Mercury Retrograde: What to Expect & What to Do w/ Astrologer Claire Moon

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Mercury Retrograde & Untangling Your Knots

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Master Astrologer Claire Moon and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You'll learn…

🌑 How the Venus-Mars trine will encourage harmonious communication in relationships over the weekend.
🌒 Why you may feel an intense desire to move forward — and why this week, it's better to check the urgency and slow down.
🌓 What happens on Wednesday that supports problem-solving, as long as you keep your mind open.

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3:13 Claire's Story

7:46 Theme of the Week

10:53 Week Breakdown

41:02 Closing Thoughts from Claire

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This podcast episode is brought to you by AstrologerConnect, your premier source for quality Astrology readings. Well, hello everybody, and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy that you have joined us here today and that you're gonna get the inside scoop on the cosmic energies for the week ahead. I am here with an astrologer who is making her Astrology Hub podcast debut.

I am here with professional astrologer Claire Moon, who is also one of the featured Astrologers on our new reading platform. AstrologerConnect AstrologerConnect is not open to the general public yet, but it is open to anyone who attended the 2023 forecast and also any of our Inner Circle members. If you are not in any, any of those categories, but you wanna get on the wait list,

I highly encourage you to check it out at Astrology Hub dot com slash connect. And we are here together to look at the weekly astrological weather for the week of January, Ninth through 15th. Before we dive in, because this is Claire's first time and because she has a very interesting background, I just wanted to take a little bit of time on Claire's story because Claire went from a career in pharmaceuticals to becoming an astrologer.

And when people make those kinds of career jumps, it's always fascinating to me. So Claire, how did you do that? Ha. Have you always had an interest in Astrology and then you went into Pharmac Pharmaceuticals and then you went back to your love of Astrology, or what was the trajectory like for you? Yeah, thank you so much. Thanks for having me.

I'm so excited to be here and just talk to people about Astrology. I usually don't get to do that too much. Yeah, so the pharmacy thing, Astrology was totally new. I had not found it before and then come back to it in any, any kind of special way. I actually came to Astrology pretty late in life relative to a lot of my colleagues and peers.

I practiced as a pharmacist for nine years. I still have my license, but I haven't practiced for almost two years now. But I, I found it just in the meantime and it ended up being this really incredible tool that I had no idea. I mean, you know, it's almost, I feel a little bad now because like pre Astrology, I was one of those like very dogmatic kind of sciencey people that was very like Astrology,

you know? And then I came around and I fought through all my cognitive dissonance and all of that. But it just, it was so useful and it was incredible and it, it helped change my own life a lot. Like your own story, you know? And, and once, you know, kind of when I, I came on with Astrology Hub,

one of the things I was explaining was just how like if I find something helpful, I want to share it with people. I don't care what it is, you know? And before that was more pharmacy and you know, science and I think that kind of stuff, medical health stuff is still very, very helpful. It's still very present in my life.

I haven't, you know, cast it totally aside, but this feels like just such a deeply helpful thing that I, I couldn't ignore it. And now here I am. So, Hmm. Yeah. One more question. For people out there who are, who are in careers where they're considering making big changes or maybe they're feeling burnt out or maybe they're no longer feeling totally aligned with something that they did feel aligned with at some point in their life.

How did you do it? Did you kind of like side hustle Astrology for a while? How did you get your training and education? Did you do that while you were actually in your other career? Just tell us a little bit about that process of how you became an astrologer. Yeah. It, it definitely was that I was straddling both worlds for a while.

I started studying in 2000 thousand 16, pretty much like as soon as I found it that I then immediately started studying it seriously, cuz I just went in there real deep, real quick. But it was just every waking moment that I could find outside of my full-time job. You know, I was listening to lecture after lecture on the drive to work on the drive home,

don't tell anyone. But also during work, sometimes if I could, like, if I was like, you know, just doing like monotonous tasks and things like that, it was just constant. And then over time, over the years, I built a website, I built a practice, started giving readings, and just slowly it became bigger and bigger and bigger until I felt like I could.

And then I was also saving up money cuz I kind of foresaw like I was gonna need to save up some money. And then I just made the leap finally when I was ready. But it was a years long process of kind of transiting out and then into different working spaces. I love that because my story is much more dramatic. I kind of just like leapt off the cliff and,

and came back. I, I, I say I don't know if I would recommend that to everyone. There's probably a better way to do it, but that was just the way that I needed to do it at the time. But, awesome. Claire, thank you so much for sharing. And I just, I just know there's a lot of people out there considering changes and shifts and some people maybe even going,

wow, maybe Astrology Boo would be a direction I would wanna go in and, or, you know, they're just wanting to make big huge life transitions. So it's always nice to hear stories of people who have done it and have done it successfully and are now sort of in their new, you know, the new world that they were hoping to, to get into.

