[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] Oct 10th – Oct 16th w/ Jenn Zahrt

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Saturn Square Uranus

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jenn Zahrt and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • The theory behind sensitive degree and what that means for the rest of your week (and maybe even your month)
  • Why Mars and Neptune squares can feel depleting
  • How to get comfortable with not moving forward as fast as you’d like

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

2:48 Week Overview

7:30 The Grinding Halt

10:52 Working with the Astrological Energies

18:00 What to do if you feel Disconnected

23:10 Mars and the Moon

30:06 Outro

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:07
Welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides.

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:29
Hello, everybody, and welcome to your weekly astrological, whether we’re going to be doing the week of October 10th, through the 16th. And I am so happy that you’re all here. Thank you for joining us. And I am also very, very excited to be here with an amazing, incredible astrologer and human being Jen’s art PhD. And Jen has been on the weekly weather several times. So I will let you go back to previous episodes to get more of Jen’s story and hear more about the type of astrology that Jen practices. But before we dive into the week, I just needed to make a very quick announcement, we are going to make a slight change to the format of this weekly weather we have what we’d like to do is make it super easy for those of you who are short on time to get the main points of the week ahead. So get your overarching theme, get the one or two transits that you really need to pay attention to get the intensity scale for the week, and also get some insights on strategy for like how to actually work with the cosmic energy for the weekend. So we’re going to be doing that starting in November, the new format will be that we’ll be exploring those overarching themes and those big picture perspectives for the week, and the main transits for the first 1520 minutes or ship. Sorry. And that’ll take about 15 or 20 minutes. And then we’re going to take the day by day breakdown, and put it in our free cosmic insider newsletter. So any of you who love the nitty gritty breakdown of the whole entire week, with starting with Monday and going into all the aspects, you’re still going to be able to get that for free in our cosmic insider newsletter. So if you are not yet subscribed, make sure you get subscribed to that at astrology hub.com/insider. And we’ll make sure that you get that day by day breakdown. We’re going to continue with the format we’ve been doing for the next couple of weeks. But starting in November, we’re going to move that day by day break down into the insider and keep the weekly weather focused on those higher level topics with some really key insights into key transits for the week ahead, so that if you only have 20 minutes, you can still get everything you need to navigate the cosmic weather. What do you think about that? Jen?

Jenn Zahrt 2:48
I love it. Because you know, I haven’t exactly 20 minute commute between my house and the library.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:53
Exactly. A lot of people have that. And actually, someone on our team was saying that one time for them to tune into the weather. It took them like four back and forth trips dropping off their child because it was so long and I was like oh shoot, like probably not doable for most people. So yes, we’re gonna make sure that in that 20 minutes you get exactly what you need and it’s just really condensed and really power packed. So all right, but we have a couple more weeks of the of the format that we’ve been doing. So let’s start Jen with that overarching theme when you looked at the week ahead what did you what popped out to you as the theme

Jenn Zahrt 3:30
so you know we’re still in the middle of this Saturn Uranus squarish, it’s never going to go perfect again. But there’s this tension between the eclectic new the experimental and then the sort of tried and true. And so this week, I had grinding halt and sleepless nights which to me is like totally not the same, right? Like how can you have something coming to a grinding halt I think of the cure song everything’s coming to a grinding halt. And that’s from the boys don’t cry album. And then you also have though this like, there’s so much going on at night. This week, though. It’s like sleepless nights, you know, like really intense things happening overnight in your dreams maybe or just not even getting to sleep because there’s just so much going on there. But so I mean, even just from the overview, the astrology of the week is showing us that tension between stopping and not being able to stop hmm

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:26
wow, after a night I just had a night that was kind of sleepless. I’m like no, no more of that one

Jenn Zahrt 4:32
night my whole week

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:35
with a three year old, so I know. Yeah. Okay, so tell us about the astrology that is making you call out those themes.

