[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “One of the Most Intense Weeks Of The Year” June 27th – July 3rd 2022 w/ Rick Levine

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Mars square Pluto and the Cancer New Moon

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You'll learn…

  • About the Mars square Pluto and how it sets up the stage for world-changing events later in the year
  • How the Cancer New Moon proves that too much of a good thing is not always the best
  • Why 7 degrees of every sign is a pivotal degree at this time

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0:00 Intro

5:51 Week Overview

11:00 Neptune Retrograde

18:36 New Moon in Cancer

25:25 New Moon Quintile Mars

32:06 Moon Square Mars

39:24 Saturn Uranus Square

44:00 Working With The New Moon

52:00 Summary

1:00:00 Inner Circle

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00:00:05 Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides. Well, hello everybody. It is so great to be here with all of you. My name's Amanda Poole Walsh. I'm the founder of Astrology Hub. Today. We have a very special weathermen with us, Rick Merlin, Levine,
00:00:41 and Rick. It's been a while since we've been doing the cosmic connection. It's great to have you back on the weekly weather and how are you doing? I know a lot of people are wondering. Yeah. And no, I'm doing much better for those of you who are wondering why people are wondering is that I've seemed to have entered into a dance with COVID.
00:01:01 And I think I'm on the, you know, recovering end of it. And aside from feeling a little tired and being a little nasally and maybe coughing once or twice during today's recording, I'm good to go, Rick. I'm so happy that you're feeling better. And we're so grateful that you're here with us. So I know that you're just going to continue to get better and better,
00:01:22 and we will definitely be patient with you if you need to cough or take a break at any point during the episode today. And I know we have some really, really powerful astrology ahead of us before we dive into that. I just wanted to make sure that everybody knows that this is the last week to join the inner circle. So this is we're going to be closing our doors again on Thursday.
00:01:46 And we do that because we want to be able to really welcome the new members in and really focus on new members. So we just open the doors for a few weeks and then we closed them again. So this is going to be your last chance to join this time around. And Rick, you were an inner circle astrologer with us. Can you tell us about your experience as an inner circle astrologer teacher and the community itself and just how you feel it's maybe different than other programs that students can join online?
00:02:17 Well, actually I can share this from two points of view. One from being an inner circle guide and another from actually simply watching and being a part of a number of other inner circle guides and getting their juice. And that's really the magic of this. I don't know of anything of any other program on the internet, even that that allows people to actually have during the year 12 different people,
00:02:48 each who are capable of sustaining being a guide for an entire year and yet for a month, actually interact in a very way. I know that the first time I did it, I was actually actually rather surprised by how demanding it was of the guides, because it wasn't just a matter of, you know, going online once or twice and saying, what's up,
00:03:18 it's interacting with the people and it's creating ritual. And it's, it's really a deep dive into the, mostly into the lunation cycles into the new moon, full moon, but it's really into the Astrology of that entire month. And to be able to do that for a year through 12 different sets of eyes, I think it was Marcel Proust who once wrote that the only true journey is seeing the same place through many different eyes.
00:03:45 And that's what this kind of gives you the advantage of doing so I'm down with it. I think it's a cool thing. Wow, amazing. I love that quote. That's so good and so true. And it is really one of the things that our members value the most is that they want to learn Astrology from many different perspectives. And like you said,
00:04:03 the teachers that we have are of the highest caliber, so they could be teaching a whole year on their own. And yet we get this real deep intimate experience with each one of them. And it is really, like you said, there's ritual. It is, it's very embodied. It's like getting to work with Astrology, but in astrology. And there's also a lovely interactivity that,
00:04:28 you know, then a lot of other classes on the internet just don't have. Yes, I always love when the astrologers reflect back, how surprised they were at how engaged the students are. And I love to use the word earnest. There's an earnestness, there's a sincerity to our community and the students and the way that they engage with Astrology. And let me put it this way,
00:04:50 being an inner guide there be the way that you guys at the Astrology Hub have it set up. There is no way that an inner guide can just be casually participants there they're fully involved the entire structure of what you give the inner circle guides. There's there, there's no casualness to it. It's deep, It's deep, it's intimate. And yes, and it is a full experience.
00:05:22 So we would love to have any of you that are considering joining the inner circle. Now is definitely the time we open it enrollment twice a year, and we are closing doors this week. So if you want to check it out and dive in and see if it's right for you, this would be a great moment to do that. It's Astrology Hub dot com slash inner circle 22.
00:05:41 And we can't wait to see you on the inside. All right. So Rick, I know we have a huge week. Let's talk about, We kind of have a huge huge month that begins really rather confusingly gentle. And I don't mean it was gentle, but it was like I wrote at the beginning of the month, June enters hesitantly yet builds to a crescendo that can change everything by the end of the month.
