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Valentine’s Day Astrology

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

  • How to use Astrology to navigate your Valentine’s day
  • What the Third Pluto-Mercury conjunction means for you
  • Where you’ll be able to find Courage and Passion through the week

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0:00 Intro

0:29 Week Overview

06:05 Aquarius – Ready to Support

09:13 Pisces – Aha!

12:26 Aries – Money Moves

19:55 Taurus – Getting Loud

17:32 Gemini – Me-time

21:32 Cancer – Power & Friends

23:29 Leo – Loving What You Do

25:35 Virgo – Into the Unknown

29:43 Libra – Growth & Shift

32:37 Scorpio – Overflowing Allure

35:06 Sagittarius – R&B (Rhythm & Balance)

37:53 Capricorn – Sharing is Caring

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Jamie Magee

Welcome to Star Sign Horoscopes presented by Astrology Hub. This is your place to discover how each zodiac sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I’m your host, Jamie Magee, an astrologer, author and a member of the production team here at astrology hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s astrology with you.

Hey, guys, welcome to Star Signs Horoscopes. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the astrology for February 11 through the 17th. Now that means that we’re going to be talking about Valentine’s Day week. And interestingly enough, our theme for this week is courage and passion with possibly his love in the air in parentheses, not because it’s Valentine’s Day week, but because there’s plenty of energy in the sky that is supporting this theme. Before we dive into how each of the zodiac signs can work with this week’s energy, I do want to give you a quick overview of the transits that were woven into this week’s horoscope for each of the zodiac signs. Okay, first off, we have mercury meeting up with Pluto. Now, if you’ve been watching this show for a couple of weeks, you know that not too long ago, we talked about how you had a second chance to communicate with power or to think about power and transformation. Well, this is the third, this is where we’re going to integrate everything that we saw the first time and the second time. What I like about this transit is Mercury comes up to Pluto. And he’s like, Okay, I understand. I’ve gone back and forth. I’ve got it, this is what we’re going to do. Mercury looks over the North Node. And he says, I have all this information about power and transformation. And the shifting that’s going to be going on this year do you want to work with me? Mercury trines, the North Node, the North Node says yes, I’d like to work with you. And then the North Node looks back at Pluto. It says Mercury has told me all this, I’m ready to work with you to the North Node trines back to Pluto. So you can see this circle of conversation, it’s going to be happening back and forth into areas of your life. It gets better guys. So then we have the Sun sitting over here watching this conversation. And he’s like, you know, last week, I met up with Saturn, I got all these structures of the all these systems that all these plans, I’m ready to start activating this direction that we need to go in. So the Sun looks at the North Node, and he squares him, he says I’m ready to activate you. Let’s go. So that may not feel as flowing as the rest of the conversation. But it’s going to feel action oriented, like let’s take action towards the direction we’re trying to go. Alright, it gets better. So Jupiter is sitting over in his little hometown of Pisces, and he’s like, You know what, I see what they’re talking about over there. And he looks at Uranus, who is copresent with the North Node.

And he says I’m all about, you know, expansion and growth. And I’m having a great time over here. And you’re all about revolution and changing breakthroughs. And you’ve been having a good time over there. Why don’t we work together? And you’re like, Okay, so we have Jupiter sextile, Uranus. So you can see this energy is kind of going back and forth. We still have two different areas. But we have another part of your life that saying, Hey, I’m ready. I’ve been working on expansion. And to expand, we need that growth. Then guys, it gets better. We have Mars and Venus that are going to meet up in the sky on Valentine’s Day week, right? So usually, Venus desire, what we love and cherish walks up to Mars when she catches up with him in the heavens. And she taps him on the shoulder and she says, Hey, I’d really like this. Can I have this? And then we’ll go and get it. But right now Venus is still moving a little bit slow. She’s still kind of going back over the territory that she’s been working on since the end of 2021. So it’s Mars that catches up with her. And Mars walks up during he says what do you want? Whatever your desire is, I’m gonna go get it. I have the drive. I have the determination. I’m fearless. What do you want? Let’s

