[STAR SIGNS HOROSCOPES WEEKLY] “What is the Dream?” Feb 18th-Feb 24th w/ Jamie Magee

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Venus & Mars sextile Neptune

In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

  • About the area of your life that is ready for expansion
  • What disruptive news could push you towards your next best idea
  • How the Venus and Neptune sextile can support your dreams

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0:00 The Cosmic Calendar

1:12 Week Overview

6:08 Pisces – A Different Rhythm

8:31 Aries – Time to Relax

12:25 Taurus – What’s Next?

15:13 Gemini – Eureka!

18:07 Cancer – Bigger & Bigger

20:55 Leo – Home Sweet Home

23:32 Virgo – Stronger Than Ever

26:00 Libra – Crystal Clear

28:33 Scorpio – Love is in the Air

31:14 Sagittarius – Unconventional yet Mundane

33:30 Capricorn – Getting that Bread

36:03 Aquarius – Health & Wealth

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Christopher Renstrom 0:02
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Jamie Magee 1:12
Welcome to Star Signs Horoscopes presented by Astrology Hub. This is your place to discover how each zodiac sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I’m your host, Jamie Magee and astrologer, author and a member of the production team here in astrology hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s astrology with you

Hey guys, welcome to star signs horoscopes. Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at the astrology for February 18 through February 24th. Can you believe that another month has nearly come and gone in the year of 2022. That definitely speaks to the forward motion that we have going on in the heavens right now, doesn’t it? Okay, so our theme that we have for this week is what is the dream before we dive into how each of the zodiac signs can work with that theme or work towards answering that theme. I do want to give you a quick overview of this week’s transits. Okay, first off, the sun is moving into Pisces. So Happy Happy Birthday Pisces, if you are one, say hi, if you know one tackle, if you know where Pisces is in your chart, let us know so we can help you celebrate all that expansion and growth that you have in that area of your life. Now, we do have Jupiter in Pisces right now. And he has been working on growth, he has been working on expansion and he is moving closer to that dreamy kind of energy in that area of your life to the sun’s gonna come through and illuminate this, but it’s also going to illuminate a couple other areas of your life, where you’re gonna notice more of a flow. And we’ll talk about that with each of the signs. Last week, we had Mars and Venus meet up in an area of your life. Now this area of your life has been pretty intense. In general, you’ve been do a lot of passion, a lot of courage, a lot of communication back and forth structures. A lot of energy has been focused here this week, I don’t think that you’re going to sense the same intensity. But I want you to notice that you’re not syncing it. Mars is going to sextile to Neptune and Venus is going to set a sextile to Neptune, this energy is going to help illuminate where the sun is already shining. It’s going to kind of flow into that. But it’s also going to ask you the question, what is the dream? What are you doing? It’s almost as if you were in this space between what was and what will be or in the calm of the storm. Like you’re almost you’re used to, you know, some of the energy that’s been going on in that area of your life that like the up and down the back and forth. You’re used to it. But there may be a question or a moment of pause that comes in this week that you’re like, you know, I don’t know why I’m doing this. I don’t know why I’m going through this. But I have so much compassion and so much drive and courage. There’s a reason that I’ve maybe not be able to define right now. But I know I’m on this path for a reason. So kind of notice that serenity notice that sacredness when you feel it kind of come in this week. I think it’s always important to notice when it’s easy and not when it’s hard. One of the more challenging aspects we have this week is mercury squaring off with Uranus. So just to give you a backstory here, now mercury, you know has been in retrograde. Hopefully you may not know if you’re new to this show, but Mercury has been in retrograde. So he got to a certain point. And he stopped and he had to go back and he had to retrace the steps and then he had to retrace them again and start to integrate things. Well, now he’s back where he was when he before he had to go back and review everything but he’s had he’s holding all those life lessons he’s holding all that communication every that experience of what he did, but he’s standing there and he’s looking over at Uranus he’s like something has to change here are Uranus is looking at him and saying welcome back, I have this breakthrough for you, I have this change that we need to work with. So there could be some disruption and communication this week or there could be that you’re saying something with all this life experience that you have that disrupts an area of your life and disrupts it positively or negatively either way, it’s going to be a change, a breakthrough a shift like maybe you were counting on it, but maybe not this quickly or something to that regard and it couldn’t be the break through speaking to you give you both be happening at the same time, but look for a little bit of that energy. But overall this week is almost as if we are in that space between what was and what is. And we really are walking with that question. What is the dream? What are we doing? Why are we going in this way? All right. So just as a reminder, the horoscopes are written and created for both your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign. So if you know your Rising Sign, please listen, that’ll help you have a bigger view of some of their weight some of the ways this energy is working with you. Again, I want to thank everyone who was commenting and sharing this podcast means so much to me. And last week, I love seeing how some of you found someone with the same big three sun rising and moon sign. I think that is so interesting, going back and forth because you guys are definitely sharing some very similar themes in your life. So again, let’s do roll call. If you’re watching this live or maybe watching the recorded recording on media, let us know what your Sun Sign your Rising Sign and your moon sign is if you know them. Alright, let’s go ahead and dive into each of the zodiac signs

