[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] August 1st – 7th, 2022 w/ Shannon Gill

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Is Lion’s Gate Real?

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Shannon Gill and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • Why right now is such an important time for the global shift in consciousness
  • The meaning of the Moon in transpersonal planets
  • How to work with astrology when the time asks you to surrender

Chapters 📹

0:00 Intro

5:11 The Age of Aquarius

12:37 Is the Lion’s Gate Real?

16:40 Transpersonal Planets

17:59 Moon in Transpersonal Planets

20:17 More on Lion’s Gate

29:52 Venus in Leo

39:12 Moon in Aries

40:17 What is the Evolution of Consciousness

48:06 Uranus and the New Earth

49:07 Astrology for Financial Awareness

55:21 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:00
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welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving but thriving with the cosmic tides.

Hello, everybody, and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. My name is Amanda Poole Walsh and I am the founder of astrology hub. I’m super, super grateful that you’re all here. Thank you for joining us. And I’m very excited to have our guests here today. Evolutionary astrologer and also upcoming inner circle, astrologer Shannon Gill, and this is Shannon second time on the astrology hub podcast. If you’re interested in hearing more about her story and how she came to astrology, you can actually check out a previous episode that we did, which is you can find at astrology hub.com/shannon. So check that out astrology hub.com/shin. And before we dive in, I just wanted to read a testimonial that came in for the podcast that totally warmed my heart and made me feel so happy. And it came from Cali girl 13. And the title of it is beautiful platform. And Cali girl says I would like to thank Amanda and the entire team of astrology hub for creating, nurturing and sharing this amazing platform with all of us. I have learned more than I could ever put into words, and have been guided to other enlightening platforms, astrologers and education just from listening to this podcast. It gives me a sense of direction, action, inaction, and a sense of security and understanding that there is rhyme and reason to this world journey and universe. Thank you. So thank you, Kelly girl for taking the time to write that review. And it just it makes me feel so good to know that the content that we’re sharing here is helping you feel that sense of place in a universe that can feel chaotic and disorganized. And I love that there’s a Utusan where where the words are, is there an order in all of this disorder? And for me astrology has been that like compass back to Yes, there is an order there isn’t an overarching intelligence that is at play whether or not we can see it or not. So again, thank you, Kelly, girl, I really appreciate you taking the time to write a review on the podcast. And thanks to anybody who has done that we read every single one and are super grateful for your support and your encouragement. It helps us get the podcast out to more people, which is always great. So Thank you. Okay, Shannon. So let’s talk about the week ahead. Can we start with the big picture theme? What would you say is the overarching theme that can be like our guiding posts throughout the week?

Shannon Gill 5:11
Absolutely, yeah. So, for me, it always feels really important to paint the backdrop of the larger cycles. Before we focus in on, you know, the daily daily transits. And so, you know, I have zero degrees Aquarius rising. So it feels like I was born to be sort of a poster child for this new age. And so the backdrop is always this massive leap in consciousness between one age to another, right. So this is no small feat, this is actually probably almost impossible for us to really interpret and metabolize, because you know, how many generations haven’t lived through this is because the ages are 2000 years long, right? So to go from an age where the predominant paradigm was where we were sort of in an illusionary state of Separation from Source to making this huge leap in consciousness into this Aquarian Age where the lights are going on. And we’re remembering, and we’re actually activating and experiencing the embodiment of the divine within. Its massive, right, and we had created systems for 2000 years that didn’t support that, that actually were, I feel utilizing our light for the few, you know, more of a hierarchical system. And so we have a lot of work to do to reorganize us into a circular model. And a lot of that comes from our personal work of awakening. So while we’re going through this global transformation, we each are going through our own internal revolution, and transmutation. And it’s different for everybody. But we’re all in this together, and everybody’s exactly where they need to be. And that’s why astrology is so amazing, because the chart gives us those clues. Well, what’s my part? Well, how do I play? You know, we’re, how do I plug in? So so that’s obviously the backdrop. And then I, you know, zooming into August, you know, the big thing for me is that we’ve got this alignment that astrologers have been talking about since you know, last year or the year before of Uranus, right, which is the modern ruler of Aquarius, moving into alignment into conjunction with the North Node. And as an evolutionary astrologer, the North Node is so important. I mean, it basically is the tip of the spear that’s shooting us in the direction of our next evolutionary jump. And so the two of them together feels extremely exciting. Because it feels like, wow, we’re really doing this, you know, this is really happening. And although, you know, there’s a lot of disruption, and there’s a lot of chaos, we have to always remember again, the backdrop that that’s how change and revolution happens is through that natural alchemical disintegration and the reorganization process. So, so the backdrop, I think, coming down to the focus now is this, this Uranus? Note, and each of us are awakening in different ways, you know, so that’s what’s also really beautiful about what’s coming this week is that there is this particular gateway or portal to have some connection to some of these higher frequencies, some people are awakening to, just for the first time realizing that the mat, the mainstream media isn’t actually accurate, or isn’t actually telling the whole story. I mean, there’s so many different levels of evolutionary awakening. And so compassion is extremely important in that. So so to come in a little bit closer for the week. Yeah. So to remember, first of all, that though, we’ve had this really cataclysmic alignment with Mars and Uranus and the node last week, Uranus is staying with Node pretty much throughout August. So we have to kind of think of this that we’re going through some continual jolts of awakening, we’re in this particular potentially,

