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In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Master Astrologer Claire Moon and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

🌑 How the Venus-Mars trine will encourage harmonious communication in relationships over the weekend.
🌒 Why you may feel an intense desire to move forward — and why this week, it’s better to check the urgency and slow down.
🌓 What happens on Wednesday that supports problem-solving, as long as you keep your mind open.

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[00:00:00] All of Capricorn season is over. Whole new energy rushing in. ,I always think of Aquarius as like Capricorn’s, the dark side. Aquarius is the light side if you put it in the cycle of the hero’s journey. Capricorn’s, the type of testing when we are trying to figure out, use our discipline, self-discipline and what our metal, our metal as in how strong we are.

[00:00:19] We learn through trials and and difficult situations. When we move into Aquarius, it’s like the aha moment that, you know, whenever you’ve been in something hard and you’ve been trying and working and eventually you’re like, oh wait, I. And you get to shift gears and go off in a new direction. With that sun entering a new sign, you can always use the chart of a sun entering a new sign when you want to forecast the entire. Ahead. And the weird thing about all of the Zodiac seasons, so the ones that we had for Scorpio and Sagittarius all the way through Harry’s, that six month period, the moon has been in it’s waning crescent for all of them, which means there’s something about the forecast for their entire six month period, which is about the ending of things. When cycles in astrology repeat in multiple different places. Astrologers know that something’s up, something’s up, and we have to deal with it.

[00:01:20] Otherwise, it wouldn’t be showing up Over here on that side and up on that side. And we look over here and the same thing. It’s like, well, okay. Kind of like you go to uh, see an astrologer and they give you one message and you’re like, okay. You go to a terror reader, you get the same message and you’re like, wait, wait, how come I’m getting the same message in different places?

[00:01:36] Cuz the universe is trying to get you to like pay attention. So we are wrapping up some big cycles right now,


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[00:03:38] All right, everybody. So this is literally the week that I have been waiting for, for months, and I’ve been telling people who are feeling stuck, stagnant, frustrated, and just overwhelmed with this desire to move forward. Just to wait until this week that we’re about to embark upon. Donna, I am so hopeful that you are gonna give us some good news about some of the shifting tides this week.

[00:04:05] But, I’m so happy you’re here to, to be the one to talk to us about the energy this week. And for those of you who don’t know her, Donna Wood well is our current Inner Circle astrologer teacher. She is also the head mistress of the School of Magic and Mastery. She is also one of our featured astrologers on our new reading platform, astrologer Connect.

[00:04:28] Donna, thank you for being here with all of us.

[00:04:30] Oh, it’s my pleasure to always be here with you, Amanda. All right, and can you give us some good news for

[00:04:36] this week? Tell us in terms of the overarching theme is this the week where the tides are starting to to turn and starting to, we’re starting to feel that forward

[00:04:45] movement.

[00:04:45] I can indeed tell you that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is not a train. It is the exit for the crazy that we have been undergoing for the past while amazing. And of course, everything fits into a story of cycles, within cycles, but you and I both have had this. Underlined on our calendars, like like this the week the gates finally start opening and we can move forward.

[00:05:10] Yes. I kept telling people, I mean, it literally, the dentist in, at the dentist, you know, I, I’m getting my teeth cleaned, and he’s like, how come it feels so weird. I’m like, just wait till January 18th. I’ve been telling, you know, everybody I know that’s having this feeling of like, God, things are just stuck.

[00:05:26] What’s going on? It feels like I’m going backwards. It feels like it’s hard to make some forward movement. It’s like just wait until January 18th. And then last week, uh, Claire also said that January 24th is a really important. Yeah, so we

[00:05:40] are, we are in this. Odd set of cycles that just every time, every astrology is just cycles within cycles.

[00:05:48] Sometimes they repeat, sometimes they repeat in different ways. Sometimes they conflict, and this is just one of those times when the planets that indicate some kind of forward motion, like our thought patterns, that’s mercury and our energy princip. That’s Mars and even Uranus, which is just the zany, I can’t stand being in the box.

[00:06:09] All three of them have been going backwards in the sky for a while, and Mercury just joined the mix at the end of December. And because he’s in a very earthy place, because all these other planets are going backwards, this has been the craziest Mercury retro grade. I think I can remember in a very long time the things I have had to do to make things work, like, ooh, I meant to do that, have been ridiculous.

[00:06:38] Like hand subscribing dozens of people so that they can show up in a, in a webinar that they already subscribe to. It’s been like just detail after detail, and that finally ends this week, as you said, on Wednesday the eight. And Uranus is the last of the retrograde planets. It’s coming out of retrograde on Sunday the 22nd.

