The Jupiter-Venus Conjunction: Love, Love, Love… w/ Astrologer Rachel Lang

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Love Isn’t Just Flowers & Honey

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Rachel Lang and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the theme of love and expanding our definitions of it, as well as the idea of being in between phases and having faith in the future.

Rachel also touches on astrological events, such as the conjunction between Jupiter and Venus, and the shifting of Saturn into Aquarius and its potential impact on our values and understanding of the universe. She emphasizes the need to relax and not put too much pressure on ourselves during this time.

You’ll learn…

🌑 Why this week may have you questioning your assumptions about what love is and what it can look like.
🌒 How you can open yourself up to love and heal barriers you’ve experienced in the past this week.
🌓 Concrete strategies for working with the complexity of Venus in Aries.

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4:21 Theme of the Week

9:05 Day by Day Breakdown

49:06 Recap

53:23 Rachel’s Mastery Class

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[00:00:50] Well, hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is the place where we explore the astrology of the week ahead so you can get insights into the major themes. You can pinpoint the most important energies for you, and you can use this information to help you make timing decisions or navigate challenges or align your efforts with the cosmic tides so that you just, you don’t feel like you’re swimming against the tides.

[00:01:19] For those of you who are new to our channel, welcome, so happy that you found us. I’m Amanda Pool Walsh, the founder of Astrology Hub, and if you are new, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. Hit the notification bell so that you know when we have new videos that come here on this channel. And right now we are talking to someone.

[00:01:37] Very special. She’s very special in general, but also she is one of the very first astrologers that I ever interviewed. I still remember exactly where I was sitting on my bed. It was audio only then. We didn’t do any video, so I was sitting on my bed and I was blown away by her, and I was telling her before we even went live that when I think of her, or I think of her name or I see her on social media, I still have this really bright.

[00:02:06] Place in my memory because of that conversation we had years ago, which I think it was literally seven years ago now, one of the very first events that we did here at Astrology Hub. So I am referring to Rachel Lang, who has been practicing astrology since 2006. She combines marketing and astrology knowledge in working with her corporate clients.

[00:02:29] She’s certified by the American Federation of Astrologers. She’s also a member of ESR at N C G R. She has her master’s in theology from Loyola Marymount University, and her thesis was focused on gender, religion, and justice. She’s the author of the book, modern Day Magic Eight Simple Rules To Realize Your Power and Shape Your Life.

[00:02:51] She’s also one of our future Inner Circle astrologer guides. She’s going to be one of our teaching astrologers here in the inner circle. In which is what? What month is

[00:03:02] it, Rachel?

[00:03:03] January of 24.

[00:03:04] Yes. Nice. January of 24. And I just am so grateful, Rachel, that you’re back here at Astrology Hub.

[00:03:11] Welcome. Welcome. So happy for your astrology hub. Podcast debut, and I just wanna thank you for being such an amazing astrologer and being out there and spreading so much

[00:03:21] light into the world.

[00:03:23] Aw, thank you so much, Amanda. And I wanna thank you too for spreading your light in the world and, and really making astrology accessible to so many people who otherwise wouldn’t know about, about our world.

[00:03:37] So yeah, thank you for all you do. And yeah, I just, I, I loved that summit, participating in this. I remember where I was when we were first recording that, I think it was like 2013 or . 2014. I was at my desk and I had all these, this, this whole talk prepared and I wanted to do it perfectly. And, and then as soon as I started talking to you, I was like, oh, I can just let this flow.

[00:03:57] This is . Exactly, yes. .

[00:04:01] Oh, well it’s so great to have you back and what we’ll be doing today is looking at the astrology of February 27th through March 5th, and I know we have some, some really big astrological transits to discuss.

Theme of the Week

[00:04:13] So why don’t we start with that big picture theme. What would you say is the theme for the week if you had to choose one, one thing for us to

[00:04:20] really anchor on?

[00:04:22] Yeah. I think, you know, when I look at this week, and we’ll talk about the specifics of, of what transits that we’re talking about. But when I look at this week, I think the theme is absolutely love and it’s love to the nth degree. But here’s the thing. We, any one of us who have been in relationships, who have had children, who have friends, or.

[00:04:49] We know that love is not always roses and, and honey , you know? Mm-hmm. love is not always chocolate. That, that love is, love is that protective mama bear force that says, do not put that, you know, pin in a, in a socket. Don’t run into the street. Sometimes a heartbreak, sometimes it’s letting go of a relationship.

[00:05:13] Love is delivering the truth in a safe space. And love is also, you know, grief is an And so when we’re talking about love this week, it’s the experience of the bigness of the connections and so, so that’s really the theme. It’s, it’s like love, love, love, um, wow.

[00:05:36] Yeah. Yeah. And when you say experience, I love how you said everything you just said. When you say the experience of the bigness, do you mean the, like the experience of the spectrum of what love encompasses?

[00:05:49] Yeah. I think, I think what it is, you know, it’s, it’s definitely the bigness of it. It’s also the way that love can take our breath and.

[00:05:59] And, and, and the vulnerability that we feel when we are interconnected with other it’s how deep we can go in the experience of love. And so those are all parts of, you know, love as, as, as I’m seeing it, this week sometimes love when we we’re talking about Saturn and Saturn and Venus or Saturn in any kind of context of love.

[00:06:21] We’re talking about the logistics of a when this is not what we’re talking about This week we’re talking about the experience of, of being so deeply interconnected with one another, the experience of love, the emotions and so often that can be sort of difficult to navigate when we are in these.

