[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “Summer Solstice & Venus in Gemini” June 20th – 26th 2022 w/ Jenn Zahrt

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Summer Solstice and Venus in Gemini

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jenn Zahrt and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • About the Cancer Solstice and how it sets the pace for the next 6 months
  • Why Moon, Mars and Jupiter in Aries can give you a jolt of optimism
  • How the Venus and Pluto trine can ask you to address your enmeshments


0:00 Intro

4:19 Week Overview

10:43 Summer Solstice

16:07 What does an Aries Moon mean?

18:18 Venus in Gemini

21:59 What does a Moon in Taurus mean?

25:17 Getting ready for the New Moon in Cancer

27:51 What does Moon square Saturn mean?

28:27 Void of Course Moon

30:17 Summary

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00:00:07 Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides. Well, hello everybody. And welcome to your weekly astrological weather. My name is Amanda Poole Walsh. I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. I am so happy to be here with all of you and also with Jen SART, who is here for this,
00:00:43 your third weekly weather jet. Yes. All right. And so she’s back to give us the read on the week ahead. As you know, our inner circle enrollment period is open. Jen is actually going to be an inner circle astrologer here in what month are you going to be? Jen Will be with the Bourbon the Fargo month. Yes. And you’re going to be teaching a mastery class on Secondary progressions,
00:01:06 Secondary progressions. All right. So the inner circle is really for students it’s for those of you who are out there that are like, I’ve been trying to learn on my own. I’ve been like trying to put things together, but I’d really like one place where I can consistently touch in and learn from the best astrologers and different from the way that we do it on the podcast.
00:01:25 The podcast very much is about what and why. And in the inner circle, we really start to go into how so I’m just going to read a couple of testimonials from inner circle members to give you an idea of the benefit, like what they’re actually getting as members. So Lori says I’ve studied astrology for 30 years off and on, but until joining the inner circle,
00:01:46 it was piecemeal. I’ve learned so much here and it’s all clear and easy to put together. And then Annie says I’ve learned so much since joining the inner circle, it really started to put the pieces together for me. So that’s, that is one of the main benefits is like you go to one place very consistently and things start to come together and especially with the consistency and the rhythm.
00:02:08 So, Jen, do you want to say anything about that? Because you’ve been studying astrology for 25 years. So what do you feel is the benefit of consistency and exposure to lots of different astrologers? Like how can you see that benefiting a student? So it’s much like when you’re learning a language, it’s, you’re only speaking to one person who speaks it.
00:02:25 You are going to adopt all of their dialect and their vocabulary, but the more people you meet, the more vocabulary you learn in the more ways to look at the stars and different techniques, land on you in different ways. And you begin to triangulate, which ones resonate with how you want to practice or, or approach the sky and also charts. And maybe even client work,
00:02:44 if you decide to go professional, but there’s a benefit, I think in just learning it for yourself too, to be speaking with as many astrologers as you can, because each person that you learn from is going to teach you something that’s going to make it your astrology. And my favorite part of it is meeting people learning. Definitely, definitely. Okay.
00:03:05 So if you’re interested in checking it out and joining us, we only open twice a year. Enrollment is open right now. You can go to Astrology Hub dot com slash inner circle, 22. We’ll put that link in the show notes and in the description of this, of this podcast, but check it out and we would love, love, love to welcome you inside.
00:03:26 Okay. So Jen, let’s look ahead at the week. What would you say is the overarching theme Parse out? And I’m actually hoping maybe we can figure it out in the talking through the sweep of the week because there’s no one message coalescing around it. The big embalmment in this week is actually the cancer solstice. And even then inside that chart, there are some tensions that make it difficult to choose just one theme.
00:03:50 So perhaps by the end of our conversation today, we can land on what really could bring it all together. I love that Rick Levine and I have a habit of doing that for the monthly. Like he’ll often say like, I, it hasn’t totally come through, but by the end of the monthly forecast, we usually have a theme. So we’ll all be listening.
00:04:10 What is that theme? What is that overarching theme as you go through the week? Sure. All right. So let’s start with today, Monday. What, what are we looking at? And let’s just go through the major aspects. Well, the moon is in Pisces and by lunchtime, it’s going to can join Neptune, which is totally like tune out,
00:04:27 drop out, sort of watch a movie over lunch, do something dreamy, like go make a piece of art or something that is just not a part of instrumental labor. Right? I feel like Monday, we’re going to kind of be a little groggy and like, oh really? We got to do another week. It’s summertime. It’s like, well about to be summertime the next day.
