[STAR SIGNS HOROSCOPES WEEKLY] “Initiate Change” March 18th – March 24th w/ Astrologer Jamie Magee

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Aries Season

In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

  • About the Virgo Full Moon and how it sets up the stage for the rest of your week
  • How the Aries Equinox will bring fresh excitement into your life
  •  Why you can expect vivid breakthroughs and surprises with Mars and Venus squaring Uranus

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

0:28 Week Overview

7:24 Aries – Tap Into Your Power

9:28 Taurus – Speaking From The Heart

12:23 Gemini – Your Words Have Power

15:28 Cancer – Finding Your Limit

18:35 Leo – What’s The Next Step Forward

21:54 Virgo – Finding Security

24:38 Libra – Processing

27:30 Scorpio – Every No Is A Yes

30:19 Sagittarius – Rise & Shine

32:42 Capricorn – Timelessness

35:06 Aquarius – Initiations

37:06 Pisces – Growth & Discernment

40:09 Closing Thoughts

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Jamie Magee 0:00
Welcome to star signs horoscopes presented by astrology hub. This is your place to discover how each zodiac sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I’m your host, Jamie Magee and astrologer, author and a member of the production team here at astrology hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s astrology with you

Jamie Magee 0:28
Hey guys, welcome to star signs horoscopes. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the astrology from March 18 through March 24th. Alright guys, so even though this is a Full Moon week, there’s a lot about releasing, there’s still a lot of invitation in the transits for this week that are inviting change, which is why our theme for this week is initiate change. And we’ll talk about why with each of the signs. But first, I want to give you an overview of all the transits. Okay, first of all, we do have the Virgo Full Moon that is today, you have undoubtedly been feeling it for the last few days. And you’re going to feel it throughout the weekend. And as you go into next week. Now, what I like about this moon is the discernment that it has, is looking across the way where you’ve experienced a lot of growth and expansion, and a lot of little like really easy blessings that you’ve been working with. And this Full Moon is saying, You know what, that’s all great. But let me show you what’s practical, let me show you what’s really there that you can pull out and take on this next journey get, it’s going to get you through the next few seasons here. Now, because it activates that way it could feel like you’re sad because you thought it was this much. But really, it’s a lot smaller. But whatever you’re taking away from this Full Moon, whatever it’s illuminating and highlighting for you. It’s not showing you what you don’t have, it’s showing you the golden nugget is showing you that see, that’s priceless, it only belongs to you that you can plant over and over again. So kind of keep that in mind as you work with this really potent energy that we have this week. Now we also have the sun stepping into Aries. Now every sign is gonna feel this, I’m excited to talk to you about where you’re going to feel this the different areas in your life. But this is almost a sense of it’s a brand new year, it’s that first warm day of spring where you step out and you feel the sun on your face, and you cannot wait to dive into the season, that’s gonna be a really brand new initiation kind of energy, then we’ll talk about how you can use that. This week, we also have both Venus and Mars in a square to Uranus. So Venus and Mars is your heart and your passion is giving. It’s working in an area of your life, that kind of seeing the overall view, the broad view, it’s working with an area that you’ve been restructuring are trying to build structure. And it’s activating an area of your life that’s been going through a lot of breakthroughs and a lot of shifts, unexpected changes, whether you initiated them or it felt like an outside force initiated them. So you can say this is gonna break through some changes, there’s going to be some shifts. And when we have this kind of energy with Uranus, we want to relax into it. We want to understand that even if something is a no, or something fades away, it’s just leading us to something else. And that’s, that’s harder to swallow or harder to sit with in the moment. But it’s kind of good to have in your mind to kind of work through it say okay, well, if that broke away, or if this happened, what is it trying to show me like, where am I going with this? Those are some good questions. Now this week, we also have mercury he’s spending his last couple of days in Pisces. Now before he leaves Pisces, he’s going to meet up with both Jupiter and Neptune. So this is all about big, bold, bold ideas, your dream like what do you how do you want to work with the growth? How can you continue to fuel this dream, plant those seeds for the next couple of seasons. After he has these conversations, he’s going to sextile over to the north node. So he’s going to be also working with this area of expansion and break through. So it’s almost like you have the breakthrough. And then you have the idea that’s gonna come through and fuel that and continue to kind of help you expand and grow in ways that you need to like you have this new seed you use your discernment, you know what’s ready to grow. And this is how you grow it.

