What? More Change?! w/ Astrologer Rick Levine

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Get ready for surprises.

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda β€˜Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

πŸŒ‘ Why Rick Levine says to expect more change this week.
πŸŒ’ Which signs might be impacted the most strongly by this influence (remember to look at your whole chart! Not just your sun sign).
πŸŒ“ Why hiding during difficult transits is not the most effective way to navigate them – and what to do instead.

Chapters πŸŽ₯

0:00 Intro

1:27 Who Will be Affected by this Week the Most

4:19 Most Important Day of the Week

5:37 Day by Day Breakdown

52:12 Review of the Week

1:01:04 Closing

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[00:00:00] Rick Levine: Something’s gonna happen. And the question is, do you want to taste the sugar or be the sugar? Do you wanna, do you wanna respond to the change or do you wanna be the change?


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[00:00:35] Amanda Walsh: Hey everybody. Today we are going to be taking a look at the week ahead and diving into why Rick Levine says that this is another week of significant change. For those of you who are new to our channel, welcome, we are passionate about sharing the wisdom and guidance astrology can provide, especially when facilitated by incredible astrologers like the one we have here today.

[00:00:59] And here on the weekly weather, we give you practical tips for working with the changing astrological tides. If you are new, hit the subscribe button. And the notification bell and enjoy the journey with us. Thank you. Right now we’re about to dive into the astrology of the week of January 30th to February 5th with one of our favorite astrologers here at Astrology Hub Master Astrologer, Rick Merlin Levine.

[00:01:24] All right, Rick. So why are you

Who Will Feel the Upcoming Change?

[00:01:27] Amanda Walsh: saying this is a week of more

[00:01:29] Rick Levine: change? Okay. I am, but you said significant change, and it’s not that that’s wrong, it’s just that. Significance is a personal issue. And some people will glide through the week like it was another week, and other people’s entire lives will change.

[00:01:48] So we j i I always like to be a little bit careful. They’re giving enough people, the, the, the width to create their own experience. Because one of the downfalls of this type of astrology is that people get performance pressure. Oh my God, my life didn’t change significantly. I’m, I’m a screw up. You, you know what I mean?

[00:02:07] It did, yes. Yeah. So, so Rick,

[00:02:10] Amanda Walsh: can we tell, based on the, based on the transits that are happening this week, can we tell who is more likely to have significant change, and then who is more likely to sort of breeze through this week?

[00:02:22] Rick Levine: Yeah. People between the ages of 36 and 39, born in eight, no not without looking at their whole chart.

[00:02:32] And, and, and it’s, and, and it’s true when we get to the major significant events, which a lot of this week is leading up to a crescendo of the sun squaring Uranus. On Friday, and then the moon is full on Sunday, but the full Moon is also square Uranus, which is why we have changes.

[00:02:57] So what this means, since Uranus is in Taurus and the sun is in Aquarius, this means that fixed signs might feel this the most, because if you are a Taurus, then the, the sun, in Aquarius is squaring your, your sun sign. Uranus is in the same sign as your sun sign. And then the full moon will be opposite.

[00:03:26] And you can do that the same for if you’re a Taurus or if you’re a Leo, or if you’re a Scorpio. Those are the, but. But you might not be a fixed sign and you might not have a moon or ascendant in that fixed sign, but you could have Jupiter or any other planet, that is sensitive to those points. And so we have to be careful about, who we say gets, you know, energized by these, by these different things.

[00:03:57] And then on top of that, you know, since it’s Uranus, which is the planet of change, there are those people who, have a very strongly placed Uranus in their birth chart. and therefore they’re more sensitive to Uranus. And so it’s ju it’s a little bit more complicated than just saying, you know, these signs are those signs.

[00:04:16] But that’s the rough lay of the land.

Most Important Day of the Week

[00:04:19] Rick Levine: And I, and I think that in order to look at this week, you know me, it’s like what’s the most important day of the week? Well, it’s in three weeks. Um, actually the most important day of this week is the full Moon on, on, on, on Sunday. So I’m not breaking out there. But I do think we need to, in our mind, go back to January 21st at the New Moon in Aquarius.

[00:04:45] Because remember, the Full Moon is just a height of energy. That was seeded at the New Moon. The Full Moon is the culmination of the energy from the New Moon. And that New Moon in Aquarius was very powerful because it’s, it, it, it’s moving the energy where it’s been bottled up for years in a way, in Capricorn.

[00:05:09] That New Moon in Aquarius is kind of like a signal that we’re in for major changes over the next year and even, even years. And, and also that New Moon had Venus conjunct, Saturn, which also has to do with a bit of restraint. And so this common theme that we’ve had for what seems like years is the bolt ahead into the future.

[00:05:35] But hold back.

Day to Day Breakdown

[00:05:37] Rick Levine: But I think now, and this is where we’re gonna start the actual week, is that we’re bolting into the future. Like it or not, on, , the opening day of, of this week, which is, it’s the 30th on Monday. We now have all planets moving direct and we are coming off of this incredibly potent, um, Mars that was retrograde and Mercury retrograde while the Mars was retrograde.

[00:06:12] And if anybody doubts the power. You know, of these retrogrades, just look back to, you know, to, to earlier in the month when we had this 15 votes on the floor of the Congress, you know, this was a, it was a, a Mercury and Mars retrograde the energy to move forward. And yet it wasn’t happening. It wasn’t happening.

[00:06:35] It wasn’t happening. And then the first time ever, the entire airline system in the United States, you know, literally shuts down on the Mars station direct. Because the thing is, is that, you know, when, a, and I’ve said this many times before, but when a planet like Mars, stations to go retrograde or direct, and it turned direct back on January 12th, but on January 12th when it turned direct, it was at eight degrees of Gemini.

[00:07:06] It was at eight degrees of Gemini on January 1st. And it was at eight degrees of Gemini on January 24th. So, so it was micro moving back and forth, but it, but, but that whole idea of a planet just saying, oh, it’s direct today, everything loosens up. The icebergs are now melted in the way we go. It’s, that’s, that’s the theory, but the practice, you have to look at the planet and the movement.