So thanks for sharing that with us. Yeah, It can be done. Yes, it can be done. Both of us are living proof, proof of that. Yes, yes. Okay. So Claire, tell us about the theme for the week ahead. What would you say is the overarching theme that we're working with energetically? Okay. Yeah. Like,

so for this week, overall theme, the, the vision that kind of came to mind was untangling knots. And in particular, like, I was thinking about how, you know, I don't know if this is an experience anyone's had where they're trying to untangle a necklace or like a really fine chain and like, if you use too much force, like excessive force,

you're gonna break the thing that is this week. It is like very gently, very carefully untangling things. Un you know, working through challenges like in a problem solving type of way. So that's the, the overall theme I think for the week. Amazing, Claire, that feels so relevant to so many things that are happening for me right now. Would you say that,

and what it has felt like recently is with Mars stationing to go direct and Mercury retrograde, like with this, these, these, these sort of forward moving planets that are sort of stuck and, and, and or going backwards, it has felt like a lot of stagnation, you know, like it's, it's hard to move things forward. It's like we're in mud.

It's like, we're like, okay, how do we like move things forward? But what I'm hearing from you is that this week we're gonna have an opportunity to sort of untangle some of the places that are stuck, but not with force. Not with like that, you know, impatient sort of forceful energy, but with that gentle trusting and somewhat surrendered energy of like,

okay, I'm gonna untangle this, but I'm gonna let it happen. I'm gonna trust that it will happen and that soon it will be time to move these things forward. Yeah, exactly that. And I, I love how you mentioned like kind of a lack of progress this week. It's not like we're gonna be barreling ahead that is on the horizon,

but yeah, like we're still a little stuck in the mud. We're reorienting, we're shifting positions, but we're not necessarily ready to just, you know, go forward and make a ton of progress this week. But there's still plenty to do this week, even if we're kind of stuck in place. Hmm. Yeah, I keep telling people and tell me if this is right or not,

I keep saying, just wait until January 18th. January 18th, everything's gonna start moving forward. You're gonna start to feel that forward progress. But until then it's kind of like chill the bus. Like just get things in, just get things in order so that you can move forward. Right. Exactly. Yep. Okay. And is January 18th about right in terms of like when things will start to feel moving forward?

Yeah. Oh God, don't gimme that news, Claire. No, I mean, yeah, like Mercury is going direct next week, like on the 18th. That's, you know, but the planetary speed, of course, these things take a little bit to speed up. But yeah, like that's part of why this week is not the week because Mercury has not stationed direct yet.

But yeah, like next week it's, it is the beginning of like the forward movement of things for sure. Yeah. Okay. Good. All right. Yeah. Okay, so what, what let's, let's go through the week. What, what do we have each day and what are the major transits of the week? Yeah, so starting on the Ninth,

it's, you know, I guess if I could bookend kind of the working week, Monday and Friday, both are a little bit more interpersonal social. Middle of the week is a little bit more, you know, nose to the grindstone head down. We're working through stuff. But yeah, like Monday on the Ninth that starts off with this really nice configuration of a Venus Mars trying,

and it's in these really intellectual air signs of Aquarius and Gemini. So Venus our planet of connection, relationships, what we like that is connecting really harmoniously with Mars, the planet of action, of ambition, our motivations. And so when we put those two things together in this nice, harmonious, constructive aspect, you know, I think there's a potential for working with others really well in terms of like sharing ideas,

sharing, like even just like playful flirty banter, even a little bit like, it's kind of like a fun and flirty aspect, but you know, in lieu of that very much, much like great for cognitive effort, putting on your thinking cap and like working with others with that. Now, I don't think that we're gonna have a ton of, you know,

Venus is sending all of this very cooperative collaborative energy down to Mars, but Mars is not moving really. It's pretty much stuck where it is and parked. So I don't think like we're gonna be taking action based on a lot of our ideas and sharing with each other, but it's still a good time to talk about all, all of the things that we wanna talk about with others.

You know, even to back it up a little bit, like from the previous weekend, actually kind of Friday, Saturday before we're having a build up to this Venus Mars trine that is like the most fun and flirty part. Then once we get to Sunday, and then Monday, and this is where the caveat happens with it, is that the Moon is also gonna be opposing Saturn,

which does put a little bit of a damper on it. So yes, very collaborative, very cognitive, intellectually stimulating, fun and flirty. But then the Moon is gonna run into Saturn on Monday, and then we're gonna be posed with some limitations. There's a little bit of a cloud that comes over the parade that's like, Hey, I know you have some really good ideas,

but we have to wait, or there's a delay, or it's within these parameters. So I just want people to know that, you know, you can tell the fun joke, it might not land on Monday. Okay. So like that, that's kind of what I was thinking for Monday on Tuesday. Now Tuesday and Wednesday kind of go together for me a little bit.