Okay, Pisces, let’s talk about your week. Now Pisces, it is your season, it’s going to be an amplified kind of energy for you. It may feel out loud like it’s you know, my vitality, it’s out with my partnerships and work home life balance, it could be just really illuminated for you as we go into this season. But the Sun is also going to amplify things that you love without reason or purpose. Those creative energies and juices should be flowing for you in abundance and in the direction that you want to take them in that new horizon. What do I need to learn or teach this is a conviction. This is why I feel this way. All of that energy is going to be depth definitely amplified for you, Pisces as you move into this month. Now you’ve been really active and busy around, you know, the community, those who are there to support a shared dream or shared ambition, or maybe just your dream and ambition. That’s been really impassioned for you, it could feel a little bit easier this week, because now that you’re here, now that you’re looking out at like this new journey that you’re on this passion, this vitality, you almost serves a purpose, like I did that for a reason. And now I’m flowing, it’s flowing a little bit more easier for me. So kind of notice that flow that you have noticed when the dream is working for you. Notice those who kind of stand up around you and say, I’m here to support you, I’m really excited for you. Because those are some good energies to pull from. Now, the communication that you may have like breakthroughs with, there’s some things that you’ve been doing behind the scenes, in your Meantime, maybe some reflective work somewhere that you’ve been escaping into. And in that area now that you’re kind of stepping forward being like, Okay, well I went through all this, this could activate how you communicate something, some kind of breakthrough around what you do every day, like your rhythm people that you see everyday people that you talk to every day, something that you communicate, it doesn’t have to be words locally, that goes into a bigger environment, that could be a shift. And this shift for you, I think is interesting, because it’s almost like you’re pulling something out of out from deep within and sharing it and it’s going to be like, you know, it may be unexpected, people may not expect it from you, or you may not expect it from them. So you kind of have to, you know, harness all this courage to kind of step up and speak to it. But overall, I do think that that just really flowing energy of the sun illuminating your first house shining in all the corners in between of your life, that’s going to be the biggest energy that you’ll notice this week. And I do hope you have a great week Pisces, I’ll see you next time.