[00:07:36] Now having said that, as we hit this new week, the, it, it’s technically the first week of February rather than the last week of January, but it starts on January 30th. On January 30th, we have a Moon Mars conjunction in Gemini and Mars has bolted ahead and it’s all the way to 10 degrees. I mean it, in other words, it’s moved barely, not even two degrees, a degree and a half, but it’s moving ahead.

[00:08:09] and that’s, and and it’s now noticeable and it wasn’t noticeable until now. So as we hit February, we’re getting a sense that Mars is moving ahead. Um, the, the, the same thing with Mercury, I mean, Mer Mercury, retrograded also back to about eight degrees, give or take a degree of Capricorn.

[00:08:30] Now we start this week with Mercury at 15 degrees of Capricorn. So that Mercury is, you know, really, um, it’s, it’s moving ahead and it’s gaining speed. In fact, by the end of the week, mercury is at 23 degrees of Capricorn, so it’s already moving faster than a degree a day. So we’re getting, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re back in the swing of things, with, with Mercury.

[00:08:58] And so this sets the tone for the changes this week because there is in fact, A, a, a thrust, a a movement forward. And so the Monday itself, we begin the day with the moon just moving into Gemini, which is also like a loosening of, of energy. When the moon moves into Gemini, after having been in tourists for a couple of days, often we feel more flexibility, adaptability, we feel like we can move, we may not be as stuck.

[00:09:28] And when that moon moves into Gemini, at just 12:34 AM on on Monday morning, on the first day of the week, it almost immediately encounters Mars by eight 30. , today the moon catches up with Mars. So on Monday we’re gonna be feeling that Moon Mars energy. We may. Excess anger, we may have just simply a, um, a desire we get out of bed and we’re saying, wow, there’s just this sense of, of wanting to go, of wanting to go forward. And in fact by later this evening, the moon, also makes a trine to the sun. So remember we have Mars, in Gemini making a trine to the sun. And the moon lining up with Mars. So this is fiery energy.

[00:10:21] This is, this is, this is like a, a feel, a feel good day. And actually, I misspoke the exact trying of Mars to the sun, was, yesterday, meaning, Sunday of the, of, of the, of the, of the prior week. But we’re still feeling that today and especially as the moon sweeps through there. And then there’s one other thing today that I think is significant and that is Mercury.

[00:10:46] Which is, you know, moving forward, it makes a by quintile with Mars, and now Mercury is communication and Mars is setting boundaries. It’s assertion when it’s used healthy healthily. It’s aggression when it’s too much. But it’s, it, it’s establishing boundaries. It’s the ego wanting to establish boundaries.

[00:11:10] And Mercury, in Capricorn is doing it through communication that is rather, steady. It’s real. It, it’s not made up. It’s not fantasy stuff. But the quintile series, which many astrologers don’t use, we’re gonna be digging into that in foundations, level three. As we go into these harmonic aspects of quintiles and subtitles and, and uncover a whole layer of magic that most people don’t even realize e exists.

[00:11:41] Uh, we’re gonna, we’re gonna blow some minds, but on Monday, While Mercury is by Quintile and Mars, they’re quintiles are very creative. They’re, they don’t follow a plan. They’re, they’re like magical. They’re is char, they’re charismatic. And so in some way, the ability to use the mind Mercury in order to get to where we’re going is gonna be very powerful.

[00:12:09] And again, we’re also just coming off of yesterday, meaning Sunday’s, mercury trying Uranus and, and, and so we’re already buzzing. We go into this week buzzing, and it’s Uranus though again, we we’re, ready for change. So that’s the way that, that’s the way the week cooks at the very beginning.

[00:12:30] And it’s like, it’s like we get out of bed on Monday morning on the right side of the bed. No, there’s a lot that can go wrong in any day for anyone. . I’m not being negative, but, but we start with this excitement, this enthusiasm, this, this, this, ready to go, kind of energy. Hmm.

[00:12:51] Amanda Walsh: Rick, before you go on, I just wanted to mention to anybody who’s interested in taking the class on the Quintiles reptiles by Quintiles, the harmonic aspects that Rick’s talking about.

[00:13:02] Registration is open, so you can go to

[00:13:04] Amanda Walsh: astrology hub.com/foundations three, and this is top by

[00:13:11] Rick Levine: Rick Foundations number three.

[00:13:13] Amanda Walsh: Yes, the number three. And we’ll put that link in the show notes as well. But, Rick’s gonna be teaching that class. I know he’s super excited to be teaching this and by the name of those aspects, it doesn’t sound that interesting, but when you start to unpack what they actually reveal in the chart and why it’s so important, especially now for all of us to begin paying attention to these in the chart because they’re giving us a layer of access into the person that we can’t get if we aren’t looking at these aspects.

[00:13:44] So I love that you’re teaching this for us. Yeah.

[00:13:46] Rick Levine: And I must say that my observation of these over the years, and I don’t wanna get distracted into the course material, but my, my observation of these over the years, Is that on one level they can be quite subtle, but as we know, sometimes the subtle thing is the most profound, right?

[00:14:06] And that they’re much more potent in natal astrology than they seem to be in transit or mundane astrology. I’m mentioning it here, this mercury by quintile Mars, because it is the strongest aspect of the day. But if there were other aspects in the day, if you were trained, you might notice it, but they’re less obvious.

[00:14:30] And so often we, we respond to those things that are the most obvious. Hmm.

[00:14:36] Amanda Walsh: Okay. Great. All right, so let’s go into

[00:14:37] Rick Levine: Tuesday. Tuesday’s a bit of a sleeper. I mean, Venus is making a semis sex tile with Jupiter. And semis, sex tiles are kind of an interesting aspect. They don’t seem to carry as much weight in their movement.