00:06:11 Wow. This month has already shown, and this was written. Now this piece was written about two weeks ago. This month has already shown its cosmic complexity along with its share of violence in many ways. However, it still has much to reveal. And, and I think that the last week of this month in the first few days of July, I,
00:06:37 I would say that they're unprecedented and may be a turning point for the whole year, but quite frankly, it's a turning point. But over the next several months, I'm not sure that it gets a whole lot easier. This is like where we're, where we've now entered new territory. And it's very conflictive. Not that we haven't been in conflict prior,
00:07:04 but with the new moon in cancer that will drill down on in, in just a few moments that new moon in cancer is on Tuesday, the 28th. I know what astrologers all around the net are going to be saying, and I'm going to be saying something differently. And, and, and, and as potent and powerful, a new moon as this is it really,
00:07:32 I don't want to say it's nothing, but it's really just an opening signal for what becomes the last few days of the month while the moon is still in cancer. Remember this is a cancer new moon. And while that moon is in cancer, as it gets to the end of the degrees of cancer, it's going to square Mars at the end of,
00:07:55 of, of Aries. And it's going to oppose Pluto at the end of Capricorn, as Mars comes to square Pluto on July 1st. And I'm not sure whether the Mars square Pluto on July 1st is going to be the most potent day or whether the moon squaring, Mars and oppose posing Pluto on Thursday, July 30th, the day before the Mars square Pluto with the moon involved.
00:08:26 In other words, 30th, The moon, the moon squares, Mars and Pluto on Thursday, the 30th, June 30th. Okay, Great. What did I say? I said July, We're jumping way ahead. Okay. So I would like to do that June 30th and yet it's on June, July, too many Jays on July 1st that Mars actually squares Pluto.
00:08:55 And that's arguably the most singular intense aspect of the month and maybe of the summer, but the fact that the moon slides exactly into a T square opposing Pluto and squaring Mars, while they're less than a degree from exact is like, is, is like a very convincing statement. So let's hold off on that and work our way through through the week and to that.
00:09:23 But it does culminate. You've heard me say things before, like the most important event in 2019 is what will happen in January of 2020. We have another one of these that the most important event in the month of June is actually July 1st, which is the Mars Pluto square. But bringing this back to today, or back to Monday, June 27th, we actually have the moon in Gemini,
00:10:00 which is a little bit, I'd say lighter, but it's not really a light energy as much as it's an energy of mental movement, which is actually needed because we also have another significant Mars aspect. And it's interesting, the week opens on a Mars aspect and closes on a Mars aspect. And the opening Mars aspect is that Mars makes a sextile to Saturn.
00:10:33 Saturn is in Aquarius and Mars is in Aries and Mars making that sextile to Saturn actually, is it, I don't want to say it's an easy aspect. It's not Mars and Saturn are the two metal ethics. And that doesn't mean they're bad planets. It just means they're harder to master. However, they are sextile now, which means that they're working together.
00:11:03 And I think that this opening on day of the week, Monday, the 27th gives us a bit of stability to work on. There's something here that's very real. Also the moon moves into that aspect and it trines Saturn and sextiles Mars meaning that the moon in Gemini picks up on harmonious aspects. And so we have something here that's very real. It may be very heavy.
00:11:29 It may not be a lot of fun, but there's definite reality check around this because when Mars and Saturn work together, often, often it's organizationally strong. And so it's almost like this is a call to arms to organize and get our stuff together because we're going, going to need it. That's on Monday the 27th. The other interesting thing this week is that on Tuesday,
00:11:57 the day of the new moon Neptune turns retrograde, and, and this is kind of an interesting thing that astrologers are gonna make a bigger deal out of than it is, although it's a huge deal, but for a different reason, you see when a planet turns retrograde or direct, the technically stops the slower moving a planet goes, whether it's compared to other planets that move faster or to its own particular movement,
00:12:29 as it moves faster sometimes. But when a planet turns retrograde or direct, it slows down so much that it actually has to apparently stop to change directions. So Neptune is, is doing that at 25 degrees and 27 minutes of Pisces. We can say it's a 25 and a half degrees, 25 and a half degrees of Pisces. But here's the crazy thing from mid may all the way through the first second week of August,
00:13:07 Neptune is not more than one half a degree away from that spot where it turns retrograde. In other words, you know, a fast moving planet like mercury is like moving, like, like driving in a porch, 80 miles an hour, screeching on the brakes and then putting it into reverse that it's retrograde motion. But as the slowest moving planets like Neptune and Pluto,
00:13:35 it's like being in an 18 Wheeler truck, moving an inch a day and then putting it into reverse. You almost can't tell because the difference in speed is so slow. And what we need to keep in mind is that Neptune is pretty much stationary, not exact, but within a half a degree from may through August, I'm three, nearly three months,
00:14:03 June, July, and part of may and part of August. And so on a Tuesday, the 28th, however, Neptune will officially turn retrograde and astrologers will be coming out of the woodwork saying how important that day is for nature, Neptune being retrograde. It is important, but it's way more important that Neptune has kind of been the focal point. This,
00:14:29 what is truth? What is delusion? What is going on? That's been the focal point for literally all month and all next month. Okay. So question for you. So this started in mid may and it goes through August, this Neptune, basically not moving in the sky, just like barely moving. And I always think when, when planets are stationary,
00:14:52 it's almost like they're grinding on us. Like, it's just like, boom, here's the energy just, you know, it's, it's very, very present. I think of it as, as it's almost like you're on that planet stationary and everything else is moving around you. Yes, exactly. Okay. So question for you, Rick, what does net,
00:15:12 what's the flavor of Neptune doing that? Like I know you just said, what is truth? What is, And this was really kind of brought home at the Sagittarius full moon back on June 14th. I think it was. And that is that at that full moon, that full moon was square to Neptune and the full moon was sex tile. And the sun was trying to Saturn Neptune and Saturn are basically vying for control here.