[00:06:44] You know, Saturn structures families and, and friendships and, you know, there are certain rules and expectations with relationships. And so this, this week it’s like, nope, nope. We’re not even looking at the rules. We’re not even looking at the expectations we are giving ourselves over to how deeply we feel for one another.

[00:07:04] Wow. And it sounds to me like a question that we might be carrying with our, with ourselves throughout the week is, what is love? You know, what, what does love actually look like? Like you just said, without the structures or the preconceived notions or the boxes that we try to put it in because this is this type of relationship or this is this type of relationship.

[00:07:27] So just sort of questioning our assumptions or our socialization even around what

[00:07:34] love is.

[00:07:35] Yep. I think that’s a really beautiful way to articulate it. Love is going to show us what love is. . And one of the things about love that we, you know, being I’m a Libra , I have, a tourist rising.

[00:07:48] Venus is a very big player in my chart. Venus isn’t really always that happy in the sign of Scorpio. But you know, she’s a big player in my chart. And, and so I think about love a lot. I think about, you know, I’m on the core, core, core, team for relationships and astrology. I, I teach about relationships and astrology.

[00:08:05] I teach about relationships and love and all of that. And, and, and so I’m under, I’m aware of the fact that, you know, as you were saying, that love can be a construct, that we have these ideas of what love is, but, but really those rules, that framework, that intellectual framework is nothing when we’re in the experience of love.

[00:08:28] And so this is a really, it’s an opportunity for us. To deepen our understanding, to, to really deepen our access, to, to love, which means, all love and all relationships relate to back to ourselves. So it’s also about opening ourselves up and healing any barriers or any, any resistance that we have to being loved.

[00:08:54] Hmm. So good.

Day to Day Breakdown

[00:08:55] Okay. Let’s dive into the day today. Let’s unpack why you’re saying that as the major theme.

[00:09:00] Yeah. Great. So I wanna just kind of set a stage here, and that is that when we’re looking at the astrology of this week, we’ll talk about the day-to-day experience of it, but the overarching Astro that’s happening is that Saturn.

[00:09:19] And Pluto are both at 29 degrees of their respective signs. So Saturns in Aquarius, Pluto is in Capricorn, and they’re both pushing out of their cycles that they’ve been in, I mean, Pluto since 2008. Uh, Saturns since 2020. And so we are kind of on the edge of our seats waiting for what’s gonna happen. Pluto’s move into Aquarius next month on the 23rd.

[00:09:48] It’s a, it’s like one, that’s the one of the biggest, that’s the biggest transit of the year in, in my opinion. And it gives us a preview of what’s coming next year. And Saturns move into Pisces is very significant too. And that’s gonna happen on the seventh. But both of these planet, when any planet is at the 29th degree, You know, the Antic degree is, is, is considered the degree of death. You know, it’s, it’s the, it’s not saying that anyone’s going to die. Let me clarify that really, really clearly. But, but what it, what it, what it represents is kind of an in between transition, weird transition space where we’re not quite in the new cycle.

[00:10:26] We don’t know what that cycle is going to bring or what it’s going to, to manifest, but we’re not quite out of the previous And so we kind of walk around that whole 29 degree period, like, what’s gonna happen? What’s going to happen? And so all of that is looming over us throughout this we’re also coming on the heels of the first quarter LU Nation.

[00:10:53] and that starts at 1205 in the morning on Monday. And so we have the Gemini sun squaring the Pisces moon. So the first quarter is when the moon is gaining light, and we’re starting to see things that we couldn’t see before. We have little bursts of insight, and I love that this is a Gemini moon, , you know, because Gemini is the messenger and so we’re getting new, insights.

[00:11:18] You might read a news story that colors your whole week, or you might hear, you might hear some gossip. We’re talking about Gemini. You might hear something that like really compels your attention and, and, and, and you know, you wanna look and, and learn more. The Pisces Sun also is just opening our hearts, opening us up spiritually, opening us up to our dreams, , allowing us to, to work with our imaginations to paint some new To manifest, some new desires. It’s like a bringing things out into the open that have been hidden. And, and so this first quarter moon really, it shines a light on situations in our lives, putting some really practical terms. It shines a light on all areas of our lives allowing us to see, oh, that I like that.

[00:12:07] Oh, I don’t like that. Um, I think I wanna change that. And so we have kind of, new, a new understanding of our relationships of our jobs, of certain sit situations in our lives of why things are the way they are. And, and keeping in mind those 29 degrees of that, that Saturn and Pluto, both in those getting ready for their new cycles, what we’re shining a light on is anything that.

[00:12:35] That is keeping us from, a Saturn from really being secure and stable in our sense of, of of mission and work and purpose. And then Pluto, anything psychologically that’s like, needs to be explored or examined in order for us to, to really be more whole. So that’s kind of the big, the big news on, on Monday.

[00:13:02] We also have the moon trying Pluto early that morning. And this is, another transit that’s going on that same day is that, mercury is in a sextile aspect to a. And so Mercury, let me separate these a little bit just in case people don’t work with dwarf planets. You know, mercury is the messenger.

[00:13:21] Mercury is not just the way we communicate with one another, but it’s our own internal dialogue on kind of a, a more mundane perspective. Mercury relates to the cultural, the ideas that we’re sharing with one another. The news stories that we’re reading. And Aris is important because through 2020 and 2021, Aris and Pluto were in this challenging dance, really instigating a whole lot of cultural change all at one time, and kind of disruptive in a disruptive way because Aris doesn’t do anything without drawing a little attention to Same with Pluto. And so any planets that, that come into an aspect relationship with Aris or Pluto, Bring us back to some of that time and some of what, you know, what disruptions were happening in our lives for the purpose of progressive change. So we have new insights, we have new ideas, new understanding, and also just a little bit of like, ugh.