[00:14:53] Semis sex tiles are what Tmy called in conjunct, meaning that they were in aversion, they couldn’t even see each other. There was nothing going on. We modernists treated a little bit differently. But there is a, a, a tension, between Venus, what we like, what we love, what we’re attracted to our, our values, and jupi.

[00:15:19] To make it bigger, make it better, make it more, and yet the two of them aren’t quite working out of the same page or book today. And that might be frustrating, but we might not even notice. I mean, , Tuesday is, is a bit of an, an annoying day I think, but it’s not a big enough deal for us to do anything about it.

[00:15:42] And, and, and I find it intriguing that it’s these kinds of days when other stuff comes up, stuff that has nothing to do with today. You know, it’s, the thing is like you work your butt off all week and you have all these things you wanna do on Saturday or just take the day off and you wake up Saturday morning and you have a cold and you can’t move because you didn’t have time during the week to process it.

[00:16:06] You process it when you have time. And I think astrology is like that. And if you just follow the what’s going on in the sky, sometimes you miss the fact. That it’s these quieter days when stuff comes up, because that’s Tuesday moon’s still in Gemini though. And in fact that moon at the, by the end of the day in Gemini is squaring Neptune, which can be a bit confusing because Neptune is the planet of, melting away the reality of Saturn on Wednesday, the energy picks up, uh, a a bit, but it also becomes a bit more internalized. At noon. These are all Pacific times that I’m giving. At noon, actually, at 12:11 PM the moon moves from Gemini into cancer, and as it does that, Our energies instead of being fragmented, distracted, adaptable, outgoing, engaging, kind of just this moving around.

[00:17:10] I always think of the moon and Gemini, like the old fashioned telephone operators, who are just plugging this in with that, the, you know, making, making the connections. The moon moves into cancer on February 1st, and you, we, we lose interest in making those connections. We, we go internal. We, we tend to go quiet.

[00:17:31] We tend to become more reflective. And again, this can vary person to person because if someone, for example, has their natal Mars in cancer, when the moon goes into cancer, their Mars is gonna be. So, you know, so we have to be careful. But the general sweep is that when the moon goes into cancer, we, we, we, we tend to go inward.

[00:17:58] We tend to pull in, we tend to create boundaries, but not like Mars boundaries by, you know, creating war or, or rattling people’s cages or yelling people to get out of our house or what, you know, whatever. Instead with the moon in cancer, we create boundaries by just becoming invisible by, by sucking the energy by, by being, non confrontive.

[00:18:25] I think sometimes a, a key word for canarian energy. This is, you know, sun, moon descendant anything, is passive aggressive. But we have to even be careful about that because as I’ve said many, many times, we have to remember that astrology was. Written by guys, for guys. I mean, it is, it is in essence a growth out of a patriarchal view of the universe.

[00:18:57] And so cancer is, is not considered to be, a patriarchical sign because it’s caring, it’s nurturing, it’s soothing, it’s gentle. And so when the moon goes into cancer and we may get passive aggressive, that’s a male label, we might just be more okay with it. And if we’re angry, we’ll hold on to it. We’ll work it out over time, whatever.

[00:19:24] So we have to be careful about all these kinds of, uh, labels. Anyhow, the other thing that happens on, on the first of the month on Wednesday is that the sun in Aquarius. Reaches 12 degrees of Aquarius and Chiron, which is now moving direct, is at 12 degrees of Aries. So Aquarius Air and Aries fire, the 12 degrees Aquarius air sign.

[00:19:54] Sun forms a sextile with Chiron at 12 degrees of Aries. Fire, fire, and air go go together. And so here we have a matched polarity, but it’s a young polarity because, because fire and air are young, whereas water and earth are yin. In fact, we have the moon moving into a yin. Pull in, gentle, caring, passive, and we have the Sun and Chiron, outgoing and now connecting.

[00:20:29] Jupiter also is in Aries, but it’s the sun Sextile Chiron that I think makes the day because it gives us the, the ability to understand our enemy, to understand those parts of ourselves that don’t work the way we wished they would. We have the ability to heal and the healing is a combination of this engaging energy of the Sun, Chiron, sextile, and the Moon in cancer, which is like the taking care of.

[00:21:07] So, so Wednesday to me, I think is a, is a stabilizing and relatively sweet day. Again, there’s not a lot of action. And it’s interesting because often in astrology we, it’s just like being a kid. And you, anyone who’s been a parent knows that kids go through growth spurts where nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens.

[00:21:28] They go to sleep and taller. I’m exaggerating, but, but we, we don’t, we, we don’t move forward like this. We move forward like this,

[00:21:42] you know, we make these jumps. So I think on some level, Tuesday, Wednesday, and even into Thursday, we’re getting a little bit of, what Freud would call a latent period. You know, the energies there, but it’s just not quite as on the surface. Thursday, very early in the morning, even late Wednesday night, depending on where you are.

[00:22:09] The moon squares, Jupiter and Rines Venus, you know, this is like a good n bad news, good news. It’s, it’s just like there, there, there’s stuff going on, but it’s not overwhelming. During the day. The moon moves into a square with Chiron, Quin hunks the sun. This is a bit annoying in the afternoon, but again, I don’t think it’s anything overwhelming.

[00:22:35] And then by dinnertime, and that is again, Pacific Coast dinnertime. Five, six o’clock, seven o’clock, the moon forms a sextile. And this is actually, um, a bell. This is the, the, the moon sextile and Uranus normally is an aspect that lasts an hour or two or three, and I guess moon aspects, the moon moves quickly enough that it doesn’t, you know, really matter in the long term.

[00:23:03] But when the moon, in cancer makes that sextile to Uranus, it’s giving us an advanced warning notice that we need to pay attention to Uranus. And the sooner we begin paying attention to Uranus, the better because the sun by Thursday afternoon, is already within a degree of squaring Uranus. Often when we do these weekly transits, we talk about the exact day of a transit.

[00:23:33] So the sun, moves into 15 degrees of Aquarius on Friday evening, which is exactly squaring Uranus at 15 degrees of Taurus. , but on Thursday the sun is at 14 degrees of Aquarius and we’re feeling that all, in fact we we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re feeling it building all week. And it’s almost like something’s gonna happen.