00:15:52 And Neptune is the planet of, of well, when Neptune was first discovered, every new planet discovered the outer planets were all considered to be the end of the world. They're all terrible. When they were discovered, Uranus was disruption that had nothing to do with genius. Pluto was fascism. You know, it had nothing to do with transformation Neptune when it was discovered was delusion.
00:16:15 It was, it was, it was, it was asylum, you know, insane asylum stuff. Neptune was, was misconceptions, misleading. It was not what it appears to be, but it also turns out that Neptune has a higher calling and that higher calling is about dreams and imagination and getting fed from those things that are beyond the reality of Saturn.
00:16:40 So we have Neptune, which is in some ways the dream world, which can be positive. I mean, it's dreams that kind of create this invisible scaffolding in our lives that we then use Saturn to build our reality on. And so Neptune is important, but when Neptune misleads us, when we use it to mislead someone else, when, when we use Neptune and I heard of someone in a higher up place recently,
00:17:09 who said, yes, I believe in this fact, yes. I think this is a fact. Yes. Now I know this is a fact, and I know that's a fact, but I still think this is what happened. They're not the words with Neptune. We somehow stepped beyond the, the reality check of Saturn. And so we have this dance between following our intuition and our feelings,
00:17:32 which may or may not be based on reality. And that's the temptation of, of Neptune, especially as it stops, it's like the whole world, the whole human zeitgeists consciousness, whatever is all focused on this moment, which may or may not be what it appears to be. Now, it's interesting that into this, there is a Saturn play on Monday,
00:18:07 which we just talked about where Mars sextiles Saturn giving us a bit of a reality check, whether we want it or not. And again, Mars and Saturn are difficult planets to work with often, but here they're working together to give us something that we can stand on. On Tuesday, we have the Neptune turning retrograde and Tuesday morning, this is the 28th.
00:18:32 We have the moon moving into cancer. The moon moves into cancer once a month. I mean, the moon moves into every sign once every month. That's what a month or a moon is, is, is a cycle of the moon. But the moon moves into cancer at 4:53 AM. And less than about an hour later, I mean, within a few minutes of an hour later,
00:19:00 the sun makes an exact square with Jupiter. And then the moon makes an exact square with Jupiter because the moon's coming. Remember we're still at the beginning of summer. And so what happens here is that the, is that the S the first day of summer, the sun moved into cancer. And now on the 28th, the moon moves into cancer and it catches up with the sun,
00:19:28 but the sun makes a square to Jupiter. And then the moon makes a square to Jupiter just a few minutes before the, before the new moon. And so what we have here is that the new moon at seven degrees of cancer is squaring Jupiter. It's a part tile square part. Tile means the same degree, seven degrees of cancer, squaring Jupiter at seven degrees of Aries.
00:20:01 This is a very big deal, but it's a big enough deal that that's what most astrologers are going to notice and nothing else. And that's unfortunate because there's something else actually tells a very important part of the story. If, if a new moon is square Jupiter, I mean, Jupiter, unlike Saturn and Mars, Jupiter is one of the traditional Beneatha it's.
00:20:26 I think of it as the cosmic good guy. Now that doesn't mean the planet is really good. It just means it's easier to work with because Jupiter brings opportunity. Jupiter brings things. Jupiter is expansive. Jupiter is, is opening. Jupiter is opportunistic, and it's optimistic. The problem is that unlike or in contrary to what Mae west claimed, she played too much of a good thing as a good thing,
00:20:56 too much of a good thing is not a good thing. And this new moon square Jupiter has a pitfall because cancer, the new moon is in cancer wants to be quiet. It wants to be receptive. It wants to deal on home territory. It wants to feel safe. It wants to feel secure. Remember cancer is an, is, is a seasoned starting or Cardinal sign,
00:21:21 but it basically does that by creating a hard outer boundary, and then nurturing, loving maternally, like on the inside of that boundary, when we're loved by a cancer or cancer area and energy, it feels safe unless they're over manipulative. And here's the problem with that with the new moon square Jupiter is we can become over manipulative. We can become overconfident.
00:21:49 We can overextend ourselves because Jupiter and Aries wants to go out. It's saying yes to a new opportunity before we even know what the opportunity is. It doesn't matter. Jupiter's ready to expand. And the conflict, the square between that and the new moon in cancer is really what people are going to be talking about. The interesting thing though, is that there are two other things.