[00:07:01] And so once this week is finished, nothing is going backwards. We have 88 days of everything in forward motion. And if you’ve done your homework, if you’ve managed to survive the last, I don’t know, however many weeks this has been going on where people have been really crazy for me, it’s been. Intensified since the middle of December, but we all have slightly different cycles.

[00:07:29] If you’ve been running and running and running and feeling like you just can’t get ahead if, but if you’ve managed in there to eek out some time to think about what you want your life to really look like in 2003, you’re finally gonna get the opportunity to begin to start launching those, those ideas.

[00:07:50] In practice and three months to get some real traction behind them. So I hope even though it’s been crazy, you’ve been using some of that wait time that you might have had spinning your wheels to pay it forward or at least plan it forward so that you’re ready to go when you know all the blinders are off.

[00:08:11] And you meant

[00:08:13] right? You said 2003 .

[00:08:15] I was think we’re going way back in time. We’re still not on the right, you know, when you’re like back in the days and we had to like write out checks and for like a month you would be writing the wrong date . Yes. I feel like that in my head, .

[00:08:27] That’s literally one of the things I’ve done incorrectly in this last is write a check, which is completely wrong.

[00:08:33] So ? Yes. , so when you’re saying everything is. Going into forward motion, right? What does that mean for people? Does that mean that life in general will, will start to me feel like it’s moving forward? Does that mean that things are gonna feel like they’re speeding up? Like, how is that gonna be experienced

[00:08:53] for us?

[00:08:53] Well, I mean, different people will experience things different ways. , generally speaking, at any given time, there are two to three planets that. Appear from our position on earth to be backtracking in the sky and planets are accustomed to going forward, having to sort of slow down and retrace their steps feels like we have to review the areas of life governed by those particular planets involved.

[00:09:22] and so since there’s always a few backtracking. We have a natural break in our system. We, we always have something that’s going, Hey, hey, wait, wait, wait. Let me, let me check this out. Let, you might wanna think about this. And so that’s business as usual. It’s unusual to have 88 days. That’s like the whole space between two mercury retrogrades with nothing retrograde, which means there’s nobody saying slow down.

[00:09:55] That depends on how you ask that question. If you’re the type of person who really doesn’t need a planetary mommy telling them, Hey, hey, maybe that’s not such a good idea. , you’re fine. It just means there’s not stuff in your way. So if you’re naturally cautious, you’re naturally checking your, dotting your eyes and crossing your Ts and making sure they’re done.

[00:10:14] You’re good if you’re the type of person. Perhaps should have someone saying, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. Maybe. Maybe you should think about that twice. There’ll be nobody checking up on them. So depends on how you look at it. It’s either the perfect time to put all your plans in action, or it’s the perfect time to run your car off a cliff and just think carefully because you will have to rely on your own common sense.

[00:10:45] In some situations because when there’s nothing in the way of you doing your stuff, I’m looking forward to it, but then I’m a planner. , but it kinda depends on where you think you fall on the spectrum of humans. Mm-hmm. Are there any

[00:11:02] particular signs that will be experiencing it more one way versus another?

[00:11:08] Like any, any particular. , placements that will indicate that this is gonna be like green light. All systems go in a positive way versus what you just said about driving the car off the cliff.

[00:11:21] Well, because this period of time lasts for three months, , different pe people are gonna feel it at different points.

[00:11:30] Like I’m more of. of. Forward thinking, , in the middle of all of this transition that’s happening. , March is a big month because most of the planets change signs. So Pluto’s changing signs and Mars is changing signs and Saturns changing signs, and that’s gonna. Shift the whole story for a lot of people, , which would take a lot longer than we have to talk about in our, in our month podcast.

[00:11:55] But people in future weeks will be talking about those moments and how it affects our lives. I think right now, everyone’s just gonna feel so relieved that it finally feels like there’s this weight lifted off of us and we are moving into a new future. , that new future is gonna require a little thinking outside the box.

[00:12:21] , as we talked about on before, on other forecasts, , for the next few months, , Mars is still out of bounds even though he’s coming out of retrograde. He’s not behaving normally. , not behaving normally. And so Mars outta bounds. I’m just gonna use my energy however I want to, and I don’t really care what the rules are.

[00:12:41] So there’s a lot. So there’s some rule breaking going on. the moon is spending more time also beyond its normal range of activity. It’s more willing to break rules. It’s usually about, you know, nurturing and what feels comfortable. And so it might be moments where we are all like, wait, just because I was doing it that way before doesn’t mean I have to keep doing it.

[00:13:04] That. And that can make some people feel uncomfortable. But you know, in the grand scheme of things, if you look around at the world at how much isn’t working, because technology has changed and our view of society has changed, and our relationship between the environment is changing. We need to change a lot of things.

