictures too. Yeah. Like your picture can really help to like anchor you as like, oh yeah. That’s where I was. That’s what I was doing.

00:19:21 Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So we are now through Friday, anything for the weekend that you want us to be aware of?

00:19:28 [Jenn] The thing that I think is most important is not thinking in terms of day by day, but also this week is the first quarter moon that actually also starts on Tuesday. And so this is a time to be building structures as opposed to disseminating creativity,

00:19:42 right? So this is where we get back to work and we have the beginning of the song and we’re tinkering again with everything we’re working on. And we’re sort of like making a move forward. Although I don’t really like working on weekends, so maybe that’s not something we want to do, but I was thinking more about the outer planets and not necessarily about the moon’s positions,

00:20:01 the moon will enter cancer over the weekend. And so I think that’s also a good time to sort of examine what’s in our immediate sphere, right? Who is in our immediate care, I think of care with cancer. And I think of also the crab, it has a very, I actually have Aquarius rising. We think about decorator crabs, but that aside,

00:20:24 I think about the interior being sort of gooey and loyal and very sort of protective. And then there’s this shell and it’s kind of like, you know, a good weekend question could be just to think about what are we protecting ourselves from? What are we guarding and what are we loyal to. Right. And being just concerned with our immediate surroundings and the care that we give to those in our direct orbit and just considering also cause cancer is the opposition to Capricorn and all there.

00:20:52 There’s still many things in Capricorn, you know, like Pluto, it’s going to be a kind of like, where are we now? You know, the other thing is the, the preparation for the February 22nd Pluto return of the United States, right? So that can’t be ignored either. This is the waxing moon weekend leading up to this very significant anticipated transit.

00:21:17 And so if we can take this weekend actually to kind of be in our own sphere, considering what the boundaries of our spheres are. And maybe also recognizing that we don’t have to be as rigid and that the rigidities of this pandemic lockdown over the last two years, you know, depending on where we stand with certain things like just, you know, meditating on that shell,

00:21:39 that the cancer moon is asking us to kind of focus.

00:21:43 [Amanda] I love the question too. Like what, what are we protecting ourselves from? What are we guarding? What is worth guarding, right. And w what can we care for in our direct orbit? All these questions are really good. You just touched on the USA Pluto return. I’m going to put you on the spot a little bit,

00:22:03 because I didn’t ask you beforehand to talk about this, but since we’re in a prep week for that really significant occasion, not just, I mean, it is affecting directly the USA, but USA affects the world. So it really affects all of our friends around the world. What’s your take on the, on the Pluto return and the significance of it.

00:22:26 [Jenn] That is a very important question. And to be honest, I feel like my coping mechanism has been not to be the astrologer answering that one, not to give you no answer, but I think it’s in an open to interpretation, what Pluto actually signifies given that it was discovered in 1930, right? So we have a hypothesis around all of the things that it can mean.

00:22:50 It seems to mean a breakdown in the structure and a restructuring. I’m looking more towards the Uranus cycle with the United States to see how that’s actually going to play out in tangible terms for us given the discovery of Uranus around the founding of our country. So I think that sometimes Pluto transits up the intensity, but it’s not always clear what the tangible effects are yet.

00:23:14 Right. So I think that it’s a process there’s going to be two more passes by the way. So February 22nd is the first one, but again, Pluto retrogrades every year. So we’ll be passing again on July 11th and December 28th. So I think this entire year remains to be seen around how the United States is going to restructure itself. And I think the tangible outcomes of that still have yet to be felt in society at large.

00:23:42 [Amanda] Do you think we’re still in, I mean, do you think we’re in restructuring phase or we’re still in breakdown, phase And

00:23:50 [Jenn] breakdown phase. So I think when Uranus enters Gemini, we’re going to have the restructuring in a very good way. Gemini 2025, I believe, might be the end of 2024.

00:24:00 [Amanda] So we’re in breakdown until then.