go get it. So you can imagine having that energy somewhere in your life this week. You don’t have to because it’s there and we’ll talk about where in just a few minutes alright guys if that wasn’t enough courage and passion for you to kind of go forward we also have a Leo Full Moon this week. So if you’re a Leo please say hi if you know a Leo tag them but if you’ve met a Leo then you know that these people simply glow Leo glows like the Sun, its ruling planet. This is all about creativity and love and speaking from the heart and kind of going for that personal world stage that you have. Now you’ve been working on things to get to this area for a while now we set intentions a few weeks back we had an invitation to activate these intentions last week. And now we’re going to see a blossom or we’re going to see something illuminated or bloom. So that kind of adds into the intensity of the week and feeds into our theme, which is courage and passion. All right. Before we dive into the signs I do want give you guys a quick reminder that these are created with both your Sun-sign and your Rising-sign in mind. So if you know them, please make sure that you listen for both. And I just want to make sure to thank you guys again for our like, almost our tradition, is it a tradition maybe hasn’t been going on long enough. But what we’ve been doing as far as roll call, I love seeing your comments. I love knowing who’s here watching on media, or who’s listening on the podcast. So please, you know, if you’re here, let’s tell me what your sun sign is tell me what your rising if you know your moon sign, tell me I love checking in with you guys that way, it’s really, I just can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to connect with you guys that way. And I really want to thank every one of you who has been sharing this podcast and sharing this, this broadcast with people that you think could really benefit from the insights that you’re finding in these horoscopes. That is also humbling, and I’m so grateful that you are sharing them and you’re taking the time to do that. All right. With that being said,

