[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] Learning From Leo Season July 18th – July 24th, 2022 w/ Scott Tejerian

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Leo Season & Mercury in Leo

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Stormie Grace and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • The difference between Venus in Gemini and Venus in Cancer
  • What to expect (and learn) from Leo Season
  • How to work with the energy of Mercury in Leo

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

1:43 Summary

16:15 Mercury in Leo Meaning

25:09 Venus in Cancer Meaning

31:21 Chiron in Aries Meaning

40:03 More about Scott Tejerian

42:19 Jupiter Retrograde in Aries Meaning

46:23 Outro

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:07
Welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides.

Well, hello, everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I’m your host, Amanda Poole Walsh and I am here with astrologer and podcaster. Scott to Geryon. And before we dive into the weather for the week of July 18 to 24th I just wanted to reach out and say if you are not yet a cosmic insider recipient, I highly encourage you to go to astrology hub.com/insider and become one now, you’ll get a weekly overview of the cosmic weather, plus a roundup of all of our podcast episodes. For the previous week that we’ve featured here on the astrology hub, Podcast Network, the cosmic insider is completely free. You just go to astrology hub.com/insider, and start getting your weekly cosmic weather scoop delivered right to your inbox to day. All right, Scott, welcome back to the astrology hub weekly astrological weather.

Scott Tejerian 1:29
Thank you. Thank you for having me back. Amanda, it’s great to see you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:33
Yeah, hey, I’m gonna put you on the spot. Because I didn’t tell you I was gonna ask you this. Okay. On a scale of one to 10 in terms of intensity? What is this week ahead?

Scott Tejerian 1:43
Ooh, let’s see a scale of one to 10 I’m gonna go with a six. Okay. All right. I don’t. I don’t know that questions always, like perplexing to me. I can, I can look at ways that, you know, it can be a 10. Or it could be a three. And I feel like I’m gonna undersell it. If I say it’s a three. Then everyone’s gonna stop watching. They’re like, I don’t have to worry about this week, you know? Yes, I should say it’s a 10. So that everybody’s like, Oh, God, I gotta watch it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:19
Actually, I think a lot of us are probably really relieved to hear the number six, just because we’ve had so many 10s It’s like, okay, well, then the focus is on just how do we work with the energy most productively? How do we, instead of it being a 10? Which any week could be a 10? Depending on how we’re working with things? How do we how do we mindfully work with the energy so that our week does end up more on a six, which feels kind of like it has some energy to it, but it’s not over the top?

Scott Tejerian 2:47
Right? Right. Yes. I mean, there’s powerful energetic shifting going on, because Venus moving into cancer, which happens on Sunday. So that’d be yesterday. And then there’s Mercury and the sun, both moving into Leo. So a lot of shifting going on in terms of the energy, how to work with it, how to utilize it, I think things will be more intense in the coming weeks. But I think this week should be a nicer start, hopefully.

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:25
All right. So what would you say is the theme for the week,

Scott Tejerian 3:29
the theme is going to be sovereignty or opening your heart is this is the week to open your heart. And when you open your heart, you claim your sovereignty, you recognize it that I am divine, I am unique. I am special. And it’s not to say that I’m special or better than anyone else, because it’s not about that it’s about each individual, recognizing what makes them unique. And as I’m sure I’ve said you before, and you’ve heard before, you know the next time the planets and stars will be aligned, in the way that they were when you were born is over 25,000 years from the date time and place of your birth. So you are unique. And this is that time of year when the planets move into Leo, the sun particularly. And that’s about opening your heart because Leo rules the heart. Leo is fixed fire. Leo is ruled by the sun. The sun is the center of the solar system. The heart is the center of the body. It’s It’s the it’s the battery that’s that’s that’s allowing you to live it’s the first Oregon that’s developed when you are in utero. And so, the lion is the symbol for Leo and the lion is the king of the jungle. Jungle. So you see the themes here, the sun, the center of the solar system, the Earth doesn’t exist without the sun, the heart, the, the, the force that is powering your body, you don’t live without the heart. And the lion, the lion is known, it’s there’s the phrase, the heart of a lion. So, so there’s a lot of opening up, that is occurring right now. To, to encourage you to, to really embrace the flame and shine and share your warmth, and enjoy life. Enjoy life. That’s why I want this week to be like a six for intensity is because you know, when the planets are in Leo, we’re supposed to have fun. This is about joy. When you think of the how the how the planets are the signs aligned with the houses. You know, the the Fifth house is the house. It’s associated with Leo, because it’s the fifth sign. And the fifth house is the house of children. Now that children represents the energetic expression of children having fun playing games, romance, dating, love life being the center of attention. So how would you like to shine and and when you’re shining, it’s not about outshining anyone else, because again, each individual brings their own unique light. So if you’re shining bright, that shouldn’t lessen my light, it complements my light. And it’s about authenticity. When you’re living living from your heart center. There is no competition, because it’s you and there’s no one like you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 6:52
Oh my gosh, I love everything that you just said that I feel like we could go on tangents about every single thing that you just brought up. I mean, starting with the beginning, when you talked about sovereignty, and an open heart. Because I, I think that there is a misconception that often when we’re sovereign, I don’t normally think of the two things together like, oh, sovereign and open heart, it’s like sovereign kind of has this like, in my mind, at least, I don’t know if this is true for other people. But there’s a little bit of a austerity to it. Like, it’s a little more, it’s a little more closed, because it’s so independent. And it’s so you know, just it doesn’t really need anything. But the open heart piece, I can see how this astrological configuration is actually inviting a deeper understanding of sovereignty, and that true sovereignty wouldn’t need those protective, you know, hard edges. Because when the heart is exuding the love, the love actually becomes the protection and that is the actual true sovereignty. And like you said, when you’re in that level of sovereignty, you don’t need to compete. You don’t need to worry about what anybody else is doing. Because you’re just in your authentic truth. And like you said, nobody else has that nobody else has that design. And even what you brought up about the 2500 years, that that nobody that that 5000