We get the Moon moving through that opposition with Saturn. We get into Tuesday when the Moon is going to be in Virgo, and Virgo is an energy that is, it's very helpful, it's very practical. So I think this is where the, the untangling begins a little bit that we were mentioning where, you know, Virgo is very algorithmic. It can be very helpful in that way.

It's if this, then that, if this works, then we'll do that. If it doesn't work, then we'll do this. And we just kind of keep stepping one step at a time through any challenges that we might be having at this point. You know, we've gone through our full Moon that we had the week prior, the Mercury, Cazimi Mercury met with the Sun.

It's still retrograde, but now it's, it's halfway through that retrograde story. So at this point in the the Mercury retrograde stuff, I think we're all gonna have a narrative going. We're gonna have maybe our eye on some challenges that we're working through, or we've had a few learning experiences already. Like I know I've had like a billion already personally, even before the Mercury retrograde started,

but at this point we're like way more than halfway through that, and we're gonna maybe have some things to solve. So Moon goes into Virgo, three things are gonna happen. First the Moon is gonna have a conversation with Mars. Then the, the moon's gonna talk to Mercury, and then the Moon is gonna talk to Uranus. So that's what happens.

So I'll go through that here. If we can zoom back in. Mars is in this like overcoming square position with the Moon, and I think that's the thing we're gonna feel the most on Tuesday on the Tenth is like this kind of overbearing marshal, I want it done now I am frustrated. I would like to move forward type of energy. And so,

you know, in general with like a Mercury retrograde, I think this is one of the main ways we get ourselves in trouble is we feel a sense of urgency and we want to like do it all right now. And you know, sometimes when we're feeling really anxious or we're feeling just like restless, like the one thing we wanna do is we just wanna do anything.

We just wanna make any progress at all. And that is not the move on Tuesday. So whether that's coming from inside and you're just feeling like, you know, I really wanna act on something or just pile through this problem, I, I think if we can ask ourselves, is it really necessary that it's done right now? Is this an invoice I have to pay today or can I possibly wait until some future date?

Hopefully by the end of the week, like, wait till Friday, Friday is better. So that's kind of the thing. If it's coming from an external source, if you've got like a boss or a partner or a friend who's like grilling you and like they want it done now, maybe have a gentle curiosity session of like, what is the nature of the urgency?

Do we need to actually rush today? If you find yourself rushing, try to just notice it and see if we can just not rush as much. Now it's kind of rude of me to ask this of us to be perfectly honest, because like Mars being parked, that makes Mars louder. So this, like, all of this is just gonna feel like very,

very loud, a little intense. So Claire, I, I mean I've been feeling that so much like this deep desire to move certain things forward, but really not just for the sake of moving them forward because they will simplify life or they will make things lighter or they will, you know, there's, there's, you know, there's clear reasons why.

And what you're saying about Mars Station and being louder from your perspective is Mars pointing out where action will need to be taken. Like what, why is Mars louder when it's stationary if we can't actually do anything about it? That's the, that's the rude part about it, right? Like that's the annoying part about it. Yeah, I I think you're exactly right that it speaks more to,

we're gonna feel what we wanna take action on. That doesn't mean the action is gonna happen right now. Hmm. Because Mars is not making you forward progress. It's kind of like, you know, that moment of that volition the word, I was actually thinking about this, this exact thing. I was like, cuz there is that moment of volitional energy that happens before you stand up to do something.

Like if I'm thinking, oh, a cup of tea would be really good right now, that's start, that's starting that energy to get up and do something about it. That's where we are. We haven't stood up yet to go get our tea, but we're kind of dealing with that sense, that restless sense of energy, I think pretty loudly at this moment.

Restless. Yeah. And that's squaring the Moon coming right down on the Moon saying, Hey, Virgo Moon, figure it out. You know, what's been interesting is to see all the places where I've been feeling that energy. So the, the energy before the tea. Yeah. But then actually trying to go get the tea. Yeah. And taking your metaphor and,

and taking it forward. And none of the efforts work. I mean, that's the thing is like I've, I've done a lot of things to put some certain things in motion thinking I'm sort of lining things up. But pretty much everything I've tried to do in that way in this window is having to be completely pre dead. So I'm realizing how much energy I've wasted in fighting against that current,

which is hilarious because I sit here with all of you all the time talking about the current, but I, I'm just going to admit that I have been fighting the current and I've been trying to swim against the tide and it's, it's such an, an energy suck. You know, it's just a leak, a dissipation of energy that probably I didn't need to be doing.