let’s do a roll call as we go through the signs, but we’re going to kick off with the signs right now. All right, here we go. Aquarius, this is going to be your last week in the first slot Aquarius, you’re moving on, you’ve had your birthday month, you’re ready to start taking action on everything that you’ve learned. Now I do know Aquarius is probably feels like you have more going on behind the scenes and in the limelight. And that’s true, okay, but you have a lot of foundation that’s ready to move forward this week, that heightened focus for you is going to be around your home. Like there’s a lot going on there. This is not new, but you have some traction here. So that conversation is getting really clear with you know, communication and transformation. And power for you is happening in a very private part of your life. This is the part of your life that’s behind the scenes, maybe on a subconscious level, this is on, like the place of rebirth, like you’re growing through something, you’re getting clear on all that stuff backstage. But as soon as you do, you’re going to start ready, you’re gonna be ready to activate things at home, the structures that you set in place last week and a lot of areas of your life definitely in your vitality, and how you step out into the world structures around your career and your partnerships are also planning into that whole, like, what changes do we need to make here, you may feel really activated to make changes, or you may notice that you’re making some brilliant strides forward to make whatever shift that you need around your house or that energy that’s happening there. All the expansion that you have kind of percolating and growing over there and your resources and your wealth is like you know what, I’m ready to support these changes that are happening at home. So whatever shift that is energetically materialistically if you’re moving, whatever’s happening at home, and whatever home is to you, there’s a lot of energy happening, you know, behind the scenes out there allowing the open and around your resources to help you get there. The passion, the undeniable passion and courage and drive for you is happening behind the scenes to though that’s in that like, right behind stage, like I’m doing everything I can do right here. And I’m ready to step out into the world in a different way in how I’m going to use it. So I think there’s a lot of quiet passion for you in some ways Aquarius, like on a subconscious level in some way very private. The Full Moon, this loving for you is going to be blooming for you in partnerships. Now these partnerships aren’t necessarily romantic, it could just be you and another person or business partner or friend. But you’re partnering with something you’re noticing all this energy that you’ve been applying these these intentions that you set with a new moon are really starting to blossom in partnerships. There could be some intensity around partnerships, but I want you to notice what’s glowing beautifully what you intended and, and how that came to be and cherish what what you like and then know that if you don’t like it, you can see it a different way. You’re not have to grow that as you go forward. But that’s there’s a lot of intensity partnerships in home. They’re on fire for you this week. And I think that with all this passion you will be looking at like, because there’s so much of that energy happening behind the scenes that we talked about. I think that I was kind of like a little elusive about that. But because of where that energy is, it just it feeds into the new horizon, you’re going to notice things that kind of you that you’re passionate about and what you do every day and how you’re eager to shift it and change it Aquarius. So I think we’re sending you off on your birthday year and a great way and I look forward to seeing you next week. Have a great one. Okay, Pisces, let’s talk about your week. Now Pisces you’re going to be leaving off next week because it’s going to be Pisces season. So please say hi Pisces or let me know where Pisces is in your chart. I’m so excited about your month because your ruling planet is right there ready to expand and grow so many things for you. But this week, there’s going to be a lot of heightened focus for you Pisces around communication and what you do in your local environment. So this is this could be people that you speak to every day things that you write, it could be just the people that you pass every day like a rhythm. Before you get to this focus though you have a lot of clarity or like you’re going to go back and revisit a conversation around community and transforming your the conversation around how you communicate with power and authority around your community around Those who are there to support you or support your dreams is something that’s going to be activated going into this weekend. So you’re gonna get really clear like you might go to your friend and say okay, are your friends are the people who are supporting you and saying okay, well we’re really clear you know both of us are on the same page about this they’re gonna be like yeah, we’re clear let’s let’s start communicating what our plan is our let’s start computing, helping you communicate your plan, all the activation of structure and in foundations that you set behind the scenes Pisces, hopefully this the structure that you set to help you pick up great habits dropped bad habits get comfortable with like anxieties or like, you know, re reframing is it is no that your you have everything you need to know to step out all that structure that you set behind the scenes is also going to start playing into how you communicate. And it could be that you’re writing something behind the scenes or you’re doing something behind the scenes and now you’re ready to communicate it to it doesn’t have to be it could be a lot of different ways Pisces and I’m interested to know how that’s working out for you. So please feel free to comment let me know about that. Now all the expansion that’s just happening for you because you’re a Pisces and your ruling planet is home and he’s like ready to grow all the corners of your life. He’s looking over at your communication and saying you know what, I can help you with that I have some something that you can say that can maybe shake the ground bring some breakthroughs with it. So communication it’s a hot topic for you this week Pisces that passion for you like Mars Venus energy passion for you is happening around the dream though. So the dream is on fire those who are there to support your dream, it’s on fire and you’re looking right into the eye of things that you’re deeply passionate about things that you love unconditionally. So there I can see some like romance kind of flaming into place or bubbling steaming steaming water sign Pisces into place for you this week, the Full Moon for you Pisces is going to show up in what you do every day it’s gonna show up now talked about it’s not your communication people you ever you see everyday this is in your sixth house. This is what you do every day your ritual from the time you open your eyes to the time you close your eyes Pisces, this could have to do with health it could have to do with work like I have to do the work every day. So all this all the stuff that you’ve been doing behind the scenes or doing with your group is now going to like start blooming in your work and what you notice every day. So whatever is is intensified or on fire eliminated this week, celebrate the good know what you need to work with going forward. But overall Pisces, I hope you have a great, great time working with both courage and passion. Aries, let’s talk about your week. Now Aries going into this week, there’s just a lot of heightened fat, heightened attention is going to be flowing into your earning power into your resources into your material wealth, into your self esteem. Some of this energy that you’re is not going to be a surprise to you, you’re going to have a lot of clarifying conversations. This is how I communicate with power and transformation around your career. Because it’s around your career, you can have conversations with partners, you can have conversation with someone at home, you may feel it just in your body like a