Scott Tejerian 8:19
Oh, I’m sorry, 25 years, 35,000 years. Whoa,

Amanda Pua Walsh 8:24
and even for that, it still wouldn’t be the same chart because we’re in a different place in time.

Scott Tejerian 8:29
Yes, well, it would, I guess, technically, the, if you are the exact same place, it would be a different time. But if you’re the same place, it would be the same alignment, but but it would be a different reality around you, right? Because it wouldn’t be the reality that we see here. So even then, it’s still different. It’s just the alignments the same but life on Earth 25,000 years ago was not the same as it is right now. And 25,000 years from now. It won’t be the same as it is right now. So that is how you are you’re, you’re one of a kind.

Amanda Pua Walsh 9:07
I love to think of it as like as unique as your fingerprints as unique snowflake. It’s like literally, there’s nobody else like there’s no one else that came with your code. So so this is Leo season, we’re expressing we’re having fun, it’s joyful. It’s playful. It’s all those beautiful things. And it’s about the open heart. It also reminds me of what we were talking about earlier, Scott before we went live, because Scott asked me about the puppies. So as if you don’t know I have nine puppies. I have a litter of nine puppies. And he said, Well, you know, when are they going to be going to their new homes and I was like, Oh God, like I can feel my heartbreaking just thinking about them going to their new homes. And I also feel the tendency, the protective mechanism to then not get too attached, not enjoy them as much because it’s going to hurt so bad to let each one of them go. But then you miss out on life. So this open heart thing is interesting because I feel so many times we protect ourselves from anticipated future pain by not opening our hearts up as much as we could.

Scott Tejerian 10:12
Yes. So you deny yourself of the love, to share and to receive. And when you’re doing that you are a coward. Oh my

Unknown Speaker 10:23
god, he has called it out. That’s true.

Scott Tejerian 10:28
So, you know, it’s much easier said than done, of course. But like, that’s why lions are known for being courageous. And it’s the heart of a lion. That’s what we want to embody. It’s about having the courage to love and having the courage to love who you are. And to recognize that your, your way of play and fun is going to share warmth and shine light to those that you’re around. I mean, sure, some people might not dig your vibe. But that’s they’re not the planets that are meant to be revolving around you. So find, find your planets find find the people that that that are lit up by you been lit up that are that feel warmth by you sharing your warrants. So that’s that’s the frequency to really embody right now.

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:24
You know, Scott, it also reminds me of this, that misconception I feel, I don’t know if it’s cultural or human, that it’s only worth it, if it’s gonna last forever, you know? And so again, like when, like, is it only worth it? If if you get to keep something? Is it only worth it? If you’re going to be married forever? Is it is it only worth it? If there’s like an end goal? It’s like no, actually, it’s worth it just because it’s worth it. Because it’s enjoyable, because it’s love and it’s love moving and expressing. And so I think there’s so many themes here around this Leo exploration that are, are very fruitful for all of us in in really living that courageous lion energy of just pure joy and expression and love

Scott Tejerian 12:12
what you’re saying about needing to keep it or for it to last forever. I mean, that’s really the, the tragedy of life, you know, that the the people hold back from truly living, because they’re afraid that if they take the risk that it’s not going to work out somehow. But really, it’s, it’s the risk, that is the whole point. It’s it life is fleeting, it’s temporary. And, you know, it’s like, the old adage goes, like, people that are on their deathbed are never talking about regretting the things that they did, they’re regretting the things that they didn’t do. And so, that being said, you know, let’s, let’s be honest, the Lion Sleeps 20 hours a day, so maybe it’s just about being lazy, and you know, just soaking up the sun, and just, you know, being outside and just relaxing. And, and being a little bit lazy. And knowing that that’s okay, that you have the ability to just exists and not have to do anything. That just you’ve been here in my presence is of value to me. And that is love. And you can appreciate yourself and someone else in that way. So deep right in there. And so you mentioned Scorpio sun, and so I’d be remiss to not mention that, you know, so during these dates, which which happens, you know, every year the sun’s in Leo from July 22 to August 22. So, all of my my scorpion family out there and the bull family, the Taurus people, you know, especially if the sun’s there but any other key astrological point or planet that’s in Taurus or, or Scorpio you’re gonna get squared by the sun. And so this can feel like a sunburn. You know, where you’re like in the middle of the desert with no water, no shade. So for the, for those with key astrological points in Taurus, or Scorpio, if during this period, July 22, to August 22, you’re feeling burnt out, or run down, give yourself an opportunity to be the lion and just rest. Shut it down. Recharge, you know, you’re not meant to necessarily push through this, this frequency. It’s not meant for you right now. So it’s it’s meant to just scale back and this is not through the entire time. It all depends He’s on like, you know, this is why it’s so important to know your astrological code so that you know, the days where the sun is squaring your sun or your Venus or your Mars or whatever it is. So you know, okay, this is why this is happening. So I’m going to dial it back on these days, and not push myself at 110%. Like I normally expect to because we in like our society, the way that we live, it’s like, you gotta go, go, go, go go, working 10 hours a day, you know, eight days a week, all that sort of thing. And it’s like, that’s not how life is supposed to be. So be the lion, be lazy. Lay back, relax, and just love yourself for existing.