And just this awareness, even just for this final week of this type of energy is, it's helpful so I don't keep doing the same thing over now. Yeah. Very spinning of tires. Like, like I've been doing a lot of automotive puns and like metaphors for this is like, and it's Gemini so it's 10,000 little things. You know, it's,

it's very much that it reminds me of like, you know, my old job, I do like a billion things in a day and I get to the end of the day and be like, what did I even accomplish today? Even though I've been running my, my buns off. So yeah, that's the vibe for Tuesday, but that's not all,

there's some other stuff going on that day as well. The other thing that happens on Tuesday is going to be Mercury squaring Chiron. So there's a square between Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries. And so I have a feeling on Tuesday as well, while we're feeling this sense of urgency, we also might be getting an idea or an insight about something maybe ouchie about like the root of the problem.

Like, oh, this is why this isn't working. And maybe it's a pattern and maybe it for some reason there's something about it that's kind of internally irritating or painful. So just leaving space for that. If that does come up, it might not, but if it does for you, that could be Athene on on Tuesday. So then moving into Wednesday on the Eleventh,

we've had our conversation with Mars. Now the Moon in Virgo is going to talk to Mercury retrograde. And this is really nice. Like one of the nice things about Moon and Virgo this week is that it's in this kind of sign based grand trine between all the earth signs. So we've got Uranus and Taurus, we've got Mercury, retrograde, and Capricorn,

and it's these trines of constructive energy, of free flowing energy. There's no barriers to these planets working together. And it's expansive, you know, it's helpful. So that's why I'm actually pretty hopeful for this week, even if it feels a little crunchy, the potential for us to actually come upon solutions is pretty high, I think. So I'm, I'm,

you know, I'm okay with it personally, but when we're talking to Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, this is where the Moon can really provide that, that Virgo superpower of practical thinking, we're gonna do this then that, and just keep moving forward, keep moving ahead one step at a time, dealing with the fine details of the problem. Virgo does that very,

very well. They're very detail oriented. And you know, taking care of all the little steps that we need to do to do our big Piscean dreams, you know, over on the other side of the zodiac, that's what's happening. So then there's this other kind of cool thing that's happening with the Moon and Virgo where it's kind of translating between Mars and Mercury.

So right now, Mercury and Mars, they're in these two signs that are technically in Aversion or inconjunct, if you're familiar with those terms out there. And those are basically two signs that don't have a lot in common. You know, we got Gemini, it's Air, it's daytime, it's mutable, we've got Capricorn, it's Cardinal Earth Nocturnal. They're very different.

It's like two people that are trying to solve a problem and they don't speak the same language. So it's very difficult. Now, I'm not gonna get into the technical aspects here, but there are a couple other ways where Mercury and Mars, they are connecting in some more minor ways, so it's not totally disconnected. There is some connection between them, but then the Moon comes in and they can see both of 'em.

So like another way of thinking about it is if you've got like two kids in a room and they're like not cooperating and they need to be cooperating, and then like the mom walks into the room and says, Hey, you two, you know, figure it out. That's the Moon in Virgo. So it's able to look at Mars, look at Mercury and be like,

Hey, bring it together. And so that was another reason why I was thinking, you know, problem solving ability this week, a a way to maybe find solutions that weren't available a few days prior might be able to come in on Wednesday on the Eleventh. And then what happens after that is our conversation with Uranus, and this is where we really get some innovative,

you know, maybe, maybe disruptive, maybe interruptive, but potentially breakthrough energy from Uranus saying, Hey, here's a solution that that not only might not have been available, but that we hadn't thought of. Or maybe it's an uncomfortable kind of, I have to go outta my comfort zone to employ this solution. But it's there if you want to. So keep your mind open on Wednesday for any kind of solutions that seem kind of out of the box that come in,

suddenly those are the ones that you might wanna actually do because we have, again, that nice Earth, earth trine. So that is Wednesday, and then we get into Thursday, and this is what we've all been waiting for, the, the Mars going direct. So it's like da da da. We've been waiting since Halloween, basically Mars went and stationed retrograde on the 30th of October,

and it's been going in the opposite direction that we would generally expect since then. And it's gonna be stationing direct turning itself around at eight degrees of Gemini. Now, as we were kind of discussing before that, just because we have Station Direct does not mean that we are moving forward yet. Just to put that into perspective chronologically, Mars is gonna sit at that same degree at eight degrees until the 24th of January.

So it is like, sorry to be the bearer, bad news, but it's like parked. So it's part, it's, it's been parked for a while though, right? Like how long has it been at eight degrees of Gemini. Mars has been at that eight degree mark and Gemini since January 1st. So by the Twelfth it will have been there for almost two weeks and then it's gonna hang out there for another two weeks approximately.