00:22:15 One of them is that as the new moon is at seven degrees of cancer and Jupiter is at seven degrees of Aries square. It Venus is that seven degrees of Gemini. And that's again, part tile that seven degrees of Gemini is exactly sextile to Jupiter. Venus is the other traditional Beneatha. So we start the week with the two malefics in a harmonious aspect.
00:22:44 And at the new moon, the following day, we have the two beneficence at a harmonious aspect. And this is saying, expansion is good. That Venus in Gemini is I can go anywhere. Let's do it. And meanwhile, that Venus in Gemini being a half of a sextile at the sign next door to the new moon, Venus in Gemini, the next sign is cancer.
00:23:10 The new moon in cancer, they're not getting along at all that moon, that new moon in cancer is feeling pressured by Venus and Jupiter saying, this'll be fine. Let's go, let's do it. Let's and, and all of that's going on. And the last thing that may be the most important, cause I think it's ultimately the saving grace. And I know that most astrologers won't go here because I know what most Astrology is do,
00:23:39 and don't do. And that this new moon is quintile to Mars, very closely quintile to Mars. In fact, the new moon is at 7 52 in the evening on Tuesday, the 28th, the moon Quintiles, Mars about a half an hour after that, that's how close that quintile is. And then the sun Quintiles Mars, just after midnight on Thursday,
00:24:09 early, early, early morning. So we have that new moon Quinn tiling Mars. And what does that mean? Well, Quintiles are creative. Quintiles can be spiritual. Quintiles CA basically create something where there was nothing before. It's not like a square where there's conflict, and then we resolve it and we create something from the tension of the conflict in a quintile.
00:24:33 It's more magical. We create something from nothingness and because Mars like Jupiter is in Aries, the new moon, quintile, tiling, Mars, Mars at home in the areas, and it's done this style. It gives us a way to act without overacting. Now remember the danger of Jupiter and the danger of Neptune and Jupiter and Neptune are somewhat similar. Jupiter is expansive,
00:25:01 but it only can expand to Saturn. It's inside the orbit of Saturn. Neptune is like Jupiter. That's escape from dad, from the authority from Saturn and Neptune can expand forever, but Jupiter and Neptune are both expansive. And so what we have here is we're being pushed all month to go beyond the facts, to reach into the realm of imagination, potential delusion,
00:25:29 insanity, even. And yet it's that new moon quintile tiling, Mars that gives us something concrete that we can actually do that can actually change the present and change the future. And that's the thing that I think most people will be missing. Okay. My question, Rick. So we're talking about this kind of conflicting energy, the cancer energy, wanting to be in reflective and safe and nurtured the quintile energy,
00:26:02 like you just said, wanting to be creative or, or creating conditions for creativity, spiritual connection, creating where there was nothing before magic Magic. And then you have Neptune on top of that, that also kind of has that sort of energy, right? Where it's dreams and imagination and, and the things that we can't see and, you know, reaching beyond,
00:26:28 beyond the obvious into the unseen realms and then sort of versus Jupiter, meaning like with, with this is when you were describing, I was seeing it as a little bit of a, like a tension, because Jupiter is also asking to sort of lean into that to the point where it could get delusional and it could get way too expansive and it could get way on grounded and you could find yourself making commitments or doing things that you're not ready for that are too,
00:26:58 too expanding of you. So my question is which of these energies are, would be the best to lean into more? Well, I I'll tell you what I think. And this is also substantiated by the fact that remember during the new moon, Venus is going to be sextiling, Jupiter, encouraging that expansion, but Venus is also Quinn tiling Neptune. And so it's giving us this delicious attraction and taste toward forget Saturn structure,
00:27:32 forget holding back, you know, cancer being safe. Let's just, I want this, I let's just blow this open, but it's not a Uranian energy. It's not a sudden it's a, yeah, we can go there. We can. And, and, and how this works, it can work positive or negative. Remember in is in a particular situation.
00:27:53 What's good for, you may not be good for me, right. And vice versa. But I think that what this, this whole process is telling us is that to be aware of the potential of the moment, but don't overreact, don't over commit. Don't overextend your own power. This is ultimately the new moon in cancer. I don't want to say it's not a time to act,
00:28:26 but it's not a time to act. It's a time to do the inner work. And, and there will be an opportunity. And that opportunity is going to come pretty damn fast because of the other scenario that is building by the end of the month, you know, there are two things this month that kind of stand out. One of them is the complexity of this new moon with the,
00:28:52 with the stationary retrograde Neptune and with Jupiter in that mixed squaring, the new moon and all this encouraging in the Venus, sextile and quintile and all these things that are magical and saying, yes, we can. And we can. And yet that new moon in cancer is saying, I think of Siddharth there by Herman Hesse, Siddhartha, the main character in the book used to say to himself,
00:29:20 I can think I can fast. I can wait. And there's something here about thinking. Fasting doesn't necessarily just means eating nothing. That means not taking everything in and waiting. And again, this does not mean it means holding for when your action will actually be useful rather than just a Jupiter Tarion overstatement, overblown response that won't accomplish. What, what,
00:29:57 what one wants. And, you know, I can think of lots of things around either personal relationships or even politically, I mean, in some ways, you know, this, this holding back energy in some ways says don't get crazy involved in something now by saying every thing about everything instead, hold your energy and vote. You know, when that is up later in the year,
00:30:26 the point is that there's something here about not wasting energy by overextending it. So I think that's the lesson of this, of this new moon is to, is to act subtly act gently, and yet to allow oneself to think of the extreme potentials, because there is great possibility here, but it's not wrapped up in this moment. In this moment over action does more harm than good.