vitality, you know, I need to get really clear about how I feel about this. All the structure that you set last week around your dreams are those who are there to support your dreams. And, you know, the community and like getting what you’re good at out into the world is also going to be playing into your earning power. So it’s like, here’s the dream. And this is how it can support me, then you have all this growth, this work that you’ve been doing almost like this rebirth, like I have to do this stuff behind the scenes, so I can show up in the world the right way, all of that expansion behind the scenes is also going to start you know, activating your earning powers to start working with it so that you can see it’s a big topic and it’s almost it’s like a good topic to have like you have a lot of energy and drive to to really amplify your resources. And that’s just great because when you feel resource, you kind of feel more your self esteem builds and you can approach different areas of your life more boldly. The passion and determination that you’re feeling like that Mars Venus energy for you like let’s What do you want, what is your desire is happening around your career it’s happening and how you’re known in the world. If you don’t have a career, just like people know Aries as this person, there’s just you’re just on fire with passion, you’re ready to kind of take charge. You’ve set a lot of structures in place, a lot of things that you feel are timeless, they’re just going to give you a great foundation to build on and you’re on you’re on fire about it. And I love that you are the full moon for you. I do think it could be a passionate valentine’s day for you guys, the full moon is gonna be flowing around your fifth house, this is the house or the area of your life that has to do with things that you love unconditionally, things that you love without reason. These are the it could be new love affairs, or you’re just noticing the love that you already have. You may notice this is this could have a bloom around your children or something that you have just you’ve created on your own but there’s a lot of illumination, a lot of passion, a lot of intensity happening in an area of your life that has to do with love and passion anyways. So, Aries Have a great week working with courage and passion and I do hope you find a love or embrace a love in your life this week. Taurus. Let’s talk about your week. Now Taurus. There’s just a lot of heightened focus For you, I feel like this is going to be an outloud kind of week, like, it’s gonna feel like, not so much reflective but more external. So the conversation that you’re having with, or the mental clarity that you’re getting around like, Okay, this is what I think about power and transformation, this is how I’m going to act with it. This is this happening around that area that you’re focused on with your horizon, like the direction you’re going on. It could be an actual new horizon, it could be something you’re teaching something, you’re learning something, a conviction that you’re holding. But as soon as you get clear on this, as soon as you get clear on whatever this journey is, whatever this conviction is, is going to automatically play into your identity, or your vitality, or how the person that we meet when we meet Taurus is going to kind of flow into this energy. So it’s almost like this journey becomes a part of you in some way, whatever it is, or this conviction becomes a part of you. The structure that you set in place around your career last week, and the foundation that you looked at, okay, well, this is my work life, this is my home life balance that’s also going to play into like the horse that we meet your vitality and how you show up in the world, all the expansive energy that you have growing around your dreams and how you those who are there to support you and how you take this journey or things that you’re learning and you reach other people like you look at the community the overall view that that’s also supporting this to so is expansion that you can see. So the journey, your career and your dreams are all playing into how we know you Taurus how you’re, it’s kind of framing up that your identity in a different way. Or it’s enhancing how we already know you there’s a couple different ways that can kind of manifest for you. Now the passion the Mars Venus passionate energy, like we know what do you want our desire, let’s go for it. It’s still on the journey. It’s all that direction you’re going in. So you’ve fallen in love with something you’re determined to kind of like grip this conviction grip this lesson grip this, this path that you’re on. And that’s really going to help you kind of like pull some things that you’ve always know like your communication, it’s going to be really clear and on fire. Now the full moon for you is happening at home, it’s happening where you feel at home, wherever home is and home, maybe this journey for some of you, but you’re focusing on there’s an illumination there, maybe you set some goals around your career. And because you set those goals around your career, they’re really starting to blossom at home, like you have a new structure, something to celebrate some passion, whatever is happening at home, celebrate the good and know that you can make changes with this, it goes forward. But definitely notice that okay, well I set these intentions. And this is the results. And this is how I want to work with this energy going forward. Hey, Gemini, let’s talk about your week. Now Gemini, I’ve spent some time like thinking about how to approach this energy or how to talk about this energy for you because in some ways, it is elusive, it is in a blind spot for you. So it’s it’s kind of hard to say, hey, notice this blind spot when it’s, that’s what it is. A lot of focus, a lot of energies can be flowing into your life around your 12th house. Now the 12th house has a lot to do with habits, good ones bad ones has to do with anxieties and fears. It has to do with where we hold ourselves in prison. It’s the self conscious, but overall, it is a blind spot. It’s something that we don’t notice until we see it somewhere else. So if you have all this energy flowing into this area of your life, it’s likely that you’re going to notice it more outwardly. In other areas, like you may notice that you’re annoyed by something in someone else. Or that you really enjoy or love what you see in someone else. And because you do like it makes you start thinking about things and you kind of turn your thoughts and they start swirling around a little bit. So I do think that a lot of this energy’s there. And we’ll talk about how you’re going to work with it. So first of all, that conversation, or that thought process around transformation in power is happening in your eighth house. This is the area of your life that has to do with transformation, it has to do with merging, going deeper, and this could be finances, it could be money. But whatever’s happening here, however you come across this conversation, it’s going to automatically work with that blind spot that you have all those things that the 12th house represents. You also have been setting some structure up in your life around we talked about this last week, but you’re setting structure around the new direction that you’re going in like something you’re learning, teaching, mass media or publishing, that structure is also going to flow into what you do in this blind spot or behind the scenes. So say you learn something, you may have to do the work behind the scenes, you may have to go into this reflective isolation kind of steady energy to work with whatever you’re learning over there. You could definitely feel activated in that way. Your career right now or how you’re known in the world is extremely expansive like it’s growing for you. Because it’s growing you may also need to go into this reflective private place of study or you may need to say okay, well all this happens to be out in the world all This energy came out, how can I process things that I picked up, I’ll get back to why I think that that might be a big deal for you in just a second. But you also, overall, Mars and Venus are meeting up in the area of your chart that has to do with passion

