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The Week Before the Taurus Lunar Eclipse

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Nura Rachelle and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You'll learn…

🌑 Why the veil between worlds becomes thinner during Halloween Season
🌒 What to expect from the next Saturn and Uranus square
🌓 How to work with the energies of the upcoming eclipse

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Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving but thriving with the cosmic tides. Well, hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so thrilled to be here with all of you. And happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate Halloween. I'm also very, very grateful to be here today with Nora Rochelle,

an incredible intuitive astrologer. We have had Nora on the show several times at this point and always, always love connecting in in with her. And especially this week, this feels like a really good Nora week and I'm really excited to hear what you have to say. So welcome back to the weekly weather. Thank you so much, Amanda. So great to be connecting in this very thin veil space.

It feels like so much magic is happening. Mm, love it. Okay, so let's start with the theme. What would you say is the overarching theme for this week? Leaning in to the thin space, especially if you, So if you celebrate Halloween or if you're connected to maybe more of the sown energy or day of the dead energy, or really from any culture where we're celebrating these thin spaces and our ancestors and everything in between,

how can you lean into that thin space? And I feel like this is also directly correlated to the level of fear that we have of going into those spaces, because that's also where we find some of the shadow parts of ourselves that maybe we've been repressing, kind of stuffing down into our shadow bag. But if we can lean into that thin space and also the quiet moments,

we're just coming out of that new Moon solar eclipse. So we're very much in this internal alchemical cauldron. We're starting to build up this energy and also building up to what's going to be revealed at the full Moon lunar eclipse. So we're, we're in this middle space, which arguably is where much of the magic happens. Mm. Nora, when you talk about the thin veil,

what do you mean? Well, any time of transition, the veil is thin. So similar to that time at dusk. And that time just after sunset, it's essentially when we're shifting from one energy to another, the veil is thin. And I take that to mean we have more access to our guides, we have more access to our ancestors, we have more access to the spiritual messages that I think are always coming through,

but we're just able to hear them a little bit better and maybe we're able to understand them as well because we're a little bit more sensitive and tapped in. Hmm. And you brought up, so, and that of all the holidays or, or the festivals or whatever you would like to call them that happened around this time is the most astrologically based? Correct.

So there's the cross quarter days that happen between the Equinox and the Solstice. And so technically the the high Holy Day, the cross quarter day is actually at 15 degrees Scorpio. And that is happening November 6th or seventh. So really this whole week I think we're in that energy. I see it as partially what we collectively create through our intentions. So if we're celebrating sown on October 31st,

well we've already invoked it, We're already living it, even if that exact cross quarter day is at 15 degrees Scorpio. Okay. It's also Interesting. Yeah, it's, And and and what is it, Why was a cross quarter day celebrated or why is a cross quarter day celebrated? This wheel of the year divided into eight essentially. So the high Holy Days,

solstice and equinoxes, and then those mid points that divide essentially into these eight major quarters of the year. And they're just turning points there again, where we're shifting from one primary energy and focus into another. And we can use this in so many ways for our health. Also, for our general, where are we putting our productive energy? Where are we putting our attention?

It tends to take a notch deeper within, especially in the northern hemisphere, which is where I'm from, which is where my whole cosmology is really rooted in. And I know it's a little bit different in the southern hemisphere because maybe they're getting more sunlight, so it's a little bit different. But from what I've learned of this season, it's pretty noticeable.

It's like, Oh yeah, we know that it's the autumn in end of September and October, but I feel like as soon as Scorpio season hits and as soon as this sown cross quarter time hits, you're like, Oh, we're in autumn. It gets real. Which is also how I view the fixed signs in general, which all hold these cross quarter times where it's that midpoint of the season,

which is almost the most pure essence of the season I see it as. Okay, I love that. Thank you. I was, I was wondering, cuz one of the things I've been wanting to do is bring more astrological context into the holidays that we celebrate, because for some of them they just feel like these holidays that are floating for me, I don't,

I've done it since I was a child, but like, I don't really know what it means. I don't have a like context for it. So bringing the astrological meaning into it, it just, it, it's deepening it for me. And especially like as a mom, you know what I'm talking about. Why are we doing these things? It's like kind of wanna understand the why,

you know? So we can do it with some intention and some some purpose. Absolutely. I'm very much the same with my daughter and I've almost tried to talk more about sown than Halloween or more about Dave the Dead because her dad is Mexican. And so just really also the ancestral cultural piece there too. And just understanding well, why, and then pairing it with what we're observing from nature around us.