Wow. Yeah. Amazing. So do I need to change my, my, hey, everything will start moving forward to, to everybody I talked to from January 18th to January 24th? I mean, Or do you, do you feel like we'll start to feel that like pendulum swinging even though it's kind of stopped? I, you know, because Mercury is gonna be making some forward progress,

you know, maybe the planning, the, the thinking, the communicating about everything, that part is going to be moving forward really, really well. And we can be taking actions. Like, I don't think that we have to wait until the 24th to like start acting on stuff at all. But yeah, like I don't, I'm not convinced how quickly things are gonna be moving ahead even,

you know, but by the end of January, yeah, things are gonna be rolling along I think after that point and just more and more and more. Yeah. Because then we have all the planets direct for a period of time, right? Yeah. Like everybody is after urine is stations direct, which I'm not sure when that is. It's, I think it's maybe the 22nd,

I'm not sure of Jan, January the Yeah. Of January after urine station's direct, everyone is direct until April until the next Mercury retrograde, I believe. So amazing. I'm very excited for quarter one and quarter in quarter two, Because that's when we're gonna be feeling the wind in our sails for making progress on things that we were working on. That's gonna be a great time to move projects a ahead and,

and start to like feel like we're making forward mo progress. Yeah, Exactly. Yep, yep. I agree. All right, so Thursday we have Mar, at least Mars is turning direct on this day. Yes, yes. So Mars is stationing direct, you know, and another analogy, and this is one that I've actually heard some other Astrologers using too.

I, I really love this analogy for any retrograde planet, stationing direct, but especially Mars is a rubber band that's been pulled back and back and then you let it go and it snaps, you know, like, ouch. We don't necessarily wanna do that. And so like, I think we're gonna, and again, it's like, so I hate asking this of people,

but like to have temperance and to be slow and steady and you know, the fastest way there is slowly, that whole thing letting go of the rubber band very slowly. So it does not snap. That's gonna be the energy. So we're gonna have a lot of energy to move forward. But yeah, and then also what happens, and this kind of almost adds to it a little bit,

so the Moon is going to be at the very end of Virgo on this Thursday on the Twelfth when Mars is stationing direct. Moon is going to approach an opposition with Jupiter, who is currently in Aries Jupiter. And Aries is very like enthusiastic coach, teacher, best friend, telling you, yes, let's do all of the things. They're gonna be amazing,

let's go and do it. And so that's who the Moon runs into that same day. And so I think we're gonna get this like jolt of optimism, enthusiasm, like, yes, we can do it. Yes, we can make it happen. And so, you know, that's gonna be one more thing kind of goading us along in a way,

which I think is really cool. I think it's gonna feel really refreshing, honestly, by the end of Thursday. And I'm excited for that. And then we get to Friday, Friday the 13th. Oh my gosh, I didn't even realize until right now it's Friday the 13th. I'm personally not worried about that, but I dunno if you're like a numerology person and you're worried about that,

I thought 13, when you, when you unpack it, it actually has positive roots that were sort of demonized by, oh, I dunno anything about it. Yes, by certain powers of B because 13 was associated more with the Moon cycle and with the feminine. And then when things started to shift and all things witchy and feminine were no longer in vogue.

The powers that be made 13 negative and evil and, and bad luck. But I don't think it really necessarily is, and it's, that's, anyway, anybody in the comment That's best news I've heard, I know in, in the comments, if you have more details to that story I'm giving like fragmented just things I've picked up. But I know there's certain people that know a lot about the history of the number 13.

I don't think it's actually a bad number. Good. That's fascinating. And I'm so happy to learn that. I don't know much about numerology, but if you put 'em together, it's a four and four, right? I don't think it's a numeral Numerology thing at all. That 13. Okay, good, good. Yeah, really don't, don't have to worry about it then.

We don't have to worry about it at all. Yes. So it's just that classic demonizing of witches. We don't, we know about that. We don't want that. So on the 13th we get the Moon into Libra, and the first thing that the Moon is gonna do here is square Mercury. So we're gonna be now in less of this very algorithmic practical helping Virgo energy,

and we're moving into the energy of diplomacy, charm, interpersonal relations. Libra is really good at negotiating, mediating, navigating conflict. So if you have had any challenges this week, if you've been working through any tangles or any knots, this is a really good day on Friday to be bringing other people into that conversation. Explaining to other people, talking to other people,

like what you learned this week, how to, how, how we might wanna move forward when it is time to do that. And you know, especially that Mercury Square with the Moon, that's gonna be a time of like, okay, do we have the resources to do this? You know, Capricorn very material resources oriented, how are we distributing the resources?

Do we have the time? Do we have the space, the money, the the manpower to do what we wanna do? So we can have a very diplomatic, I think, constructive discussion there. And then it's gonna get really nice toward the end of Friday where we got the Moon trining sending Arine to Venus, and Venus is currently in Aquarius with Saturn.