[00:23:59] Something’s gonna happen. And the question is, do you want to taste the sugar or be the sugar? Do you wanna, do you wanna respond to the change or do you wanna be the change? This is the big question with, with with, with Uranus, and on one hand, we’re, we’re going more changes. I mean, haven’t we, haven’t we had enough change for a while?

[00:24:27] You know, can’t we just have like, like a day or month, a year or two off where we just kind of can just do our daily stuff and not be bothered? Well, no, not. Um, and so on Friday, as the sun moves closer and closer to the square, which is exact by Friday evening at 6:50 PM but again, I mean the sun moves about a degree a day.

[00:24:53] So we’re gonna feel that square really kind of beginning a little bit on Wednesday, Thursday, more Friday a lot. But we’re still gonna feel it on Saturday and Sunday. And in fact, on Sunday when we have the full moon, the moon is gonna bring that Uranus right back up into our faces and we’ll get there in just a moment.

[00:25:14] But that’s why this is a week of change. So, and, and again, there’s many ways in which we can subdue, cosmic. As a form of disassociation, avoidance, of ignoring it, which is really ignorance, , and, and the thing is, is that when we have an aspect like this, the highest use of it is to engage it.

[00:25:42] You know, I remember being in, in India lecturing in Calcutta, during a lunar eclipse. And my, I mean, I was on the program while there was a total lunar eclipse outside and the moon was, was red. Now, in the vadk tradition, you do not wanna put crystals out and you do not wanna be out under an eclipse because they’re an adverse energy Now.

[00:26:11] My belief is that there are no adverse energies and that may be slightly overstating it. It’s how we react and, and I think that a lot of, I’ve heard many people voice this in different ways. Oh, I have, you know, um, Pluto’s gonna be blah, blah, blah in my chart. I’m just gonna go into hiding for Or my sa Saturn is gonna be, you know, um, uh, crossing my, my natal moon next week. Exactly. I’ve canceled all my appointments. I’m staying home. I’m gonna hide under the bed for It’s not an effective way to get the most out of a transit because the things that we go into denial over or the things that we’re hiding from will still.

[00:27:02] Be buried physically because emotions live in our body physically. We’ll, they’ll still be buried, and those things will still be annoying and the transit will pass and we will have missed our chance to engage it or to about it. So back to this week as we can go, too much change. I need some time off.

[00:27:25] I am just gonna, you know, um, microdose on mushrooms for the rest of the week, which is legal in many necks of the woods these days. Or whatever it is that you might do to totally chill out and, and relax , and I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be relaxation and, and either meditation or prayer involved, um, Understand that the Sun Square Uranus on Friday is going to, in some way create a metaphysical storm.

[00:27:59] Oh, it could be physical because remember, metaphysics creates physics. And so, so the sun in Aquarius, and Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius or the planet associated with the sign of Aquarius. Some, some people would feel more comfortable with that. And so as the sun in Aquarius is creating a conflict of dynamic aspect square to Uranus in Taurus, it’s like something’s gotta break loose.

[00:28:33] And yes, we can sleep through it, you know, and you know, take our Xanax or whatever and smooth things out. But the universe has something to tell And that will begin on Thursday, cuz we’ll be feeling the square already. And as the moon on Thursday afternoon, wink says, the sun and then sextiles Uranus.

[00:28:59] That’s that early warning that I talked about before. But by the time we get to Friday, there’s something for us to do. And if we do it, it won’t do us. There’s, there’s an, an astrologer, I don’t know if you know Bruce Scoville, master’s degree ver um, very smart, very, very astute astrologer. Been a longtime faculty member at, at Kepler College.

[00:29:28] And many years ago, Bruce wrote an article in the mountain astrologer, which was his, his theory of symbolic substitution. , and some of it was meant tongue in cheek, and some of it was meant to be. Absolutely. This is the way it works. So, you know, Uranus is u I mean, the planet Uranus is associated with electricity, like the planet.

[00:29:54] Neptune is associated with magnetism. And of course we know electromagnetism are, you know, in a, in effect, they, they work together. But the u the action of Uranus is instantaneous. It’s lightning striking, it’s shocking. It’s getting into an accident which is often getting into a purpose.

[00:30:15] But I don’t want to go into that linguistic thing because often when a Uranus occurs and there is an accident, it happens as part of a wake up Not always, but often. But the Uranus energy is. Like, like a spark, like a shock. Like a aha. In fact, it’s called Uranus. The awaken, the light bulb goes on.

[00:30:37] Light bulb doesn’t take an hour to warm up. It’s off on, off on. That’s the way electricity works. That’s the way Uranus works. Very different than than Neptune magnetism, which is kind of more mysterious, and it comes in it’s fields. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s like even the magnetism, animal magnetism, mesmerism, hypnotism.

[00:31:03] These are all, there’s there, there, there’s, there’s no lightning striking. It’s, it’s, it’s fog, mist. It’s creativity. Within that. It can be brilliant, but that’s the difference between Uranus and Neptune. Here we have the sun moving through Uranus’s. Aquarius, which is also electrical. You know, the symbol of Aquarius, you know, the Ty lines.

[00:31:29] Most people don’t have a clue as to what that means, and I’ll tell you, it’s very simple. There is electricity in the air and electricity is wavelike. And the thing is that dry air doesn’t conduct electricity. Ask anyone who’s lived in, in Norway, Sweden, Minnesota, um, uh, Northern Canada in the winter, you know, you, you, you know, you go to, uh, turn on a light and you just get the habit of, instead of reaching for the light switch and turning it on, you hit your hand against the light switch.

[00:32:02] Cuz you want to minimize the feeling of, the shock you get when you, when you ground to anything, you shake someone’s hand and it’s shock. Because the, the electricity is not conducted in dry air. Now you compare that with life in Hawaii or in a rainforest, you know, where, where the humid, or in the Mediterranean where the humidity is higher and there’s much more psychic communication.