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:42
Sometimes when we have a strong archetype for a week, I always love to recommend, like, actually, visually connecting with that archetype. So this week, it could be a good idea to just like, watch a video of a lion in nature or like have something up on your on your screensaver, or something to remind you to tune into that energy and and find that frequency, you know? Okay, so Scott, what else do we have? So, so you’re saying the sun is going into Leo, mercury into Leo,

Scott Tejerian 16:15
Mercury is also in Leo. So that that’s a little different frequency. You know, Mercury is the planet of communication. It’s the planet of thought, the conscious mind. So this when Mercury’s in in Leo, and so this is happening between July 19 and August 4. And I’ll also mentioned the last time was July 27, through August 11. So I always encourage people to go back and look what what was going on in my life. The last time Mercury was in Leo, July 27, to August 11 of last year 2021. That might give you some clues on what could be in store for you this year, July 19 to August 4, but the planet of the conscious mind, in the sign that is that rules the heart that is ruled by the sun, that is symbolized by the lion roar. This is this is your time to roar to really be proud of your thoughts and your ideas. Now, of course, there’s a shadow side to everything. So you know, you can the king can be benevolent, or the king can be the tyrant the Queen, benevolent or the queen, the tyrant. So, you know, who are you? Are you being benevolent? Are you are you proud in a confident knowing sort of way? Or are you? Are you being arrogant and aggressive in pushing your views upon other people. So that’s something to think about, there’s going to be a lot of potential verbal clashes, as Mercury transits through Leo, because everybody’s going to be thinking that they know. And so it’s going to be important to be that person that that has the capacity to listen, you know, that has the courage to say, I don’t need to push my ideas on somebody, I can listen, I can hear them. And after, after I’ve heard enough, I can say, are you done. And now it’s my turn. And now I’m going to speak with that greater confidence and speak from your heart are the words that I’m choosing, reflective of what I feel within my heart,

Amanda Pua Walsh 18:34
it brings us back to that sovereignty Thank you are truly sovereign, you do not actually need to push your agenda or your like your perspective on anybody else. You and you actually, it’s much easier to hold space for other people’s ideas and not be threatened by them. Because you’re you’re centered and anchored in yourself. And it’s okay for them to be centered and anchored in themselves in your presence. You don’t have to convince them or sway them or try and get them to be any other way. Exactly. Yeah. Okay, so more lessons from our Leo archetype. I love it before.

Scott Tejerian 19:11
Before we even get to that point, though, I have to say that, you know, Monday, Tuesday is when Mercury first

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:21
on Monday. What what is the date of mercury going into Leo? Oh,

Scott Tejerian 19:25
well, that was July 9, July 19 to August 4. Tuesday is when Mercury moves into Leo. So the day before on that Monday, Mercury opposes Pluto, Mercury and cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. So this is always a fun alignment for me when it’s mercury and Pluto and I’ll tell you why in a second, but also I want to mention that on Tuesday, the sun is going to be in that exact same spot. So it’s like Monday Mercury’s there moves into Leo on Tuesday, it leaves that spot, the sun fills that gap. And then the sun opposes Pluto. So when you look at the symbols of mercury and Pluto, when it’s important, I encourage anyone to really, if you want to learn this language of astrology, learn how to read the symbols. And you look at Mercury and Pluto, they’re very similar to one another because they’re both made up of the three root symbols the circle of spirit, which represents your eternal soul, no beginning no end, the cross of matter, which represents the four elements of matter, air, fire, earth and water and the question of receptivity, which represents giving, receiving teaching learning. So mercury, is a crescent of receptivity on top of a circle of spirit on top of a cross of matter, Pluto’s that same symbol, except instead of the crescent of receptivity on top of the circle, it’s in between the circle of spirit and the cross of matter. Mercury is the guide of souls to the underworld. Pluto is the lord of the underworld. So these two have an interesting relationship with one another. But it’s important to mention this because as we’re working our way towards sovereignty, we’re going to need to transform the way that we speak and think, and we’re going to need to transform our identity, that’s the sun. And as we’re doing that, this is some of the work that we’ve been called to do. As these planets planets have been transiting through cancer, because cancer is about the roots, your upbringing, your childhood, the ones who raised and nurtured you, your ancestors, where do you come from? opposite of that is Capricorn, that’s the mountain that we want to climb to the top of. That’s our achievement. Our goals or aspirations Pluto is they’re transforming our relationship to authority, transforming our relationship to ourselves as an authority by taking responsibility for what it is we want to accomplish and achieve. So you have mercury and the sun, opposing Pluto, it’s giving us an opportunity to transform how we think about our past, transform how we relate to our past any blame that you’re holding on to whether it’s blaming yourself or blaming your family, blaming your parents, it’s an opportunity for you to transform that blame and and say, You know what? That happened. And I’m not going to deny that or pretend like it didn’t happen. But I’m also also not going to love those heavy bags up to the top of the mountain because it’s holding me back from getting to where I want to go. So in order to have the confidence to get to where I want to go, I need to release the victim mentality that Well, I can’t do it because of fill in the blank. So this transformation as it occurs on Monday, Tuesday, then the planets Tuesday, Friday, move into Leo, Mercury first and then the sun. Now I have the confidence to truly open my heart and be sovereign and say, you know, I deserve success. I deserve joy. I deserve to have fun,