00:04:48 And so there’s this, you know, very, Piscean kind of like swimming in the water, isn’t it toony and feeling right? Because the moon, as it can joins planets is like a trigger. And it’s asking this very slow moving Neptune, right. And re Neptune will go retrograde next week. So this week we have to slowing down to a standstill and when the moon can joins it on Monday,
00:05:08 it’s going to give us that sort of sense of we’re spending the day treading through water. And that water might be fast or slow depending on your own relationship to water, but it’s going to be a little bit of a dream year kind of day. So I wouldn’t put too much pressure on getting things done. In fact, I would think about any intuitions that come like any dreams or images from the dream as you wake up in the morning,
00:05:31 write those down and kind of be aware of what is coming through because the moon is talking to Neptune saying, all right, what? What’s coming now, what’s coming up. I think that’s a really important mid-day activity. The evening though does shift. So in the evening we finally get to that last quarter square. So we’re going to go into the last quarter of the moon,
00:05:52 the waning square at 8:10 PM. And then the moon is void for 26 minutes before it goes into areas. And that’s the beginning of what is going to really coalesce the next day with the solstice. So like at about eight 30, 6:00 PM, Pacific, sorry, asserting Pacific time. Cause I’m on the west coast of the United States. That’s when we’re going to start to feel that energy move like,
00:06:14 oh, all day long, I felt so groggy and suddenly at nighttime, it’s like, did I just drink caffeine? Like what’s going on. Right. And I think that’s a really cool thing to pay attention to cause any zero degree Cardinal sign. So when the moon enters areas and is at zero areas, it’s aligning with what the sun is going to do when it hits zero cancer,
00:06:32 right? That’s that Cardinal axis and that jolt energy that we get where it’s get the impetus to change, make things happen, instigate stuff. So that Monday night is going to be pretty exciting. I think Energizing or bolt of energy is what you’re saying. Right. And that’s bringing us into the Tuesday solstice energy. That’s right. Yes. So the solstice technically takes place at 2:13 AM.
00:06:56 So in, in Pacific, so five 13 on the east coast of the United States, and that’s going to be, you know, this very Cardinal energy, we’ve got the moon in Aries, Jupiter in areas, Mars and Aries. The sun is now in cancer. And there’s this feeling of like churning something like moving motion, right? Whereas you have,
00:07:18 you know, with the beginning of the week on Monday, the son was in diffuse Gemini. The moon was in diffuse Pisces, right? So suddenly we have this coalescing of like, let’s do this now. And so the whole season of cancer is one of initiation in the same way that you have with any Cardinal sign. What are we doing this summer?
00:07:34 Where are we going? You know, there’s going to be this feeling of wanting to get out. And that feeling of getting out is underscored by the waning square also because that’s a disseminating attitude, right? We’ve collected a lot. We’ve been inside a lot. Now it’s time to go outside, get out and do things, go on a trip, take a road trip,
00:07:50 travel. I know gas prices are really high, but you know, some kind of thing to like move the energy because that’s what cardinality wants. It wants to initiate movement. And the waning is, I think one of sharing that, not collecting it for oneself, but actually going outside, going somewhere, doing it for others, with others, spreading things around.
00:08:11 And I love the party that’s taking place with the moon in Aries, conjunct Jupiter at eight 16, or is there 8:36 AM. So just a little couple of hours after the solstice. And then Mars is also in areas as well. So we have this sense of the moon and Jupiter visiting Mars at his house and having a big party with him. And he’s in a great mood because he’s in his own space.
00:08:35 He can do what he wants. And as, as Rick also likes to say, I loved it when I first heard with the main, say this Mars and Aries or any kind of areas, energy is like ready, fire aim. So there’s this like chaos going on with them. And they’re having such a good time. Jupiter wants to make everything bigger.
00:08:52 Mars wants to do it. Now the moon is like, okay, I also want to do it now. Like what are we going to do here? So this huge party is taking place while the solstice is happening. And I think that’s an important thing to think about because we’ve had so much, you know, lack of hope or just stress around the pandemic.
00:09:08 And you know, here we have this jolt of Arion sort of like<inaudible> based kind of optimism, right? Because, you know, if you think about like the moon and areas from a natal perspective, these people can’t hold a grudge. They just can’t like they might get mad and it flushes through them. And once it’s gone, it’s gone in the same way that a match is bright and then it’s gone,
00:09:29 you know? And so I feel like there’s that really cool Sparky energy to this pileup of planets and areas and the solstice chart. And the other thing that I’m seeing in the solstice chart is an exact trine between Venus and Pluto. So Venus will be at 28 degrees of tourists. Poodle will be at 28 degrees of Capricorn and the flowing energy of Venus towards Pluto from her home sign of tourists.