[00:32:30] We conduct that, that magnetism and electricity, more readily through wet air than dry air nervous system. And in fact, the nervous system is And the nervous system cannot work unless it’s wet because it’s the water in the, um, what is it? The sodium potassium chain that creates an impulse down the nervous system.

[00:32:56] That’s a, like a wet cell. It needs to have water. What is Aquarius? It’s the water bearer and it’s an air sign. . And so it has to do with the water in the air that conducts the lightning light. I mean, you know, there is such a thing as dry lightning, but lightning happens typically when there, when there there’s humidity because that’s what makes the sparks flow.

[00:33:22] Amanda Walsh: Rick, this is mind blowing.

[00:33:24] Rick Levine: I’m, oh, this is amazing. So here’s the punchline to all of this. The punchline is that when the sun squares Uranus, the lightning wants to strike the, the, and, and, and remember, lightning only strikes when there’s tension that’s built up. Y there cannot be lightning unless there’s a strong, positive and negative.

[00:33:47] And I don’t mean that as a value judgment. I mean that as an electrical charge, a plus charge, a minus charge. And the stronger that charge is, the more it builds up. And the thing is with Uranus, you know, uh, is is that like you get this warm, wet air mass. That has, a negative ionization. You know, negative ions feel good.

[00:34:11] It’s what, it’s what happens when water mixes with water and there’s movement. And the warmer it is, the more negative ions are created. That’s why we feel good by a warm ocean with the waves, or by, in a shower or in a waterfall, or even a babbling. Murmuring brook. These are all negative ion generators.

[00:34:32] Meanwhile, a cold, dry air mass. Uh, is a positive generator and in fact, that’s saying an ill wind blows No good. These are the cold air or the dry air that either come across the Sahara, like the, the fin that come up through Switzerland or the Sabras in, in Israel, um, or the Santa Annas in Southern California or the Chinooks in the northern United States.

[00:35:01] These are ill winds that blow. No good. Why? Cuz they’re positive ions and they make us uncomfortable. They make the mosquitoes swarm and the bugs kind of get a little, so when a positive air mass, cold, dry air, a positive, charge meets a wet, warm air mass, negative ions, and they start coming together and as they get together, they try to work it out.

[00:35:28] And I’m gonna say something that’s very unpopular, psychologically unpopular, and that is that communication doesn’t always lead to resolution. In fact, there are things in each and every one of our lives that we’ve learned. Don’t go there because when we do, it just makes things worse. Are you with me here?

[00:35:54] Amanda Walsh: Yes. Because my mom would always say that communication basically solves

[00:35:59] Rick Levine: everything. . Well, it solves a lot of things. It

[00:36:03] Amanda Walsh: can. It can. And you’re right, there are times when it absolutely aggravates the

[00:36:07] Rick Levine: situation. It makes it worse. That’s right. And, and, and, and we intelligently learn that. When we have one of those things, we sidestep it, we go around it, but as we do, that builds tension.

[00:36:20] Just like the, the two air masses that are trying to communicate. They’re trying to work it out. And the more they rub up against each other, you know what happens? The charge develops like static electricity of rubbing wool, you know, you know, , on a comb and kind of getting that charge up, that static electricity builds.

[00:36:39] And so the communication can actually make the tension greater and greater and greater and greater. And then the sun squares Uranus and lightning strikes. And when lightning strikes, it’s really good or not to strike you, which means that you can either be struck by the lightning or you can be the lightning. You can taste the sugar or be the sugar. And so the lesson of this week is, is, is that although the theme is what. More change, you know, we’re back to this more change is that the more proactive we can each be, and it doesn’t mean doing stupid stuff, but it means working toward bringing those things which are buried out into the open enough so that there’s not enough tension for the lightning to

[00:37:43] Amanda Walsh: So Rick, you often say with Uranus that it’s unpredictable. So it’s not like, here we are on Monday, we can look ahead at this potential for change this weekend and be, and be thinking that we can strategically do something about it. Really, because, because we, we probably won’t know where or how it will strike.

[00:38:07] And I’m asking that as a question. Is that

[00:38:09] Rick Levine: correct? That’s partially correct. When we say we don’t know, and then lightning strikes, we don’t know because we’re in denial. Ah, lightning does not have to strike in a destructive way. Lightning can strike in an aha, inventive awareness, creative, magical breakthrough.

[00:38:36] I’ve, I never looked at it like this. I don’t have to do this. I can do this. And, and, and in other words, the idea of Uranus being unpredictable, it, it’s like one of those, what do they call? It’s like a, like a ratio. The more unpredictable it is, the less we are aware of the issues that if we were aware of it would become more predict.

[00:39:03] And in fact, might not even generate an event because we’re working with the energy rather than having it waking us up. Love it. Okay. All right. So this is all leading to not just the Sun Square, to Uranus on Friday, but remember this hangs around and remember the moon is still, the moon is still in in cancer, through Friday.

[00:39:29] And so even though there’s this stuff happening out there, we’re still in a softer internal mindset as the moon, in cancer opposes mercury. It harmonizes trines with Neptune. And then by the very end of the day, the moon actually opposes Pluto. Remember, Pluto’s still back at the very end of Capricorn so that when the sun gets to the end of cancer, it’s going to kind of deepen that energy.

[00:39:57] The Sun Square Uranus has technically, um, you know, it has technically already occurred, but it’s still within sparking, you know, it’s still within distance of, of being able to generate a spark. And then on Saturday, Saturday, extremely early, mid, just after midnight, on Saturday morning, and again, depending on where you are on the East Coast, this’ll be, uh, well on the East Coast it’ll be later, but in Hawaii it’ll be, late Friday night.

[00:40:29] But at 12:48 AM on Saturday, the moon moves into Leo and now it’s feeding the show. It’s feeding the expression. And when the moon moves into to Leo, it’s going to, within a couple of hours, try Jupiter in Aries. Actually within a few hours, almost till midday before the moon actually, perfects that trying to Jupiter.