[00:14:27] An edge to it. And so that’s, that’s a another, another influence that I wanted to bring up about Monday.

[00:14:34] Lemme ask you a question about the first quarter Moon Uhhuh . Is that another one of the sort of bigger context things that we’re working with all week or is that more specific to that

[00:14:45] energy on Monday?

[00:14:46] Yeah, great question. So with any, quarter phase of the Lu Nation cycle, so the full moon, new Moon, first quarter, second quarter, it is a new chapter of a cycle that began with a new moon on February So yes, it colors the week. And we could, we could apply that same level of thinking of, you know, the, the brighter the moon gets in the sky, the more clearly we see things until, and so the waxing moon is like a buildup of, of awareness.

[00:15:18] And so you might be sitting at the breakfast table and get a text and, and it’s like, oh yeah, that thing. I was, I was really that intention that I was sitting on the, on the New moon, on the Pisces New Moon. Here’s a piece of information about it. Oh my gosh, how amazing. Mm-hmm. . And then that information leads you into an inquiry.

[00:15:37] You get more information. And while the moon is waxing, we are gaining energy, we are gaining awareness, we are becoming more clear about. About different aspects of our lives. So yeah, so it does color the whole week.

[00:15:54] And Rachel,

[00:15:54] this is a little bit of a sidebar question, but what you just described first requires that the person actually set intentions at the New Moon, or at least has an awareness of what they’re, they’re wanting to manifest during that particular lunar cycle, which is something that we do together in the inner circle, which I’m very excited because I know that you work with, with the idea of magic and, and creating magic in our, in our lives, and especially with the tool of astrology.

[00:16:22] would, do you agree that timing, your intention setting with the New Moon is a powerful practice? Like, do you encourage your clients to do that? How have you seen that play out for people and for yourself as.

[00:16:36] Yeah, great question. I have two thoughts about that. One, I think that magic and astrology go hand in hand.

[00:16:43] And so when you are setting intentions, when you’re doing any kind of ritual, I think why not sync up to the cosmic waves? Why not work with the of nature? That’s what magic is anyway. And then I also wanna say that we’re setting intentions even when we don’t intentionally set them.

[00:17:04] And very often new moons are great times for intention setting, like you said. I love the work that, that you do, with the inner circle. So, but a lot of times we’re setting intentions without even realizing it. So then an example is, you know, thinking one day you have a thought, I think I want a and.

[00:17:25] And so that’s an intention. or, oh, I wanna go shopping. You know, these are all intentions. Anytime we feel a little spark of desire, that’s an intention. So you don’t have to like write out your intentions or do a ritual around them, but just observe maybe through journaling. What’s up for you? What desires are awakening during that new moon?

[00:17:51] And very often you’ll see those desires sort of, start to spark, into being right around. It takes about six months all together for one cycle. But you start to see little inklings of, of awareness right around that, that first quarter stage. And

[00:18:11] okay, that’s perfect. Thank you for answering that question. I love hearing different astrologer’s perspectives on, intention setting with the lunar cycle and then how that plays out over time and it’s perfect. Okay. So

[00:18:23] let’s talk about Tuesday then.

[00:18:24] Tuesday is interesting because, Venus is the star of this week’s astrology and Venus touches a number of, of points on her way through Aries and she meets up with Vesta on Monday. But we feel this influence on Tuesday as well, and we’re gonna start to feel Venus’s move toward Jupiter, which happens.

[00:18:48] On the first. But Venus Veta, Vesta is the asteroid that relates to purification and ritual processes. She also re relates to the home, to the Hearth, which means that whatever connects us to our family, our loved space we live in. And so I kind of see Venuses meet up with Vesta being this, um, being this sort of, uh, rite of passage.

[00:19:20] Like, okay, what is Venus? Let’s, let’s separate out what, what, what we’re talking about when we’re talking about Venus. We’re talking about love, obviously we’re talking about relationships, we’re talking about anything related to the heart chakra, but on Venus is also fashion. style beauty, delicious food.

[00:19:42] She’s the, the sense of pleasure that we derive from being in a human body, our, our And so, um, and so when Venus meets up with Vesta, we become really clear of what we can do to make our space So this is a great day to, you know, since we are still in the, the energy of that first quarter moon, still in Gemini, we can beautify our space.

[00:20:09] We can add, a sacred element to it. We can do some funk, in our relationships. We can, you know, take on a perspective of, of being more of, of service and or as I like to say, being the change we wanna see in our relationships. And if we do that, if we let Vesta really help us and, and, and remind us that love is sacred.

[00:20:34] And that we are sacred, and even the experiences of sadness and grief and loss are sacred, then, then we can move through the rest of the week. Having a sense of, groundedness. There’s a Moon square Neptune transit, that happens on the 28th, and that happens at 7:45 AM Moon is sextile Jupiter, so the moon is gonna be activating a number of these points that Venus is And so we have this really love. Little dance here where Venus is kind of frolicking through Aries and, you know, Gemini’s a really playful moon sign. So we’re not taking things too It sounds

[00:21:17] like that energy may also enable us to bring more lightness to any situations in our life that dofeel or have felt heavy.

[00:21:29] Maybe there is sadness and grief, but with the playfulness of that Gemini moon, it might be easier to

[00:21:35] kind of work through a lot of those emotions. Absolutely. Yeah. And, and that, that helps , because the next day, on the first the moon moves into cancer and the shift from the moon in Gemini to the moon in cancer.

