[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] A Week for Self Love Oct 17th – Oct 23rd w/ Jaime Goldstein

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Venus Star Point & Heart Alchemy

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Goldstein t and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

🌑 What is a Venus Star point and what it represents within your psyche
🌒 How Self-Love really works and how the Moon in Leo will help you get there
🌓 The theory behind heart-alchemy

Chapters 📽️

0:00 Intro

4:57 What does Heart Alchemy Mean?

10:23 Where are the Planets Today?

16:59 Week Overview

23:39 How to Practice Self Love

29:35 What to Expect from the New Venus Star Point

35:35 Venus’ Journey into the Underworld

43:48 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:07
Welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:29
Well, hello, everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. My name is Amanda Poole Walsh. I am the founder of astrology hub and the host of this show and I am so excited to be here with all of you. Thank you for tuning in this week to your weekly weather. And I’m very very thrilled to be introducing you to Intuitive Astrologer Jamie Goldstein, S S P, which I just learned stands for specialist in School Psychology, which is probably a whole topic for another episode. But this is Jamie’s debut on the astrology hub podcast. And Jamie, we’re so grateful that you’re here. Thank you for joining us.

Jaime Goldstein 1:11
Thank you for having me. I love astrology hub. So I’m excited to be here.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:16
I want to introduce Jamie just a little bit. Jamie is an astrologer who intimately connects with the living sky and earth. She studied with Gary Katyn and Gemini Brett to astrologers that we have featured at astrology have quite a bit. And she believes that astrology is an embodied practice. She seeks to inspire others to learn astrology through their experience of the living sky, and their own heart wisdom. She specializes in intuitive and archetypal astrology, and is one of the upcoming astrologers on our new reading platform. Astrologer connect Okay, Jamie, let’s dive into the weather. If you had to give us a theme for the week, what would you say this week’s theme is?

Jaime Goldstein 1:58
loving ourselves back into wholeness?

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:02
Okay, loving ourselves back into wholeness. Tell us a little bit about that. And why you chose that as the theme. Yeah.

Jaime Goldstein 2:10
So this is a really powerful week of heart alchemy, where the emotional waters of our unconscious are very likely to get stirred up this week. And there’s a lot of activations with Pluto this week with Chiron this week. But to me the really big transit of the week is the Libra Venus star points, the first one and our lifetime. So in over 100 years, Venus, our heart essence is traveling behind the sun. So she’s in her underworld journey of her 19 month Venus cycle. And it’s this week, October 22, when Venus is aligning in the heart of the sun, and in this phase of Venus’s cycle, this is where we are dying to who we are not. And the invitation is to reintegrate and love all those authentic aspects of ourselves that we got some messaging that was wrong. So we dismissed we disowned, denied rejected the authentic aspects of ourself. And when Venus is in the underworld, we reclaim those, we love ourselves back into wholeness. And then, as Venus meets the sun, this is the resurrection moment. This is where we’re being reborn and to more of our heart essence, the truth of who we are so and all the like, really, perhaps, really activating transits of this week with Pluto and Chiron that are going to pull things up from our unconscious, I think it’s perfect. It’s just going right into that culture and within our hearts. There’s an invitation for heart alchemy, and where we can, you know, rise up into more into loving ourselves with more wholeness, and of course, we’re whole in every moment, but we often forget our wholeness. So this is an invitation to remember

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:00
Jamie I know you do a lot of work with the Venus star points and so if someone’s so I think that I was actually born when Venus was right in the sun. A similar moment on my on my birthday. If people want to learn more about the Venus cycle, and what each phase means it’s it’s fascinating for those of you who are newer to that idea, but Venus makes this very beautiful orbits through the sky that actually creates this gorgeous flower them there’s so much symbolism, but if people want to learn more about this, how would they do that? Yeah, you know,

Jaime Goldstein 4:40
I’m studying I know two astrologers that have been on astrology hub Kaelin cos dal and Sheridan simple and Tammy Bronk. They’re They’re very, you know, pioneers with Venus alchemy in this area who are ceremonially working with the Venus cycle. So it’s such a great resource.

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:57
Yeah, okay. And when you say hi Word alchemy, don’t want to take it for granted that people know what that means. What do you mean by heart alchemy?