00:09:51 I think that’s asking us in this next whole season to pay attention to our enmeshment. Whenever I see a Venus Pluto configuration, I always think of a triangle and this happens to be a trine. So who else is playing? Is there someone unseen playing ball in this court, right? Or who else is going into this experience with us this summer that might need to be called out to the table,
00:10:14 right. And sort of fee included overtly Venus and Pluto have that<inaudible> relationship underground above ground underground above ground. And what that can lead to sometimes is not disclosing the fullness. And so I think this Venus Pluto trine is going to ask us to be a little more patient tolerant, inclusive with ourselves. As we sort of look around and say, you know what,
00:10:35 maybe there is a part of my life. I can be more overtly integrating into and not so productive or secretive about, you know Hmm. Jen, I’d love to spend a little more time on the solstice just because it is maybe the biggest event of the week. And you gave us lots of awesome information astrologically. My question is if people want to commemorate it,
00:10:56 or if they want to do something special to acknowledge the solstice, I’m wondering, should we throw a party or should we do the more inner, like sun standing still inward reflection or both, or neither? What would you say? Honestly, I think each person can respond how they, they would like to for themselves. I can’t say I’m in the mood to throw a party,
00:11:18 even though I know there’s going to be a star party in the sky, like, Hey, you guys do it for me. I’m doing things on the planet here. But I think, you know, what’s happening when we get to a social point is it’s the foundation of our tropical Zodiac. It’s the change of season. But if you think about the spiritual relationship of the earth,
00:11:40 it’s like a Tangerine and it’s tilted 23 degrees. And as it orbits the sun, it, the sun will make this interesting sort of path in it. And the path is like a sign wave. And that’s why we have the tropics, right? The sun comes to a certain point of height in the sky, in the Northern hemisphere. And then it never gets that high.
00:12:04 Again, it gets lower and lower on the horizon until we get to the Capricorn solstice. And there’s a standing still sensation. If we were to watch it at the same time of day, every single day, it would appear to stand still, which is unnatural. If you think of that, if we looked at the full moon, which would have been,
00:12:19 would have been two weeks ago, the moon and sun relationship, the moon is very low on the horizon. The sun is very high on the horizon and they have a crossover effect at the Equinox. And then there’s an opposite of that at the Capricorn solstice, you get the sun low on the horizon and the full moon in cancer, very high in the sky.
00:12:37 And so very ancient peoples used to look at this crossover lunation as a kind of important benchmark for the, the other parts of the year where the sun moon relationship has this own beautiful kind of double helix pattern. You could call it. It might not be exactly that, but I like to think of it as the solstice. Isn’t just about this singular point on the whole entire cycle.
00:13:00 We have this wave of the sun’s path across the sky. And so we have to think about that constant observation of the sky in the ways that, you know, we were in prehistoric cultures, we don’t have back lit led screens that you’re seeing us on right now. We don’t have, you know, the understanding of the cosmology of the world. There’s just these God forms of light moving through the sky and these arcs,
00:13:22 it’s a beautiful thing. And so we come to this point of maximum fullness and the season will now be, get beginning hotter in the north and colder in the south. And so it’s this time to think about, you know, we’ve reached this peak of the year and now we’re heading towards shorter days and even shorter days until the data is as short as it can be.
00:13:45 And then by some miracle, the days get longer again. So it is that point of stand still to think of reflecting forwards and backwards six months, where, where are we at that last Capricorn solstice? What do we need to do to get ready for the next Capricorn solstice? And here we are at the cancer solstice. And there’s this feeling at once of this cardinality of initiation that the moon,
00:14:08 we always have to think about our moon, our satellite is waning. So there’s another element of, of there’s an initiation, but it’s spreading as well. So it’s not this like buildup, it’s more of this other kind of energy, whether or not to share that with others. That that could be one thing. But I think just even thinking about our cosmology and just the,
00:14:30 the nature of astronomy and the astronomical facets of this phenomenon can really help ground us in like our own trajectory, regardless of our own personal chart. It’s more like, Hey, we’re all humans on this planet. And the ones of us who live in the global north, they’re going to experience this. And the global south will have that, you know?
00:14:48 So I love that so much, Jen, it’s it’s I love what you just described about the wave, because then we can see our own lives as this wave. And so these, the solstice is, it’s almost like we’re at the crest or at the base, you know, depending on which solstice. And then the Equinox is almost like the tide coming in and,
00:15:09 and out at the same time, you know, but we’re a part of that. We’re a part of that flow and, and having these natural built-in opportunities to really reflect and be like, how far have I come and where am I going? And where am I right now? It’s funny that we don’t do that as much as you would think that we would,
00:15:28 but I just, I can speak for myself. I know sometimes you just get swept up in the waves. And so to have these moments where you’re just taking that pause, like, okay, what what’s going on and do I like the direction I’m going? Is it, are there adjustments that I’d like to make? Is there anything that I need to,
00:15:45 you know, let go of, or are there things that I need to double down on? You know, all those things, just taking the moment to do that. So I love what you’re saying and that, that explanation you just gave astronomically, it was so visually clear as you were speaking about it, it’s like, oh wow. I can see that.