[00:40:58] But now we have this kind of building express it, you know, you know, before it was internalized, but the moon moves into Leo and the moon harmonizing Orrin Jupiter is like, it, it What just came to mind? It’s greased lightning. You know, it’s just, it’s, it’s like, it’s like too easy to express or maybe it’s, uh, it’s easier to express than to not express.

[00:41:26] But there’s two other things that are happening, on Saturday. Oh, and by the way, by later in the day, the moon, the moon in Leo will be making a sextile with Mars in Gemini. But all of these are positive and expressive Totally separate from that. Two other things are occurring.

[00:41:45] One is that Venus, which has been and still is moving through Pisces, which is Venus’s favorite place to be. You know, we, we know in astrology, every planet has a home sign or two. Venus’ home signs are Taurus and Libra, but every planet has a sign in which it’s exalted. It’s the place where we’re treated like a king rather than treated like we’re at home in the king.

[00:42:14] Now somehow you go, you go somewhere else and you have more dignity, which is what it has. That’s the astrological it’s dignified. But, um, Venus is dignified or has dignity because it’s exalted in Pisces. But what happens on, on February 4th is that Venus reaches 11 degrees of Pisces. and Mars, which is still tooling along, has moved a degree in this whole week from 10 degrees to 11 degrees till we have Venus squaring Mars.

[00:42:52] Exactly. Now again, this exact thing is important because Venus has really been squaring Mars all week. I mean, we could go back to January 30th and Venus was at almost five degrees of Pisces and Mars was at 10 degrees of Gemini, so it was already moving toward that square five degree orb we’re, we’re feeling it, but it’s absolutely exact on Saturday.

[00:43:20] And the square between Venus and Mars is now feeding into the square between the Sun and Uranus and Venus and Mars Square is, is is at once one of the most troublesome and can be one of the most fun squares. Troublesome because Venus and Mars are the lovers. You know, Venus is what we like, and Mars is how we get it.

[00:43:47] Venus is our feelings of attraction and desire and what we value, you know? And Mars is how we fight You know, Mars is physical. Mars is the, is the, is the Venus is the emotional side of, of, uh, romance. And uh, Mars is the physical side of romance or even sexuality. And these two are 90 degrees to each other, which means they’re not seeing the same thing.

[00:44:13] They are in conflict. Like the sun in Aquarius is in conflict square to Uranus and Taurus. Now we have Venus and Mars in, in conflict. And this conflict can be quite troublesome because we can have a really difficult time being with someone we love. You know, we can be irritable, we can just be annoyed.

[00:44:36] We can be annoyed with people around us. We can be annoyed with ourselves. And this is not necessarily fun, but it’s certainly feeding the tension to the Uranus Sun Square that’s going on simultaneously. And there is an upside to because, how do I wanna say this? Make up sex . When we have a fight, Venus and Mars, when they duke it out, man, the coming back together can be incredibly powerful and magical.

[00:45:10] And it, and it doesn’t even have to be a fight, because Venus and Mars Square can be incredibly creative. If we can find a way to sidestep our ego and instead engage respect. It’s a tricky dance because, because the sun is also squaring Uranus and the sky is ready to let loose the lightning. So we might go in with a very playful attitude and just realize that we’ve just trashed the relationship.

[00:45:42] I, I, I’m not saying that’ll happen. I’m, I’m talking in caricature to, to make my my point. But it’s a very dynamic, very dynamic day Saturday. And on top of that, there’s one other thing that I think is also interesting and important, and that is the sun, early in the morning makes an exact sile with Jupiter.

[00:46:04] And again, here we get to what I like to call the exiles. know, the, the exiles is, the truth is out there, the XFiles, the exiles, um, but the subtile is one seventh of a circle and it’s another harmonic aspect, and they are complicated. They’re not like the quintiles, which are charismatic and, and creative and spiritual and magical metaphysical and, and can be very beautiful.

[00:46:35] The septi, they, they’re based on five, like a five pointed star or even like a rose, which is a five pointed star with the edges smooth, the point smooth. So a sep is complicated. Sep don’t fit in very easily. And, and in fact I could say that the quintile series is Venus related cuz they’re beautiful.

[00:47:00] The Theile series is kind of Uranus related because they don’t fit in. And often they’re, they’re perceived as something that happens that’s just faded. It happens out of the blue and we don’t know where it’s coming from and we don’t know why it happened, but it just changed everything. One of the strongest moments in time of, of transiting Subes was September 11th, 2001.

[00:47:28] You know, it wasn’t just, you know, the, um, Saturn Pluto opposition, which it was, it was also something came crashing through literally from the other side, literally. But subtitles often have stuff that kind of come crashing through from the other side and has that aha or lightning or, or, or faded kind of, kind of thing.

[00:47:52] We’ll dig into those deeply cuz they can be so In fact, there are many natal charts of which. , the chart works without it. But when you look at the subtitle, all of a sudden you go, oh my God. I mean, of course, you know, and you see from another whole, perspective. So the subtitle here is Between The Sun and Jupiter and what that means.

[00:48:17] Again, now we’re looking at, um, young, young, the Sun is in Aquarius. Jupiter is in Aries by sign, their sextile, but by degree it’s 51 degrees. We wouldn’t notice it unless we had a computer, you know, calculating But this suggests that something positive can occur. That would be Jupiter something growth oriented, something, something, uh, in some way that opens our minds or, or, or, or creates an opportunity.

[00:48:54] And it’s, and it’s to the sun. And remember the sun is one half of the sun, Uranus square. So this kind of comes back to the Uranus thing again. And it’s all feeding into something breaks loose, something breaks free, something comes crashing through from the other side. And then that brings us to the culminating day of the week.

[00:49:15] And that is with the moon in cancer. On Sunday, February. At 10:28 AM Pacific time, the moon at 16 degrees of Leo and 41 minutes opposes the sun at 16 degrees of Aquarius. 41 minutes. And remember, Uranus is only at 15 degrees of Taurus, but that’s still, it’s like within a degree of being square.