And of course I'm from Canada where there's maple trees and there was always a distinct moment where all of the trees would change colors and we're like, Oh, here's, there's quite visible magic happening and what does that mean? So I think every place and location is going to have its own connection and meaning. And that's what I just invite everybody to do is like,

look around what's actually changing, what's the external natural changes and then how's that also mirroring what's happening within you. Like we talk so much with Scorpio season around death and rebirth and transmutation transformation. And so it's like that as above, so below as within. So without, it's just all around us. I love it. Okay. What would you say is the intensity scale?

Like on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the most intense, one being not intense at all, where does this week land overall? I would give it maybe a seven. Okay. For some people, particularly those who are graced with the fixed signs, I think it's gonna be a little bit greater intensity. And especially around November 5th when we have Venus opposing Uranus retrograde and Uranus has been so active in our transits this year.

And of course in this eclipse portal in general, Uranus will be featured with the full Moon lunar eclipse, conjunct the Moon. So I feel that this Venus opposing Uranus, maybe we're taking that up to a nine. Okay. And for people that don't know, what are the fixed signs? So that's Taurus, Scorpio and then Leo and Aquarius. Perfect.

All right. Let's go into the week breakdown. Awesome. So October 31st Halloween, we have the first quarter Moon at eight degrees Aquarius and I like to incorporate the Degree Theory by Nicholas Dovi and give that another layer of meaning. So eight degrees of every sign corresponds with Scorpio. So this is pretty perfect. It's a first quarter Moon with Sun at eight degrees Scorpio Moon at eight degrees Aquarius and it's first quarter,

which usually starts to give us greater illumination around all that's moving within us. All that's been stirred during the solar eclipse. So we, I view it as we have about half of the information, we'll have the other half towards the end of the week with the next eclipse. But I also view this as a time of discernment because a lot of information and a lot of energy is really swirling around in an Eclipse portal and a lot's also being purged.

If we think about Scorpio as ruling the organs of elimination in the body. So it's happening physically, this is a great time for fasting and detoxing, but it's also happening emotionally, mentally, spiritually. So there's a lot of people's stuff floating around and everybody's going to have a bit of a different capacity to hold that and capacity to process that in a healthy way for themselves.

So not everybody has that. That's why we, you know, we all have our gifts, so if you need some support, you know, find your friends who are good at emotional processing, find your Astrologers and your medicine people that we need, we need all hands on deck right now. But also information because it's Aquarius. So it seems to me that we wanna be very discerning around the information that we take in.

So as much as we're doing physical detox perhaps, or you know, making things more simple, like I'm choosing to prepare some soups, for example, that are easy to digest and you know, butternut squash and like root vegetable soups and things like this. Like you can make this really practical, like by how you're cooking and, and kind of plan ahead for this,

but also maybe social media detox as well. Because we know with the midterm elections coming up and that also falling on a lunar eclipse, there's a lot of stuff and especially in the United States, there's a lot of polarization. I'm sure you've heard the term Infowars, like there's a lot of stuff out there, but so much of it, I would say like 80% to 20%,

I kind of live by that 80 20 rule. Probably 80% of it is there to deceive you or there to kind of get you to have a fear response, to have an emotional response no matter what side of the fence you're on about anything. So probably around 80% of it is not necessarily useful. And so it's kind of steering clear of that because that combination of Scorpio degree and also the Sun in Scorpio with Aquarius.

So we just wanna make sure that we're not letting information Dece bus. And then depending on where you have these signs in your Chart, Scorpio and Aquarius, that'll give you a little bit more information about where that information is coming. I just said information like five times in that sense. So hopefully you're, you're picking that up, it's like, wow,

okay, lots is moving through here and it can manipulate our emotions and we know that we manifest through our emotions. So if you're trying to call in more joy into your life, but you're focusing on things that are fear-based, it's going to create distraction and it's going to skew what it is you can intend because these eclipse portals are such potent times for acceleration and manifestation.

Like what you intend at this time can go so far. So I see it as a very good time to lean into more internal ways of knowing, you know, those, the psychic energy, the clairvoyant, clear audience, clear cognizant intuition, body wisdom, things like that. Yeah, I mean this sounds like great advice for any time, but right now just that,

that level of discernment and paying attention to how your body feels, I think is huge. And I, I was also, I was listening to something that was talking about how much of the information, again, it's regardless of what you, what your view is on any topic, it is literally designed to get an emotional response from you. So there's,

when things like that come up for me, it's like I don't wanna give them what they are trying, like I don't wanna be manipulated in that way, you know, So it's just, I, I'm paying attention if I start to feel that trigger or reaction, it's like, huh, well I wonder, I wonder why someone is wanting me to feel that way,

You know, and maybe I can just opt out. Like I don't need to be a part of that story. Exactly. It's like, don't feed the fears, right? If, if the, we've probably all heard this, it's like darkness kind of feeds on darkness. And so if you give darkness what it wants, which is your fear, you're feeding it.