portal of ascension is the way that I really see it. And again, it’s different for each person. And so keeping that as the backdrop and then looking more into well, what else is going on? You know, that’s, that’s big. I would say, first of all, recognizing that what we just went through this past week, the the Mars was an activating force, and a lot of people are maybe coming off of some of that adrenaline, because everybody experienced this differently. And I’m hearing stories from clients and seeing the news and where I live in Texas, there’s fires everywhere. There’s been people coming and going, the gates are open, there’s been deaths and births and breakups. And so wherever that 18 degrees Taurus fell in your chart is where the action is. And then some people are not experiencing hardly anything, you know, so this is the mystery, right of astrology, and also the science of getting more exacting as to knowing well, where is it falling in your chart? So for those that are maybe tuning in, I would say somewhere between, you know, 16 and 15 tourists to you know, if it’s 18 21 is sort of arranged and of the fixed signs. And so because it’s either going to be a conjunction and opposition or square, so So that’s, that’s big. But coming back to this week, Monday we have this what is known as the eighth, eighth Lionsgate. And so this is its intro interesting because it’s a little bit controversial even amongst astrologers. And because there is not a real exacting astrological astronomical, precise understanding, but my understanding is that it’s rooted in ancient Egypt, and that it is about the brightest star in the sky, which a lot of people view as our sister star Sirius, that we are actually in a binary system with this other solar system that that our solar system and Sirius solar system are actually rotating around a berry center, and that our Sun is illuminating the material world on the earth and that Sirius is actually our spiritual Sun, which activates our spirit and our soul essence. And so And actually, the rotation and the dance between our solar system and Sirius is what creates the ages, the astrological ages, which I’ll go into that more in the inner circle as another sort of in depth study. But the eight, eight Lionsgate is known as a portal time, because it’s when the Heliacal Rising of series comes up over the horizon tour, it’s in view. So we’re getting access to that light, I mean, serious, is is gigantic compared to our sentiments massive, and so it’s illuminating. And so the understanding and the tradition of the mythology is that it’s this time of spiritual ascension, and that it opens portals and that the veil between the world becomes very thin. And so we have higher access to our divine nature. And to other dimensions. It’s right in the middle of Leo season, the gate opens on I think it’s a July 27 and closes on a August 12. So the eighth is like the midpoints, more of the like the highest, you know, concentration of the energy. And so it’s known that attuning yourself during that portal, you can be infused with this more higher or refined frequencies, that you can get visions or visitations that it can open your third eye that there’s, you know, massive creative potential for manifestation and things of that nature. So that’s pretty big, you know it to start the week. And yeah, I

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:37
would love it because Shannon, because this is so controversial, in terms of debated you know, the accuracy of whether or not this is actually an astronomical thing, whether or not there is an actual, you know, something legitimate here with the Lions Gate, what I would love to do is ask all of you, have you ever worked with this Lionsgate? Kind of Portal of energy? And if you have, have you experienced anything? Have you noticed anything significant? And what was that? Because I think, you know, sometimes it’s like, we everybody has their opinions, and that’s great. And then there’s just the lived experience. And if you’ve had a lived experience, it’s like, well, it’s, it’s valid for me, it’s actually been something that I’ve experienced, and you kind of can’t take that away from me, and or, you know, or know, like i i attuned to it, and I didn’t really notice anything specifically different about this time than any other time where I’m being caught. I’m being conscious about my connection with the universe, which, arguably, anytime we really open up and, and have that intention to commune and connect with those frequencies, it’s, it can usually be pretty effective. I mean, I don’t know what you think about that, Shannon, you know what?

Shannon Gill 13:58
I mean? That’s a great question. And I in theory, it’s true that we have access that this is our, the essential nature of all of us that we are sparks of the one divine source. But I feel like there’s gravity and that there’s there’s elements that can be weighing us down and that there are it makes sense to me that there are portals there are times when the veil is thin, we know the veil is then you know around Halloween, you know, whenever we start going into the changing into the darkness, there’s just there’s, there’s times where the, the the fractals of light that are coming in are affecting us on different levels. So and I mean, I can relate to that because I’ve had a personal experience, which I’m happy to share just briefly a couple years ago on the Lions Gate I did it was a guided really beautiful meditation that was about an hour long and nothing necessarily significant happened during that portal that that meditation, but later that day, my my little brother who crossed over in 2015 came and visited me and in a very direct way, and the way that he has in the past, he not so much since he died like when he died. The veil was very open between us for almost a year. And it was part of our contract and part of my healing process to feel him. It was I needed that. And it was also part of my teachings like, Okay, I have direct experience of the illusion of death, that life is eternal. And that was part of how I actually share with my clients that I’ve had these experiences that helps people. But yeah, so two years ago, on the Lionsgate he came and it was very much John and the way that he’s always come to me in the past. So I definitely attribute that to that being that the this is, this is a real phenomenon. Whoa, I

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:42
have chills all over my thank you for sharing that story. And so then maybe if you haven’t had the experience, this can be a time to experiment with it and see if you have a similar experience. And please share in the comments in the chat if if something happens for you, we would love to know. Okay, awesome. So this is Monday today at eight. What else do we have this week? Sure.

Shannon Gill 16:08
Well, another thing I think is just sort of objective view is that the moon will be traveling through the transpersonal signs. So Capricorn Aquarius, you know, and in Pisces. So there’s something about leaving the personal story behind and connecting to the larger the cosmic story and what is our contribution? What is our relationship to this again, massive shift in consciousness and so so that’s again, for me it’s a backdrop, before we get into sort of the more minor aspects.