[00:49:44] So the moon will actually square Uranus exactly at seven o’clock, 7:08 AM on Sunday morning, and then it’s a full moon at 10 28. And when the moon squares Uranus and opposes the sun, it just, It, um, excites that entire circuit with the Sun Square Uranus, even though it occurred two days ago technically.

[00:50:09] Exactly. And this Full Moon is basically Chi Cha cha changes. And I would be remiss if I didn’t say that David Bowie has one of the, because his song was changes. Yeah. And, David Bowie has one of the strongest subtile charts I’ve ever seen. We’ll look at his chart the Um, but this is change and, and it’s more change and I don’t think there’s any way to avoid it.

[00:50:39] I don’t know the fullness of what it is that’s gonna go down. But because it’s a Sunday, what goes down may not go down till Monday, even though now I’ve now just, extended out beyond my contract. Um, but Monday, the sixth in some ways will be the after effector, the after image yet of the full moon that occurred on Sunday.

[00:51:04] Um, but this is a powerful one. Hmm.

[00:51:07] Amanda Walsh: Wow. Uh, I just need to make a note here. There really is no contract . We, we, he, he often says that when he goes beyond whatever the week or the month that we’re talking about, I’ve had people in the comments say, well, that’s not very nice that you give a contract. It’s like, oh my gosh, there really is no contract.

[00:51:27] He’s just joking. Um, there no is no contract. Yes. But, but this is the first time in a while that I can remember you and or any astrologers really emphasizing a full moon as this huge culminating moment of change. Like, I, I can’t remember that recently at all.

[00:51:48] Rick Levine: Can you, . Well, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, so, no,

[00:51:54] Amanda Walsh: All right. Well, just, it definitely seems, uh, unique and very, highlighted this

[00:51:59] Rick Levine: time around. Yeah, yeah. It, it, it certainly is. I mean, and, and Uranus, like I said, you know, Uranus is the, um, you know, key player pretty much, you know, pretty much

[00:52:11] Amanda Walsh: Amazing.

Review of the Week

[00:52:12] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So we have, uh, this idea around bolting into the future.

[00:52:17] Because we have all the, the planets moving direct. And that this is now noticeable, like we’ve been talking, we’ve been talking about on the weekly weather for several weeks, we’ve had the like, It’s about to be every, all the planets moving direct and then they’re all moving direct, but they’re still kind of at the same point.

[00:52:35] You’re saying now, this forward movement is very

[00:52:39] Rick Levine: noticeable. Yes. And I, and I would insert here that, as I said, looking at 2023 when we did that, back in December, that 2023 really doesn’t really begin until late March. , right. And, but, but we’re getting movement toward it now that everything’s moving direct.

[00:52:59] But Mars, even though it’s moving direct, is still within its shadow. It’s been here before, and it’s not until the end of March when Mars breaks out of Gemini moves into cancer. And in March it’s, um, when Saturn, which has been an Aquarius for a couple of years, moves into Pisces end in March. Pluto, which has been in Capricorn for a couple decades, moves into Aquarius.

[00:53:23] So we’re getting the change. There’s no question about it, but we’re still not getting, what do you, what do they say the other shoe drops, you know? Right,

[00:53:33] Amanda Walsh: right, right. That’s usually a negative connotation in that state.

[00:53:37] Rick Levine: All right. Then maybe it’s, uh, the, the, the, um, other, um, the other swim fin drops. I don’t know.

[00:53:45] some, some, it, it, it, it’s like there’s another piece to all, all to all of

[00:53:50] Amanda Walsh: this. Right? Right. I kept thinking, I keep thinking of like the, your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time where it just, it feels, but, but that’s not, not making it seem like change.

[00:54:01] WW Rick Gallery: So

[00:54:01] Rick Levine: I hate, right. And that’s more, and the, and the foot on the gas and the foot on the brake is more Saturn.

[00:54:05] Mars. Mars go Saturn. No. Right, right. Um, this is a little different because again, there’s big tidal changes that are occurring and we’re in the tide and it’s already carrying us, and we can tell it and, and we can tell that, but, but it’s carrying us through territory where we’ve already been, even though it’s new because we now know there’s not a holding back and we’re going to go into newer places yet.

[00:54:37] Amanda Walsh: All right, so you, you said that we’re gonna be starting the week buzzing that there’s a buzzing energy to this week. It’s

[00:54:43] Rick Levine: basically, and we’re gonna end it buzzing . Exactly.

[00:54:46] Amanda Walsh: It’s culminating on Sunday so that there’s that undertone all week, even though there’s a couple days that aren’t as obviously, Active.

[00:54:55] So you basically, Tuesday you said is a little bit of a sleeper day. Wednesday is more internal and quiet and reflective. Thursday you brought up this sort of like latent period where there is this energy,

[00:55:08] Rick Levine: right? But remember Amanda, that even Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we’re gonna be feeling the Venus pushing the square, the tension building or the conflict building.

[00:55:17] Venus pushing the square to Mars. And we’re gonna be feeling the sun pushing that square to Uranus and hopefully for those of us who are really paying attention, and I say us because I, not because I’m including myself, but it’s a fantasy, it’s a wish fulfillment. I would like to think that I will be in that group

[00:55:37] Um, that the earlier in the week we begin to be in touch with the Uranus and begin to engage it and begin to act as if this is unfolding, the better off we’re gonna be.

[00:55:48] Amanda Walsh: Okay. So being mindful of the Uranian change energy all week is what you’re saying? Yeah. Okay. All right. And you, yeah, you actually said that under Thursday.

[00:56:01] You said, pay attention to Uranus, something’s gonna happen. That’s what I wrote down in my notes. Okay. And then you, you also brought up, do we wanna taste the sugar or be the sugar? Do we wanna be forced to change, or do we wanna be the change? Do we wanna to be struck by lightning or be the lightning? I mean, there’s, th this is a big, a big

[00:56:22] Rick Levine: theme all week.