00:31:01 That's really clear you, you did, actually, I was thinking you'd give more of the what's right for you. Isn't right for me. And that kind of answered what you did and there isn't, I don't care what side of, of any relationship, emotional political spectrum you're on. It still makes that, that advice works for everyone. Wow, Jerry,
00:31:22 very good. Okay. So we have, this is basically we're on Tuesday still. Yeah. And on Wednesday, the moon is still in cancer. We're getting more Venus, you know, interactions and, and mercury now comes into quintile. Jupiter. These are subtle. I don't even normally talk about the Quintiles and subtitles in transit, but they're just so powerful this week.
00:31:49 It just tells me that more is going on then than meets the eye on, on the surface by Thursday, early morning, actually very late Wednesday night, depending on where you are, the sun makes that quintile with Mars. But on Thursday, this is June 30th. Something else happens of extreme importance. As the moon is moving through cancer, moving ahead of the sun,
00:32:17 moving towards latter degrees of cancer. In fact, the moon moves from cancer in DiLeo by Thursday, that's the 30th, Thursday afternoon. And it would do that at about 5 30, 5 39 exactly Pacific time. So during the day on Thursday, as the moon is moving through latter degrees of cancer, it makes a square with Mars at ladder degrees of Aries. And it makes an opposition to Pluto at ladder degrees of Capricorn.
00:33:02 And in fact, Mars makes a square with Pluto on Friday, July 1st. So that square between Mars and Pluto is exact on July. First. Interestingly, we started the week with a sextile between Mars and Saturn. And I think Liz green once wrote that Pluto, Saturn's only friend, you know, they're, they're, they're bad-ass planets. I mean,
00:33:30 and Mars certainly, you know, as, as the God of war can de has his own bad-ass Surrey, if that's such a word, but the beginning of the week, the Mars sextile Saturn said they were working together by the end of the week, Mars square Pluto. And again, that is exact at 7:13 PM on Friday at 27 degrees of Aries in Capricorn and three quarters,
00:34:03 27 degrees, 47 minutes, for those of you who are nerdy, but even the day before on Thursday, that square between Mars and Pluto is within one degree. That's how close it is. It's within one degree when the Pluto, well, I'm sorry. When the moon squares, Mars, and then opposes Pluto, the moon squares, Mars and opposes Pluto,
00:34:33 while Mars is squaring Pluto, this is a T square. This is three points on a grand square, if you will. And I actually think that the moon's square to Pluto and opposition to the moons square to Mars and opposition to Pluto on the 30th is actually even more difficult than the actual Mars square Pluto on July 1st. Why? Because it acts like a trigger.
00:35:08 I think it'll take some of the intensity off of the energy that would have happened on July 1st, but regardless of what day it happens on Thursday, June 30th and Friday, July 1st, we have some rather nasty energy up there. Pluto and Mars are indicative of, of being in a, in a, in, in an unsafe neighborhood. You know, there's a cosmic neighborhood.
00:35:35 Why? Because the planet of war assertion, aggression passion is at odds with the planet of domination, the planet of potency, the Lord of the hell realms. And so we have some very deep power struggles that we've been seeing under play. I mean, I was, I was going to say all all week, all year, but for years that I think that the end of this month,
00:36:07 the beginning of July can come out in another layer. And that brings us right up to the weekend though. There's another thing that on July 1st, the day that Mars squares, Pluto, the sun also makes a sesquisquare, that's a square and a half and they kind of work like they're not so much weak squares as they're, they're like, pickies, they're almost like Virgo squares.
00:36:33 They're more exacting they're, they're a higher frequency they're, you know, but the suns square and a half a square is 90 degrees, a half a squares, 45 degrees, a square and a half is 90 plus 45 is 135 degrees that occurs on Friday morning. And this brings Saturn back into the picture. And so there's something holding back and there's also this incredible power play going on.
00:37:04 And, and again, this power play, this power struggle between Mars in, blow it out into the open. Let's just take it all on. Let's just do it. And Pluto in Capricorn, which is the slow disintegration deconstruction of those things, which we thought were, were, were stable. And we're the structure that we lived within. As,
00:37:31 as these two things go into that 90 degree angle, we can expect another layer of intense power struggle that's going on. And again, that may happen individually, emotionally in a relationship with our parents, our kids, our lover, our spouse, our relatives, our employer. It may happen in our personal lines, but we'll also see this on the national and international political scene.