Jenn Zahrt 4:44
So um, we have you know, because Saturn is basically stopped at 18 degrees of Aquarius all month long. It will go direct next week. So in 14 days from today, but around that time, but the thing is it’s 18 degrees Aquarius. And so you can think of a degree of the Zodiac kind of like a unit, right? It’s like a cup and you’re either in it or not, there’s no black and white, you’re just and then when you go to the next degree, you’re in the next degree. And when it is at this point, there’s, there’s a book here by Eleanor Bach, one of our ancestors called sensitive degrees. And she talks about the idea of this sensitive degree of 18 Aquarius, because Saturn is here for an entire month, that is going to be a resonant space, like for the astrology going forward even into 2023. So we want to pay attention to 18 degrees of Aquarius, and Uranus is at 18 degrees of Taurus, right. So I mean, we have like, it’ll slip back into the 17th degree by the end of this month, but we have this like faceoff, that is not quite exact, which is a little frustrating in its own way. Like you kind of sometimes when you’re like raring to go, we just want to have like the fight. And this is like no, you don’t actually get to engage it fully. You just feel the tension, you know. And so but it’s like when Saturn is so slow in that one degree. I just I can You can hear the brakes of the train. You can hear everything coming down. It’s retrograde stationing direct, right, but the thing we forget sometimes like everybody thinks about when it goes retrograde when planets go retrograde, we have this slowing down and then everything’s moving backwards. In order for something to move forwards again, though, it still has to stop. So there’s this like, all the planets that have been retrograde throughout, you know, because I remember you know, earlier people were like six planets are retrograde except for Mars, which is about to go retrograde. There’s this like, grinding halt that’s coming of just everybody was going backwards and now they’re all just kind of stopping. And they’re gonna move forward again, but not yet. Right. And so there’s that weirdness. Now the electricity though is because the moon I don’t know why this always happens. I feel like every time I’ve been on the weekly whether it’s during when the Moon is conjunct Uranus and Taurus. So months ago when the Supreme Court made their decision about Roe versus Wade, we had recorded that before it happened and I’m like, watch out for it and it’s gonna be super spiky like something really intense is happening. Well, this week, the Moon is conjunct Uranus again. And so I wanted to be a little more bold and what might happen but um, we’ll get there when we go through the play by play. The other thing is then once the moon is done conjoining Uranus moves into Gemini, which I think of like my keywords for Gemini squirrel. Or glitter. Glitter is another one because you know, you can’t get rid of glitter. Yes, there’s so many beautiful shiny like, Oh, wow.

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:29
Yes. Okay, so So you’re saying that it’s grinding halt because of all of the planets that are stopping before they go direct. So they’ve been direct, they’ve been retrograde. Now they’re stopping in order to go direct. I love the image of the of that running that we used to do in grammar school where it’s like, you run there you stop. What are those? What are those called?

Jenn Zahrt 7:54

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:55
No, no something else. Shoot it was called something else. Anyways, but you run and you stop and then turn around and come back. And when you stop on the other side is when you’re the slowest to get back. I guess swimming’s the same way. The laughs yet you see you got to turn around go the other way. So that’s what all the planets are doing. And then you’re saying this Saturn and 18 degrees Aquarius is kind of like a month long theme. And I’d love to hear more about what that actually means. What Saturn 18 degrees Aquarius means and then you’re saying the moon conjoined Uranus in Taurus is what’s giving us this like sleepless night sort of

Unknown Speaker 8:35
vibe. Yeah, yeah. Okay,

Amanda Pua Walsh 8:38
do you want me to do you want to go into the days or do you want to address some of those those overarching themes a little more?

Jenn Zahrt 8:45
I think we have here also another factor in the sort of grinding halt another keyword I would say for Tuesday’s specifically is when Mars squares Neptune for the first of three times because Mars is going to be in Gemini now for a very long time. Right? And so the thing is the first square to Neptune I always think of Mars literally as treading water here we have Mars in Gemini little appendages legs, or you could do puppy paddle right with that. And then you have Neptune in Pisces, right? So here you are like, What are you doing when you’re treading water? You’re not going anywhere. But you’re not thinking but you’re also not going anywhere. Right? So that goes in with that grinding halt concept is just like Mars square. Neptune can feel to pleading because Mars wants to get something done. And Neptune is like, Nope, we’re not gonna do that. Like now I’m here now I’m not it just kind of gets in Mars’s way it just presents fog like try to dry fast in the fog reps. I’m very smart idea, right? Like, you got to be as cautious and Mars doesn’t like to be cautious doesn’t want it to stop.

Amanda Pua Walsh 9:46
So is that is the strategy with that kind of energy to just sort of take it day by day or like step by step. You don’t try to push forward too hard.

Jenn Zahrt 9:56
It’s so have grace and just say you know, sometimes we don’t have control All in the astral whether it’s like chill, relax a little bit, you know, if you are treading water, like look around and enjoy, you know and not try to be goal directed especially because Mars will be going retrograde at the end of the month. So it’s like, there’s this energy of wanting to push. But sometimes we don’t get what we want, you know. And we just have to see what happens and floats

Amanda Pua Walsh 10:22
by as we go along as this time period again.