[00:21:52] Going from sort of a witty, fun, intellectual, more cerebral, way of being into the depths of our connections, the depths of our emotions.

[00:22:04] It’s going to feel like, I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready for, for what’s coming next. And Wednesday, so whenever Jupiter meets up with one of the personal planets, but in particular, mercury, the Sun or Venus, those are generally some of our better days of the month.

[00:22:23] Or the year rather. So it, this Jupiter and Venus meetup, once they, they have an annual get together. And these are the two benefit planets, meaning they’re the planets that most relate to life and fertility and joy and pleasure. And things that, really make us love being in a body on this planet.

[00:22:48] And so when you have them meeting up, we have exponential experiences of pleasure, exponential experiences of, of connection. And, you know, and a lot of people think about this combo as being lucky or being like, you know, good things happen. And so that’s kind of a general overarching experience of these two.

[00:23:13] I’m gonna add some dimension here, . So that would all be just the message if. Venus wasn’t in Aries. These are, these two are meeting up at 12 degrees of Aries. And so let’s talk about, let’s talk about, um, Venus and Aries and then we’re gonna talk about Jupiter. And I wanna, I wanna, I really wanna dive into to the symbolism here.

[00:23:41] So Venus is in her, in her fall in Aries, meaning Venus Rules Libra. And Aries is the sign directly opposite Libra. So Arias is a Mars ruled and my experience of Venus in a Mars ruled sign is that it’s the conquest, the conqueror, um, that it wants to pursue what it wants instead of what Venus is supposed to do, which is kind of sit back on her half shell and let things come to her.

[00:24:11] And so we have this real tension with Venus and Aries, and with Jupiter magnifying and intensifying the experience of Venus. In Aries. And so what we have are some mixed messages around love. And so now I’m gonna talk about Jupiter and I wanna, I wanna talk about, Jupiter and kind of really go into the symbolism of So Jupiter, we think of Jupiter. A lot of people think of, and my, and, and some of the students, my early, like first year students are like, Jupiter is amazing. All good things for Jupiter. And I think we’ve seen with, with Jupiter’s time and Aries that, that Jupiter isn’t always that, beneficial. The thing about Jupiter is that it blows up, meaning it magnifies and intensifies the potentiality of any sign that it’s in.

[00:25:02] So Jupiter commands attention, it wants to be known. It is the brightest. Planet in our solar system. And, I’m kind of a, you know, a, a science geek. I, I love watching Nova and space documentaries, . And, and, and one of the things, when I was watching Nova, I understood Jupiter so well. Have you ever seen the show?

[00:25:25] Do you know, do you know the show on pbs?

[00:25:27] No. But I love that you’re a science geek. It’s horrible.

[00:25:31] Yeah. Yeah. So, um, so if anyone has a chance to watch the Planetary series on Nova, do it because you learn so much about the astrology of these planets. So, Nova describes Jupiter as being a bully, and some scientists, uh, call Jupiter and Saturn the architects of the solar system because their orbital paths and their size kind of structures and orders all who gets dust, like what planets get dust, which, uh, which is how a, a planet grows.

[00:26:02] And so Jupiter grew so big and so fast that it prevented dust. From coming to Earth, Mars, or Mercury or Venus. So now on the one hand, if the Earth were any bigger, we would not have survived. Life couldn’t exist. And so we have to thank Jupiter for that. But on the other hand, it’s preventing us from getting big.

[00:26:26] It’s prevented our planet from getting bigger. So Jupiter’s also responsible for helping keep comets and asteroids out of, out of our orbit, from hitting us. So it’s a really big protective giant, but it’s still a giant. And so when we think about Jupiter, think about like the clumsy giant, you know, uh, like I’m thinking of, you know, , like the incredible Hulk, so big that it might stomp on things.

[00:26:56] even, even the, giant in Harry Potter, I can’t remember his name. It starts with an H.

[00:27:02] Anyways, he, he was kind of that clumsy giant as well.

[00:27:06] Like meaning well, but then kind of creating

[00:27:08] messes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So if Jupiter’s and Aries, what does Aries rule? Aries rules entrepreneurship. It rules pioneering, it rules fire, it rules guns and weapons.

[00:27:21] And one of the big signatures that we’ve seen with Jupiter and Aries or, you know, Jupiter entered Aries last year, and, and right away we had mass shootings. We had, you know, acts of violence, we had war. And so and so Jupiter and Aries shows us, The shadow aspects of a sign big so that then we say, we don’t want we want some of the beautiful And, and one of the, the, and some of the, the non shadow aspects of Jupiter are, or areas rather, are that areas is the, the sign of protection. a sign of, of protecting what we most hold dear. It’s also the sign of, of being ourselves, our unique individual selves within the families, within the communities, within the, the culture this world.

[00:28:19] And so I think, you know, Jupiter expands the potential that we have to, to live our own divine spark. And it also can. Expand the potential for conflict and for, I think there are some conflicts that just need to happen, and especially in like that’s how we air out what, what’s otherwise, you know, being suppressed.

[00:28:44] And so I think we could have some of those kinds of experiences, some of those kinds of, of, of truth coming into the light or, you know, having heated conversations that then allow us to have productive change. One of the other things that I wanted to point out with this is that Mars is the dispo of Venus and Jupiter.

[00:29:08] Mars rules, Aries and Mars is still out of bounds, meaning that it’s not behaving the way it should. And the moon is also out of bounds I think of out of bounds planets as being like, , a race car that keeps going in and out of different lanes. So we wanna watch out for, for using angry words.