Amanda Pua Walsh 23:30
so powerful. And I can see how it’s an incredibly important to release those other things in order to even in order to even embrace that, that you deserve success. You deserve joy, if you’re beating yourself up about things that have happened in the past, blaming yourself for everything. If you’re still in that victim mentality of like, well, I can’t because this happened to me and not happen to me and I’m in this situation. It’s impossible for you to experience joy. Exactly in that place. So yeah, again, the cosmic curriculum is is amazingly beautifully designed. Just it’s like sets us up. Right and that’s

Scott Tejerian 24:15
why cancer comes before Leo. You know, you think about cancers the home and Leo is play its children, you know, you you before you have children, you you want a home, that safe and secure and emotionally sound. And from that place you can truly play and have fun and enjoy life. So cancer is allowing us to get in touch with our emotions and turn up the soil, turn up the soil, the roots so that we can get that good, you know, really dark, rich soil to the top so that when we plant those seeds of joy and fun, they sprout and by the time the planets get over to Capricorn. It’s like, yeah, we’re climbing. We’re reaching that pinnacle

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:06
price. Oh, yeah. Love it. Okay, yeah. What else do we have this week?

Scott Tejerian 25:09
Well, of course, there’s Venus in cancer, which is moved in on Sunday. So Venus in cancer, that is from July 17 to August 11. The last time Venus was in cancer was June 2 to the 26th of 2021. So think back to those dates for clues on on how you might be experiencing relationships during this period. So it’s bringing a greater sensitivity to relationships, cancer is ruled by the moon, the moon is the planet of emotions. So there may be tears flowing in relationships, there may be a need to be more nurturing, or caring, or kind in relationships, there’s, there’s just a lot of sensitivity, happening in relationships. And that is very positive, because we’re looking at it from from a perspective of, you know, I really want the people that I’m in relationship with, whether it be a lover a friend, or a business partner to, to honor my feelings, and respect my feelings and, and reflect my feelings. And I want to be sensitive to what they’re feeling because, you know, if we’re working together in business, or in friendship, or in, in a loving relationship, or romantic relationship, I want my partners to, to feel good, you know, I want them to feel cared for. And so how can you care for your partner? How can you show your partner the emotional sensitivity that they need to, to feel safe and feel like, I can play I can be myself, I can be this in the spotlight, the center of attention, because these planets aren’t working together, they’re not working in a vacuum, you know, they’re happening at the same time. So we’ve got the playfulness of Leo happening at the same time, as the sensitivity of Venus in cancer. So through being sensitive to your partners, and caring and nurturing to them, and, you know, maybe your partner is your friend, or whatever is being silly and goofy and playful, and being the center of attention, rather than, like snuffing out their fire, you know, showing them you know, some some kindness, even if it’s not really something that you enjoy, you know, be sensitive if you’re, if you’re critiquing them in any way.

Amanda Pua Walsh 27:42
That is big. Would you also, as you were speaking, I wrote down the words, I understand. Because I was just thinking how important it would be to just have feel heard and feel understood. And so sometimes, when someone’s expressing something simple, just Oh, I understand, to feel

Scott Tejerian 28:01
understood, to feel understood. I mean, this is Venus is the planet that rules the five physical senses. There’s sound, but there’s also sight, smell, taste and touch. So it’s more than just the communicating that goes on with, with Venus in Gemini. Now, we’ve had the conversation now. So I would, I would want you to know, without me having to tell you so because we’ve had the conversation, and it’s yes, let’s be on the same page. And that feels good you feel safe. When you’re on the same page with somebody when you’re seen by somebody you feel safe. And when you’re when you’re in that position, where you feel seen and recognized that’s when you have the natural sort of courage to be in the spotlight, which is that Leo energy it’s like the the audience you know, applauding for you. It’s a you, you feel seen, you’ve connected to them. And maybe there’s some tears in the crowd, because they felt what you showed them. And

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:11
it’s really hard to do that in front of a crowd that is critical and harsh and mean and

Unknown Speaker 29:17
oh, yeah, exactly. doing what you’re doing. If you’re listening on the podcast. If you’re listening on the podcast, you can’t see what’s like Sarens uncross

Scott Tejerian 29:24
your arms, what are you doing? You’re covering your heart. You’re You’re literally blocking your heart when you cross your arms. So when somebody crosses their arms across their chest, they’re they’re putting in a literal, physical, real way. body parts in front of their heart. Ah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:46
wow, that is I have not thought of it that way. But that is absolutely true. Yeah. And you can even feel it when you do it yourself. It’s just like, Yeah, I’m not. I’m not open to what you have to say. I’m not. I’m not here and present for that.