Jenn Zahrt 10:25
So the thing is, Mars is going to be squaring Neptune at 23 degrees of Gemini, Neptune will be at 23 degrees of Pisces, and it’s gonna happen again around Thanksgiving, November 19. Through the 22nd, they will be squaring for a long time because Mars is slow, it’s just started its retrograde. So it’s very, very slow through the degrees. And that’s it. 22 degrees of Gemini and Pisces. And then on March 15, that’ll make its last square to Neptune at 25 degrees of Gemini and Pisces. So we whatever is happening this week with that square is got a long tail, it’s going on until March. That’s a huge story, right? That’s this idea of, okay, I’m trying to get this thing done, I have a goal. And I’ve got a challenge to that goal. And part of that challenge might just be I don’t have enough support, I don’t have enough resources, what I thought I had isn’t actually what I have. And I need to work on figuring out how to fix that or wait until I do have the right things. You know,

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:21
okay, so if there’s something happening in your life where you feel like you really want to push it forward, but it’s not moving forward, for whatever reason, that is probably going to be a storyline that you’re working with, from now until about the march

Jenn Zahrt 11:38
15. The Ides of March. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hmm. It’s not the end of the world. It’s more like we end we have this also this week with Mercury and Jupiter, right, we have that last pass of mercury opposing Jupiter. That story started in the early stages of September, September 2, September 18. And now we finally are wrapping that up. And so when you have a retrograde aspect happening three or more times, you get chances to revisit the situation. So whatever is being initiated now in terms of the frustration of not being able to move forward, or the frustration of someone wanting to move forward, and you don’t want to because you might be playing more of the Neptune role than the Mars role. That’s the beginning of a conversation that and that wraps itself up in March. Right. So it’s not a start. It’s not a what I’m trying to say is the cycle is longer. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:29
And there could be periods within there where things are moving forward. But then you’re going to be sort of revisiting it over and over is what you’re Yeah. So

Jenn Zahrt 12:36
the idea would be like, whatever is happening this week with that takes a break for a minute comes back into focus in November takes a break for a little while. And then in March, you’re like, wait a minute, I thought it took care of this last October and November. Why am I dealing with this all of a sudden, right? Yeah, yeah, it’s not an on it’s not a nonstop thing. Mars is too quick for that. Even though it’s retrograde in Gemini, it’s retrograde and squirrel. Remember? It’s like, Oh, yes. Okay. Yeah. All right.

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:00
So in terms of the overarching themes of the week, grinding halt and sleepless nights, what would you say is a great way to work with these energies in general? Like, how did what how do we work with the grinding halt?

Jenn Zahrt 13:12
Just that mean, like, the only thing I can think of at the moment is have grace re have gone through a lot in the last two years, and we’re approaching yet another holiday season, which may or may not be possible to visit those we love and things we want to try to get done before the end of the year, like we’re human, you know, and then the astral weather is kind of complex right now, especially with this Mars Retrograde through the holidays and everything. So Saturn being an 18 Aquarius station, like in the same degree, that station, I think it’s just kind of like a very, it can be grounding, but it’s also Saturn. So there’s a feeling of restriction or perhaps slowness, right, that grinding halts kind of idea, right? And it’s like, what should we maybe like, stop and think about before we try to press on? Maybe. I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily say this week for New Year’s resolutions, but just kind of beginning to think about, like things we need to stop so that we have that grace. If we’re overloaded. We’d have to like maybe shed something in a minute to like, get it to the point where we don’t feel pressure around. Not doing enough, right? Yes. I think that’s the idea is just kind of saying, You know what, it’s not going to be right now. So breeze and figure out what has to shift and it might not be possible to do anything about it until later when the planets are in more of a forward motion and helping us move things along. You know,

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:40
I like that. It’s, I keep having this image of a few times that I’ve been surfing, which is not a ton of times, but my favorite thing to do is actually just sit on the board and look around. Like it’s just, it’s there’s sometimes there’s a sunset or it’s just so beautiful out in the ocean. So sounds like we’re sort of Sitting on the board. There is complex things happening around us. But it’d be a good idea to just sort of enjoy the environment, enjoy the experience, enjoy the process, know that things are going to continue to be revealed that are going to help you move things forward in the way that they need to be. But that pushing forward in times where it feels like you’re pushing against something, may not be the best time to do that. Exactly. Yeah. Okay. All right, Jen, let’s go through the days.