00:16:00 I can feel that. So it was really beautiful. All right. So we covered Tuesday. Let’s talk about Wednesday. Okay. So on Wednesday, the morning begins with an area’s known. There’s going to be a bit of a pep in your step. And by noon, the moon will, can join Mars. So watch your words. It can be pretty feisty when the moon’s on Mars,
00:16:20 people might cut you off on your way to lunch. They might be a little more, you know, extra because yesterday, remember the moon was, can join Jupiter. So when it gets to Mars, now it activates that Mars and Aries kind of like, I want what I want, want it, now let’s go for it. And I don’t really want to like consider other people,
00:16:38 right. And that might be you, or you might be the recipient of that. So just being aware that it’s Mars onstage might be helpful. And so if we think about high functioning Mars, if we go back to more traditional techniques and think about Mars has capacity to be the planet, that rules division, right. This, and not that there’s a false etymology of decide,
00:17:00 which is to kill off all other options. And that idea of, you know, if you have patricide to kill the father, so to decide is to kill other options. That’s actually not a true etymology, but I sort of always liked that as a mnemonic because Maurice says, I want this and not these things. Right? But sometimes when we express our desires,
00:17:18 we trample on other people. And so a high functioning Mars has a mission and says, okay, this is why I want this. And so my know isn’t because I’m trying to be emotionally hurtful to anyone it’s because I’m committed to this thing, which means I can’t commit to these things. And there’s no sort of dragged to that decision. So I think Wednesday is a time to wake up and say,
00:17:37 okay, what’s my mission. How can I communicate clearly without any kind of emotional static with people, why I’m doing this and not that why I can’t pay attention to you now, why my phone’s on do not disturb. I’m focused on this thing for me. Right? Cause the area’s energy is really, truly wherever it is in your chart. That’s something where it’s got to be your own,
00:17:56 right? Your own individual scenario. So I think it’s important to kind of be aware of the potential volatility on Wednesday of that moon, Mars conjunction happening around noon, Pacific 3:00 PM, New York. And by the evening time, we’re going to see a total shift of Venus entering into Gemini. So around five 30, 4:00 PM on Wednesday, Venus will go into Gemini.
00:18:20 And this is my, my favorite word for Gemini is glitter. Venus is going to be like, let’s connect to this, let’s connect to this. Let’s connect to this right. Venus rules connection. And she’s been in her home sign of tourists, getting all those creature comforts, and now she’s ready to get mental. She wants to think about things,
00:18:37 be curious. What’s about, what about that? Let me go look that up. I’m like wanting to talk to everyone. I know my phone is going crazy right now. Right. And so there’s this really cool energy of Venus popping out into the social sign of Gemini. Okay. I love that analogy of glitter, but that’s so fun to think about Venus.
00:18:57 She’s been like, oh, she’s been comforted and, and pampered and all these things for the last, what is it like two, two months that Venus is in a sign Venus’s in assign more like around a month, a month. Yeah. She travels pretty close to the sun And it, and so if we’re thinking about Venus in Gemini, Mo shifting from that tourist energy and being more glitter glittery,
00:19:21 it’s more of a social energy. It’s more acting energy. And like you said, it’s more of a mental energy, correct? Yeah, yeah. Because of the air sign qualities. Right. So when I think of tourists and this is true also because the moon is going to move into tourists on Thursday. Right. So we’re thinking about the distinctions between tourists and Gemini Taurus is about texture.
00:19:42 How does it taste? What does it feel like on my tongue T words, right? We’ve got this idea of, of like the, the touch of something. Is it soft? Is it feathery? Like, what is the texture like Dolgin in texture. And then that scene, this is home sign. She’s all about that kind of slow and just enjoyable surface of things,
00:20:01 you know, in the textural, earthy way and tourists. And when she moves into the mutable air sign of Gemini, she wants to tell everyone about it. Right. And if we go with glitter, even further, putting glitter on glitter is actually kind of sharp. Like you don’t want to touch glitter really, you know? And when it’s on you,
00:20:18 the thing that makes it beautiful is saying at a distance. So you can see it shine, right? It’s not about being like, if you don’t want glitter anywhere in your eyes, hopefully. Right. So you don’t want to get like too close to it cause you can’t actually see how pretty it is. You need that distance and air signs are all about distance,
00:20:33 which, you know, for people who have natal Gemini Venuses, they love connecting through talking. They don’t necessarily need you to be right next to them. It was a touch and feel. They actually love that intellectual stimulation of a conversation. So Venus connection style. Now it gets a little more distant and a little more aloof. And, and the other thing about glitter is that there’s so many facets that reflect the light.
00:20:57 You can be endless, you just have all these different ways of understanding this, this, this, this, you know, so it’s just like, yeah. So people interpreting that for themselves. Does that mean that you will maybe have the inclination to do those kinds of things? Does that mean to go in the direction of those kinds of things? Or is it just,
00:21:18 this is the like it, especially if you know people with Venus and Gemini, but that it’s an understanding of the energy. There are about to have a venous return. If Venus is in Gemini and their natal chart, that’s, that’s one thing. So they’re going to reconnect to their connection style. But Venus going through the sign of Gemini, where ever house you have Gemini in your chart is going to get a little sweeter with Venus’s transit.