[00:13:22] We need to break some rules because the old rules aren’t working. So I think in the big picture, , a little bit of rule break right now is not a bad thing. It just might feel uncomfortable for some people if you’re used to holding on to this sense of this is what I’m supposed to be be doing, and that feeling is gone.

[00:13:43] It can make you feel uncomfortable, can, can be scary, but when you look back at it and go, wow, I grew, I got bigger. I, I shed my skin and, and did something new, could. Ethically amazing for a lot of people who felt like they’ve been stuck in a situation that’s, as some people would say, past its sell by date, it’s time. They should have gotten rid it a while ago and they didn’t. Now, maybe the time over the next three months or so where a lot of people make some changes and it’s, it correlates with all that shift that’s going on in March. What’s the theme of the

[00:14:20] week, Donna? What would you is the overarching.

[00:14:24] I think the, well, I think the fact that all of these planets are ch, I mean all these retrogrades are ending.

[00:14:29] So if I could pick up a theme that has to do with the, , end of retrogrades, the end of the stuck period. What’s a good word for that? Hmm. We got one. We

[00:14:38] left something about stagnation being

[00:14:41] like stagnation, ending out of stagnation and into acceler. There you go. I like that. Okay, .

[00:14:53] All right, so let’s, let’s walk through the week.

[00:14:57] What are we looking at today? Monday, and let’s just look at the energy

[00:15:01] for each day. Monday and Tuesday are pretty typical days, few aspects the moon. mercury comes out of retrograde on Wednesday, so for the first half of the week, you’re gonna feel. Mercury retrogrades are more difficult when mercury isn’t moving at all, or at least appear.

[00:15:20] I mean, the planets are always moving. It just appears from our position on Earth that it’s not going anywhere. And so the worst parts of retrogrades for this Mercury one was like around the 28th, 30th, around the new year for Mercury. And now as it moves, Changing back to go. So it’s got this sort of, it has to get a little bit worse before it gets better, but it’s almost there.

[00:15:44] So hang in there and be grateful that Monday and Tuesday aren’t that complicated, because hopefully there won’t be that much stuff getting planned that you’re gonna get tied up in. So the Mercury retrograde ends on Wednesday. Another thing that’s happening on Wednesday that I hope doesn’t get lost in all the other amazing things that are happening is that the sun is meeting up with the planet.

[00:16:04] Pluto happens once a year and it’s a great time to do a little bit of shadow work. the sun is the planet that symbolizes our consciousness. It’s. We, how we find the truth, how we see, just think of when you go outside. I mean, you see things in the daytime because the sun is big and bright and shining on everything.

[00:16:25] So you can see where you’re going at night. You can’t because there’s not that much light the world. So that’s not Sun’s function is to help you visualize what’s happening. Pluto, on the other hand, is down in the underworld. It’s the stuff that we hide from ourselves because we’re ashamed of it or we’re just, we’ve repressed.

[00:16:44] We’re just not ready to handle it. All that stuff is bubbling around in our personal underworld, our personal unconscious, and pluto’s in charge of that. So the planet that helps you to see is meeting up for the once a year meeting with the planet that holds the keys to the stuff you don’t wanna see.

[00:17:01] It’s kind of like, you know, the cosmos shining a flashlight. Into your shadows. So I, I hope if you make a date with yourself to do a little shadow work this week, definitely make it on Wednesday. Cuz quite frankly, with Mercury returning direct, shouldn’t be out and about anyway. So, hey, sit down, do a little shadow work.

[00:17:19] It’ll be good for you all around Thursday, Thursdays. An odd day only because the moon is void for nine hours. So I think it’s kind of the hangover of, of Mercury going direct. , if you happen to be in Europe or Africa, it’s gonna be that nine hour void is the whole workday. So it’s a great day to just.

[00:17:40] Don’t have big meetings that day cuz whatever you decide won’t stick. , if you happen to live in the Americas, that void is happening in the morning hours a little bit after lunchtime. So again, if you happen to be in the workforce, big meetings on that morning, not a great time. , Void moons. I remember when I would drive my daughter to school, , people would be late, they’d be confused, there’d be more accidents cuz people weren’t paying attention.

[00:18:06] Strange dreams could happen on Thursday morning. , so just mark that on your calendar as a time to catch up with yourself and, and maybe fix all the things that broke with the, with the Mercury retrograde. Get a chance to catch up with. And then on Friday, woo, the energy’s changing. Sun’s moving into Aquarius.