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:40
Can you explain what transpersonal finds are? Yeah,

Shannon Gill 16:43
well, so if you think about the Zodiac and the 12 signs, and then the Cardinal Cross, the first or the personal the first three, you know, it’s your relationship to self. So Aries, Taurus, Gemini. And then then we got into cancer, Leo Virgo, which is sort of like what is my special gift? How do I contribute? What am I here to offer? And then in Virgo, we realize we can only go so far alone, and we transition into the upper hemisphere, with Libra with the sacred mirror relationships, and then the descent into Scorpio. So this is all about relationships, and how do we negotiate the energy of more than one and then at the midheaven is, you know, Capricorn, the gate of God, where God grants man spirit to bring into form which is our structures into Capricorn Aquarius, so this is the transpersonal Aquarius, we realize recognize we’re an organism, we’re not separate. And then Pisces, of course, is the dissolution of the separate self back into the one. So those three signs are the transpersonal. It’s beyond the personal.

Amanda Pua Walsh 17:44
Interesting. Thank you for sharing that. Okay, so we have the moon moving through those three sites.

Shannon Gill 17:49
Yes. Yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 17:50
All week. Is that

Shannon Gill 17:51
basically the back? Yeah. Right. Well, let’s see on Sunday, it moves into Aries. So we complete a cycle and we start over. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 17:59
And what does that mean for us? The to have the moon moving through those

Shannon Gill 18:03
signs? Yeah, well, like I miss mentioning for me, I think we’re at a time in evolution, where it’s important to get outside of the personal story, we all have one. And it’s it’s actually part of the key to awakening, because it reveals the wounds, which are the sort of magical doorways to our awakening the shadow. But at some point, we have to just sort of like put that on the shelf in a nice place. And realize we’re much more than our personal story, our personal ego, we’re needing to tap into the collective mind. We’re needing to see ourselves as a like an organism, like I like to say, and how do we serve the greater whole how do we serve this massive leap in consciousness at this time, because it is requiring all of us to to really activate and to mobilize? Because while we don’t want this archaic sort of outdated, you know, system, that is not life affirming, we’re very reliant upon it. And, you know, almost addicted to convenience and all the things right. So this is an interesting place that we find ourselves. It’s like walking the razor’s edge of you know, not falling off into, to the fear of this disintegration that’s going on, and also not bypassing and checking out. And so how do we how do we mobilize and I think that the Leo season is such a beautiful time to meditate upon to activate and then to share what is my contribution? You know, Leo, to Aquarius to the whole to to this forward moving train that we’re on an evolution

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:46
and love it. Okay. Really great. What else do we have? So we have this backdrop now of Uranus with the North Node. Yeah, additional backdrop for the week, and that’s sort of all August essentially. And then we have this bad backdrop for the week, which is the moon moving through the transpersonal. Write up plan out signs and then also the the Lionsgate portal being active and at its height. So what about the kind of more minor movements? There? Sure,

Shannon Gill 20:17
sure. Yeah. So let’s see here. So Monday. So we start out with the gate. And I definitely recommend everybody try to get some energy from that because it is going to be a little bit of an edgy week moving forward. So when we’re coming later into Monday, the moon actually leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn. So Monday, mid afternoon, Eastern Time. And so that’s the shift into like, okay, it’s sort of time to get back to work, right. And, and so that’s a good thing. And a lot of in a lot of ways, as it starts out at the beginning degrees, of course, and it’s also an opportunity to take you know, if you are somebody that is working on an energy and frequency level, if you do some meditation, and you’re even working with this, this gate to take that higher energy and bring it into form, because that’s the other thing about the Lionsgate. 888. The numerology means the infinity symbol is the unification of heaven and earth. And that’s also one of the foundational principles of the Aquarian Age is that we are bringing the light down to the earth. So while we are embarking in our work, you know, we can attempt to bring some of that higher energy. And so Mondays, pretty much just that we’re moving and then on Tuesday is where I wouldn’t say there’s maybe a little trigger warning, things are going to intensify. And so while the moon is still in Capricorn, Venus, who has been very comfortable in cancer, and you know, we talked about that a little bit, I don’t know exactly, that’s going with this show, but just that there’s been this very safe, comfortable, warm, nourishing energy very safe, you know, even just really hunkering down together, and nurturing and nourishing energy. And then it’s coming into direct opposition, with Pluto and Capricorn. So this is sort of like getting booted out of the Cosmic Womb in a way. It’s like, okay, we know you’re comfortable, and we have work to do. So the opposition, usually with Pluto is going to bring up some deeper materials, some shadow material, some of the old stuff, some of the, some of the pain, some of the wounds, some of the places that we thought we were done with, you know, just the sensitivities. And with Pluto, you know, sometimes it has to do with, you know, fear of loss, or abandonment, or, you know, if we’re talking to on a, this is mundane, as well as personal cancer security, you know, and I think that a lot of us are sort of having, again, to walk that tightrope of not freaking out that this foundation that we’ve been living upon is sort of disintegrating in ways, necessarily, and we don’t have much to hold on to right. And so and so there may be some of that coming up, there may be some of like, wow, I’m feeling really uncertain about my future and about where to put my energy and, and so there’s an opportunity to do some deep healing. And also to remember, I always, I love to teach about the evolutionary relationship model, that we’re here to serve each other’s rebel evolution, and revolution. And that’s really less about making each other comfortable and more about helping each other grow, which in that very context, would include revealing the parts of ourselves we’d rather hide. And so we can look at it as an opportunity to clear some, some, some shells, clear some, some blockage from our heart, clear some drawers from underneath the surface, and to as a sort of opportunity to grow to evolve. So that’s coming on Tuesday. And it’s also I think, important thing to think about with Venus opposing Pluto, these are the rulers of the nodes, as well. And so, you know, we’ve got the Taurus, north node and the Scorpio south node. So that’s another one of the backdrops that I’m always keeping in mind. And so there’s this negotiation around the two, right, Taurus likes to have everything comfortable and beautiful and safe, kind of like cancer. And Scorpio, you know, the Dark Mother has just got slicing through things like, you know, I often think it’s been told that the Buddha was a Taurus and what is his teachings? Right? It’s all about non attachment. So the question also becomes like, where do we need to let go, where do we need what do we what do we need to surrender that perhaps, is not something we want to let go? It’s something that gives us comfort or it’s something that we’ve really enjoyed but again, thinking from the One Mind consciousness, is it sustainable? Is it going to contribute to the whole in the long run if we’re needing to sort of consolidate right now, simplify right now as we go through this portal of, of transformation, this birth canal that we’re in? I think that we’re all needing to look at, what can we what can we surrender here? What can we let go. So that’s also I think, part of this, this Tuesday aspect, which will go on through Wednesday. And Wednesday, the moon will cozy up with Pluto. So, you know, we’re not really out of the heat, you know, and the moons grumpy there, because moon and Capricorn wants to work, you know, it doesn’t want to deal with the emotional drama is like, you know, I don’t have time for this. But again, recognizing that the personal pieces that we’re doing are so important, because if we think of our internal life, it’s a fractal of the whole, what we’re seeing out here is a mirror reflection or projection of all of our internal landscape. So it becomes really important to just surrender and drop into whatever’s arising. So that’s Yeah. Shannon, can