Okay, Aries, let’s take a look at your week. So Aries. What’s interesting about this Pisces season is even though there’s a lot of illuminated growth and expansion for you, you’re kind of at this bridge between what was and what will be, this time of year is usually reflective for you anyways, because it’s the year before that is the month before your birthday month. So you remember, or you’re looking back at all these things that you’ve done this year, what you want to do going into the new year, it’s like a it’s a reset for you Aries in a lot of ways. So all that space, that reflective space, that creative space, you kind of escape into behind the scenes to help you process things that are going out going on out in the world and maybe some things that you do in your day to day work or your health, that’s gonna be really amplified for you, you’re already experiencing expansion there, but there’s going to be a flowing energy that’s going to help you kind of think, Okay, this is the reset I need. This is the serenity that I need in this area of my life, shared resources, transformational energy, that’s all going to be really flowing or maybe up for you as you go into this Pisces season, finding that like nurturing space at your home, the foundation and the way that you feel at home and that nurturing security there is also something that’s highlighted for you as you move into Pisces season. So I think it’s important for you just to kind of notice the transition, you’re in and work with that. Now you’ve had a lot of intense energy happening around your career. This could have been activated by partnerships or it could have felt like it was edged on by partnerships, or that you were at work and you wanted to be at home or vice versa, when you were at home, you wanted to be at work, this energy should feel a little bit easier for you this week, it shouldn’t be as intense. But you’re you may notice, okay. In my Meantime, when I escape when I step into this other place, and I feel this way about myself, it gives me energy to show up in the world in a different way. I think it’s important for you to really notice the piece that you feel this week when you feel it and and think about what could you do to bring more of it into your life? How can I bring more of this so I can, you know, keep charging forward keep like initiating things in my life in a new way that really helps me reach those goals and dreams that I have. Now, speaking of goals and dreams, you’ve been working a lot of back and forth kind of energy and communication around your goals around your dreams, those who are there to support you, people who have the same ambitions and the same goals. That’s been big for you Aries. Now you’ve gone back, and you’ve had to review and now you’re back at the starting line, you’re looking at across the way saying okay, something needs to shift here. You may be thinking it or communication may be inspiring it but it could, it’s going to shift around your finances. And I know sometimes if you talk about shifting finances, that can cause some anxiety. So I mean, whatever happens here, anytime you have a shift or change is good to like, relax into it, whatever it is, and know that is leading you somewhere. And so like, you know, thinking about okay, well, this just changed, what do I need to do? How do I need to work with it, there could be an unexpected income that comes in or income that you were counting on that shifted something about self esteem or resources, it can be a little disruptive for you this week. But whatever it is, no matter how what you think about the shift, know that it’s leading to something really good. So I do hope that is good. And definitely see it positive. Like I remember one time when this kind of energy happened in my life, it was you got this great bonus, you’re like, wow, I can finally you know, go use this. And then you know, like the refrigerator broke, and you had to go buy a refrigerator. So it felt like you didn’t get a bonus. But really thinking of it as like the the universe giving you what you need before the expense shows up. If that happens to happen for you in that way, it can definitely happen a different way. But just perspective. It’s all about perspective and how you hold on to it as you move through this week Aries and I think that it’s going to be a great month for you to really kind of understand, Okay, I’m between these two places, and how can I work with this energy? And what does it really mean for me? Alright, have a great week, Aries See you next time

okay, Taurus, let’s talk about your week. Now, Taurus Pisces, and what it’s going to highlight for you is relationships. So I do kind of like that energy for you. You’ve had amplified growth and, and a lot of expansion happening around what your dream is, and those who are there to support you, the community that’s there to back you up. That’s been huge for you. And it’s about to be illuminated even more. So you may see, wow, I didn’t, I didn’t understand that I actually grew that much. Or you may see where you’re wanting to grow the direction that you’re trying to grow in and where this dream is leading you. It’s also going to amplify how you communicate. And it’s going to amplify those one to one relationships, there could be some networking going on, like you communicate really well one on one. And because you’re communicating well, one on one, you’re able to create a community or vice versa, that community is helping you break out into one on one either way, communication, partnerships, groups, big things for you in the Pisces season. So I do hope that you enjoy working with that energy. You’ve had a lot of heightened growth and expansion happening for you. I’m like, where are the next horizon is? Where are you going? Where do you want to learn? Where do you what do you want to learn? What do you want to teach? What are your convictions? Is there a new place or an adventure that’s calling your name? That’s been a big, big thing for you recently. Now, he should feel a little bit more comfortable as you go into this week. But notice that flow, it’s almost like you’re gonna say, Okay, I’ve gone through all of this back and forth. And, you know, am I going am I not going What am I doing here. But I understand that I went through that for a reason, because now all this energy that I have flowing into the dream, or like, you know, people all agreeing to go in this direction for this purpose. It feels good. So notice that flow that you have between where you’re trying to grow, where you’re trying to reach that new horizon, and how you feel about this new energy and expansion in your groups. Now, Taurus, you had a lot of communication, a lot of back and forth energy around your career, and that kind of felt like it was activated by your partnerships or that homework life, your vitality, but you’re back to where you started before you had to go back and review everything and because you’re here, you may notice that it kind of inspires this communication, this knowledge that you have now could be inspiring, you know more breakthroughs and how you step out into the world how the world knows you like that overall, like charged up energy you have either you’re bringing news that someone didn’t expect or you hear news that you’re going to have to respond to. Either way I do think the communication is going to be heightened overall not just because it’s Pisces season for you. But because of this mercury, Uranus energy this week communication and how you know these new stories breaking out or seeing different sides of them will be a big thing for you this week Taurus, but overall I do want you to really kind of lean into that illumination and that expansion that you feel around your dream. Alright, have a good week Taurus, see you soon.