[00:18:25] All of Capricorn season is over. Whole new energy rushing in. , I always think of Aquarius as like Capricorn’s, the dark side. Aquarius is the light side, so the lights are going on in a big way. Aquarian Energy is, if you put it in the cycle of the hero’s journey. Capricorn’s, the type of testing when we are trying to figure out, use our discipline, self-discipline and what our metal, our metal as in like how strong we are.

[00:18:54] We learn through trials and and difficult situations. When we move into Aquarius, it’s like the aha moment that, you know, whenever you’ve been in something hard and you’ve been trying and working and eventually you’re like, oh wait, I. And you get to shift gears and go off in a new direction. That’s the energy of Aquarius.

[00:19:12] It’s the aha moment that teaches you to let the light in, in a, in a profound kind of way. That’s a little harder to talk about because it’s like, oh, where did that come from? It’s our first inkling of our connection with our divine spark within. And so it can be a really powerful time to again open the doors and think things differently, which is why I think it’s so perfect that it’s happening or less at the same time that we’re coming out of all of these sort of slowing down retrogrades.

[00:19:43] So with that sun entering a new sign, you can always use the chart of a sun entering a new sign when you want to forecast the entire. Ahead. And the weird thing about all of the Zodiac seasons, so the ones that we had for Scorpio and Sagittarius all the way through Harry’s, that six month period, um, because of the way the sun and the moon have aligned, the moon has been like in its final crescent phase.

[00:20:17] It’s waning crescent for all of them, which means there’s something about the forecast for their entire six month period, which is about the ending of things. It’s just another way we underline when, when cycles in astrology repeat in multiple different places. Astrologers know that something’s up, something’s up, and we have to deal with it.

[00:20:38] Otherwise, it wouldn’t be showing up like. Over here on that side and up on that side. And we look over here and the same thing. It’s like, well, okay. Kind of like you go to uh, see an astrologer and they give you one message and you’re like, okay. You go to a terror reader, you get the same message and you’re like, wait, wait, how come I’m getting the same message in different places?

[00:20:56] Cuz the universe is trying to get you to like pay attention. So we are wrapping up some big cycles right now, and the moon’s helping out with that process. Right? And then finally, once we get past and into the next. We are moving into the New Moon in Aquarius and the New Moon in Aquarius, because it’s so close to the ingress, has a lot of the same energy.

[00:21:20] There’s a freshness to it. Um, and it also happens to be the Chinese New Year. So people around the world, this is the. One of the largest celebrated holidays of the year. A billion Chinese people and people all throughout Asia celebrate this day. They go home. It’s a, it’s a great big festival of light in the middle of the winter.

[00:21:45] It’s a festival of, of good luck, good fortune for prosperity. All the rituals tie into doing those things like celebrating with fireworks or lanterns. It lasts from. New Moon in Aquarius to the Full Moon in Leo every year, and it makes it the largest holiday in the world today. That’s based on astrological principles. principles.

[00:22:09] Think about that. , because everyone’s celebrating around a lunar cycle. And so I always love tuning into the energies of the Chinese New Year. it’s the year of the rabbit. And we’ve just come out of the year of the tiger and these animals are in place of the zodiac signs. So it’s tiger and rabbit instead of, , you know, Capricorn and, and Leo and all the rest of them.

[00:22:39] , and the. Meaning of the Chinese animals is pretty much in alignment with what the animals are like. So last year was the tiger. Very fierce. very protective, very hard charging. And the rabbit’s very different than that. It’s much gentler, it’s calmer. So I’m hoping, I’m like, I’m voting this year that the Chinese are correct.

[00:22:59] This is gonna be a kinder, gentler year . And we’ll all get a little bit of a break because it’s been. As one late night commentator said, welcome to the third installment of 2020, and it, it will be nice if we feel like we are moving out of some old cycles into some new cycles, even if it’s a little scary because we have to create something new as we go.

[00:23:24] I’m hoping some of that fear, oh, I don’t wanna change. You know how it . Is, like when you have to go to the something that you don’t want to do. I don’t know, the dentist or the M V or something else and you just dread it and you’re like, oh my God. And you dread it. And the DR and the run up to it is the worst than the actual doing of the thing that you have been dreading.

[00:23:45] So I feel like this last couple years has been like the dreading of we have to do something new and maybe, maybe we’re finally beginning the walk and it’s gonna take a little while. It’s not gonna happen overnight, but bring in new ideas. New concepts, new ways of doing things that we’re gonna get a little glimpse of in the spring of this year in a way that gives us hope that we don’t have to keep spinning and spinning around the same.

[00:24:14] Crazy. Hmm. There you go.

[00:24:16] Yeah. You know, it’s all of your, all of the astrologers talk about leaning into change, that at least through this Mars and Mercury retrograde period, it’s like, okay, I’m, I’m doing my best to lean into change. But it just hasn’t felt like that right ripe moment for the change to actually.