Jenn Zahrt 15:29
Today, indigenous peoples day in the United States, we have a an early morning aspect between the moon in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, a very sort of intense square. But that happens, it’s 7:01am Pacific and then the moon is void until it goes into Taurus at 2:04pm. So it’s a void moon on that holiday. And of all apologies to those outside of the United States who don’t celebrate this day. This, this is a great time to just have a break, be not that once it goes into Taurus, again, love to have everyone just like think about eating yummy food. or doing something indulgent in terms of textures, or you know, anything you can think of that it’s just about enjoying life, you know, and maybe even I would say, because it’s a fixed earth sign, doing some kind of thing in your local environment to learn about the first people who lived in that place and doing some kind of land acknowledgement or getting to know a factor to about who lived there before you came in always right all the way back through the the geological time even 4:50pm Mercury re enters Libra. This is important because it calls back something that might have happened August 27, when it was at the same degree when it entered Libra the first time before going retrograde. So we have this kind of holler back to that late August timing. And actually, it’s interesting. This is happening today, because you and I were last together on that day, the SAR in Denver. So here we are, again, really communicating about these things. So I think people are going to find a lot of resonance this evening around something that happened in late August, and sort of coming together, then in the morning. So as we transition into Tuesday, we’ve got at 2:12am Pacific 5:12am Eastern, the sun is making a quincunx with Uranus. So this is like you know, when I look at the Queen cuts aspect, I really love to look at this humanistic astrologer named Michael Meyer, it was actually the first kind of astrology I learned. And when he talks about the quincunx he talks about clarification. So this is going to be another sleepless night where you kind of like get clarity on something that has perhaps been tugging at you around, you know, what are the next steps given this long 2021 2022 Saturn Uranus Square clarity is coming Tuesday in the morning, in the middle of the morning, then it the day kind of like sits with that energy until 6pm When the sun trine Saturn. And that to me would be more of an implementation like here, you get the insight and clarity. And then in the evening, you’re like, here’s what I’m going to do about it. Right. And so I think that’s a really important thing to harness if you can, so, you know, thinking about like, Okay, I know what I need to do. Now I’m going to figure out how I’m going to implement that don’t necessarily put those steps to practice but write the plan, right, definitely be receptive to figuring out okay, I need, I need to get this in place, I need this kind of support, I need this sort of thing. And that’s going to come then at 10:46pm. On Tuesday, we have Mars squaring Neptune, which we already spoke about this concept of treading water. And just to state the dates again, I want people to watch out for November 19 to 22nd. So that’s like leading into you know, the beginning of certain holiday season and then also March 15, as days to revisit whatever happens on Tuesday night. Now it can be also that you don’t really feel this aspect personally, but you notice that around you, you might be realizing, Oh, they want to get that done and it’s not happening or this person doesn’t want to be bothered. Right, Morris is all about being annoying and bothersome. So it’s like some people might say Hey, get off my vibe. I’m just doing my thing. You know, like no, no, we need to do it now. It’s like well, let’s wait now in the evening of Tuesday leading into Wednesday. I want to say the keyword bombshell because then we have that famous Moon Uranus conjunction followed immediately by the last Mercury Jupiter opposition. And shortly thereafter, not even 20 minutes after that. A moon square Saturn. So this is like a what, oh my God. Now you’re in trouble kind of action, right? Like, I’m just expecting something really big to happen in the transition from Tuesday to Wednesday in the news we’re going to find out something maybe there’s going to be revelations coming forward of something right some kind of an discovering and discovering rediscovering uncovering some sort of yeah, like I was saying I said it back when I was in the ice the tell tale of that Jupiter in Aries and Mercury kind of pulling it to task saying no, we need to actually examine this tall tale, figure out what’s going on so that you’re This Mercury opposing Jupiter and then Moon square Saturn to me is going to be like, it’s just like a nice little sandwich of like, wow, you know what to say?

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:09
Yes, absolutely. I think everyone, like circle the date and watch and see what Yeah,

Jenn Zahrt 20:15
yeah, it’s overnight, October 11, October 12, right. And the only thing I could think of was just bombshell because like, you’re in a surprise. And then Saturn has consequences. So it’s like surprise, and here’s your consequences. You know,

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:29
this is a global thing, or do you feel like these kinds of things play out in people’s personal lives too?