Jaime Goldstein 5:06
Yeah. So to me the heart alchemy is when we may have some, some challenging emotions may actually very likely come up this week. I mean, I do think there’s probably moments of the like emotional intensity scale this week, that could be probably not the whole week, but moments that could pick up to a seven and eight or nine on the emotional intensity as Pluto stirs up our unconscious. As these things are coming up from our unconscious, perhaps it’s grief, perhaps this anger, you know, anxiety, fear, if we can allow our heart to hold space, essentially, to like the tumble of our heart, hold this container for whatever’s arising from our unconscious, if we can hold it there within our heart. There’s this really powerful energy of alchemy, because what often happens, you know, when we have these big triggers these big activations, it can be so easy to project out to, you know, first maybe someone in our life to, you know, you did this and we want to project out the blame onto others. But I really believe anything that’s happening this week that’s triggered by someone externally, they’re just divine players who are here, helping us point to there’s something within our unconscious that seeking healing and this moment, and whatever’s coming up as my one of my best friends who’s a somatic healer, as a trauma expert, Diane gribbin of Heartwood healing art, she says our triggers are our trail heads to treasures. So this week, our triggers are our trailheads to treasures. And if we can allow our heart to hold that space, and not project out if we can safely be with our experience and let those emotional waves move through, I see a really powerful invitation for really powerful transformation and also to honor ourselves because there may be times where it is too much to hold space for all the emotional intensity that’s coming up and there’s nothing wrong that’s actually okay. Sometimes we have to titrate just go into the emotional experience and come out and there is some Neptunian activation training activation to Neptune this week, which actually supports when you need to take a moment dip into the spirit realms meditate nourish yourself so we don’t need to have shame or anything if we feel like we can’t just be with it at all moments here.

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:34
I love this triggers our trailhead, Trailhead to treasures. It’s such a it’s such a Pluto statement. Yeah, I like those pains and those things that are brought up those those if we go into them if we allow them to teach us and show us that there are buried treasures to uncover. Okay, so let’s go into some of these things that you talked about specifically. Yeah, so this

Jaime Goldstein 7:59
week, we’re gonna have Venus and the Sun squaring Pluto, that will be Wednesday of this week. And this happens twice a year where Venus in the sun will square Pluto, typically twice a year. And unless the Venus is retrograde at that time, but that’s not the case this year. And when Venus and the Sun they’re in Libra this time around. So there’s a lot here around relationships that could get triggered. And there’s a lot of powerful alchemy around transformation with how we’re relating to ourselves, and how we can relate to others based on how we’re relating to ourselves. Because the big energy right now is the Libra Aries access this whole space between the Aries Full Moon that we had in Chiron, which you know, was over a week ago at this point, but it’s still rippling, and it’s leading us right into that Scorpio Solar Eclipse. So all the areas Libra access is the relationship access areas relationship with self Libra relationship with others. And so there’s a lot here that Pluto is likely going to stir up around, are we safe to show up as our authentic selves in our relationships, there’s just a there’s a lot that’s probably going to get stirred up in the realm of relationships here that’s seeking alchemy and transformation. So ultimately, we can meet relationships in a more empowered way. But when Pluto when you’re talking about Pluto and Libra things are certainly going to be through that square relationship triggers.

Amanda Pua Walsh 9:34
Okay. All right. So let’s, and you mentioned about the intensity scale. Yeah, we could be having going up from to a seven, eight or nine emotionally. What would you give us for the overall week?

Jaime Goldstein 9:47
Hmm. You know, I think we’ve got Saturn stationing direct which is one of the big things this week as well. That Saturn’s energy is gonna get really turned up as well. So you know, I really They feel the energy of the week I was saying about a seventh honestly, there’s just so much happening this week. And it’s leading right into that Scorpio solar eclipse the following week. So we’re feeling seven or eight. We’re gonna feel all that bubbling kind of energy leading into that Eclipse.

Amanda Pua Walsh 10:17
Okay. All right, Jamie, let’s go through the days.

Jaime Goldstein 10:22
Yeah. Okay, beautiful. So we start this week on Monday, October 17. And we start with the moon and cancer. And actually on Monday, we have this a cardinal, what’s called a Cardinal Grand Cross formation. We have the moon in cancer. So the moon in cancer, we’re going to feel very deeply, we may feel a lot more emotionally sensitive. We may feel more inward, much more of a retreat, kind of the energy, wanting to just slow down and stay home. So we have the moon in cancer and the moon is actually on Monday going to make an opposition to Pluto, and Capricorn. So this is really also this is a this is like leading up to that Venus Sun square to Pluto. On Monday we’re gonna have big things from our unconscious come up as the moon is opposite Pluto. And very interestingly, this is the first time the moon is opposing Pluto with Pluto out of retrograde Pluto gestation out of retrograde here very recently. So when planets come out of retrograde especially the outer planets like we’re talking Pluto’s Uranus Neptune, Pluto, in this case, they’re working on greater evolutionary themes. So every time Pluto is coming out of retrograde now, Pluto went retrograde in April it’s coming out of retrograde we’re still in this energy of reflecting on okay, what was what was the big thing within our psyche that came up to our conscious awareness for healing for integration over this Pluto over this Pluto retrograde and sometimes we don’t know really what the theme was until at the end of the retrograde when the planet stations Direct because we’re in it well, while the planets in retrograde so now as the moons coming to oppose Pluto. I think we may get another reactivation of what within our unconscious was seeking healing this Pluto retrograde.

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:21
Like, What’s the timeframe of that Pluto retrograde? We’re this theme. We’ve been working on this thing. Yeah,

Jaime Goldstein 12:26
it was April to just now in October. So end of April to October. And when the planets go direct, we integrate. So now that Pluto is direct, we’re gonna get to integrate whatever was coming up from our psyche. So as the moon opposes Pluto, we have some big activations here. And then also the moon does stay on Monday is squaring the sun, the sun and Venus as well, and Libra. And so there could be something and I’ll just kind of start with the day by day, it’s making a Grand Cross with the sun. So moon and moon and cancer, Pluto and Capricorn, sun and Venus in Libra and they’re opposing Eris and Aries. So there’s a lot here that’s going to get stirred up from our unconscious on the moon’s day today while the moon is in cancer. So we start off at 7:14am Pacific all my timing will be Pacific, the moon at 22 cancer squares Venus, and this may actually start our day off with feeling moon and cancer squaring Venus and Libra. What I’m just really sensing there could be certainly something relationship oriented, that could be emotionally triggering, perhaps. But what I’m really sensing is, there may be something within a relationship where we’re feeling like we’re being asked to give something that we don’t feel emotionally resource to get like someone needing our support, that we just don’t feel. And you may I’ve actually had to start practicing this in my own life telling people when they’re wanting, most of us that are listening are probably empaths like I am very empathic, and a lot of people reach out to me personally just like friends for support. And I hold a lot of space professionally for people. So I really can’t always hold space in a personal way. And I’ve gotten really good lately at telling people for the first time in my life ever, you know, I just don’t have the emotional resources right now to hold space. And that’s huge for me. So I’m sensing something like that may happen. Somebody being maybe asking for support that we feel oh my gosh, I actually don’t feel resourced enough for myself. And this is an invitation to fill our own cup up first before we are giving to others. So we’re not giving to others from an empty cup, because then we get resentful and bitter and those kinds of things.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:33
I want to ask you a question about that. Because yes, that’s actually really challenging to do, especially if you really care about the person and their distress and you really want to be available. How have you managed the kind of aftermath of making a statement like that? So when you say, I’m not emotionally resource to help you right now, I know for myself that would just bring a wave of like Oh God, but I probably shouldn’t Oh no. And then I feel awful about it. So how do you handle that? Like I

Jaime Goldstein 15:06
Yeah, and I feel all of that because I am like so sensitive. And I usually I should say, and I always say and right when I can, I’m gonna, I’m gonna reach back out to you. So that’s probably an important.

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:19
Yes. Okay, great. Yes, I can see that like just not wanting to leave them hanging completely, but also knowing like you’re, you’re just not capable of supporting them in the way that you’d want to be available in that particular moment. So that’s great. So then you say, but I will, I will let you know when I’m, when I have filled my cup. And I’m available and I can be there for you in the way that you deserve. Really.

Jaime Goldstein 15:42
I’m glad you added that part. Because I do try to add, add that part and one way to really check in. Because if you’re so used to I like call myself I’m a recovering people pleaser if you’re so used to always attuning to others abandoning your own needs. The way I check in is how does my nervous system feel? How does my body fit when someone’s asking for support? If I feel like contracted and like, oh my gosh, I feel like I might have a nervous breakdown. That’s when because usually I push past it and hold space. Anyways, that’s my, I need to resource myself first. And I’ve really found I’ve actually had several people, my own friends tell me they’re like, Wow, that’s actually so free to hear you say that. Because I always over give when I don’t have anything to give. And they’re like, it’s actually giving me permission to honor my needs to

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:31
yes, you’re modeling something for people. I also think about, you know, I never want to be a burden on anyone. And I would never want someone to over give for me in a way that like, hurt them. Yeah, you’re also giving them the chance to say oh, okay, I love you too. And I don’t want you to hurt yourself in order to hurt me, you know, to help me. So yeah, I can see it just being very liberating all around. Love it. Thank you. Okay. Were you you were going into Tuesday, right?