Jamie Magee 4:09
So I love how this week kind of folds into each other and things are coming from different directions. And they’re supported. Like even if it’s something that falls through. There’s something else that comes through and supports in a different way. I can’t wait to talk to all of you about it. All right. Before we talk about the science guys, I have some very exciting news for you. The astrology hub podcast is celebrating over 3 million downloads that simply remarkable and I’m so humbled and proud to be a part of the podcast team and I’m so grateful for every one of you that download this podcast and all of our podcast every week. To celebrate this we are going to have a contest and this contest is going to be open until March 25. All you have to do to enter is to go to your favorite podcast player, Spotify, iTunes, and leave a review about the podcast you can relieve overview About in the individual show or the overall podcast, we’ll we will be picking three winners and one of their prizes. The first prize is one of our free you can, you will be able to get a free mastery class from our academy. The next few prizes will be one of our reports. And I’m a big fan of our reports. And I think if you follow the show and like the show you would be to one of the reports is character and destiny, it helps you kind of tune into your personal energy. Another report is our birthday report. It helps you see where you are now and how the next of the rest of your year or your new year is going to unfold. And we also have transit reports that help you dial into the next three months based off your chart all great reports. But you know what, guys, you can win one, you just have to enter your review. So please make sure that you do have your review posted by March 25. And we’ll be sure to find you. Now, if you’re not already in our system or on our mailing list, you will want to make sure that you’re on our mailing list if you leave a review, so we can find you to get on the mailing list. It’s super easy, guys. If you’re following this show, you can just sign up for the timestamp email, go to astrology hub.com For slash star signs, you’ll not only get a timestamp email from us every week, but you’ll be on the list so we’ll be able to find you and your review. You can also go to astrology hub, comm forward slash insider and sign up for our weekly newsletter, where we highlight every one of the podcasts that we have for the week. So you can just have one little letter, you’re like, Okay, this is the message This is what all the speakers are talking about. I love that it’s one of my favorite emails. But either way, guys, thank you so much to every single one of you who have supported this podcast, all the new people who have just started to listen, as the astrology hub team is so humbled and so grateful for all of your attention. And we are so excited about this contest, and we cannot wait to read your reviews. Alright guys. But that being said, let’s get ready to dive into the signs. Please remember that these are created with both your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign in mind. So please be sure to listen to both of those. And I love everyone who watches this on social media. I love the comments that you guys are leaving in the support that you are giving for each other. So as we get started today, I would love to know what your Sun Sign is and where you are tuning for tuning in from across this globe. Alright guys, let’s get started.

Jamie Magee 7:24
Okay, Aries, I’m super excited to kick off with your sign this week. Happy birthday month. All right. So as the sun moves into your sign, you’re going to feel an overall sense of vitality and energy, you’re going to be looking out at all the areas of your life and thinking about where can I go this year. It’s really exciting. Now your overall passions and creativity. And what you do for joy is also heightened this month as it should be you should be having a lot of fun, but also encourage you to tap into that creativity kind of like you know, this is my heart. This is what I really want to do and where you want it to go like what’s the journey? What’s the next step? What are you ready to learn? or teach? And what conviction Are you holding right now, it’s going to really move you through this next year. All interesting questions, all things that you can work with throughout the month to SET set up your next year. Now the Full Moon energy that you’re syncing today is very potent around what you do every day, your work your rhythm, and your health. So this is illuminating a lot of things that you’ve been working on behind the scenes, and it’s helping you see like what’s really there, what’s ready to be pulled out and how can you work with it. Now the breakthroughs or unexpected changes and shifts this week are happening in a to other areas of your life that you’re familiar with something around groups and friends, and your earning power and your self esteem. Now I think you’re going to have a lot of self esteem and a lot of courage to face everything. The sun’s going to be inspiring that, but there could be some shifts around what your dream is. There could be some shifts around your earning power. But both the Full Moon and these breakthroughs and this inspiration that’s coming in is helping you see what is really they’re like what can you put in your backpack and take on your journey with you as you move forward. So kind of think of it that way. And I think you’re going to be really inspired and motivated to work with whatever happens this week. And remember, relax into it. Even if you do do not like some of the first initial news of things that are happening. Relax into it. Because as you let that anger let that distaste fade, you’re going to see something waiting on you that you’re gonna be really excited about. I hope you have a great week, Aries. I’ll see you next time.