It's a very nice aspect. Venus looks over into Libra, sees the Moon in its home. And so that's actually later in the day, like from the corporate, if you have like a nine to five that you're doing, if your boss is like, Jenkins, I want this on my desk by end of day, like push that end of day to like the most end of day that you can,

you know, specifically, I did look up the times of this like Pacific standard time, or no Eastern standard time, about 5:30 PM till about 10:00 PM is a really golden time, if you know, and I mean, Venus is gonna be in a square with Uranus, which I'm gonna talk about in a second. So that does add a little bump in the road.

But if you like have a date night, it's not a bad night to go on a date. If you're in Europe, you know, maybe you're in Germany and it's like the disco tech, like don't leave until 11:00 PM wait till 11:00 PM and then go out and do your like, super late night partying. Like, you know, and it is just,

it's very charming and it's a trying, so it's, again, it's that really constructive energy. So very good energy for interpersonal work, connecting with others, sharing of ideas. Again, these are air signs. So it's very intellectual, very cognitive. And again, just bringing people into what we've learned this week or what we've gotten through this week. So then Venus,

Uranus Square, that is also going on on Friday into Saturday. And this is where the bump in the road might happen a little bit. So caveat with date night, you know, maybe your, your favorite menu item is not on the menu, you're gonna have to roll with it. Maybe you go to a restaurant and they are not open or they're full and you have to go to a different place.

So just, you know, take those in stride. But the other thing that I'm wondering that's gonna come up for us, and this is more of like an internal thing, is a change in values. A sudden breakthrough or realization when it comes to what we value. So you might get to Friday, Saturday and be like, oh, I really have always cared about this one thing,

and now I'm seeing that I really don't care about that at all. Like, or it could be the other way. Maybe I haven't been valuing this, I don't, I haven't cared about this in the past, and now I'm realizing after this week that this is really important to me. This person, place thing, whatever it is for you, maybe you're having a sudden realization about something that you prefer and you just haven't honored that preference before,

and now you are going to honor that preference. So it can be like really, really illuminating. Like our values shift as we age, as we, as our lives change, what we value changes. And I think we kind of forget to think about that or check on it. So it'll be a good time to do that. And that square aspect,

it, it makes it a little potentially tense or uncomfortable. Like, like not only did I not realize I liked that or I didn't like that, but like, oh God, what am I gonna do? I like that. Or like, you know, oh no, like I don't like that. Like, so there's a little bit of a tense energy with it.

But yeah, it, it, it's just an interesting aspect. At the end of, of the week now, Saturday on the 14th, the other big thing that's happening that I'm really interested in is that Mercury is going to be rising in the morning sky. So of all of like the loudest, most prominent things that are happening this week, besides the Mars,

besides Mars, stationing direct, this is the other one, Mercury becoming visible in the morning sky. So Mercury just had its meeting with the Sun, they conjoined it happened during that full Moon that was discussed last week by Taylor was really great. And that was a rebirth for Mercury. So now after going through the fires of the Sun being reborn, starting its mercurial cycle all over again,

it's going to rise and become visible in the morning sky. And when a planet goes from being invisible to visible, it's the symbolism of that planet goes from being less visible to visible. So Mercury our thoughts, our plans, listening, speaking, you know, judging things, you know, whether, you know, any kind of planning that we're gonna be doing,

any kind of communicating that we're gonna be doing, it's going to be maybe more effective. I, I know Mercury's still retrograde at this point, so we're gonna have to keep that in mind. But it might be easier to talk about things, to plan things at this point. Maybe if we do say things, it's gonna be easier heard or you know,

it will be received more easily from people for better or for worse. So be careful, you know, if you don't want people to know your plans yet, be aware of that. You know, if, if Mercury is invisible, that is a good time to have hidden plans, that is a good time to like not share your thoughts and ideas and things.

So, and this is another thing where when a planet is doing this, where it comes into visibility, that's another loud moment for that planet. And one of my favorite things about Mercury coming into visibility is actually that if there has been information, facts, data that you've been waiting for that you just haven't had available, and maybe that's what's held you back from moving forward on things after Mercury becomes visible,

that those facts, that information can come in. Now, I don't know if it's gonna come in on the 14th exactly, but now that Mercury's gonna be visible, the likelihood of you getting the information you need is gonna be more likely, if that makes sense. It does. And it's also relieving to know that there's certain, you know, information or pieces of information that we've been needing to really complete the puzzle,

is the way I'm thinking about it. And that, that towards the end of the week we could start to have more of those things put together. It's funny, there's one particular situation in my life figuring out my schedule with my daughters and driving and with my co-parenting partner and just trying to, it literally feels like this overwhelmingly complex puzzle that I can't even attempt to solve right now.