It's kind of like the story of the two wolves and you know, the, the elders talking to the young children about the two wolves that are always fighting each other, which also feels very linked to the next transit I'm about to talk to. And they all ask like, which wolf wins? And of course that super wise answer, the one you feed.

And so even that energy of feeding and and consumption production, what we're focusing on, this is very tourist Scorpio. So just be aware, trust yourself. I love it. Yeah. So then November 1st, which is also the beginning of the, the day of the Dead, and I think this is really cool to just share that it, it's like a portal opens midnight November 1st where it is said that the souls of all the ancestors can come and join the living for 24 hours.

And so then the portal closes at midnight November 2nd. And so Day of the Dead is actually celebrated on both of these days. And there's really a procession and a whole very reverent ritual created all the way up until that point where you can create alter spaces for your loved ones and really doing any ancestral healing and clearing. And I think just gratitude and really gratitude for your ancestors and all that they've lived through.

And so whether or not you celebrate Day of the Dead, I think this is a beautiful time for everybody to take advantage of that. I mean the energy is here to support us. So also that day we have Mars retrograde at 25 Degrees Gemini trying Vesta at 25 degrees Aquarius. And so here we are again with that Aquarius energy coming in represented by Vista Vesta is Goddess Asteroid of Sacred Service and Devotion.

And so she's always asking the question, what are we making sacred? And it's in Aquarius. And so I view this as there's something on the table around being of service to humanity in some way. And so everybody, I view everybody as having an incredible contribution to the evolution of humanity right now. And so what have you been focusing on? What have you been thinking about?

What's been sort of ruminating for you? Especially because we're in this Venus underworld, like our whole creative process is being regenerated, so that's also a strong, strong energy right now, but with Vest and Aquarius it's like how is your creative process and also how you're taking action Mars, how is that in service to your community? And a view how Mars and Gemini fits into this equation is kind of thinking of Gemini as that polarity,

but also options like Gemini needs a lot of avenues for expression, a lot of options. I've always found that if I wanna have a conversation about something controversial or something kind of weird or just kind of out there that not everybody's talking about find somebody with strong Gemini in their Chart and I know I'll be able to have some fun. So it seems like that's also on offer.

Like we can be mentally rerouted to really bring our actions, which is Mars our action language really to bring them in alignment with what will be of highest service in an authentic way. Because that's also a key word for Aquarius, is authenticity. One of our team members at Astrology have is celebrating Dia de Dia. You say it so much more beautifully than I can.

And she, they're, they're doing one of those dinners where they actually literally set a place at the dinner for all of their ancestors and family who have passed on to the other side and they put out their favorite foods and their favorite drink. One of, one of the ancestors loved like a strawberry margaritas. They're putting that out and it's just, to me,

it feels so healthy to have this space that's a rhythmic space, you know, every year where, you know, the people who have gone before us are celebrated and acknowledged and brought to the table, so to speak, and their wisdom can speak through. And I love that. I mean, as she was sharing on our team meeting, I was like,

God, I would love to do that. That's a, that's a beautiful tradition and I can see it being very powerful for the youth to, to feel that connection too. It just seems healthy for everybody. Absolutely. This is something I've brought up quite a few times is the Venus Megos in Capricorn where it's just what her energy is for the whole 19 month cycle since her recent inferior conjunction last January,

this January of 2022. So we're still working with that energy of this Capricorn wise elder, which I always see as an invitation to deepen our understanding of seven generations behind, seven generations ahead and then beyond. And how do we honor tradition and honor our ancestors and just honor all of the wisdom that came before, but then still make space for well, what comes next?

And I do agree it's so important to be fostering that in, in the youth. So, well In some cultures are so much more aware of it. You know, we we're doing this celestial navigation here with this Hawaiian voyaging community on, on, on in Maui, and one of the uncles was speaking the other day, and uncle means just elder,

he was one of the elders. And he was talking about, he was one of the elders who was on the Hoku Hokuleia in 1976, which was the voyaging canoe that went to Tahiti. And this man is amazing, but one of the things he was saying is the reason why he's there teaching our homeschool community and different children of the island is because he wants this knowledge to live for 400 more years.

And he sees it as his responsibility and duty to continue passing it along to the youth. He said, I'm passing it to your daughter so she can pass it to her daughter. And, and it was just such so beautiful to be in the presence of an elder who's so aware of the impact that they have and, and the wisdom that they have and that it is worth preserving,

you know, it is worth sharing and passing along. And I was in tears just listening to him speak cuz and it was so heartfelt, you know, it was coming right from his soul how meaningful this work is to him. I mean, you think about it, he's, he could be doing a million other things besides hanging out with, you know,

12 to 14 year old kids on a Friday morning. You know, but this is, this is what he feels is his sacred service. Like you're talking about Vesta and what is that sacred service that we have? Yes. Oh gosh, I love that so much. And I, it seems to me that we're, as a collective, putting more value on these traditions.