00:21:42 Through that time, our personal Venus will be our personal connection style. The ambient is Venus. You know, maybe we are connecting more on an intellectual level as being as transits that sign, but that’s always the always modulating by our chart. Hmm. I love it. All right, Thursday. So Thursday kicks off at 4:58 AM. Pacific moon moves into yummy tourists,
00:22:05 eating all the things. I would say Thursday, if you have any kind of like breakfast plans, make them extra good. I know I always say this with moon tourists, but it’s like a yummy situation, right? Like what does it taste like? Like let’s indulge in the like gourmet version of our usual, right? And just focusing on that in bodiedness being textual.
00:22:28 And remember later this summer Uranus is going to join the north node and tourist. Mars is going to join that conjunction also. So the moon moving for the first time into tourists in this season of the, the sort of summer season in the north is going to give us a little bit of a preview. So Thursday and Friday actually are both a little bit of a preview of what’s to come later at the end of July.
00:22:50 So keep aware of anything that’s irritating, right? Mars and Uranus. I love them. I have them configured daily. They’re irritating, right? Like that’s part of their job. If we’re thinking of all of the life of human beings experienced being symbolized by astrological factors, this is one of irritation. So moon being in tourist is going to be showcasing a little bit of like what we need to focus on about that Torian stability,
00:23:21 wherever we have, that we all have all signs in our chart, as we know. And so wherever Taurus is in your chart is where you need things to be pretty stable and where you’re hesitant to change. And the moon comes along saying, I’m going to scratch that scab a little bit. I’m going to make that cause Uranus has already been there for a minute,
00:23:38 right? So the moon is like, Hmm, let’s shine some light on this. And then maybe some new information comes about that. That is going to be relevant for later. Coupled with that on Thursday is also, the sun will be at two degrees of cancer making a 45 degree angle semisquare to Uranus at 17 degrees of tourists. So again, this is another luminary,
00:23:58 underscoring, the tensions between things we want to have stay up the way they’ve always been and needing to shift into a new direction. So if we go back and think about May 5th, that’s when the sun was conjoined Uranus Thursday, June 23rd is going to give us a little bit of a spanner in the works, in development of that because the 45 degree angle,
00:24:22 this aspect is the first sort of tension that has arisen since that May 5th conjunction. So in the cycle of that new relationship between the sun and Uranus, we’re going to see a little bit of a development around whatever began on May 5th. And it connects also, I’m just trying to like, you know, days aren’t just individual, like, so they connect forwards and backwards.
00:24:44 So from whatever happened on May 5th, looking forward also towards July 31st, August 1st, basically. And just a little reminder for ways to remember. Cause I barely remember what happened yesterday. So it’s like May 5th, I don’t know. Look at your camera, look at your emails, look at your texts. Like look at the work time for you, look at your calendar,
00:25:10 right? So that you can be reminded of what was happening in that storyline is continuing to unfold and will continue to unfold through June, July. Yeah. I don’t. I even in preparation for our conversation today, I’m like, I know something important happened on May 5th, but I can’t remember what it was, but I remember feeling good. So I have,
00:25:27 I have hopes for Thursday, but it can, but I also want to say it can be prickly, right? Because the moon Torres also is a bit more of a it’s an earth, you know, it’s an earth sign. It wants to be a little more interior, quiet, you know, pacing itself. And then we have Uranus there causing turbulence,
00:25:44 being that irritant, you know, and you’re in, is also can symbolize electricity and electricity in tourists is that, you know, I was looking at some research in the library here and there was an article in 1934 by someone who said your innocent tourist is like this buildup of energy. But the moon in astrology, especially the transiting moon is a trigger.
00:26:07 So if we move into Friday, the moon will be conjoining Uranus at 3:14 PM, which means at six, 14:00 PM on the east coast, that is explosive. This is a trigger of this discharge. We might be a little spiky. We might not want to be in, you know, tourist wants that intimacy of physical connection and Uranus and the moon together.
00:26:26 Like no step back. I actually don’t want that. So I think Friday, we should also be a little bit like Wednesday on alert for any spikiness we were feeling or, you know, independence and, and think about what independence even means. You know, like I want to be apart from I’m on my own, my sovereignty is here and I don’t need to be necessarily in community or my community needs to break away from that community.
00:26:52 And so this independent streak I think, is very strong on Friday and it is also the beginning of the balsamic phase of the moon because next week there’ll be a new moon in cancer. And so it’s this time, I think, where if we’re feeling that spikiness and that sense of needing independence, it’s okay to spend Friday on your own doing something that is maybe not characteristic for you,
00:27:15 or if you are normally introverted and not going out, you might actually find yourself wanting to go for a spin around the neighborhood with friends or something. Very exciting. That’s not normally a part of your more introverted routine. So I’m just going to say, it’s like, you know, if we can be aware of the potential for spikiness, we can also use that sort of flipped energy.