00:38:03 However, that plays out, whether this has something to do with the, what happens in the Russia Ukrainian war, or whether what has happening in the United States political scene, whether it's Roe vs Wade, or whether it's the January 6th, the commission, I mean, whatever it is, we're going to see this kind of build to a nother layer of not so much explosive,
00:38:31 but really people are playing for keeps. And there's more stuff going on beneath the surface. That's now coming out as this power play becomes apparent or obvious. It's an, it's an intense, intense week, you know, and then by Saturday, mercury moves into square Neptune. And again, it's like, no one knows who's telling the truth. It's possible to discern what's going on.
00:39:00 And then the last day of the week, I know we end on Sunday. We have Venus and mercury, both making aspects to Pluto and Mars. And it's like, that whole thing becomes it's like it doesn't get to settle down. And of course this leads right into independence day in the United States. And I have no prediction about that because that, that,
00:39:24 that actually falls in someone else's territory. It's next week. I'm relieved of that one. And you all know we're kidding when we talk about that. Right. But the whole contract thing, I actually had someone, someone responded in the comments and was like, why are you putting some so many restrictions on the astrologers? They should be able to. I was like,
00:39:45 oh my, I make that up. Let's just, We're totally joking. There is no contract. Rick can talk about whatever he wants when he's here. Okay, Rick, so you, you just described a lot of intensity, a lot, a lot around this power struggle thing. I think it's easy to see how this could play out on the world stage and maybe there's things we don't know about,
00:40:08 but there's obvious plot lines happening there. And, and then in your internal life, you know, you may be able to look at your situation and go, okay, there potential for power struggle here, or brewing power struggle there. And I can see how this is going to play out potentially. How, like, what is the higher octave of this,
00:40:29 of these aspects in terms of how to productively work with this kind of energy Got me Really? No, I th there, there, there are things, but, but I, but, but I don't think the solution is as immediate as the pressure of the situation where, where we're in a longer cycle. And if you remember going back to 2020,
00:41:02 looking forward to 2021, everyone was talking about the Saturn squaring, Uranus, the old versus the new, the conservative versus the progressive, the holding onto what we have versus moving into new territory, Saturn, squaring, Uranus, and, and even back then, I, and, and certainly many other astrologers said that even though the third and final Saturn Uranus square,
00:41:30 which occurred on the Eve of Eve in 2021, that third and final square was over that Saturn and Uranus would still be with us through 2022, because when Saturn and Uranus, when Saturn turned retrograde, which it already has, that Saturn will back into and not quite exact square with Uranus, it doesn't quite reach it exactly, but it gets close enough that all those issues are back in front of us.
00:42:05 And so what we're seeing with this week with the new moon, excuse me, with the new moon and with the moon, opposing squaring, Mars, and opposing Pluto, and the Mars square Pluto, we're seeing the slipping into this, the reality of the return of the Saturn Uranus square that is going to be with us right up through election day in the United States.
00:42:35 And, and, and although contractually, I'm allowed to talk about election night. I'm not sure I do, because it's even worse than this particular square. It's not a good day. It's. And again, what's not a good day for someone is a good day for someone else. When you have opposing points of view, I don't know how this is going to play out.
00:42:58 I just know that the energy going right up through and including election day in the United States is going to be part of the playing out of what we're looking at here. Okay. And, and you just, for those of you that aren't as familiar with Rick and Rick's Astrology, it is very rare for you to say something like that day has bad Astrology.
00:43:22 I'm the guy who basically says there is no such thing as a bad chart, right. The bad chart. Okay. All right. So that's the caveat in terms of, of, of the underscoring, what he's trying to say. He does not. I mean, it's difficult. I mean, on election day, we have an eclipse that morning with retrograde Mars and the eclipse it's a full moon.
00:43:46 Eclipse is squaring Saturn. Remember this is a Saturn Uranus thing. What does that mean at this point in time? It's too early to tell. It just means that this Mars square Pluto with the moon in the picture, the end of this month into the beginning of July, where what we get to do now is, is, is part of a larger process.
00:44:08 There will be no immediate solution to anything. Again, whether it's a problem we have in a power struggle at work individually, emotionally at home, or whether we're talking about national, whatever country you may be in or international politics, there's not going to be a resolution here. So what does that mean? What does it, what does that mean for our actions?
00:44:35 It means that the only thing we can change ever, this is Buddhism 1 0 1. The only thing we can change ever is our awareness and our awareness changes everything. So it's incumbent upon each and every one of us this week through the new moon. And through that Mars square Pluto is to do whatever we can do to increase our T to widen our perspective and to increase our awareness because it's awareness that will get us out of whatever this mess that we've gotten ourselves into.
00:45:20 All right. Right. So we have awareness, right? So we can all be aware, not only of our own reactions and triggers and responses to the things that are happening, but also just awareness of the Astrology. And so that can actually temper expectations. Like you just said, we're kind of in this for the long haul, there's not going to be a quick resolution.