I'm seeing it all over the place, even here where I am in Arizona, I recently watched something around the mariachi connection and how that was something that really started to foster healthy sense of community and really reclaiming ancestral gifts and wisdom and how it's become a big movement and how it's also so potent for mental health and really keeping kids both safe and kind of off the streets and things like that,

but also connecting with their magic, which is theirs. And, and I feel like all of this is part of Scorpio gift as well because it's, when we reach back into our ancestry, we start to reclaim those gifts. I also notice a lot of people doing a lot of healing of the witch wound, which is also big in this because there's so many facets of the witch wound.

It's like, oh, maybe studying herbalism at one point, you know, maybe in a past life if, if that's your vibe or even in your ancestry, epigenetically passing down trauma, being persecuted for being a midwife or for helping somebody with some ailment, ailment, some illness with herbs, you know, with, with the sacred magic and all that,

that can create like the shame, the fear in the nervous system. All of these things get brought up in Scorpio season and sometimes we don't know exactly what it's linked to, but this is why I think being in our bodies is so important because we can start to feel, oh, where, where am I feeling this? Oh, I feel it in my heart.

Even me literally while I'm talking about this. I'm like, oh gosh, yeah, there's something big there and it, it's really all just being revealed. It's stuff that's being brought to the surface. So I tend to think that people who kind of live in this space, live in this constant regenerative transformational space tend to have an easier time during eclipses in general because they do kind of carry Scorpio energy,

all of them. And also uranium quality of like liberation, fast movement, quantum acceleration. So it's kind of like going deep into these wounds potentially, or traumas potentially quick. So you wanna have physical support and, and I've been saying this a lot too, creating a safe space in yourself. So I feel like all of this is, is very connected to this time.

And that actually leads into November 2nd transit, which is Venus conjunct the south node. So of course Venus was involved with the solar eclipse at two Degrees Scorpio and then fast forward Venus conjunct the south node, kind of bringing it all home. I always view Venus as our magnetism and as really our point of attraction, what are we attracting? And with the south node being connected to the past and also being connected to what brought us here,

we tend to get a little bit of a mixed bag. We tend to get, oh, well there's really wonderful things in my past, or there's really wonderful gifts when I do this ancestral work. Oh, but I'm also maybe gonna find some other things that I wasn't intending on or I'm surprised by and I'm gonna have to deal with those. So just knowing that that's being magnetized right now,

and you can do it really intentionally. It's like if you go looking for it, you're more mentally prepared than if it just lands on you, if you're just surprised by it. And it's also an invitation to continue to release just what's in the way of your authentic creativity. That's how I view Venus. She's connecting us with our relational goals as well as our financial goals and our values,

but also our creativity, which I see is central to all of that. Why do we, why do we want to make money? Well, we wanna help our money, help us with our contribution. We, we make money cuz we wanna do things that are valuable and, you know, leave behind a legacy. We, we want our money to serve us.

So it's, it's all tied in. Also, one of the number one reasons for divorces and breakups and relationships is money. So money is very central, sorry. And, and that's again coming from the creativity. So it, it's all touching. And that's also I think a quality of Scorpio. It's like water touching everything and it's kind of subtle and it's one of those things where you're not aware of it.

If you're not aware also of these micro patterns or micro leaks of energy or these dynamics that are just draining your energy, then it can sneak up on you. It can become a, a fire, right? It's like these tiny little things and then boom, it can just blow up. So that energy of volatility is also being featured this week. So then November 3rd we have Venus again at 14 degrees Scorpio Sextile series at 14 degrees Virgo and series is the goddess asteroid of cyclical wisdom.

Also the great mother and series also has strong affinity with both Virgo, the signs she's in, but also with Scorpio because of the regeneration factor and, and understanding the cycles of harvest and what we're eating. Also, both Scorpio and Virgo have a major component in our digestion. So Scorpio, like I mentioned before, rules the organs of elimination as well as the sexual organs.

And Virgo rules the organs of assimilation. So how, how we're we receiving? And it's like we are what we assimilate. So them being sextile to me shows that there's an opportunity to, I would say release the unhealthy habits essentially with the Scorpio there. Like what are you eating that you know you shouldn't be eating, for example, A lot of people are addicted to sugar.

That's, that's a huge one. This is a really great time to kind of maybe hijack those patterns from the back door and really bring in some ritual, really intentional healthy eating and seeing also how that can kind of plug those micro leaks of energy. I think we can drain a lot of energy based on how we're eating and especially if it's not appropriate for us.