00:24:03 [Jenn] I mean, I don’t want to be pessimistic, so right. You know, but I mean, it’s hard to, you know, when Saturn conjoined Pluto in January of 2020, we saw it. And then when Saturn can join Mars and March, the whole world shut down right. Where it was, Mars conjoined Saturday. But, you know,

00:24:19 we saw, I mean, everybody’s felt this kind of stop in your tracks and now we’re kind of, okay, what do we do now that we know what we know? You know? And in a way, you know, when we talk about this is the week before the exact hit, it’s kind of like when you’re in a vehicle, you know,

00:24:33 a plane or a train you’re already on it, you know, there’s nothing you can really do besides sit down and buckle in, you know, there’s, there’s not much else we can change at this point, you know, before the thing happens.

00:24:46 [Amanda] So, right. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this is where this, this a theme of getting comfortable with discomfort and also being okay.

00:24:53 Not knowing, I mean, would you think would come up over and over because it’s, it’s kind of the, the phase we’re in, as we’re in this like massive transition there, isn’t a lot of like real solid ground to, to depend on at this point, we have to depend on different things. Yeah. So, and that’s where I like your question,

00:25:12 what are we protecting ourselves from? Cause like what, what is actually a value to you that you is worth your protection and that you can protect and that you actually in your sphere can, can impact

00:25:25 [Jenn] Yeah. Or a grasp even, right. I think of the claws of the crab, like what is, what is within your power in your local space and thinking in terms of that local immediacy,

00:25:36 as opposed to this supernational kind of, yeah. The U S political return will affect the whole world, but also you’re alive in a place. And how are you living, you know, and how do you want to be living so

00:25:49 [Amanda] Really good reminders. Okay. Anything else about the week that you want us to be aware of?

00:25:54 [Jenn] I think it’s important to,

00:25:56 yeah. Just consider that this is the beginning of all the planets being direct and Venus and mercury are still picking up speed. So while we can celebrate, we have to as still exercise caution a little bit, because whether or not you work with the concept of a shadow period that is referring somewhat to the idea of takes a planet, a little bit of effort to get momentum again and be it proper speed.

00:26:19 Right. So with mercury, it’s going to be until February 24th, just after that us Pluto return, when it’s moved past its entire retrograde degrees of the Zodiac at 10 degrees of Aquarius. So we’re going to start to see some true forward motion in about two weeks or so in the end of February, but what I want to say. So I think it’s important to like get going and also know it’s like,

00:26:42 okay, well, once you start walking, then you can start walking a little faster and a little faster, and then you might be skipping and jogging and, you know, picking up the momentum up until April 20th.

00:26:53 [Amanda] Okay. I love that. And I like, I love your visual of the press play because it’s true. You press it. And then it waits a little bit before the thing actually gets traction.

00:27:02 You start to hear the music. Right. Definitely putting ourselves right now.

00:27:06 [Jenn] Yeah. I mean, think about it. This, this Mars training Uranus is happening in earth science and they love a good old, you know, traditional wheat box or a boom box. Right. Like it’s not about the latest technology, you know?

00:27:17 [Amanda] Right. So it’s going forward,

00:27:19 but it still has to like get the traction and the momentum. So we’re yeah. But we’re in that phase.

00:27:25 [Jenn] And it’s a waxing moon, you know what I mean? So the energy is there to kind of unfold and pursue and get in it, you know?

00:27:32 [Amanda] Okay. I think that’s probably music to many people’s ears at the point in the year.

00:27:36 [Jenn] For sure.

00:27:37 [Amanda] So what would you say is the intensity on a scale of one to 10, 10 being like the most intense and one being not intense at all?

00:27:45 [Jenn] Probably a three or four. I think, you know, once you see the, the exact hit of the very first Pluto return of the U S I think that’s going to be way more intense than what we have now.

00:27:58 Societaly right. So in general, I think we’ve gone through a lot in this last holiday season. And so this week is a little bit of a breather and a chance for action. Right. And I maybe I’m projecting cause I like forward motion and doing something, but like that to me is like, that’s not intense. It’s more of like, okay,

00:28:13 cool. I kind of have some agency, like, you know, it’s easier than it happened.