and intimacy and merge assets, you and I coming in together dancing with our shadow the eighth house. So you have a lot of passion about transformation and growth and merging. And it’s playing into these blind spots is playing into the journey that you’re going on and the career and the direction that you want to go on with your career. The full moon is illuminating, eliminating your third house, this is how you communicate. These are words that you say these are people that you see or speak to every day. So I think this Full Moon is going to hide the flow of information that’s coming to you, or what you’re saying. So in a way, if you step back really far, and you say, well, all this stuff’s going on behind the scenes are in this really reflective, creative place. That’s like somewhat of a blind spot. And now I’m coming out and I’m ready to communicate it in different ways. Is it interesting how it’s gonna work for you, but whatever blooms for you, around your communications, celebrate it, anything that you don’t like, know that that’s what they make editors for, you can go back and maybe not edit what was said, what’s out there, but you can learn from it. And work with how you go forward because you are in this state of behind the scenes getting ready to go out into the world in a different way. But I do hope you have a great week Gemini. Okay, Cancer, let’s talk about your week. Now, Cancer going into this week, there’s a lot of heightened focus around your friends around the community, those people that are there to support your dream, and your dream itself. Before you kind of flow into this, you have a couple of steps you have to look at, you have to look at your partnerships, you have to look at the transformation and the journey. So the deep conversation with power and how you communicate with it, how you agree with it that’s happening around your partnerships. Mars and Venus are right there in your partnerships. They’re saying, Okay, this is all the courage is all the passion desire, this is what I need to make these the steps and the changes around these partnerships. So I like how that energy is working for you. They’re all the structure that you set last week around shared resources, merging transformation, kind of dancing with your shadow, that’s going to be activating your dream, it’s gonna be activating those who are supporting you this week, then you have all this expansion that’s happening for you around a new horizon, like mass media, you’re communicating something on a bigger level to more people, all that growth and expansion that you have there is also working with the dream, how can you expand it? How can you grow it so you can see dreams are highlighted for you this week, the Full Moon Cancer for you is highlighted around your earning power around your wealth, your self esteem. So I kind of like how you have this courage bubbling up for you, you, you go through all these steps with your partnerships, this transformation, you’ve been setting intentions around, you know how you and I merge on a different level, and then all of a sudden, that gives you the self confidence, this self esteem, and then you’re it helps you notice what your individual wealth is what your resources is. And I like that you’re gonna have that connection and that illumination around your values. But overall C ancer, I think you’re gonna have a great week, and I wish you a beautiful one. Okay, Leo, let’s talk about your week. Leo, I do think this week’s gonna be on fire for you in a lot of ways. Alright, first of all, there’s a there’s a focus for you coming in on the world stage or how you’re known in the world. And I want to say career, but you know, it could be just, it could be an outright stage for you, Leo. So this focus, you’re going to get really clear the way that we’re going to this. What brings focus to this is that clarity of conference, a conversation and thought which transformation that’s happening around what you do every day, this is your work. This is your health. This is this is just your rhythm, your ritual. So you get clarity there, and that starts to work with your career, then you look at the structure that you set around your partnerships last week, and how that’s on fire for you and illuminated. And that starts to support your career. Have you looked at all the expansion and growth that you have where you’re merging resources, or you’re using shared resources, or you’re going through a transformation that’s also supporting your career and how you’re known this week? Isn’t that just on fire? Now what I like about this is that Mars and Venus they’re meeting up in the area of your chart to have to the same place where you had that conversation or the same neighborhood. And so what the way that I see this, Leo is like you fall in love with your work or you fall in love with your vitality, you fall in love with what you’re in service to. And because you fall in love with it. Other people fall in love with it, like it’s magnetic, like you’re drawing them to you because they’re like, Wow, look at that. Like I want to feel like that about what I work and then you automatically become known for it in some way or almost naturally. It just kind of flows in without a lot of effort. Don’t think but the passion and drive is going to be there. Now this is your full moon Leo. This is the moment where it’s going to be illuminating how we know you like this is the Leo that we meet, when we show up with shake your hand. This is the person that we see. And because this Full Moon is there, it has a lot to do with your vitality, you can feel really activated again in your career, you can feel activated at home and in your partnerships, all areas that you’re already focused on anyways, it just illuminates it more. It just makes it on fire. So there’s a lot of passion and intensity for you, Leo this week. I do hope you have a fantastic one. Okay, Virgo, let’s talk about your week. Now Virgo going into this week, it’s an interesting week, I think for you guys. And I spent some time thinking about Virgo, too. I think it’s the mutable signs I was like. But Virgo, there is some energy here that you’re really focused on the direction that you’re going in, you have so much you have your eye on eye on the sky like this is the horizon. I can’t wait to get to that next chapter. I’m so excited about it. This could be learning this could be teaching publishing, how do I get there? What can I do when I get there? Like there’s just so many thoughts happening for you. But before you get there, you have a little bit of work to do. I know you’re not afraid of like destruction of work, Virgo. So let’s kind of dive into it. First of all, that deep conversation like, Okay, let’s get really clear about how I communicate with power and transformation for you is happening in the area of your life. That has to do with love. It has to do with what you love what you do for fun, it has to do with joy. That doesn’t sound fun. Like I have to get deep and clear with transformation and power around things I love. And yeah, this isn’t a new story, whatever is going on here. And you’ve you’ve hit a rubbed up against it or crossed it at least two other times. And hopefully, if it’s not the same person, it might be clear to track the story. But it could have been happening with different people or different, maybe a person event the same themes there. But you’re going to get really clear. And it’s important to get clear there. Because this is also where Mars and Venus is. This is the passion, and drive and courage. There’s so much passion and courage in a great area. But you have to get really clear on some things that have gone down recently. So you can move forward. Now as soon as you get clear about all this area around your passions that plays into the journey, that you’re going to look at the structures that you set last week around what you need to do every day, your ritual, like how that shifted, that plays into the journey, the direction you’re trying to go into, then all the expansion and growth that you have around your partnerships is ready to work with the direction you’re trying to grow in the groundbreaking energy. How do I work with this? Now, I think the reason I said this was interesting is you have like, Okay, this is what I love. This is what I work this, this is the work that I’m doing. These are the partners I have. And this is the direction I’m going in is that first kind of step, because it’s almost like there’s a closing of a chapter. But I don’t and it’s going to be up to you who goes into the next chapter with you, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re closing a chapter. And everyone in the last chapter can’t go on, like the characters can move on the themes can move on to the next slide. But I do think the structures are changing for you. And something that makes me think that this is going to happen or like gave me this thought process for you. Virgo is where the full moon is, the full moon for you is in the 12th house, it’s in a very private area of your chart. It’s like almost a reflective area. And if you’ve been listening to the other signs, when I talk about this house, this has to do with, you know where our habits are where our karma is, this is a subconscious level, this is a place of rebirth, where we surrender to something bigger than us. And I think that Virgo, you’re very, I don’t I like you have a system and you have a step of how you work with things that are emotional to you. And that’s great. It’s healthy. I think a lot of signs would love to have that same way to put something organized in fashion and say, okay, yes, I’ve given it this much time I’ve given this much thought, and I’m moving forward. But there’s something that happens on a subconscious level that is being illuminated for you here, there’s something that I want you to celebrate, or