And then you, especially if you are somebody who tends to not eat for a long time and then you eat a lot at once, for example, or you're not eating in the morning and then you're drinking a bunch of coffee and then, you know, there's so much with our nervous system going up and down and up and down and, and that is so also taxing on our adrenals and on our kidneys.

So there's a lot of opportunity here to do very intentional detoxification. Some of my favorite herbs, and so I say this with the caveat, you know, talk to your doctor not making any specific recommendations, but these herbs that I will mention are very safe and, and ones that I think most people can do some research on, see if it's right for you.

But Angola has really powerful skin healing abilities. Like you've probably heard of that with like, you know, skin cream of like if you have cuts and whatever on, on topically, but you can also take it internally and it can heal things like leaky gut, which is essentially broken skin inside your body. And that has strong affinity with Virgo and it's also on a spiritual emotional level,

a beautiful healer of the feminine. And it tends to evoke community. It's also bright yellow. So there's that golden energy kind of bringing in a solar force, especially if we're thinking of Scorpio. Joe said this earlier, he's like, Scorpio the swamp, but the beautiful swamp. And sometimes we can feel stagnant and kind of bogged down in the emotions.

So it, it can help actually to take some herbs that are drying if you tend towards being really moist or even just if you're having a heavy emotional time, what can you do to again, create a safe space for yourself, but that might be very physical and, and very much like, oh, it's how I eat. That can be how I'm creating a safe space because I'm optimal,

I'm operating in my optimal form. Some other things too, Scorpio rules the hormonal balance and cellular regeneration. So ash, tulsi, turmeric, those are my top three favorites. There are so many more, but they all fight inflammation, which arguably every illness in the body is connected to inflammation. They also all have an affinity for stress relief, which is one of the number one things that can put our hormones out of balance.

So that's, that's really huge. And now this is why I was asking you if I could swear earlier, there's this great beam out there, it's from a, a guy from India and he's saying, you know, my sage advice for life is take a shit, take a shit in the morning, preferably take a shit before you're about to do anything really important in your life,

right? You don't wanna be like holding on all that baggage, all that stuff that just no longer serves you. And this is such Scorpio wisdom, like before you do something that's really creative, like creating an alter, go take a shift first. And it's so funny in a, I think that's also important, we've gotta laugh at all of this,

but if you want some support doing that and, and reregulating yourself trla powder is is a great I or Veic supplement Herb Trla powder. So all of these things that we can do, there are things we can control when so much on the outside world we can't control, we can control what we put into our body. Hmm. And for most of these herbs,

are you like drinking a tea or like how do you actually consume them? All of these, I, I put them in tea. So yeah, calendula infusions basically kind of letting them sit there for at least half an hour. Sometimes like overnight if I'm like, oh I need it heavy turmeric, if it's already in powdered form, I'll just kind of throw it in everything that I'm cooking.

Like I just made a really yummy butternut squash soup with garlic and turmeric and it's just so good. You could just put turmeric in everything and TSI and Ashwaganda, I would ashoka's a little bit bitter, but TSI is a great one for having as a tea, it's really popular. Okay, wonderful. Thank you. Yeah. And in the triple lab,

was that t r i f o l a? T r i p h a l a. Oh, I'm glad I asked. Yeah, Wonderful. Thank You. Yeah, and all of this too, it, it brings up the relationship between Taurus and Scorpio where if you're feeling really out of balance and chaotic and all over the place in the realm of Scorpio,

the best thing to do is create consistency and stability and routine, which is Taurus. Yes. So, and I think how we eat is a great way to do that. Definitely. Yeah. Okay. So then November 4th, this is a little bit more of I guess a relaxed day we could say. I mean everything's building up, but it's bringing attention to Moon,

Conjunct, Jupiter and Jupiter. Just recently reentered Pisces October 27th after Retrograding from about eight degrees Aries moving all the way back to 28 degrees Pisces. So the Moon will be hanging out with both Neptune earlier in that day and Jupiter that day. And so this could just be a pretty emotional day if we think also of this being like the first quarter trim. So we have the first quarter Moon in,

first quarter square, I should say in Aquarius between Sun and Moon. And now this will be the first quarter trying between Sun and Moon. And those typically are pretty emotional days and it's double water. So just be aware of that. And also Jupiter makes everything that he touches expand. So Moon with Jupiter big feelings, Jupiter is still retrograde in Pisces.