[00:24:36] Take place. Right. So what you’re saying is that we are now in that place where the change will be, and the good news is that it like it’s been brewing for a while. You know? It’s, it’s

[00:24:47] gestating. It’s

[00:24:49] gestating. Exactly.

[00:24:50] Yes. So if, if. I don’t You guys might be a lot like me. I, I have this feeling that astrologers aren’t that different from normal people in many respects.

[00:25:01] And it’s been crazy the last, you know, three or four weeks, there’ve been so many things with the holidays and with family things and, you know, astrologers don’t really get to take holidays. So we’ve got work on top of all of that. If you look around my life, it’s a disaster. You know, the dishes are piled up the floors.

[00:25:18] The dog got the chew toys with the fluff in them from the holidays, and so there’s fluff, and I don’t think I’ll ever find the wrapping paper because it’s just everywhere. And this is the time to clean all that stuff up. And. Clear the decks, make sure the house is done. Make sure you’ve got all your appointments.

[00:25:38] I have like a list of things that have to be canceled, like subscriptions and things that I’ve been putting off. All that stuff. That’s what you do this week. You clear the decks, clean the house, call the cleaners, whoever, , return all the things that you got for the holidays that you didn’t want or were broken when they arrived.

[00:25:56] If that too autobiographical Auto, that’s autobiographical. Okay, that’s just me. Um, whatever needs to happen that hasn’t happened, just get it done, get it out of the way. And the other thing to spend some time doing is what do you want to create in the next three months? If you had a magic want and you could start making it happen, what would it be?

[00:26:22] And because honestly, if you don’t have clarity about what you want in your world, You’re never gonna stop spinning because you don’t know what you want. And if your inner magical ability to manifest things is uncertain, you just go around and around not really doing anything. And that’s probably the negative side of the rabbit.

[00:26:46] You know, if, if you get into fear and if you get into feeling timid, you are not gonna be able to move forward the way you want. So clear out. Ask yourself what you want, do that this week, and then know that the universe is gonna be much more supportive of those plans when you have a time to make some space to do them.

[00:27:10] plus, I, I don’t know about you, but having a clear house, I feel so much more able in a. To be able to go and do all the things that I wanna do than if I had this nagging feeling that God, my dishes are, are just piled everywhere. And okay. Could feel the fact that I’m a little bit of Virgo, Virgo, maybe a lot of Virgo, but I do think that most people just feel lighter when they’re not surrounded by a bunch of clutter.

[00:27:44] Oh yeah. You know, I think that it is a physical representation of. Of, of like a blank canvas in a way, you know? And, and it could be for some people it’s the car, like getting the car washed and clearing out the back. And maybe for some people it’s your body, you know? Maybe doing some sort of detox or some sort of fast or something that is just like, okay, this is a physical representation of my.

[00:28:10] Desire to clear out old things that are no longer welcomed, needed, wanted, and prepare sacred space with a, again, that’s your body, house, your car, whatever it is for whatever’s next, and I think that’s

[00:28:24] what you’re referring to. Yes, I completely agree. Everything, Amanda Said’s. Good idea. . This week, you’re saying this week, good idea.

[00:28:33] This week, this is your last chance to clear things out and figure out what you want before. I mean, I think of these cycles as you and you’re on a rollercoaster and it’s cranking up and up and up and up. Yes. then it drops you off the other side. Yes. We’re just cranking up and up and I feel the cranking, and I know as soon as we get to that last UUs turning direct, we’re down the other side.

[00:28:57] So there’s not gonna be time to make your plans. I mean, you’re gonna be holding on because everything is gonna start happening all at once. If you’re okay with that kind of rush of energy, you’re gonna be ecstatic. If you’ve been like, but I didn’t get this done and I didn’t get that done, I’m like, you know what?

[00:29:15] At that point you just gotta go . It’s just happening and gotta go with it. It’s like, well you know what it feels like when you have to do live presentations and the cameras go on? It’s like, well, it doesn’t really matter what happened before. You’re going now and you’ve got people to talk to and things to see, and here we are.

[00:29:34] It’s like we’ve switched from being like on a recorded version to being live. Wow.

[00:29:40] I love that. You know, I, I, in those moments, I always remind myself to trust my. Training, even if it wasn’t like official training, but like just trust all the day-to-day actions that you’ve been taking up until this moment that you are ready for whatever that live broadcast version of your life is.

[00:30:01] The other thing I was thinking too, another, another place where it’s like extraordinarily frustrating for me when I haven’t cleared things out is things. Passwords, like usernames and passwords, like having those in an organized space so that you’re not trying to do something. It’s like, oh my God, I don’t know what the log, you know, those little tiny frustrations that happen.