Scott Tejerian 30:00
It’s really interesting you see the physical embodiment of the signs in people. I encourage anyone who’s listening that is that knows of Leo moon, look at their posture. It people that I know that were born with the moon in leo, they stand like this, like their, their shoulders are naturally back, their heart is forward. It’s not like they’re pumping their chest out. It’s their natural posture, where their heart is forward. And so that’s the planet of emotions in the, the sign that rules the heart. So that is the opposite of crossing. Your arms in front of your heart is standing with your shoulders back in your heart forward, your chin up.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:49
Okay, so we’re cultivating sensitivity in our we’re being very expressive, we’re having fun we’re playing, we’re letting go of blame and shame and that sort of I can’t because victim mentality. We are being sensitive to the people in our lives and their needs. And we’re anticipating even some needs based on things we’ve learned over the last month or two. What else? I mean, that’s a lot to be like, that’s a lot of curriculum right there. Is there anything else about this week that you feel is really important for us? Oh, absolutely.

Scott Tejerian 31:21
Yes. So we got to talk about Chiron. So Chiron is the wound in the ancient wisdom that is unlocked through healing that wound. So Chiron has been stuck at 16 degrees for several weeks now. It begins its retrograde transit this week. So Chiron will be retrograde. This is from July 19. Until December 23. If you want to go back to the shadow, Chiron moved into its retrograde shadow on March 25. And it doesn’t move out of its retrograde shadow until April 15 of 2023. So this is a very thorough sort of experience that we’re having here when Chiron Retrogrades because like the other planet, the outer planets like Pluto are and Neptune and Uranus. It’s a slower moving planet. It’s only it’s a five degree retrograde. So this is again, why it’s important to know what is at these degrees in your astrological code to give you a sense of really understanding where you are feeling the wound to yourself confidence. So Chiron is in Aries, which is Cardinal fire. It’s symbolized by the RAM, that creature that doesn’t think before it smacks horns with another RAM in order to establish dominance so that he can lead the herd, Chiron. So Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. So this is more of that fire energy. Leo is fixed fire Aries is Cardinal fire. So as we’re embracing our sovereignty and opening our heart, we’re going to have to face some of our insecurities. Knowing exactly what those insecurities are, depends on what is that 11 to 16 degrees in your astrological code specifically, in any cardinal sign, fire sign or Air sign is where they’re going to be have that they’re going to have the strongest connection to Chiron it’s 16 degrees right now. But by the time we get to December 23, it will be back at 11 degrees, doesn’t get back to where it is right now until April of 2023. So But in thinking ahead, look behind because what has occurred for you since since March 25 Until now, because those are the steps that are going to be retraced as Chiron moves retrograde, through Aries. So it’s an opportunity for us to to face our fears and step into our self confidence our self love be authentic. You’re gonna ask something

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:15
Yeah, can you give us an example of a Chiron type of wound to self confidence?

Scott Tejerian 34:23
Chiron wounded self confidence. So that’s fear. That’s like I’m afraid to go on stage I’m afraid to you know, show up to this group of friends. And you know, I’ve been feeling I’m hiding Where are you hiding? Where are you hiding in your life? Is it a group of friends? Is it your Is it your relationship, your partner, your business partnership? Is it is it someone at work where you know you you don’t really show up authentically as yourself. You put on the mask and you pretend to be what you think the other people Will like or want from you. This is poking us in those areas and saying no, like we said, the next time the planets and stars were will be aligned in the way that they were when you were born is over 25,000 years from that date, time and place. So you’re here to be you, and nobody other than you. And it’s very important for you to be you. Because if you’re not you, then everybody else misses out on seen themselves, as they can only see themselves through you, you are a divine reflection of them. And so if you are hiding who you truly are, then you are doing a disservice to those that are in your life. And maybe some of these people, when you take your mask down, they will, they will validate your fears. And they’ll be like, Oh my God, I didn’t realize you were like that I don’t want to be your friend anymore. So be it, you know that that it’s going to create space for new people to come into your life that are reflecting you more authentically, that will invigorate you more fully. And you’ll have greater energy because you won’t be spending it trying to hold up this mask for other people that don’t truly love you for who you are. Because you don’t love yourself enough to show them who you are.