Jamie Magee 9:28
Hey, Taurus, let’s take a look at your week. Now Taurus. As we step into this week, though, Full Moon is highlighting everything that you’re passionate about. It’s highlighting your unconditional love. This could be something around your children around your romantic partner, something with creative juices. It could be even your own career, like you created something it exists because you exist. So I do like that you have this juicy energy that’s going to be inspiring you this week, because you’re pulling all the ideas from the group or the dream that you’ve been carrying and been working on this growth and expansion and you’re kind of pulling it into you know, how can we How can we use this from the heart? How can we speak with it, and not everything that you’ve imagined with a dream or the group or your wish is going to be able to come into that creative space, or that fun space. But what does come, it’s going to be very powerful. And because it is a Full Moon, it’s around our heart, it can feel pretty heightened emotionally around some of these areas of your life. But it’s all helping you kind of tune in and focus on some other energies that are going to help you move forward and initiate change now was illuminated by the Full Moon is definitely going to help you kind of focus in on the breakthroughs or shifts that are happening in very public areas of your life around your reputation, how people know you can be something to do with your health, but your purpose, there’s some breakthroughs that are going to happen this week. And I don’t know if you’re going to be the one initiating it, or they’re going to happen to you. But I do know that you do not like to change, you don’t like to be told to change Torah. So I would recommend that you try to relax into whatever this is whether if it does feel like it’s come upon you like someone says change your house, ask yourself like, what is this asking me to do? What is the universe looking at wanting me to do here? Is there something I need to release right now so I can move forward towards that goal. And that that sense of security, and foundations and roots and beauty that I want in all corners of my life, that that’s a good question to walk with, as you move through this week. And as the Sun moves into Aries, as we move into this next season, you have all this outward Breakthrough Energy. But there’s also a call for you to be more reflective to kind of work on things behind the scenes to kind of think about, okay, this is where I’m at, and this is where I need to go. So I would suggest over the next couple of weeks, if you feel called to go and reflect and spend some me time I would do that. If you want to stay at home and kind of think about things I would do that you’re going to find inspiration, you’re going to find creativity, you’re going to find a way to tune into things that really matter. And once you know what really matters like this is at my core, you’re going to be able to really empower fully work with breakthroughs and shifts and kind of relax into them, but also guide them in the way that you need them to go to feel secure. Not only today, but in the long run. So it’s an interesting week, I think you’re gonna be very passionate going into this weekend and definitely today. But over the next couple of weeks, that outward energy is going to go more inward, and you’re going to reflect on everything that’s happening. So you will have time to process. I hope you have a great week, I’ll see you next time.

Jamie Magee 12:23
Hey, Gemini, let’s take a look at your week. Now Gemini, this Full Moon is going to highlight something potent and beautiful around your home or your roots or your foundations, whatever that is to you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a location. But it seems like all this outward reputation and career and purpose energy expansion that you’ve been working on, is really starting to pay off there. So you may feel like you want to be more grounded and more solid. Or you may notice that because you’re doing that you do feel more grounded, and solid, and you’re able to be more present with people who kind of share that space with you. Now there’s a Full Moon and this is close to home. So it could feel a little bit emotional. But I think it’s a great way, it’s a great time to kind of speak through those emotions. And you’re definitely going to be empowered to do that, not only through this weekend. But also within the next couple of weeks. As the Sun moves into Aries, your natural ability to communicate is going to be amplified, it’s going to be on fire, it’s going to be on fire with your words, it’s going to be on fire one to one. And it’s gonna be on fire when you speak about your dreams or when you speak to a group of friends or people who support that dream. So any opportunity that you have moving through this Full Moon energy, or over the next couple of weeks to kind of use your words and express yourself kind of maybe speak about the things that have been going on behind the scenes, and out in public at the same time kind of merging those fields, I would take them. And if there’s not an opportunity, I would look for one that you could initiate initiate the change in the breakthrough that you want to make in that area to kind of get your voice out there. Now the breakthroughs and shifts for you this week is gonna be interesting because it’s almost like you’re being driven to go in a new direction, a new journey, a new conviction and learning something. And you’re feeling really passionate about this, there’s a lot of heart there like this is this is what I want to learn and teach is where I want to go. But you have these anxieties that kind of hold you back or your mind starts spinning in all these different directions. And you’re trying to merge these different sides of your thoughts and you know who you are? And is this in what part of us ready to go on this journey and what part of us kind of hung back a little bit. So if you have any breakthrough thoughts or emotions or ideas that come through this week, know that they’re there to help you. They’re there to help you kind of focus on okay, this is where I want to go. And this is why I want to go there. And if you do find that you’re triggered or anxious, like ask yourself Why follow that chain of thought because your job here is to release it. Your job here is to find out why it’s triggering you and to call it because when you name something you disempower it and when you disempower it, you find your strength and you’re able to kind of move forward with it and what you still hold you back now is a strength and it’s a strength that you can communicate and show other people and work with and it can be also an energy that you can Use with all this expansive growth around your reputation and your purpose to very interesting still outward and inward but definitely becoming more outward focused energy. I do hope you have a great week Gemini. I’ll see you next time