Jenn Zahrt 20:34
Perhaps, or just a sleepless night? Right? I got one of those things like, I mean, this is 11:20pm It’s a conjunction with the moon conjoined Uranus at midnight. 23. Mercury opposes Jupiter for that last time. And then it midnight 36 in Pacific, right. So this would be 3am in the east coast, the moon square Saturn. So if this isn’t an overnight story, it’s almost like a, I don’t want to say Watergate, but similar kind of vibe, where it’s like, something’s happening at night. And it’s like, being uncovered and like, whoa, and because of that, because of that situation for the United States, it might be around the other side of the world. And here we are learning about it when we wake up, right. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:11

Jenn Zahrt 21:12
But also like you say, it can happen interpersonally again, my philosophy with transits are it has to do with your chart and whether or not these are activating specifically in your chart. Okay, keeping that global level.

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:22
Right. What would people be looking at? Are there any sensitive points or degrees that would be most impacted by this?

Jenn Zahrt 21:28
Yeah. 18 degrees of the fixed signs. Okay. 18 Aquarius, 18 Taurus, 18 Scorpio, or 18? Leo? Yeah. Okay. Later on, just to speed it up in here. We have a void moon on Wednesday from 2:42pm until 10pm. Pacific. And I just want to point that out. That’s like, it’s Wednesday like, evening, take it easy. Have some friends over have a nice little chill time.