[00:30:24] It’s like just getting those, just getting the systems down for yourself that make life easier for yourself in the future. Yep. Yeah,

[00:30:34] that’s, that would, that’s going to be, For my personal life, that is going to be my focus and I have plans for what I’m going to do next. And, and if you wanna do what the astrologers do, I think a lot of the astrologers are doing exactly the same thing.

[00:30:52] You know, we’re taking inventory, we’re clearing things out, and we are delaying the launches of our new, our new ideas, our new things until we get past the 22nd at least. Yeah. And we’re gonna see where it goes after that.

[00:31:09] Donna, what about financial matters? Like what about people that are like trying to get their financial world in order?

[00:31:16] Is there any planetary support for that? At this point?

[00:31:23] I’m only hesitating with this funny face because it’s a weird time to talk about finances. I. In when Pluto moved into Capricorn, it was 2008, and it wasn’t long after that that the entire stock market went Kalu because of the housing crisis. Yeah, and it reset. Our whole understanding of markets, it, it crashed everyone’s portfolios.

[00:31:53] And yes, we’ve built back since then. But that was a really scary time for a lot of people, especially people who were in retirement age, thus saw, you know, a lifetime of, of savings just sort of vanish with a few digital clicks. I don’t think that we have to go through that again. One, I think there’s been some changes to prevent some of that from happening again.

[00:32:15] And two, You don’t always have to do things at the end of a cycle that you did in the beginning of a cycle. But that being said, Pluto is moving signs and he’s moving from earthy Capricorn, which is all about institutions and economies and things into an airy space. So the energy’s gonna different as Pluto moves, but it’s also technology and.

[00:32:44] Pluto teaches us lessons very quickly about the broken underside of things, and as he moves into Aquarius, we’re gonna get a lesson in the darker side of what technology’s creating in our worlds. And so that may be anything from, you know, recognizing the impact the internet and the algorithms has have had on.

[00:33:08] Our social society and our social fabric. It could be the role screen time has had for small children. It could be all kinds of things and everything in between. It could be our electrical grids falling down. It could be, it be our communication systems no longer working. , it could be solar flares that take out satellites.

[00:33:26] All these things are possible and not necessary that they’re going to happen. But something is gonna happen to make us in a platonic way, reevaluate what it means to be connected in systems and how our technology is playing into this process. And if something like that happens over the next, right after Pluto moves in, or even over the next year, it’s not gonna gonna happen in a vacuum because are tied to what’s happening to us.

[00:33:57] So, I wouldn’t be surprised if the markets have some ups and downs over the coming few years adjusting to the new normal. I wouldn’t panic over them. I don’t think they’re gonna go down permanently, but I would, if it were me and I were running my own investment firm, I would. Cautious of the uncertainty, but I bet if you asked anybody who has a financial background, they’d be telling you the same thing because so many things are a little bit uncertain right now.

[00:34:30] The long-term forecast looks good. You know, we will find a way through all of this, but just in the short term, I would say it would be a little up and downy. And if you are, if you are trying to get your finances sorted, Same things apply. Get all cleaned out this week. Call your, call your people. Make sure you’ve got your paperwork in order.

[00:34:49] Make sure you’re, you know, that stuff is downloading properly. All of that’s a retrograde thing to do.

[00:34:55] Hmm if, I mean, thankfully, this is one of the reasons why we’re doing the quarterly financial Outlook series with Financial Astrologer, Mitchell Scott Lewis, which Q1 is open and available right now. If you want more astrological insights into how to ride those up and down waves, this is gonna be an amazing series.

[00:35:16] Each quarter you’re gonna. The financial outlook for the quarter ahead based on the astrology, and that’s at astrology That’s O U T L O O K, astrology And this was one of the reasons why we looked at the astrology of the next couple years. It’s like, wow. People are gonna need some, some confidence and clarity and peace around the financial SI situation.

[00:35:42] And just having forewarning and having awareness can be one of the best ways to feel some sort of like, okay, at least I know what’s coming and at least I can make my financial decisions with some more data points than just, you know, what the news is saying. Or, you know what everybody in my social circle is saying, et cetera.

[00:36:00] I. I really believe when we get around in 2026, things are gonna feel very different. Mm-hmm. And it’s just a little bumpy before we get into the new. And it means, you know, creative destruction means things have to fall apart in order to recreate something else. And you just, it’s just a phase of life. And we understand that more the older we get that some things have to go away to make room for something new.