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:34
Yes, Scott, for sure. And in my experience, sometimes when I have those deep seated fears, and there’s like something holding me back from being myself completely, and then I share it with someone in my life, like the thing that I’m wanting to do to be more an expression of who I am. Sometimes they reflect my fear back to me. So sometimes I’ll hear from them the thing that is, is my fear confirmed through them, but not because it’s the truth. I really think it’s because it’s just showing us that this is this is something that is in me, you know, so I, you know, I really feel like I want to, you know, do X, Y and Z and the person says like, Well, do you really have the background for that? Do you really have the expertise for that? Do you really think people want that or need that? It’s like, oh, God, those are all my fears? Yeah, that isn’t actually and yes, they’re expressing them. But I often like to think of them as just the mirror reflecting back to me what it is that’s holding me back.

Scott Tejerian 37:34
That’s another brilliant example, Amanda. So, you know, when you see that fear reflected back to you? How do you qualify that within yourself? And what do you do as a result of having that fear reflected back to you from someone else? Do you not go down the path that you want to go down? Or do you have the courage to say, You know what, that person just reflected my fears, and I’m not gonna give into my fears, right, I’m gonna go down this path anyway.

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:06
And do we shut ourselves off to the other person because it can EWeek it could be like, oh, you know, get all defensive and get angry and get upset, or sad. And I think that’s part of the process. And then there’s the truth of hey, that just like really hit me deep. Because I think I’m afraid of the same things. Can we like work through this together? Like, can you hold my hand through this? Because it’s super scary. You know, I’m gonna be putting myself out there. It’s really scary to do that. Can you just like, stand by my side, because that’s what I really need, you know, or just, for example, but it definitely is an interesting thing to navigate. You know, these are rules and so many of them, you know, we think they’re so personal. Like, we think it’s and we attach a big story to it, which makes it feel personal. But a lot of times I’ve I’ve experienced that they’re like human wounds. It’s like we, we all share this, you know, fear of abandonment or fear of rejection or fear of, you know, there’s into varying degrees for sure. And when we express them really, truthfully, I feel like the other people in our lives can be like, Yeah, me too, you know, like, I feel that way too. It’s scary. Yes,

Scott Tejerian 39:15
absolutely. i You brought up a really important word to, to mention, again, it’s anger. Really pay attention to where anger is showing up in your life, because that could be the connection to the fear that you need to move through. And anger is a way to move through energy that stuck and so that could be what Chiron is doing as it moves retrograde, it’s coming over the same areas that it did from March to to July, and now we have to go through this again. And and clean out these areas of fear and find that love in authenticity within ourselves.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:03
Scott, did you study psychology like in high school, college anything? Did you know you’re so naturally like wired that way is that the Scorpio sun you think?

Scott Tejerian 40:14
I guess so you know, I love to get Scorpio sun in the Pisces moon. So you know, Pisces is is the sign of the unconscious. And that is, you know, where psychology exists is studying how people think. And that sort of stuff. There is, you know, so that’s where I find the compassion and the intuition for what I do. The Scorpio is, is that, that really passionate urge to get deep into those dark areas and learn the secrets of what makes people tick. And why they do the things that they do. I mean, I’ve been seeing a therapist for over 16 years. So there is that in my my lady is, is going to school to get her Master’s in Counseling and family psychology. So So I am like, around it a lot. So that is definitely an interest but I never studied it like officially. Yeah, form. Yeah, yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 41:15
It’s it’s funny because one of the things that I have my undergrad in psychology and my master’s in psychology, and it wasn’t until astrology came into my life that I started to get the kinds of answers that I was looking for the whole time. really wanting to understand why we do the things we do and, and what makes us tick and how to how to connect and commune and, and be in relationship with this one a better way. And psychology in school didn’t do that. For me. It was way too like reductionist for me. It was it was way too mechanistic. I don’t know. It just didn’t. I just didn’t do it for me. So it’s interesting when we have these conversations, I’m like, wow, Scott goes like right in there. It’s always very psychologically oriented. And I love that

Scott Tejerian 41:59
I think I took I might have taken a psych class at UCSB or a psychology class or sociology class might have been in the same house. Maybe so. Yeah, but I was a Communications major. Okay, well, yeah, that really well to thank you. Thank you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:17
So what else do we have

Scott Tejerian 42:19
this week? Well, so there’s going to be let’s see, I guess the biggest thing would be mentioning like Jupiter’s also in in Aries as well. It’s also slowing down or it’s it’s basically stopped at eight degrees in Aries eight degrees away from Chiron it’s going to begin its retrograde in the coming weeks. But there is opportunities as Mercury is going to form a trine with Jupiter and Venus is going to form a square with Jupiter so look at your chart what’s the eight degrees in cardinal signs, air and fire signs but also with Venus you know looking at water and earth signs so basically all the signs so so just know know the cardinal signs know the air and water and fire signs. And if you have something like at 16 degrees in in Leo, then that’s making a trine with Chiron it’s 16 degrees in in Aries. If you have something at 16 degrees in cancer, which is Cardinal, then you’re making a square with Chiron, which is in Cardinal fire. So okay, yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:41
Okay, perfect. All right. So so we were on Jupiter in Aries.