00:27:35 If you’re normally extroverted, you want to spend it alone. If you’re normally not, you can go find people to hang with. So that’s kind of the, the Friday situation. Okay. So how about Saturday and Sunday? What are we looking at for the weekend? Wow. So Saturday begins at 6:01 AM with a moon squaring Saturn. So that tourist moon is going to make a nice little square to Saturn.
00:28:00 And, and on, on the east coast, it’ll be at 9:01 AM. Right? So you wake up on Saturday and you’re like, oh, I don’t want to do anything. Right. Or like, oh no, I thought I had a weekend and I could do something leisurely in Saturn’s they’re going now you have some homework. Right? And so it brings the mood a little down just after that.
00:28:20 The moon is going to make its last aspect in the sign of tourists as a, trying to Pluto again at the end of Capricorn. So at noon on the west coast and at 3:00 PM on the east coast, we’re basically having avoid, avoid boon. What does avoid void moon mean now in traditional Astrology? If the moon’s in tourists, it can’t be void because the moon has strengths in the sign of tourists.
00:28:41 It’s a sign of exaltation. However, in modern astrology, when the moon makes its last Ptolemaic aspect, that is a conjunction, sextile, square trying, or opposition to a planet, then it’s a set of drift it’s floating. So if you think about this floating energy, it’s this idea of don’t try to do the morning, kicks off on Saturday with this needing to do something.
00:29:05 But by the time we hit noon or 3:00 PM, we’re going to need to like, let go. The wonderful thing about avoid noon that people always overlook is it is kind of a, a zone of no action. The moon doesn’t have anything else to do until it enters Gemini later that day. So don’t push yourself to do stuff, let yourself be.
00:29:28 And what is the best thing to do on a weekend? If you’re supposed to let yourself be, be with your friends, be with your partner, be with your child, be with your children, be with any nature, anything that you’d like to just be with no, no need to do something together, simply be and enjoy that void moon and enjoy the Saturday of sort of this flowy sort of state.
00:29:53 And then when the moon goes into Gemini, again, just like with Venus earlier in the week, that’s when you’re going to get that need to go out and be more social perhaps, or talk more or curiosity infects the evening, starting a new show, for example, watching a different kind of movie or something like that. Perhaps listening to music and dancing something that’s a little more social and verbal mental,
00:30:16 You know, you’ve mentioned several times throughout this week. This will, we have the standing still, we have just B we have the luxurious Torian breakfast on Thursday. We have a Monday where it’s kind of dreamy and floaty. And one of the things that, that I find, I don’t know about all of you is that I actually have to give myself permission to take those kinds of moments like it’s okay.
00:30:44 And not only is it okay, it is necessary and it actually can end up being the most quote unquote productive time because in those spaciousness time, in those spacious times, new ideas come, we’re reinvigorated with other ideas we’re, we’re allowed to rejuvenate so that when we do get to put the pedal to the metal again, in whatever way, that is there’s,
00:31:08 there’s new energy behind it. So I, it sounds to me if we’re, if we’re looking for our scene, that it seems to be, you know, permission to stop or, you know, permission for space or something like that, where it’s just keeping in mind that it’s it’s as important. And if, if we think about the universe and the in-breath and the out-breath and the,
00:31:28 you know, the waxing and the waning of the moon and all these different cycles and rhythms that are just built into the universe, we, as humans can align to those natural cycles and rhythms and be energized through them. And when we’re trying to work against those rhythms, it’s exhausting. We get burnt out. We are less productive, productive, we’re less creative.
00:31:52 We’re less able to connect with the people in our lives. So there’s such an intelligence in aligning our rhythm with that cosmic rhythm. Yeah. And when you spoke just now the image coming to me was we’re like on an inner tube in a river and there’s some rapids and there’s some excitement, but also what are you supposed to do? Like you’re not going to try to swim upstream,
00:32:13 right? You’re just going to let go and float. Maybe that’s it. Let go and float. Yeah, exactly. And actually it’s something that Christopher Renstrom brought up in the day to panel event that we just did the solstice panel. He gave us the analogy for the rest of the year as if we are on a river raft and we are going down the river and there are lots of rapids and then there’s the periods of calm.
00:32:36 But, but generally he was saying the rest of the year and in the next year is kind of like being on a little bit of a scary, rapid ride and that we have a choice for how we respond, you know, are we like, yay, this is so fun. Or are we like, oh my God, I’m terrified. And like clutching and gripping the entire time and enjoying not the second of it.