Jamie Magee 15:18
okay, cancer, let’s talk about your week. Now cancer so far this week, it’s likely that it’s been very busy, like communication has been heightened and potent. There’s been a lot of messages coming in or out, whether it’s on your phone, people you speak to every day, it’s been super busy. And this Full Moon today is going to make it even more potent. It’s almost like things that you’ve been learning and teaching our convictions that you’ve been holding something you’ve learned on a journey. Now it’s kind of being brought into home, it’s brought in close to you, and you’re ready to communicate it in whatever way it is. Now, because it’s a Full Moon. This is a lot of heightened emotion, a lot of heightened energy, even though it does have a degree of practicality to it, it could feel overwhelming. So take your space, and ask yourself, you know, what do I need to say now? What do I need to respond to now where do I need to give my attention. And a great tool with communicating is half the job of communicating is to also listen. So kind of walk with that idea, as you move through these next couple of days. Because there’s a lot of inspiration, there’s a lot of things that need to be said, but not everything will be able to be said. Now as the Sun moves into Aries over the next couple of weeks, your focus is going to be very outward, your focus and your attention is going to be over around your overall health and wealth definitely around your career, and your reputation, your purpose, and this is who I am. And this is what I have to share. This is going to be impacting what you do every day, your work what you do in service to others, it also impacts your earning power and your personal wealth. Now this is an energy that can definitely be overdone. So you want to make sure that your self esteem doesn’t feel like it’s being wrung out, like you want to have that confidence to step up to something, you want to make sure that you guard your health, give yourself time to reflect on things that you’re working with as you go forward. But overall, it’s going to be a very outward kind of energy that’s going to help you express yourself and really hone in on those areas of your life. So any invitation that you have to step into that personal power to get a rhythm in your day to day routines to fortify your resources, take them if there’s not an invitation, initiate the change and say I’m ready to focus on this and use that self esteem. Now this week, there could be some breakthroughs or unexpected shifts that are going to happen around your dream or your shared resources. So it could be that you’re partnering with someone financially. But something shifts with the idea of the group of the dream, or vice versa. Because it has to do with money and transformation. It could feel super sensitive, or like, you know, this really hurt me because I didn’t see it coming. I thought we were in this agreement. It could it could toss out that way. And if it does know that you’re just you’re meant to feel that way. So you understand what needs to stay and what needs to go. It could feel really inspiring, like you expected this, but your partner or your group or your ideas like no, it’s this and you’re gonna be really excited about that energy, no matter how it works or how whatever ideas are breakthroughs come a no is also a yes. So kind of think about that. So no matter how it comes at you, every single one of you are going to perceive this differently, and a different kind of story of your life. But I think if you hold these ideas in your mind, you’re going to be able to nega navigate them not only with your heart, but with a very clear focus mind, that’s going to help you lead into this month. It’s all about you know, standing up and saying this is who I am. And this is what I want to share with you. I do hope you have a great week. I’ll see you next time.

Jamie Magee 18:35
Leo, let’s take a look at your week. Now Leo, as we step into this Full Moon energy, it’s very potent today. And it’s around your self esteem, your resources and your personal earning power. It’s almost as if all this expansion and growth that you’ve been working on with shared resources or group or all the transformation that you’ve been working on, even if you were doing it by yourself is really starting to pay off and you’re going to see that with this Full Moon. Now it may not feel as big because it’s very practical. The full moons gonna say You know what, you thought you had this, but you really have this, but what you have is everlasting. So I think it’s an interesting move interesting moon that’s going to help you see this now, anytime we have emotions are this heightened energy around our resources are what gives us security. It can feel super intense and super passionate. But your job here and your flow here is to say, You know what this is this is what I’m taking with me. This is the golden nugget that’s going to give me the resources I need. And it will also help you think about you know, do I need to reinvest or is this investment over so I can move forward? Where are you in this harvest? And what does that mean? Now this month, as the Sun moves into Aries, this is going to really vitalize your overall lifeforce, you’re going to be charged up on the new direction like what’s next. So that makes me think that some of these investments or some of this transformation, you’re at a turning point with it, you’re at a point of initiating change and shifting into something else. Because your eyes on the horizon what can you learn what can you teach? What is your conviction and where are you going and How can you get there, you’re gonna feel on fire about that, you’re definitely going to feel on fire about your passions and your creativity and things that you love. And just his overall sense of energy and courage is going to be really flowing through you. So any opportunities that you have to step into that this month, I encourage you to take, if they’re not there, I encourage you to initiate the opportunity to say, I Hey, can I talk to you about this, or let me think about this and learn this and teach this. Because I know it’s going to take me somewhere. Now this week, any unexpected breakthroughs or shifts or didn’t see it coming until it already happened. And then I feel like I should have known it happened for you is going to be pretty public, it’s going to be outward, it’s going to be around your one on one relationships and partnerships, not necessarily romantic, and your overall sense of career and purpose and reputation. So sometimes the shift in our partnerships can shift our reputations. And this is a shift that you’re going to feel this week. So it could be that a brand new partner emerges? Are you in a partnership, announce what you’re doing. Or it could be a partnership disintegrates or breaks apart unexpectedly. But if no matter which way it goes, it’s still on the positive, either you’re going to notice the positive today, or you’re going to notice it in hindsight, as you move through and start to make some of these decisions and shifts. Because the energy this week is really asking you to keep your eye on that horizon. Where are you going, you know, was this person if there is someone who breaks away from you? Were they meant to go on this next journey? Were you meant to stand up and have this reputation or was that just like was that the small crown and there’s a larger crowd for you, there’s a larger purpose and a larger voice that you’re you need to like kind of step into, so you can share it with someone else. And there may be a journey that you need to go on first before you can can fully express it. It’s super interesting, because you’re going to be in two places at once. But I do hope you have a great week, Leo, I’ll see you next time.