So a lot of integration, remembering and I would say forgiveness, healing, surrender, all of these kinds of themes. And then when we move into November 5th, this is where we have that higher on the intensity scale, Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus retrograde in Taurus. This is also at 17 degrees, which is a Leo degree. So there's a lot of energy around being seen,

being visible. That's always interesting when we're talking about Scorpio because there tends to be a duality in Scorpio. It's both not being seen, hiding, obfuscating things, but also revealing things, being secrets being revealed. And so we can of course speculate on what this means collectively, but I think even more importantly, what does it mean for you? What are the secrets that you're revealing to yourself or that are being revealed to you and how are they helping you to awaken or liberate or shake out of old habits?

Uranus with the north node is really an invitation to create a new comfort zone. Like we can tend to think of some of the shadow of tourists as being obstinate and not changing, but I really don't think that's what's happening. It's happening certainly in some places, but that's more where people are really attached to their comfort zone and there tends to be a little bit more resistance and then the uranium function gets a little stifled and suffocated and that's when some of the more volatile extreme things happen is when we're resisting the change.

But if you've been doing the change work or you've been kinda listening to those inner calls, it it, I can't imagine that this will be too much outside of what you would be expecting, especially where you have tourists and Scorpio in your Chart. But it's just more of an activation point because whenever a personal planet makes an aspect with a transpersonal planet, we tend to see some real action and it's Venus our planet of relating and creativity and finances.

So it seems like something will be revealed. So check out where you have that going on in your Chart and look at, well, have I been intuitively seeing a pattern unfold here? Is there something that I get to change maybe before it jumps out at me? All of these kinds of things. Also, there's an opportunity to let it go. And I say that without any desire for you to feel gas lit,

like not gaslighting yourself, not repressing or telling yourself everything's okay, but how can you actually just let things go that you just don't need to hold on anymore? That's a dynamic with Taurus and Scorpio Taurus really wants to hold on and Scorpio sometimes wants to let go too fast. So it's like what's the healthy balance of holding on and letting go? And where are you holding on too tight?

Where is it like a death grip? Where and where is that not serving you? Where are you also holding on? Not tightly enough and owning what's yours, owning what's important for you to focus on? So then we also have November 6th and into the seventh we have Mercury then conjunct the South note. So this is a lot of the same energies of what I described earlier with Venus conjunct the South note,

kind of bringing all of the relational reflection to the surface and revealing these things about ourselves. But with Mercury we have the opportunity to write it down and perhaps recapitulating and have a feeling it'll happen pretty quickly. So if there's a story you've been trying to re story, which I'm a huge fan of that or a memory you're trying to reconsolidate, this is an excellent time to at least get it down on paper so that if you're involved in other kinds of healing work,

that you can have everything in writing that it's clear for you. This is also interestingly the time when the clocks go back in the United States, but there's something around this like falling back is what was coming up for me. Like we're falling back. What is the story? So if this catches you off guard a little bit and you noticed yourself starting to fall back and to old story,

know that this is a potent time, just write it down. That's a way to, I would say, validate the story and hear it. You can also record yourself and then come back in a little while when you're ready to restore. It doesn't all have to happen at once. Hmm. Nora, one of the things we just did last week in the inner circle for our new Moon ceremony was we incorporated all of the elements in a re story sort of process.

So the first step was to earth it by writing it down on paper. So what are the old stories, what are the stories you're ready to release? You know, what are those stories? Write it down. Then we gave air to it by voicing it. So that's when you just speak it and just read it out loud to yourself. Then we brought fire to it and we burned it and then everyone's taking the ashes and bringing it to water when they're ready to like officially release it.

So that could be the bathtub or the toilet or the ocean or like or something. But it's like when are you ready to just like let that story completely go? So we brought in all the elements in a restoring process. So this is something that the anybody listening could still do. It felt important to do in this eclipse portal before we get to the next eclipse on the eighth.

So it's just like this big huge time of releasing and letting go and making space for a new story to be told. I love that so much. I feel like we always just have to have all the elements involved in every single type of change work we're doing. Yes. Or healing, getting it from all levels. That is so important. It fits so well too into what's coming up next,

the Venus Square Saturn. So here we are with these same archetypes involved Scorpio and sa, sorry, Scorpio and Aquarius. And it's also at 18 degrees, which is a Virgo degree. So that's invoking the energy of discernment analysis. But also what I think most importantly is healing around shame Programming. Huge. So huge. This is so draining. When we're not authentic,

it it so draining when we're holding ourselves back because we think somebody's not gonna like us. And if we use this Venus Saturn square, I think it's actually an opportunity to mature, and I say this with a lot of love and compassion, but really bringing ourselves up to, I came here to contribute something Saturn, I came here to show up in a certain way and I've allowed the shame programming to dim my shine.

I've allowed that to keep me small, but no more, no more excuses basically. So it's so potent. I think all of the reasons, well, the very good reasons that you have for not showing up in your fullness for not dreaming big, for not being authentic with what you want and also not fully living because that's also very venous and Scorpio.

