[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “Opening the Clenching Fist” Feb 21st -27th with Astrologer Christopher Renstrom

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Mars, Venus & Neptune

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast’s Weekly Weather, Astrologer Christopher Renstrom and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • About the meaning and symbolism of Mars and Venus conjunctions
  •  The difference between Venus Morning Star and Evening Star
  •  How Neptune in Pisces promotes forgiveness
  •  The ways in which the Mercury-Uranus square will push past conventional wisdom

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 The Cosmic Calendar

1:16 Intro

1:39 Christopher Renstrom on his Upcoming Course

4:59 Mars in Exaltation

8:51 Venus Morning Star

10:43 Neptune Sextile

14:15 Pisces & Forgiveness

26:10 Amanda’s Personal Transit

31:28 Fear as Power

37:53 Mercury square Uranus

41:58 What is Conventional Wisdom

45:46 Summary

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Christopher Renstrom 0:02
Hello there, it’s your weekly horoscope column is Christopher Renstrom. And I’m delighted to announce that my much anticipated course with astrology of the cosmic calendar is now open for enrollment. The cosmic calendar is designed to teach you how to turn your birth chart into a personal calendar, one that’s uniquely aligned to your natural flow and personal seasons, you’ll be able to look at the year ahead and know exactly how to plan your life. Whether you’re looking to launch a business, dive back into the dating pool, or finally get around to writing that book you said you’d get around to writing Monday, the cosmic calendar will help you to identify the best times of year to pursue your dreams. So if you want to join me for it, the cosmic calendar, you can enroll today by going to astrologyhub.com/cosmiccalendar, that’s astrology hub.com/cosmic calendar. It begins on March 3. I am so looking forward to seeing you there. We’re going to have a lot of fun

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:16
Welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving but thriving with the cosmic tides.

Well, hello, everybody, and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. My name is Amanda Pua Walsh, I’m the founder of astrology hub. And I am here with historian, author and astrologer Christopher Renstrom, one of our very favorite astrologers here at astrology hub. So much of a favorite that we are actually doing a course with him a three week course in March, based on Christopher’s book, The cosmic calendar, which helps you take your personal chart and turn it into a calendar. So you know when to do things, when not to do things, when’s the most auspicious time to launch that new project or finally, write your book, you know, whatever it is that you’ve been wondering about in terms of timing, this class is going to help you map it so that you can see those windows and really work with the energy or the flow of the universe in a very positive way. So Christopher, do you want to say anything about the class, we’re getting so excited to launch this all our students?

Christopher Renstrom 2:41
I’m so excited about teaching it is just I have lots of people saying I’ve enrolled for the class or whatever. And it’s just like, it’s just, I’m so excited about the whole thing. Um, no cosmic calendar I cosmic calendar is we talk a lot about transits and transits impacting our chart, you know. But with cosmic calendar, what you get is this idea that there is a timing to your life, there’s a personal calendar to your life that exists, whether there are transits going on or not. So basically, what you do is sort of, you can weave the transits into what’s going on but, but this notion that you have your own personal timing, for things, I feel kind of takes something which can be arbitrary like transits and puts it on a course that’s more deliberate and more personal, and more knowable. And so that’s what we’re going to be really uncovering and unpacking in this course, on the cosmic calendar,

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:38
the production value that’s coming together, you’re gonna see lots of beautiful imagery of Christopher, lots of art. So Christopher’s has studied a lot of art history and brings that in with the astrology which is really, really compelling. It just helps it come to life in a whole different way. So Christopher, okay, if you want to join that class, you go to astrologyhub.com/cosmiccalendar, that’s astrologyhub.com/cosmiccalendar, and class starts on March 3, you have until now and then to enroll, and when you enroll, you actually get some bonuses that you can start to dig into right away, which include a mastery classroom, Christopher, an excerpt from his book, and then also a discount on a digital calendar that you can actually download and put into like your Google calendar that gives you all the astrological information for each day. So lots of really cool things, and we’re very excited about it. So all right, we have our week ahead. So we’re at February 21, to February 27. Last week was really big astrology. Like I think everybody felt it like it was a lot going on in the sky. So what’s happening this week? Are we still in that mode? Or are things mellowing out at all?

Christopher Renstrom 4:59
We’re headed we’re, we’re, we want to head in the mellowing out direction.

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:04
Okay, we’re heading there, but we’re not quite there yet.