00:32:55 And isn’t this a great analogy for life in general, but it sounds to me like, there’s this a little bit of a lull in the energy this week, use it, like actually harness that because the rest of the year might not be like that as much. So enjoy this, this moment of calm on the rapids, where it’s like, That brings us exactly to Sunday because on Sunday,
00:33:17 there is a sleepy sky. Now with the caveat there, we do have meteors this week. So I won’t talk about that before we go. But on Sunday, the at basically just as Sunday begins 12:02 AM on the west coast, we get a lovely moon Venus conjunction, which you can see in the sky. It’s going to be beautiful to see moon next to Venus.
00:33:37 And then at 6 46, 20 6:00 AM on the west coast, moon makes a sextile to Jupiter. And so these two BeneFIX, you know, this is a very lovely, kind of a sextile is a lovely, friendly aspect. Jupiter’s a wonderful planet doing his thing in areas. And so it’s like you get this kind of like soft day a day of rest, or they have like,
00:33:58 there’s not really much planetary actions. The moon being in Gemini keeps her mind active perhaps, but it’s really not like there’s much going on in terms of aspects or things that we need to pay attention to in that way. So it truly is a day of rest before we get to that next new moon in cancer in the following week. Okay. Jen,
00:34:17 this has been super helpful. I’m going to do a little summary for us. So essentially, and I’m just going to go quick through the, through the days. So we have Monday and mainly the energy here is slowing down, treading water, pay attention to your intuition, write things down, be aware. There’s going to be some inspiration and ideas that come to you.
00:34:39 If you allow yourself that space in the evening though, it’s it’s energizing. So the day is kind of dreamy and floaty, but that night is kind of on fire. What do you think people might have trouble sleeping at night essentially. Yeah. Yeah. So maybe do some extra, like cool down things that you need to do before. I know for me like stretching or even red light therapy,
00:34:58 which I love by the way. That’s good for an area’s moon on Monday night. Yes. Yes. It’s so great. So, you know, doing some things that just help you like, ah, okay, I can relax and fall asleep to say is our solstice. So what are you doing? Where are you going? Can you move the energy?
00:35:15 This is an initiating energy, but it’s also a standstill energy. So we have this like juxtaposition happening. This is a time to sort of spread things around. So what have you gathered for the first part of the year? What have you learned? What, what has, what are the aha moments that you’ve had and how can you start to like spread those out and share them and disseminate what you’ve learned?
00:35:37 Just like the moon does, as it gathers, it’s light all the first part of the lunar cycle, and then it shares it at that full moon. And then it’s kind of winding down, pay attention, pay attention to<inaudible> and there could be some third energy that’s a part of your life. And it may, maybe you’re consciously aware of it.
00:35:59 Maybe you’re not, is this a time to actually shed some light on that energy, whatever that is and, and bring it into the fold, you know, bring it into the light, allow it to be a part of you instead of having it be this third sort of unseen a named entity. And that could be like, actually people, right?
00:36:19 Like that could be people you’re not acknowledging your life, but that also can be aspects of yourself that you’re not acknowledging your life. Correct. I want to make sure I’m interpreting that, right. Yeah. Okay. And then you gave lots of good suggestions for ways that we can actually commemorate and reflect and contemplate at that solstice point Wednesday, watch your words.
00:36:41 The moon is feisty. Be aware this is high Mars energy. So there can be, you can feel really focused or other people feel really focused, but sometimes when we’re focused like that, we can plow down the people around us. So be aware, you can, you can be focused and kind you can be focused and you can just be honest,
00:37:02 like, Hey person, child, that’s trying to get your attention or friend that wants to talk to you in that moment, whatever it is, I’m really focused on this right now. So I need to get it done. And then I’m going to have some time to spend with you, or however you want to do it, be also aware that other people might be in that state.
00:37:20 They may, may or may not be able to speak to you that way. So just give people the benefit of the doubt. Like, you know, they’re just trying to get some things done. Pace. You said there’s potential volatility. This is also the day that Venus goes into Gemini, really shifting that Venusian energy for the next month. So wherever Gemini,
00:37:41 wherever you have Gemini in your chart there, Venus is coming in and there’s going to be a glitter party, essentially glitter everywhere. So that sounds like a lot of fun. All right, Thursday, we have a preview into what’s the Thursday, Friday, ish. We have a preview into what storyline we’re going to be working with at the end of July.
00:38:04 And this also ties into whatever was happening in your life in the beginning of may. So around May 5th, there is there’s potentially a tension between the way things have been and the way things are going. So just being aware of that, you know, how can you hold that tension? We’ve been working a lot on that in the inner circle. It’s this idea of holding opposites at the same time and allowing a third possibility to emerge.