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:13
I ask you a personal question? Yeah. And you don’t have to answer. But what is your Sun Moon and rising?

Shannon Gill 26:20
You sir? I’m a Virgo sun and Libra rising, and the zero degrees Aquarius rising. Sorry, Libra moon. Aquarius rising zero degrees.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:31
That’s what I thought you said before. Okay.

Shannon Gill 26:32
Yeah, yeah. And but I have the stellium of all the Libra and Virgo planets in the eighth house. Uh huh. That’s all the going deep.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:42
Oh, that’s exactly what I was when you were speaking. I was like, Oh my gosh, that sounds so Scorpy onic like that is Scorpio right there. You know, she’s gonna have a Scorpio sun or moon or something. But that makes sense. A Pan my

Shannon Gill 26:55
progress on has moved into Scorpio as of two years ago. So.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:59
Well, there we go. Okay, thank you. Okay. And there’s some astrologers are happy to share the Sun Moon rising and summer like, Nope, I don’t share that with anybody. So thank you for quenching my curiosity on that one. Okay, so we’re through Wednesday.

Shannon Gill 27:18
Yeah. So Wednesday again, I think what something else on Wednesday is that the moon with Pluto, it’s asking us to take responsibility, you know, for ourselves for our own emotions. It’s going to be also opposing Venus at that point. So there’s a tendency to want to project to blame to dis dis to be divisive, right, the big problem we have going on right now on the planet. And so and so that invitation really is again to take responsibility and to look deeper, what is that mirror showing us? Right? That dance of relationship is, in my opinion, the most potent right now. And that is, again, why I chose Libra, the Libra Deacon as my masterclass for the inner circle, because it is the first Deacon that we travel through in the Age of Aquarius, which is 720 years, we’re in Libra, Deacon. Wow. There’s a lot to unpack there. But it’s that sacred mirror of understanding that we are not separate. And actually, we’re all fractals, just looking right back at ourself. So there’s a lot of potency there to dive in to dynamics that arise within relationships and to take into take responsibility and to dig deep into, you know, when we’re talking about, we’re talking about Capricorn, it could be the childhood stuff, you know, finding the roots, and then just allowing the light to come in the Leo to shine, to come back to the heart and to ascend out of that underworld experience, not to get stuck there, not to beat ourselves up because we still have this insecurity or this fear. But actually, we can hold a really sacred container for one another, to allow these energies to move through. So that again, we’re we’re more it can accelerate on the ascension process and the evolutionary journey. So it’s a Tuesday and Wednesday feels really gritty to me. And that we’re just going to need to sort of dig in and Venus is also our finances. So with Pluto there, there could be something there. And we know also in the in the larger world stage, there’s a lot of tenuousness going on. So again, just part of this great change, right, where we don’t want to go back to that capitalistic system. So we have to go through this sort of really steady time of transfer, transforming all of the systems and fitting the monetary system. So okay, so now we’re moving into Thursday. Thursday’s a very important day. Well, first of all,