Christopher Renstrom 5:06
We’re not quite there yet. I think that um it’s a very agitated sky. Okay? It’s it’s an agitated sky because we have Mars and Venus still very close to one another. And Mars is exalted in the astrological sign of Capricorn, and exaltation refers to a planetary dignity. And basically what it says is that Mars is most celebrated, you know, that, that, that, that you know, that, that anything marzi is, is celebrated and seen as a good thing. Now, when you’re talking about the more noble qualities of Mars, they are good things things like personal self sacrifice, and doing what’s right for the good of the group rushing to the rescue, standing on on principle that everyone else is disagreeing, you know, defending the people who can’t defend themselves, you know, that this is the whole chavalier, the whole chivalric code comes from Mars whether that was laying your cape on a puddle for you know, the lady to like, walk across so she didn’t muddy her slippers to rescuing said lady from a dragon, or, you know, and nowadays it’s like, you know, opening the door and letting you know the other person go through and you know, shove our coat things that are done that are honorable, okay. And so these are the heightened expressions, the most lovely positive expressions of Mars is this kind of nobility and putting yourself at the surface of those who cannot help themselves and coming to their rescue or giving them protection or escorting them. Okay, so this is Mars in its in its best qualities, its most ennobling form. But exaltation can also mean Mars let loose, okay, across the sky, and Mars has some not so flattering aspects, which is, you know, doing anything to when doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal. It’s really into stamping on other people’s feet and sharp elbows and, you know, I, I don’t know if everyone still watches roller derby like I grew up with

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:24
do you guys watch roller derby?

Christopher Renstrom 7:27
Know that they still do some roller derby but when I was a kid growing up, okay, roller derby was, you know, a whole bunch of these, like buff women, you know, like skating around and like, you know, knocking each other and throwing each other over the, you know, Rails, these sorts of things. It was like, it inspired the foam roller ball where, you know, they had to change the guys. And it was it was much fun, because, you know, the women were like, fierce and like, really? Yeah. So So, but this is Mars, it’s, you know, roller derby, sharp elbows and knocking everyone out of the way and, and doing whatever it takes. And what sort of directs or manages Mars energy or things like good sportsmanship, you know, that, that, that you know, you you give your best out in the arena or the game, and but you don’t, you know, step on on the loser or whatever you salute, you know, the team that doesn’t win or your your rival or your opponent, you salute them, and you say that was well played, or that was well done. And that was well engaged. And so all of these things fall within the spectrum of Mars. But right now, Mars is very, very aggressive in the sky. And that is that is working in conjunction with Venus being so close to Mars. Now Venus in Capricorn doesn’t have a dignity. Like for instance, Mars does. Mars gets an extra, you know, bumping and Capricorn. But Venus is a morning star right now. And there was some of this in Mesopotamian lore, but actually, it’s Mesoamerican that really emphasize Venus as a morning star as being connected to war and to pestilence. You know, so So, so Venus had what was sort of given a very negative attribute in her morning star vocation, or her Morningstar situation, or her Morningstar glamour where Okay, so so so she, you know, she, she gets these attributes. And so this is what’s really coming through the sky right now. And so when you have them so close, they really just moved out of a conjunction, but they’re still in a conjunction. When planets are joined, they are joined, okay, it’s just like, Conjunction Junction, what’s your function if you remember Schoolhouse Rock, it’s it’s joining things with an and or an or whatever. So the planets themselves are joined. And when you have Venus and Mars together in Capricorn, there’s always this feeling of, you know, what was I too much Was I too pushy? You know, Was I too, you know, in their face, or, or was it Not enough was I not not enough push it was a not enough in their face, you know, because the Mars is like getting you to be in the face and Venus is like, don’t be so in the face. So so when they’re together, there’s no, there’s no distance, you know, so so it’s hard to really separate them. And so it’s this constant sense of like, really what it gets down to is maybe not knowing your own strength, you know, it might, it might tune your face or not enough in your face. And so there can be a lot of this that that’s going on. And with them forming a sextile to Neptune this week, and that’s going to be taking place on February 23, when Mars forms a sextile to Neptune, and then on February 24, when Venus forms a sextile to Neptune. What’s what’s what’s really nice about this, I’m a huge sextile fan, okay, because sextiles broker, the energies between planets, they broker the agreements that take place between planets, okay? Planets, by their aspects can take on different attitudes with each other, they can be like, we’re joined together in this in this fight, or we’re fighting, or I love and adore you, or I’m not talking to you, you know, so, so. So planets are always changing their relationship to one another in the sky. That’s why astrologers always talk about aspects and things like that. But What’s lovely about a sextile is that a sextile almost sets up this sort of go between energy between the planets, where, where they’re going back and forth, trying to figure out a fit, trying to figure out how they’re going to work with each other. And what happens with the sextile and a sextile, will involve planets and signs of like, gender, that’s why it’s called a sextile. Okay, they’re there. They’re same sex in terms of their elemental gender. Capricorn is an earth sign, Pisces is a water sign. So they’re same sex, okay, they, they get each other in this in this regard.

What what takes place here is, is that Neptune in Pisces is kind of putting everyone into a mindset and a heart set of being receptive, okay, of being receptive and open to moving towards something that’s not going to be so inflamed. Okay, that moving towards something that’s not going to be so combative. Something that’s not going to be so incendiary. Okay. We don’t get excuse me, we don’t get a lot of opportunities with with the passage of the planets for this to kind of get set up. Okay, so, so again, the planets aren’t telling you what to do. They’re not like, you know, you know, be nice, you know, like that. But they’re kind of like, because Neptune is so subtle in the shift of its of the waters. Okay, Neptune really rules over our unconscious waters. It’s rules over our collective imagination, our collective dreaming. Neptune’s kind of like softening the edge of the Mars here. And it’s kind of like saying, what are you really getting out of this type of thing? Like, do you really need to be so angry? Do you really need to hold this grudge? Do you really need and so it’s almost like, you know, think of Mars as a clenched fist. And Neptune is like almost putting its hand on your fist and giving you a kiss and a rub and just kind of like getting you to open up the clenched fist so that it isn’t so shut off so that it isn’t so knotted. Um, now, if Mars were in a different sign, all right, other than Capricorn, it might react negatively to that it might be like, Get your hands off my wrist. You know, I didn’t ask for your whatever, might get mercy again or whatever. But because it’s an Neptune it’s really kind of like there’s a very nice coaxing, there’s a nice sort of little hand massage that’s going on to getting the clenched fist to open up to getting the mind space to open up to getting the heart space to open up. But this isn’t going to be just done in a broad stroke. You know?

Pisces, one of the beautiful aspects that Pisces has as as, as a sign something that’s conceivable within the archetypal vocabulary of Pisces, is the tall order of forgiveness, okay? And forgiveness is a tall order. It’s meant to be a tall order, okay? Because it’s meant to get you to go past what feels comfortable or your own pursuits. Okay? And forgiveness isn’t just like, oh, you get a gold star for having been forgiving. Forgiveness is based on having compassion and suffering for a compassion and sympathy for someone who’s done you wrong. Okay, you cannot forgive unless you can imagine or have a feeling For what it must have been like to be in that position to basically have walked a couple of miles. And those moccasins, okay. You, you, and that’s where forgiveness really. And that’s why forgiveness takes such a long time. Not all of us can, you know, we’re angry, we want justice, something like this, you know, and so we close our hearts and we don’t want to be forgiving, we want justice, we want an eye for an eye or something along those lines. But, you know, if you look at history, justice and mercy are two very different things. Okay. And, and so this idea of moving from a sense of having been wronged, to a sense of mercy or to a sense of understanding, this is something that becomes conceivable in the zodiac sign of Pisces, Pisces can be a lot of other, you know, darker things, all signs are going to run the gamut from the light to the dark, okay, there’s no such thing as a good or a bad sign, okay, but Pisces within its realm, you know, has this, this this promise of forgiveness. And so what we may be experiencing is not so much like, Oh, I’m being faced with a tall order forgiveness, I have to forgive him. I don’t feel I forget, that’s not what we’re facing. What we’re facing is almost this kind of like gentle stroke of Neptune across our brow or, or cradling, you know, the face and it’s in, its in its palms. And and this sort of invitation to move past the grudge, and to imagine something different, okay? Something more forgiving. Not necessarily, you don’t have to forgive me, but maybe something more forgiving. Now the disposition of Capricorn comes into play because the planet doesn’t operate outside of a sign. So the disposition of Capricorn comes into play. And so one’s disposition might be Capricornian, which is skeptical, you know, or cynical, which is, yeah, right. You know, what are you getting out of my being so forgiving, you know, like, like, like, how are you getting off the hook? Or what are you getting out of this? Or, or, yeah, I can be forgiving. And then I set myself up for what, you know, so so that Capricornian you know, polite society calls it caution, and it’s really skepticism. Okay, that Capricornian skepticism can come out. Remember, Mars is exalted in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. So it’s gonna be on edge about that, that sort of thing. Like, yeah, right, you know, what, you know, but that Neptunian that Neptunian energy is still very strong. So the sextile really works more like a suggestion, okay. It’s not a command, it’s not a dictate. It’s not an ultimatum. It’s a suggestion, you know, and we’ve all had those conversations with friends or loved ones of like, you know, we’re all of a sudden, it’s like, you know, I mean, why are you still? Are you still really that upset? Or is it still really that big of, and we might say, to a confidant or someone that we trust? No, actually, no, I’m not. But if I understood what, where they were coming from, or I don’t want them to get away with this, or I don’t, you know, so there’s this sort of softening quality that’s, that’s taking place here. And so what the stars in their courses are offering us is an opportunity to move through that. Okay. And not not to embrace it as a generic thing. You know, like, I’m going to now be really superduper now, it’s not that it’s to do it intimately. It’s a sextile Okay, meaning that the aspect is the Venusian in nature Okay? Venus is Venus in her benevolence is not like Jupiter in his benevolence. Jupiter benevolence is, you know, what’s good for the for the whole community? What’s good for everyone? Venus is one to one. She’s intimate. Okay, so So Venus is involved here. The sextile is the nature of Venus. Venus is saying, No, this is this is intimate conversations. You know, this is this is that one person that you swore you’d never talk to again, or that one person that’s ostracized you or that one person that you felt ostracized by, or that you felt rejected by, you know, that’s so so so it’s a one on one type of energy. And it’s something that the sextile is inviting you to sort of put down the burden of a grudge, you know, put down you know, the the refusal to see another point of view to un-clench the fist and open it up to the calming and the comforting hand. You know, and, and what we’re kind of getting from this is a life free of that, you know, the other person might not be able to meet us on that. Okay, the other person might not be be able to say that’s okay. Or I’m going to let the spike on. The other person might even be like, What are you doing or whatever. But the thing is, we did it, you know, we moved into that place, and we left that door open, we left that window open, we kept that light on, you know, in the middle of the night, you know, for that person to find. Maybe they don’t find it this week, maybe they find it next week. Maybe they find it next month. Maybe they find it years from now. I mean, how many times have you had someone look you up, you know, and say, you know, hi, you probably don’t remember me. But you know, I really sort of like wanted to make up for, you know, I mean, like, it happens, actually, it happened before social media, but it happens a lot. Now, you know, where people want to make up for things that had been done before, where they’re asking for forgiveness, where they’re asking for a pardon, where they want to check in and see if you’re okay, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be besties, or this person’s going to be a part of your life. But it’s it’s an atonement, you know, it’s an atonement that’s taking place. And one of the most beautiful things about the sextile to Neptune. Is that opportunity for atonement. Okay, not based on making sure that the other person’s atoning knew to, you know, it’s, there’s no scorecard here, you know, but it’s finding peace with that person or the experience of the person. But what it is, is that it’s taking the grudge off your shoulders, it’s opening the clenched fist, it’s not living with something that can become so toxic, you know, but there’s a process for that we can’t just wish it away, or do a mantra, or light a candle, you know, there’s, there’s a personal process for that some of us may very be may be very fast with it. You know, Pisceans are notoriously fast with it. They’re like, we’re fighting Oh, okay, well, not a big deal. Or whatever. I mean, they can, they can be very easy with, you know, other signs, you know, cannot get it, like we’re fighting. Oh, yeah. And then other signs are like, what you’re asking me to relinquish a grudge that I’ve been holding for 35 years, I’m going to have to think about

you know, so, so So, so these are the things that that happen. And it’s interesting, it just what sort of flashed in my mind, you know, films and movies are ruled by Neptune, you know, in fact, photography is basically invented around the time that Neptune is discovered, I mean, this is something as astrologers we look for with modern planets, it’s like, when do they emerge and what was going on culturally, or socially at the time that they that they emerge, and film and photography, photography had the spectral quality, you know, you could capture an image, you could reproduce it, but it could also fade away very quickly, you know, and so, you know, you had do film processing, or whatever to capture to hold the image. And even with Kodak film, or something, if you don’t store those images correctly, they can begin to disappear because of the sun or whatever. So there was this always sort of this spectral quality here, but we can go to a film, you know, we can go to, you know, the dark of the theater and watch a film or in our own home, we, we watch a film, and think of the way that a film can move you, you know, that the film sort of reaches through, you become so engaged, and it moves you emotionally it can excite a thrill you, but it can also make you weep and make you cry. And, you know, maybe you return to it again, and again, it’s a favorite film, this is Neptune, you know, to, to be able to, to bathe in these waters, you know, to to to revel in these images that that flash through, this is what Neptune can do. And I like to bring up film another medium of Neptune, of course, is music, where it just moves what’s going on with you emotionally, you can be like, I had a crummy day, but dance floor, I’m gonna rock out you know, but you know, Neptune Moon has the ability to move the waters of our unconscious and our feeling life and our memory. And, and so this is something that I would invite you to do, you know, you’re gonna, you’re gonna they’re going to be situations that are arising this week, where, you know, you’re you’re going to be thinking about clenched fist versus open hand. Okay? And this is something that that is going to be very apparent in this week. And again, it’s not, you know, something that you do so that you get good citizenship. It’s actually putting you in the heart space and the mind space, where you could actually conceive of doing that, you know, and then coming from a place in which It would be nice if the other person gets it, you know, but if the other person doesn’t get it, that’s not a deal breaker, you got it, you know, you, you you are in that place not, it’s not like you reach this place, you are in that place, and you are in that place now, you know, and you can carry that. And again, planets in their courses will offer us these different open windows, shut windows, open doors, closed doors, these different opportunities. And this week, especially with the run up to what could be a very sort of challenging Mars, Pluto conjunction and Venus Pluto conjunction which will be taking place on March 2, and March 3, we have a lot of these sextiles taking place right now. And so the sextiles are giving us these opportunities to make amends to make peace, to forge truce peace treaties, and, and and to build bridges. And if we’re being given those opportunities, and they’re fulfilling experiences, don’t you want to take them?

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:10
Wow, Christopher, so much there. And it’s amazing how accurate or spot on it is, I literally have a situation in my life right now where it’s a choice point, I can either hang on to the feeling of rejection and ostracization is that a word of you know, I can either do without someone they can do that, like that is definitely on the table as an option. Or I can do I love this, you know, this softening that you’re talking about and doing it without attachment, you know, knowing that the other person may, it may not change the external situation at all, it may be exactly the same, it may look, it may look exactly the same. But my, I have an opportunity to change how I feel towards it. And I have an opportunity to change how I feel even towards the the person involved, you know, I can hang on, and keep that clenched fist or let that go. And one of the things as you were speaking, I was thinking, it’s, it’s almost like an opportunity to live to, to foreshadow and anticipate having no regrets, or having regrets. And so it’s like, looking at the situation going, if I do this, will I regret it? If I do, if I don’t do this, will I regret it? And I love thinking about that, too. Sometimes it’s like, you know, if if this person was gone tomorrow, how would I feel about the way I handled this situation right now? And, and so then it’s, it’s sometimes for me, it’s easier to take sort of a, a higher position with that, you know, I don’t mean higher, better, I just mean,

Christopher Renstrom 27:52

Amanda Pua Walsh 27:53
you know, take the high road, you know, and just kind of let it go. It’s like, kind of what, at the end of the day, does any of this really matter? You know, can I let this go? And, and and I’m also really resonating with what you’re saying about the Capricorn? Sort of the skeptical, cautious, and kind of like, well, you know, why should I? You know, what, what, like, why don’t why don’t they like they’re the one who hurts? Right? Why do they hurt me? Like, why should I be the one that like, bridges the gap? And I often say to my daughters, someone has to do it? Or else it’ll just remain, you know, but but and that could be you like, you could just decide that that’s me, I’m going to be the one to bridge the gap, or not, you know, both options are valid, right?

Christopher Renstrom 28:47

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:47
And in some of the things you were saying about So basically, what what I’m hearing in terms of the story arc of the week, is that we have Mars and Venus just coming out of a conjunction, Mars exalted, so still, the potential for the shadowy part of Mars, which includes, you know, just doing anything to win, whatever it takes, you know, even if that means hurting other people in the process, it’s like the, the goal is win, right at all cost, right. And so that that’s kind of available in the sky. And then you have Venus as a morning star, which compounds that warrior like energy. And then But then they’re moving into this sextile with Neptune. Which so here we have this like aggressive sort of energy, but then on the 23rd and 24th, we have the sextile energy really, softening it, and giving the opportunity to soften. But again, like you said, this is a choice. This is a choice and we have with the energy supporting us to do these things. We don’t have to, but we can. And one of the things when you were talking about Mars, and I was thinking because My love loves Marvel Comics, right were often watching. From the time he was a little boy he would sit under it literally literally sit under an apple tree reading his Marvel comic books, and then the

Christopher Renstrom 30:15
Ferdinand the Bull!

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:19
Exactly. And but but one of the things that that comes up a lot with the superheroes because they get to Mars and the higher expression of Mars is very superhero.

Christopher Renstrom 30:28

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:28
But the words honor, dignity, respect. So when Mars is in that exalted place, it there is that chivalry and there is that like, coming to the rescue. And same with Venus in the Morning Star, right? Because that when you were speaking about her, I was thinking, Oh, she’s like, Wonder Woman?

Christopher Renstrom 30:47
She is yeah, in that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:49
Yeah, exactly. So she she’s a warrior, but she can be a warrior for love. And she could be, you know,

Christopher Renstrom 30:55
peace. Yeah

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:56
A warrior for peace, right. So we have that energy. Then we have the sextile with Neptune and bringing in this again, this theme, these themes of forgiveness, compassion, sympathy for someone who has done you wrong, Mercy understanding, moving past the grudge. And like you said, sextile is a suggestion.

Christopher Renstrom 31:18
Right? It’s a suggestion.

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:20
It’s a suggestion. I love that. Like, oh, here’s a suggestion. Here’s a way you could handle this. And I feel really nice.

Christopher Renstrom 31:28
Well, thank mean, I mean, I was also thinking, as you’re talking, I think that Neptune sextiling is actually bringing out the more ennobling it has an almost ennobling energy. Because if you’re going to be the person, you know, like, Why do I have to take the high road, but you’re going to be the person who takes the high road, right? That’s Mars, that’s the courage, you know, if you’re going to be the person who’s practicing good sportsmanship, you know, honoring, you know, the, someone who’s an opponent, that’s Mars again, so there’s, there’s really almost like this ennobling quality that’s taking place with the sextile. Because Mars can be quite feisty about giving ground or appearing weak or soft, you know, but here with the Capricorn and the Pisces, what they what both signs understand is, how weakness is strength. You know, they understand that, you know, how, how fear can be courageous, you know, they, they get that other other dispositions might be like, No, it’s fear, or courage, or you have to be strong, not weak, you know, but, but this is something in which they both understand how suffering can lead to that, and how just through disappointment can lead to that, or rejection can lead to that, that it doesn’t turn vengeful, that it can actually make you more compassionate, there’s that. What’s that famous phrase? Every saint was once a sinner, you know, so, so there’s that understanding with the two energies, you know, when, when, when they come together? And so it’s just the suggestion, you know, this movement of the water of like, you know, how about this as an idea, and how about doing it now? Or this week?

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:18
Right. Okay. And it really, is it really a strength? I mean, really, to do those to, to, to extend the olive branch to put the bridge down and say, Look, you know, it’s, it’s okay. Like, it’s, it’s okay. And I forgive you, and I understand where you’re coming from I understand. You know, and, and it’s okay. Yeah, and I love you, and I love you still, and then they then they can choose, then they can choose how they want to respond.

Christopher Renstrom 33:53
And I’m also thinking of just the way you’re bringing up some of those terms, how much I mean, again, think of our society how much we’re like, you know, how can you greet this person back, you’re enabling, you know, how can you take the person back, you’re just continuing this vicious cycle, you need to put down boundaries, you need to put yourself first, you know, there’s all this triumphing of around not doing that, you know, and I think what people miss, you know, and why forgiveness, as it’s taught in our religious literature is such a tall order, is that it takes so much love and strength, you know that taking back is not a weak thing. It can be a good thing you’re struggling to understand or maybe you’re going through this process, because you still haven’t worked it out yet. Whatever. But, but you know, when you’re coming from a place of trying to love and understand, you know, Sir Walter Raleigh is the one who actually takes his cape and puts it across the park. For Queen Elizabeth to stride across, well, that’s not a welcome mat, you know, he, he wasn’t a welcome mat, you know that, that might be seen as like, oh, he put that down. And now he’s a welcome mat, people can walk all over him and whatever, no, to be able to put down that bridge, as you said, or to lay that cape down, it doesn’t turn you into a doormat, okay, that’s probably the word I was looking for. It doesn’t turn you into a doormat. It’s a noble thing to do. And it comes from a place of nobility and strength. And it actually brings out the beauty of Mars. I mean, this is something that Mars does, which is, which is pretty much exclusive to to the planet.

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:42
Wow, this is it’s compelling. It’s a compelling thought, because it’s all in the energy with which you do it. Because you can do the thing you were talking about before where it’s like, you just let anybody walk all over you and you, you know, make up a story for why they’re so mean to you, and, and you forgive things that and you forgive and stay in situations where it probably would be better for you to move on, you can still forgive the person, but you don’t need to stay in the situation. So there’s, I think we do get these things muddied and muddled, but what you just described, it’s the energy of a noble gesture that is coming from the heart that is coming from a place of strength and self respect, right? self respect, really, right? It is, it is very different than this other picture of the person who lets everybody walk all over them and has no no, no strength in which to stand in when they are wronged. And again, that strength doesn’t mean that it has to be combative. You know, it’s just like, it’s just that clear. No, like, this does not work for me, right? This? It does not, and I will now be leaving. I still love you. But I’m not going to be here anymore. So it’s completely energetic and nuanced, though, right?

Christopher Renstrom 37:08
Yeah, absolutely. And I’m not gonna, you know, and, you know, I may have done everything I could, and do anything more or whatever. And that comes from a place of love. Right? You know, it’s like, I love you so much that I can’t do anything more. You know, it’s, I love you so much. I’m gonna annihilate myself. You know, it’s that can be a place of that as well. But I think a lot of times, there’s a tendency to, you know, don’t be a victim. Don’t be an enabler, or don’t be whatever. And we missed what you were bringing up the nuances of that love and that quiet strength?