[00:36:26] Yeah. And if you haven’t gotten used to that concept, You’re going to get used to that concept that some things are gonna be going away, but new things are coming and overall, we’re grateful for because what’s coming new, if you apply your consciousness to this situation, will be in better alignment with what your soul needs to do.

[00:36:49] That’s the big, if you have to to bring your awareness, and that’s of the big gifts of astrology, is it help. It can give you a sounding board so that you can bring. Conscious awareness in the moments while they’re happening. Hmm.

[00:37:04] Awesome. Amazing. Couldn’t agree anymore with that statement. , what about Sunday?

[00:37:10] So we, we, we left off on

[00:37:11] Saturday. Sunday is when Uranus comes outta retrograde. , so you, when we have the forecast for the following week, you are gonna start it with no retrogrades. Wow for 88 days and woohoo. Here we go. So this is really your last week and you burst out of the tunnel. On, on late on Sunday, somewhere on Sunday actually, I would say give it a little bit for, for Uranus to like up and start moving.

[00:37:39] Um, so probably a few days later before you really feel the effects. Unless you’re like a clock watching astrologer and you’re just like, I’m just go, go move. Whoa, okay, I’m done. I’m gonna go now.

[00:37:52] challengers like that. That’s

[00:37:54] basically how I feel right now. I’m, I normally would not put myself in that category, but I feel like I’ve been a clock watching

[00:38:00] astrology Lover for the last couple weeks.

[00:38:02] Okay. So we’re basically talking about 88 days of all planetary movement forward that begins this week.

[00:38:10] If you feel like you need your life to be sort of governed, like you need the, the breaks, or else you’re gonna get yourself into some crazy situations, maybe. You’ll have to to play the word, the, the role of cautionary. maybe you should have

[00:38:25] a friend. A friend.

[00:38:26] There you go. Maybe

[00:38:27] you should have a, a, a. No.

[00:38:29] Retrograde buddy. . There

[00:38:31] you go. Awesome. So someone that you bounce things off. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:38:34] So someone who’s not likely to be going, oh, that sounds like a good idea. , because you don’t necessarily need that kind of friend. You need a that’s like, whoa, are you sure you wanna do that? Um, that kind of friend, you all know the difference.

[00:38:48] Amazing. All right. So by, by March, we march is a huge month because Pluto, Mars, and Saturn are all changing signs. So we have this period of time where it’s just like all systems go and. It’s gonna feel like there’s a bit of a weight lifting off of us. , and, and also this is a great time to change things that been doing one way for a very long time.

[00:39:12] Look at those things. Be like, just because I’ve been doing it that way doesn’t mean I necessarily have to keep doing it that way. This is a time to potentially break some of your own old rules and rewrite the script because again, this is such a, a period, an overarching period that we’re in of change.

[00:39:30] Like it’s just change, change, change, change. So where, where is it time to be doing something totally

[00:39:36] new?

[00:39:37] Um, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we have Mercury retrograde turning, well, it turns direct on Wednesday, but we may be feeling the Mercury retrograde symptoms of things sort of breaking down or miscommunications and that. We may be feeling it even more in the beginning of the week.

[00:39:55] Tends to intensify, but they’re not complicated days, so I don’t. I think just things are, you know, stuff is gonna get lost. Just calm down. You’ll find it, you know? Yeah. The number of times I’ve lost my glasses in house, walking through to my house, I, I wanna put an apple tag on them because this is getting ridiculous and it’s just little things like that.

[00:40:17] And I go, I haven’t left the house. They’re in here. They’re not on the floor, you will find them. And so it’s just, it’s, it’s a reminder to slow down and pay attention to what you’re doing. That’s what Mercury’s trying to teach us. Yeah. And we just don’t like it because we have a bias for action. We like just going and doing our next thing and taking it for granted.

[00:40:38] and Mercury’s like, no, no. You’re supposed to be having a timeout right now. I’m having a timeout. I am hanging out in the bar with retrograde Mars and retrograde Uranus. What’s your problem? Mm-hmm. and. We only suffer when we don’t follow the prompts that we’re getting on a cosmic level. And so we can make fun of it and we can, we can bemoan it.

[00:41:02] But the, the cosmos isn’t broken. It’s our issue because we are not playing along. And so if we would all just agree to go and hang out in the bar with Mercury and Uranus and pollute and uh, Mars, we would be fine. But we’re not gonna do that. We’re stubborn. We like doing things our way. And so we insist on trying to push through regardless.

[00:41:25] And so here we are laughing about it. We laugh at our. Exactly.

[00:41:30] It’s the best one. We’re completely aware of everything, of, of, of the planetary energies and we’re still fighting against it. I’m like, this is hilarious. Okay, so Wednesday we also have sun Meeting Pluto. This happens once a year. This is a great opportunity to really pay attention to some of the subconscious things that get illuminated on this day.