00:38:30 So maybe it’s a tension between you and a person. Maybe it’s a tension between where you’re at and where you’re going, but just holding them both and seeing what happens because there is a third potential reality that that can come through. Let’s see, what else, what irritates you, whatever’s irritating you is probably going to be the same thing. That’s going to come up again at the end of July,
00:38:53 but you’re going to be coming at it from a different perspective. So the more you work with it now, the more you’re aware of it now, the more you can actually progress with whatever that irritation is, when it comes back around in July Friday, explosive, there can be triggers. This is a time to kind of step back, be on alert,
00:39:13 see where there’s areas, where you would like independence. Maybe give yourself the permission to be independent. And again, these are the kinds of things. Once you have awareness, you can communicate these things to the people in your life like, Hey, I just really need some space. It’s not you. This is nothing personal about you. It’s just that I’m really needing to exert my own independence in this moment,
00:39:34 for whatever reason. And also being aware that other people may be feeling the same way and, and letting them have that space, if they need it Saturday, moon, square, Saturn, this is going to be also the void moon that we’re having. Again, this is just a chill, like just chill, be, be with your kids, be with,
00:39:55 be with your life, be with yourself. And the, the evening may be a little bit more social though. Right? And then Sunday is sleepy. So again, lots of, lots of cues to slow down, even on those fiery days or feisty days, it is kind of like, just be spacious. It takes takes space so that you don’t blow too many things up,
00:40:19 right? Yeah. Yeah. I think so. I mean, if we’re aware of it, this is the power of astrology, right? If we’re unaware, we might have, you know, and I want to add to irritation also just stimulation. There might be something for some who are really good with Uranian energy, that it’s a stimulation on Friday,
00:40:33 not an irritation, but you know, the idea is that when we have Mars and urine is active and they’re pretty active this week in their own way, because of the lunar contacts to them going into July, you know, it’s this idea of, okay, I see this tension. Now I know how to work with it. But if you’re unaware of it,
00:40:52 it kind of comes at you and you feel like, why did this accident happen? Or why did this happen to me? Or what’s going on here? Why do I feel this way? And this helps us understand, oh, you know what? The astral weather right now has that stimulating or irritating volatility. So if we aware of it, we can say,
00:41:08 okay, I’m observing this beautiful situation instead of being wrapped up in it and thinking that it’s so immediate, I’m like, how many times have you watched a forecast or listened to the astrological weather in any way? And been like, oh God, that explains it. Like, phew, like no wonder, I’m feeling the way I’m feeling that I I’m,
00:41:28 I’m actually in tune. I’m actually in the rhythm and it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong. I don’t have to fix this. I can just be with it. And I can make choices from that place, which is way more empowering than that. Like you said, that feeling like it’s just happening to you and you’re kind of getting battered around. Yeah.
00:41:47 Yeah. Speaking of things happening to us though, I want to flag. So my colleague, Julian Lewis writes this column for the mountain astrologer called sky watch. And when I was preparing for you today, the moon will be making contacts to Jupiter, Mars, and Venus in the sky all while there’s a meteor shower, culminating at the end of the week.
00:42:07 So I want to send everyone out today to go do your sky, watching it is going to be awesome to see the moon on Tuesday, we’ll be conjoined Jupiter. And then also Wednesday can joined Mars in the nighttime sky and you’ll see Jupiter and Mars together. But the moon is going to kind of skip alone, you know? And then by the time we hit Sunday at midnight,
00:42:32 remember I said that moon will be, can join Venus. And you could see that in the midnight sky, but while you’re there Sunday, especially this meteor shower called the booted B O O T I D S will be culminating on Sunday. So I think that it’s cool. Like as of the 22nd of June, we’re going to start to see one meteor, two meteors.
00:42:53 And at some point during the peak of its expression on Sunday, we could see one to two per hour. So there’s a lot of chance to see some meteors through the sky. It’s reminding me of what you said about Venus in Gemini being glittery glitter in the sky on Sunday, which is, which is more of that sleepy day. So it’s like,
00:43:14 Hey, just kick back, relax, watch the show in the sky and just enjoy the, the universe and your connection to it and how beautiful it is. I love when Gemini Brett talks about the sky being the original motion picture, you know, it’s the original movie that people used to spend hours and decades and their entire life observing and watching. And it is entertaining,
00:43:38 especially when we have meteor showers like that. So, yeah, really nice. I’m, I’m grateful that you brought that in and I want to thank all of you for being here. And if you are interested in joining Jen as one of our astrologer teacher mentors in the inner circle coming up in September, and then all the other amazing astrologers we have on the roster for the rest of the year,
00:43:58 including Adam summer, neuro Rochelle, Christopher Renstrom, Linda Bird and Shannon Gill. And then we’re already lining up 2023, which is always so fun. We’re already lining up our astrologers for next year. So if you want to check it out now is the perfect time to do it. You go to Astrology Hub dot com slash inner circle 22, and we would love to welcome you into our online membership community.
00:44:24 Thank you Jen, for being here again for our weekly weather. Thanks all of you for being a part of our community. And thank you as always for making Astrology a part of your life, catch you on the next episode. Hi there. Astrology lover. I am so excited to let you know that we have officially opened the doors to our flagship membership program.
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