00:45:39 So patients and working with the energies in the best way that you can. The other thing that the astrologers on the panel said at the solstice panel that we just had, which by the way, is still available for free through the end of the week for those of you that missed it. So you can check that out on our YouTube channel on the podcast.
00:45:57 And one of the things they kept emphasizing was that the energy for the rest of the year is going to be intense, maybe even kind of wild. And that the best thing to do is to do as much as you can, to focus on what it is that you can control and let the things out of your control as much as possible, don't feed your energy to them.
00:46:24 You know, like just stay in what it is yours to do, what you can do and not get so distracted and pulled off your own course by everything that's happening around you. Would you agree with that? I would agree with that partially. I, again, I think that, and I addressed this with the new moon squaring, Jupiter. I think that it's a real danger to overextend our energy in any way,
00:46:52 shape or form. But I also think it's, it's equally a mistake to just see Quester ourselves retreat, build walls around us and go quiet. That would be the area and part of it that, that inaction inaction, one word not being in action, but inaction is, can be powerful if it's supported by some larger game plan or supported by actions.
00:47:29 That one takes that may not be on the surface. In other words, you know, cancer is an incorrect, the sign cancer is an incredibly, incredibly powerful and initiating sign of change. We tend to think of it as just, you know, pulling back and being invisible, but actually the real strength of cancer is making change on the surface without necessarily being seen as part of that change.
00:48:04 And this is really, I think, part of the lesson of this new moon and part of the whole idea of being invisible is not being ineffective. It's not being inactive. It's just not wasting our action on only holding placards and making a lot of noise. Not that that can't be important at certain times. I, it is. But the idea here is that with awareness,
00:48:35 we can work at many different levels. And, and I think that that becomes an important consideration here. So, so I guess what I would say, Amanda, is that the idea of saying this is too big. I can't do anything about it. I'm going to block it out and ignore it is not necessarily what I'm saying is the highest cause some people do that.
00:48:59 Some people will have to do that. We all do what we need to do, bless them. However that we certainly can be involved without necessarily yelling and screaming every moment of the day. Just because we feel something it's not incumbent upon us to tell everyone how we feel always it's important to feel how we feel always. And that may involve perceiving things that we don't necessarily want to perceive.
00:49:34 I mean, I, I know people go, well, I don't watch the news. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is ignorance. Bliss is temporary. That's my philosophy. It doesn't mean that it needs to be yours.<inaudible> yes. And I think there's a difference because what you're talking about is discernment, you know, discernment of how much energy when you spend your energy.
00:49:57 It's not, it's different than just don't spend energy. Higher vibration of Saturn is not saying no it's discernment. Yeah. I remember when I used to teach live with, with, with Jeff Jarrod, when, when he was alive, Jeff, one of Jeff's favorite lines was Saturn is the planet who says no, but means yes. And I always used to say he doesn't mean on a date.
00:50:27 Yeah. But, but understanding that that's what Saturny job is. It's not just to say no it's to discern. So we don't waste energy saying yes. When it's premature, when we're not ready. When, and so it's about discernment. I agree with you completely, but you can only have discernment when you have a wider perspective, which comes from awareness.
00:50:55 And there are people who go, I'm not going to read this book because I know I don't want to know what's in it. I'm not going to watch this interview on television because I don't want to know why, because if they know, then that changes their awareness and then they may have to do something. One thing to add to your know, Saturn says no,
00:51:21 but means yes. And I think this is what you were saying anyways, that basically when you say no to something, you're saying yes to something else. So sometimes You're also saying no, not yet. Yes, yes. But like, for example, sometimes saying no to a person or a project or a trip, or, you know, whatever it is is saying yes to something else is saying yes to yourself.
00:51:45 It's saying, yes. Yeah, exactly. Back to the sermon. If you say yes to everything, you're really saying no to everything because you can't do it. The temptation of the new moon square Jupiter is to say yes, before you even know what the deal is Okay. To say yes before, you know what the deal is. Okay. I'm going to do the little summary of basically what you said,
00:52:08 which I know in essence, the beginning of the week is today, we have this opportunity to create some structure and organization. It's a little bit of a reality check. So there's okay. Here's information. Here's the reality of where things are. How can you organize structure and re scaffold in order to support this new understanding of reality essentially. And one of the things you said is that it's almost like a call to arms,
00:52:38 that it could be heavy and real and not that much fun, and yet we're going to need it. So we're going to need this sort of call to arms and like huddle up. And how do we do this differently? We're gonna need that throughout the week. We have the new moon on Tuesday and we have Neptune turning retrograde. And this is kind of emphasizing this,
00:53:03 what is truth? What is delusion a misconception, but it also can be this higher calling and dreams and imagination. And then we have Jupiter kind of blowing up that energy and making it even bigger. So you just said, what you need is what we need to keep in mind. I think as the takeaway from that is don't say yes to everything Blowing up is not an it's two different types of blowing up.
00:53:34 Okay. Yeah. Because your uranium, whenever you talk about Uranus, that's the real like surprise. That's the explosive blowing up. This is gradual blowing up Of like the balloon. I love how you always use the balloon for Jupiter. Yeah. Okay. So Incidentally, Amanda, the balloon for Jupiter works because you can only blow a balloon up so far until it reaches Saturn.