Hmm. So what I'm hearing is that by the end of the week it'll be like, oh, okay, we could do it this way and this is, this will really be a great way to move forward. So that's, that's hopeful. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's one of my favorite things that happens in the sky. I was just tweeting about how much I love when Mercury becomes visible.

Cuz it's frustrating when you don't have all the data that you need to make a plan. Yes. Or to act on It. So Yes, exactly. But I love how you're combining, you know, looking at the charts and looking at the aspects and looking at the transiting and all this with looking at the sky itself. Because I think, again,

I, we talk about this, a lot of Astrology Hub it, it can get lost, we can get lost in the charts, we can get lost in the data, we can get lost in the computers and then forget the very tangible direct relationship between what we can see in the sky and the impact that that has in our lives. And if we think about the way that people practice Astrology for thousands and thousands of years before computers,

it was, you know, I'm sure there was a lot of math and, and things that were being done on paper, but then it was also truly living with the sky and seeing what happened when those vis visual cues were there. And then when they disappeared, what, what happened then? And then when they came back, what happens then? So I love that you're,

you're combining those things together. I think it's really important. Yeah, it's very, yeah, it was a very visual type of practice. Definitely. Very vividly. Yeah. Very, very vividly. So, so, so then on Sunday on the 15th, this is our last day of the week. And what we get here is the Moon moving into Scorpio.

So Scorpio is a water sign it, I like to think of it the first thing that always comes to my mind, a strategy. And of course we're feeling things deeply as well. So I think after this whole week, everything we've learned, learning moments, teaching moments, all of these mercurial Thanks Hermis, thanks for the lesson coming in. Then on Sunday we're gonna be able to maybe emotionally process things a little bit,

feel into everything that we learned and then be strategic about it and start to integrate what actions we might wanna take. You know, now that Mars is direct, we got that really nice Moon Jupiter opposition that kind of give us, give gave us this moment of enthusiasm and optimism. We can say, okay, these actions that I wanna take, what is the best order of operations?

What is the best timing? That's what Scorpio is really good at, is just strategizing. So we'll have a moment on Sunday then to just sit with all of that, integrate everything we've learned in a really helpful, constructive way. Claire, this has been so helpful, so tangible, so useful, so clear. I'm really grateful and I'm super curious about your Sun Moon and rising.

Ah, yeah. So I am an Aquarius rising Capricorn Sun. Pisces Moon. Okay. I'm feeling your Capricorn. I was like, I was like something earthy and I was thinking chorus, but that makes a lot of sense and it's, it's so nice when the, when it's so well packaged, you know, cuz it's like now we can take these little bits of information and apply them in our lives in a very,

very practical way. So I love it. Thank you so much. This has been an amazing Astrology Hub debut for you on the podcast, so thank you for being here with us. Is there anything else you wanna leave us with as we like, kind of look at the week ahead and, and sum it up? Well, I think so knowing that it is kind of an untangling week and we're having these loud kind of energies,

I'm not too worried about things going off the rails. Like a lot of planets are, are ruled by Saturn right now. Like got a lot of planets in Capricorn, in Aquarius. Saturn is there to help kind of manage all of them. And so even though there are these really intense energies, like I think we're all gonna still be very careful,

deliberate, thoughtful Capricorn. So, you know, Saturn's keeping things on the rails. So that's gonna be a really helpful influence I think, given everything else that's going on. But yeah, just pa be patient, be kind to yourself, be kind to other people, Mercury, retrograde, you know, we can, we can flub, we can see other people have challenges.

So just like knowing that that is, we're all having our little learning moments this week and just being really kind to each other as we do that. I think that's, that's the move. Claire, when's your birthday? December 26th. Oh, so you already had your birthday. Happy birthday. Just got it. Yep. Turned, just turned 35. Very nice.

All right, so you've been through your set and return and did, did, did your interest in Astrology began around your Saturn return? It did, yeah. Jupiter was in my Ninth House of Astrology. I was in my Saturn return. So yeah, it was like the textbook late life Astrology thing. I love when it happens that way. It's so amazing and it,

it happens more than you would think. I remember when I first getting into Astrology, it'd be like, that's, that's literally textbook, that's exactly what's happening is exactly what it says happens at this kind of moment in someone's life. It's not metaphorical, it's not close, it's literally exactly what they're saying. So just in summary for the week, you just did some nice summary right there,

just to add to it, just remembering this theme of untangling knots, remembering the necklace and using force actually makes it worse. So just allowing it to kind of, you know, pull on the little pieces but then allow it to sort of fall into a new position and then pull a little bit more and let it fall into a new position. Right.