Okay, Gemini, let’s talk about your week. Now Gemini, what Pisces season highlights for you is your career, how you’re known in the world. This is also going to help you play in and work with energies around your overall health and wealth, your earning power, your self esteem, actual resources, money, it’s going to amplify and bring opportunities in around what you do every day, your rhythm, your work, your health, all of these are going to bring opportunities or a heightened focus for you, which is interesting, because you’ve been doing so much stuff behind the scenes that some of this growth could actually take you off guard or you may not realize that your reputation is where it is now and what do you need to do with it, those could be some big questions for you going into this week, into Pisces season, your partnerships could be activating them home work life balance, activating it and just your overall vitality, it’s just kind of all pouring into this area of your life. Now what I want you to celebrate or notice this week is that you’ve had a lot of attention around merge resources, merge, finances, contracts, money are just a death and rebirth kind of going through a transformational phase. That’s a hot topic, a lot of energy has been there. But this week, you’re going to understand on some level, I do hope that all of that transformation had a purpose and is feeding into this growth of this expansion that you’re experiencing on a very public level in your life. So kind of celebrate that sometimes we have to walk to the shadows and the reward is like right around the corner. But we have to go through that merge and that process first line of communication for you, you’ve been really like you got to like a certain point around a new journey that you wanted to take a new horizon, something that you wanted to publish share on a wider scale, something learning teaching convictions, all topics in this area of your life, you got to a certain point, and you had to turn around and revisit the structure how you want to set it up. Now you’re back to where you are holding all these life lessons, and you’re ready to implement some change that can call some breakthrough, some shifting ground, or maybe some inspiration bubbles up from inside of you and you’re like, Okay, now I see how I need to rewrite it. Now I need, I see how I need to re communicate this or what the travel plans should actually be. Whatever this shift is, I don’t think you’re going to have trouble working with it, I would just try to look for the big picture, I would be excited about the breakthrough. No matter how you perceive it. Because it’s leading to something else on that journey or that horizon, it may be hard to define right now in your life. Overall Gemini, I think it’s great that you have this energy, this outward focus, please like you know, lean into it, take advantage of those opportunities, try to put some structure around it some timelessness. So you can harvest this and you have less revisions to do later in the year. But overall, it’s a great week. And I do hope you have a good week and I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Cancer, let’s talk about your week. Now Cancer that the thing is because you are a fellow water sign, you get a double scoop of this Pisces energy, he’s gonna like kind of flow into your chart, a little bit more so than the other elements. But what Pisces season for you is illuminating on a larger scale is that direction, you’re trying to go in something that you’re ready to learn something that you’re ready to teach publishing a new journey, something big, something bold, it’s going to help illuminate the growth that you have there. But it’s also going to, like fuse in this vitality for you around like your actual vitality like your body, like you’re gonna have all this energy to kind of like go out and reach these goals. Like let me plan this, how do I do this, but your creativity, things that you love without reason or without purpose. All that juicy energy right there is also amplified. So kind of think about that Trinity there, you feel really energized and ready to approach the world you’re excited about the journey and you have all these creative talents that are going to help you kind of lead into that direction. So I really liked that for you Cancer. I’m excited. Now you’ve had a lot of intense energy and focus around your partnerships, your one on ones not necessarily romantic. I feel like you’re going to be a little bit filled a bit more at ease in this area of your life this week. So that’s the good news. But you’re also going to notice okay, I’ve gone through all this I did this for a reason and because I have it’s really kind of unfolding this new journey that maybe I wasn’t anticipating to grow in this way maybe I wasn’t anticipating to learn this much or teach this much or that my voice and my message would reach this many people like he could be a little bit astounded by yourself Cancer honestly. But notice that easy flow energy kind of reflect it like I really like this okay as far as transformation merge resources you and I you know coming in together and you know coming out as one person are a transformational process where you dance with your shadows you decide I need to release this and I need to to grab onto this as grow forward, you got so far with this, and maybe you got so far with a contract with some kind of money deal or a real estate deal. And then you had to go back and revise things get more proof more paperwork, or maybe you got so far with transformation, like you tipped your toe and you had to go back. But now you’re standing back at that starting line here, and you have all this life experience all this communication Cancer, you’re like, Okay, well, this is what we need to do. And because you’re doing that it could shift or have a breakthrough within a group or people who have that same shared ambition of you, it could be something around just your dream could just be your dream over there. And this activation here, this communication kind of rocks at one way or the other. But no matter how disruptive this energy may feel, I do think that that overall vitality, and you know keeping your eye on the horizon is going to help you work with it as you move through this week Cancer. And I do hope you have a great week. I’ll see you next time.