the Venus is going to move out of cancer and into Leo. So that’s that shifting Um, you know, under the water out into the sun, so the light comes back on. So it feels like integration moment for whatever had emerged for the two days prior, it feels like there’s more of a desire to come back online with life, you know, go outside and have some fun, and it’s also about coming back to the heart. So that is just what we’re doing right now. Right, we’re just we’re going in and we’re coming out, we’re going in and we’re coming out, but we’re ascending. And so when we dip in, and we have to do a layer, we’re just stripping off another layer of baggage, you know, of whatever I see it as like a protection, which is actually an obstruction to the flow of light as light beings, all the places we hide and you know contort to, to put away our pain is only keeping us held down and gravity when actually we’re here to really just like illuminate and to be transceivers to transmit and to receive light. So the Venus and Leo is like, let your light shine. And I see healing with relationships, I see creativity coming back online, that is the same day as the Full Moon. So that’s, of course, always a powerful time, and it is a super moon. So it’s the third and last Supermoon of the year, which just means that it’s more intensified the energies more amplified, it’s closer to us. So that just gives a little bit more emphasis emphasis, it is at 19 degrees Aquarius, I always like to make mention to that anytime we’re at a Full Moon, we’re closing a six month cycle that started with the New Moon in that same sign. So there’s, I think it’s, it can help to look back and to be like, what was going on, especially in the inner circle? Well, what were your intentions? And where are you at this point on the journey, right. And this is a really powerful, complex Full Moon because because it is a fixed Grand Cross. So you know, of course, the Moon is always opposing the sun, right. So that’s, that’s one arm. And it’s the sun and Leo opposing the Aquarius Full Moon. And Saturn is there with the moon. And so that’s interesting. And then it is going to be squared by the nodes. And of course, we know what’s going on with the nodes, right? We have your honest there. So here we’re pulling in that Saturn Uranus dynamic that we’ve been working with for the last couple of years. And it feels like a crossroads. I mean, you know, no pun intended. But it’s sort of like a choice point in a way, how are we going to balance all of these energies? It’s triggering the biggest themes in the backdrop of astrology, as I’ve mentioned before, which is like, how do we come out of an egocentric reality into more of an organismic reality, you know, egocentric versus heliocentric, where we’re actually our light is used in service to the whole Leo to Aquarius, and then the Scorpio Taurus, which is dredging up all the stuff that was the toxic systems, this taught that, you know, the way in which we’ve been sort of out of balance for so long on the planet. So it’s massive, and it feels like, you know, we’re doing it like it’s happening, it is absolutely happening. And with the squares when the, you know, the sun and the moon, squaring the nodes, it’s also a halfway point between the eclipses. So it’s, there’s a choice point I see as we’re, which direction are you going to go? And I think that the big thing right now with Leo is like, you know, it’s, it’s sort of like, I see this with my clients. What is my contribution? Like? How is my gift still going to be valuable in this new world? Or how do I, how do I find something that’s going to be you know, we’re going to be going through, I think that shifting the values and a simplification, and we may go through a time where it’s like essential values only at our essential services only for a while, right. And that’s kind of scary in a way. But again, if we’re in frequency connection to our heart, which is guided from the one source, then we get all those answers, and we just kind of just get the marching orders and then we just follow, we just follow suit. So this Full Moon is bringing up all of these questions. It’s and with Saturn on the moon. In Aquarius, I think there’s also a question about integrity. Are we in integrity with our community? Are we in integrity with ourself? You know, we’re it’s really easy to point the finger at the the leaders and the, the, you know, the evil over there.

And again, that’s an illusion. And the quicker we sort of get on board with that, the more crooked more I think we’ll see these these changes. So the question becomes, you know, what is my what is what is my new reformed contribution of leadership, and that can just be in your family. Really, it doesn’t have to be, you know, some something in the community unless that’s your calling, necessarily. But I see Saturn is laying the groundwork right now Saturn, you know, isn’t just the old guard in the past and the archaic dying system, but it’s also in Aquarius, it’s slowly hammering out, you know, these the foundation, the boards, you know, to kind of try to build this, this new, this new root system. So this Full Moon feels extremely packed. And it’s like, I think of a fixed cross is like it’s a table, sort of, and but if one leg is off, then it’s like, super annoying, right? And so we’re trying to balance all of these different dynamics. And so there’s a lot of tension in that. And so but the good news is that on the same day, we have Mars sextiling. Neptune, which feels like it’s sort of like a Hi Fi from the universe, like, yes, Personal Will and higher will are working together. And then Mars is training Pluto, which I feel like is a transformation of our power and direction. So it feels like whatever goes on in this Full Moon, if there’s something that breaks, if there’s something that needs to be let go up, if there’s a change of direction, if there’s this massive reassessment because of Uranus on the nodes, and you’re waking up, and you’re like, Oh, my God, I did not see that before. The backdrop of the Full Moon is really harmonious with Pluto and Neptune. So those outer planets are saying, you’re on the right track. You’re transforming your direction, you’re becoming even more power powerful for it, so long as your personal will is in alignment with higher will. Pluto, excuse me, Mars, Neptune. So yeah, so that’s, that’s, that’s Thursday, I feel like things are building up to Thursday. And then moving now on into the weekend, we wake up Friday morning, a little edgy, because the moon’s moving on and going to square Mars. But of course, it moves quick. So that’s okay, you know, and then the weekend feels like time to reset time to let our hair down. The moon enters Pisces around two o’clock, Eastern Time. So there’s this sort of like, everything is in order, like all things are where they need to be, I can relax. So and then moving into the weekend, there’s some electricity, the moon and Pisces is going to sextile Uranus on Saturday. So it’s time to just do something fun, you know, and there may be a little bit of a, I know I can speak for myself on the weekend. Even though it’s a weekend, I’m sometimes like, Oh, but I still have to work. You know, I’ve got things deadlines. And then because the moon in Pisces is going to be opposing Virgo, Mercury and Virgo, which is like, oh, you know, the to do list that never ends. And so you may feel a little bit of that. But I think that really with Uranus and the sextile with the moon is saying, You know what, you’ve had a hard week, let’s just let’s just do something spontaneous, something playful, let’s celebrate. And the moon is with Neptune. So it’s also really soft. And, you know, there’s this sort of desire to to be in connection. So that feels really nice about the weekend, you know, to be with your loved ones. And there is one more significant transit on Saturday, that’s again, pretty large in the backdrop, and it’s the sun and Leo will oppose Saturn. And so that’s a pretty big, a big deal. And the way I see that is like there’s this sort of background of self reflection around some of the things that were coming up but the Full Moon, I feel like it’s sort of still processing through like, your direction, you know, there’s a self analysis, am I on the right path? Is this is this really viable? Am I Am I in alignment with my higher purpose? Is this going to work in the new system is this is this something that’s going to be valuable? And so there’s a little bit of a self time of self reflection around that before