00:28:18 [Amanda] I definitely gravitate that way too. I know there’s some people who like it better when it’s like more inward and more, more quiet or more still, you know? Okay. So we have, the theme of the week is press play. We have today,

00:28:32 Monday, this is a kind of like a sparkly feel, good energy. And this question, I love asking this question today. How can we create a level up in this moment? Like what would level it up? And it won’t think of Taurian kind of thing. So like maybe you’re making dinner and it’s like, oh, what would level it up would be to like light a candle and maybe pour myself a glass of wine,

00:28:54 [Jenn] or use a finishing salt that you never used because it’s too fancy, you know?

00:29:00 [Amanda] Exactly. So just what are the things that you could do to level it up in a way that, that like delights your senses on all levels? Okay. On Tuesday we have this Capricorn, Mars, trine, Uranus, and Taurus, which is a fresh perspective.

00:29:17 This could be a day of like, risk-taking it brisk fresh. Okay. You, you may have more confidence to take a leap that you’ve been thinking about taking this is a pure a day where there’s a feeling of frictionless action. This will be really true if you have Mars trine, Uranus in your chart, right? Yes. We learned something new today.

00:29:42 Well, I did. They might already know. Okay. So Tuesdays activities we’ll also have good outcome, which is interesting to think about. And you said cowboy Astrology, what do you think?

00:29:51 [jenn] Okay, so I, the, I, that’s my little code that I use sometimes when I’m like, okay, like what’s the sort of tweet version of this technique.

00:29:58 So I don’t have to sit around taking an 18 hour workshop about it. So the electional astrology that I learned way back 25 years ago, one of the first things I ever learned was look at the last aspect of the moon to see the final outcome. It also trains you how to see when the moon is void. Of course. But if you look at the last aspect of the moon,

00:30:17 that’s the final outcome of the thing. So I think who was it recently? You said the last experience you have of the place is how you remember it. So if that experience is wonderful, then that’s just your forever memory of how it was. And if you had a wonderful time, but then the very last thing that happens is negative. Then you just remember it poorly.

00:30:34 Right? So the last aspect of the moon is like that. And the last aspect of the moon on Tuesday or on the Taurus moon is going to be a, trine to Pluto, which to me is a really cool force multiplier for anything that you’re trying to do for, Yeah.

00:30:51 [Amanda] You have some great terms that just like pop out.

00:30:55 It’s awesome. Okay. All right. And then on Wednesday, Wednesday is a little squirrely. Oh, did I miss something?

00:31:01 [Jenn] Not squirrely. It is a squirrel. I was like, what is that mean, squirrely? I feel like squirly has a negative connotation. Neutral. It’s like a true, it’s a true neutral. It’s just like a, you know,

00:31:11 [Amanda] It is a squirrel. Oh, that’s a great like correction there because I was thinking squirrely, which you’re right. That’s kind of like, you know, you can’t really get your handle on it. It’s like a little like, yeah. Maybe not honest, you know, kind of to be a squirrel squirrels aren’t bad. So the squirrel in that,

00:31:29 it, you might like be busy. You’re getting a lot of things done. Oh my God. It’s so funny. We don’t have squirrels here in Hawaii. And so when we, whenever we go anywhere, my daughters will say,

00:31:48 mama, are there going to be squirrels? This is like the thing they look forward to the most of anything is like squirrels. It’s hilarious. It makes me laugh. Okay. All right. So then we have Thursday. Okay. So Friday we just kind of skipped Thursday because there’s yeah. I mean, you know, we don’t have to go through every day if there’s nothing to talk about.

00:32:11 Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So, because you want to talk about Friday, you said Friday is really the day, the conjunction of mercury and Pluto it’s intensifying. This is where deep truths needing to be needing, needing to get to the bottom of something, needing to like understand the foundation of something. It’s not always comfortable information, but this is the kind of thing that’s going to be coming out on Friday.

00:32:37 [Jenn] Right.

00:32:38 [Amanda] And this, the third in this storyline that started on December 30th. Right. Okay. And it’s a day to be persuasive.