Scorpio is very much the edge walker as, as they call it in Shamonic Astrology, the one who's really here to test out the boundaries and and live fully and feel everything. It's like are you stopping yourself from doing that because you're scared? And again, lovingly, but realizing we've got what this one life, and I don't mean to sound morbid or limiting,

but that is kind of the vibe that Saturn brings, right? So we wanna have responsibility for this life. It's, it's very much car dm, like seize the day Energy also feels potent, especially when we see those, we love leaving the earth plane. I think that's one of the most potent lessons that death teaches us is how to really live.

Yes. And that's what I noticed when, when people are grieving loved ones instead of, you know, being sad that they're gone, it's like, well what did their life teach us? And how can I now really kind of connect with how can I live more almost? How can I live in reverence to them as well too? Yes. And you know,

it's interesting what you bring up about the shame. I put guilt in the same like category as something that holds you back from joy. It it, it disconnects you from other people. It disconnects you from your authenticity because it, it's almost like this tarnish that's, or a veneer that's like over your light. And it seems like again in this portal that we have this opportunity to really identify the sources of those things,

the stories that are contributing to those feelings of guilt. We had a beautiful woman in the inner circle, new Moon ceremony share about something she did when she was two years old and that she still harbors this guilt over this thing that she did in such an innocent place. I mean it just came from such an innocent place. And so there's these things that we still carry and it's amazing how many tendrils they have and how much they can block the flow of true authentic intimacy with others and also intimacy with self.

And so like, it's like, thank goodness for this portal for this time that's like very potent for us to be able to let go of things like that. Yeah, we get to shake it up. Oh my gosh. Yeah. That reminded me a little bit of the book. I think it's the Secret Life of Bees. Have you had that one?

You know, I'm reading the Secret Life of Plants right now, like written in 1973. I think it's, it's amazing. But no, I don't, I, yes, I do think I also read that at some Point and and there's a movie of it too, but I go for the book if you haven't seen the movie, cuz I, I mean I'm just a book person in general,

but kind of speaking to that similar theme around the things that happened to us before age of seven really, and how much that programs our nervous system and as we grow up, which is a Saturn function, how as we mature, we're continuously faced with these things over and over and over again. Yeah. I think until we're able to refine them and kind of move through the limiting conditioning.

And Saturn is also at a really interesting place right now. He's at 18 degrees, which is squaring the nodes. So that's also part of this eclipse energy that we're building up to. And so it seems like Venus is sort of activating the eclipse energy a little bit early, a couple days early. And this is also where Saturn station direct October 22nd, and that was the same time as the Venus Sun superior conjunction at 29 Degrees Libra.

So it, it seems like, well, clearly we're not done with this energy, everything that's been invoked since then, but we're just deepening it. It, and it, it seems like there's an opportunity for everything that we've been reflecting on while Saturn has been retrograde to really resurrect itself and come through in a new form, in a new way of building and creating and contributing.

I'm very excited. This is just right up your alley. This is why I'm really grateful that you are the one covering this energy is perfect. Yes. It's, it's, there's just so much this week. I mean, I didn't even mention this yet, but also the via combustor, the burning way, like we're in that too. This is where the eclipse was.

So that actually is also ending November 7th when the Sun at that cross quarter day moves past 15 degrees Scorpio. And so it also does feel that there's this opportunity to burn away a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot. And so maybe parts of us will feel a little bit scorched, kind of walking through ashes, ashes of an old life,

ashes of an old version of self. It can be really difficult. But if you know the gold that's on the other side, I think it makes it all feel worth it and you can do it with this kind of warrior spirit. It feels like that's also Venus and Scorpio, this sort of more gorilla warfare style warrior. Okay. Are you ready for the summary?

I am, yeah. Okay. All right. So just going back, the theme, overarching theme for the week is leaning into the Thin Veil. So this opportunity to really connect with ancestry, with the spirit realm, with the lineage, both in the effort to give gratitude and thanks and celebrate and also to resurrect some things that you may still have alive in you that you are really ready to release at this point.

So having an opportunity to do both of those things at the same time. On Monday, we have, This is a real big invitation to have discernment, to realize that a lot of things are being purged. You need to really, like, as information is coming in, pay attention to the triggers and make sure that you are not feeding the wolf,

that you don't wanna feed, feed the wolf that you'd like to feed. And so just, you can kind of sit with that in meditation. What is the wolf I wanna feed and how do I feed that versus feeding the other. You also said it's a great time to take a social media fast or a media fast in general and physical fast potentially,

if you wanna do that with your body and, and really tune into those senses beyond your everyday ordinary five senses. So if you have, if you feel you have clairvoyance or Claire audience or any of the Claires, your intuition, any of those abilities are going to be heightened and more sensitive and more able for you to tap into. On Tuesday, it's dia de los winter.