Sunday when the moon moves into Aries. So it’s like that when the moon is in Pisces, it’s that final sort of dissolution time. So there’s it’s reflective time as well. We’re kind of like, you know, looking at the last, you know, 30 days, 28 days and being like, Wow, I can’t believe this. Another month has flown by. And we could just start fresh. And that’s the beautiful thing about life, right? Every day, every month, every year. Every epic every you know, big bigger cycle. So yeah, so that’s Sunday and Sunday. There’s also moon and trying Venus. So that’s really lovely. The weekend looks really, really great. Really fun, really relaxed. There is maybe some wanting to process through some things. No, but if there’s no Ed’s around it,

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:04
Shannon, I really enjoyed this. I just really enjoyed everything that you had to share and just your perspective, which is really beautiful and grounded.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
I mean, it’s so

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:17
spiritually connected and yet very grounded in obviously, that you’re speaking from experience. It’s not like, oh, I read this in a book. And this is what the theory is, it’s more like this is, this is my lived experiences, what I’m seeing in my clients, this is how I’m interpreting these energies in my body. And there’s just a really distinct difference in that for me. I would love to do the recap. But I do have one question for you, which is about this word ascension, which you’ve you’ve used several times, and the word ascension feels like Lionsgate to me where there’s there’s debate about what it means. There’s, you know, the people that can get like, Oh, we’re just here to ascend, but then it’s like, well, what are we doing on the planet? Then? You know, like, don’t we have work here? So, ascension? What do you mean?

Shannon Gill 41:09
Great question, because I remember, years back, feeling kind of like that. Like, though that’s woowoo. I mean, I’ve been on the spiritual path for a very long time. But again, levels of evolution and consciousness, you have different experiences. So like, I always point to the fact that we’re straddling the ages, right, we’re also struggling the dimensional states, which as an evolutionary astrologer, that’s our entire focus is the evolution of consciousness. Right. So the ascension process is going from lower lower dimensional states to higher dimensional states, we often speak of just the third, fourth and fifth when there’s actually more, but I, my experience is, I’ll speak to my experience, what I can speak to personally, the third dimensional state is what I like to just call the matrix level, you know, it’s sort of like, everything is solid, everything is just exactly what you see outside, you know, there’s nothing beyond unless there’s some, you know, pie in the sky or some God and you know, that’s sort of dictating looking down and it’s sort of the dogmatic and it has to do with the the Pisces age in a lot of ways, the disconnection from the knowing. And actually, it’s there’s there wasn’t ever a disconnection. Because the two fish are swimming in opposite directions, the Glyph of Pisces, but they’re connected by a golden thread, they were never disconnected. It was an illusion, it was like an amnesia, like we were sort of asleep. And so we’re sort of coming out of that. And I think about the third dimensional state is sort of that level of consciousness. And the fourth dimensional state is when we start waking up. And we start noticing the magic and the synchronicities. And you have those peak experiences and every you start wondering about what’s beyond, and that’s where all the work is. That’s where most of us are, it’s like, you know, that’s where the shadow work comes in. And we start to realize, you know, wow, I’m eternal. I know, I chose this parent for that reason. And this is, you know, start tapping into other dimensions, whether it past life, or maybe you have visits from angels, or you see psychics and you start to know, there’s more than just that third dimensional reality that we are in this mysterious, you know, organism or get organismic. Reality together, that is way more way beyond what we thought it was. The fifth dimensional state is where we are completely online with our divinity. It’s where we have ascended to a place where I like to see that think about the ego, just beasts being sort of an agent of the soul. At that point, you don’t ever disconnect from that part of yourself. You’re just online with it. And I say online, because we’re talking frequency here. And this is, you know, really, since this Aquarian Age has really come into our Zeitgeist, the shift and understanding things is less about emotions, and more about frequency and vibration. Certainly emotions have frequency. But again, that’s a level of evolution that we’re needed. That’s important to sort of take a leap to the next level, we do our emotional work, we do our shadow work, and then we get to ascend to where we embody that co creative energy where we can create co create with source and then we can this is basically I think, kind of where we’re intending to as a as a species to attain that level of consciousness, then we can create the heaven on earth that we were intended to have, because and that’s that fifth dimensional state is often where the magic happens. And it can happen in the fourth dimension. Those are those peak experiences where you learn about manifesting and you read books about it and you’re like at work, so you know, but in the fifth dimension, you just are you just are in that flow of creation and

You know, most of us have sort of experiences with the fifth dimension, that’s what keeps us going is that we have those, whether it’s through ceremony or through dreams, or through, even through trauma, trauma can sometimes break us open into the light coming in. It’s like, remember, I talked about how the shadows, we sort of protect our wounds, and we’re closing down on them. And whenever we actually start to do our shadow work, the light comes in, and we can have those higher dimensional experiences. So the ascension is really about our level of consciousness, our level of awareness and our capacity to wield energy and power for the greater good and become conscious creators. And when there’s so many people on that level, right now, I’m getting chills, that are recognized and sort of like bouncing between the fourth and the fifth, and having incredible experiences on the planet right now. So while again, we’re cusping the ages, we’re also cusping, the dimensions where, you know, if we know that that third dimensional reality is going to continue to, you know, go through the alchemical process, we have access to higher dimensional states where we can be experiencing magic, we can be experiencing, you know, harmony and abundance with the earth elements if we’re in alignment with those natural laws. So that’s a part of what we’re reorganizing here and this shift from the Pisces to the Aquarian ages, when we wake up, which is that ascension, like our lights are coming on and we’re in direct coherence, then we naturally constantly around the reformation of all the systems because of course, there’s no other way we know that. If not, we all go down or we all go up. There’s, we’re all in this together. So wow,