[00:41:51] They’re coming up as, I always like to think of them presenting us with gift. , you know, there’s the things that we couldn’t

[00:41:58] see before could be the stuff that just blurts out of your mouth and you’re like, oh God, that is true. Why didn’t I see it that way before? Right? So just pay attention and if you do shadow work, it’s a good time to like, you know, put on your calendar that this is my hour and I’m gonna journal and, and see what comes up.

[00:42:15] Great day for therapy. If you are in long-term therapy, make sure you schedule a therapy appointment that day. You might have a breakthrough, because you saw something in a way you didn’t see it. Could also be a

[00:42:26] great day to schedule an astrology reading with an astrologer like Donna, who is actually gonna be herself available on the Astrologer Connect platform this week for our podcast listeners.

[00:42:38] So if you want to book a reading with Donna or catch her instant, so sometimes, um, when she is on the platform, she can turn her little green light. And say, Hey, I’m available for readings right now. You can connect with her via chat or audio or video. Um, just go to astrology Connect and look for Donna and see if her little green light’s on, or you can book a reading with her for the future.

[00:43:02] Yeah. All right. Okay, so Thursday we have, , void Moon, most. Of the day, no big meetings. What you decide today isn’t really gonna stick anyways, so don’t spend a whole lot of time belaboring certain decisions that you need to make. This is a great day to catch up with yourself. Friday we have the sun moving into Aqua Aquarius.

[00:43:21] This is like the lights are going on. Uh, this is a opportunity for new doors to open, to think things through differently. This can also be the signification of the ending of things. Saturday New Moon in Aquarius, and the New Moon in Aquarius, all the way to the Full Moon in Leo is the Chinese New Year.

[00:43:42] I love what you’ve shared about the Chinese New Year and it being the largest astrologically based holiday that the world celebrates. Love it. , this is the year of the rabbit, so hopefully it’s gonna be a little more cuddly and soft and cute. I hope, I hope. Yes. All right. and really the message for right now is clear stuff out.

[00:44:02] What do you want? And also what you wanna create in the next three months? And on Sunday we have Uranus going out of retrograde, and so we’re basically, there you go. Put on the, the, the,

[00:44:13] the putting over the top the thing and down we go. Yes, yes. Can you imagine what the world would be if everyone just sat down and was like, what would my ideal place for the next three months?

[00:44:25] Not worrying about the long-term future, just what I can do right now to change my circumstances so I can make it better for myself and for the people around me. If we could all just agree to do that, we would have like a little three month sprint into massively improving the direction that the world is going in.

[00:44:43] I love that. I love that we’re gonna do that Astrology Hub community. We’re gonna be doing that this week. What, what do I wanna create in the next three months? Yeah, you go. Love it. Donna. Thank you. This has been so much fun. So . . Appreciate you. if you are interested in, like I said, sh uh, Donna is available for readings on our Astrologer Connect platform.

[00:45:06] That’s astrology connect. She’s also available, or she’s also taught an amazing class with us Intro to Astrological Magic. This is one of our most beautifully done, most brilliantly done classes that we offer, and it’s an amazing way to get experience or to get ways. To work with the planetary energies directly and to really cultivate your own relationship with Saturn, with Mars, with Mercury, with Venus, so that you can really pull these, the energies into your life,

[00:45:40] embody the world that you want.

[00:45:43] And I, the way I describe it to people is if you have an intellectual connection to the planets, that’s great. A lot of astrologers do, but you’re only using half of the wiring. You were. , the other half of your embo, uh, of your wiring is all about feeling sensation and feeling things in your body. Mm-hmm.

[00:46:01] And if you truly wanna fire on all cylinders, when when you’re astrology, you have to honor that other half of you. Hence why you need to learn how to embody the planets, especially if you are wanting to work with the astrological wi wisdom with other people. Cuz you can’t speak for the planets if they can’t speak through you.

[00:46:23] Wow.

[00:46:24] I love that. I love what you just said there, Donna. That’s . Brilliant. that’s slash magic intro astrology intro. So, Donna, this has been such a pleasure. Thank you so much. We’ve loved having you in the inner circle. We’ve loved being able to connect with here you here on the weekly weather.

[00:46:44] Just looking forward to seeing more of.

[00:46:46] Well, I love being here with you, Amanda. You know that, and I’m so grateful that you are doing this work and holding the space. We all need it, so thank you to all of the people who’ve tuned in and are doing the work. All right,

[00:47:00] everybody, thank you so much for being here.

[00:47:02] Thank you for being a part of our community and it’s always thank you for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode.