[STAR SIGN HOROSCOPES WEEKLY] Oct 28th – November 3rd, 2022 w/ Astrologer Jamie MageeTaurus Eclipse: What You NEED to Know with Astrologer Jamie Magee

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Taurus Eclipse: What You NEED to Know with Astrologer Jamie Magee

In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

๐ŸŒ‘ Why this will be a week to remember

๐ŸŒ’ About the karmic time taking place

๐ŸŒ“ How things from the past will prove significant to this weekโ€™s revealing energy

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Welcome to Star signed Horoscopos presented by Astrology Hub. This is your place to discover how each Zodiac sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I am your host, Jamie McGee, an astrologer author, and a member of the production team here at Astrology Hub, and I am really excited to dive into this week’s Astrology with you. Hi there, Astrology lovers.

Welcome to Star Sign Horoscopes. I am your astrologer, Jamie McGee, and today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Astrology for November 4th through the Tenth. I do hope you’re having a good week. Thank you so much for tuning in. I’d love to know where you’re tuning in from. All right, so this upcoming week is one that you were gonna remember either on a collective level or on a personal level.

If not both. If something memorable doesn’t surface, I assure you that a valuable seed that will set off a chain of events is most likely now the biggest cosmic energy bringing this charge to the week is the total lunar eclipse and Taurus. Now this eclipse will oppose Mercury square Saturn and join with Uranus. Now, we could talk for hours about how these planets could reveal themselves in your life,

but in short, there’s going to be a lot of conversations that activate the past and are charged with future oriented motives, so kind of keep that in mind. Now, how this energy reveals itself in your personal life really largely depends on your personal journey, on the conscious and unconscious choices that you’ve made on your past so far is definitely a very carmic time,

and I am sure you are curious about where this energy is revealing itself in your rising sign or your Sun sign. So let’s get ready to dive in. Okay, Scorpio, let’s take a look at your week now. Scorpio, your top three focuses are gonna be one, individuality and partnerships, two rooted issues, and three, connecting with inspiration. So let’s talk about why now.

We’ve mentioned before the undercurrents of this recent year has been about relationships, how they impact your life. Now, this eclipse season has amplified this scene, but it will reach a critical point as we move through this week’s energy. Now, what surfaces could feel instant or out of the blue? But I think in reflection, you will see all the signs that led you to where you are now.

Now what the universe’s invitation for you is to lean into alliances that supports your path. Now, to fully commit to this partnership, you need to be willing to share your wisdom and your vitality and trust that you are stronger together than you are alone. Now remember, your goal is to find a lasting connection that it supports and inspires you. I do hope you have a great week.

I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Sagittarius, let’s take a look at your week now. Sagittarius, your top three focuses are gonna be one, mind and body, two, framing your daily routines and three, a legacy. Now, let’s talk about why now for you the focus of this eclipse energy is more internal or private. It carries Athene of letting go in order to receive.

Now, for some of you, this could be on a, on a subconscious level, your intuition, your dreams, your triggers are where you feel isolated or trapped or clues to where this story is pointing in your life. Now, on some level, you’re trying to put in place mind and body practices that support your health and your wealth, and the question is what needs to change to make you feel more in balance?

You may need to rebuild or rearrange a few rituals or even how you communicate with others, which could have its challenges, but you will know if you are on the right track by how tense or relieved you feel once you make a decision. Now, the shining light for you Sagittarius is legacy. Now, this could be one that you are a part of,

one that you can lean on are one that you’re starting to build on your own. Now, if you focus on this, you focus on this support, it will help you make sense of both the unconscious and conscious actions that you are making that have led you to this point. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Capricorn, let’s take a look at your week now. Capricorn, your top three focuses are gonna be one, creation and allies, two value systems, and three daily harmony. Now let’s talk about why now when you are a Capricorn who is carefully built an empire around them, it’s not always easy to know where your attention is needed the most.

However, with this week’s eclipse energy, the need to focus on what you have created and how you share it with the world is definitely gonna be hard to ignore. Now, you have spent a considerable amount of time cultivating your dream and building strong alliances. You’re reaching a turning point, one that will ask you to dial back into what brings you joy,

what brings you that inspiration. In other words, the fun, the passion that inspired the dream in the first place. Now take some time to consider if you still have joy around what you are doing, if you are still building toward that sole deep dream that you have. Now, your values may need to shift however you are going to feel charged and ready to take action on a new or old dream.

If not both, there are endless ideas and inspiration around you, so please listen, watch, and you will know exactly what to do next. Do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Aquarius, let’s take a look at your week now. Aquarius, your top three focuses are gonna be one, who you are and your roots,

two, self expression, and three, what’s important. So let’s talk about why now. Getting comfortable with change publicly and privately has been an ongoing theme for you. As you move through this week’s eclipse energy, you may feel a tug of war between where you are going and where you came from. Now the invitation may be to worry less about how the world knows you and more about your roots,

your foundations of your life. Ideas about how you can balance this theme and this time and attention are definitely gonna be endless in an abundance. However, taking thoughtless action now could throw you off track as well as defending decisions you’ve made or debating choices that others have made is that I would, I think you need to or I would suggest that you focus on what matters to you and what you can do to support this part of your life.

This will help you connect with healthy inspiration and take action steps to really realign you with that path that you feel called to. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Pisces, let’s take a look at your week now. Pisces, your top three focuses are gonna be one, finding your way home,

two personal convictions, and three, Health and vitality. Now let’s talk about why learning, mastering, and exploring new realms has been a comfort zone for you. Though throughout this year, you have felt pulled to focus more locally or rather to take big ideas and simplify them by applying them to your daily routines or even in how you communicate with people that you speak to every day or work with.

Now, this week’s eclipse energy will help you understand how close or far you are from connecting with this new direction or this new hunger that you have. However, before you explore these new ideas, I want you to spend some time reflecting. Do you feel aligned? Is there anything stirring your anxieties? If anything feels off, I want you to find a way to adjust or really consider finding a way to adjust.

If it’s your inner wisdom and your strength, that’s gonna guide you toward home, so if something feels off, you wanna listen to it. More importantly, this inner wisdom is what cultivates your health and vitality, which is extremely important right now. All right. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay,

Aries, let’s take a look at your week now. Aries, your top three focuses are gonna be one values, two alliances, and three inner peace. Now, let’s talk about why now, Aries, on a lot of levels, you are in a deeply transformational face. In the past year, your resources are who you are deeply connected to have likely shifted.

Now, the invitation is to break away from a legacy you are a part of and create your own, and as you are well aware, this is a process and not an overnight revolution. However, with this week’s eclipse energy, you’re going to get a report card. You’re gonna easily see how far you’ve come with this desire, and more importantly, what’s holding you back if you haven’t gone as far as you’d like.

Now, as you work with this reality check, take a look at your dream and those that you have in your corner with you. Is it giving you an inner peace or is it stirring up fears and anxieties? Hopefully it’s peace. If not, no worries. You have the power to change the path that you’re on, and I do hope you have a good week.

Look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Torres, let’s take a look at your week now. Taurus, your top three focuses are gonna be one, individuality, two reputation, and three dreams and allies. So let’s talk about why now. Fortifying your individuality and breaking away from partnerships, both good and bad have had your attention over the last year.

Now, this topic is likely to en feel a little intense during this eclipse week or this eclipse season. Now, you may come face to face with reasons to stand on your own or you could miss the security of having a partnership that you could count on. The goal of this energetic push is to find a balance in the middle, to have support for your partners,

but not so much that you need to lose yourself. On the middle of this back and forth energy, your career is shifting. Adjustments you’ve made over the last year are really starting to show results. Now, Taurus, with this kind of energy, it’s best to remember what your why, that purpose behind what you’re doing is and what is supporting your dream in this life that you are building toward.

I think that’ll help you make the most of this week’s energy, and I do hope you have a good one. I’ll see you next time. Okay, Gemini, let’s take a look at your week now, Jim and I, your top three focuses are gonna be one inner piece, two following your purpose, and three, trusting your intuition. So let’s talk about why now.