Jamie Magee 21:54
Okay, Virgo, let’s talk about your week. Now Virgo, this is your Full Moon. So I’m definitely sure that this has felt like a pretty intense week, like you’re kind of moving up the mountain and now you’re at the peak of it, and you’re gonna be flowing through this energy. It’s very potent, and it’s very expressive. And it’s illuminating your personal identity, you’ve been working on a lot of expansion and growth around your one on one relationships, and how they impact your overall reputation, your sense of security and your roots, and all the spaces in between. But this Full Moon is putting the spotlight on you. It’s saying this is who the Virgo is. This is what the Virgo wants and loves and adores. And this is how she’s going to get it. So I love that you have this opportunity to see what’s illuminated here. And the question is, do you like it? Is there anything that you want to take forward with you? Is there anything that you want to release? Because this practical, discerning energy that you are gifted with is going to help you make those decisions? So definitely consider do I have security here? Is this the people I want to partner with? Is this the person I want to partner with? And what does that do for my overall sense of direction and purpose. And a lot of ways Virgo, it’s going to feel like you have just reached a milestone like you’re you’re at the peak of that mountain, you see it all you understand it. And because you’ve gone through so much, especially around your passions and things that you love unconditionally. This month, as the Sun moves into Aries, you may feel more reflective, you may feel like you want to spend more me time like kind of step out of the limelight and ask yourself, Okay, this is this is a transformation, I want to go through this to some of the things I need to process emotionally, you kind of feel right on the inside in my mind. And you may want to spend more time at home feeling more grounded and rooted. But I think that this energy is going to empower you even more to step forward and kind of work with some breakthroughs around a journey that you are trying to go on. And that’s where you’re going to feel these unexpected shifts and breakthroughs this week. You have a lot of heart and passion around things that you do around your health and your routine. And you’re trying to get in a new direction. But this new direction has shifts it has things that maybe you didn’t expect a new teacher, a new student, a new conviction, like you know, you thought you were going here with this person. But now that the full moons eliminated something or now you have your own sense of identity, you want to alter it a little bit. So my best advice Virgo is that you this may be something that you cannot plan your way through that you may only be able to see a step or two in advance. But as long as you follow your heart and you tune into what really matters to you, you’re not going to need to plan so kind of relax into the change and connect with yourself reflect on the past. You know, what did you learn from the last time something like this happen? And how can you apply it today to really empower you to step into that new journey. I hope you have a great week Virgo happy Full Moon. I’ll see you next time.