Jenn Zahrt 21:55
And then we get into the Moon in Gemini. So at 1008. On Wednesday, the moon goes into Gemini, and it makes a sextile with Jupiter at 108. Pacific on Thursday. That is also one of these things like who wants to sleep on that kind of aspect. That’s fun, you know, like so once the moon goes into Gemini, it’s like, your thoughts start spinning. And you start like, oh, wow, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So that’s again, why I was saying about sleepless nights. Then when we go to Thursday, Thursday is kind of, I wouldn’t say nondescript, it’s all about relationships. On Thursday, we have Venus in Libra making a quincunx to Uranus and Taurus. So Venus is in charge of this conversation, but Uranus is the instigator, meaning that relationships are gonna get a little bit of a jolt, but I don’t mean that in a positive or negative way. Electricity doesn’t have a doesn’t have a moral compass. It just is a jolt, right? So it’s sort of like, do you want the excitement of something? Or are you going to be playing it more in terms of a shock, or, you know, it’s sort of, you can spin it in either direction, right. And that’s part of the decisiveness of the Libra being in charge of this situation. But I think that it’s still like, you’re kind of going to want to put more energy into it, whether it’s being in charge of spicing it up being receiving of someone who wants to spice it up with you, or wanting to hash it out, right. If there’s something that needs to be put on the table, Thursday’s the day to do it. Then we have mercury making a SESQUI cadre that means 135 degree aspect to Saturn, that’s a divisional of eight, which means it’s related to an opposition and a square. And it means that I’m going to say like, if I’m going to interpret mercury, seska quadrate Saturn, it’s time for a tough conversation. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad conversation. If you’re invested in establishing intimacy, you actually have to have those deep conversations that can feel spiky, but ride that wave because again, surfing, go into it. If you care, right? It’s a really positive time. Because you’ve got the wind in your sails. There’s so many metaphors. I need to pick one. But the tough conversations have support. This relationship energy kicks off at 9:57am on Thursday, and then we have the mercury seska quadrate Saturn at 10:40am. And then at 11:20pm, Venus will trine Saturn. This is huge, because this is actually sort of the elbow grease of relationship. A lot of times when people look at synastry, which means to compare two charts they go, Oh no, we don’t want Saturn around and it’s like well, do you want a lifelong marriage because you need Saturn for that but he’s the glue right? So this is a super good relationship work energy day to explore the commitment to figure out maybe how you want to like reset some boundaries or recalibrate the agreements and deal with maybe some past drama that’s happened that needs to just kind of get get clear. And then the Moon in Gemini makes an air grand trine with that Venus Saturn trine. Right, so we have the moon training Saturn at 10:33am on Friday, and then at 1151 The moon makes a trine to Venus. So the moon is taking something from Saturn and bringing it to Venus basically on Friday morning. So it’s like okay, these are our commitments and then doesn’t it feel good now that we did that. Another way you can play this if you’re not in relationship, we’re interested in relationship because your life is in a different space. It’s about circulation of ideas, Moon in Gemini from Saturn and Aquarius to Venus and Libra. It’s like, let’s just throw all the ideas on the table, spin it any which way we can to figure out how can we iterate? How can we iterate? What’s the next best thing? Let’s go and don’t put any pressure on finding an answer. Simply just let them flow through because an era grand trine, especially involving the moon is a really nice time to bring some of that stuff from Saturn into manifestation in a beautiful way, Venus in Libra, right? So just kind of getting an idea of what could be possible. And then that’s supported later with the moon training the sun in Libra at 4:23pm on Friday, but Friday night, the moon is going to square Neptune and then conjoin Mars and then go void. So this is where we go back to that half grace, right. Moon squaring Neptune on Friday night at 7:40pm Pacific is sort of like, Oh, this isn’t where I thought you were taking me to dinner. Or this isn’t what I thought I was going to be doing tonight. Or this isn’t what I thought it was when I opened that package from Amazon. This is very strange. And then by 9:11pm, which already is 911, right? The moon conjoins Mars in Gemini, and that can be super explosive. So if you’re like trying to avoid an argument, like stay home, and don’t do it or go for it, however the moon is after that immediately void for 12 hours. So if you’re going to do something on Friday on the West Coast, kick it off after that moon Mars conjunction, I would say probably right just like let those little like astral blips pass. And then you have have parties the best time for moon void, right? Because there’s no agenda. So started at 930. And then also, if you’re on the East Coast, that would be midnight 30 Or just like, go to bed. Whatever. Anyway, I’m speaking as a mother of a toddler, so I’m like, Yeah, aren’t you in bed by nine like, okay. Okay, so then the last thing is this weekend, Saturday, Saturday, we have the moon doing a semi square and and again, assess because quadrate to Saturn. And so I think it’s just like this tension of just wanting to do something, right, the moon goes into cancer again at 9:11am on the West Coast. 12:11am on the East Coast, so pm sorry, noon, and and then it’s just in cancer doing its thing and rubbing up against that Saturn Uranus Square in this way that kind of makes you want to kind of engage with it, right? So. So it’s an extroverted social thing, where you’re going to want to have to say something, right, and it just kind of bring it up. It’s, it can be creative, but it’s also got this little element of stress to it, where you just feel like you got to do it, you know, and whether or not you act on that is up to you. But you’re going to feel that sense of wanting to just say something Sunday at 8:39am, the sun makes a quincunx. With Neptune. Again, that’s a 150 degree aspect. And you can think of it almost like as a blind spot, right? When you talk about the blind spot in your eye, it’s actually 150 degrees away from the plane of your head. And so this blind spot concept is like a, again, one of these sort of Sundays starts off kind of feeling like not depleted, but just you’d rather daydream and do anything, and it’s just a Sunday day, like that morning is just so there. So what I would say is when at 12:57pm, the sun trines Vesta at 22 degrees of Aquarius, that’s when you should just do your own thing. If you’ve got some kind of thing that’s yours and yours alone, like a hobby or a book you’ve been wanting to read, like just do your own thing, indulge in giving yourself a place to recharge for your own sake. If you have, you know, children, like I do, like, like, have someone watch them that afternoon so that you can just like do your own thing just for a minute, just for a minute. And then by 909, the moon will make a sextile to Uranus and we’re gonna get started again so we can get a little excited, like Okay, cool the weeks over. Now we’re gonna get back into Monday, we’re gonna get back with it and moon and cancer, sextiling, Uranus and Taurus, I think it’s just kind of this nice, low grade, like getting excited. And maybe actually, again, one of those sleepless nights and just like, Oh, I’ve got some ideas, I’ve got some things I’m thinking about. I’m really excited to do stuff next week. Um, there’s a lot going on next week, including one of these aspects I’ve been looking forward to for months, which is when Venus is conjoined the sun on October 22. And when I say looking forward to I must add the words with trepidation because a lot of times people expected Venus conjunct the Sun to be a good thing, but she’s on the opposite side of the sun from the earth. And so unlike a Venus retrograde when she’s conjoined the sun and in between the Earth and Sun, when she’s on the other side of the sun, it can be a really isolating experience for some people, not everyone, but for the people who are tuned to venous cycles. It can bring up elements of something that happened in 2018 2014 2010. So it’s a really intense week for those people and just, you know, be kind to yourself through it and, you know, allow yourself to grieve, if you must, and just be with it and Saturn will be stationing as well next week, so it’s sort of like a big cone. influence of things, I think, just to be aware of, and, you know, wishing people well, for that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:06
Thank you for giving us a little bit of a sneak peek into next week as well, because I know that there’s some big astrology camping. So like you said, it’s good to kind of know what’s coming. And one of the things we worked on last week with Cameron Allen, because there was an extended void Moon period of like, two days that we were exploring this idea of what do I do when I feel isolated when I feel lonely when I feel empty? You know, and it sounds like some of those things that we explored, may be relevant again, then. Yeah. Okay. Great, Jen. Thank you. That was so so thorough. And so just like onpoint. So we have the theme for the week is grinding halt and sleepless nights, we have, one of the things you said is it’s important not to drive too fast in the fog, that this is potentially a good time to be focusing more on chilling and relaxing versus driving and, you know, pushing and producing. And actually, last week, we also, we also explored that topic of like, how do we feel when we’re not as productive? Like, do we still feel like we have value as human beings? Or do we feel like we have no value? Because we’re not accomplishing things and producing things and getting things done? So just an interesting exploration?