So Monday and Friday you said are, are kind of these social bookends to a real problem solving kind of energy in the middle of the week. So Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we have a lot of opportunity to, to get insights, to get solutions, to get answers to a lot of the things that we've been trying to work out. And we're gonna have this feeling like we wanna do it all now,

but that's not the move. And really focus on that when you feel that sense of urgency, like, oh, I gotta get this done now, just ask the question, is it really necessary? Is it really necessary? I know you want it, but like, is it really necessary? And you said to really just like, anything that feels super,

super, super urgent, just wait until Friday and you, but then we also know that there's a bigger directive to, to really wait until the 18th, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 20 4th of January where things are gonna start to move forward. You did say also that on Tuesday, Wednesday we're gonna have an opportunity to get the to the root of a problem. So maybe some of these knots that you've been feeling or some of the stagnation you've been feeling,

and maybe even the sense of urgency you've been feeling, maybe there's a root underneath that, that having awareness of will help you to feel a little more peace about those things in your life. Yeah. On Wednesday, again, more practical solutions coming in out of the box solutions have an opportunity to come in those like flashes of insight. Like, ah,

I didn't see it that way. I didn't think of it that way on Thursday you said to have temperance that even though we're gonna have this jolt of enthusiasm and optimism to really, you know, maybe don't gamble it all away that day. Maybe they don't commit to a million different things that day, just have a little bit of caution and like, oh,

I know I feel really exuberant about this. I can feel that, but I don't need to actually take any huge action or commitment in that direction yet. Right. Friday diplomacy, charm, lots of interpersonal relations. This is a good day to bring others into the conversation. So again, back to this theme of knots. If there's other people that you need to have those maybe,

maybe sensitive conversations with or you know, things that will help to un untangle situations, Friday is a good day to do it. You also may feel a change in values on Friday and realize that you have values that you didn't know you had before. Or values changing. I, as you were speaking, I was reflecting on how my values changing throughout my life are so clearly reflected in the geography of where I live.

So for example, for a long time I lived in New York City and it was, I valued the fast pace, like super creative, just like get things done, climb the ladder, you know, doing the good Capricorn thing and New York City was the perfect canvas for that, or the perfect playground for that. And then the move to Hawaii was very much a statement of like,

I actually value nature and I value community and I'm actually starting to value a little slower of a pace of life. And so it's just interesting to see the way that we place ourselves in different positions that then reflect the values that we have and the shifting values that we have throughout our life. Okay. And Friday's gonna be a day that that comes into focus.

Yes. Potentially for you, Saturday is Mercury rising in the morning sky. So thoughts that were invisible may be more visible. So subconscious things and ideas coming to the surface, listening, speaking, planning, communicating. It may be easier to talk about certain things you may be getting that the information and facts and data that you've been waiting for. And then on Sunday,

this is a great day to really sit down and be like, okay, I have all this information, I have all these plans, I have these ideas for how to move forward now let's actually put it into an order of operations, like first this, then this, then this, then this. I love it. Amazing. Yes. This is fantastic.

Yep. Exactly that. Thank you Claire. You're welcome. Okay. And we've decided to, to do something really special this week with Claire because she's one of our featured Astrologers on AstrologerConnect. If you've been listening this whole time going, wow, it'd be really cool to have a a reading with, with Claire. I would love to know what she has to say about my unique situation.

Maybe you're trying to make some decisions in your life, trying to see the best path forward. Claire is going to be making herself available on the AstrologerConnect platform this evening for instant readings. And I've been using this feature of our platform. I'm like, this is the coolest over the, over the holiday break. I would have a question in my life and then I would go onto AstrologerConnect and see if any of you were available.

And one time I caught Taylor and one time I caught Jamie. But basically what you can do is just log in to AstrologerConnect, see who's available as indicated by the little green light, and then initiate a chat, a video or an audio with them. And a chat is just via text. So I just used text and I just had questions that I wanted answers to immediately.

And it was so much fun to get answers back from the Astrologers in real time. So Claire's gonna make herself available this evening and also tomorrow like most of the day. So if tomorrow, meaning Tuesday. So if you have questions that come up and you're like, Ooh, it'd be fun to run this. Buy an astrologer. Get their input, get their guidance,

have them look at my Chart, have them help me understand what's happening in my life right now. Claire's gonna be available for that. You could, you just go to Astrology Hub dot com slash AstrologerConnect. You're gonna set up an account and then you're gonna go into the available Astrologers, look for Claire, see if her green light's on, and if she's not talking to someone else at that moment,

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So it's, it's just really fun to be able to share your wisdom and your knowledge and your unique lens with the people in our community. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. It's been fun. All right. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you everybody for tuning in, for being a part of our community and as always,

for making Astrology a part of your life. We'll catch you on the next episode.