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:46
Yeah, yeah,yes. Oh, I love this. Okay, so we have that all happening, is there anything else that we need to be aware of this week.

Christopher Renstrom 37:53
The other thing to keep in mind this week is that we have mercury Uranus Square, okay, and that will be taking place on February 24 as well. And that mercury Uranus Square, is kind of its kind of a wake up call in a way, you know, it’s going to be this really realization of what happens when you know what happens when in following conventional wisdom convention isn’t wise anymore. Okay, so it’s that’s the idea what I really kind of like sat down with this one and I wanted to get the idea of that flip, you know, because because there can be a conventional wisdom quality to the two to one part of this equation. And then there can be actually I think, you know, questioning what is conventional wisdom is actually a very Uranian Taurus thing right now, but it’s the Mercury in Aquarius, you know, moving into the square, which is saying, Well, what do you do when convention isn’t wise anymore? You know, when when you have to step outside the herd, you know, which can be you know, sorry Tauruses Bulls. You know, but what happens when the convention isn’t wise anymore. And so, you know, for for people born under the mercury signs, like Gemini and Virgo, or the fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, that might be something that’s really hitting very strongly this week of like, you know, I had I had always followed this believing that this was wise and good, you know, and, and, and it’s what a number of people I know also did and we all feel like this was wise and good bye. What happens when I’m getting this wake up, because whenever you’re dealing with Uranus, Uranus, it could be a wake up call, I’m what happens when I’m waking up to the fact that this might not be so wise anymore, you know, and that can be a frightening position to be in because all of a sudden, you don’t feel on the same page with people that you feel close to either emotionally or in business or, you know, in your neighborhood. And, and, and that sort of brings in that sort of outsider status, which we always see. When the Saturn signs are triggered, like Aquarius and Capricorn. These are the signs that really are about the outsider. Okay, so, so this kind of wake up call of like, this might not be and then what, what do I do with with that, you know, so. So one thing, for instance, might be, you know, if we were to combine the different ideas, let’s say, You’re find yourself taking back someone, or forgiving someone that everyone in your life said was a creep, or horrible person, you know, and then all of a sudden, they’re like, how can you? How can you do that? You know, I thought I knew you, I thought, you know, you were like, better than that, or, or something like that, you know, so you might find yourself, I’m just playing around with an example. But you might find yourself on the outside, you know, of what had been, okay, thinking, okay, and you might find yourself in a dilemma, like, how invested in am I in this? Do I want to go further? And, you know, because it’s mercury, it’s not really a call to action yet. You know, but it’s mercury, which is like, I don’t know, that doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t, you know, Mercury is always questioning, that’s like a good idea. You know, so that might be something that really comes up and then also weighing, you know, does that put me outside of what everyone else thinks? And how do I feel about that? You know, so that might be something that really, that really shows up? I

Amanda Pua Walsh 41:58
love this idea of exploring what conventional wisdom is. Right? When you said conventional wisdom, I went, what is conventional wisdom? And isn’t conventional wisdom shifting all the time? And isn’t conventional wisdom, very cultural, and maybe even familial? And my, my conventional wisdom could be very different than yours. And so I think, tapping into or tuning into what you’ve always taken for granted as conventional wisdom, like, that’s just the way it is like, or that’s just the way we do things. And then when this situation comes up, whatever it is where Uranus comes and knocks at the door of that wisdom, saying, Hmm, is that actually, is that wise? Is that what’s actually best for you? Does that actually bring you any level of fulfillment or satisfaction? Right to, to allow yourself to play with? Well, maybe not. And, you know, Christopher, I have a 13 and 10 year old daughter, okay, and we’re doing these really cool rites of passage circles with the young women as they are growing into their womanhood. And it’s, it’s so amazing to be doing this. One of the things I noticed is that being an outcast, or being on the outside of the circle, whatever that is, is terrifying. It is for young people. And we were all young people at one point, and we still have that young person in us who’s like, oh, my gosh, no, like, what’s going to happen? It feels so unsafe, it feels so uncertain. And, and there is such a, a wisdom in being okay with that sometimes not being okay, especially if it’s more in alignment with who you actually are. So one of the things we’re doing is you at least I’m doing it with my daughters, is when someone calls them weird. I say congratulations. That’s great. That’s amazing, like

I like why would you why would you aspire to be normal? Right? Why is that the aspiration? Right, right. So I think you know, for but we all I think so many of us. I mean, maybe depending on your chart, you may we probably have varying degrees of being okay with being an outsider, but if questioning conventional wisdom would put you on the outside or outskirts of convention, right, that’s so bad. Like, what does invention breed? And do you actually want that outcome? All right, you want a different outcome than what the conventional wisdom breeds? Right.