I think I said it shoot de de los. I did take like six or seven years of Spanish in grade school, but it's not showing right now. This is a time where the souls of the ancestors join the living for 24 hours. You can really create ritual around this to to, to bring it into a physical manifestation. I love ritual to take it just from an idea to actual,

like we're physically doing something to symbolize or commemorate something. So this again is lay put the, put the place out at the table for your ancestors, put their favorite food out, put their pictures out. Do something that is, is symbolic of that connection that you have with them that will never go away. This is also a time to think about what are you making sacred?

That there's a, a creative, your creative process is regenerating and this is an opportunity to bring your actions in alignment with your authentic creativity. Some healing around the witch wound. I think that a lot of people in this community, when they hear witch wound, it's like, Oh yeah, I have that. Like, there's no question that this is an opportunity to create a safe space within yourself to do that type of healing.

Again, that's just creating space in general, going to somewhere you feel space safe. Maybe it's nature, maybe it's your bedroom, maybe it's your bathtub, whatever, a place that you feel safe to do a lot of this deeper internal work that's really the energy is very conducive for right now. On Wednesday we have, let's see, this is again,

thanks. So let go of release. What's in the way of authentic creativity. This is an opportunity to, to proactively address things that you've been stifling or, or not addressing so that they don't have to blow up for you. Like you can actually face things that you haven't been wanting to, so that, that it doesn't have to do it for you.

November 3rd, and actually I feel like so much about what we do in Astrology is for that, it's like bring the awareness, bring the intention so that it doesn't have to hit you over the head. You know, you, you're, you're, you're ready for it in some way. It doesn't mean nothing happens and it doesn't mean you're never uncomfortable or scared or that things are hard,

but you have a little bit more of fortification and readiness. So you can just meet it with a different stance. Okay. Thursday, you talked about hijacking your addiction to sugar and like an opportunity to really focus on these herbs and things that can cleanse and fix some of the things that you might have been dealing with from health perspective. Ash, tulsi,

turmeric, trla powder, all things that can help to really fortify your internal processes and your digestion, All those good things. November 4th, this is an emotional double water day. So big feelings, remembering forgiveness, surrender November 5th. Some things that that may be revealed on this day, like things that are be, be underneath the surface and something to change.

There's an opportunity to let things go. What are you holding onto very tightly and what are you holding onto? Not tight enough? What are you not actually taking responsibility for that you could bring in? And actually hold onto a little tighter. Then November 6th and seventh, relational reflection. Write these things down. Cap recapitulate real. This is God. This theme is like throughout the whole thing,

just recapitulation, revisiting opportunity to release healing around shame and this idea that you came here to contribute. So there's no more staying small, how to really live these are, these are like things that will be up and to tune into tap into your warrior spirit to actually like kind of move through the fire of this eclipse portal. Anything that I didn't say or anything that I said wrong that you wanna fix?

No, that was perfect. Okay. And I was just noticing all the R words, recapitulation, regenerate, release. Yes. Well we have Mars retrograde, right? Yeah. So just re kind of like re-looking at the way we take action in the world and what's behind that action. You know, lot oftentimes we're taking action from a place of old wounds and so do we wanna do that anymore?

It's a time to rewrite our story. Yeah, it's Restoring exactly. And really paying attention to the frequency of the words that you use on a daily basis. Yes. That is so huge. It's those micro things that we repeat over time, over years, over decades. And it's like, wow, is that even true? Right? I've been saying it for so long.

Got it. Taking a bit for granted, but love that. Yeah. We could just wash that all Away. Yes. I know one of the story, the couple stories that I wrote down that I'm ready to let go of, it feels like old things that I've been telling myself forever, is that in order to get where I wanna go, it has to be hard and it has to take long,

like total Saturn things, right? It's like it requires hard work, it's gonna take a long time. So it's like, well, maybe, but maybe not. Like, does it always have to be that way? And there's many examples of it not having to be that way. So Oh, Totally. I think that's actually so great. Like if you wanna take this deeper as an astrologer,

a student of Astrology is restore your assumption of every single archetype and every single planet because yeah, Capricorn and Saturn, it doesn't have to be all drudgery. It can be really joyful and, and what would you showing up as a leader or an authority in your community look like differently if, if you were taking on these responsibilities with joy rather than like,

Ugh, this is obligation. I hate this. It's so hard, right? That you're gonna show up totally differently, right? And you're still doing the same things and maybe you're even doing more. Mm, yes. Love it. Okay. So much to explore. Just sending all of you so much love as you're navigating this week. There is an opportunity to join soon practical astrological magic with Gen Zart.

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