[00:29:31] We want to watch out for hacking to impulsively. This transit gives us a lot of optimism. It gives us a lot of hope. And so we can really manifest and create a whole lot of great things happening. If we are discerning and, and that’s gonna be the these Venus and Jupiter are also both they form a conjunction with a pulsar, and pulsars are.

[00:30:00] Like little am, little cosmic messengers, little, um, Philip Sedgwick calls them ambassadors. And so we feel with that influence we have things that we wanna communicate, things that we wanna express, but we wanna express them in a way that harmonizes So this could be a great time for mediating challenging relationships.

[00:30:21] This can be a great time for bringing light to a situation that we need to bring light to, and for shining light on anything that’s kind of lurking in the shadows.

[00:30:31] But it sounds like going into any of those situations with the intention to create more harmony as an outcome, even if it creates some disruption and disturbance in the moment, but doing that for the outcome of this will result in greater harmony, you know, at some point.

[00:30:51] Yeah. It seems like that, that would help us to utilize some of the. Sort of fiery potential of this area’s energy without it blowing things up and creating destruction in the end.

[00:31:06] that’s a really, that’s a really beautiful way of articulating it. Yes. I think that’s the potential. The potential is we can come together, we can love in much bigger ways.

[00:31:17] And any barrier to love, i e fear, i e, um, you know, disagreements or disappointments, anything we’re bringing into our relationships that’s kind of a carryover from the past, that, that isn’t working, isn’t healthy in the dynamics of our relationships. We’re, we’re, we’re slowly subtly starting to, to sort of compost that stuff, send it to where it needs to go so that we can show up more authentically And,

[00:31:48] and going back to what you said in the beginning, potentially, it’s that the relationship needs a new structure or a new definition, or an expanded structure or definition because whatever that,

[00:32:00] whatever way we’ve been acting within it isn’t, isn’t working anymore. Mm-hmm. , there’s it, it’s ready for

[00:32:06] a new

[00:32:06] sort of life.

[00:32:09] Yes. Yes. And, and so, you know, I think one of the worst things that we can do is go into this transit thinking, oh, Jupiter and Venus are coming it’s gonna be all romantic. Because sometimes what the relationship requires and, and Jupiter, Jupiter wants to usher us on the path that’s going to be the most joyful.

[00:32:31] And if we’re in a relationship that is just not that, that we’ve been wrestling with for a long period of time, that we, you know, we can’t, there are, differences that we can’t mediate and that are, that are really a struggle. Then Jupiter is going to gently sweetly and, and, you know, powerfully nudge us in a different direction.

[00:32:53] So we have to be open to loving ourselves, compassion for ourselves, when we are faced with those really hard. , and not allow those Saturn structures, those rigid rules to define, our decisions and our That, that it’s a combination of Saturn and Jupiter joy and structure and commitment.

[00:33:18] and, and once we can marry those two, then, then the path opens for those deep of love.

[00:33:27] And Rachel,

[00:33:27] are you mainly referring to intimate relationships or could this be the spectrum of relationships? Could this be relationship with child, with coworker, with friend, with, you know, is this a vast relationship definition or is it mainly that real core sort of

[00:33:45] intimate exchange?

[00:33:47] It’s any kind of relationship. But because Mars des deposits Venus, and so Mars is a player in this, and Venus we’re talking about Venus. We are primarily talking about our intimate relationships. But look at where Venus is. Look at where Aries is in your chart. Every single house in a chart is a relationship.

[00:34:06] The first house is your relationship with yourself. Your third house is your relationship with your siblings, your neighbors, your students. Fourth house is your family. Look at wherever Aries is in your chart. That’s the relationship that’s going to be the focal Um, and all of us, it’s our relationship with ourselves because we’re talking about Aries.

[00:34:26] But relationships

[00:34:29] Okay.

[00:34:29] Brilliant. All right, so that’s Wednesday. So we have a huge Wednesday. The biggest day of the

[00:34:34] week, pretty much.

[00:34:35] It’s the biggest day of the week.

[00:34:36] And how does that continue to like fall out or play

[00:34:39] out?

[00:34:40] So that kind of, that carries us. Into, we’ve got, we’ve got big feelings too, because the moon’s moon’s, out of bounds. The moon’s in cancer on March 2nd. And so we’re still sort of in a little bit of the, the hangover of that, the big feels. And, and sometimes, you know, I love the work of gay Hendrix.

[00:35:01] Are you familiar with gay Hendrix? Yes. Okay. He love also. Yes. Yeah, me too. And so he talks about the upper limit problem. Um, yes. You know, and so if we have like these really breakthrough experiences of love and connection, then on the first, then on the second, we might have like one of those upper limit.

[00:35:21] Challenges where it’s like, you know, we we’re way outside of our comfort zone and we, we don’t want to pull, a stunt that brings us back into our comfort zone or that, that, that tears us away from relationships and love. And, and this is one of the challenges that we have as we’re moving into, um, Thursday and Friday.

[00:35:44] And that is that Venus is sliding past Jupiter on her way to Chiron. And Chiron is a little planetoid that relates to, I always think about Chiron, not in terms of being the great big traumas of our lives or being those super pain points, but being the microcurrents of pain that we experience just in living life, childhood and adolescence.

[00:36:12] Meaning , the realizations of how we’re different from our peers. They’re the school bully who’s always there every day. They’re the feelings of being different. It’s the the recurring story that kind of shows up, off and on and, and reminds us of, you know, some of the bigger life challenges that we’re working on.