Christopher Renstrom 44:35
Right. Right. And, you know, it’s funny, you heard you were saying, you know, what’s conventional wisdom is like, anyone’s guess.

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:45
Well, I think everybody would, would answer somewhat differently.

Christopher Renstrom 44:48
Yeah. Because, and, and because we’re all living in different parts of, of society and this wonderful thing about astrology, we’re all from different planets. And You know, I’m born under Saturn and I’m born under Venus you know, we’re all you know different planets. And so that’s lovely, you know think that Astrology can bring but yeah, and and again because of the mercury square the you know the the mercury is connected to the Aquarius so it’s kind of following Uranus in the square. It’s just beginning in a Mercury way this week. Well, what is that? It’s the question or whatever. Yeah, that’s gonna amp up. You know, of course as we get to the Mars, Uranus Square, which is in mid, mid March, but like, those are the things.

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:38
Yeah, we’re getting an opportunity to think about it a little bit marinate in the idea of now

Christopher Renstrom 45:44
getting the first hands.

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:46
Okay, fascinating. All right. So what would you say then is the theme for the week?

Christopher Renstrom 45:52
Um, I think the the I, you know, my original idea was Get over yourself as a thing, but I think it’s really opening up the clenched fist clenched fist opening up the clenched fist, or relaxing the clenched fist opening the clenched fist. I would say that that’s really the theme of the week. You know? And, and, and, yeah, that’s that that’s the gesture of the week.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:22
Okay. And if we had to rate it on a scale of one to 10, one being not intense at all, and 10 being the most intensity that we could possibly have, where would you put this week on that scale?

Christopher Renstrom 46:38
I’d like to sort of split screen it if it’s possible.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:41
Yeah. You could do whatever you want. In terms of

Christopher Renstrom 46:45
day to day circumstances, I would give it a three. But in terms of profundity? I would give it a nine.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:56
Wow. Yeah.

Okay, that’s so interesting. So we may be having very profound almost internal experiences. But from the outside, it would look like a three. If not, it’s just it’s it’s easy ish and flowing.

Christopher Renstrom 47:14
Someone look, someone’s kneeling down to pray. And that looks like Okay, someone in prayer, but we don’t know what those prayers are. Oh, yes. person is saying and what they’re experiencing. Right? That might be a chapel. You know, that’s, that’s, that’s going on, inside? You know, I would, that’s how I would put it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:37
I love you. Thank you so much, Christopher. You are so beautiful. You’re such an incredible teacher, and you have so much wisdom for all of us. Thank you so much for dedicating your life and your time and your energy to sharing these things with us. It’s, we’re so blessed to have you in this community. And I’m so grateful for you.

Christopher Renstrom 47:59
I’m so blessed that you created this community. Community that you’ve created. It’s just I count my blessings every day, and you’re always in the top.

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:11
Wow, thank you. Gosh, that’s amazing. And I have an incredible team that helps this whole this whole entire community.

Christopher Renstrom 48:19
It’s a talk about angels. choirs singing choirs of angels.

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:26
Yes, yes.

Christopher Renstrom 48:28
People that you work with, yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:30
If you love Christopher style, if you want to spend three weeks learning from him in a, in a more you know, you’re gonna you’re gonna have a, you’re gonna have an experience, you’re gonna have a journey with Christopher, it’s going to take you from the history of how astrology actually is the calendar, all the way through the nuts and bolts of what that means. And then all the way to the conclusion of you being able to apply this in your life. So that is available to you, again, starting March 3, but enrollment is open now. Go to astrologyhub.com/cosmiccalendar, check it out, see if that’s right for you. And we would absolutely love to have you in class for that. Yes. And every week you’ll get a recorded module. The modules are released on Thursdays. You have the weekend and the beginning of the week to study that. Watch it, absorb it, try it on. And then on Wednesdays, Wednesdays, we’re having the live q&a Wednesday, I think so Wednesday or Thursday. The schedule is on that page. But then you’ll have a live q&a with Christopher where you can bring your questions and engage with him again in a more intimate setting and we can’t answer every question but you have the chance of your question getting answered.

Christopher Renstrom 49:52
We will give it a try. We will give it a try.

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:54
And and the thing that we do is we collect all the questions and then we create categories. So you Your category of questions will be answered. So we definitely cover as much as we can. And you get some great bonuses like I mentioned before, some great supplemental materials that go with the course. And it’s going to be an awesome experience. So again, astrologyhub.com/cosmiccalendar. And we will see you in class soon. And we’ll see you throughout the week on this podcast. Christopher, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Christopher Renstrom 50:27
Thank you, Amanda, so much. Thank you,

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:29
adore you completely. You. And thanks to all of you for being here for being a part of our community, and for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode. Take care everybody