take some time to look at. Okay, so hopefully this Full Moon is illuminating that you have dropped a habit that’s not helping you. And you’ve picked up a great habit and that’s supporting you going forward is hopefully it’s like letting you see all this great Carmen energy is moving forward. It’s helping you rise above your anxieties. At the same time. I think you could highlight some, but whatever it eliminates, I think the full moon is asking you to process what’s happened at the end of 2021 going into 2022 All this stuff around things that you love. It’s important for you to process it, it’s important for you to work with this energy, because it’s going to help you it’s going to show up in what you do every day if it floods into what you do every day in a positive way that’s just going to help that journey that you have focused on. But overall I think it’s gonna be an interesting week. Virgo. I hope you have a good one. I’ll see you next time. Alright Libra, let’s talk about your week that Libra there’s a heightened focus for you this week around transformation and growth. This give me a round merge resources to it. This is a lot a lot of attention for you. This Week. Libra is around your eighth house which is you know, death and rebirth. and transformation shared resources and money, where this attention is coming from. First of all, as happening at home, you’re going to have that deep clarifying conversation that you’ve been having a couple of times now with people at your home or around your home or thoughts about your home. And then as soon as you do this, you’re ready to like merge assets or take out the loan, or get a partnership that you need to really activate the changes that are happening to happen at home, then all the structure that you set last week around things that you love, and that you admire. And this is just beautiful to me and I this is the joy I have you set structures there. And now those structures are ready to flow into that same you know, eighth house like this rebirth is transformation, merging assets. So it could be that you have a plant at home and you have a plan around things that you love. And now you’re going to get the loan, you’re going to get the support. Or it could be that you’re getting clarity around home and things that you love, and you’re going through a transformation. So you can work with everything that was uncovered there Libra. Either way, you’re looking for the ultimate balance and how you feel about it. Now the expansion and growth that you have around what you do every day around your work around your health, all of that is looking at the transformation too. And it’s like you know what I’m ready to go through, I’m ready to make those changes with you. So that’s also helping activate that same area. Overall, there’s a lot of drive, and passion and courage happening at home. And because it’s happening at home, or whatever home is to you, you will notice this in your one to one relationships. You’ll notice it in your career. And you’ll notice that your overall vitality, like you’ll feel in your body. So it’s important to get really clear on what’s happening here. Or like it really like you know, lead into the passion and the most positive way that you can like use that drive to drive you forward and find the balance that you’ve been really looking for, like even been intently looking for this for a while he wrote, so use the courage to go in that direction, the full moon for you is going to be highlighting your dreams, it’s going to highlight your wishes, it’s going to highlight what you’re bringing out into the community in a new way. And so you’ve set intentions around you know what you’re passionate about. And now you may be celebrating how those passions or those loves, are being celebrated more openly, at least around a friend group. So whatever shows up here, I want you to celebrate if it’s one thing that you intended, like Yes, oh my God, my dreams coming out the way I wanted it to this wishes, is really starting to blossom in that way. Celebrate what’s good. If there’s anything that you don’t want there, know that you are in a state of transformation, you’re in a state of Growth is shifts. And so it’s okay. You can shift it, you can shift it as you go forward. But overall Libra I do hope that you have a very passionate week and you’re able to work with all the courage that you need to get in the direction you’re trying to go. Okay, Scorpio going into this week, there’s an intense focus for you around your partnerships, like one on one partnerships. For some of you, it could be romantic partnerships. To get to there, though, you have a lot of clarifying, you’re thinking about ways that you communicate with transformation and power around your words like Scorpio, your words are really deep, and they’re really powerful. They’re very alluring. And you’ve been going over these a couple of different ways like how can I make them more alluring? What can I say? How can I communicate this, as soon as you get a good plan this week, like you’re integrating the things that you’ve been working on, that’s going to look over, it’s going to start to flow well with your partnership. So I like how that works out for you Scorpio, you get really clear on communicating, and your partnerships benefit. All the structures that you sit around your home last week, this is my home life, these are the things I need to feel supported with my work life balance, those are also going to start to be noticeable or flowing into your partnerships. Or you may notice that something at home is making you want to you know fuel your partnerships or partner with maybe someone at your home or outside of your home to help you feel more secure in this direction you’re going in all the expansion and growth that you have around things that you absolutely love and that you’re passionate about is also ready to work with your partnerships. So I love how partnerships, partnerships, partnerships, they keep coming up. But overall Scorpio this week, I do think that your words are just going to be extremely alluring. You’re that’s where your passion is that’s where your drive is. That’s where there’s so much beauty like it’s just kind of falling off of each word that you say. So people are going to be really intense to listen to what you have