Scott Tejerian 43:45
So it’s Jupiter, Jupiter in Aries. It’s stationing at eight degrees getting ready to retrograde it’s going to connect with mercury first. And so really, it’s giving you that confidence that courage to speak from your heart to be authentic. But then right after it does that venus moves into a square with with Jupiter, which I don’t necessarily think that think of that is bad. I mean, it’s Lady Luck and the planet of luck. They’re connecting, but, you know, it could create some sort of unrealistic expectations in terms of relationships. You were really confident the day before and now, things are maybe a little bit overblown, so just just sort of managing the expectations with relationships. That’s the other key point.

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:42
Okay. All right. Anything else for the week?

Scott Tejerian 44:45
Man I think that’s pretty much it. You know, leading up into next week there is going to be you know, the at the end of the following week, there’s going to be some action in Taurus. With you know, we’re moving towards this conversion. where Mars and Uranus and the North Node are all moving to the same degree, that’s going to be this triple conjunction 18 degrees and so that people might be feeling that. And it’s important to recognize the Taurus energy, which is going to create friction with these planets in Leo, because that’s that square energy, fixed fire, fixed earth, both fixed, make a strong connection, but fire scorches Earth, Earth extinguishes fire, the ball doesn’t back down from anyone or anything, the lion doesn’t back down from anyone or anything. So the tension that we’re feeling, it’s going to get more intense in the coming weeks. Hopefully, we’re not filling in as much this week. But it is important as you’re claiming your sovereignty, as you’re opening your heart, get very clear about the practicalities of life, get clear about what it is you value, and why you value what you value, the work that you’re doing to make the money that you need to make in order to spend it on the things that you value. Is there anything that that you maybe are being wasteful in any area? You know, are you honoring your self worth? That’s the bottom line, are you honoring your self worth?

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:23
Okay, that’s so good. And I take that as an exclamation point, because there was a bug on me. So it was like pay attention. Okay, Scott. So let’s just quickly review I mean, we’ve done been doing reviews throughout, but essentially the theme for the week is sovereignty and open heart. Yeah, so we’re cultivating these qualities because of the sun. Sun being in Leo. The heart is all about Leo, the lions all about Leo. So if you want to connect with certain type of energy, just feeling that heart courage, Lion. You said you’re encouraging us to embrace the flame and enjoy life. Have fun, the word joy came up again. We also have for Scorpio and Taurus. This may feel a little bit like a sunburn, because it’s square for you. So make sure that you are prioritizing rest recharging and don’t try and push through, like so you really need to take the whole 20 hours of sleep the lion does a day seriously and emulate that part of the Lion. Okay, we have mercury going into Leo on Thursday. Mercury is going to be in Leo from July 19 to August 4. This is time to roar. Be proud of your thoughts and your ideas. There’s a benevolence, well, you probably want to identify whether or not you’re being Bunnell benevolent or a tyrant with that kind of energy. Are you being proud or or are you being arrogant, there could be some verbal clashes. And you encourage us to be the person that has the courage to listen and doesn’t need to push our own ideas speak from the heart. On Monday, I’m gonna back up because we kind of went a little bit out of order. Mercury opposes Mercury opposing Pluto and Capricorn, Mercury and cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. So transforming through authority, take responsibility for what we want to achieve transforming blame. This was a big like underscore transform blame. Acknowledge that it happens. So we’re not in denial about it. But you don’t need to lug that baggage up the mountain with you. So time to release blame and victim mentality. On Tuesday. We also have

Scott Tejerian 48:43
the sun the sun’s in Yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:46
Opposing opposing Pluto. Okay, yeah, so it’s reinvigorating that same points. Yeah, okay, then we have Venus moving into cancer relationships will have more sensitivity. There could be some tears flowing more. This is asking us to be more nurturing, more caring, more kind. To honor that part in you that really needs people to honor and reflect your feelings back to you. How can you care? How can you share? How can you show sensitivity? And how can you do this in a multi sensory way. So not just words, but also the way that you’re touching and holding and, and maybe make great food? Like, whatever it is all the different ways that you can show that you care, right? Yes, you may also find yourself more sensitive to criticism, and that you’re going to have a little bit more of a need to feel seen and recognized. And and you brought the word courage up again, like it does take courage to put yourself in positions where you could be rejected or not accepted. We also have Chiron who has been stuck at 16 degrees of Aries retro grade from July 19 to December 23. So feeling the wound to our self confidence, look at where you have 11 to 16 degrees in Cardinal fire or air signs. That’s where your curriculum is around your self confidence. Yeah. Okay. And in places like pay attention to where you feel afraid to be seen, what are you hiding? Where are you pretending to be what you think others want you to be? And Scott, you’ve reminded us so beautifully about the unique design that each one of us has, we didn’t come here to hide that we didn’t come here to be someone else. We came here to be who we are. So just really recognizing that wound tears like that core existential wound to your self confidence, and allowing yourself to have the courage to shine through anyways. You said to move anger, that there could be anger that comes up, it’s really important to move that maybe physically maybe do some something to help move it through your body? Sure. And we have a look at your expectations in relationship, manage your expectations in relationship. You said something earlier that made me chuckle you said, wanting the other people in our lives to know what we need without having to tell them. I always think that’s so cute that we all have that. But it’s like, come on, it’s almost an impossible expectation that everybody’s gonna know what you want. Just because they love you. It’s like, actually expressing that to is okay. Yeah, exactly. Okay. And then you, you said that we’re going to be moving into this Mars, Uranus north node in Taurus. And that we’re sort of, we’re sort of feeling the beginning, emerging energy in that direction. And so there’s going to be in intensity that is growing with the cosmic energy. And that it’s really important right now to anticipate that that’s coming. Use this time to get clear about practicalities, what and what you value, why you value it? Where are you wasting your energy, where you risk wasting your resources? Where are your resources going in directions, that are not in alignment with what you value? And this is a time to honor your self worth?