Jaime Goldstein 17:02
Yeah. So now as we go into Tuesday, October 18. This first part of the week, we’re gonna feel a lot from our emotional water stirred up and probably it’s going to be relationships that are probably kind of triggering these things. But what’s really exciting about Tuesday, is this is the day that Venus moves within one degree of the sun. Anytime a planet is within one degrees of the Sun. This is a magical moment for all things Venus and it’s leading up to Saturday. That’s when Venus will exactly conjunct the Sun but there’s all this beautiful Venus energy so Venus our heart a sense, love, romance, you know, relationships. There’s just so much here so much beauty and beat Venus is the beauty way she’s our being a sense. So this is a really beautiful time as Venus is coming within one degree of the Sun the rest of the week, slow down. Just be there is going to be some emotional waves coming up, but there’s magic here. And it’s actually this beautiful transformative energy. So now Wednesday, October 19. This is a lot happening. So we start off the day really early in the morning. 12:56am The moon at 13 Leo squares the lunar nodes at 13 degrees north node Taurus, South Node Scorpio. This is very significant because they were right about to go into eclipse season and we have eclipses because of the lunar nodes. eclipses are very faded karmic times. And when a planet squares, the lunar nodes we’re at kind of a crossroads between the past and future. Are we going to move back towards our past or are we gonna move towards our future and so now that the moon squaring the lunar knows this is the last part of the lunation cycle, there’s we’re being asked to release something and to so we can open up the space to move towards our future whatever wants to come in here. And then at 1:05am The moon at 13 Leo trines Chiron retrograde at 13 Aries. So this is very significant because the Full Moon was with Chiron and what’s intuitively coming to me is this wants to reveal what blocks to self love need to be released that came to the surface with the Aries Full Moon with Chiron because the moon is in Leo. Leo is all about self love. The moon’s training Chiron is this harmonious energy. So this is a really powerful energy to come into self love, which is the energy the theme of the week at 6:33am the Senate 26 Libra squares Pluto at 26 Capricorn. So this is just going to bring up something from our unconscious there’s going to be something perhaps about our identity you know, our self identity ego perception of self that’s wanting shedding that’s wanting transformation here, releasing kind of like a false way we’ve been viewing ourselves maybe not from our authentic self, but From our conditioning, so at 10:59am, the moon at 18 Leo is opposite Saturn retrograde at 18 Aquarius, again, this is where we’re here to take responsibility for our own emotional experience. Let others take responsibility for their own. And taking responsibility side of the planet responsibility, the moon and Leo, taking responsibility for our self love. And it may feel like someone externally is saying, Moon opposite Saturn can feel like someone’s saying, You’re not enough or you’re not good enough. And this is where we claim our own authority. And we hold ourselves the deepest self, the deepest self love. So any oppositional energy from someone that it feels like they’re telling us we’re not enough? We can no, it’s an invitation to turn inward and really hold ourselves with, with deeper love here.

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:50
When you talk about self love. I’m, I’m just remembering, like, I’m putting myself 10 years ago, and people would talk about things like self love, and it would be like, What do you mean? Like, what does that even mean? Self love? Like? What does that look like? How does that operate? How do I do that? So what would you say? What is self love to you? How does it? How does it move? You know, what does it look like and feel like?