00:53:58 If you try to blow it up any further, then it Uranus's, it pops and explodes. Okay. Yes. Perfect. So they're, they're kind of working together in that expansive energy, but just different, different angles of it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So in this, the key is to have the awareness of whatever you're committing to or whatever you're saying yes.
00:54:24 To, to have the awareness and discernment in order to be able to be discerning, you need to have more information. Maybe you don't have that right now, so that the inclination or drive to just say yes, temper that, check yourself. Make sure that you're saying yes to things that you actually have enough information about if you are saying yes, but also be aware of the tendency to over yes.
00:54:48 Right now. Yeah. Okay. So Over, yes. Don't do your inner work and you said, wait, I said, I love this, that quote that you gave about what I can do is I can sink. I can fast and I can wait just knowing this is, this is a period of time. It is not for forever that it's okay to wait.
00:55:09 It's okay. To not take action right. In this second that it might be better for you to hold back a little bit. You said don't waste energy act, subtly, gently allow to think of extreme potentials. See, that's another key you added in there. A little caveat, allow yourself to think of these extreme potentials or to dream or imagine what could happen if you said yes,
00:55:37 but don't necessarily say yes yet. I can think, but I can wait. Right. I can think that I can wait. Okay. On Wednesday you said it's subtle, but there's more going on than meets the eye. And then you essentially said that Thursday and Friday are extraordinarily intense Thursday, potentially being even more intense than Friday, that there are more difficulties triggers that,
00:56:06 oh, I'm sorry. The, the, the aspects on Thursday are what's triggering the difficulties and the intensities of July 1st, which is the next day you said it's like nasty energy being in an unsafe neighborhood, deep power struggles, things, getting blown into the open, a slow disintegration deconstruction, and expect another layer of intense power struggle. Sounds real fun.
00:56:36 Well, and I would say one other thing in all of this, and that is what we don't know is not as dangerous as what we don't know. We don't know. Mm Hmm. Okay. Again, a lot of, a lot of emphasis on that. Some, some of the subtlety and things happening behind the scenes that we're not aware of.
00:56:58 Sometimes for me just knowing that is enough. It's like, this is what it appears on the surface. This is what I'm being told. This is what I am aware of in the moment. And I also know that I don't know the whole story. I don't know everything that's happening. And so that is definitely the times where I go. Okay.
00:57:16 So I'm just going to wait until either I know more, or I know enough, or it's more clear because right now it's just not clear, you know? Yeah. Okay. You said, you know, longer cycle that this is a little bit like a precursor to this Saturn Uranus almost exact square. That's going to be happening in the fall. It's less of a precursor than it is a turning point.
00:57:43 That's yeah. I guess precursor would work Well, but I get what you're saying. There is a, there is a difference there, a precursor is like, what we're experiencing now is going to be kind of the same as what we're, but you're saying that the turning point of the energy of the year where we're sort of building up to that in the fall.
00:57:59 Okay. You said, when we change our awareness, we, we do what we can do and that cancer is a sign of change. And again, don't waste your time. Don't waste your energy. Don't waste your action. It doesn't mean don't take action. Just don't don't do actions that are just wasting and draining your energy and not having the kind of impact that you want them to have.
00:58:22 Yeah. Yes. Okay. All right. Well, Rick, thank you so much. This has been so much fun. I really appreciate, and always love your forecasting ability. It's an intense week. Yeah. I mean, this is the perfect time to have you here with us. So thank you. Yeah. I mean, there's, There's times where we just need to be told,
00:58:43 like it is, I mean, we always need to be told like it is, but especially when it's not always the news we want to hear, but with the tools and the ideas and the perspectives that we can do it, like we can actually work through this. We've been through a lot of really challenging transits in the last few years. And I know for many of you like throughout your life and we can do it.
00:59:06 And being as centered in yourself as possible is really important. Because then from that place, you have a lot more capability to handle a lot more things. Yeah. Okay. If you want support with that, the inner circle is a great place for you to get support with all these different rising and rising tides and all the different volatility and the things that are going to be coming up.
00:59:34 If you want to go really, really deep with that, Astrology have a very intimate community in which to explore it, have things that support you throughout these kinds of months. We do soul work, which is essentially the astrologers are assigning practices. Like here's the energy, here's a practice that you can do that will help you with this specific energy. And not only helps you learn about the energy,
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01:01:42 beautiful week, Rick. I hope you continue to feel better and better and oh, we're going to have you again this week for the July forecast on the cosmic connection. That's right. Yeah. So tune into that on Thursday, which is also what you said the most intense day of the year. Oh, great. Okay. Yeah, Definitely. All right.
01:02:04 Thanks everybody for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We'll catch you on the next episode. See you in a few days, Rick. Thank you. Hi there. Astrology lover. It's Amanda from Astrology Hub and I'm so excited to let you know that we've officially opened the doors to our flagship membership program.
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