[00:36:33] And, and so Venus meets up with Chiron and, and I look at this to these two coming together as being, you know, healing a, a real healing for some of those, some of those challenges. And we also have Mercury and Saturn, connecting at 29 degrees of Aquarius. So Mercury is always a messenger.

[00:36:56] It always wants to deliver some kind of news. And the news that it’s going to have is about Saturn related things. So we talked about, you know, if Wednesday is big love, big awareness, big insight. Thursday is okay, I’ve had my big experience. Now I’ve gotta, work through some resistance that’s coming up.

[00:37:19] Or, Ooh, childhood stuff is, is emerging and, and I need to, to, to create some, some sacred space for myself to, to go into, you know, whatever emotional emotions are rising and Mercury is, how am I going to create a path forward based on all that came up over the, the earlier part of the week. So Mercury kind gets us focused and, and so we want to, we’re gonna kind of be in two different polls.

[00:37:48] We’ve got the, the Cancer Moon, Venus, Chiron Pole into the emotions, the very cerebral Mercury Saturn pole into getting work done. And so it’s really going to be important to balance those two different impulses at that time. And if you can take a couple of days off, really taking time off on March 1st and second, having a vacation, going to the water, doing something that is really nourishing on a soul level, that can help with some of just the, the intensity of, of that time.

[00:38:27] It reminds me of what

[00:38:28] Gay Hendrix

[00:38:29] says about the upper limit that basically,

[00:38:33] For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s that we have these and, and Rachel, you did a great job explaining it.

[00:38:39] I’ll just say it again in a different way. But we have these sort of breakthrough experiences in relationships where we might experience a new level of closeness or intimacy that we haven’t experienced before.

[00:38:51] And when that happens, we, we feel vulnerable, we feel sort of exposed. And often what people tend to do is they kind of sabotage it by, you know, picking a fight or, you know, doing something that. More separation because that, that level of closeness is almost like too much to handle. And one of the things that, that they recommend to do in those situations is to take a break.

[00:39:15] So, so a lot, often the desire is like, oh my gosh, we just had that amazing experience. We’re so close, I just wanna be closer, close again. But then in that I just wanna be close again. That’s where the sabotage happens. And then you’re more disconnected than ever and super let down because you’ve just experienced this high.

[00:39:30] So this is, it’s this like cycle that we go through in relationships. But what, what I’m hearing from you is that the astrology is, is actually setting us

[00:39:39] up to really be

[00:39:41] encouraged to take space. Mm-hmm. . So whatever that situation is in your life, that where you’re having these

[00:39:48] new kinds of experiences

[00:39:49] or big feelings, it would be smart to then listen to the cosmic curriculum, which is saying, Don’t push it.

[00:39:56] Actually take some space and it might feel a little counterintuitive, but take the space because that will enable the closeness and the, and the breakthrough that you just experienced to last longer. And for you to revel in that because we have to integrate those experiences into

[00:40:11] our bodies, we have to like actually, you

[00:40:15] know, experience the new level on many different levels of our

[00:40:19] being and taking space is a great way to do that.

[00:40:22] So I love that you just brought that up. That was perfect.

[00:40:24] Yep. I know. You’re absolutely right that the astrology asks us to integrate and, and one of the things that I think is a real opportunity, That, that having, that the, the accelerated experience of connection or love or, you know, it could even just be creativity.

[00:40:45] Like it could just be, like, blast open of , of an idea that, that you wanna bring into fruition. Cuz, cuz Aries is a very pioneering, let’s get going, kind of sign all planets are still moving forward. That Cardinal energy is very directed and very pointed. And, and so that Thursday could really be pulling back, pulling inward, taking a break from whatever it is that we’re doing and, and allowing the experience of love and connection and passion and, emotion.

[00:41:22] allowing that experience to, to be transformative. Allowing love to heal, or if sad feelings came up, really just sitting with them and not trying to fight them

[00:41:34] Okay. Awesome.

[00:41:36] Very good. All right, so we have this couple days of like integration after Wednesday. Anything for the weekend that

[00:41:43] we

[00:41:43] wanna keep in mind?

[00:41:45] Yes. So then the vibe we’ve got the moon moving into Leo. On the third. , I always love a a Leo moon. The moon is gonna be moving into Arine aspect with all these fiery planets and so it sets us up for just a good time. , you know, we’re having fun. Saturn is on its way, like it’s inching toward PIs, and it is resistant because Saturn loves Aquarius.

[00:42:13] It’s the traditional ruler of Aquarius. And so we’ve got Saturn kind of like, Nope, I’m not quite ready to leave the party and the moon saying, I’m ready to party. And so this is, I’m, I’m looking at, at, at the, the weekend’s astrology and thinking, oh yeah, this is, this is a good time for, you know, planning your get together or for, you know, here at least the sun’s finally out in, in California where I live for getting outside, you know, a, a fire moon.

[00:42:41] Urges us to wanna get outside and move our bodies and, and play. And so, and so the third, kind of ushers us into the weekend feeling a little bit more like, huh, okay. We’ve, we’ve gone through kind of the swell of, of intensity. Now we’re coming down, enjoying, a whole new energy.

[00:43:02] Mercury’s also going to be in Pisces on that day as well. So Mercury moving into Pisces kind of makes it a little bit more, you know, we’re, we’re not gonna be as concerned with getting tasks done and, and, and doing our job. We’re gonna want to, you know, really invest time and energy in, our heart in communicating.