Jaime Goldstein 21:23
So I love this question, what is self love. And I feel like I’m not going to have the perfect linear words here. But I’m going to try my best. And I’m a Leo rising. So really learning about self love and self mastering self love in this lifetime, is one of my big initiation. So I’ll just speak to what does it mean for me and some practical ways that I can drop into that space. So for me self love is and I can really drop into my heart space, and connecting my essence. And remembering my essence remembering my essence that is not at all defined by this Jamie identity and all the qualities of this Jamie identity. And this lifetime, my essence that is not at all defined by what I’m achieving and accomplishing and how good I’m doing it. And this lifetime, my essence that is not at all defined by my perceived mistakes and failures. And this lifetime, our essence really transcends all of that. And also, at the same time holding the self compassion for all these aspects of our self identity and ourselves in this lifetime to and for me, self love is really remembering that, you know, we’re here on this earth school. And we’re here on this journey to learn and grow and expand and come into greater awareness, among many other things like to share our gifts and bring and share love and all of these different things. But just remembering that this human journey is really messy, and it’s not a linear path, right? It’s a spiral as we’re going through as we’re going through these journeys, and so that we’re not going to get it perfect in every moment, we’re gonna have perceived failures, perceived mistakes, we’re gonna have these moments where we feel like we didn’t do something right, or we were out of integrity, and that that’s okay, this is all part of the learning journey. So holding ourselves of self compassion and understanding. And at the same time, you know, I so we’re talking about Saturn opposite moon here, or moon opposite Saturn here. And one of the ways I look at Saturn, one of the archetypal ways aspects of Saturn can be like the wise loving grandmother. So also, you know, there’s a self responsibility to love. Saturn is a planet of self responsibility. So to be self reflective, and to be able to acknowledge without going into shame, or blame or judgment to acknowledge where maybe where were we out of integrity, maybe where were we out of alignment? Maybe Where is there room to grow? And having that self reflection and that self reflection on how can we come into alignment? How can we come into integrity? How can we grow and the key is to the Self Mastery is in the learning the area we’re learning and growth is how can we do that without going into all this shame and blame and making ourselves wrong? And reminding ourselves right, because a lot of the time when we’re feeling like maybe disconnected from self love, we can be up in the minds of a lot of automatic negative self talk, and remembering that our thoughts are not who we are, and our thoughts are not always true. And we don’t even have to make our our self talk wrong. If it’s like that automatic, you know, really harsh, critical and negative self talk because sometimes when we’re trying to make that wrong, that’s actually moving out of self love. So we don’t have to make anything that’s coming up of our self talk wrong. And for me, the way to come back into self love is just to come into my heart space. So I literally just bring my hand on my heart That’s my easiest way for me to come into my heart space. And just guide my attention down into my heart. And anytime that automatic, you know, negative self talk or the spiraling or wanting to make myself wrong and judge myself and blame myself comes up to just notice, not making it wrong, just letting it be so and guiding my attention back to my heart, and just dropping below the thoughts and coming back to my heart again and again. And that that can take a lot of practice to, you know, be able to drop below the thoughts and to come into the heart space and allowing the heart to hold it all and sometimes even visualize, you know, the beautiful temple of My Heart, this beautiful sacred space and to have a meditation or a visualization where I’m entering into entering the space can be really profound and sometimes very practically, to self love can be just asking ourselves, what do we need and really connecting you have our higher guidance, or you could say, your heart space, your body wisdom, there’s a lot of ways you could connect to this, what am I need, you know, maybe it’s my nervous system feels dysregulated right now, so maybe I need to go outside and have my bare feet on the earth to co regulate with the earth to rest my back against the tree or lay down flat on the earth to allow that beautiful ionization you know, of my with the earth and my body to co regulate imbalance. Maybe I need a glass of water or a cup of tea. Maybe I need some compassionate touch, just, you know, like hugging myself, or if I have someone else and other loved one to go and receive a hug from them. Or if you have a pet to go live up and snuggle on your dog or your cat or call a friend. So that can be really powerful to in a really practical way. What do I need now? What do I need now. And like we said, Here, sometimes it is too much to be in the full intensity of it all if it’s overwhelming our nervous system, so maybe we need a little break here. And then we can come back to it later. And that’s okay too. There’s so much so much. That’s the you know, likelihood of things coming up Wednesday, and there’s really a beautiful heart alchemy here. So after the moon meet Saturn, we have at 6:23pm Mercury right so our mind that communication, opposes Chiron retrograde in Aries. So Mercury’s out of the retrograde post retrograde shadow now. But there may be some integration from what was going on during Mercury Retrograde, you know, September 9 Through October 2, you could go a few weeks before for the pre retrograde shadow, what was coming up with relationships? Where did you have new perspective? Seeing things with new light? Where you know, what alchemy did you have on your way of thinking and relationships as well as Mercury opposes Chiron, this could bring up some some wound that’s been triggered from the context of relationships, how we’re viewing ourselves through the lens of other relationships. So there’s some really powerful opportunity for healing for new perspective, maybe new perspective around our stories around our wounds. There’s a lot of alchemy here on fresh perspective, new ways of thinking and new ways of perceiving things. And then we have the moon at, let’s see, 9:09pm, the moon at 23. Leo is opposite Vesta at 23 Aquarius. So this is just a really powerful opportunity to be devoted and committed to self love. I just love that this is today because there’s so much I think that’s coming up from our unconscious today, a lot that’s getting stirred up. So being devoted to self love, I think could be really powerful. And then we have at 11:02pm. And the energies here really all day, Venus square Pluto. So this could bring up a lot around self worth, especially self worth, that’s triggered through our context of relationships, the relationship triggering self worth, there’s some really beautiful opportunity to come in, come again, come back into our heart and remember our worth, remember our value that is not at all defined by how others are thinking about us or perceiving that’s not defined by a certain relationship. There’s something really powerful here, some alchemy that’s coming up around self self worth and healing some wounds to self worth. And this is really significant because Venus is coming to the halfway point in her 19 month cycle, as she meets the sun in Libra on Saturday, and her cycle started and Pluto. I mean, her cycle started in Capricorn and January when she met the sun and rose as Morningstar. And she she made three conjunctions to Pluto pre retrograde during the retrograde and post retrograde. So this is a really powerful Venus cycle for for transformation here. So as we’re moving into Thursday, there’s not as much happening so I think it’s very much a day of integration after all these big things on Wednesday, there may be still sun like ripples of integration here at 3:55am The moon at 27 Leo sextiles the sun at 27 Libra, right so sextiles are just a nice flowing Energy, that this is the you know, the moon here is at the waning crescent moon. So we’re kind of coming to the final release of this lunation cycle and really going to start feeling the building energy of the Scorpio solar eclipse that to Scorpio that’s happening here, you know, the following week here, and then at 925, as the moon moves into Virgo. So now the moon’s moving out of, you know, playful, Leo, although the energy may have not felt very playful a lot of the time here as we’ve had these more intense transits, but the moon’s moving from playful, Leo into Virgo, and Virgo wants to be, you know, productive and get things accomplished and to organize, to take care of our bodies to, you know, tend to eating well, and whether we need movement, or yoga or dance, or whatever it is, but I really love this because we’re moving so close to the Venus Starpoint. And Virgo is a sign of sacred ceremony. So it’s a really beautiful opportunity to kind of move into a ceremonial space, however, that is for you. It could be just remembering the sacredness of the moment, going through the day like with that level of sacredness like blessing your food, blessing your water, remembering that everything sacred every moments moment for like ceremony, like lighting a candle, just as you’re doing your your things about your house, if that resonates for you, and just having that like sacred space, you know, that can be something really, really powerful here, so and then also this day, Mars moves to 25 Gemini, this is really significant, because this is the degree where Mars will station retrograde on October 30. So we’re really getting into that stationing energy in this whole week. And this whole time, Mars is stationing retrograde really for the rest of October. And moving into November. Mars is squaring Neptune. So as Mars is squaring Neptune, we may actually Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces, we are more likely to want to kind of react, and if we can be distracted, right? So something this week, there could be a lot coming up from our unconscious. And then it’s like, whatever first thing catches our attention, we may want to be like that’s a problem, or blame something on that person and just kind of like move our energy out and scattered ways.