Gemini, your daily routines could feel over the top during this week. Big themes for you may be around work health are simply getting from point A to point B. My best advice for you is to notice what you like about this rush. Notice the tools, the skills or alliances that you have grown to trust or that you do trust. Then I want you to notice what’s holding you back.

The goal is to let go of anything that’s hindering your inner peace and to find peace. You may have to revise your convictions or take another look at a long term goal that you have. Are you aligned with your purpose? Is there an opportunity that you left on the table or even is there an opportunity that that you picked up that’s challenging you just a little bit too much right now?

Either way, deep down you know the answer to this question and I want you to trust your gut feeling and follow all the signs that are there, and if you do so, you’ll have a good week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, cancer, let’s take a look at your week now. Cancer, your top three focuses are gonna be one,

deep loves, two convictions, and three ending to begin, so let’s talk about why now. Your focus is still on what you love without condition. Things that you have created are something that simply just brings you joy. Now, with this week’s eclipse energy, you may experience a revelation on these topics are you are sensing how deeply bonded you are and how precious this part of your life is.

However, you are also sensing that to protect what you love, you have to grow. Now, this growth, in a sense is a right of passage moving from one stage to another. This can feel overwhelming or relieving depending on the work that you’ve done up until this point of your life or in this area of your life. Now, no matter where you land with this energy,

trust what leaves must and what arrives is needed. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Leo, let’s take a look at your week now. Leo, your top three focuses are gonna be one, family and purpose, two alliances and three faithful sacrifices. Now, let’s talk about why with so much going on in your life,

finding a moment to reflect or remember why you were on this path can be a bit of a challenge. However, in many ways, the reflection is the medicine that you need. This week’s eclipse energy is asking you to consider endings and beginnings occurring at your foundations and how this will or will not support the purpose or the reputation that you desire. Now,

Leo, if you feel overwhelmed, I want you to remember the promises that you made to yourself when you thought you had nothing to lose. Trust that whatever leaves your life is truly a gift and that you will be grateful that it had once your story completely unfolds. Now, with that being said, this is also a powerful time to strengthen alliances that are on the same course that you are on these alliances and partnerships should feel easy,

not forced. Keep this in mind and you’ll attract exactly what you need. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Virgo, let’s take a look at your week now. Virgo, your top three focuses are gonna be one, the journey ahead, two partnerships and three supported rituals. Now, let’s talk about why now.

Education, sharing knowledge or seeking mastery on a wide scale is calling you out of your comfort zone. This week’s eclipse and energy may give you a glimpse of how much more you can learn or share with the world. Now, with this in mind, you may find the need or feel the need to become more strict with your work and your rituals so that you can ease into these upcoming shifts.

Now, using good habits and building strong systems are recommended. However, it’s also important to enjoy the journey. There’s just as many lessons along the way as they’re going to be when you get there. Now, I want you to think carefully about the alliances that you have or that you want to attract into your life. By holding your end goal in mind,

you will easily understand who needs to be at your side on this journey as you move through it, and once you arrive. I do hope you have a great week, Virgo. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Libra, let’s take a look at your week now. Libra, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your values to unconditional love,

and three, the wealth of your health. Now, let’s talk about why now. Libra, you are well on your way to stepping into this new birthday year and integrating goals. Now, the focus on what’s important are valuable and how you can share this with others will be a hot topic as we move through this eclipse energy. Right now, you have the ability to attract exactly what you need,

However, you also have the desire to spend more than you need or possibly have with all matters of money. Think carefully before you make decisions. The financial landscape that you have will soon shift, and until you know how that lands in your life, being cautious is the perfect gift to gift your future self. This is a good week to find ways to bring what you love into your work or your daily rituals.

Try to bring things into your daily rhythm that helps promote long term bliss instead of that instant gratification. That’ll also kind of help you weigh where your attention and money needs to go. All right, I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. All right, that is all the signs. I do hope you found some helpful tips about how to work with this week’s eclipse energy.

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