Okay, Leo, let’s talk about your week. Now Leo, the sun in Pisces is going to kind of highlight that expansive growth that you’re already experiencing around, you know, shared resources you and someone else, like it could be a big merge around real estate around money. There’s expansive growth and expansive transformation is happening for you in this area of your life, the sun is going to illuminate that because it’s illuminating that you may feel like you know, all this energy is causing you to want to escape or have some more reflective time, you could have some more me time that comes into Pisces season. Or you may want to feel more at home or like feel like you want to make your home a little bit more prettier, or something that you can really just find security and creative flow and juices for you while you are at home. So it kind of helps you with that balance. You’ve had a lot of intense energy happening for you around what you do every day what you do for work, it could be health matters something with pets, this is going to feel easier this week. But you’re going to notice, okay, I did all this work, I’m doing all this work. I’m understanding all this. And because I may because I am is definitely flowing into this transformational power, or it’s contributing to this merge that I’m trying to do this this like shared resources, and celebrate that no matter how easy it is. Now with your partnerships, your one on one, and it could be business, especially if we’re talking about merging assets or money. Those partnerships you you had you got to the table with a contract and you had to turn around and go back and redo it or you got to a certain point of discussion, you’re like, Well, no, that’s, I need more out of this or you need more, let’s go back and like work on it, you’re back to where you are. So now that where you were with this it life experience and all this knowledge, you’re ready to communicate something or you’re thinking something, and that is going to impact your career, it’s going to impact how people know you in the world on that world stage. So either there’s going to be a build on the breakthrough that you’ve already had around your career. And that like hunger north direction, or there could be a separate breakthrough. Something with a partnership helps you because you have a partner this shifts your career or because you have a new partner, this is shifting your career. There’s a lot of changes that could be happening there. But I think as long as a Leo I like I know that you like to make changes on your own terms. But with this, I would encourage you to just relax into whatever it is because if you relax into it, you’re going to see that there is a reward somewhere in there maybe on the other side of it, but there’s a reward. Overall, I would just focus on that glowing transformational and expansion power that you have with either shared resources or just transformation that you’re going through overall as yourself like I think that’s that’s where you need to have that humming energy this week. I do hope you have a good week, Leo, I’ll see you next time.

Okay, Virgo going into Pisces, and you’re definitely going to notice that your relationships are amplified. Now overall, you’ve had a lot of expansion and growth happening with the one to one like me and you sitting down to work on something that’s been a big deal. So that’s going to be illuminated for you. But what I like Virgo is communicating with these one to one relationships are networking, you know, networking, using your words to kind of go to that one on one person and develop a group or kind of speak to your group of breakout into one on one. It’s all about relationships, not necessarily romantic, but you know, how can I partner with you? And what cause are we building towards? And how do we need to kind of put this in words big deal for you as you move into Pisces season. Now, it’s been pretty intense for you around things that you love without reason or without purpose. You’ve had some deep conversations there. You’ve had to revisit some things this week, it should feel a little easier, a little bit more flowing for you in that area of your life, Virgo. And I think that you’re going to appreciate that but I want you to notice it because you’re going to understand because you had the conversation because you thought about it because you revised it. You’re now in a better place with your partnerships that sometimes even things that bring us absolute joy. We have to face the shadows that are there too because where there’s light there’s shadow so celebrate because you had those conversations that reflective thought you’re standing stronger where you are today. Now you’ve been doing a lot of communication around you know what you do every day your rhythm like the natural routine that you have or something you due for work like you, you got so far with something, you had to go back and revise it, adjust your schedule, adjust something in your health routine. But now you’re right back where you started with some new life experience and you’re looking at at the direction that you’re trying to go. So this week, there could be that maybe you had a long you know, long distance plan or a plan to had to do with the new horizon, something big, something bold, and something over there disrupts what you’re doing every day, or vice versa. And you’re usually pretty good with change Virgo, you just kind of take it, you put a system around it, and it works really well you understand how to get to this place to this place, you have a nice little list and you’re going to get there. I don’t feel like it’s going to feel that disruptive for you overall. Especially if you’re focusing on the wins that you have with your partnerships. And because you’re partnered up, it may not feel as like ground shaking for you because you have someone to rely on to kind of help you communicate some of the things you’re you’re working with. But overall Virgo, I do hope that you have a fantastic week, and I look forward to see you next time.