Jaime Goldstein 32:16
So there’s something really powerful to kind of be mindful to like draw our energy back to us, because we’re probably not going to get anywhere if we’re just like, very impulsively, like projecting and scattering our energy out. And it may actually not even be clear as Mars is squaring Neptune, why we’re acting the way we are, that this thing Neptune activations, things are not as they seem so like, even what’s coming up the external thing that’s triggering us, we may think it’s about that. But you know, of course, everything’s always pointing to a deeper wound. And so if we’re getting distracted on that one thing, you know, and like this, Gemini energy, kind of scattering our energy all over the place, you can actually just really exhaust ourselves, if we can come into that stillness, really, this is a week of possible come into stillness, turn inward, there’s a really powerful opportunity here. So Friday 3:35am The Moon is conjunct Ceres at nine degrees of Virgo. So this is a good day to really just check in what do you need for nourishment? For nurturance or self care could be This is Moon and Virgo right could be eating healthy things that are nurturing and nourishing for your body that feel good for you. Maybe there’s movement yoga.

Jaime Goldstein 33:32
Chi Gong right Virgo is very much about how are we moving our energy through our bodies here it’s really just check in with that self care can be really powerful. So now we’re moving to Saturday, October 22. Now this is a big day. I’m really excited about this day. This is the Venus Starpoint and this is Saturn stationing direct which are the two big energies of the week at 9:27am The moon at 25 Virgo squares Mars at 25 Gemini. So we really want to be mindful again of how we are exerting our energy today. And this is I think another day to slow down and be more in a ceremonial space because as the moon squares Virgo or the moon squares Mars you know we may there could be some like tension a moon wanting to get it right and perfect and do the to do list and Mars and this really slowing down stationing energy in Gemini and maybe feel like wait, we can’t kind of we can’t do all those to do with our to do lists. But this is really not the day to do that to do is on our to do list. It’s a really beautiful day to drop into this really beautiful, very first of our lifetimes for most of us, you know Venus Libra Starpoint so at 2:17pm This is the big one. This is the Libra Venus Starpoints so Venus is traveling behind the sun, and she’s aligning with the heart of the sun and a really beautiful way to connect in with this energy. You know, one beautiful ceremonial way to meet it and a practical ways to go outside if you can. If it’s nighttime where you’re at the energies I mean, she’s within she went to one agree within the sun, I believe on Tuesday. So anytime we go outside and feel feel Venus in the light of the sun, like, because she’s like this, her her light is infused in the sunlight. Even though she’s on the other side of the sun, you can know she’s behind the sun. So feel that beautiful sunlight, like entering your skin entering your energy field, knowing that Venus is behind the sun, if it’s cloudy, you know, just using your intention, you can visualize it, that’s a really powerful way just to go out and feel that sunlight and feel Venus behind the sun. She’s the farthest away she gets from Earth. So there’s something here too, that’s really powerful About going inward. Venus is in her underworld journey, which is this deeply internal inward time. And you know, Venus represents she’s our heart, SS. So she’s our like delicious being nature that our central embodied experience of life, she’s and she’s all the things that are related to our heart. So our values and our what we value, particularly our self worth and our self value, she is hold, you know, Venus does connect to self love. She is attunement and bonding and connection. So she has that relationship with our relationship with self and relationship with others and how we can harmonize and attune and connect with others, which is also why she’s connected to romance and love and all of these things as well. And so to bring this into context, so the Venus cycle, we’re starting in a Capricorn Venus cycle that started in January of this era, when Venus met the sun. She was between the Earth and Sun, she was retrograde she met the sun in Capricorn. So this is the Capricorn cycle. So there are these that Capricornian theme. So some of the themes of this grander, 19 month Capricorn cycle are really creating new structures from our heart, coming into alignment with our heart, living within integrity with our hearts. And there’s also so much here about coming into right relationship with the earth living in alignment with nature’s principles. There’s a lot here about connecting in with right Venus, the sacred feminine, the sacred, feminine way of manifesting, we’ve lived in this you know, world, this society where we’ve had a lot of conditioning around, creating through you know, hard work and effort and all those things work and effort you know, Saturn things in Mars, things are great, but a lot of us are out of balance. This is about creating from our being nature, letting any action flow from our being nature. And this is also about creating the template for the new earth, the new way of sacred relating of the New Earth, and how to create this culture of compassion and care. So now for the very first Libra Starpoint. In our lifetime, Venus is meeting the sun and Libra, this is really seeding a new relationship paradigm, something new, and a way a new way of relating is wanting to come into your life. So something to look at as what house is 29 Libra and your astrology chart, something new is being seeded in this area of your life. And this is the part of rebirthing so as Venus started her cycle, she rose really high up really quickly around the equinox, she started to fall. So we’ve been in this this, you know, connects them with the myth of Anona the Morningstar Venus cycle is about surrendering and releasing everything that is not authentic to our heart essence. So we’re surrendering and releasing distortions, things around conditioning, distortions and inversions, that have kept us disconnected from our truth. We’re just surrendering and releasing and shedding all these things about identity we’ve taken on that’s not us. And so we’re going kind of emptied into the underworld. And this is where we come turn inward right the theme for this week loving ourselves back to wholeness and Venus went into the underworld, you know,