Jamie Magee 24:38
Okay, Libra, let’s talk about your week. Now Libra, this Virgo Full Moon that we’re experiencing today that you’ve been kind of moving through for the past couple of days and we’ll ride through the next few days. It’s very interesting for you because it’s more reflective. It’s more internal. All this expansion and growth that you’ve been doing in your day to day routines, the changes and the shifts, you’re starting to reflect on them, you’re saying, Okay, well, this is what this means. For me, this is what this means for the state of transition that I’m going through. Now some of you could have been working with a lot of anxieties and fears. And what this Full Moon is doing is turning the light and saying, You know what you thought that this fear had control of you, but really, you’re in control of it. And this is all you need to do to kind of shift it in sometimes all you need to do is a very long journey, a very long process that you continuously work with. But it’s good to be conscious of it, it’s good to be conscious of things are kind of going on underneath, like what’s triggering you and how you can work with it. So any practical advice that you can give yourself Are there other people have been giving you as you’ve been going through all these changes and transformations at your roots that’s been impacting your entire life, some of that advice may be sinking in, and you’re like, Okay, I’m ready to move forward. Now, as the Sun moves into Aries over the next couple of weeks, the great news is communication for you, is going to be simple, you’re gonna be able to communicate some of the things that you’ve been going through, not only with your partnerships, like one on one, your buddy, but also your words, you’re gonna be empowered and in your group. So think about that you’ve been you’ve been going through a lot, and now you’re able to kind of speak about it, like, you know, what can I say about this? And how do I feel about that, and I think you’re gonna have some great ideas. So if you haven’t been really working on anxieties, or fears, or overcoming, you know, anxiousness behind the scenes, you could be working on all this creative juices, and now you’re ready to communicate them. There’s a lot of ways every Libra, you’re going to have your own story here. Now, the unexpected ships or breakthroughs, whether you initiate them, or someone else initiates them this week, they’re gonna happen around things that you love unconditionally. That’s like where your that’s where your heart and your courage is right now, this could be a romantic partner, it could be around your children, it could be around things. It’s basically things that exist, because you exist and you created, the shift is going to be there and around the transformation and growth that you’re trying to go in and get it could be, the shift is around things that you have that you love unconditionally, and merging deeper, and that shared resources and shared finances. So any breakthrough or shift that happens for you this week, no, that is helping you see the direction you want to go in. So what breaks away should break away, relax into it, what comes in unexpectedly. I’m not net not necessarily should be there long term. But the inspiration that it brings in unexpectedly should be there because it’s inspiring you to work with more energy. Alright, I do hope you guys have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Jamie Magee 27:30
Okay, Scorpio, let’s take a look at your week. Now, Scorpio, the Full Moon that we’re sensing today and have been for the last few days and going into the next is amplifying an area of your life that has to do with your dreams and your wishes groups of people and friends. So you’ve had a lot of expansion and growth happening for you around creativity around fun things that you do for joy that you speak from the heart with this Full Moon is going to be amplifying how you can take something very practical and tangible. And share it with a group of people how you can take this one seed in this vast ocean of creativity and run with a dream run with a wish. So it’s a very interesting and a kind of energy that you’ll be working with throughout this weekend going into next week. And I like how it folds into some of the unexpected shifts and changes that are also going to be inspired this week, along with the activity of the sun. Now the sun moving into Aries over the next couple of weeks is going to amplify your overall sense of health and wealth like this is what I do every day. This is my vitality. This is what I do for work and in service to others. This is my reputation. This is what I’m known for. This is what I earned. These are my resources in my self esteem. So it’s like the Full Moon brings in all this amplification on your dream. And then the sun comes behind it and amplifies your reputation and your work and your earning power. So over the next couple of weeks, any opportunities that you have to really kind of step into your dream step into your voice and reputation, kind of bring what you love out into your day to day routine, and solidify your self esteem, I would take them if the opportunities aren’t there, I would initiate change and put myself in those places to make those changes. Now this week’s of any unexpected shifts or breakthroughs or changes for you are going to be happening in a pretty public area of your life. They’re happening around your home and your roots and your one on one partnerships. Because you’re feeling on there. It also impacts your reputation and how people know you and your overall vitality. So you can see how this energy kind of folds over each other multiple times in your horoscope. But remember, every no is a yes. So a breakthrough. It could be that you have this great seated idea and you take it to the group. And this group says no, but there’s one person in that group that says let me partner with you. I have an idea. Let me take it in this direction for you. Or it could be vice versa. There could be one person that says no, but the group is there to support you. There’s a lot of interesting dynamics that could play for you. But remember, every no is a yes and you will leaning more into partnerships, you are leaning into taking this beautiful seed of creativity than love that came from your soul and sharing it with more people. That’s the ultimate goal. I do hope you have a great week Scorpio. I’ll see you next time.