[00:43:29] In ways that, that, that, that trend, that move us away from the computer and away from email and move us into i r l, conversations. So this is a great time for your, like I said, your parties, your get togethers, your, you know, little pre springing reunions. And you still have Jupiter and Venus pretty close to each other, so they’re still, they’re still relating, they’re still like getting to know one another or still like, you know, connecting with one another.

[00:43:58] So a great time for cooking, for baking, for doing anything that is pleasurable. Obviously within, within reason and, know, standards. But yeah, you know, Jupiter and Venus are still shining on one another, making it a a day for real, real I also like the sun, you know, the sun’s kind of moving up toward, a sextile aspect with Uranus. So again, we’re feeling like on the edge of our seats, you know, can we really relax? We probably can’t really relax because all of these cycles are shifting. There is some astro coming, you know, next week. this is a good time to just dance, to have fun, and to, to really, you know, um, enjoy

[00:44:48] And is that true? All weekend.

[00:44:51] Yes. So that is, that is, that is the case on the fourth as well. And yeah, all weekend we, , it’s the calm after the, the, the storm, whether it’s a storm of hearts and flowers, or it’s a storm of, you know, relationship awareness or whatever it is.

[00:45:11] Um, yeah, it, it’s the, the same energy we have on the, on the as well.

[00:45:17] So it’s like

[00:45:17] the calm after the storm, but also before the storm .

[00:45:20] Exactly right. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. It, it is, we’re not gonna really feel a hundred percent comfortable while Pluto and Saturn are both at that 29, at those 29 degree It’s impossible for us. To feel comfortable because everything’s getting ready to and we don’t know what that looks We kind of have glimpses of it. We’ll see some glimpses in the news. Truth will be coming out, we don’t really know until really until April. And so what, what, what’s funny is that everything is happening really fast.

[00:45:53] All planets are moving direct. The world is moving fast, but our own lives we feel are kind of moving slow. So there’s this, this altered sense of time and space like the, the Mars is out of bounds, meaning that things are erratic. Saturn and Pluto are at 29 degrees on the precipice of change. And so we’re in this still life with a lot of life teaming around us.

[00:46:26] And so our, I think I, I think what we can do that over the weekend. Is, , is play. Really get together with friends, dance, create, do what you want to do, like don’t pack your schedule full of too many obligations. While Venus is still in Aries while Jupiter and is moving. You know, Jupiter is an Aries.

[00:46:47] Like, do do what brings you joy. And I think that that’ll, that’ll be a good way to celebrate the weekend.

[00:46:55] I

[00:46:55] love when the astrology aligns with what in our like calendar

[00:47:02] rhythm. Uhhuh feels right. You,

[00:47:06] it’s nice that, and also you, you also just gave us a permission slip to take Thursday and Friday off of work, right?

[00:47:12] And then to really just play and enjoy the weekend, which sounds like whenever I hear these things, it’s, I remind

[00:47:20] myself and I. Hopefully

[00:47:22] remind all of you that it’s really important to take these periods of time because it’s like we get nourished and fortified for what’s ahead. And when we skip through these moments that are really, truly just about play or joy or enjoyment or connecting or, things that we often put off because they don’t seem as quote unquote important.

[00:47:48] When we, when we make them important, then we allow ourselves to get whatever sort of resource. Resources we need for whatever’s coming next on the journey, which in this situation, we know that there’s huge astrology in March. We know that there’s massive shifts, and when you said that, it feels like the world is moving ahead and maybe we’re not.

[00:48:12] I, I can absolutely feel that, you know, that there’s, I’ve been exposed to c certain things lately where it’s like, whoa, there’s all these things happen, especially around technology and like, it’s like, whoa, there’s all these things happening that I haven’t even been aware of that are just like kind of mind blowing and I’m, I’m not there yet.

[00:48:31] Like I haven’t caught up there, but I can see that that’s where the world is going. I can see that this is the next wave of, of development that’s not just sort of like, ooh, there’s some shiny new things. It’s like, no, no, no. Like these are revolutionizing the way that we work and live. , there’s all the integration of like, well, how do I feel about that?

[00:48:50] What level do I wanna participate in that? I mean, there’s so many things that have come up,

[00:48:54] But


[00:48:54] I love the story arc that you laid out for us this week, that it is about love, that it is about exploring our own relationship to what love is. It’s about expanding those definitions. It’s about really getting clear on on what actually love is and what actually isn’t love and where things might need to transform for us as far as how we’re loving, who we’re loving, you know, in what ways we’re expressing love or receiving love.

[00:49:22] All those topics, which is super juicy and kind of endless, but it sounds

[00:49:28] like the spotlight is there this week. You said love to the nth degree. And it’s

[00:49:33] not always, it doesn’t always look the same as we, we thought it might look that we have this big overarching theme of being sort of in between.

[00:49:41] You know, we’re not in the future yet, but we’re not, we’re closing things up from the past. I always like to think of the, the word faith when it comes into those in between moments, because it can be

[00:49:51] really, it can be really unnerving to not know and

[00:49:55] to feel like you’re sort of floating in between those spaces.

[00:49:59] But that’s where the faith

[00:50:00] that something new is coming, that

[00:50:03] you’ll get your footing again in that new thing. And it’s okay to kind of feel disoriented in between. It’s all right. And that’s sort of natural part of evolving through time and space,

[00:50:15] at least on this,

[00:50:16] uh, in this realm. So, you know, and Monday, Monday and Tuesday

[00:50:20] is sort of the buildup

[00:50:22] Wednesday, which is the big day of, Jupiter and Venus.