Jaime Goldstein 38:40
you’re at the end of September and she’ll be there through December. This is where we now we’ve surrendered and release so much of who we’re not now we get to love ourselves back into wholeness, love, all those authentic aspects of ourself that we’ve surrendered, denied, pushed away, right and we get to really like claim our being nature and the magic of our being nature. And now as Venus meets the sun, this is a moment of resurrection of being reborn and to more of our heart essence more of who we are authentically are and then as Venus rises as Eveningstar and December we’ll get to embody and reclaim more and more of what we’re being reborn into. So this is really powerful resurrection time. And it can just be a beautiful time maybe before going into the Venus star point I would do it before for the timing I wouldn’t do it at the moment at the Venus star point me personally but maybe reflect on what have you surrendered released since you know January of this year and maybe you write it down all the you know, perhaps layers you’ve been shutting off and you can burn it right find out if there’s a safe way for you to burn it you can burn it off on a piece of paper before going into this then there could just be something really powerful maybe you just light a candle at the moment of the Venus star point to just connect in with your inner light because this is about finding our inner light within and bringing it out. And a big part of this you know, Venus cycle I think as follows remembering the magic of our being nature our being just being in our essence who we are, this is our magic and and that is the greatest gift we can offer to the world. It’s just being an our essence and so oh my gosh there’s so much I could share here but I think that is pretty good here. So Saturn stationing direct 18 degrees of Aquarius, this is huge, because Venus is Cycle Start since started in Capricorn. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. So Venus and Saturn are like allies. And as Saturn is stationing direct you know, we’re going to the planet planet so they station direct, they get really loud, we hear their voices very loud, and there’s this energy of self reflection so we can integrate whatever came through with a Saturn retrograde Saturn went retrograde in June of this year. So what big learning lessons have you had since June of this year and particularly, you want to look at what house was Saturn in your astrology chart because that’s going to be where Saturn when Saturn goes retrograde, we have self responsibility checks, integrity checks, right there can be learning lessons or can be karmic things around that area of our life.