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:43
I am so glad I asked you that question. Like brilliant, amazing, amazing. And I just been, you know, the cross of matter, like the cross in the in the chart and the astrology chart and this, you know, cross of matter. That’s so important, as we’re interpreting charts in our path and, and the astrology, it continues to come to me over and over, like the importance of this quadrilogy versus reality, yes, and that we’re moving into this place. And it’s I often even when, when an orderly was on the weekly, whether we would, she would call them the directions. And at the end, at the end of it, she she would always have a standing in the center of the cross. And I always imagined myself with my arms out. And just like essentially being the cross of matter. And, and so it’s it’s fascinating to know that this is part of the point of why we incarnated at this time, and why we’ve been going through so many tumultuous, challenging, unsettling time, just like there’s, I think, in this community, most people would agree there’s a part of you that knows, this, this just kind of has to happen. Like it just has to happen. And it’s going to be okay. And there’s there’s so there’s, there’s there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, we might not essentially get there in this lifetime, but we’re moving towards it the whole time,

Shannon Gill 48:06
which is amazing. Of course, and again, you know, we actually have access to that light, we’re holding that light, we’re actually the lightworkers are literally weaving the tapestry of the New Earth. And Uranus is helping to accelerate that process for us right now. So that’s why back to Monday, it’s important to take time out to work on a frequency level to open ourselves up to those hidden realms. Because gravity is is a real thing. Density is a real thing. We’re still a part of a machine. My terminology, right, we have to get to work, we have to do the defense. So we have to actually prioritize this ascension, if that’s the path that we’re on. And so that’s why i i i More and more as I age, I’m taking more and more time to understand the levels of consciousness to understand frequency to and then when I have personal experience, I get so excited. And then I share with my clients and yeah, I’m seeing more and more people having this magic and so it is happening all over the world. Yes,

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:07
it is. I’ve literally there’s there’s people in my life that I’m just like, whoa, never. I mean, I hoped we would get here and I thought we’d get here but the fact that it’s happening, it’s just like, oh, this is breathtaking. I mean, it is amazing, just is exquisite. Okay, so I’m gonna do a quick summary of what you just shared. So we have this backdrop activation of North Uranus at the North Node all the way through August. And Mars came in last week and really like triggered this. Today we have the eight eight Lionsgate This is a time for you to just really do some meditation, do some you know work connecting into the beyond the veil, the things that we don’t necessarily see in our reality and just see what happens and let us know. Okay, we have also the moon moving through the transpersonal sign so these are backdrop things for the meek, and this is helping to connect us to the cosmic story. We’re much more than our own story, we’re here as a part of humanity, a part of life having these experiences. And so this is an opportunity for us to really connect into that bigger story for our life and what we’re here to contribute to that. That whole, essentially, I You said, see ourselves as an organism serving the greater whole. Okay? And what is our contribution to the whole on this is today’s also a time to get back to work. So you said there’s an opportunity because the veil is thinner today, there is an opportunity to actually bring in those higher frequencies into our work, which is awesome. We have Tuesday, this is an intensifying, we have Venus in direct opposition with Pluto and Capricorn. So some of our underlying fears of loss or abandonment, those kinds of like real deep seated fears and trauma can be activated. But that this is an opportunity to reveal these parts of ourselves that we’d rather keep hidden. And really let them light in to those darker areas and ask these questions, where do we need to let go? What are the things in our life that we’re clutching on to that are not actually sustainable, and that they don’t really contribute anything positive to the whole, you said to watch a tendency to blame, to project our own fear or own insecurity onto outside people or systems or structures, take responsibility for it, see where it’s rooted within ourselves and look deeper. He said that this is a time where the dance of relationship is really highlighted. And not the people in your life, whether or not their personal like in your actual day to day life, or their, you know, people on the world screen, whatever it is politicians or leaders or whatever, that this is an opportunity to see them as a mirror. And that we can let the light in to hold a sacred container for each other in this process, knowing that we are reflecting things back to each other and that it’s all to serve our greater evolution. Okay, you said that also finance financial aspects could feel like highlighted and bring up some fear and instability. Thursday, we have Venus moving out of cancer and into Leo, this is an integration moment, this is a time for it to go outside, have some more fun connecting your heart. And let let your light shine. We have the Full Moon happening on Thursday as well. This is a super moon, which just means that the Full Moon is closer to the earth, it’s at 19 degrees Aquarius, this is an opportunity to look back at the last six months. And there’s a fixed Grand Cross here. There’s Saturn with the moon, there’s it’s squaring the nodes. So pulling in this Saturn Uranus dynamic, which is a bigger backdrop that we’ve been working with since 2021. So the Saturn Uranus, I wanted to ask you at the time where you brought this up, what’s your interpretation of the Saturn Uranus Square? Like how are you working with that energy since 2021. And stuff