[00:50:28] You know, the conjunction between Ju and Venus, but that you brought out this Aries energy of, it’s, it’s sort of exploding the potential of Aries energy, both in the less mature expression, which can be the aggression and the dominance and that kind of thing, but also in the more mature expression, which can be that real deep impulse to protect

[00:50:52] what is

[00:50:53] innocent and valuable and true.

[00:50:55] So we

[00:50:55] have

[00:50:56] that, that spectrum of possibility in on Wednesday, and then Thursday and Friday really integrating that and then Saturday and Sunday having fun and playing. So that was, that was basically my, my summary, which I’d like to do at the end Exactly. But anything out that

[00:51:10] feels really important to highlight.

[00:51:13] I think you covered it all. You, you really did cover it all. Um, and, and if I could just piggyback on two, two things just really quickly. Yeah. Um, So, you know, what you were talking about with just, you know, establishing our, our perspective that, that of what’s productive and what’s not productive. And when Saturn moves, Saturn’s been in its own sign since, you know, since it entered Capricorn for, you know, for five and a half, six years.

[00:51:39] So Saturn’s been in a very industrious place. When Saturn enters ese on the seventh, it is like suddenly what is most productive is, is going to be like, not even the question, it’s going to be, we are going to be more comfortable being defined by our experiences of, of, of nourishment, of healing, of attending to our mental health.

[00:52:06] So our whole framework for what our values based. is all starting to shift and it continues to shift as Pluto interests. Aquarius also, anytime Pluto has been an Aquarius, we’ve had these huge scientific revolutions. So when you’re talking about technology and techno, technological revolution, you know, we had the Copernican theory coming out, during, Pluto’s inter to Pluto’s time in Aquas.

[00:52:33] So even our understanding of our place in the universe starts to and huge scientific And that’s all. We’re on the precipice We’re kind of building up to that. So you spoke to these two cycles and, and the potential, the potential for And so, yeah, so we need to play, we need to relax.

[00:52:55] We, we need to like, not, try to push, put too much pressure on ourselves over the next week. or at least you know, throughout, you know, up until these cycles begin.

[00:53:06] So

[00:53:07] good. Okay.

Rachel’s Mastery Class

[00:53:08] Before I let you go, can I ask you what you’re gonna be teaching in the inner circle

[00:53:14] when you’re astrologer? Yes. I am going to be teaching, about magic and the illumination So it’s really perfect that we brought that up, that we discussed it. I’ll be talking all about your natal moon. I’ll be talking about the how to work with the moon. And so it’s, it’s really kind of like, really practical astrological magic.

[00:53:38] I love

[00:53:38] it. I love it. I love that this is becoming more a part of the conversation and that love what you said earlier about what magic

[00:53:45] actually is and there’s this, perception

[00:53:48] of it that it’s, you know, some sort.

[00:53:51] Dark thing off in the corner, and it’s like, no, actually, it’s really just alignment with nature. It’s like in, in infusing our intentionality

[00:54:00] with the rhythms of nature, with the,

[00:54:03] the potential of what nature holds. It was so funny. I was on a call

[00:54:08] earlier today and um,

[00:54:10] this woman is working on this project where she’s, she’s gotten sort of introduced to.

[00:54:15] The world of magic and quote unquote witches and spirituality. And so she’s realizing that there’s a whole, this whole huge community of people who are interested in exploring

[00:54:26] these things. And she’s like, what’s so amazing

[00:54:28] is that, you know, it’s just, it’s like regular people. Like, like

[00:54:32] you, you know what I’m like, well, yeah, but you mean because we don’t have green faces, you know, about, like, walking around with our broomsticks

[00:54:40] and pointy hats.

[00:54:41] You know, it really is this perception. Um, and I had this perception too, that it’s, it’s, it’s really beautiful to be bringing it into the conversation in a way that feels practical, feels grounded, feels accessible. And it’s also. Really fun and expansive. I mean, there’s so much we can do with it. So I love that you’re bringing that into the inner circle.

[00:55:01] Really looking forward to your, your month. It feels really far away from now, but it’ll be here before we know it. Right.


[00:55:07] And for any of you who are

[00:55:08] interested in getting on the wait list for the Inner Circle, we will be opening up enrollment in March. We are gonna be hosting an amazing event that’s totally free.

[00:55:17] Rachel will be a part of this event. It is called Game Changing Transits. We’re gonna be talking about those big life transits that some that we all experience, some

[00:55:27] that only some of us

[00:55:28] have on our dance card in

[00:55:30] this lifetime, but that are just those

[00:55:32] big game changers that just kind of change everything in your life and you look

[00:55:36] at it and go, wow,

[00:55:37] there was my life before.

[00:55:38] Astrological transit, and there’s my life after this astrological transit. So we’ll be doing that. That’ll be our kickoff event for the inner circle, which is gonna be open for enrollment later in March. So

[00:55:49] if you wanna get on the wait list for the inner circle, you can do

[00:55:51] that now. It’s

[00:55:52] astrology

[00:55:56] I as in inner C

[00:55:57] as in circle, the number’s 23,

[00:56:00] Rachel. So happy to have you here for our weekly weather. Thank you so much.

[00:56:05] Thank you, Amanda.

[00:56:06] I feel totally prepared for this week ahead. I hope all of you do too. Thanks to all of you for being

[00:56:11] here, for being a part of our community, and as always,

[00:56:14] for making astrology a part of your life.

[00:56:16] Can’t wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care everyone. Thanks Rachel.

[00:56:21] Thank you.