Jenn Zahrt 31:27
Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I think, you know, like, we couldn’t read, engage the receptive mode more, it’s wintertime, plants are pulling their stuff down into the root, you know, and I think it’s time to be more receptive or aware, like you said, when you were on the surfboard in the water, like you’re taking in the images, you see, and just receiving what you are immersed in, you know, yeah. And I think that’s an important skill to cultivate, not just for its own sake, but also as a challenge to the mandate of this culture that makes us have to produce as a definition of self value. It’s like, it’s also valuable to be someone who can notice and, and accept and sort of be present with instead of doing something,

Amanda Pua Walsh 32:10
yes, very beautiful. It’s, it’s interesting, too, because it’s when we get the most guidance and insight from the universe, when we are clear. And when we’re not actually as engaged in the external world. Like there’s, there’s space for the communication actually happen. So yeah. Okay, so you said, have grace as well. And to contemplate what should you stop and think about before you press on? What things might you need to stop completely? And how can you stop overloading yourself? So again, all these like, you know, it’s a kind of yin exploration, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. All right. So Moon, I mean, on Monday, we have indigenous day, and we have a void moon. So taking a break, just being I love what you suggested, no matter where you are, even if it’s not indigenous day, where you are a land acknowledgement, and taking some time to learn about the people who came before you on that land. So that’s beautiful. And there could be some resonance on this day to what was happening in your life. Late August of this year. On Tuesday, we have sun quincunx, Uranus, you said that we could get some clarity on something that we’ve been with since 2021, with this Saturn Uranus Square. So there could be some revelations on some of these themes that you’ve been dealing with for a while, probably around these ideas of the old versus new and, you know, this kind of clash of what was and what’s becoming. And I want to add

Jenn Zahrt 33:49
to that, too, I think the things that are going to come Tuesday morning are embodied knowledge, things that you know, to be true, because you’ve experienced it. And it’s not necessarily the way it’s done, which would be to Saturn part. And so getting clarity on how to transmit your lived experience into something. That’s the next thing. Right?

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:06
Nice. Nice. It’s not going to be just in our head. It’s not going to be it’s just in our head. It’s going to be

Jenn Zahrt 34:10
something you’ve lived through. Yeah. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:13
And then we’re gonna go from on this date, we’re gonna go from insight to the opportunity to implement, so from insight to implementation, and there’s going to be another revisiting theme. Well, basically, on this day, what’s starting to to bubble up, we’re going to be revisiting again, November 19 to 22nd and then again, march 15. So there is this emerging storyline for us on Tuesday to Wednesday, during the night this is bombshell and I wrote that in all caps. And I also wrote what an all caps with a question mark and exclamation mark and a question mark. So

Jenn Zahrt 34:54
Uranus, it’s almost a symbol of Uranus.

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:57
Exactly. Big and Don’t think big in all caps. So this is some sort of Revelation, something revealed something that was hidden that that, you know, kind of crashes on the scene. And if you have 18 degrees of fixed signs, this could be some, it could be something that impacts you a little more personally, maybe not. But those are the that’s the degree and signs that will be affected. You also said that there’s a void moon on this evening. So take it easy. Then you said that it also might be hard to sleep at night. So we have, we have several hardest sleep nights, okay. On Thursday, relationships get a jolt, you said to spice it up or hash it out or both. This could be a great time for a tough conversation, a conversation that needs to be had that might not be the most comfortable. But but can also be very revealing and can help move stagnant energy, right? Yeah. You said to explore commitment that this is a good time to do those things. It’s a it’s a big relationship day. On Friday, there’s this idea that we could feel kind of good. Like after we’ve explored these commitments and done this hash out that it can feel kind of good the resolution of it. And or this is a great day to circulate ideas. Again, you said have grace, it could be like this, Hey, this is Friday night, kind of like hey, this isn’t what I thought and this isn’t what was I was expecting. You said there’s a little bit of an explosive moment as well. And then the Moon goes void. So a little bit of like a firework show at the end of at the end of the day on Friday, which then goes into a void moon, Saturday, extroverted social kind of thing. Creative stress, you said, On Sunday, the sun is in our in a blind spots. So this is a great day to daydream, do your own thing, indulge and recharging for your own sake. And then at that night, you might get excited about the week ahead. And it could be another sleepless night. And then you gave us a little sneak peek into to the following week where Venus can joins the sun and it’s on the opposite side of the Earth.