Okay, Libra, let’s talk about your week. Now, Libra Pisces season for you is going to eliminate health and wealth. And I think that’s always good anytime someone says the sun’s gonna shine on my health. And well, that’s got to be exciting, right. So you’ve already had a lot of expansion and growth happening around what you do every day, your work can feel really active at work something around the health routine, you’re like, wow, I have all this energy this this, like, you know, all these assets and resources that are coming into me, that’s going to be highlighted very much. So in Pisces season. But you’re also going to notice that because of the work you’re doing, how you’re known in the world is amplified and how you’re compensated like your money like are your self esteem, because you’re being acknowledged, is all highlighted for you Libra, and I really liked that for you. Okay, so you’ve had a lot of intense conversation and energy happening around your home in like four months, it felt like really heavy for you. This week, it shouldn’t feel heavy. But what I want you to notice is because you did all that work, all that you know, went through all that stuff at home that now you’re in a different space. And what you do every day, like your day to day feels better, because you face that shadow, because you worked with that back and forth energy. And so now you’re in a better rhythm. So notice that flow, it’s always good to notice when it feels right or feels like you’re in, in a great place with something. Now as far as communication, you You went really far you went to a certain point when communicating with things that you love without reason or condition, like you use stuff that you do for fun stuff that you do out of joy. You You got pretty far with this. And you had to go back and revise and revisit and rethink and your minds is spinning kind of turning things. And sometimes that’s uncomfortable. If your mind’s turning conversations that say that you had with a loved one, you’re trying to get all sides of the story and find balance with it and process it. Well, now you’re back to a new a new beginning line where you were before you had to go back so your mind should feel clearer. And because it feels clearer, you may be ready to activate some changes around what you need to the transformational phase you need to go on go through or are going through. Or you could be feeling like there’s a shift or a breakthrough around verse assets or resources because you know, you love this, these are the changes and shifts that you need to make around your resources or your shared resources. So there could be a little disruption there in your overall area of your life. But I think if you really kind of lean into the balance that you’re finding in your routine, that you’re going to be ready to work with this transformational energy, whatever it is like move in flow with it. But overall, I do hope you have a great week Libra and I look forward to seeing you next time

okay, Scorpio let’s talk about your week now Scorpio, you or a fellow water sign to Pisces, which means that you get a double scoop of the sun’s energy as it moves into Pisces, let’s talk about where you already have this accelerated growth and expansion that’s happening around things that bring you absolute joy and fun things that you love without reason or condition, expansive growth, the sun’s gonna come in and illuminate this a little bit more this month. But because he’s here, you’re also gonna feel really vitalized in your body. Like you may actually be glowing as you step out into the world and show people like, you know what, this is what I love. And this is why I love it. The journey the direction this is taking something that you love, taking it out into the new in the world in a different way in a new way. This is also highlighted for you like let me let me figure out how I can learn something more teach something more publish it, bring it out into the world, all highlighted energy Scorpio and I like that for you. Now you’ve had a lot of intense back and forth energy happening for you around how you communicate words you say or people that you see every day you’ve been trying to figure out you know, do I love it? How do I love it? Where do I need to live? Where do I need to be fearless? How do I need to communicate this differently? Where do I need to transform? All that’s been intense, I don’t think is going to be a hot topic for you this week. But what I want you to notice is because you did that you’re an easier flow with things that you love without reason and condition. So I just wanted to remind you of that so you can see where that’s flowing in. Now as far as communication, you have been doing a little bit of revising. Back and Forth energy around your home, because it’s happened around your home, it kind of felt really activated by your partnerships or your work or you know just who you are like your Meantime, you’ve gone through some revisions, you’ve gone through some integrations, and now you’re back at the starting line. And because you are where you are, you’re ready to communicate something or say something in a different way. And this is going to activate a breakthrough around partnerships one on one, they don’t have to necessarily be romantic. So the partnership could say something that kind of jolts, you or you could have a communication or hear something at home that shifts your partnerships. It could go either way. But because of where this is, in your chart, I do think communication just you’ve been around your work and just you know how you speak to the world in general, it’s gonna feel loud, it’s gonna feel pretty shifting this week, like, like the ground is moving. And, you know, overall Scorpio you like to make changes on your own terms at your own pace. So this could feel a little bit uncomfortable. But if you lean into like, you know, what I the things that you love that are eliminated and are growing, but it may help you work with this change a little bit more, because the changes overall are supporting, you know, that glow that you’re trying to work towards that love that you have. Overall I do hope you have a great week Scorpio. I’ll see you next time.