Jamie Magee 30:19
Okay, Sagittarius, let’s talk about your week. Now Sagittarius, I’m a little excited about your horoscope. So this Full Moon this week, you’ve been feeling it for a few days is amplified today. And you’re going to feel it flowing into next week. And definitely folding into some of the more some of the other transits that we have this week, the Full Moon is highlighting an area of your life that has everything to do with your sense of purpose and your career, your reputation how people know you. And it’s pulling all these practical gems out of the expansion and growth that you’ve had at your roots at your core around your home and where you feel safe. And it’s showing them to the world. And because it’s doing that, you’re going to find that some of this illumination is flowing into your one on one partnerships and your overall sense of vitality. So whatever is illuminated here that you love, I want you to celebrate it. If there’s anything illuminated here that you want to polish. That’s okay, you have time to polish it. But it is a very potent and outwardly focused Full Moon. So you’re probably feeling that energy. Now as the Sun moves into Aries over the next, as we step into this week, he’s going to amplify this even more, because he’s going to illuminate and kind of put on fire, the sense of creativity and joy, and vitality and where you’re going to take it. Where’s the next journey, what’s the next quest that you want to teach or learn what conviction that

Jamie Magee 31:35
you have. So over the next few weeks, any opportunities that you have to step into that empowerment, like I love this, and I want to share this and it makes me feel alive, I would take it, if there’s not an opportunity, initiate it initiate the change that you want to see happen. Now this week, kind of folding into this energy to there’s a lot of unexpected shifts or breakthroughs that are going to happen in your day to day routine. It could be around communication to people that you communicate with every day and see every day, things that you do every day your working routine. So overall, it could feel like a very, very busy public kind of week, like outwardly focused like you’re, you’re ready to kind of run with the energy. But I think that this is going to be an interesting energy because it’s going to help you take everything that you’ve been working on inwardly, and you’ve been doing your work and bring it out. So you kind of have those roots, you’ve done your homework. So now it’s time to kind of share it with the world in a way that really expresses your, your personal truth and the knowledge that is ready to be shared. I do hope you have a great week Sagittarius. I’ll see you next time.

Jamie Magee 32:42
Capricorn, let’s talk about your week. Now Capricorn, this Virgo Full Moon for you is definitely illuminating and highlighting communication. You’ve been working on a lot of expansive words ways to kind of really take your message and say, This is what it is you’ve been honing it in a lot of great new ideas have been coming in. And this Full Moon is saying you know what, Capricorn, please hit publish. And you’re going to hit publish, and you’re going to share it share this message on a wide scale. And you’re going to see how people are responding to it, which I feel like you’re going to be positive, they’re going to notice the practicality in this this sensibility, and the things that you’ve been working on, and the timelessness of your message. So some of you could be really amplified around, you know how this is teaching something, how your conviction is clear. Or you could be excited about how this is opening up a new journey for you. And what you’re ready to learn all juicy energy that’s pulling you outwardly. But what’s interesting is that’s happening on one scale of your life on another scale of your life. As the Sun moves into Aries, you’re going to feel more reflective, more focused on your home and your roots and any new beginnings that you need to make there, you’re going to be looking at any transformation that you’re ready to go through any kind of shared resources or partnerships that needs to happen. In order for you to begin the new beginnings around your roots, you could be looking at things that you need to end so you can step into a beginning, you’re almost in the process of two spaces, what was in what is and you also have all this new growth that’s calling your attention in this direction. Now, this week, any unexpected growth or break through our shifts or didn’t really see it coming until hindsight for you is going to happen around resources and things that you love unconditionally. And I think that’s going to be very sensitive just because of where it is. But whatever is happening here is helping you realign it’s helping you say okay, this is why you want to make the change. This is why you need the security and the resources that you’re looking for around the things that you love. You have to work with these shifts to move in that direction. So even though the week kind of leads out, you’ve been really feeling like this outward emotion is almost like you wrote the book or you wrote the message. It’s out there publishing and changing lives, but you’re doing a lot of internal work to really support your routes and things that you love and the transition that you know is just around the corner that you’re ready for that you’re building towards. I do hope you have a great week. I’ll see you next time Capricorn.

Jamie Magee 35:06
Okay, Aquarius, let’s take a look at your week. Now Aquarius, this Full Moon energy, maybe inspiring you to sign on the dotted line, you’ve been working a lot on your individual wealth and your resources and what’s important to you. But this Full Moon is asking you to merge your assets, merge your resources, step into a transformation or a change. And I like that you have been taking this time to really look at your individual wealth. And this Full Moon is going to help you fill out, pull out some practical gems that you can share with others, and almost feels like you still get to hold on to your own. But you also have enough to share. And this is how you want to share. This is how you want to invest. Now this energy that we’re feeling right now should help you work with all the breakthroughs, and shifts, whether you initiate them, or they been initiated for you around your identity and your home and your roots, there’s a breakthrough and a shift that you’re looking for around your home, something’s ready to come through and change. So if you’ve been looking for a place, this may be the time that a place pops up, or it could be the place that you thought was perfect isn’t perfect, because there’s a better place that you just need to look for. It’s a pretty interesting dynamic, you’re going to feel this illuminated and this shifting ground for you at all corners of your life. But I think you’re going to be okay with the change. And I do think you may be more so initiating it even if it’s initiated upon you remember a no as a yes. And there’s something behind that get excited about that new journey. Now over the next couple of weeks, with the sun and Aries communications going to be on fire for you, you’re going to be really excited about what you have to say excited about people you speak to every day, you’re gonna feel on fire there, you’re gonna be really able to communicate one on one. And in groups like I love that you have your voice, because it’s going to help you express the shifts and changes that need to happen that you want to happen that had been really building for a long time Aquarius, you’ve been working on a lot of things behind the scenes, and processing it. And now it’s just slowly starting to emerge and come out for the rest of the world to see. But I do hope you have a great week. I’ll see you next time