Jenn Zahrt 37:06
The sun that far away from it’s as far away from the earth as it can possibly be the planet of connection. So you can imagine when connection is as far away as possible. There’s a loss of connection. So right, right, it’s a sensitive time,

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:20
may feel isolated yet. Maybe harkening back to 2018 2014 2010. I know I had some really tough years in there. So that’s interesting. He said, Be kind to yourself, grieve. And then Saturn also stations to go direct next week as well. Jen, thank you. Any other things you want to share with us before we close out any other like words of wisdom you feel you should send us off

Jenn Zahrt 37:44
with? No, just I guess Yeah, be be kind to yourselves have grace and the Yin energy that if that was really the takeaway for me when looking at next week, so

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:57
yeah, perfect. Okay, thank you so much. And thank you, all of you for being here. Thank you so much for tuning in to the weather, we are going to be having a workshop with Jen happening in November, which is all going to it’s going to be all about practical astrological magic. So for those of you who want to be working with astrology, in your life on a day to day basis, and use it to like, choose great times to do certain things and work with the energy in a very magical way, you’re going to have the opportunity to learn directly from Jen. And we are not open for registration yet, but you can get on the waitlist. And that’s astrology hub.com/magic Gen Do you want to add anything about the class itself,

Jenn Zahrt 38:40
you are gonna walk away with some really awesome tips and tricks to get to know the planets better. It’s if you’re interested in being a better astrologer, you’re going to learn astrology through magic better, and vice versa. And so I like to keep things it’s called practical for a reason. It’s extremely practical. And I’m so excited to share everything with people.

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:57
What what when you say the word magic? What do you mean?

Jenn Zahrt 39:01
So magic is a practice of engaging with I would call it the forces of the universe in a in a devotional way to achieve results. And in order to practice magic, we also have to take responsibility for ourselves to because they do achieve results when we do it correctly. So I find that engaging with magic just makes your life better on all levels, because it really forces you to think about what do you really want what is worth doing ritual with? And who are you? Who do you want to become? What like, you know, even the desire to change your circumstances, points towards a gap that might need to be addressed in a magical and mundane way. So yeah, it’s just a really, it’s one of the most ancient ways that human beings have engaged with the world

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:44
around them. Oh my gosh, I love it. I love it. And Jen is an amazing, dynamic, engaging, super inspiring teacher, which I know you get to experience here on the weather, but it’s gonna be really fun to have an actual workshop with Jen. Again, that’s not open yet for registration, but You can get on the waitlist and be first to know when we do open doors. And that’s going to be a workshop. So it’s going to be like a really a great deep dive into this topic. There’ll be a workshop and a live q&a. And that’s astrology. hub.com/magic. Also just a reminder about the change on the weekly weather format. So if you do love the day to day breakdown, make sure you’re on our free cosmic Insider. It’s our newsletter that goes out every week. That’s where the day to day breakdown is going to go. But you’re still going to get your big weekly overview, the themes, the intensity scales, all those things here on the weekly weather starting in November. Okay, well, thanks everybody so much for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community. And thank you as always, for making astrology a part of your life. And we will catch you on the next episode. Take care everybody. Are you looking for personalized guidance? Do you have questions about what you’re meant to do and be in this lifetime? What you need an intimate relationships to really thrive? Or what major themes you’ll be working with in the months to come? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to check out our personalized character and destiny. And your ahead reports. These reports are perfect for you. If you want professional insight into your astrology chart for your ahead, written by internationally renowned astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, your character and destiny Report provides deep insight into who you are, and what you came here to do. Your biggest strengths and challenges and how your astrological design impacts your career and relationships. The essential year ahead report gives you insights into the major themes you’ll be exploring in your career, your love life, personal development, and much more. For only $37 You can get your personalized astrology report delivered straight to your inbox within minutes. Just go to astrology hub.com/reports to get yours today at astrology hub.com/reports. This podcast is presented by astrology hub. You can learn more and find all of our shows at astrology hub.com/podcasts. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so you can stay up to date on the latest episodes and help more people find the wisdom of astrology. Thank you for taking the time to do this now. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part of your life