Scott Tejerian 52:13
Yes, I just want to add one little tidbit, you know, I did, I did look back to see like, the last time that Mars and Uranus and the North Node were all this close together in are all together in in Taurus was May of 1855. And then I did a little, you know, searching in, on the internet about like what was going on historically. And there was like the panic of 1857, which was like the first like, first like economic sort of downturn on a national scale in the United States, it affected like worldwide, because people were actually starting to communicate via the telegraph. So like news travelled a lot faster. So there is a panic in 1857, which occurred two years after these three were in Taurus. But I look at as like, kind of like a precursor this, these planets are here, so that we can all really get clear about what it is we need in the material sense.

Amanda Pua Walsh 53:23
No, what really sticks out to me about that is the the correlation with the telegram and the ability for rumor to spread so quickly. And think about that right now. I mean, basically, all anyone needs to do is say something, and then there’s that, that panic that can ensue. And something that Dave Ramsey said recently, I watched a webinar about the housing market from him. And he’s kind of like my financial, but he’s like the financial father that I never had, you know, teaching me to be very good and good about my money and all these things. Yeah. Anyways, I watched a thing that he did about the housing market, and his whole thing was Don’t let rumor. Don’t let rumors get in the way of facts. Like there are facts. And then there’s like what you hear and they’re not the same things, right. And that we can get really panicky when we just like, hear a rumor and go Oh, yeah. Oh, no. So I think that word, the panic of 1857 is also interesting, that word panic, because it doesn’t necessarily mean there was truth. It just means There was panic, and telegram made that possible. So think about what makes panic possible right now. And I like what you’re reminding us to do is just be really clear in ourselves and our values. And you make sure that we’re, we’re putting our money in our resources and our time in the direction that is in alignment with those things.

Scott Tejerian 54:53
Exactly. Yeah, exactly.

Amanda Pua Walsh 54:55
Yeah. Okay. Well, thank you for bringing that in. Because I know that’s huge on everybody’s minds. We actually We are going to be doing a financial astrology webinar at the end of the month with Mitchell, Scott Lewis, who has been a financial astrologer for decades. And I watched a webinar he did and I was like, Hey, God, I would love to share this with our community, I think it would really help people, like, connected astrologically and again, have it more grounded in in historical cycles and rhythms and not have to, like be trying to navigate this without without context, you know. So it sounds coming at the end. Yeah,

Scott Tejerian 55:31
that sounds really cool. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 55:33
Okay, everybody. Thank you so, so much for being here with us, Scott, it is such a pleasure. As always to have you here on the weekly weather. Thank you for continuing to say yes. And for showing up. It’s so much fun to have you here. And just so you know, another little heads up, Scott is going to be one of the astrologers that is featured on our new astrology reading platform called astrologer Connect. I’m literally just dropping seeds, because it’s not I don’t even have a release date yet, but it’s going to be sometime soon. Scott’s going to be one of the featured astrologers. So if you listen to the weekly weather, and you go, Oh my god, I would love to have a reading with him. I would love. I would love to either book reading or I’d love to just like, hop on and have an instant reading with him, like, ask him a question, ask any question you want. He’s going to be one of the astrologers that we feature on that platform. So very excited about that coming up sometime in the fall. And we’re just working out all the technology, we want it to be really great experience for all of you. And it’s a lot more complicated than you ever think it’s going to be. So that’s where we’re at. And thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Thank you as always, for making astrology a part of your life. And I can’t wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care and have a great week everyone. Are you looking for personalized guidance? Do you have questions about what you’re meant to do and be in this lifetime? What you need an intimate relationships to really thrive? Or what major themes you’ll be working with in the months to come? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to check out our personalized character and destiny. And you’re ahead reports these reports are perfect for you. If you want professional insight into your astrology chart for year ahead, written by internationally renowned astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, your character and destiny Report provides deep insight into who you are, and what you came here to do. Your biggest strengths and challenges and how your astrological design impacts your career and relationships. The essential year ahead report gives you insights into the major themes you’ll be exploring in your career, your love life, personal development, and much more. For only $37 You can get your personalized astrology report delivered straight to your inbox in minutes. Just go to astrology hub.com/reports to get yours today at astrology hub.com/reports. This podcast is presented by astrology hub. You can learn more and find all of our shows at astrology hub.com/podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so you can stay up to date on the latest episodes and help more people find the wisdom of astrology. Thank you for taking the time to do this now. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part of your life