Jamie Magee 37:06
okay, Pisces, let’s talk about your week. Now, Pisces, this purple Moon for you is going to be focused in around your partnerships, your one on one relationships, you’ve undoubtedly been feeling this this week, but probably a little bit sooner because where all this growth and expansion has been happening for you it’s impacted your relationships is impacted your routes, and your career and all the spaces in between. So what this Full Moon is going to help you do is it’s going to help you shift it all out, it’s going to help you say, use a discernment and say this is what can come forward. This is what you can use to partner with other people. And if you partner with other people, you’re going to have this resource and you’re going to have this reputation. So I like how there’s a discernment here, it’s going to help you dial into that, I definitely encourage you to use that energy. Because over the next couple of weeks, as the Sun moves into Aries, your overall focus is going to be on your health and wealth, it’s going to be around your resources, what gives you security and self esteem what you do every day for work around your health. And definitely around your sense of reputation and purpose. Like this is what I’m here for. This is what I want to share. So that’s going to dial in for you any opportunities that you have in this area and those areas of your life to express yourself, I recommend you take them and if the opportunity’s not there, I recommend that you initiate the change to take them Pisces, because you still have a lot of growth and a lot of discernment. And like, you know, what can I carry through? What can I make solid with solid and work with not only in the present, but in the future? Like how can you take it with you. Now this week, there could be some unexpected shifts or a breaking ground for you that’s kind of happening behind the scenes, but also around communication. It’s almost like there’s a lot of things that you’ve been thinking about and processing that you’re ready to share in a bold new way. Or you want to communicate or need to communicate with people that you work with or see every day, or just in your overall words, it could just be creative juices that are pulled out. But whatever creativity, or breakthrough or shift that comes this week, it is meant to kind of fuel into the rest of this expansion. So if it’s a bold new idea, write it down as fast as you can, so you can work with it. If it’s something that you need to say, to kind of lighten, lighten the way that you feel in your emotions to get clarity. Don’t be afraid to say it, communicate it. And if someone comes to you with communication that you didn’t expect, it shifts partnerships or shifts these this direction you thought you were going in, it’s meant to shift it that way, no matter how it feels in that moment, is really guiding you in a different direction. And I think if we hold that close to our hearts, it’ll help us make the changes that we need to make and make them I don’t want to say more efficiently but definitely more in flow. Like we don’t want to hurt ourselves. We don’t want to hold ourselves back from a joy that’s waiting on us kind of envision that joy just standing there saying you know, Pisces, are you coming to come get me Are we ready? And it’s standing there all alone because you’re processing something. So that’s the kind of this kind of energy that I think about when I’m trying to move through things that are either very inspirational. I’m trying to move them to a new direction or something Do not need to process and let go of so I can get to that next inspirational step. It’s a super interesting week Pisces. I do hope you have a good one and I look forward to seeing you next time.

Jamie Magee 40:09
Okay guys, that is everyone. I do hope you guys have a beautiful week working with our theme which is initiate change. Now it is a Full Moon week we are releasing we are using our discernment about what we can take forward but the invitation to change is definitely there. And as a reminder, the astrology hub podcast is celebrating over 3 million downloads and are having a contest and we would love for you to participate to help us celebrate. All you have to do is to go to your favorite podcast player but Spotify or iTunes and submit a review on that platform we will be picking three winners by March 25. And the winners are going to be able to win a free mastery class from our academy or one of our fantastic reports, character and destiny your birthday report or an overall highlight give you the transits for the next three months, great prizes. Very juicy, fun things. And again, guys, we are so grateful for every single one of you that have downloaded this podcast, any one of the podcasts, any one of the speakers, we are very humbled by your support, and very excited to continue to bring you more content. Alright guys, have a great week. I’ll see you next time. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so that you can easily stay up to date on the latest astrology hub podcast episodes. You can learn more about astrology hub and find out about all of our shows at astrologyhub.com/podcast