[00:56:23] I had a client once that, um, that, uh, in the time that I knew her as a client over probably 10 years, there were two times where her, in one case, husband, in one case, a long-term partner, basically left suddenly with a note on the refrigerator. No.

[00:56:46] Amanda Walsh: Yeah, the same way they both

[00:56:48] Rick Levine: did it the same way. Well, w well, I’m, I’m using that as a metaphor.

[00:56:52] One of ’em was just a note on the table. I mean, like, you know, I mean, it was just basically a, um, you know, I can’t take it anymore. I’m outta here, kind of. Wow. Wow. And, and this client had the sun opposed Uranus. Na. And, and basically when you have an opposition, often there’s a part of you that you are suppressing and making other people act out.

[00:57:18] And so the concept was, and she worked on this, and I don’t think this happened again to her, but the, the thing was, was that as, as, as long as she was not being as weird, eccentric, erratic, and crazy as she felt she was attracting people to her that were weird, eccentric, erratic, unreliable, and that were living out her stuff.

[00:57:45] So that she was always the one that was right and they were the bad ones leaving when it was actually her stuff. Wow.

[00:57:54] Amanda Walsh: That is so fascinating how we do that . Yeah. That’s

[00:57:57] Rick Levine: amazing. We’re really good. We’re really good at it too. We’re we’re good. We’re good enough at it that, that we don’t know we’re doing it even if we’re

[00:58:04] Amanda Walsh: smart.

[00:58:05] Amazing. Well, and that’s where astrology can be so helpful because it’s like, Hey, this is, this is, you’re projecting this part of you out into other people, but if you, if you actually embrace that and internalize it even more, then you don’t have to project it out to other people. Yeah. All right, so then we have, um, that basically Saturday, Sunday, all of this is about this big full moon Uranian energy.

[00:58:33] Yeah. This energy of.

[00:58:35] Rick Levine: Full, full Moon, and again, full Moon is in Leo. Um, you know, I mean, there’s something about wanting to put this energy out, and I should say here also that we hear again and again and again, we’re back to this male bias thing in astrology about how Leo is about the show, the presentation, the onstage, the overdramatic, that’s male Mm.

[00:58:59] That the feminine, energy or the yin Leo energy, is not interested in that. You look at the lion, um, kingdom or queen, you know, the, the boy lions spend most of their lives posturing roaring fighting to see who’s gonna be top cat, because the alpha male lion doesn’t get the alpha male. Uh, the alpha female lion is the alpha male.

[00:59:30] Lion gets all the lioness in the local area. So there’s a lot at stake. So the, the, the male and again, I’m using this y less as, you know, sex type than gender energy. That the male energy, which is what the astrology focuses on, is about boasting its sports. It’s, it’s, I’m on top, I’m the winner. Look at me, I’m center stage.

[00:59:56] Whereas the real meaning of Leo, if you look at the lions, they don’t have time for that bullshit. Why? Because they’re raising the young, they’re doing the hunting, they’re balancing the books, they’re taking out the trash, they’re making sure the bills are paid, you know, they’re doing all the things. And so they don’t have time.

[01:00:14] That’s, the boys are doing that. They’re coming home, drinking beer and going, playing football, you know? And so the, the, the real meaning of, of the Leo moon is about intention. It’s fixed fire. You know, it’s, this is what I’m going to do and I’m going to do it and I’m going to follow through with it. And so the full moon in Leo is, that is how we feel, but it’s opposing the sun and Aquarius, which is lighting up the collective.

[01:00:45] We’re back to the water in the air. It’s the air that everyone’s breathing. So it’s definitely, you know, a, an individual versus collective society issue with Uranus at the square point saying something needs to give. Hmm.

[01:01:03] Amanda Walsh: Amazing.


[01:01:04] Amanda Walsh: All right, well huge week ahead everybody. If you love Rick and you have either participated in Astrology Foundations level one and level two and you’re ready to round this out with level three, or if you’ve been studying astrology for a while and you are intrigued by these aspects that Rick continues to talk about on most shows that we have on this channel, then you will wanna check out Astrology Foundation’s level three.

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[01:01:48] Rick Levine: and yeah, you basically need to know the Planet Sciences houses and you know, and, and, and the aspects that everyone else You know, just for the record, I would no sooner do a natal chart without quintile, subtitles, and Es, which are the half squares and square and a halfs. I would no sooner do a chart without those aspects than I would without Mars. Hmm. Or without trines. That’s how important it’s

[01:02:20] Amanda Walsh: that central to the astrology that you

[01:02:23] Rick Levine: practice.

[01:02:24] You know, and I came into astrology on a book by a guy named Michael Meyer, who is a student of, um, of Dan Raja, um, who wrote about these non-traditional aspects, uh, including Quintiles and subtitles and Michael Meyers’s book called The Handbook for, um, the Handbook for Humanistic Astrologers, uh, a Handbook for the Humanistic one or the other.

[01:02:51] Um, basically in the section on aspects. It didn’t make any, it didn’t wait one as more important than the other. So we’re talking like the early seventies when I was really digging into aspects. I read that book. It never dawned on me that everyone didn’t use these. Hmm. So I’ve been using them for 50 years.

[01:03:14] Wow.

[01:03:15] Amanda Walsh: Wow. It’s what makes you perfect for teaching this course and it, yeah, it’s what makes it really valuable though, because you can’t just get the information everywhere. This is definitely something that not a whole lot of astrologers are talking about or teaching. So thank you for bringing that here to us at Astrology Hub.

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[01:04:10] All right. Thank you, Rick. Thank you so much for getting us ready for the week ahead, for getting us prepared for all this change. But also really, I, I, sometimes I think with change, just knowing that it’s coming and being in a stance that is more flexible, that is, you know, open and ready to be adaptable and adjust with whatever it is that comes up.

[01:04:32] It’s so helpful. And so thank you for that. And thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. And thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We will look forward to connecting with you on the next episode. Take care.

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