Jaime Goldstein 41:07
And Saturn Retrogrades are About going inward and creating you know restructuring our lives from the inside out but structures in our life need to be restructured. So what you know what, what big things around self responsibility and integrity and karmic things have come up since June. And now we’ll get to integrate them and move forward and now you know essentially manifests as we’ve been creating from the inside out Saturn is about manifestation getting to now experience so structures starting to kind of implement them in our external world and, and moving forward with whatever kind of karmic learning lessons we’ve had an opportunity to self master while Saturn was retrograde so and then Saturn stationing direct you know, it could feel like sometimes it can feel like there’s like self limiting or that can feel like there’s limitations, roadblocks, things getting in our way. Right The First when we were recording this video, like the electricity just went out and that reminds me you know, Saturn and Uranus are in a square right now. And Saturn is going direct. This is going to finally move out of that Saturn Uranus Square. So there’s been this energy of, there’s the synergy of the old versus the new and Saturn square Uranus. There’s this really powerful breakthrough break free energy of Uranus being the great Awakener the great liberator. So there’s this really powerful break through Break Free Energy wanting to emerge, we may actually not see what it is yet, but we’ll be having this big opportunity for a breakthrough break free as Saturn starts to move forward here. Our last day of the week here we have Venus and the Sun, both ingress Scorpio Venus at 12:51am and the sun at 3:55am. So now we’re going from we’ve had all this Libra energy of relationship kind of energy. Now we’re going to the depths of the Scorpion ik waters, which is all about Libra we get to know the sacred other right and Scorpio we really come into deep intimacy and trust with the sacred others so and within ourselves, of course. So there’s a lot here, you know, from our emotional waters that are going to be kind of coming up the Scorpio season as we’re moving into the solar eclipse here, a lot of powerful energy of really powerful karmic clearing, a lot of energy of transformation and alchemy and connecting more and more with our power from a place of love. This is a lot of I think, what’s being Alchemist here with the South Node in Scorpio, where on a collective level on a personal level, what is our relationship to power? Is it are we empowered are we disempowered, and it’s claiming our power and then utilizing our power from our heart space, right from a place of love, as opposed to unconsciously or manipulatively. So here’s the energy of the week. It’s been such a pleasure to be here with you. And I’m so grateful to connect here.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:48
Well, thank you, Jamie, so much for an incredible overview of the week, I feel like we really have a lot of great content to work with. And we did have a very Uranian moment during the recording of this podcast episode. And Jamie completely lost power. So she was able to actually add on the rest of the week. We stopped during Wednesday, and so I only have notes through Wednesday. So I think what we’ll do today is just give a little summary of the overarching themes so that you get reminded of what those are. And then also we’ll we’ll make sure that there is a summary of every single day in the Insider. So sign up for the insider if you are not already signed up astrology hub.com/insider. And that’s a great place to get all the summary for the whole week. Okay, so the theme for the week is loving ourselves into wholeness. And this is an amazing opportunity to focus on heart alchemy, and by heart alchemy, Jamie’s talking about taking all the different emotions that may be coming up probably in the realm of relationship which is definitely on highlight and sitting with them like letting Do them actually move in you. And in that process of allowing them to move in you, they actually can transform into something really powerful. So allowing yourself the space to do that allowing yourself the compassion to do that, allowing yourself the opportunity to do that. And like I was saying it at the beginning of the episode, one of the ways I have found that I don’t do that is when I try to distract myself out of it, which sometimes is just necessary. But other times, it’s kind of robbing myself of the opportunity of, of the full experience of that emotion. Because right underneath it is always treasure, there’s gold, there’s jewels, and I love what Michael Michael Beckwith says, I’m one of my favorite spiritual teachers, he always says, You have to feel it, to heal it. So in order to actually heal some of these things, we have to allow ourselves to feel them. So it sounds like lots of great opportunity to do that. This week, we’re having this opportunity to have a little bit of a resurrection moment to die to who we no longer are. There could be a lot of challenging moments Jamie brought up. And this other great quote, triggers are the trailheads to our treasures, relationships are highlighted. And we also have Saturn stationing this week. So we have a lot of Pluto energy, a lot of Chiron energy, we also have this Venus, Libra star point, right conjunct the sun, so lots of powerful potent energy and lots of transformative opportunities. So just want to thank all of you so much for being here for sharing this space with us every single week for coming together and tuning into the weekly weather tuning into the overarching energies that you’re able to work with in your life. Hopefully, it helps you navigate your life in a way that feels more fulfilling, more purposeful and more clear. And I want to thank Jamie for showing up for doing such an incredible job with the weekly weather for riding the wave of adversity that came in the middle of our recording and still showing up and giving us the rest of the weather for the week. I also wanted to let you know that our waitlist for our 2023 forecast event is now open. So this is an annual event. I think this is probably like the seventh year we’ve done it. And this is the time where we go through the entire year ahead and explore the biggest themes and the biggest transits that are going to be happening the year ahead. It’s going to be happening in December, but the waitlist is open now. So you can go to astrology hub.com/ 2023 forecasts this event is totally free. You can join us or you can join the waitlist and be one of the first to know when we’re open. And we can’t wait to have you as a part of that event will be featuring many different astrologers, many different perspectives, many different voices to go through the weather for 2023. Okay, thanks, everybody. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. And thank you as always, for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode. Are you looking for personalized guidance?

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