Okay, Sagittarius, let’s talk about your week. Now Sagittarius going into Pisces season, this is gonna, this will highlight your home now you already have expansive growth happening in this area of your life. It could feel extra activated by your partnerships, or around your home work life balance or just your overall vitality. But that glowing energy is going to help you see how far you are expanding. Or it may inspire you to say I need to expand more in this way. And what does that mean for me, and those who live with me and where I find security and foundation. Now, Sagittarius, you’ve had a lot of focus and energy around your earning power around your self esteem, I don’t think that that’s going to feel as uncomfortable for you this week. Because you’re going to realize all of that, you know, planning and that back and forth energy and like, Yo, do I really need to revisit this and how do I revisit this is helped you get to the dream that you have around your home like if you if you didn’t do that, and you wouldn’t have the right support that you have now to really work with this accelerated growth that you’re feeling they’re so celebrate that you did what you did. And now you did you have the support. I like to look at it backwards and forwards, sometimes Sagittarius Alright, so communication for us has been a big thing you got so far with communication, you were ready to step out in a new way. And then you had to go back and you had to revise you had to edit it, you had to rethink about it. Or maybe you stepped out, you’re like, Okay, I can upgrade it this way. You’re standing back on the starting line, and you’re ready to communicate. But as you communicate, this is going to activate a breakthrough or change in your day to day routines. Or the rhythm that you have all day could actually be your your work like you’re communicating something and that shifts something at work or work has a breakthrough that shifts the way that you communicate, make it happen either way, I don’t think that communication is going to disrupt you too much. Because you’re going to be able to flow with the change that it happens. I do want you to sort of focus on what’s going on at home so you can harness that growth and work with it. And you know, make it last. Like sometimes we have rapid growth and we don’t know what to do with it. And we have to go back and put like a structure around it. But if you work with this as optimistically, with that forward motion in mind, then the restructuring is going to come later in the year won’t feel as intensive for you. Okay, Sagittarius. I do hope you have a great week. I’ll see you next time.

Okay, Capricorn, let’s talk about your week. Now, Capricorn Pisces season is going to highlight relationships for you in general, not necessarily romantic, but you’ve been working on expanding how you communicate what you want to say, all this knowledge that’s ingrained with you like how can you take that and reach it, you know, reach more people with it, that’s going to be highlighted, the sun’s gonna come in here and you’re gonna see how far you’ve actually gotten. And I want you to celebrate that, because you’re communicating so clearly, and that’s illuminated your one on one breakouts working with one person, you’re going to notice that you get a lot done with that those one on one, you know breakouts like less you and I plan is going to help you to take something to the group and move the group forward in a new way. So it definitely is about relationships. But it kind of for you, it comes down to communication, and what you and these partners or this group can communicate and how you can do it and you’re going to find some pretty effective ways to do this Capricorn. I’m excited to see what you do with it. You’ve had a lot of intense focus at every corner of your life. Recently, Capricorn, you know, your vitality, your partnerships, home work, life balance. This should feel a little bit easier this week. But you’re going to understand that those life experiences I hope on some level, you understand that those life experiences that you’ve been going through and all these areas of your life and all the spaces in between are helping you communicate the way that you want to communicate today that you had to go through those things in order to have the words that you have now in order to have the ideas to work with those one on ones and those groups in the way that you are. So definitely notice that flow. Now as far as communicating In general, like mercury words for you, you you got so far with planning your finances and your support and money and self esteem. And you had to go back and do a little bit of revision, you had to go back and look at a couple of things and make sure that you were in the right place, you’re back to the starting line around, you know, your self esteem and your finances and your resources. And you’re thinking, Okay, this is the changes I need to make. Now this is going to either activate a breakthrough around things that you love, without reason or condition or something around things that you love unconditionally. This is could be lovers, it could be children, it could be something that you’ve created, has a breakthrough. But now you have, you have to communicate to your finances a different way. So there’s a lot to do with supporting something that you love and the communication around that and the breakthroughs around that. Whatever it is Capricorn, I think you just need to like lean into the change, lean into how you shift with it, don’t tense with it, and know that you have the words to help you communicate your way through it one way or the other. Alright, Capricorn. I do hope you have a great week. I’ll see you next time.