to say or you may notice that there’s an intensity in your overall conversations. I do love this Full Moon for you Scorpio because it’s showing shining in your 10th house. This is your career how you’re known in the world. I think all this work that you kind of been doing behind the scenes you didn’t realize that this blob this blossom was coming and now that it’s there you’re like wow. So celebrate anything that happens around your career, anything that’s blooming, anything that you enjoy having like you know, I know the spotlights, not always fun, but be like okay, yeah, I like that I work for that. Anything that you don’t like know that you’re going through a transformational phase you can definitely shift out of this you can change it in any way you need to going forward. But celebrate the light there celebrate the energy and notice how this Full Moon is also activating those partnerships is also flowing into the home life and your vitality and how you feel it could feel intense. It could feel passionate but I think looking back once you kind of get through it you’re gonna say like wow, that was pretty intent and I liked it because you’re a Scorpio and it was intense, right? Alright, Scorpio Have a good week, let’s talk about you Sagittarius Sagittarius going into this week, there’s a lot of energy flowing into what you do every day, like your rhythm like this could be your work like, this is my work, this is my health, some of you can be prepared to like smaller ones, not the big ones, which are going to get you’re going to communicate, or get really clear around how you communicate with power and transformation. When it comes to your resources, your self esteem, your actual money, or your earning power, you’re going to get some clarity there, you’re also gonna feel really passionate and driven about it, because that’s where Mars and Venus is like Mars is like, Okay, what do we want? What do we want to earn? How do we want to earn it? How are we going to get it. And as soon as you work with this energy, you’re going to notice that you’re all this, this conversation, as soon as you get clear about this, okay, this is what I want to earn, then your work and what you do every day shifts, that makes sense, right? This is what I’m earning this what I have to do to earn it, then you’re looking at the structures that you set around your day to day rhythms and who you communicate and how you communicate it. Is that going to play into what you do every day? Yes, it’s going to play into like, Okay, well, I have this structure to communicate in this way. And this is how it shows up. And what I do in my ritual every day, and how it shines up, shines through for me shines up, down, however you want to do it. Alright, then you have this expansion and growth that is happening around your home, that’s also impacting what you do every day. Now, when I say what you do every day, this is I opened my eyes, everything that happens in that rhythm, I close my eyes, but it could also be your work, there’s a lot of light, and energy happening in your work. And I think it’s important for you guys to find your truth there to find your balance there. Because you’re going to feel healthier when you do and you’re gonna be able to, you know, understand, okay, if I do this, this is the direction I can go on. And I like that because you have to get clear in that area of your life, to know how what direction you’re going. But getting to my point here, the full moon, for you is about the journey. It’s shining in your ninth house. So Sagittarius that has to be exciting for you. Because there’s a new journey, there’s a new door opening for you something that you can learn something that you can teach a new truth, a new conviction, publishing media, like this big scale, that’s where the full moon is for you so that all the spotlights go there. And you’re like, wow, okay, I set all these intentions locally. And now look how they’re, they’re shining. So I want you to celebrate whatever flows up for you here, celebrate the joy that you find there. If it’s something that is eliminated that you’re not like Adam, I don’t mean to plant that one, then that’s okay. You can wait it out as you go forward. But all of this work that you’re doing around you know, your earning power, how you communicate it, the structures you have at home, and then what you do for work, your health and your vitality, are all kind of illuminated into this journey. You have to do those steps to get to the journey. Interesting, right? Alright, Sagittarius, have a great week, chasing and working with both courage and passion. Capricorn, let’s talk about your week. Now Capricorn, I do think it’s going to be a Valentine’s Day to Remember our Valentine’s Day week to remember you’ll you’ll remember it, there’s a lot of attention, a lot of energy flowing into things that are all about love for you Capricorn, this is the this is the era of your your chart, the attention that’s going to the fifth house this year, these are things that you love that you so it could be a new love, or celebrating something that you do love, it could be your children could be something you created like this is I love it unconditionally. And I can’t tell you why that’s where this energy is going. Flowing into now that where it comes from is first off this week, this calm conversation or thought process with, you know, communication and power and transformation is happening for you in a pretty loud area. It’s like how we know you your vitality, like the way you approach the world. So you guys could be working through some things that happen at the end of 2021. Going into 2022, you’re getting really clear about whatever this was, how it impacted your career, how it impacted home life and partnerships. And as soon as you get clear on this, it’s going to help you make some decisions about things that you love. You’re going to look at all the structure that you put in place around your resources and your finances, you’re gonna be like, You know what, I have the structure to support the things that I love, then you’re gonna look at all the expansion that you’re trying to grow around how you communicate in your local environment. You’re like, you know what, I’m ready to support the shift and changes that are happening around things that I love that