Shannon Gill 53:22
you’re sure I mean, it’s just the old versus the new, you know, like I said earlier briefly is like we want and we see and we envision and we dream about this new world, but we’re very reliant on the old system. And so it’s not going to happen unless we mobilize and, and so resourcing locally, things like that, I mean, I see that happening, where I live, and you know, restructuring all the foundation of our world is going to be what is required. So there’s just tension in that. And then there’s also tension in Well, I mean, we were coming out of a hierarchical 2000 years where, you know, we gave away our sovereignty and the power was out there, whether it was God or the government, the system. And so now we’re needing to try to reestablish a different way of operating, but the old guard is not going to give up their power and their control very easily. And so there’s this battle going on, right and there’s this push for more control. There’s like it’s almost like oh, you know, gripping the last grip, it’s like I feel like it’s all you know, this has been told that said it’s the time of the apocalypse. Well, yeah, if you understand the apocalypse just means the revealing the great revealing of all that was hidden before in the age of deception of Pisces. So now all we’re seeing how toxic things have been and how you know how destructive and so this is just this this sort of edge and battles like a slow grind with Saturn and Uranus saying we’re not going back to the way it was. We don’t necessarily see where the future is but it is happening and it will come with lightning. It will come with you know that The warmth of destruction in order to wake us up because like my favorite saying with my clients is we don’t just wake up in the morning and say, hey, it’s a great day to evolve, I think I’ll heal today. It’s usually through some major force or contrast. So we’re gonna go through like many of those sort of seismic shocks and to mobilizing the boots on the ground. The Reformation.

Amanda Pua Walsh 55:21
Awesome. Thank you. Yeah. They said, we’re at a crossroads. This is a choice point, choice point. Which way are you deciding to go? What is your contribution? These are all questions that you can ask. Are we in integrity with community and self? What is my reformed leadership? I love this, I’m in a small community, and someone just had the most beautiful share, in which he acknowledged that he’s out of integrity in his life. And it was like, Whoa, I mean, just the honesty of like, I realize none of these things are working in my life the way I want them to, because I’m completely out of integrity. Like, it was like, Whoa, that’s amazing. So those kinds of realizations, and that level of self honesty and self responsibility is obviously we have some energy supportive of that, which is great. Okay, transformation of values, a massive reassessment. And if you are going through a reassessment like that, there’s aspects happening behind the scenes that are that you are on track, like you are actually, in alignment, if you’re having those realizations, like, whoa, I’m way out of integrity in my career, I’m way out of integrity with my community. I’m way out of integrity with myself and the people in my life. If you’re having those kinds of moments there, that is a reassessment. That’s going to get you on the right track on the right path. Okay, you said Friday’s going to maybe feel a little edgy. But then we went right into a great weekend, which is so time to reset, let hair down. Do something fun if you’re feeling like oh, God, I gotta get some work done. This is a great time to just put away that to do list. You can it’ll be there for you. Don’t worry, come back to it later. But have some time to celebrate. Be soft with the people in your life. Be soft with yourself. You’re gonna have the desire to be in connection. And yeah, that fun, relaxed weekend. No edge. Yeah. And that’s, that’s amazing. Shannon, thank you so much. This has been awesome. Yes. Love it. Love it. Okay. And you did mention several times your mastery class for the inner circle about the labor Deacon? Is there anything else you want to say? Just to get our inner circle members excited about the mastery class that’s coming their way?

Shannon Gill 57:41
Yeah, sure. I mean, for me, I’m just, you know, we’re trying to get in for more information about what this new paradigm is that we’re, you know, building, you know, we chose to be here right now boots on the ground. It’s like, ah, you know, we’re dying to one and birthing another, but there’s not necessarily a roadmap. Yeah, so to look at the smaller scales gives us more information. And so I find it very fascinating that we’re in the Libra beacon for the first quadrant, or, you know, three, it’s a third, right, so 720 years to be exact. And I have three planets in Libra in the eighth house. So it’s like a lot of my own work right to go deep into that dimensional state. I see relationships, as an end, the class is going to go in further to other areas besides relationship, but as the most potent crucible to accelerate our evolution because if you think about it from again, the larger wider bandwidth of even from the beginning of time, you know, we came from one and we split into two and then we divided into multiplicity. And we’re like fractals of consciousness everywhere. And now we’re turning back towards each other and the one coming back towards unification because that’s the Aquarian Age, it’s the return of the purusha, the one mind consciousness where we all formulate again as an organism, then we have to do that within first, right? And that’s been in the zeitgeist for a while, like the polarities that balancing out Libras the scales, of course, the shadow and the light, the masculine and feminine, there’s so much in the world about that right now. And then the next level of the work is the sacred mirror, because it’s very, it’s more easy to be enlightened by yourself on the top of a mountain. But when we get into the dance of relationship, it reveals everything. And so working within that container is actually extremely potent, especially if we can expand it out upon not just the people we like to be in relationship, but the people that we don’t care to think that art is a reflection for us. And so we’re gonna go into that and some other elements and how we can really work with that to try to start healing this massive divide.

Amanda Pua Walsh 59:51
Love it. Okay, Shannon will really looking forward to that. Looking forward to sharing that with all of you in the inner circle, and I just really appreciate you being here. are with us in this greater community and sharing your perspective and wisdom with us. So thank you for that Shannon. And it’d be fun to be back sometime. And thanks to all of you for being here for sharing this weekly astrological weather with us for being a part of our community and as always, for making astrology a part of your life. If you are interested in checking out the financial awareness webinar, now’s a great time to do it. So you can submit a question for the live q&a that we’re having with Mitchell on Thursday. That’s at astrology. hub.com/finances. All right, everybody. Take care and thank you again for joining us have a great week.