00:32:46 [Jenn] Right. So mercury conjunct, Pluto, Pluto also has this tinge of charisma as I stutter. So mercury conjunct Pluto can be very persuasive because of that thoroughness and that depth and sort of the projection of this intensity. And then,

00:33:03 you know, just to add a caveat to it, sometimes the intensity is about like, where are my keys? And you just spend all day obsessed with trying to find something. And it’s not necessarily world shaking. It’s, it’s maybe perhaps like extremely mundane because you know, going back, I think Michael Newton said it with Pluto. It makes small things big and big things small.

00:33:20 So sometimes, you know, the conjunction could be making a big deal out of something that is not actually that significant in the larger picture, not to minimize anybody’s experiences, but just to add to the, he’s not going to be like earth shattering for everyone. It could also just simply be obsessed with trying to find a lost object or something. Right.

00:33:37 [Amanda] Which can be really Stressful. Okay. So we have also all planets going direct until April 20th. So this is adding to this press play sort of idea. And this is also a first quarter moon. So this is, this is a time to be building structures. I love what you said next was not necessarily disseminating creativity.

00:34:05 Right? So not necessarily like doing the content of whatever the thing is, but building the structure in order to house the creation, whatever that,

00:34:14 [Jenn] And that comes from this book, Dane Rudhyar lunation cycle. Love it, love the cover. So those are his words. So I have to be quoting him on that. Okay. Yeah. So this is one of the best books on the lunation cycle.

00:34:26 That’ll talk about the, not only the what’s happening in the sky, but the idea of your personal lunation cycle. Right. So when you were born

00:34:34 [Amanda] For our podcast listeners who couldn’t see the book, can you say the name of the book?

00:34:39 [Jenn] It’s Called the lunation cycle by Dane Rudhyar.

00:34:42 [Amanda] Okay, great. And it’s about your personal moon phases is that,

00:34:45 [Jenn] Oh, it’s got so much in it, but it’s what it’s really about is the idea of looking at the relationship between the sun and the moon, not just the moon alone or the sun alone. Hmm.

00:34:55 [Amanda] Okay. Fantastic. All right. We have the moon going into cancer, which is things around what, what this is this whole protection conversation we had.

00:35:03 And then this week is a prep week for the February 22nd Pluto return for the USA, which is a big deal. And we’re going to afford them this year. It’s basically coloring the whole year, and this is still this continuation of the breakdown of structures. And we don’t really know exactly what this is going to look like yet, but it’s still this process of breaking down.

00:35:24 We don’t know what’s coming next. We don’t know what we’re building next, but with the idea of a Pluto breakdown period, if we’re working with astrology consciously and we’re actually learning the lessons we need to learn, and we’re digging into the places we need to dig into, that it will actually be able to build something that is more supportive of,

00:35:44 [Jenn] Of the current lifestyle of the current society.

00:35:47 Right? So, I mean, as we look at historical human cultures, different structures of societal organization apply to different timings. So there’s something very outworn around where the us is given where we need to be as we grow into a more global culture. I think just technology is challenging the structure alone.

00:36:10 [Amanda] Yeah. T technology and mobility, like your ability to just get around anywhere.

00:36:16 Yeah. Okay. All right. And then true forward motion where we’re like listening to the awesome cassette tape is at the end of February. So that is we’re we’re in that we’re in the, like the tide, the tide has definitely turned. All right. Yes. Yes. Okay. Jen, thank you so much. This has been so helpful.

00:36:38 I feel really prepared for the week ahead. I hope all of you do too. And I want to thank you so much for being here and for just everything that you do for Astrology and all those years of commitment that you’ve already put in to be here today to be building this library, which is just a gift to everybody. So thank you for that.

00:36:56 Thank you, Amanda. Yeah. And thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community. So this is also a really exciting week because we are actually opening up doors for Christopher Renstroms, cosmic calendar course, which begins on March 3rd. But on Thursday you are going to be officially able to register to join that class.

00:37:18 So if you’re not on the wait list already go to AstrologyHub.com/CosmicWaitlist, and actually the waitlist people. Aren’t going to get access to the course, a date earlier than everyone else. So make sure you get on that wait list again. It’s Astrology Hub dot com slash cosmic waitlist. Oh, okay. Everybody. Thank you so much for being here for this weekly weather.

00:37:40 Thank you for being a part of our community and as always, thank you for making Astrology a part of your life.