she loved that I’m saying love so much. I love that I’m saying love. Okay, so Mars and Venus is also going to be working with you in that one area of your house. I just think you’re going to be alluring this week, because Mars and Venus are just gonna be working together and how we meet you. When we meet you Capricorn this week, we’re going to feel that energy, we’re going to feel that passion, we’re going to feel that courage and determination to reach your desires. And we’re going to know that it’s timeless, it has structure and it’s unstoppable. And it’s going to be alluring for many of us to watch and you may find you have some extra followers going like hey, how do you how do you do that? I would like to do that too. So I like how that passion is just happening in your in your body. Like you’re gonna feel it in your body. You’re gonna feel it in your partnerships. You’re going to feel it and how you’re doing in the world. Everything is just going to be and passions, there’s gonna be a lot of courage and passion. The full moon for you Capricorn. horn is eliminating How were your shared resources are. So you got structure last week around, this is my individual wealth, these are my resources, you’re going to notice a blossom or bloom in partnerships where you’re like where the resources are merging or sharing. And that’s that’s one level of this this area of your this full moon, it could also be about transformation, like you’re going through a transformation because of all the stuff that you’ve learned. It could be that you’re dancing with your shadows, whatever you find with this illumination, I do want you to celebrate it and be excited about it. Even if it’s something you don’t like, know that you’re going it’s in an area of your chart that’s supposed to change, his transformation is going down deep and coming out a different way rising like the Phoenix. So I like that you have this energy that’s kind of supporting things that you love in a lot of different ways, Capricorn, and I do hope you have a beautiful week, dancing with both courage, passion and maybe a shadow but it’s all gonna be live love, love, love. Lively love. There you go. All right. Okay, guys, that is everyone. I do hope that you guys have a beautiful week working with our theme that is courage and passion. And just as a reminder, guys, if you really if you found some insights or enjoyed this podcast or you know someone that would enjoy the insights in this podcast, please be sure to share this with them and Alright, have a great balance on Valentine’s Day week. I’ll see you next time. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so that you can easily stay up to date on the latest astrology hub podcast episodes. You can learn more about astrology hub and find out about all of our shows at astrology hub.com forward slash podcast