Hey, Aquarius, let’s talk about your week. Now Aquarius going into Pisces season, this is going to illuminate your overall health and wealth, which is always a good thing to hear, right? So you’re gonna have an intense focus and growth, it’s already happening around what you earn, and your self esteem, like your resources, whatever is a resource to you, you feel that that’s growing in abundance, and the sun’s gonna shine in and say, Okay, this is how it’s growing. And let’s grow in a different way. And what can we do with that your resources could be a result, it’s also going to be flowing well for you around what you do for work. Like the actual work, what I’m in service to are your health, like, you know, that’s the area of your life, it’s your health and how you’re known. So overall Pisces and health and wealth, what you earn, especially highlighted the work you do and how you’re known. I love how that works for you. Now you’ve had this week, you should have a little bit of a calmer mind or a clearer mind, there’s been a lot of activity kind of going on, maybe on a subconscious level, or, you know, behind the scenes, you’ve been escaping kind of thinking about things, how do you work with them? How should you work with them, all that energy should feel easier for you. But you’re going to notice that because you spent that time thinking about it, because you were like thinking about what I need to do or how I need to do or you kind of took a step back. And because you took a step back, you can come forward with new, a new vision that’s also going to play into like, you know, this is a resource to me, this means something to me, and I need to support it. So notice that that’s easier this week, a calmer mind, but how it’s supporting you. And sometimes how a calmer mind is a great resource to have because it helps you approach everything else. Communication for you is felt really loud, back and forth. This is even for you, you kind of got to a certain point, like I want to say this is who I am to the world. And then you had to go back and you know, revise like a little bit of stage fright. And how do I need to really want to say this, how do I want to communicate this, this could have also been felt in partnerships and home work life balance for you, Aquarius, but now you’re back to that starting line, and you’re ready to communicate something a little bit more clearly with all this information that you’ve already gathered. And this is going to impact the changes that you want to make at home. Now it could be that you’ve gone back and you’ve done your Meantime, your research or reflection, you really sat with it. And now you’re definitely going to make a decision about your home and where you feel nurtured. And that can feel like a big breakthrough to people who share your home or feel nurtured or secured by you know, like what it meant we’re making this change, are you sure so you could be bringing the change or it could be that something around your home shifts unexpectedly and you have to communicate ways that you want to change this and how this will balance out with home and work and partnerships to overall I what I like for you Aquarius this week is that calm, clear mind and that overall emphasis on health and wealth that you can build into this month. So I do hope you have a great month and a great week. Now just remember with this disruption, I know sometimes you like to be the change maker, you’re pretty fixed in your ideas, whatever this is kind of lean into it a little bit like whatever communication comes up for you don’t let it take you to off guard. Or if it takes you off guard. Try to look above it look past it. Like what is it really trying to show me there’s a bigger message here and I think about it that way. Alright, have a great week Aquarius, I’ll see you next time.

Okay, guys, that’s everybody. I do hope you found some helpful insights to help you work with the theme we have this week. What is the dream which is more so a question that we want to walk with as we move into Pisces season. I want to thank everyone who’s been commenting as this has been live. I’ve been seeing it. I really appreciate it. I want to thank you guys for all the feedback that you’ve been giving this podcast and sharing that with those that you think will also find some valuable insights in what this forecast brings to you. Just as a reminder, if you would like to get a timestamped email sent to you each week that tells you exactly where you need to go. So you don’t have to listen to the entire broadcast. All you have to do is go to astrologyhub.com/starsigns and sign up and we’ll make sure you get that email on Fridays after this airs. That is astrologyhub.com/starsigns. Alright guys, have a great week. I’ll see Next time if you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so that you can easily stay up to date on the latest astrology hub podcast episodes. You can learn more about astrology hub and find out about all of our shows at astrology hub.com forward slash podcast